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Added Value of Integrated Information Management System for EP Data


Eveline, Vena Florentina, Endro Hartanto, Pertamina DOH JBB, Cirebon, Indonesia


Pertamina DOH JBB is one of oil and gas producer in West Java Area, Indonesia, that currently produces approximately 19,500 bopd and 470 mmscfd. The company manage 580 wells. Lately, integrated information management system have been implemented to man­age exploration and production acquitision and interpretation data.

Objectives of integrated information management system are to develop a dynamic sin­gle point shareable database to optimize producing assets, to reduce finding, development and lifting costs, to increase reserve replacement rate and minimize safety hazards, and to provide solid foundation for sound business decisions at every operational level.

The integrated information management system that have been developed is the system to manage the EP data from acquisition and interpretation in Pertamina DOH JBB, so that the database will be stored, validated and arranged well, and can be accessed by every per­son in EP department easily from each computer, with web portal mechanism. The stored data include basic well data, logs, cuttings, cores, well production test, checkshot, and seis­mic survey navigation, and also analysis and interpretation result such as maps, petrophys­ical analysis and G&G analysis. Finder is used as the master data storage for all of the data and to maintain and display various types of data loaded in the database. As the data brows­er and integrator, DecisionPoint portal connects to Finder.

Pertamina DOH JBB have developed the international standard of integrated information management for EP data and implemented it. The system is currently use by geologist, reservoir and production engineers from EP department.