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2018 AAPG International Conference and Exhibition

November 4-11, 2018 – Cape Town, South Africa

Posted: March 26, 2019
Search and Discovery Article #90332 (2018)

ABSTRACTS (by Author)



Evaluating Missed Pay Factor of Matured Fields

The Petroleum Systems and Hydrocarbon Potential of Albertine Graben, East African Rift System – Uganda

Shale Gas Assessement of the Southern Main Karoo Basin in South Africa

Geochemical Characterization and Petroleum Source-Rock Potential of Fika Formation Tuma-1 Well, Chad Basin, Nigeria

Quantifying the Uncertainty of the Ultimate Recoverable Oil Reserves Using the Monte Carlo Simulation Techniques From ‘OWA’ Marginal Field, Onshore Niger Delta, Nigeria

Depositional Environment and Petrophysical Characteristics of Reservoir Sand; A Case Study of Niger Delta, Nigeria

Paleoenviromental and Sequence Stratigraphic Studies of the D7.000 Sand, ‘EME’ Field, Niger Delta, Nigeria

Reservoir Modeling Using Seismic Attributes and Well Log Analysis: A Case Study of Niger Delta, Nigeria

Implementation of an Exploration Workflow to Characterize a Low Poro-Perm Gas-Bearing Prospect Using Rock Physics Depth Trends to Assist Avo Classification

Assessing the Organic Nature, Potentials and Distribution of Source Rocks, Within the Southern Pletmos Basin (Offshore of South Africa): A 3-D Modelling Study

The Relationship Between the Compressional Wave Velocity of Saturated Porous Carbonate Rocks and Density: Theory and Application

Technology Contribution for Integrated Shared Live Earth Model

Informed Drilling: Integrated GIS Tools for Well Planning

The Value of Integrated Borehole Image Analysis to Refine Geological Models: An Example From the Greater Burgan Field, Kuwait

Low Resistivity-Low Contrast Pays Within the Permo-Carboniferous Sandstone Formation of Central Saudi Arabia: Geological Controls and Implications for Missed Pay

Structural Styles and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of the Ceduna Sub-Basin, Australia: Part One

Structural Styles and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of the Ceduna Sub-Basin, Australia: Part Two

Using an Integrated Approach to Understand and De-Risk a Jurassic Play in Central Rub’ Al-Khali, Saudi Arabia

Thermally - Induced Fractures in Coal, Balingian Province, Sarawak, Malaysia

Uncertainty Quantification Algorithms for Reservoir Characterization of Interwell Volumes

Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation of the Baqa and Uqlah Members at the Post Glacial Ordovician-Silurian Boundary in Saudi Arabia presented by Ahmed Alghuraybi

Cretaceous Giant Siliciclastic Reservoirs Depositional Models in Kuwait

Sanding Problems in Injection and Production Wells of Waterflood Projects

Workflow for Extraction of Seismic Data From Multiple Synthetic Seismic Models by Using Clustering Algorithms

Integrating Functional Networks Based Nonlinear Variable Selection Methodology with Artificial Neural Networks for Improved Carbonate Reservoir Cementation Factor Prediction

Seismic Stratigraphic Analysis in the Rift Section of Santos Basin, Brazil

Fracture Characterization and Sweet Spot Mapping in Naturally Fractured Tight Carbonate Reservoir, Opening a New Play in Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan

Fullwave Sonic Analysis: New Methodologies for Characterizing Near-Wellbore Reservoir Properties

Baseline Study of the Volta Basin, Ghana: Geophysical Constraints

Static Reservoir Modeling of the Valanginian Depositional Sequence of Gamtoos Basin, Offshore South Africa

Tackling the Decline of Oil Recovery Method in Eastern Indonesia’s Mature and Remote Field: Carbon-Oxygen (C/O) Log


Multidisciplinary Characterization of a Polyphasic Albian Karst, Campos Basin, Brazil presented by Joao Menescal

An Integrated Geophysical Approach to Mapping and Modelling the Karoo Dolerite Intrusions in the South-Eastern Karoo Basin of South Africa

Diagenesis and Reservoir Properties of the Permian Ecca Group Sandstones and Mudstones in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa: Implications for the Shale Gas Potential in the Karoo Basin

Diagenesis and Geochemical Evaluation of the Siliciclastic Permian Ecca Group Sandstones: New Insight Into Hydrocarbon Potential in the Main Karoo Basin

Biomarker Proxy Records of Palaeoenvironmental Change in the Mfabani Peatland, South Africa Since the Late Pleistocene

Evaluation of the Hydrocarbon Potential of the Inland Basins of Nigeria – An Example of an Integrated Geological, Geophysical, Geochemical and Remote Sensing Study of Frontier Basins.

Integration of Geophysical, Geological, and Engineering Data to Continuously Adapt and Evolve Models for Optimization and Risk Analysis of an Ongoing Carbon Storage/eor Project at Farnsworth Texas, U.S.A.

