--> --> Sequence Stratigraphy of the Neocomian Succession of the North Western Siberia Basin

2018 AAPG International Conference and Exhibition

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Sequence Stratigraphy of the Neocomian Succession of the North Western Siberia Basin


The Upper Jurassic section of the northern Western Siberia Basin of the Gidan peninsula includes the Neocomian Formation, which is one of the most attractive reservoir rock of the region. The Neocomian Formation consists of progradational clinoforms. The results of studies were integrated with the Wheeler diagrams, and a regional sequence stratigraphic framework was proposed for the region. The Neocomian succession was divided into 10 sequences, which are basically the progradational highstand, lowstand prograding wedge deposits. Shelf reservoir of progradational higstand deposits are popular target for oil companies. However, this research basically provides sequence stratigraphy analysis of the lowstand prograding wedge deposits. The main factors that influence the distribution of reservoir in the Gidan peninsula is relative sea level and volume of transported sediments. Significant changes in the relative sea level significantly influenced the geology of the area. The high rate of sediments supplies and development of fluvial system in the north-eastern part of the area of interest affected the promoted to creation of progradation complexes. This factors afford to form attractive turbidity formations during the period of 3 significant decreasing relative sea level. According to the well log data clayiness of the Neocomian lowstand prograding wedge decreases in the northeastern direction. Subsequent rapid progradation of the Ahtsk shale effectively overlapped the turbidites systems.