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AAPG Annual Meeting

April 1-4, 2007, Long Beach, California


Search and Discovery Article #90063 (2007)

Posted March 29, 2007


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Process Based Modelling of Deep Marine Reservoir Systems
by Tor E. Aas, Ragnar Hauge, Bjorn Fjellvoll, Petter Abrahamsen, John Howell, Stephen Tucker

Paleobiology as a Driver In Exploration and Production Activities: Two Examples of Enhanced Exploration Potential from the Dutch "Upper Jurassic" Offshore (Best of EAGE)
by Oscar A. Abbink, Harmen F. Mijnlieff, Dirk K. Munsterman, Roel M.C.H. Verreussel

Sedimentary Environments and Depositional Characters of the Middle-Upper Eocene Succession in the Fayum Depression, Egypt
by Zaki A. Abdel-Fattah, Murray, K. Gingras, Michael, W. Caldwell, S. George Pemberton

Sediment Gases as Indicators of Subsurface Hydrocarbon Generation and Entrapment - Examining the Record Both in Laboratory and Field Studies
by Michael A. Abrams, Nicola  F. Dahdah

Geochemical Characteristics of Source Rocks, and the Hydrocarbon Family in the Eastern Sirte Basin - Libya
by Idris Abulkhier

Modelling Tectono-Sedimentary Processes in Atlantic Margin Salt Basins: Understanding the Evolution of the Deepwater Slope and Allochthonous Salt Sheets
by Juergen Adam, Csaba Krezsek, Cody MacDonald, Clarke Campbell, Djordje Grujic

Spatial Quantification of Aggrading, Backstepping, and Drowning Patterns of a Frasnian Carbonate Platform System (Bugle Gap, Canning Basin, Western Australia)
by Erwin W. Adams, Claude-Alain Hasler

Improving Middle East Carbonate Reservoir Models with Digital Outcrop Modeling
by Erwin W. Adams, Anita E. Csoma, Carine Grelaud, Loic Bazalgette, Cathy Hollis

Glide Planes to Turbidites; Deep Water Carbonate Megabreccias, Oligocene, Spain
by S. Agar, J. Bova, A. Derewetzky, N. Hartley, P. Hillock, T. Hughes, C. Iannello, A. Mckerron, T. Simo

The United Nations Framework Classification for Energy Reserves and Resources
by Thomas S. Ahlbrandt

Outcrop Study of Heterolithic Tidal Sandstone Bodies in Northeast Greenland (Jameson Land) for Reservoir Characterization
by Juha Matti Ahokas, Allard W. Martinius, John Suter

Gravity Flow Evolution During Transition From By-pass to Deposition: Results From High Resolution Seafloor Observations of a Modern Sand Lobe System
by Andrey M. Akhmetzhanov, Neil H. Kenyon, E. L. Habgood, C. O'Byrne, Russell B. Wynn, M. K. Ivanov, UK Taps Group

Petrologic and Geochemical Evidence for Refluxing Brines in the Devonian Wabamun Group, West-Central Alberta
by Ihsan Al-Aasm, Samantha Raymus

High-Frequency Paleoclimate Variation: Analysis, Interpretation, and Significance
by Thomas Algeo

Stratal Architecture of the Middle Part of the Morrison Formation, Utah: Implications for Downstream Base-Level Fluctuations
by Riyad A. Ali-Adeeb, Timothy M. Demko

Controls on Reservoir Performance and Recovery Factor in Fractured Gas Reservoirs: Lessons Learned from Giant Gas Fields
by Jack Allan, Rod Sloan, S. Qing Sun

Comparison of Fluvial Styles Within the Late Carboniferous Succession of the Maritimes Basin, Atlantic Canada: Toward a Refined Understanding of Paleoclimate
by Jonathan Allen, Christopher R. Fielding, Michael C. Rygel, Martin R. Gibling

Soft-Sediment Deformation Structures: Upper Cretaceous Lance Formation, Jonah Field, Wyoming
Faisal A. Alquhtani, Frank G. Ethridge

Evidence for Milankovitch Climate Forcing on High-Frequency Cycles and Early Dolomite Distribution from the Cupido Formation, Sierra Madre Oriental, NE Mexico
by Younis K. Altobi, Tina R. Foster, Robert K. Goldhammer

Near- to Mid-Term Energy Mineral Sources: Bridging the Future to Alternative Energy
by William A. Ambrose

Comparison of Deepwater Mass Transport Complex Settings: West Texas; South-Central Pyrenees, Spain; Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria
by Robert Amerman, Bruce Trudgill, Eric P. Nelson, Michael H. Gardner, Pau Arbues, Jim Borer, Julian Clark, Grace L. Ford, Hugo Ortner, Douglas Paton, Piret Plink-Bjorklund, David Pyles

Method for Conditioning the Reservoir Model on 3D and 4D Elastic Inversion Data Applied to a Fluvial Reservoir in the North Sea
T. Andersen, K. Hatland, Trond Hoye, F. Liestol, G. Mangeroy, Hilde C. Meisingset, C. Otterlei, Eli Zachariassen, Art Jan Wijngaarden

Multiple Scales of Confinement for Conglomeratic Slope Valleys: El Rosario Formation (Upper Cretaceous), Baja California, Mexico
by Bryan J. Anderson, Jesus A. Ochoa, Kelsey McNamara, Jesse J. Melick, Michael H. Gardner, James G. Schmitt

Modeling Crevasse Splay Versus Point-Bar Bodies: Relative Roles in Characterizing Tight-Gas Fluvial Reservoir Successions
by Donna S. Anderson, Mary M. Carr

Integrated Microfossil Characterization of the Neogene Sand Members of Offshore Norway
Erik D. Anthonissen

Calibrating Theoritical Sandstone Reservoir Models with Realistic Bedding Structures on Outcrops; Applications in Thin Bedded Fans and Heterolithic Tidal Reservoir Sands, Examples from the Sedimentary Basins of Nigeria
by Emeka. A. Anyadike, Efosa. Arthur, Samuel. J.L Coker

Dynamic Analysis of Imperfect Seals
Andrew C. Aplin, Kuncho D. Kurtev, Selegha Abrakasa

Chayvo Field, Sakhalin Island, Russia: Identification of a Significant Oil Leg from 3-D Seismic and Execution of a World Class Extended Reach Drilling Program
Ted Apotria, Randall Mathis, Rick J. Powell, Bridget Venner

Numerical Modeling Analysis of the Role of Episodic Fault Overpressuring and Rupture in Methane Transport and Massive Calcite Cementation in the Santa Barbara Basin, California
by Martin Appold, Grant Garven, James R. Boles, Peter Eichhubl

Very Thick Massive Sandstone Bodies: Origin and Internal Architecture
Mariano Arcuri, Carlos Zavala

Seismic Stratigraphy of a Forearc Depositional System: Shelf-Margin Deltas to Basin Floor Fans, Northern San Joaquin Basin, California
by John M. Armentrout, David H. Suek, Denise H. Harrison, Paul J. Harrison, David B. Codding, Steve D. Jones, Scott Lewis, Steve Graham

Sedimentology and Stratigraphic Architecture of a Mass Transport Deposit Dominated Submarine Slope Environment: The Sierra Contreras, Tres Pasos Formation, Chile
by Dominic A. Armitage, Brian W. Romans

An Innovative Method of Quantifying Channel Distribution in a Frontal Splay Environment Using Shallow Seismic-Reflection Data
by Dominic A. Armitage, Thad P. Dunbar, Henry W. Posamentier

Effect of Suspended Sediment Concentration on Deposition From Suspended Sediment Dispersions
by R.W.C. Arnott

High Frequence Cyclicity in a Fining-Upwards Lowstand Continental Deposit, Upper Jurassic, Neuquen Basin, Argentina
by Carlos Arregui, Santiago Grosso

Internal Architecture of an Incised Valley Formed within a Semi-Arid Setting, Baffin Bay, Texas
by Niranjan Aryal, Alexander Simms

Tectonic Signatures in Stratigraphy: What Are They, and How Do We Best Apply Them?
by Jennifer L. Aschoff, Ron J. Steel

Seimic Modeling of Geological Sequences and Fluid Filled
by Ramon Asuaje, Evgeny Chesnokov

Experimental Study of Submarine Fan Deposition in a Fault-Constrained Extensional Setting
by Wiebke Athmer, Marinus Eric Donselaar, Remco M. Groenenberg, Stefan M. Luthi, Dimitrios Sokoutis, Ernst Willingshofer

Characterization of Damage Zone Associated with Strike-slip Faults and its Multiscale Statistics
by Atilla Aydin, Ghislain De Joussineau

The Hit Cube: A Stochastic Pseudo Well Matching Tool for Seismic Prediction of Rock and Fluid Properties
by Gboyega Ayeni, Arnaud Huck

Application of Climatic Changes to Understand Sedimentary Processes and a Tool to Refine the Stratigraphy in Brazilian Sedimentary Basins - An Overview
by Nilo Chagas de Azambuja Filho, Alvaro H. Arouca de Castro, Armando A. Scarparo Cunha, Carlos Roberto Becker, Clovis Francisco Santos, Jose Guilherme R. da Silva, Jose M. Cronemberger Mendes, Maria do Carmo G. Severino, Paulo R. C. Cunha, Ricardo Latge M. de Azevedo

Dolomitization of the Aguathuna Carbonates in Western Newfoundland, Canada: Implications for a Potential Hydrocarbon Reservoir
by Karem Azmy, Denis Lavoie, Ian Knight

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Effect of Spherical Pore Shapes on Acoustic Properties in Carbonates
by Gregor, T. Baechle, Layaan Al-Kharusi, Gregor P. Eberli, Austin Boyd, Alan Byrnes

Prediction of Sub-Seismic Sealing Faults Using Simple Numerical Simulation Models
by Richard C. Bain, Kirk H. MacIvor, Brooke E. Holt, D. Scott Beaty

Effect of Growing Structures on Stratigraphic Evolution, Channel Architecture and Submarine Fan Distribution, Niger Delta, West Africa
by Olusola Bakare, Neil Hurley, Timothy McHargue

Influence of Mass Transport Deposit on Stratigraphic Evolution, Channel Morphology, and Turbidite Reservoir Preservation and Architecture, Niger Delta, West Africa
by Olusola Bakare, Neil Hurley, Timothy McHargue, Piret Plink-Bjorklund

Seismic Modeling of Entire Outcropping Basin-Fill Successions: A Novel Approach to Resolving and Ground-Truthing Seismic Stratigraphy
Kristina Bakke, Trond Lien, Ole Martinsen, Steen Petersen

3D Geocellular Modelling and Reservoir Properties Quantification: A Case Study of "X-Field", Niger Delta, Nigeria
by F.O Bamidele, Olugbenga A. Ehinola, Adelola Adesida

Rock Physics Modeling and Seismic Attributes of Carbonate Rocks in the Nesson Anticline, North Dakota
by Kaushik Bandyopadhyay, Tapan Mukerji, Gary Mavko, Charlie West

3-D Structural Model of Structures along the Western Margin of the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming
by Subhotosh Banerjee, Shankar Mitra

New Play Concepts in the Onshore Majunga Basin, Madagascar
by Nigel Banks, Paul Jennings

Is the Cambrian Mount Simon a Regional "Blanket Sandstone" Across Ohio?
by Mark T. Baranoski

