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Multi-Azimuth Offset Vertical Seismic Profiles (VSPs) to Enhance Surface Seismic Images of Reservoirs


Zhao, Xiaomin1, Yingping, Li1, James Jackson1, Shuangxi Wang2, Guiqing Yao2, Danli Zhang2, Wenxue Zhang2, Zhiren Yang2, Yugui Wang2, Xiangjie Dong2 (1) VSFusion, A Baker Hughes-CGG Company, Houston, TX (2) Daqing Geophysical Exploration Company, Daqing, China


Although three-dimension (3D) surface seismic can provide images of subsurface struc­tures with certain accuracy borehole seismic survey is critical important to improve the images in a reservoir region with high resolution using three-component (3C) geophones placed in a well bore. In this paper, we applied 3C VSP processing techniques to one zero offset and 6 offset VSP (Vertical Seismic Profiling) data at different azimuths to enhance the subsurface structure images from 3D surface seismic.

This VSP survey was acquired from a vertical well in an oilfield in northeastern China. The 3C VSP data were recorded at a station spacing of 10 m to ensure high resolution VSP imaging of the subsurface structures. The zero offset VSP (ZVSP) was processing to obtain accurate velocity measurements and then built a high resolution velocity model for VSP-CDP transform and migration imaging. Offset VSP (OVSP) data were 3C rotated and separated to enhance different modes of reflected waves. The reflected wave fields were CDP trans­formed and migrated to generate high resolution images of subsurface structures. Images from ZVSP and OVSP, logging data, and a 3D surface seismic volume were visually integrat­ed by a 3D visualization system specially designed for VSP solutions. This study demon­strates the power of 3C processing of multifarious VSPs to enhance images of subsurface images in a reservoir region.