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Using a 4-D Synthetic Model Derived from Outcrop Interpretation to Optimize Reservoir Characterization: An Integrated Approach


Euzen, Tristan, Aline Bourgeois, Karine Labat, Valerie Langlais, Remi Eschard, Thierry Tonellot, Institut Français du Pétrole, Rueil-Malmaison Cedex, France


Reservoir monitoring using 4D seismics is becoming increasingly important for the management of hydrocarbon fields. The visualization of the reservoir properties changes during production (saturation, pressure…) using seismic data is nowadays a key decision tool to optimize well development plan and well design. However, the workflow for optimiz­ing the reservoir management remains complex, since it requires the integration of tools and techniques designed for geologists, geophysicists and reservoir engineers.

This poster present preliminary results of the construction of a 4D synthetic model, based on the detailed 3D interpretation of an outcrop of a turbiditic channel complex (Pab Fm., Pakistan). A fine-scale 3D geo-cellular model was built and fill with sedimentary facies and petrophysical and elastic properties, using a geostatistical approach. Full-wave seismic modeling using a linearized rai-born algorithm was performed on this first static model, tak­ing into account initial water-oil contact position and fluid saturation. Dynamic modeling of water injection and oil production was then carried out on the fine-grid model at the field scale. Finally, time lapse seismic modeling was achieved on the same model, after the updat­ing of saturation and pressure.

The 4D synthetic model will be used as a virtual reservoir, by extracting well and seis­mic data and applying various methods such as well test simulation, pre-stack stratigraph­ic inversion, lithoseismic interpretation, geostatistical reservoir modeling, up-scaling or his­tory matching. The qualitative and quantitative comparison of the outputs with the 4D refer­ence model will provide a unique opportunity to benchmark and optimize these advanced reservoir characterization techniques.