Taxon-specific Biomakers As Indicators of Geologic Age And Depositional Environment of Petroleum
by Silvana M. Barbanti, J. Michael Moldowan

Mechanical Stratigraphy of Salt Induced Structures from Southern Gulf of Mexico
by Jorge Barrios, Felipe Audemard

Is It Time for a Rebirth in The Geologic Application of Climate Models?
by Eric J. Barron

Hypothesis Testing Using Fuzzy Logic Simulations to Constrain the Domains of the Stratigraphic Variables that Control Reservoir Distribution and Character
by Louis R. Bartek, Jeffery D. Warren

Millennium Discovery - Dhirubhai, an Indian Jewel
by Ravi Bastia, R. J. Singh, Neeraj Sinha

3D Seismic Characterisation of an Array of Blind Normal Faults in the Levant Basin, Eastern Mediterranean
by Catherine Baudon, Joe Cartwright

Interplay Between Tectonics and Sedimentation in a Deep-Water "Mini-Basin" Setting, Tabernas, SE Spain
by Lucie Baudouy, Peter D.W. Haughton, John J. Walsh, Marco Patacci

Structural and Stratigraphic Evaluation of the Southern Belgian Anticline Area, North Midway-Sunset Field, San Joaquin Basin, California
by W. Sebastian Bayer, Shankar Mitra, Roger Slatt, Steve S. Boljen, Joel S. Pomerene

Regional Assessment of CO2 Sources and Sinks for the Indian Subcontinent
by Richard A. Beck, Yolanda Price, S. Julio Friedmann, Lynn Wilder, Lee Neher

Thermo-Mechanical Basin Modeling along Camamu-Almada Basin, Brazil
by Ricardo Perez Bedregal, Garry David Karner, Felix T.T. Goncalves

Petroleum Potential of Basins Flanking Viti Levu, Fiji
J. M. Beggs, V. M. Stagpoole, W. A. Brook

Regional Fluid Flow of the North Slope Foreland Basin, Alaska
by Anna M. Belanger, Dr. Jeffrey S. Hanor, Dr. Jeffrey A. Nunn

Controls on Deepwater Sandstone Deposition in the Campos and Espirito Santo Basins of Brazil: Implications for Reservoir Prediction
by Andrei Belopolsky, Kevin Boyd, Scott Carmichael, Alexey Guryanov, Jake Hossack, Bob Jones, Julian Penge, Neil Piggott, Adam Poptani, Pat Randell, Alan Roberts, Cheree Stover, Mark Thompson

New Tools Improving Collaborative Visualization and Decision Making
by Jim Benson, Chris Phillips

Coupling 3D Numerical Modelling of Contractional Structures, Sedimentation and River Network Evolution: The Stratigraphic and Geomorphic Expressions of Fault-Related Fold
by Asdrubal J. Bernal P, Stuart Hardy, Robert Gawthorpe

Identification of the Processes Controlling the Distribution and Quality of Oil Accumulations of the Southern Llanos Basin, Colombia
by Luis Miguel Bernardo, Jesus Augusto Rodriguez

New Petroleum Generation Model of the Middle Magdalena Basin, Colombia: Is The Luna Formation the Most Prolific Source Rock?
by Luis Miguel Bernardo, Jorge Luis Rubiano, Myriam Caro, Carlos Arturo Alfonso

Foreland Basin Axis Migration Documented by Deep-Water Conglomeratic Channel Deposits, Southern Chile
by Anne Bernhardt, Zane Jobe, Donald R. Lowe

Towards a Quantitative Definition of Mechanical Units: New Techniques and Results from a Field Test Site
Giovanni Bertotti, Nico J. Hardebol, Stefan M. Luthi, Jose Taal

Deepwater Exploration: Columbus Basin Offshore Trinidad
Jeawan Bhajan, Alicia Gargee, Robert Marksteiner, Shannon Cheree' Stove, Kelley Latter

Geochemical Characterisation and Source Investigation of Oils from Narmada Block of Cambay Basin, India
by A.K. Bhatnagar, B.G. Goswami, D.S. Rawat

Structural and Depositional Model for Offshore Central West Greenland (67ø-71ø N): Implications for Regional Petroleum Systems
by Torben Bidstrup, Ulrik Gregersen, J. A. Bojesen-Koefoed, Flemming G. Christiansen, Finn Dalhoff, Anders Schersten, Martin Sønderholm

Building an Integrated, Digital Database Using HTML and GIS Tools: A Case Study for the Northern South American Petroleum Province
by Lisa Bingham, Alejandro Escalona, Paul Mann

Nested Cyclicity in the Carboniferous Glacial Record from New South Wales, Australia
by Lauren P. Birgenheier, Christopher R. Fielding, Tracy D. Frank, Michael C. Rygel

Numerical Simulation and Model for Channel Levee Formation
by Vineet Birman, Brendon Hall, Nicolas Guillaume, Eckart Meiburg, Ben Kneller

Tectonic Geomorphology and Possible Paleoseismic Trench Sites along the Pleito Thrust Fault near Grapevine, CA
by Matthew Birney, Doug Yule, Shelby Dawson

δ13C and δ18O enrichment near cycle tops and sequence boundaries in the Capitan backreef, McKittrick and Slaughter Canyons
by James W. Bishop, Dawn Y. Sumner, David A. Osleger, Isabel Montanez, Scott W. Tinker

The Case for Using Extended Reach Drilling to Develop California OCS Reserves from Onshore Locations
by Tom Bjorklund

High-Resolution Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy of the Santonian Stage Boundary, Western Interior Basin
by Stacie A. Blair, David K. Watkins

Synthesis of Phanerozoic Plate Tectonic Evolution of North America
by Ronald C. Blakey

Drillability Beyond Pressure: BP's Gulf of Mexico experience
by Jean-Pierre Blangy, Martin Albertin, David Greeley, Paul Mitchell, Johnathan Bellow, Charlie Jay, Graham Vinson, Johnston Paul, Ray Wydrinski, Shira Paulson, Bruce Wagner

Kinetics of Pure and Mixed CO2-CH4 Gas Adsorption on Crushed and Sieved Coal from the Black Warrior Basin, Westcentral Alabama
by James G. Blencoe, Michael T. Naney, David R. Cole, Jack Pashin, Richard E. Carroll

Future Exploration Plays of the Gulf of Mexico Province
by Jon Frederic Blickwede

Autocyclic Processes and Resultant Stratigraphy of Deepwater Fan Experiments
by Roger B. Bloch, David C.J.D Hoyal, Benjamin A. Sheets, Christopher M. Edwards, Vitor Abreu

Fluvial Sediment Supply to the Shelf and Deepwater in a Cool Lowstand World: Modeling Results for the Late Quaternary Gulf of Mexico
by Mike Blum, Jill Hattier-Womack

Fracture Orientation from P Wave Seismic Data Using Volumetric Curvature, Silo Field, Wyoming
by Charles H. Blumentritt, Kurtt J. Marfurt, Michael Murphy

Fault Propagation Folding on the Central Basin Platform, West Texas
by Charles H. Blumentritt, Kurt J. Marfurt, Michael Murphy

Current Technology for Production of Shale Oil
by Jeremy Boak

Cyclic Stratigraphy and Conodont Biostratigraphy of the Barnett Shale from the Type Locality of the Chappel Limestone and near-Surface Cores from the Llano Uplift
by D. R. Boardman, J. Puckette, B. Coffey, E. Gerding, P. Kamman, N. Aryal, M. Singh, A. Rihn

Oil & Gas Saturation of Upper Cretaceous Sediments in Southern Part of Orinoco Heavy Oil Belt (OHOB)
by Vitaly  A. Bochkarev, Euridice J. Solorzano Sanchez, Alexander I. Grigorev, Raul Gataulin

Towards an Unified Mudstone Model: Common Attributes and Controls on Hydrocarbon Source, Reservoir, and Seal Potential
by Kevin M. Bohacs

Hugoton Geomodel: a Hybrid Stochastic-Deterministic Approach
by Geoffrey C. Bohling, Martin K. Dubois, Alan P. Byrnes

Detrital Mica Influence on Reservoir-Scale Diagenesis
by James R. Boles

Using Simple Validation Techniques to Minimise Uncertainty When Assessing Multiple Structural Interpretations
by Clare E. Bond, Alan Gibbs, Zoe K. Shipton, Serena Jones

Fault Patterns and Connectivity along Extensional Oblique and Lateral Ramps: Insights from Experimental Models
by Shamik Bose, Shankar Mitra

Application of Fault Plane Attribute Mapping in the Gambier Embayment of the Onshore Otway Basin, South Australia
by Peter J. Boult, Sandy Menpes, Gordon Wakelin-king

Impact of Local Accommodation on the Architecture and Stacking Patterns of Three Capistrano Formation Slope Channel Outcrops: San Clemente, Dana Point Harbor and Point Fermin, California
by Renaud Bouroullec, David, R. Pyles, Daniel, E. Schwartz, David, C. Jennette, Florence Bonnaffe

Stratigraphy of an Interbasinal Deep-Water Conduit: Lessons Learned from the Grand Coyer Sub-Basin, Eocene-Oligocene Gres d'Annot Sandstone, SE France
by Renaud Bouroullec, Mark Tomasso, David, R. Pyles, Keumsuk Lee

Stratigraphic Architecture and Evolution of a Meandering Slope Channel Complex, Capistrano Formation, San Clemente, California
by Renaud Bouroullec, David, R. Pyles, David, C. Jennette, Mark Tomasso

Dynamics of Downslope Sand Transport Sourced from Estuarine Density Flows
by Ron Boyd, Kevin Ruming

The Ichnological Signal of Paleozoic Black Shales: A Tool for Delineating The Dysaerobic Zone
by Diana L. Boyer, Mary L. Droser

Visualization and Volume Interpretation Change the Game. Now How Do We Change the Team
by Kevin J. Bradford, Peter U. Diebold

Organic Geochemistry in the Genetic Age
by Alexander S. Bradley, Roger Summons

Fault Control On The Architecture Of Deepwater Channel-levee Systems In The Limon Back-arc Basin, Costa Rica
by Christian Brandes, Stefan Back, Ralf Littke, Jutta Winsemann

Sedimentology on Mars as Seen by HiRISE
by Nathan Bridges, HiRISE Team

Organo-Clay Mineral Interactions: From Preservation to Oil Generation
by Thomas F. Bristow, Martin J. Kennedy, Arkadiusz Derkowski

Modelling a Mid-Slope Channel Complex from Outcrop Data: Example from Skeiding, the Laingsburg Karoo, South Africa
by Rufus L. Brunt, Jamie K. Pringle, David M. Hodgson, Christopher J. Haigh, Stephen S. Flint

Self-Organization in Carbonate Diagenesis
by David A. Budd, Anthony J. Park

Subsidence History and Its Impacts to Hydrocarbon Potential of The Song Hong Basin, Vietnam
by Huyen Bui, Jack Dvorkin, Amos Nur

Faults, Critical Taper, and the Mechanics of Foreland Basement-cored Uplifts
by Alexander P. Bump

Production Planning for US Tar Sands
by James W. Bunger, Anton R. Dammer

Reconstructing Orogenesis Using Single-Crystal Dating
by Doug Burbank

Cyclicity in Carbonates: Simple Models Versus The World
by Peter M. Burgess

Seismic Record of Drift Deposits, Offshore Western Madagascar: Implications for Regional Tectonics and Sedimentation
by Benjamin C. Burke, Jeffrey U. Kraus