South Outeniqua Basin Structure: New Elements presented by Vincent Delhaye-Prat

New Approaches for Geological Uncertainties Handling in Reserves Estimation for Greenfield in South Vietnam Shelf

Developing Tight Gas in a Mature Basin - United Kingdom North Sea

An Under-Filled Rift Basin: Source, Reservoir, and Seal Distribution within the Canterbury Basin, New Zealand

Detritic Input Quantification in Lacustrine Petroleum Systems: Example of the Pre-Salt Source Rocks from the Lower Congo Basin (Congo)

Depositional Control on Reservoir and Production Performance of a Mature Field Onshore Niger Delta: Implication for Work-Over and Infill Drilling

New Plays and New Reservoirs - Reviving Untapped Potential in the Northern Malay Basin, Southern Gulf of Thailand

Lowering the Risk in Reservoir Fluid Prediction Through Multiscale Integration presented by Marwah Al Ismail

Impact of Seawater Chemistry on Modern Subtidal Carbonate Sediments: Al-Wajh Lagoon, Northern Red Sea, Saudi Arabia

On the Benefits of Seeps Detection in Offshore Frontier Areas based on Multitemporal Satellite Sar Data and Manual Interpretation: From Northern African to Southern African Promontories, Levantine and Natal Basins, Selected Historical and Recent Sar Data

High-Performance Reservoir Simulations on Modern CPU-GPU Computational Platforms

Examples of Field Development Optimization Based on Joint Solution of Fluid Dynamics and Geomechanics on Common Model Grids presented by Dmitry Eydinov

Insights Into Reservoir Dynamics of the Montney Formation From Analysis of Flowback and Produced Fluids, Petrophysics, and Fluid Compatibility Modeling


Analogue Models of Multi-Layer Brittle/Ductile Wedges and Comparison with Natural Examples

Thermal Effects on the Neopaleozoic Reservoirs of the Parnaíba Basin, Brazil

Towards the Development of an Integrated Central Atlantic Tectono-Stratigraphic Framework

High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy and its Implication in Mixed Siliciclastic Carbonate Sequence: A Case Study From Early to Middle Eocene Sylhet Formation, Assam and Assam-Arakan Basin, India

A New Seismic Technology for High Density Acquisition With Near Zero Environmental Footprint

Discovery of Sandy Beach-Bar and Its Significance on Petroleum Geology Around Ruman Buried Hill of Melut Basin, South Sudan

Petroleum Retention, Migration, and Expulsion in the Triassic Chang 7 Member in the Ordos Basin in China

Polygonal Fault System in Great South Basin, New Zealand: Implications for Lithology Prediction

Rocking With Insights of Rock and Fluids and Implementing MICRO Reservoir Management for Enhanced Efficiency and Excellence in Sabiriyah Mauddud, North Kuwait

Middle Cretaceous Depositional Environment and Reservoir Potential of Central Rovuma Basin, Offshore Mozambique

The Influence of Climate Variability on the Content, Composition, Pattern of Organic-Carbon Enrichment in Sediments

Giant Discoveries in the Deep Offshore of the Gulf of Guinea: 1987-1997 and Beyond

Eni HSE and Sustainability Model Applied to Onshore 3-D Seismic Acquisition in Block RSF-5, Central Myanmar

Characterization of Permian Mangrullo Formation (Uruguay) Oil Shale as a Source Rock and Its Correlation With Irati (Brazil) and Whitehill (South Africa) Formations

Fault Pattern in the Southern Campos Basin, Brazil: 3-D Seismic Insights and Implications for Albian Carbonates of the Macae Group

Exploring in the Kerio Valley Basin, Southern Kenyan Rift: The Lakes, Lavas, and Prospectivity in a Magmatic Rift Basin

Chemostratigraphy, Lithostratigraphy, and Sedimentology of the Unayzah Group, Eastern Saudi Arabia

Entrenched Slope Channel Complex Systems: Reservoir Opportunities Through Understanding Architectural Element Distribution and Application to West Africa E&P


Stable Isotope Hydrology in Fractured and Detritic Aquifers at Both Sides of the South Atlantic Ocean: Mar Del Plata (Argentina) and the Rawsonville and Sandspruit River Catchment Areas (South Africa)

Evaluation of the Source Rock Potential of the Southern Orange Basin

Use of Analogue Modeling for Hydrocarbon Exploration: An Example in Papua New Guinea Fold and Thrust Belt (Onshore).

The Internal Seismic Character of the Gamtoos Basin's Late Valanginian to Late Hauterivian Syncline Fill Sequences and the Potential for a Hydrocarbon Play

Petroleum Systems Analysis of the Gamtoos Basin, South Africa

Post-Rift Potential Source Rock Correlations and Prospectivity of the Deep Atlantic Conjugate Margins, South of the Walvis Ridge

The Congo-Gabon Source-to-Sink Project: Characterization of the Volume And Nature of the Cretaceous to Cenozoic Clastics Produced on the Uplifted Onshore Erosion Surfaces and Transported Offshore

Submarine Canyons: Key Features to Derisk Deep Sea Exploration.

