--> --> Reducing Reservoir Uncertainty in Mafumeira Field Development

2018 AAPG International Conference and Exhibition

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Reducing Reservoir Uncertainty in Mafumeira Field Development


The Mafumeira Field, is located in Block 0, offshore Cabinda, the main target is the cretaceous (Albian) Pinda Formation composed of multiple vertically-stacked, mixed clastic- carbonate lithologies with multiple fluid contacts and significant in place hydrocarbon volumes. The field has been developed in two stages (Norte and Centro/Sul). Performance from Norte was used to characterize the Centro/Sul area to reduce reservoir uncertainty. Initial field development targeted Norte high confidence areas, while additional appraisal wells were drilled to better characterize Centro/Sul from 2002-2007. Norte development began in 2009, with first oil achieved later that year. The second phase of development began in 2015 under the Mafumeira Sul Project. First oil production through Mafumeira Sul Project facilities began in early 2017. Mafumeira is currently active with 40 producers and 13 water injectors. The Mafumeira Sul project also includes facilities for LPG extraction and infrastructure to export gas. A comprehensive Uncertainty Management Plan (UMP) was crafted during project planning to identify and mitigate key subsurface uncertainties that can be summarized as structure, reservoir quality, fluid contacts, reservoir pressure and connectivity. This paper outlines the results of the Mafumeira drilling campaign as related to the Uncertainty Management Plan and reduction of key subsurface uncertainties through integration of legacy and new data. New data include: full field static Earth and Simulation models, Vertical Seismic Profiles (VSP) for seismic velocity and depth calibration, bore hole imaging logs for reservoir characterization, formation pressures for connectivity and depletion, fluid sampling for reservoir fluid property characterization, and fluid pump-outs to resolve fluid identification ambiguity.