Shelf Sandstones or Wave-dominated Deltas: A Comparison of the Nuiqsut and Nechelik Formations, North Slope Alaska
by Beverly A. Burns, James MacEachern, David B. Bannan, Douglas G. Knock, Robert J. Kunemund, Justine Boccanera, Wayne J. Campaign

Comparisons and Contrasts between Boundary Transform Fault Basins and Trench-Linked Transform Fault Basins
by Cathy J. Busby

Importance of Fabric on Production Rates of Gas Shales: Experimental and Numerical Analyses
by Amanda M.M. Bustin, Xiaojun Cui, Venkat Murthy, R. Marc Bustin

Substrate-Debrite-Turbidite Relationships: A Mechanical Boundary Layer Approach to Understand Emplacement Processes and Facies
by Robert W.H. Butler, Joris Eggenhuisen, Adriana Del Pino Sanchez, William McCaffrey

Interactions Between Strike-Slip And Thrust Tectonics: Controls on Sand Distributions Through Miocene Basin Arrays, Southern Italy
by Robert W.H. Butler, Stefano Mazzoli

Structural Styles In A Deformed Turbidite Basin - Champsaur SE France
by Robert W.H. Butler, Henry Lickorish, William D. McCaffrey, Jake Lockley, Jamie Vinnels

Modeling Variable-Saturation Multi-Relative Permeability Layered Systems in Transition-Zone Environments
by Alan Byrnes, Saibal Bhattacharya

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Comparison of Probabilistic and Forward Modeling Workflow Approaches for Integrating 4D Seismic Into Reservoir Models: Application to a North Sea Reservoir
by Jef Caers, Scarlet S. Castro, Hilde C. Meisingset, Trond Hoye, Perrine Gomel, Eli Zachariassen

Relationships in Heterogeneity, Measured Mechanical / Petrophysical Properties, and Visual ( core and log ) Interpretations to Assess Tight Gas Shale Reservoirs
by Michael S. Cameron, S. Robert Bereskin, George A. Waters

Improved Fractured Reservoir Models Using Borehole Images and Cores from Horizontal Wells: Monterey Formation, Elk Hills Field, California
by Tania C. Campbell, Michael R. Gross, Jon R. Schwalbach

Analogs for Deep-Water Reservoirs - Confined-Channel Complexes in Mesozoic and Cenozoic Strata, California
by Kirt M. Campion, Anthony Sprague, Morgan D. Sullivan

Regional Petroleum Systems Evaluation and New Play Identification in an Uplifted Paleozoic Basin: Arkoma Basin, Oklahoma, USA
by Harris Cander, Thomas L. Patton

Seismic Modelling of Basin Margin Clinoforms: Norwegian North Sea and Other Examples
by Kathryn L. Canner, Emma Finch, Steve M. Corfield, Rob L. Gawthorpe, Steen Petersen

Self Channelized Subaqueous Fans Emplaced by Turbidity Currents and Dilute Mudflows
by Alessandro Cantelli, Carlos Pirmez, Gary Parker

Mississippian Chert Reservoirs in Kansas, 2: Silicon Isotope Geochemistry and Mechanism of Silicification
by Hongsheng Cao, S. J. Mazzullo

Reservoir Characterisation of a Seven Billion Barrel Bitumen Field in West-Central Alberta, Canada: Planning for a Sticky Canadian Heat Wave!
by Mark Caplan, Duncan Mackay, Bob Lamond

3D-Modelling of Coastal Plain Deposits from the Blackhawk Formation, Eastern Utah
by Christian Goran Carlsson, Tor Sømme, Havard Enge, Simon John Buckley, John Anthony Howell

Paleogeomorphic Record of the Green River Formation: A New Perspective on an Old Problem
by Alan R. Carroll

Highstand Sandy Deepwater Fans: Incorporating Sediment Supply, Sea Level and Basin Architecture into The Prediction of Sand Bypass to The Basin Floor
by Cristian R. Carvajal, Ron Steel

Worldwide Distribution of Major Carbon Dioxide Deposits, Geologic Setting and Gas Isotopic Evidence of Mantle Sources in Areas of Crustal Extension and Transtension
by Martin M. Cassidy, Kevin Burke

Bravo Dome CO2 Gas Field, New Mexico, USA and Associated Noble Gases: Type Example of Accumulation of Carbon Dioxide and Window to The Mantle
by Martin M. Cassidy, Chris J. Ballentine, Barbara Sherwood Lollar, James Lawrence

Petrophysical Characterization of the Upper Jurassic Kimmeridgian of the Zaap Field in the Campeche Bay
Francisco Castellanos, Victor Hugo Moreno, Bolivar Villacres

Regional Tectonic Controls on Reservoir and Seal Quality of Mio-Pliocene Fluvial-Channel Sandstones, Bohai Basin, Eastern China
by Hugo A. Castellanos, Paul Mann

Pathways, Rates, and Mechanisms of Fluid Flow at the Bay Marchand Field, Offshore Louisiana
by Jennifer L. Castle, Jeffrey S. Hanor, Jeffrey A. Nunn

Seismic Geomorphology and Evolution of a Submarine Channel System: Western Nile Delta Slope, Egypt
by Vicky Catterall, Jonathan Redfern, Dorthe Moeller Hansen, Rob Gawthorpe

Field-based 3D Modelling of a Growth Syncline : The Annot Syncline, SE France
Adrien Cazaux, Mary Ford, Lise Salles, Christian Le Carlier de Veslud, Antoine Le Solleuz

Late Paleozoic Ice Volume Controls on the Paleoclimate and Stratigraphic Record of Southern Euramerica
by C. Blaine Cecil, Frank T. Dulong, Isabel Montanez

Out of Sequence Thrusting along the Frontal Ouachitas-Arkoma Basin Transition Zone, Southeastern Oklahoma
by Ibrahim Cemen, Surinder Sahai, Wiiliam Parker, Wahab Sadeqi, Marline Collins, Steve Hadaway, Osman Kaldirim

Morphologic Architecture of a Coarse-Grained Turbidite: An Outcrop Study of the Scotland Formation, Barbados, West Indies
by Nysha A. N. Chaderton, Lesli Wood

Recognition of Biotically Induced Precipitates and a Proposed Geochemical Biosignature
by Henry S. Chafetz

Geological Controls on Gas Capacity of Shales: Example from the Lower Cretaceous Buckinghorse Formation, Northeastern British Columbia, Canada
by Gareth R.L. Chalmers, R. Marc Bustin

Trends in Visualisation
by Howard Chan, Cliff Lovelock

Modeling of Iron Oxide Concretion Formation: Complexities and Sensitivities of Fluid Interactions on Earth and Mars
Marjorie A. Chan, Jens Ormö, Anthony Park, Michael Stich, Virginia Souza-Egipsy, Goro Komatsu

Inverse Modelling of Stratigraphy: A Tool to Predict Facies Distribution and Assess Uncertainties for Reservoir Characterisation
by Karl Charvin, Kerry  L. Gallagher, Gary J. Hampson, Jo Ann Hegre, Richard Labourdette

Evolution of Deep Water Confined Channels, Offshore Angola: Results from Integrated Cores, Logs, and Seismic Interpretation
by Jiajie Chen, Chris Tuttle

The Future Oil Discovery Potential of the Mackenzie/Beaufort Province
by Zhuoheng Chen, Kirk Osadetz, James Dixon, Giles Morrell, J.R. Dietrich

One Direct Indicator for Reservoir in Fractured Carbonate
by Guangjun Chen, Mohamed Redal, Jianguo Zhu, Wei Meng

Naphthenic Acid Distribution in Crude Oils: Effects of Biodegradation
by ZhengZheng Chen, J. Michael Moldowan

Covenant Oil Field, Central Utah Thrust Belt: Possible Harbinger of Future Discoveries
by Thomas C. Chidsey, Michael D. Laine, John P. Vrona, Douglas K. Strickland

N2 Injection into Coal beds and Its Effects on Coal Permeability and Enhanced CH4 Production: Insights from Laboratory Analyses
by Laxmi Chikatamarla, R. M. Bustin

Exploration Success Using Previous Failures: An Example of the Value of 20+ Years of Perseverance, Block 0, Cabinda, Offshore Angola
by Pete J. Chimney

The Modern Continental Slope Morphologies And Kinematics in The Ulleung Basin, Offshore Korea
by Byeonggoo Choi, Suyoung Choi, Hun Jeong, Ilsoo Kim, Yongsu Lim, Donghyun Lim, Seoungcheol Lee

Thin-Bed Reflectivity Inversion and Seismic Interpretation
by Satinder Chopra, John P. Castagna

Volumetric Curvature-Attribute Applications for Detection of Fracture Lineaments and Their Calibration
by Satinder Chopra, Kurt J. Marfurt

Salt Geology and New Plays in Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico
by Abu N. Chowdhury, Laura Borton

Rock Physics Analysis from Well Log Data of Carbonates
Suryyendu Choudhury, Manika Prasad, R.D Chourasiya

Effective Economic Modeling and Portfolio Selection of Unconventional Resource Plays via Statistical Type Wells
by Gary Citron, Jim Gouveia, Mark McLane

Stratigraphic and Spatial Changes in Channel Morphology Related to Deepwater Processes in Confined and Ponded Slope Mini-Basins, Angola
by Julian D. Clark, Tim R. McHargue

Three things we thought we understood about shale gas, but were afraid to ask?
by Robert M. Cluff, Keith W. Shanley, Michael A. Miller

Structural Consequences of Seepage Forces in Overpressured Thin-skinned Thrust Belts
by Peter R. Cobbold, Benjamin J. Clarke, Helge Loseth

Comparing Mesozoic and Cenozoic Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Systems From A Single Basin During Greenhouse and Icehouse Times; What Role Does Climate Play?
by Brian P. Coffey, Richard Sunde, J. Fred Read

Digital Geomorphic Mapping of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore: An Extensive Dimensional Dataset From A World-Class Barrier Island Complex
by Brian P. Coffey, Charles W. Hoffman

Detailed Modeling of Channelized Deposits Using a Process-Based Stochastic Approach
Isabelle Cojan, Jacques Rivoirard, François Geffroy

Fluvial Sand-Body Dimensions and Architecture, Neslen and Lower Farrer Formations (Campanian), Lower Sego Canyon, Utah
by Rex D. Cole

Applying Human Factors & Design Principles to Geoscience Visualization
by Mary Cole, Ann Worrel

Virtual Reality and Field Integrity Management
by Andre Colin, Horst R. Von Berg

Congo Canyon Evolution: Subsurface and Geohazard Analysis
by Ricardo I. Combellas Bigott, Michael Angel, Neil Delfino, Dan Orange, Kent Rinehart, Nigel Tootill

The Role of Nuclear Power in Achieving a Sustainable Energy Distribution by 2040
by James Conca

Distinguishing Static and Dynamic Faults: Application for Gulf of Mexico Deep Gas Play
by David Connolly, Bill Fraser, Fred Aminzadeh

Forward and Inverse Modeling of Fault-Bend Folding
by Christopher D. Connors, Simon Levy, Amanda Hughes

Geomorphologic Delineation of Deepwater Hydrocarbon Reservoirs with Pre-Stack Seismic Inversion
by Arturo J. Contreras, Torres-Verdin Carlos, William L. Fisher, William E. Galloway