Underwater Gliders for Oil & Gas Exploration

An Analytical Workflow for Accurate Thermal Maturity Assessment in Unfavorable Sedimentary Successions

The Evolutional Characteristics and Quantitative Prediction of Tight Oil Saturation: Evidence from Physical Modeling of Oil Charging in Tight Reservoirs And X-ct Screening

Reservoir Quality Analysis: Case Study of the Orange Basin, Offshore South Africa

Integrating Laboratory Analysis for Evaluating and Improving Disposal/Injection Zones Capacity and Determining Well End of Life

Insights from a New Frontier Carbonate Exploration Play in the Deep-water Agc Area, Offshore Senegal-Guinea Bissau


Fluid Flow in Mudstone: A Function of Pore Size Distribution or Grain Size Distribution

Unlock the Potential of Tight Carbonate, Challenges and Mitigation, Mauddud Reservoir, Bahrah Field, North Kuwait, Kuwait

From Conceptual Model to Static Model: A Novel Approach Integrating Seismic and Well Data Replicating Geological Concept into the Modeling Realm in a Basin Floor Fan System, Block 9, Offshore South Africa

How Models of Organic Carbon Distribution are Influenced by Paleo-bathymetry - Tested in the Cretaceous Hammerfest Basin, Barents Sea

Seismic Imaging of Dolerite Structures in the Eastern Karoo Basin, South Africa: Implications for the Basin’s Shale Gas Potential

Fluid Expulsion Above a Gravity-Linked System: 3-D Seismic Reflection Case Study from the Orange Basin, Offshore Namibia

Fluid Expulsion Above a Gravity-Linked System: 3-D Seismic Reflection Case Study From the Orange Basin, Namibia

3-D Architecture of Cretaceous Channel Systems in the Northern Orange Basin, Offshore South Africa

Unconventional Oil and Gas Extraction and Groundwater: Exploiting One Natural Resource at the Expense of Another?


The Way Forward in Developing the Hydrocarbon Resources of the Levant Basin, Offshore Israel

Fractures Characteristics and Quantitative Evaluation of Ultra-Deep Tight Sandstone Reservoir in Kuqa Depression, Tarim Basin, Northwest China

Sedimentary Architecture and Sand Body Configuration of the Large Braided River Delta in Shallow Lacustrine Basin: A Case Study From Bashijiqike Formation of Cretaceous in the Kuqa Depression of Tarim Basin, Northwest China

Petroleum Evolution Within the Northern Tarim Basin, Northwest China: Insights From Organic Geochemistry, Fluid Inclusions, and Re-Os Geochronology of the Deeply Buried Halahatang Oilfield

Integration Geological Understanding With Geophysical Techniques for Better Reservoir Characterization – A Case Study in Ravva Block

Controls on Depositional Architecture and Reservoir Quality of a Large Deepwater Fan System Offshore South Africa: The Interplay of Provenance, Uplift and Oceanic Processes

Assessment of Subsurface Risk Uncertainties Associated With a Typical Near-Field Exploration Prospects, Block 9, Bredasorp Basin, Offshore South Africa

Inversion of MT Data with Enhanced Structural Fidelity presented by Alessandra Giovanna Battaglini

Hydrocarbon Prospectivity and Structure of the North Panama Deformed Belt: Observations From Regional Seismic Mapping

Phenomenon of the Albian Cenomanian Turonian Source Rock in the Suriname Part of the Guiana Basin

The Prospectivity of the Jurassic Source Rocks in the Suriname Part of the Guiana Basin

A Novel Methodology for 3-D Geo-Pressure Modeling: A Stochastic Approach

Acid Gas (CO2 and H2S) Risk Assessment at the Basin Scale


A Multi-Method Approach to Reconstruct the Temperature History of a Triassic Sedimentary Sequence From Edgeøya, Norway

Shale Hydrocarbon Characterization of North Sumatra Basin, Indonesia: Revealing New Reserves of Non-Conventional Shale Hydrocarbon

Developments in the Application of Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring

Complex Geological Modeling and Quality Assurance Using Unstructured Grids

The Application of Bioevent for Refine Stratigraphic Correlation: An Example for Baram Field, West Baram Delta, Sarawak, Malaysia

Seismic Expression of High Frequency Depositional Sequences Around the Globe – Implications for Lowstand Stratigraphic Traps, North Slope Alaska

Analogues Provide Insight Into Cretaceous Deep-Water Clastic Systems on the Irish Atlantic Margin

An Outcrop Based Integrated Reservoir Model of the Frontier Formation Hybrid Play in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming, U.S.A.

