--> New Integrated Workflows for Sedimentary Basin Numerical Modeling: Application on the Levant Basin (East-Mediterranean Region)

2018 AAPG International Conference and Exhibition

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New Integrated Workflows for Sedimentary Basin Numerical Modeling: Application on the Levant Basin (East-Mediterranean Region)


This contribution aims at presenting an integrated approach for modeling sedimentary basins including source to sink forward stratigraphic simulations, burial and thermal evolutions and uncertainty analyses. The ultimate goal is to be able to produce reasonable multi-scenario simulations and probabilistic information that can help make better decisions for further de-risking hydrocarbon exploration. Alternatively, such approaches can be used to better understand sedimentary basins for developing hydrothermal energy resources and/or carbon and energy storage. In order to reach this goal, integration of a variety of numerical tools (as well as concept-thinking) is essential. In another way, uncertainty has to be quantified and minimized for plausible geological and physical simulations. A unique working environment for the whole integrated basin analysis has to be available and efficient, including the following five steps: i) basic characterization of all available geological, geophysical and geochemical data (leading to conceptual models); ii) sedimentary facies modeling (with forward stratigraphic numerical engines); iii) structural characterization and modeling (deformation, inversion and faults); iv) burial/thermal and petroleum systems modeling; and v) uncertainty analysis and modeling (to quantify uncertainty and produce probability maps). In order to achieve such challenges, collaborative geoscience must be achieved bridging the gap between sedimentologists, structural geologists, geochemists, petroleum geologists, and geo-modelers. This multi-disciplinary approach targets the understanding of the large-scale basin characteristics involving a great deal of data, which need to ne integrated through transverse numerical solutions. The frontier Levant Basin (East-Mediterranean region) was chosen as a case study to illustrate the proposed integrated approach. An integrated 3D basin model was produced, providing a tool for further petroleum systems and uncertainty analysis on a single platform. The Mesozic and Cenozoic play fairways, and potential leads were hence analyzed and better constraints, leading to decreasing exploration risk.