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Thermal Methods Applications in the Permian-Carboniferous Fractured Reservoir of the Usinsk Field (Timan-Pechora)


Mulyak, Vladimir1, Michael Chertenkov2, Svetlana Burakova2, Grigory Tarasov2, Leonid Ruzin2 (1) LLC Lukoil-Komi, Ukhta, Russia (2) Research Institute PechorNIPIneft (Branch of the LLC Lukoil-Komi), Usinsk, Russia


One of the main oil recovery objects in the region of Timan-Pechora is Permo-Carboniferous reservoir in the Usinsk field, where intensive works for geologic - thermohy­drodynamic modeling are carried out. Different recovery processes were simulated: hot and cold water injection as well as steam injection. Regarding simulation of these processes, a 9-points scheme was chosen for computation, locally in a first step, and then extended for all area of 190 wells. Dual-media and single media formulations were implemented and com­pared. Simulation scenarios considered continuous injection for 20 years. The calculated oil recovery is 7% with cold water injection; 15% with hot water injection (with water-cut up to 98%); whereas it can reach 28% with steam-thermal injection (and water-cut up to 84%). In any injection case, simulation forecasts sharp rise of water content in the production. Any further field development need to take it into account. With steam injection water-cut rises up to 80%; with hot water injection up to 90%; and with displacement by cold water above 90%. Simulation of steam cyclic treatments (such as Huff and Puff) shows that they are effective in terms of oil recovery. Effectiveness of steam injection was computed, using hor­izontal wells and complex multi-lateral wells.