Visualization and Quantification of 3-D pore Networks in Tight Reservoir Rocks Using Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy

Resource Assessment of a Prospect With Two Separate Structural Closures Linked by a Saddle - Challanges, Solutions, and Pitfalls in Creating a Geologically Correct Probabilistic Model

Integrated Hyperspectral Core Imaging in Unconventional Reservoirs to Identify Drilling and Completions Hazards and Enhance Reservoir Models

Conjugate Margin Chronostratigraphy – Comparison of Cretaceous-Tertiary Petroleum Systems in Namibia and Uruguay

Source of Biodegraded Oil in the Upper Jurassic of Fukang Sag in Junggar Basin, Northwest China

Characteristics of Organic Matter Graphitization in Over- Mature Lower Paleozoic Marine Shales, South China

Uncover the Mystery of Lacustrine Shale Oil Reservoir by Integrating Advanced Logging Technologies and Special Core Measurements – Case Study of Chang 7-3 Shale Oil Reservoir, Erdos Basin, China

Monitoring Hydraulic Fracture Volume Using Surface to Borehole EM and Conductive Proppant

Compound Sand Architecture of Meandering Reservoir and its Application in Offshore Q Oil Field, Bohai Bay Basin, Eastern China

Quantifying Effective Porosity of Oil and Gas Reservoirs

Connectivity, Wettability, and Tortuosity of Leading Chinese Shales

New Plays and Remaining Potential in the Campos Basin Uncovered by a Newly Reprocessed Regional 3-D Seismic Dataset


Impact of Diagenesis on Deeply Buried Sandstone Reservoir of Nanpu Sag, Bohai Bay Basin, East China

Characteristics and Genesis of Deeply Buried Reservoir Sandstone (Shahejie Formation), in Nanpu Sag, East China

Diagenetic History and Its Effect on Reservoir Quality and Reservoir Characterization of Sandstone Sequences of Matulla Formation, October Field, Gulf of Suez, Egypt

Reducing Uncertainty Using Full Tensor Gradiometry in Frontier Area: Case Study in Fold-Thrust Belt System in Eastern Indonesia

The Next Frontier in South African Shale Gas and Tight Oil Extraction: Strategic Reduction of Environmental Impact

Endangered Wildlife on South Africa’s Unconventional Shale Gas Exploration and Extraction

Integrated Source Rock Evaluation Offshore Somalia

Delineation of the Key Architectural Elements a Deep-Water Leveed Slope Channel Complex With Offset-Stacked Channel Elements, Tano Basin, Ghana: Development of an Integrated Geological and Geophysical Workflow for Reservoir Model Implementation

Reservoirs Characterization of Deep Water Sediments on Example of Oil Field, Western Siberia

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Neocomian Succession of the North Western Siberia Basin

Prediction of Seismic Time-Lapse (4-D) Effects of the Reservoir Based on Petrophysical and 3D Seismic Data in the Turaco Prospect, Semliki Basin, Western Uganda

Understanding Complex Fluid Contacts Through Integration of Seismic and Pressure Data With Well Information: A Case Study of Deep Carbonate Reservoirs of Kuwait

The Effect of Reservoir Characteristics on Productivity and Production Forecasting of Montney Shale Gas in Canada

Ultra-Deep Resistivity Boosts Geosteering for Reservoir Targeting

Uncertainty and Risk Analysis of 3D Geological Model for Syn Rift HP-HT Reservoir of Krishna –Godavari Basin, India

Automated Well Placement and Well Controls Optimization for Improved Hydrocarbon Production and Field Development Planning: Deep-Water Reservoir Case Study


Mapping of Basement Structuration From 3-D Seismic Data presented by Dr. Malcolm Francis

Petroleum Systems Through Economic Assessment of the Permian Basin, Texas Aided By a Cognitive System for Geosciences

Onshore to Offshore in the South Atlantic: Insights From Outcrops for New Plays along the Continental Margins

Controlling Effect of Normal Fault Related Folds to Hydrocarbon Migration and Accumulation

Advanced Seismic Characterization and Reservoir Modeling of Deep-Water Turbidity System in Angola Offshore

Multiple Scenarios From Diverse Thermal Indicators: Contrasting Organic Versus Mineral-Based Methods for a Frontier Intracratonic Basin in the Canadian Arctic.

Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) Forcing as a Control on Climate Change as Opposed to Orbital Cycles and Anthropogenic CO2 Forcing – Some Thoughts and Arguments

Salt Mechanics and its Impact on Pre-Salt Reservoirs in the Santos Basin, Brazil

Characteristics and Main Controling Factors of Karst Caves in Keping Outcrops, Tarim Basin

Sedimentary Environment Differences of Ordovician Wufeng-Silurian Longmaxi Shale in China and Their Effects on Production – A Case Study of Weiyuan Shale Gas Field

Characteristics of High-Quality Source Rock in Brink Sags, the Southern Bohai Sea

Innovative Fluid Identification Method in Tight Oil Reservoir By Combining Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Data With Array Dielectric Measurements and Spectroscopy Data

Tectono-Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Infill Characteristics of Xujiahe Formation in Western Sichuan Foreland Basin

Carbonate Depositional Attributes and Controlling Factors of Reservoir Property in Saline Lacustrine Basin: A Case Study of Paleogene in Western Yingxiong Ridge, Qaidam Basin (NW China)

Maturation of Paleozoic Unconventional Gas

Formation Water and Residual Gas Analysis of Some Reservoirs in the Deep-Water Offshore Mozambique: Insights on Burial History and Field Compartmentalization

Hydrocarbon Potential of the Semliki Basin in the Albertine Graben, Uganda

Decoding Charge History in a Complex Paleozoic Petroleum System by Combined Gas Geochemistry and Fluid Inclusions

A New Method to Match Trajectories of a Horizontal Well in Time Domain and in Depth in Ancient Buried Hill presented by Jinlong Wu

