--> --> Application of Development Seismic Technology in Horizontal Well Design :A Case Study of Block M.

2018 AAPG International Conference and Exhibition

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Application of Development Seismic Technology in Horizontal Well Design :A Case Study of Block M.


Block M is located in the south of the eastern uplift margin of the Pre-Caspian Basin, which is a structural- lithologic oil reservoir. At present, because of the reservoir characteristics of shallow buried depth, low abundance, thin reservoir and low productivity, the development of horizontal wells are needed to increase productivity and obtain detailed stratigraphic parameters. Only conventional logging data can be found in this area, how to optimize horizontal well parameters and design productivity is a difficult problem in geological design of horizontal wells.In this paper,based on geological evaluation, method of combination of development seismic and geology is taken to study the reservoir between wells. In the view of quantitative analysis of the reservoir layer thickness, fracture parameters and physical parameters, using the existing vertical well bore to make the horizontal well drilling design, thereby saving the drilling cost and improving the production capacity. The development seismic method is the most effective technical means to provide information between wells. Based on geological analysis of morphological structure and reservoir description, combined with the development seismic technology, the carry on researches of fine stratigraphic interpretation, fracture parameters, physical parameters and layer thickness provide a strong technical guarantee for horizontal well geological design during the exploration and development stage of oil field. This paper presents a case study of KT-II in Block M, the main technical steps are as follows. Firstly, use depth domain inversion method to make qualitative research of limestone reservoir development zone. Secondly, post-stack amplitude directional decomposition (PADD)fracture prediction method is used to predict the fracture in the structure zone. Finally, based on the location selection, layer selection, combined with the distribution rule of reservoir and fracture parameters, complete the horizontal well geologic design and capacity of prediction. In summary, The development seismic technology solves the problem of quantitative study on structure, reservoir, fracture and other parameters in the design of the horizontal well, and effectively guides the design of the horizontal well.As a result,the production of designed horizontal well is 2.9 times larger than that of the original vertical well,achieving the goal of increasing production.