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Simulation of Fluid Flow in Fractured Reservoirs Subject to Deformability


Shchipanov, Anton1, A. Iu Nazarov2 (1) PermNIPIneft, Perm, Russia (2) Lukoil-Perm, Perm, Russia


The problem of simulation of multiphase flow in fractured petroleum reservoirs is inves­tigated. The main attention is focused on deformation of fractures. The empirical base that allows to evaluate fractured reservoir deformation during development process is consid­ered for the case of several Permian Prikamye (Russia) fields. In particular the phenomena of well productivity decreasing during reservoir pressure decreasing registered by the well tests and production history are demonstrated. The approaches of reservoir deformability modelling by means of filtration and reservoir characteristics (permeability and porosity) dependence on pressure application are discussed. The dependence is derived from the empirical base analysis and interpretation (core analysis, well tests interpretation, analysis

of production history). The simulation of water-oil displacement in deformable fractured reservoir is carried out on the basis of single and dual porosity / permeability models sub­ject to mentioned characteristics dependence on pressure. The influence of deformation on petroleum reservoir development is evaluated by the simulation results. Some of effects those may appear during developing of deformable fractured reservoir are discussed.