Geophysical Anomaly: A Novel Contribution to Integrated Geophysical Interpretation


Structural Evolution and its Control on Hydrocarbon Accumulation of the Southern Depression in Melut Basin, South Sudan

Can Sea Surface Oil Slicks Confirm the Presence of an Active Hydrocarbon System in the Mozambique Channel

Thermal Anomalies Across Africa: Causes and Effects on Petroleum Systems

Integration of Petrographic and Petrophysical Analyses to Characterize Reservoir Quality of Lower Cretaceous Sediments in the Orange Basin, Offshore South Africa

Characterization of Fluid Composition While Drilling to Aid Horizontal Well Placement in an Oil Rim Reservoir presented by Marcus Turner

Predicting Petroleum Physical Properties Using the NSO-Compounds Inventory of Pyrolysates

Holistic Approach in Integrating Multiple Datasets When Building Geological Models of Complex Reservoir Sand Bodies in the South Coast Gas Field in Bredasdorp Basin, South Africa

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Post-jurassic in the Algoa and Gamtoos Basins: Implications for Hydrocarbon Potential in the Eastern Cape, South Africa

Southern Africa's Potential Uncovered Using Integrated Data Sets

Definition of Porosity Trends for Pore Pressure Modeling in Scenarios With Erosive Unconformities

A New Model of Oceanic Crustal Ages Derived From Magnetic Data: Implications for Source Rock Distribution Along the Transkei Margin of South Africa

Robotics and Automation for Rock Sampling and Characterization: A Paradigm Shift in Real Time Formation Evaluation

Geosteering in Coiled Tubing Drilling in Carbonates Unlocked by Real Time Characterization on Cuttings

Maximizing the Value of Analogues in Deep-Water Reservoirs

Identification of Lateral Facies Trends Using Seismic and Well Velocity Data, South Lokichar Basin Kenya

Synthetic Seismic Forward Modelling of Fluvial Outcrops from the Ebro Basin, Spain

Hybrid Break-Up: Spanning End-Member Models Towards a Full Tectonostratigraphic Understanding of the Central South Atlantic

“New Ideas in Old Places”: The Continuous Rejuvenation of Hydrocarbon Exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean Province (Nile, Levantine), From Abu Madi to Zohr

Hydrocarbon Detection Seabed Surveying Using Microbial-Geochemical Exploration (MGCE) Technology Can Mitigate CO2 Charge Risk Prior to Deep Water Exploration Drilling

High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy of Fluvial Deposits of Potiguar Basin, Northeast Brazil: A Tool for Improving Hydrocarbon Production and Reserves

4-D CSEM, A Cost-Effective Tool for Deep-Water Clastic Reservoir Monitoring

Analogizing - Hybrid Reservoirs Reservoir Engineering and Production Best Practices

Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of ‘AB’ Field in the NIiger Delta, Nigeria, Using Well Logs and Seismic Data

Fault Seal Analysis in the Southern Pletmos Basin, Offshore South Africa: Implications for Hydrocarbon Migration and Entrapment

Sediment Budgets From Mass Balance Grain Size Trends, Wasia Formation, Saudi Arabia

Discovery of the Anisian Caley Member Petroleum System, Bedout Sub-Basin, Western Australia

Reservoir Characterization of a Basin Floor Fan System Using Rock Physics to Integrate Seismic Amplitude and Well Data, Offshore South Africa.

Source to Reservoir Correlation and Hydrocarbon Compositions of Oil Sand Deposits in Dahomey Basin, Nigeria

Comparing and Contrasting the Onshore and Offshore Components of the Gamtoos Basin from Petrography, Lithostartigraphy and Facies Analysis, South Coast of South Africa

Deep Plays in the Eastern Niger Delta: The Role of Oblique Slip in Predicting Reservoir and Traps Distribution

Assessing the Shale Gas Potential of the Southern Main Karoo Basin, South Africa

The Qualitative Assessment of Fractured Basement Reservoir Potential in Pletmos Basin, Republic of South Africa.

A 3-D Fault Seal Analysis Study Conducted in the Ibhubesi Gas Field Offshore the West Coast of South Africa

Lithofacies Controls on Natural Fracture Distribution in the Qusaiba Shale, Rub’ Al-Khali Basin, Saudi Arabia

Jubilee to Liza: Lessons From a Decade of Exploration in the Central Atlantic


New Integrated Workflows for Sedimentary Basin Numerical Modeling: Application on the Levant Basin (East-Mediterranean Region)

Mitigating Uncertainty in Regulations for Investments in South Africa

Petroleum Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of a Syn-Rift Basin Infill in the Diourbel-Thies Area, Onshore Senegal

Mineral Composition and Total Organic Carbon Content of the Channel and Floodplain Sediments of the Swartkops Estuary, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Complementary Structural Analysis of Channelized Turbidites in the Offshore Niger Delta: Integration of 3-D Seismic Data, Inversion of Extra-Deep Azimuthal Resistivity Data, Gamma and Density Borehole Images