Structure, Stratigraphy, and Gas Potential of the Northwestern Eocene Maracaibo Foreland Basin, Western Venezuela
by David R. Contreras, Paul Mann, Alejandro Escalona, Miguel Nunez

The Origin of the ""Silverpit Crater"" - the Case for Salt Withdrawal
by Zana K. Conway, John R. Underhill

The Irvine Ranch National Natural Landmark, Orange County, CA: A Geologic Record that Preserves The Major Tectono-Stratigraphic Events of The Greater Los Angeles Basin Region And A Natural Laboratory for Neotectonic Research
by John D. Cooper

Tidal Rhythmites and Their Implications in Surmising Earth-Moon Dynamics
by Christopher Lynn Coughenour

Geochemical Data Provide Insights into Oil Migration History of Elk Hills Field, California
by Robert L. Countryman, Judy Russell, Stephen A. Reid, John Zumberge

Neoichnologic Experiments with Modern Scarabaeid Beetle Larvae: Implications for Backfilled Trace Fossils in Permian Continental Deposits, Hugoton Gas Field, Western Kansas
by John W. Counts, Stephen T. Hasiotis

Integrating Geology and Velocity Data to Constrain Pressure Prediction in Foldbelts
by Brent A. Couzens-Schultz, Chris A. Hedlund

Highstand Fans And The Myth Of Accommodation Space: The Sand Is Just in Somebody Else's Deep-water Backyard in The California Borderland
by Jacob A. Covault, William R. Normark, Stephan A. Graham

Textural Trends in a Conglomeratic Slurry Flow Deposit, Cretaceous Cerro Toro Formation, Chile: Implications for Debris Flow Transformation
by William H. Crane

Petrophysical Characteristics and Facies Distribution of Reservoir and Non-reservoir Rocks from the Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma
by Constantin Cranganu, Maria A. Villa

Fold Geometry Model of Coyote Hills Segment of Puente Hills Blind-Thrust System Applied to Interpretation of Long-Term Water Level Data
by Greg T. Cranham, Christopher G.A. Ross, Steven P. Netto

2006-2009; A Review of Global Elephant Hunting
by Ian Cross

Virtual Reality, Supercomputers, and Your Data or How to Use Technology to Understand the World Around Us
by Carolina Cruz-Neira

Eocene Oil-Prone Source Rock Potential of Central Indonesia
Joseph Curiale, John Decker

Realities of Future North American Natural Gas Supply –The Role of Unconventional Resources, Anticipated Demand and Price Projections
by John B. Curtis

High-End Visualization in Geoscience and Training
by Marek K. Czernuszenko

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Characterizing Subtle Deltaic Influences in the Shallow Marine (Lower Cretaceous) Viking Formation at Hamilton Lake, Alberta, Canada
by Lynn T. Dafoe, S. George Pemberton, James MacEachern

Geomorphology and Stratigraphic Evolution of the Han River Delta
by Robert W. Dalrymple, Kyungsik Choi, JaeHwa Jin, Donald I. Cummings

Exploration in Mature basin in Sumatra Island, Indonesia: A Historical Review to Challenge New Idea
by Avicenia Darwis, Sunjaya Saputra, Drianto Sudarmawan

Understanding the Evolution of Clastic Sediments from the Deep-Marine Ainsa-Jaca Basin, Spanish Pyrenees: A Petrographic Approach
by Kanchan Das Gupta, Kevin T. Pickering

3D Geological Modelling of Algerian Glacial Ordovician Reservoirs
by Lena Dauphin, Guy Desaubliaux, Angelique Martin, Laurent Escare, Eric Portier

Stress and Fault Rock Controls on Fault Zone Hydrology, Coso Geothermal Field, CA
by Nicholas Davatzes, Stephen Hickman

Connectivity from Pre-Production Data in a Deep Marine Turbidite Reservoir, Offshore Angola
by Glenn W. Davies, Tony Barwise, Mike D. Tothill

Breaking the Rules: Seismic Reflection Data Applied to the Interpretation of Diagenetic Reaction Fronts at Kilometer to Basin Scale
by R. J. Davies, J. A. Cartwright, D. Meadows

Geochemical Controls on Petrophysical Responses and Properties
by Sarah Davies, Tim Brewer, Joe Macquaker, Mike Lovell

Constraining Source Rock Quality Through Integrating Sedimentology, Geochemistry And Palynology: A Case Study from the UK Pennsylvanian
by S. J. Davies, T.S. Brewer, R.H. Davies, M. Norry, K. Hawkins

Turbidite-Debrite Couplets in Deep Sea Fan Systems – Evidence for Flow Partitioning and Transformation from Subsurface and Outcrop Examples
by Christopher E. Davis, Peter Haughton, William McCaffrey

Integrated Trap and Seal Evaluation of Complex Reservoir Systems
by J. Steven Davis, Francesco V. Corona, Peter J. Vrolijk, Bill R. James

Identification & Characterization of Faults & Folds Using Borehole Electrical Images
by Robert J. Davis

Degradation of the Isoprenoid 2,6,10,14-Tetramethylpentadecane by a Denitrifying Microcosm
by Katherine S. Dawson, Jennifer Macalady

Depletion-induced Stress Orientation Changes in Bounded Reservoirs
by Amy D. F. Day-Lewis, Mark D. Zoback

Reorientation Mechanisms of Phyllosilicate Minerals in Mudstones: Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, and Podhale Basin
by Ruarri J. Day-Stirrat, Andrew C. Aplin, Ben E. Van der Pluijm, Jan Srodon

Effect of Watermass Properties on the Distribution of Recent Deep-sea Benthic Foraminifera Across the Indian Ocean
by Soma De, Anil Kumar Gupta

The Role of Saturation in Controlling CaCO3 Mineralogy, Crystal Morphology, and Carbonate Fabrics: New Insights Into an Unsolved Enigma
by Vionette De Choudens, Luis Gonzalez, Jennifer Roberts

Do Microbial Processes Control CaCO3 Crystal Morphology?
by Vionette De Choudens, Jennifer Roberts, Luis A. Gonzalez

Fault-Induced Bends on Schiehallion's North Channel
by Debora De Miranda

Alternative Energy from Alternative Energy: Using Landfill Gas to Help Produce Ethanol
by Dan DeBoer

Historical Natural Gas Prospecting
by Paul L. Decker, Steve Davies

The Application of Capillary Based Migration Modelling to Fault Moderated Fill and Spill
by Stephen J. Dee, Brett Freeman, Dan Carruthers, Graham Yielding, Peter Bretan

Integrating Fault Seal Techniques – Explaining The Duality in Fault Behaviour
by Stephen J. Dee, Graham Yielding, Herald Ligtenberg, Steven Losh, Amanda Pouwel, Brett Freeman, Peter Bretan

Elastic Models of Deformation in Nature: Why Shouldn't We Use The Present Day Fault Geometry?
by Stephen J. Dee, Brett Freeman, Graham Yielding, Peter Bretan

New Aspects Concerning Hydrodynamics of Turbidity Currents Based on Physical Experiments
by Antonio Cosme Del Rey, Rafael Manica, Rogerio Maestri, Ana Luiza de Oliveira Borges, Adriano Roessler Viana

Study of Sediment Waves Formation and Morphology in Turbidite Systems from Physical Modelling Perspective
by Antonio Cosme Del Rey, Rafael Manica, Rogerio Dornelles Maestri, Ana Luiza de Oliveira Borges, Adriano R. Viana

Non-Actualistic Carbonate Deposystems: Revising the Carbonate Factory-Depth Paradigm
by Giovanna Della Porta, Jeroen A.M. Kenter, Paul M. Harris

Rock Property Data Volumes from Well Logs
by Leslie Richard Denham, H. Roice Nelson

Central Tunisia and Related Petroleum Systems
by Fayrouz Derbel Damak

Tectonic Influence on Oil and Gaz Field Distribution in the Sahel Region ( Sfax Basin, Tunisia) and Related Petroleum Systems
by Fayrouz Derbel Damak, Ayedi Ben Gacha

Nanocomposites as Models of Mineral Surface - Organic Matter Relationships and Their Application to Organic Carbon Preservation
by Arkadiusz Derkowski, Martin Kennedy, Thomas F. Bristow

Sedimentary Facies and Architecture of a Subtidal Sandbar Complex, Lower Cambrian Gog Group, Southern Rocky Mountains, Canada
by Patricio R. Desjardins, Luis A. Buatois, Brian R. Pratt, M. Gabriela Mangano

Integrated Ichnology, Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Along-Strike Changes in Parasequences of the Lower Cretaceous Boreal Seaway, Central Alberta, Canada
by Aaron J. DesRoches, Cameron R. Thompson, James A. MacEachern

Evaluating Water-Flooding Incremental Oil Recovery Using Experimental Design, Middle Miocene to Paleocene Reservoirs, Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico
Richard Dessenberger, Kenneth McMillen, Joseph Lach

High-Resolution, Three-Dimensional Outcrop Modeling of a Fluvial-Dominated Deltaic Reservoir Analogue
by Peter E. K. Deveugle, Matthew D. Jackson, Gary J. Hampson, Craig S. Calvert

3D Petroleum Systems Modeling in Fold and Trhust Belts - A Case Study from Bolivia
by Matais Di Benedetto, Emilio Rocha, Simone Sciamanna, Friedemann Baur, Carolyn Lampe

Architectural Hierarchy of Two Juxtaposed Slope Channel Complex Sets in the Laingsburg Depocenter, Karoo Basin, South Africa
by Claudio Di Celma, Dave Hodgson, Rufus L. Brunt, John. P. Kavanagh, Chris J. Haigh, Jamie K. Pringle, Stephen Flint

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Angostura Formation (Ecuador) and Caleta Herradura Formation (Northern Chile): Evidence for Middle to Late Miocene Orbitally Paced Eustatic Sea-Level Changes
by Claudio Di Celma, Gino Cantalamessa, Luca Ragaini, Gigliola Valleri, Walter Landini

Effects of Glacial Loading and Unloading on the Petroleum Systems of the South-Western Barents Sea as Revealed by Basin Modelling
by Rolando Di Primio, Andrew Cavanagh, Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth, Brian Horsfield

Contrasting Controls on Deep-Water Sediment Delivery on the Periphery of the South China Sea
by William G. Dickson, James W. Granath, Mark E. Odegard, Janice M. Christ

Doing The Geochemical "Cotton Eye Joe" In West Africa (Niger Delta To Angola): Identifying The Source Of Radarsat Slicks With Piston Cores, Oil Samples, Potential Fields And Near-surface Seismic
by William G. Dickson, Craig F. Schiefelbein, Alan K. Williams, Mark E. Odegard, James M. Brooks

The Depositional Web on the Fly River Floodplain, Papua New Guinea
by William E. Dietrich, Geoff Day, Joel C. Rowland

Microbial Community Structures Correlated with Geochemistry: a DNA-based Exploration Technology
by Dago Dimster-Denk, Matthew Ashby, Emmanuel Mongodin, Karen Nelson, Thomas Lorenson

Regional Late Paleozoic Tectono-Stratigraphic Settings and Perspectives for Discoveries at the Pricaspian Basin's North-Western Margin, Russia
by John Dolson, Yuri Nikitin, Sergei Ostapenko

Slope Terrains: A Critical Factor in Explaining and Predicting the Distribution and Type of Slope Reservoirs
by Art Donovan

