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Application of an Exploration and Production Evaluation Process


García-Esparza, José, PEMEX, Villahermosa, Mexico


Using a real example, the objective is to show the core concepts, methodology and tools used in the Integrated Evaluation Process in Exploration which has been implemented in Pemex Exploration and Production,.

In order to improve estimates, the process uses a consistent methodology and reliable tools for the evaluation of exploration prospect potential reserves and geologic chance of success. This allows the creation of scenarios to comply more efficiently with the reserves committed and therefore maximize investment value.

The process aims to strengthen the quantitative evaluation of a large number of explo­ration prospects; to allow evaluation with multiple objectives; to improve our pre-drill parameter estimates; to evaluate play, basin or whole country potential reserves; to encour­age feedback for continuous process improvement; to better relate prospect characteristics with company strategy; to implement a consistent language and process integrity.

Using the process methodology and tools, we will obtain a range of probabilistic results, clearly defined estimation parameters, information reality checks and a company wide basic knowledge. This results in consistent criteria to ease decision-making and improve poten­tial reserves distribution, reduce bias and error and improve results estimates and current performance.

The example shown includes a predrill potential reserves distribution and chance of geo­logic success estimates, postdrill analysis, reserves booking and a postdrill evaluation to obtain an appraisal well program for reserves reclassification in the remaining part of the distribution. So far a large part of the distribution has been booked as 1P.