Construction of Geological Model Scenarios in a Highly Faulted Reservoir: Finding the Appropriate Model That Best-Fit Reservoir Simulation Objectives

Reducing Reservoir Uncertainty in Mafumeira Field Development

Rock Property Prediction from Seismic Inversion: F-A Gas Field, Bredasdorp Basin, Offshore South Africa

The Direct Indicators for Predicting Gas Hydrate Occurrence in the Deep Water Areas of Vietnam Continental Shelf

Magnetic Mineral Composition as a Potential Indicator of Depositional Conditions in Gas-Bearing Silurian Shale Rocks from Northern Poland

Pore Pressure Evolution in Offshore Suriname as Indicated by Well Analysis and 3-D Basin Modeling

New Method to Evaluate Carbonate Cap Rocks: Enlightenment from Rock Mechanical Property

Physical Analogue Models and Numerical Simulation to Constrain Forming Mechanism of Penetrative Strikeslip Faults

Seismic Geomorphology of Submarine Channel-Belt Complexes in the Pliocene Succession of the Levant Basin, Offshore Central Israel

Charging and Connectivity of Fractured Basement Reservoirs in the West of Shetland (North Atlantic, UK) - Insights From Oil Geochemistry Studies


Multi-Scale Volcanic Facies Characterization of Deccan Volcanic Complex in the Barmer Basin of Rajasthan: Implication for Exploration in a Flood Basalt Province

Geocellular Model for Tertiary Reservoirs in Manhera Tibba Gas Field, Jaisalmer Basin, Rajasthan, India

Reservoir Micro Structure of Jurassic Da'anzhai Member Shelly Limestone and Their Hydrocarbon Significance in Central Sichuan Basin, China

Evaluating the Application of Natural Gas-Based Foamed Fracturing Fluid in Unconventional Reservoirs

Dip Sequence Analysis Utilizing Statistical Curvature Analysis: A Case Study on Complex Strata of the Late Middle Miocene Formation in Akita Basin, Onshore Japan

Revealing the Complexities of the Gabon Southern Margin Through Gravity, Magnetics, and Seismic Data Integration

Innovative Real-Time Well Monitoring and Integration of Multiple Data Sources for Reducing the Uncertainty and Informed Decision Making

Accommodation, Sediment Supply, Deltaic Process Regime, and Their Controls on Deep-Water Sand Delivery: Insights From High-Resolution 3-D Quantitative Seismic Stratigraphy

High-Resolution Multi Cross-Section Restoration and its Applications in Reservoir Quality Prediction

Hyperspectral Midwave and Longwave Infrared Spectroscopy as an XRD Proxy for Fracture Stimulation in Unconventional Hydrocarbon Exploitation

Emissivity Mapping of Onshore Sedimentary Basins for Hydrocarbon Exploration

Description of a Major Addition to the Central African Rift System (CARS) Located in the Central African Republic (CAR), Republic of Congo (ROC), and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Saturation Isn’t What It Used to Be: Towards More Realistic Petroleum Fluid Saturations and Produced Fluid Compozitions in Organic-Rich Unconventional Reservoirs

Stratigraphic Architecture and Evolution of the Cretaceous Evaporites of the West African Margin, Insight From the Proximal Domain of the South Gabon, Congo, and Cabinda Area

Ocean Bottom Multi-Physics Nodes – Next Reservoir Monitoring Step Forward?

Three Formations Are Responsible for Surge in Permian Basin Crude Oil Production. U.S.A. EIA Expects Permian Region Oil Production to Reach Record High in 2018

Mechanical Specific Energy (MSE) in Coring: A Tool to Understand the Drilling Mechanism and Coring Parameters Optimization for Improved Core Recovery

New Stratigraphic Play Discovery Using Integration Method From Detailed Core-Log Facies Analysis and Seismic Attribute Mapping in Central Arjuna Sub-Basin, Northwest Java Basin

The New Stratigraphic Play of Ciputat Sub Basin, Indonesia: The Integrated Seismic Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis

Carbonate Microfacies as a Source Rock: Heat Flow and Carbonate Source Rock Modeling of Kais Formation Indonesia

Circular Depressions Trails in Late Neogene/Early Quarternary Deepwater Slope Deposits Offshore Angola: Implication for the Interpretation of Turbidity-Current vs. Fluid Escape Dynamics


Effect of Clay Minerals in Oil and Gas Formation Damage Problems and Production Decline: A Case Study, Gulf of Suez, Egypt.

Hydrocarbon Type Estimation Using the Synthetic Logs: A Case Study in Baba Member, Gulf of Suez, Egypt

Wellbore Stability Analysis and Pore Pressure Study in Badri Field Using a Limited Data, Gulf of Suez, Egypt.

Lithofacies, Biostratigraphy, and Sequence Stratigraphic Characterization of #4 Well, Greater Ughelli Depobelt, Niger Delta Basin, Nigeria: Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration.