What Is the Shelf Break?
by Art Donovan

On the Connectivity of Point Bars
by Marinus Eric Donselaar, Irina Overeem

Applications of Automatic Fault Extraction (AFE) in a Variety of Geologic Environments: Results, Limitations, and Suggested Improvements
by Geoffrey A. Dorn, Huw E. James, Laura Evins, Jonathan Marbach, Francis A. Coady

What Do Geologists Need to Know about Metadata?
by Don Downey

An Overview of the Petroliferous Basins of the Siberian Arctic
by Sergey S. Drachev

Assessment of Geologic CO2 Sequestration at a Proposed FutureGen Site in Kentucky
by James A. Drahovzal, David C. Harris, Stephen F. Greb, Brandon C. Nuttall

Geocellular Model Construction for Enhanced Recovery of the Southern Oregon Basin Oilfield in Wyoming, USA
by Taizhong Duan

Can Dissolved Material Replace Cohesive Sediment in Turbidity Current Physical Modelling? Experimental Inferences Based on Cohesive, Non-Cohesive and Mixed Low-Density Flows
by Richard Eduard Ducker, Rafael Manica, Ana Luiza de Oliveira Borges, Rogerio Dornelles Maestri

Are Our Earth and Dynamic Models Heterogeneous?
by Dennis W. Dull, G. Michael Shook, Akmaral Zhumagulova, Bakhit Tulegenova

Cyclic Sedimentation From the Cenomanian/Turonian of NE Mexico: Its Relationship to Milankovitch and Solar Cycles
by Fabian Duque-Botero, Florentin J.M-R. Maurrasse, Mihaela Carmen Melinte

Reservoir Quality and Pore-Type Evolution in Deep to Ultradeep Tertiary Sandstones of the Northern Texas Gulf of Mexico Coast
by Shirley P. Dutton, Robert G. Loucks

3-D Reservoir Characterization of a Point-Sourced Deepwater Carbonate Reservoir Analog, Upper Miocene, Agua Amarga Basin, SE Spain
by Rachel Dvoretsky, Evan Franseen, Robert Goldstein, Alan Byrnes

Seismic Reflections of Rock Properties
by Jack Petrovich Dvorkin

Styles of Channel Body from Outcrop as an Indicator of Connectivity in Deep Marine Channel Systems
by Mason Dykstra, Benjamin Kneller, Philip Thompson, Ian Kane

Syndepositional Faults in Mass-Transport Deposits: Seals or Conduits to Fluid Flow?
by Mason Dykstra, Benjamin Kneller, Katerina Garyfalou

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Current Control on Deep-Water Coral Mounds: Questioning an Emerging Paradigm
by Gregor P. Eberli, Mark Grasmueck, Miriam S. Andres, Thiago Correa

Extending Eaton Exponents: beyond P-Wave Velocities
by Daniel Andrew Ebrom, Martin L. Albertin, Philip Heppard

Outcrops of Martian Sedimentary Rocks and Polar Strata as Viewed from Orbit at Aerial Photograph Scales
by Kenneth S. Edgett

On the Nature of Delta Distributary Channel Fill
by Douglas Edmonds, Benjamin Sheets, David Hoyal, Roger Bloch

Geomorphological Development of a Deepwater Fan: Three-Dimensional Insights from Ultra-High Resolution Seismic Data, East Breaks Basin IV (Upper Fan), Offshore Texas, Gulf of Mexico
by Chris Edwards, David Hoyal, Benjamin Sheets, Paul Dunn

The Latemar—A Matter Of Competence
by Sven O. Egenhoff, Arndt Peterhaensel

Base-of-Flow Processes During Turbidity Currents, Observations from The Late Oligocene Sand-Rich Macigno Formation in Italy
by Joris Eggenhuisen, William McCaffrey, Rob Butler, Peter Haughton

Recognising Remobilised Deepwater Reservoir Sands: An Example from The Britannia Sandstone Formation, UK North Sea Sector
by Joris Eggenhuisen, William McCaffrey, Peter Haughton, William Hakes, Rob Butler

Basal Pressure in Turbidity Currents: Experimental Data on Causes for Substrate Deformation
by Joris Eggenhuisen, William McCaffrey

An Integrated Approach for Delineating Structural Trends Using Regional Gravity Enhancements and Borehole Imaging in the Michigan Basin
by Vsevolod Egorov, Pedram Zarian

Uranium Decrease across the Permian/Triassic Boundary in the Khuff Formation, Offshore Persian Gulf: Evidence of Biotic Devastation in a Shallow-water Carbonate Platform
by S. N. Ehrenberg, T. A. Svana, Peter K. Swart

Whole Core versus Plugs: Scale Dependence of Porosity-Permeability Measurements in Platform Carbonates
by S. N. Ehrenberg

A Megascale View of Reservoir Quality in Producing Sandstones from the Offshore Gulf of Mexico
by S. N. Ehrenberg, Paul H. Nadeau, Øyvind Steen

From Wildcatters to Wall Street: The Role of Independents and Small Operators in Today's Oil Patch
by Monika Ehrman

Compaction Localization—Rule or Exception During Sandstone Burial?
by Peter Eichhubl

Reevaluation of the Majunga and Morondava Basins, Madagascar
by Gloria Eisenstadt, Dave Bushnell, Barry Rodgers, Jackie Reed, Alfred Berroteran

First Gas after 40 Years – The Geophysical Challenges of the Saturn Gas Complex (Best of EAGE)
by S.D. Elam

Kinetic Isotope Fractionation Modeling in Natural Gas Systems: A Novel Tool for the Quantitative Assessment of Gas Generation and Gas Typing
by Geoffrey S. Ellis, Yongchun Tang, Ronald J. Hill

Hydrocarbon Potential of the Aruba and Western Curacao Basins, Offshore Venezuela
by Hamed Zeidan El-Mowafy, Paul Mann, Alejandro Escalona

Emerging Jurassic Source Rock Play in the Deepwater off Newfoundland and Labrador, East Coast of Canada
by Michael E. Enachescu, John R. Hogg

Outcrop Reservoir Modelling of Shallow Marine Deltaic Systems from the Ferron FM, USA and the Roda Sandstone, Spain
by Havard D. Enge, Beate L. S. Leren, Simon Buckley, John Howell, Asmund Vassel, Allard W. Martinius

Jointing Within the Outer Arc of a Forebulge: A Mechanism for Additional Reservoir Complexity at the Subseismic Scale
by Terry Engelder, Gary Lash

Basin Stratigraphic Response to Variable Fault Geometry and Tectonic Kinematics: An Investigation of Extensional Basin Development
by Todd M. Engelder, Mark Person, John Swenson, Brad Ritts

Future Discovery Potential in the Kutei basin (Indonesia)
by Jack English, J. Ceron, D. Weaver, Arthur H. Saller, J. Curicle

Nonconventional Oil from Shales - Potential Recovery Methods and Economics of Recovery from Oil from Rich, Mature Source Rocks
by Jeffrey Eppink, Robert Ferguson, Vello Kuuskraa, Keith Moodhe

Linking Tectonic and Sedimentary Events in the Northern Caribbean and Southern Gulf of Mexico
by Alejandro Escalona, Sylvia Nordfjord, Paul Mann, William Galloway

Kinematic Model Linking Basin Subsidence and Fault Evolution Along the Obliquely Convergent South America-Caribbean Plate Boundary Zone
by Alejandro Escalona, Paul Mann, Luc Lavier

Piston Cores vs Seapage Samples, Are They Representative in Deep Water Basin Analysis?
by Maria de Jesus Escandon, Mario Limon, Rebeca Navarro

Procedures for Lithology Characterization and Probabilistic Upscaling (Curve ""Blocking"") Using Petrophysical and Core Data
by Eric Eslinger

Generation of a Volume of Reservoir Geological Properties from 3D Seismic and Well Data
by Andres G. Espeso, Ann Marie Mezones, Asdrubal Bernal

Citronelle Dome: A Giant Opportunity for Multi-Zone Carbon Storage and Enhanced Oil Recovery in the Mississippi Interior Salt Basin of Alabama
by Richard Esposito, Jack Pashin

Early vs. Late Carbonate Reservoir Porosity: a Paradigm Shift
by Mateu Esteban, C. Taberner

The 2007 SPE/AAPG/WPC/SPEE Reserves and Resources Classification, Definitions and Guidelines. Defining the Standard!
by John R. Etherington, Ronald Harrell

Soft-Sediment Deformation Structures: Upper Cretaceous Lance Formation, Jonah Field, Wyoming
by Frank G. Ethridge, Faisal A. Alquhtani

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Concepts of Chalk Burial Diagenesis: Porosity Preservation and Pore-filling Cementation
by Ida Lykke Fabricius

Chalk Reservoir Properties Controlled by Composition, Age, Temperature, Burial Stress and Pore Pressure – Relationship to Rock Physical Properties
by Ida Lykke Fabricius, Morten Leth Hjuler

3d Modelling of (Upper Triassic) Continental Mixed Fluvial Systems Integrating "Lidar" Digital Outcrop Images with High-Resolution Sedimentology: High Atlas , Morocco
by Ivan Fabuel-Perez, Jonathan Redfern, David Hodgetts

Controls on Fluvial Incision of Continental Shelves
by Sergio Fagherazzi, Alan Howard, W. Niedorodac, Patricia Wiberg

The Influence of Changing Flood Hydrographs on Fluvial Sandstone Composition and Grain Size Distribution
by Brooke Fambrough, Rudy Slingerland, William A. Heins

Devonian Aged Shale Gas Potential of the Southern Tier of New York
by Basim Faraj, James Duggan

Structural and Sedimentological Evolution of the Ultra-Deep Gas Play Fairway – Gulf of Mexico Shelf, Texas and Louisiana
by Cathy L. Farmer, Debra H. Phillips, R. H. Benthien, D.  V. Dailey, B.  W. Horn, D. G. Derbecker

A Genetic Framework for Hydrocarbon Occurrence in the Arctic
by Robert J. Ferderer, Michael A. Sullivan, Steve Creaney

Status and Future of Biofuels
by Bruce W. Ferguson

Evaluation of Structural Uncertainty as a Tool to Minimize Risk in Exploration, Ramos Field, Andean Foothills, Argentina
by Oscar Fernandez, Martin Iribarne, Emilia Muzzio, Alfredo Disalvo, Clare Bond, Gustavo Vergani

The Nechako Basin: New Insights into a Cordilleran Intermontane Basin
by Filippo Ferri, Janet Riddell, Lavern Stasiuk, Arthur Sweet, Paul O'Sullivan

Conjugate Normal Faults and their Role Within Fault Blocks and Fault Damage Zones
by David A. Ferrill, Alan P. Morris, Judith McIntyre, Iain Sinclair

Dynamic Characterization of Fracture Geometry through Bayesian Inversion of Production History
Emmanuel Fetel, Sarah Vitel, Laetitia Mace

Stratigraphic Signatures of Icehouse Climate Regimes: The Permian Record of Eastern Australia
by Christopher R. Fielding, Jonathan Allen, Michael C. Rygel, Lauren P. Birgenheier, Tracy Frank

Slurry-Flow Deposits of the Punta Barrosa Formation, Southernmost Andes, Chile
by Andrea Fildani

Late Pleistocene Shelf-Edge Deltas and Growth Faulting in the Northeast Gulf of Mexico: The Early Development of Shelf Margin Reservoir Systems
by Richard H. Fillon, Harry H. Roberts

