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Notes on a Mega-Seismic Section Across the Northeastern Slope of the Arabian Plate, Iraq


Muhmed, Sabah A. G., Iraq Ministry of Oil, Baghdad, Iraq


The process of building and interpreting a giant seismic section across the northeastern slope of the Arabian Plate within the territory of Iraq provides valuable insights into region­al geological, geophysical and reservoir attributes of this significant hydrocarbon province. The description includes basic information and observations on the geological features and seismic attributes of the Mega seismic line number (7) that extends in SW-NE direction from Maania town on the Iraqi-Saudi border to Naft Khana near the Iranian boarder.

The tops of important Mesozoic and Cenozoic formations known to exist in Iraq are rep­resented as seismic reflectors. The paper addresses variations in the seismic attributes and describes qualitatively changes in the stratigraphic column along the chosen track. It includes identification of numerous seismic stratigraphic features that require further inves­tigation to help seismic sequence studies in the region.

It is hoped that such work will contribute in unifying future interpretations directing exploration operations and to study, in detail, the structural and stratigraphic features that previous studies failed to reveal.