Integrating 3-D Basin Modeling Concept to Determine Source Rock Maturation in the F-O Gas Field, Bredasdorp Basin (Offshore South Africa)

Modeling Low Net to Gross Complex Fluvial Reservoir- A Case Study From Aishwariya Field, Barmer Basin, NW India

Assessing Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of Krishna Godavari Basin through 3D Petroleum System(s) Modeling

Reviving a Mature Field: Fluid Detection in Frequency-Broadened Seismic Data Through Rock Property De-Trending

Seismic Structural Interpretation, 2D and 3D Modeling and Reservoir Characterization of North Sanghar Block and Well Chak 63-01, Lower Indus Basin, Sindh, Pakistan

Broadband Seismic for Improved Geosciences Integration and Increased End-User Value: Examples Through the E&P Asset Life With an Offshore Africa Focus

A Revised Interpretation of Argentina’s Offshore Austral and Malvinas Basins and Petroleum Play Analysis

Asymmetric Conjugate Volcanic Margins of the South Atlantic: A Result of Variable Seaward Dipping Reflector Domain Accretion.

Salt Tectonics in the Sivas Basin (Turkey): Outstanding Seismic Analogues

Somali Basin's Crustal Structure and Post-Rift Deformation: A Recorder of Madagascar and India Drifts

Case Study of a Tight Gas Reservoir Offshore South Africa: Its Significance in Exploration and Exploitation

Brazil Santos Campos Widespread Chemogenic Lacustrine Carbonate Seismic Facies

South Gabon Shallow Water Pre-Salt Play Creaming Curve Revival

Integrated Fractured Basement Play Fairway Definition

Hybrid Turbiditic-Contouritic System Characterization and Modeling: Insight From an Integrated Source-to-Sink Study of the Plio-Pleistocene Series in the Corinth Rift (Greece)

Tectonic Controls on the Mesozoic Development of Stratigraphic Pinch-Out in the Exmouth Plateau – North West Shelf, Australia

CSEM Ranking of Transform Margin Prospects


Multidisciplinary Approach in Tight Oil Appraisal: A Case Study From Barmer Basin

Application of Artificial Intelligence in Hydrogeology to Solve Water Related Issues – Case StudiesFfrom South Africa and Malawi

Play Analysis of the Natal Valley and Durban Basin, Off the East Coast of South Africa

3-D Numerical Modelling of Hydrocarbon Generation From the Barremian-Aptian Source Rock Unit of the Northern Orange Basin, South Africa

Depogrid: Next – Generation Unstructured Grids for Accurate Reservoir Modeling and Simulation

Subsurface Temperature Prediction From Seismic Measurements: A 3-D Seismic Case Study From The Lüderitz Basin, Offshore Namibia

Learnings From High Rate Water Injection in Deep-Water Slope Channel Complex and Frontal Splay Turbidite Reservoirs Offshore Ghana

Exploring the Predictive Power of Seismic Geomorphology to Assess Reservoir Quality of Gravity-Flow Sandstones.

Insights Into the Deepwater of Côte d'Ivoire (West Africa)

The Coalbed Methane Resource Potential of the Ermelo Coalfield, South Africa

The Magic of Depth Imaging in a Complex Geological Setting - A Case Study from Upper Indus Basin

Geochemical Characteristics and Origin of the Lower Paleozoic Gas in the Tazhong Uplift, Tarim Basin

Forming Conditions, Types and Characteristics of Lithological Reservoirs in Melut Basin: Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration in Mature Rift Basins of Africa

Digitally Logging the Virtual Core: Innovative, Cost-Effective and Time-Efficient Workflow

Basement Reservoir: Understanding the Interplay of Stresses, Fractures, and Mineralogy With Well-Logs

Diagenetic Events, Reservoir Compartmentalization and its Relationship With Lower Order Relative Sea-Level Fluctuation in Early-Middle Eocene Sylhet Formation, South Assam Shelf (SAS), Assam and Assam-Arakan Basin

A Change in Formation Evaluation Strategy to Enable Making Key Investment Decisions Faster

Thermal Effect Evaluation of Basic Sill on Rhythmite of Taciba Formation (Permian), South of Brazil, Using RGB Measurements on Non-Opaque Phytoclasts

The Post-Neocomian Fill History of the North Chukchi Basin

Tectonic Evolution, Structural Styles and Plays of the Russian Chukchi Sea Sedimentary Basins

Reservoir Prediction in the Ibhubesi Gas Field, Block 2A, Orange Basin, West Coast of South Africa

Discussion on Application Method of Rock Cuttings in the Fault Sealing of China Offshore Oilfield

Geology Across Mid-Ocean Ridges – A Framework for Evaluating the South Atlantic Pre-Salt

A Correlation Between the Southern North Falkland Basin and the Outeniqua Basin and its Implications on the Palaeogeographic Reconstruction of Gondwana

Petroleum Potential of the Herodotus Basin: Application of Regional Analogs to Predict Plays and Reduce Risk

Importance of Natural Fracture Prediction for Successful Hydraulic Fracturing

Exploration Creativity in the Golden Age of Super Basins and What AAPG is Doing About Them

First Breaks Picking: a Key Element to Improve Seismic Imaging through Full-Waveform Inversion on Land Data

Passive Seismic Approach to Minimize Drilling Risk

Pore Connectivity and Wettability of Typical Shales in South China: Small Angle Neutron Scattering Study

“Look at Situations From All Angles and You Will Become More Open” – Advanced Analytics Approach to Exploration Portfolio Allocation Decisions

Illuminating the Geology of Super Basins: The Next Big Thing for Exploration?