Coupled 3D Landscape and Sedimentary Numerical Modelling of Along-Strike Variability in Hangingwall Stratigraphy Caused by Fault Displacement and Sea-Level Cycles
by Emma Finch and Rob Gawthorpe

The Upper Pennsylvanian Indian Cave Sandstone: Lithostratigraphy, Architecture and Sequence Stratigraphy of Potential Reservoirs in the High Midcontinent Shelf Platform, USA
by Steven A. Fischbein, Christopher R. Fielding, and R. Matthew Joeckel

Fracture and Fault Prediction in Basement-Involved Fault-Related Folds: Comparisons Between Physical Models and Trishear Calculations
by Mark P. Fischer, David Keating, Nestor Cardozo, and Christina Majerowicz

Low Energy Alluvial Deposits from the Upper Cretaceous Prince Creek Formation, National Petroleum Reserve, North Slope, Alaska
by Peter P. Flaig, Paul J. McCarthy, Erik Brandlen, and Anthony R. Fiorillo

Sequence Stratigraphic Organization of Architectural Elements
by Stephen Flint and David Hodgson

Geologic Controls on the Elastic and Petrophysical Properties of Clastic Rocks
by Juan-Mauricio Florez and Gary Mavko

Lithology, Lithofacies, or Architectural Elements for Reservoir Modeling?
by Juan-Mauricio Florez-Nino and Omar Angola

Lacustrian to Fluvial Transition in the Tertiary Wasatch Formation, Three Canyons, Desolation Canyon, Utah
by Grace L. Ford, Piret Plink-Borklund, and Marieke Dechesne

Field-based 3D Modelling of a Growth Syncline : The Annot Syncline, SE France
by Mary Ford, Adrien Cazaux, Lise Salles, Christian Le Carlier de Veslud, and Antoine Le Solleuz

Tectonic Signatures in a Ripidly Opening Rift: the Giant Gilbert Delta Systems of the Corinth Rift, Greece
by Mary Ford, Sebastien Rohais, Nicolas Backert, Fabrice Malartre, Edward  A. Williams

The Mudstone-Dominated Caprock System of the CO2-Storage Site at Ketzin, Germany
by Andrea Forster, Niels Springer, Gerhard Beutler, Joachim Luckert, Ben Norden, Holger Lindgren

Build-and-Fill Sequences in Carbonate Systems: An Emerging Picture
by Evan K. Franseen, Robert H. Goldstein, Marcello Minzoni

A Regional Overview of the Exploration Potential of the Middle East
by Alastair Fraser, Jeremy Goff, Bob Jones, Christoph Lehmann, Ivor Simpson

Prediction of Natural Fracture Intensity in Complex Carbonate Reservoirs, Improving Drilling Location Selection in Mexico
by Manfred Frass, Efrain Mendez, Rodolfo Rocha

Come Back on Facies Characteristic and Diversity in Carbonate Eolian Dunes
by Gregory Frebourg, Claude-Alain Hasler, Pierre Le Guern, Eric Davaud

Predicting Petrophysical Properties Using 3D Image Data
by Joanne T. Fredrich, Matthew M. Haney, Joshua A. White

An ED-Like Method for 3D Structural Restoration and QC of Planar Faulted Reservoirs
by Brett Freeman, Alan Gibbs, Graham Yielding, Stephen J. Dee, Alan Roberts, Peter Bretan

Normal Growth Fault Evolution in the Columbus Basin, Trinidad
by Ulrike A. Freitag, David J. Sanderson, Lidia Lonergan

Understanding Quartz Overgrowth Generation
by Marsha French, Joann Welton, Mike Braun

Monitoring and reconstruction of subsurface CO2 plumes using a stochastic inversion approach
by S. Julio Friedmann, Abelardo L. Ramirez, William Foxall, Kathy Dyer

Operational Protocols for Geological Carbon Storage and the Need for a New Hazard Characterization Approach
by S. Julio Friedmann

Geologic Modeling of Frasnian and Famennian Carbonate Platforms, Canning Basin, Western Australia
by Ned Frost

Syndepositional Fracture Patterns of the Devonian Reef Complexes, Canning Basin, Western Australia
by Ned Frost, Leonel Gomez

The Lower Tertiary Play: Leasing Activity and New Opportunities in the Ultra-Deep Water Gulf of Mexico
by Matthew C. Frye

Quantifying Reservoir Uncertainty in Highly-Compacted Depositional Environments Using Reflectivity Models from Monte Carlo Simulations
by D. Alan Fuqua

Linking Sedimentology and GPR Data: the Subsurface Holocene of Sylt Island (German Bight)
by Jorn Furstenau, Sebastian Lindhorst, H. Christian Hass, Susanne Feindt, Christian Betzler

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Evidence for Microbial Respiration of Structural Fe3+ from Clay Minerals in an Ancient Diagenetic System: Implications for Authigenic Iron and Silica Products in Mudstones
by Robert R. Gaines, John S. Vorhies

Natural Fractures in the Barnett Shale: Why They Are Important
by Julia F. W. Gale, Jon Holder, Robert M. Reed

Turbidity Currents and Confined Channels: the Case of the Stromboli Slope Valley Bend
by Fabiano Gamberi, Michael Marani

Herrera Sandstones in the Southern Basin Area, Trinidad: Evidence of Hyperpycnites Deposited Away From Ancient Oficina Delta Systems in Eastern Venezuela
by Helena Gamero Diaz, Jo Reader, Chris Izatt, Carlos Zavala, Carmen C. Contreras F

Source Control Over Calciturbidite Facies Distributions in the Lower Isaac Carbonate, Windermere Supergroup, Canada
by Paul R. Gammon, Bill Arnott

Incision Mapping of a Drainage Basin from Integrated GIS and Digital Elevation Models: Implications for Sediment Budget and Timing in Frontier Petroleum Basins
by Nahid  DS Gani

Architectural Elements Versus Geomorphological Units: Building Blocks of Ancient and Modern Depositional Systems
by M. Royhan Gani

Paleohydrology and dolomitization in the Permian San Andres Fm, Guadalupe Mountains and Algerita Escarpment
by Beatriz Garcia-Fresca, F. Jerry Lucia

Assessment of Connectivity of Mass Transport Deposits in the Subsurface Using Seismic-Scale Outcrop Analogues
by Katerina Garyfalou, Benjamin Kneller, Mason Dykstra, David Macdonald

Quaternary Geomorphic Development and Seismic Hazards of Orange County, Southern Los Angeles Basin, California
by Eldon M. Gath, Lisa Grant

Petroleum Potential of the East Greenland Shelf
by Donald L. Gautier, Flemming G. Christiansen, Lars Stemmerik, Torben Bistrup, Jørgen A. Bojesen-Koefoed, Kai Sørensen

USGS Circum-Arctic Resource Appraisal: Status Report and Initial Ranking of Arctic Sedimentary Basins
by Donald L. Gautier, L.P. White, Arthur Grantz

Basin Filling Patterns on the Waipaoa Continental Shelf (NZ) Revealed by Mapping Tephra Beds in High-Resolution Seismic Records
by Thomas P. Gerber, Alan Palmer, Lincoln F. Pratson, Steve Kuehl, J.P. Walsh, Clark Alexander, Alan Orpin

Forcing Mechanisms in Sequence Stratigraphy and the use of Simple Large-Scale Forward Numerical Models
by Jeffrey Geslin

Fracture Characteristics of Folded Carbonates, Teton Anticline, Sawtooth Range, Montana
by Kajari Ghosh, Shankar Mitra

Progradational Sequence Sets on the Tectonically Active Eastern Margin of the Pennsylvanian Paradox Basin, Southwestern Colorado
by Gary L. Gianniny, Kimberlee J. Miskell-Gerhardt

Meeting the Challenge of Reducing Large-scale CO2 Emissions: an Example of Potential Geological CO2 Storage from the Gippsland Basin, Australia
by Catherine M. Gibson-Poole, Lotte Svendsen, James Underschultz, Maxwell N. Watson, Jonathan Ennis-King, Peter J. Van Ruth, Emma J. Nelson, Richard F. Daniel, Yildiray Cinar

Lakes of the Jurassic Portland Formation, Newark Supergroup, Hartford Basin
by Elizabeth H. Gierlowski-Kordesch, Simret Ghirmay Zerezghi, Peter A. Drzewiecki

Geochemical Signatures of Rapid Carbonate Crystallization in Well Scales
by Grace F. Giles, James R. Boles, Hilario Camacho

Onshore Alaska Peninsula Petroleum System Assessment: Preliminary Summary of Outcrop Studies of the Port Moller Area, 2006
by Robert J. Gillis, Rocky R. Reifenstuhl, Paul L. Decker, Andrea L. Strauch, Kenneth L. Helmold

The Various Influences of Bioturbation on Reservoir Facies Quality
by Murray Gingras, S. George Pemberton, Carl A. Mendoza

Recent Volcanic and Fluvial Activity in the Region of Harmakhis Vallis, Mars
by Mihaela Glamoclija, Gian Gabriele Ori, Lucia Marinangeli, Goro Komatsu, Jouko Raitala

Reservoir Petrofacies: a Tool for Quality Characterization and Prediction
by Karin Goldberg, Luiz F. De Ros

Advanced Acquisition and Management of Petrographic Information from Reservoir Rocks Using the Petroledge? System
by Karin Goldberg, Luiz F. De Ros, Mara Abel

Changing Paradigms in Carbonate Diagenesis
by Robert H. Goldstein, Jennifer A. Roberts, Luis A. Gonzalez

Tidal channel to bayhead delta couplets: key to 4th order proximal sequence identification and correlation, Upper Iles Formation, Colorado
by Carolina A. Gomez, Ron Steel

Diagenetic Controls on Spatial Arrangement of Fractures: an Example from the Cupido Fm., Sierra Madre Oriental, Mexico
by Leonel Gomez, Randall Marrett

Deconvolution and Mapping of Soil Gas Anomalies in Surface Prospecting: A New Approach Based on Bayesian Geostatistics
by Felix T. T. Goncalves, Fernando H. Pulgati, Ricardo P. Bedregal, Flavio L. Fernandes, Jason T. G. Carneiro

Geological Patterns and Rock Physics for a New Seismic Inversion Method
by Ezequiel F. Gonzalez, Tapan Mukerji, Gary Mavko

Geothermal Energy: An Overlooked Resource in the Midlands
by William Gosnold, Daniel F. Merriam, David D. Blackwell

Petroleum Systems of the Mumbai Offshore Basin, India
by Basant Giri Goswami, Harvir Singh, A. K. Bhatnagar, A. K. Sinha, Ram Raj Singh

Dynamic Characterization and Modelling of Polygonal Fracturing in a Carbonate Field in Abu Dhabi
by Francois Gouth, Laure Moen-Maurel, Sabah Karim Aziz

Vertically Extensive Definitions of Plays on the Gulf of Mexico Shelf Based on the Principal Sedimentary Events of Fields
by John D. Grace

Geophysical Data in 3-D Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
by John D. Grace

3D Stratigraphic Modelling in Complex Tectonics Area
by Didier Granjeon, Sylvie Wolf

Maps Showing Location, Tectonic Character and Structural Setting of the Sedimentary Basins of the Arctic Region (65ø-90øN. lat.)
by Arthur Grantz, Robert Scott, Sergey Drachez, Thomas E. Moore, James P. Howard