A Coastal Barrier-Spit System: An Alternative Depositional Model for the Kudu Gas Field, Namibia


Geochemical Analysis and Origin of Gas in Volcanic Reservoirs in the Songliao Basin

Trap Formation by Turonian Sill Complexes in the Deepwater Morondava Basin, Madagascar

A Practical Application of Data-Driven 3-D Automatic Fault Extraction for EN Echelon Faults: A Case Study From Malay Basin

The Reconstruction Method of Density Curve of the Tight Limestone Reservoir in Da’anzhai Member

Machine Learning Assisted Prediction of Dissolution Spatial Distribution in Volcanic Weathered Crust Reservoirs: A Case Study presented by Da Kun Xiao

A New Method to Identify Lithofacies of Complex Lacustrine Carbonate Reservoirs via Log Data – A Case Study From Yingxi Oilfield of Qaidam Basin (Northwest China)

Planning a Waterflood Project in a Mature Oilfield: Phase-1 Development Plan by Integrating Static and Dynamic Modeling of Belimbing Field, Indonesia

Geomechanism Model of the Central African Shear Zone and its Related Rift Basins

Evolution and Reservoir Quality of C Carbonate in the Central Part of Nam Con Son Basin, Offshore South Vietnam

Reservoir Evaluation: Vandji Formation of Berriasian-Valanginian Age in Lower Congo Basin.

The Underexplored Shelf-Edge Plays of the West Africa Transform Margin: A Play Opening Case Study on Merged 3-D Seismic and Well Datasets Through Togo, Benin, and Western Nigeria

Why is Everyone Excited About Deepwater Sao Tome and Principe EEZ: The 4 Key Reasons Why This has Been One of the Hottest Areas for Exploration in 2017

Successes, Challenges, and Future Opportunities in the Pre-Salt Kwanza and Benguela Basins of Angola: Predicating Where the Best Oil Charged Reservoirs Will be Found.


Early Cretaceous Calcareous Organic-Rich Source Rocks in the Northern Arabian Platform: Paleoceanographic Reconstruction during the Drowning of a Siliciclastic Shelf

Rifting History and Magmatism West of Britain

Deep-Water Hydrocarbon Exploration Potential in the Offshore Northwest Africa

Analysis of Petroleum Systems and its Implication for Exploration in the Senegal Basin

Research Progresses of Micro-Nano Pore Networks in Shale Oil Reservoirs in China

Cementation Characteristics and Pore-Forming Evolution of Clastic Reservoirs in the Saline Lake Basin

Genesis of Lacustrine Carbonate Breccias and Their Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration in Yingxi Region, Qaidam Basin

Seismic Architecture of Outer Shelf Canyon Segments in the Lüderitz Basin, Offshore Namibia

Depositional Systems in the Deepwater Fold Belts of the Western Gom (U.S.A. and Mexico): Process, Geometry, and Implications for Provenance and Reservoir Development in the Paleogene

Axial Versus Marginal Sediment Systems in Rift Basin Settings

The Application of Seismic Sedimentary Method in the Detailed Prediction of the Lithological Reservoir of Sublacustrine Fan in Bohai JZX Gasfield

Revealing the Complexity of Heterogeneous Volcaniclastic Facies of Mid Miocene Onnagawa Formation, Akita Basin, Japan

Uranium-Bearing Strata Sedimentary System and Uranium Mineralization in Fault-Depression Transition Stage: A Case Study of Tamusu Uranium Deposit in Bayingobi Basin

Benchmarking, Calibrating and Validating Exploration Prospects in Offshore Ghana Using Global Field/Reservoir Analogs

The Role of Basin and Petroleum Systems Modeling in the 2015-2017 India National Resource Assessment Project


Prototype Model of Modern Fluvial Deposits and Discussion on Architectural Units: A Case Study of Hailar River and Chaobai River

Accurate Characterization of Porosity Heterogenity and Optimization of Testing Zone Selection in High-Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoir: A Success-Story From East China

Using Adobe Photoshop to Analysis Vuggy Porosity Quantitatively Based on Electrical Borehole Images

Research of the Cambrian Salt-Related Structures in Sichuan Basin presented by Zhenglian Pang

Prediction of Pre-Salt Carbonate Reservoirs in Kenkiyak, Kazakhstan presented by Zhenglian Pang

Precise Discussion About the Functions of "Karst Model"

Diagenesis and its Impact on the Reservoir Quality of Low Permeability Reservoirs: A Case Study of Eocene Liushagang Formation of Wushi Depression, Beibuwan Basin, the South China Sea

Potential Stratigraphic-Diagenetic Traps in the Upper Jurassic Massive Dolomitized Formations, Northeastern Saudi Arabia: Insights From Integrated Geologic and Forward Diagenetic Modeling

Tectonic Evolution and Its Influence on Hydrocarbon Accumulation of the Ruman Buried Hill in Melut Basin, South Sudan