Application of Shear Wave Anisotropy for Natural Fracture Detection in a Cased Well
by S. T. Grayson, Adam Donald, Tom Bratton, Romain Prioul, Monica Carlsen, Lee Swager

Distribution and Stratigraphy of the Neogene Utsira - and Hutton Sand in the Viking Graben Area, North Sea
by Ulrik Gregersen, Peter N. Johannessen, Gary Kirby, Andy Chadwick, Sam Holloway

Deep Cold-Water Dolomitization of Neogene Sediments, Belgica Carbonate Mound Province, Porcupine Basin, North Atlantic Ocean
by Jay M. Gregg, Tracy D. Frank

Workflows for Geomechanical Restoration and Forward Modelling in Fold and Thrust Belts:Comparison with Geometric Methodologies, Applications and Limitations
by Paul Griffiths, Laurent Maerten

Controls on the Geometry and Internal Architecture of Submarine Fan Elements, Tanqua Depocentre, Karoo Basin, South Africa: Insights from Process-Based Modeling
by Remco M. Groenenberg, David M. Hodgson, Stefan M. Luthi

Numerical Modeling of Turbidity Current Hydrodynamics and Sedimentation in a Faulted-Margin Setting
by Remco M. Groenenberg, Wiebke Athmer, Marinus E. Donselaar, Dimitrios Sokoutis, Ernst Willingshofer

Effects of Mechanical Stratigraphy and Structural Position on Fracture Development as Observed in Core from Elk Hills Field, California
by Michael R. Gross, Tania C. Campbell, Jon R. Schwalbach, Timothy L. Davis

Outcrop Analogs of Multi-Layer Fracture Zones
by Michael R. Gross

Mars Science Lab - The Search for Source Rocks on Mars
by John Grotzinger, Ed Stolper

A New Approach to Quantifying Uncertainties, from Seismic Characterisation to Hydrocarbons in Place (Best of EAGE)
by J.M. Guemene, B. Paternoster, S. Toinet, P. Biver, T. Gordon, H. Declerc

Reservoir Characterization of Low Permeability Lower Shoreface Facies in the Baram Delta Province, Brunei Darussalam
by Pierre Guilpain, Howard D. Johnson, Abdul Razak Damit

Facies Variability of Tidal Bar Occurrences in a Tidal-Fluvial Transition Zone, Ogeechee Estuary, Georgia, U.S.A
by Sarah C. Gunn, Robert Dalrymple, S. George Pemberton, Murray K. Gingras

Automation of Fracture Counts Using Volumetric Seismic Attributes
by Hao Guo, Kurt Marfurt

Sedimentology and Hydrocarbon Significance of the Devonian-Carboniferous Succession in Novaya Zemlya, Arctic Russia
by Li Guo, Roman Schekoldin, Robert A. Scott, James P. Howard, Jenny E. Omma

Resource Potential of Fine-grained Cretaceous Source Rocks, Wattenberg Gas Field, Colorado
by Edmund R. Gustason, Colleen Sherry, Marshall Deacon

Visualizing the Geologic Evolution of the Southern Kenya Rift Through Remapping, Unit Correlation and Utilization of Age Dates
by Alexandria L. Guth, James R. Wood

A Comprehensive Classification of Seals Based on Worldwide Subsurface Analogs
by Jose I. Guzman, Rod Sloan, Shengyu Wu, Shaoqing Sun

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Stratigraphic Evolution of Erosional-to Levee- Confined Channel - Complexes, Offstore West Africa
by Frode Hadler-Jacobsen, Michael H. Gardner, William Shea

New Exploration Perspectives on the Jurassic of Southern Western Siberia
by Sergei Hafizov, Vladimir Shimansky, George Pemberton, John Dolson, Richard Herbert

Avulsion Clusters in Alluvial Basins: Statistical Tools for Quantifying Sand-Body Distributions and Implications for Reservoir Modeling and Interpretation
by Elizabeth Hajek, Paul Heller, Snehalata Huzurbazar, Benjamin Sheets, Chris Paola

Natural Gas From Coalbeds Exploration Along the South Coast of Oregon: A 21st Century Approach to Natural Resource Exploration in Sensitive Environments
by Margaret  A. Halferty, Steven P. Pappajohn

Identifying New Material Hydrocarbon Plays. The Challenge and an Approach
by Robin Hamilton, David Steele, Colin Grant, Pedro Restrepo-Pace, Larry Garmezy

Building a European Independent
by Vincent Jon Hamilton

Correlation of Heterolithic Sediments and the role of Differential Compaction. Example from the Are Formation in the Heidrun Field, Offshore Mid-Norway
by Erik Hammer

All Fill — No Spill: Slope-Fan Sand Bodies in Growth-Faulted Subbasins, Frio Formation, South Texas Gulf Coast
by Ursula Hammes, Hongliu Zeng, Robert Loucks, Frank Brown

Beyond Parasequences: Reservoir Characterization Using High-Resolution (Bedset-Scale) Physical Stratigraphy in Shallow-Marine Strata
by Gary Hampson, Peter Sixsmith, Oliver Jordan, Richard Sech, Sanjeev Gupta, Matthew Jackson, Howard Johnson

Mass-Transport-Complexes (MTCs) in the Western Offshore Nile Delta: Morphology, Distribution, Controls and Implications for Exploration
by Dorthe Moeller Hansen, Jonathan Redfern

Reconstructing Paleogeography and Sea-level History of Western Puerto Rico Using High-resolution 2D Seismic Profiles
by Martin Hanzlik-Valentin, Paul Mann, Alejandro Escalona, Nancy Grindlay, Lewis Abrams

Geologic And Seismic Attribute ModellingTo Aid Exploration In Complex Carbonates: Khuff (Permian-Triassic), Saudi Arabia
by Tom Harland, Abdel Fattah Bakhiet, A.E. Greg Gregory, David Tang, Abdel Ghayoum Ahmed

Palaeogeography and Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Palaeo-Earth Systems Modelling: Application for the Prediction of Reservoir Facies in Frontier Basins
by J. P. Harris, R. Crossley, N. J. Stronach, T. Hudson, PJ Valdes, R. Proctor

Geomorphology of Carbonate Systems and Reservoir Modeling: Carbonate Training Images, FDM cubes, and MPS Simulations
by Paul Harris, Marjorie Levy, Sebastien Strebelle, Eugene C. Rankey

Importance of Facies-Based Earth Models for Understanding Flow Behavior in Carbonate Reservoirs
by Paul Harris, Marjorie Levy, William Milliken, Sebastien Strebelle, Eugene Rankey

Repeated Cycles of Progradation and Incision of Upper Cretaceous Shelf-Margin Deltas, Northern San Joaquin Basin, California
by Denise H. Harrison, Steven D. Jones, Paul J. Harrison, John M. Armentrout, David H. Suek, David B. Codding

Reflection-Seismic Definition of a Late Cretaceous East-Vergent Thrust on the Western Flank of the Northern San Joaquin Basin and Its Influence on Deep-Water Deposition
by Paul J. Harrison, Stephan Graham, Denise H. Harrison, David H. Suek, Steven D. Jones, David B. Codding

Constraining Fracture Systems with Seismic Attributes: Teapot Dome, Wyoming
by Dennis L. Harry, Scotty Salamoff, Jerry F. Magloughlin

The Historical Resouce and Recovery Growth in Developed Fields, Arctic Slope of Alaska
by Jack Hartz, Robert Swenson

Continental Ichnofossils as Climate-Indicator Proxies in Deep Geologic Time: Integrating Ichnology and paleopedology to Access Changes in Paleohydrology and Paleoclimate
by Stephen Hasiotis, Mary J. Kraus, Jon J. Smith, John W. Counts, Daniel Woody

Anatomy and Weather Induced Internal Heterogeneities of a Pleistocene Carbonate Coastal Dune (Rejiche Formation, Southeast Tunisia)
by Claude-Alain Hasler, Gregory Frebourg, Eric Davaud

Exploiting the Web to Deliver Petrotechnical Reference Data
by Eric Hatleberg, Gretchen M. Gillis

Ichnological Patterns at Kouchibouguac Estuary, NB, Canada
by Tyler E. Hauck, Murray K. Gingras, S. George Pemberton

Processes and Modeling of Deep Water Flows: the Evolution of Hybrid and Transitional Flow Types
by Peter Haughton, William McCaffrey, Christopher Davies, Simon Barker

Oil Sands of Canada: Geologic Framework and Influence of Regional Salt-Dissolution Effects
by Fran Hein

Postcards from the Edge: The Athabasca Oil Sands in Alberta, Canada, at It's Northeastern Limit
by Frances J. Hein, Darrell K. Cotterill, Mike Berhane

Giant Depressions above Submarine Channels Caused by Flow Activity on The Brazilian Continental Margin
by Paivi Heinio, Richard Davies

Reservoir-Scale Depositional Facies, Trends, and Controls on Sandstone Distribution of the Lower Atoka Group ("Bend Conglomerate"), Fort Worth Basin, Texas
by Tucker F. Hentz, Eric C. Potter, Muyiwa A. Adedeji

Importance of Recovery Factor in Volumetric Evaluation of Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs from the Southern Gulf of Mexico
by Javier Hernandez, Eduardo Montano, Jose Exparza

The Geometry and Evolution of the Sarulla Graben, Sumatra, a Strike-Slip Basin Hosting Significant Geothermal Resources
by Robert G. Hickman, Pat P. Dobson, Marc Van Gerven, Birean D. Sagala, Richard P. Gunderson

Modern Analogs: Facies Modeling of Isolated, Carbonate Platform with Remote Sensing
by Melissa Hicks, Nils Andresen, Kelley Steffen, Shawn Fullmer, Stephen Kaczmarek

Renewable Energy and Alternate Use on the Outer Continental Shelf: Status of the Development of a New Program under the Authority of the Minerals Management Service
by Maurice Hill

Current Cook Inlet Resource Potential
by David Hite

Diagenetic Variations Between Upper Cretaceous Outcrop and Deeply Buried Reservoir Chalks of the North Sea Area
by Morten Leth Hjuler, Ida Fabricius

Tectonism and Eustacy in Devonian Reef Complexes of the Canning Basin, Western Australia
by Roger M. Hocking, Phillip E. Playford

Reservoir Characterization from Digital Outcrop Data: New techniques for Structural and Stratigraphic Modelling
by David Hodgetts, Rob Gawthorpe, Paul Wilson, Franklin Rarity, Emma Finch

Understanding The 2007 SPE/WPC/AAPG/SPEE Resource Classification System Through The Development of a Project From Concept To Production
by John Hodgin, Ronald Harrell

Cannibalisation of a Submarine Channel-Levee System by an Entrenched Submarine Channel System in the Laingsburg Depocentre, Karoo Basin, South Africa
by David M. Hodgson, Rufus L. Brunt, Claudio Di Celma, Stephen Flint, John. P. Kavanagh

Development of Tectonically-Confined Submarine Fans from the Tabernas-Sorbas Basin, SE Spain
by David M. Hodgson, Kevin T. Pickering

Preferential Downward Injection of Sandstone in the SW Karoo Basin, South Africa: Pre-Requiste Conditions and Trigger Mechanisms
by David M. Hodgson, Willem Van der Merwe, Carlos Oliveira

Sedimentology, Ichnology, and Depositional History of the Falher D Member, West-Central Alberta, Canada – Presence of a Wave-dominated Delta
by Trevor Hoffman, Murray Gingras, S. George Pemberton

Building Structural Frameworks in Complexly Faulted Reservoirs
by Karen S. Hoffman, John W. Neave, Erik H. Nilsen

New Kinematic Model for the Palos Verdes and San Pedro Basin Fault Zones in Santa Monica Bay, Offshore Southern California
by Phillip J. Hogan, Aaron Broughton, Kevin Smith, Mark Legg, Tom McNeilan, Robert R. Male

A Detailed Look inside a Complex Channel Belt: Processes, Rates, and Architecture for an 8K-Duration Mississippi River Meander Belt
by John Holbrook, Whitney Autin, Ronald J. Goble, Tammy M. Rittenour, Stephen Marshak

Co-located Collaborative Use of Virtual Environments
by Thorsten Holtkamper, Sascha Scholz, Armin Dressler, Manfred A. Bogen

Estimating Macroscopic Mechanical Properties Via Grain-Scale Simulations
by Ran Holtzman, Dmitriy, B. Silin, Tadeusz W. Patzek

Testing Experimental Concepts for Oblique Rifting with Outcrop Data from the Western U.S.A. and Subsurface Data from European Basins
by Robert J. Hooper, Ken McClay, Lech Antonowicz, Ewa Iwanowska, Ian Walker, Tim Austin

Lower Almond Formation Outcrops in Pine Canyon; Understanding and Predicting Reservoir Distribution and Geometry to Guide Infill and Exploitation Strategies in the Greater Green River Basin
by Brian W. Horn, Keith W. Shanley, William Hanson, Meredith Rhodes-Carson, James Hornbeck

Drilling Ultra-Deep Gas Prospects on the Gulf of Mexico Shelf: Reservoir Characterization of Shallow Depleted Horizons Designed to Reduce Exploration Drilling Risk
by Brian W. Horn, David G. Derbecker, Sophie Hildebrand, Dean Chergotis, Kevin Vorhaben, Debbie Grove

Undiscovered Gas Resource Potential of the Sacramento Basin, California: Results of the 2006 USGS Assessment
by Allegra Hosford Scheirer, Marilyn E. Tennyson, Leslie B. Magoon

Uplift and Erosion, Distribution of Mature Source Rock, and Burial Histories for Two Gas Systems in the Sacramento Basin, California
by Allegra Hosford Scheirer, Leslie B. Magoon, Marilyn E. Tennyson, Kenneth E. Peters

Oil and Gas Resouces of the Arctic Alaska Petroleum Province
by D. W. Houseknecht, Kenneth J. Bird

Petroleum Systems of Emerging and Future Importance in the Arctic Alaska Petroleum Province
by David W. Houseknecht, Kenneth J. Bird, Jonathan Bujak

Refining the Concepts of Connectivity and Continuity in Deepwater Environments
by Joseph M. Hovadik, David K. Larue

Effect of Bioturbation in Low Permeability Gas Charged Reservoirs - a Case Study from the Upper Cretaceous Milk River Fm., Western Canada
by Jussi Hovikoski, George Pemberton, Murray Gingras, Ryan Lemiski, Robert Olexson

The Use of Image Logs to Decipher Complex Structures and Aid in Well Completions within Mature Basins
by Thomas M. Howard, Paul Elliott, Dalton Lockman

Spatial and Temporal Evolution of Densimetric Froude Number in Deep Water Distributive Systems
by David Hoyal, Benjamin Sheets

Method for Conditioning the Reservoir Model on 3D and 4D Elastic Inversion Data Applied to a Fluvial Reservoir in the North Sea
by Trond Hoye, T. Andersen, K. Hatland, F. Liestol, G. Mangeroy, Hilde C. Meisingset, C. Otterlei, Eli Zachariassen, Art Jan Wijngaarden

High Resolution Numerical Simulations of Bidisperse Particle-Driven Gravity Currents
by James R. Hoyes, Lionel Elliot, Derek B. Ingham, William D. McCaffrey, Jeff Peakall, Mohammed Pourkashanian

Architectural Elements of a Sinuous Deep-Water Basin Axial Channel Complex, Cerro Toro Formation Outcrop Belt, Magallanes Foreland Basin, Chile
by Stephen M. Hubbard, Brian W. Romans, Stephan A. Graham

Rock Physics Modeling is Critical for AVO Analysis – A North Sea Paleocene Case Study
by Lars Hubert, Karsten Muller, Jack Dvorkin

The Facies Architecture of Manzanilla Formation, Trinidad
by Georgia Huggins, Ronald J. Steel

Glide Planes to Turbidites; Deep Water Carbonate Megabreccias, Oligocene, Spain
by T. Hughes, S. Agar, J. Bova, A. Derewetzky, N. Hartley, P. Hillock, C. Iannello, A. Mckerron, T. Simo

Forward Sediment Modeling of Carbonate Platform Growth and Demise, East Java Basin: Example North Madura
by Tina M. Hughes, Toni Simo, John Bova, Amy Ruf, Fiona Whitaker

Correlation and Dating of Major Stratal Surfaces Between Gondwana and Eurasia – the Impact of Sequence Stratigraphy
by Carola Hulka, Ben Kilner, Aimee Brown, Dave Kemp, Domenico Lodola, Mike Simmons, Owen Sutcliffe, Alice Thomas, Joanne Wyton

Gas Hydrate Resource Potential
by Robert B. Hunter, Scott A. Digert, Scott J. Wilson, Timothy Collett, Ray Boswell

Seismic Characterization of Gant Sand Injectites in the North Sea and West of Shetland: Reservoirs, Conduits and Drilling Hazards
by Mads Huuse, Joe A. Cartwright, Simon J. Shoulders, Rutger Gras

Cool-water Carbonate Contourites – Not Reefs – Examples from the Great Australian Bight and the North Sea Basin
by Mads Huuse, Finn Surlyk, Holger Lykke-Andersen

Contrasting Geological Evolution of the Ambilobe, Majunga and Morondava Basins, Offshore Madagascar
by Graham Hyden, Edward P. Blunt, Douglas Winstone, Mark Enfield, Matthew Watkinson

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The Role of Active Structural Growth in Controlling Deep-Water Reservoir Systems and Petroleum Prospectivity in the Confined Gulf of Lyons Basin, Western Mediterranean
by Roman S. Ianev, Nathalie Bordas-Le Floch, John R. Underhill, Richard J.W. Bunt

Sand Tectonics: a Reservoir-Scale Process Similar to Basin-Scale Salt and Shale Tectonics
by Patrice Imbert, Marine Perus

California's Changing Paleogeography and Paleotectonics, Before and After John Crowell's Definitive Work on Strike-Slip Systems
by Raymond V. Ingersoll

Ridge Basin, Southern California: Why John Crowell Got It Right in the First Place
by Raymond V. Ingersoll

Controls on the Geometry of Large-Scale Clastic Injection Complexes Adjacent to Submarine Sope Channels; Upper Cretaceous, Offshore Norway
by Christopher Aiden-Lee Jackson, Gillian Barber, Mads Huuse

Active Structural Growth Controls Reservoir Distribution of Upper Jurassic Slope Systems, South Viking Graben, Northern North Sea
by Christopher Aiden-Lee Jackson, Eirik Larsen, Sigmund Hanslien, Anne-Elise Tjemslund

Are Tsunamis Always Sedimentologically Important Events? A Case Study of Sedimentological and Geochemical Analyses of Coastal Lagoons, Sri Lanka
by Kelly L. Jackson, Eugene C. Rankey, Gregor P. Eberli, Falk Amelung, Miriam S. Andres, Larry C. Peterson, Peter K. Swart, H.A.H. Jayasena, K.V. Wilbert Kehelpannala

Cool-Water Carbonates: an Evolving Paradigm
by Noel P. James

New Interpretation Assets from Computer Assisted Interpretation
by Huw James, Pascal Klein

3D Modeling of (Visean-Serpukhovian) Mississippian Mounds, Indian Wells, Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico
by Xavier Janson, Toni Simo, sergio Nardon

Using Outcrop-Based 3D Geocellular Model as Seismic Benchmark: Prestack Seismic Modeling of Grainstones in Lawyer Canyon (Permian) Outcrop,Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico
by Xavier Janson, Hongliu Zeng, Charles Kerans, Fred Wang, Sergey Fomel

Reservoir Characterization of Low-Permeability Turbidites to Improve Waterflooding in the Long Beach Unit, East Wilmington Field, California
by Creties D. Jenkins, Don Michel, David Simmons, Nitin Srivastava, Shahin Al-Sharif, Randy Harris, John Weisgram

Density Distributions and CO2 Sorption in a Confined Coal Sample for Carbon Sequestration
by Sinisha  A. Jikich, Robert McLendon, Duane H. Smith

Neogene Evolution of a Confined Upper Slope Canyon System with Emphasis on Canyon Fill Architecture, Offshore Equatorial Guinea
by Zane Jobe, Jim Hewlett

Dispelling The Myths: Exploration and Development of Natural Gas Hydrate
by Arthur H. Johnson, Michael D. Max

Seal Risking and Petroleum Leakage - A Case Example from Taglu Gas/Condensate Field, Richards Island, Beaufort Mackenzie Delta, Northern Canada
by Olufemi A. Jokanola, Dale R. Issler, Andrew C. Aplin, Steve R. Larter, Kuncho D. Kurtev

Geo-Constrained Real Time Model Update (RTMU) While Drilling of the 3D Structural Framework Model
by Serena Jones, Simon Stewart, Stuart Bland, Norman Armstrong, Robert Humphreys, Michael Doe

Railroad Valley and Adjacent Structures, Nevada: Analogues and Clues from the Flathead Valley, South-eastern British Columbia, Canada
by Peter B. Jones

Reservoir-Scale Faulting Patterns in Transtensional Rift Zones: the Influence of Lithology and Pre-Existing Structures
by R.R. Jones, N. De Paola, R.E. Holdsworth, K.J.W. McCaffrey

Assessment and Reduction of Uncertainty in Fault Seal Analysis for Hydrocarbon Fluid Flow Prediction
by Philip A. Jones, Stephen R. Freeman, Simon D. Harris, Rob J. Knipe, Raoul R.D. Treverton, P. William Bradbury

Damage Zone Evolution in Coal Measures Strata From the Northumberland Basin, NE England
by Richard R. Jones, Ruth Wightman, Jonathan Imber, David Healy, Robert E. Holdsworth, Kenneth J.W. McCaffrey

Linking Seismic and Sub-Seismic Fault Predictions Using Laser Scanning of Outcrop Analogues
by Richard R. Jones, Dave Healy, Jonathan Imber, Ruth Wightman, Kenneth J.W. McCaffrey, Robert E. Holdsworth

Identification of Avulsion Stratigraphy Style as a Characterization Strategy for Predicting Channel-Body Connectivity in Fluvial Reservoirs
by Heather L. Jones, Elizabeth A. Hajek, Paul L. Heller

Geothermal Convection at Tengiz: Reactive Transport Models of Predictive Diagenesis and Evidence from the Rocks
by Gareth D. Jones, Joel F. Collins, Yitian Xiao, Jeroen, A.M. Kenter, Paul Harris, G. Kuanysheva

Tectonic and Climatic Controls on Sequence Stratigraphy Revealed by Geometric and Paleosol Analyses in a Nonmarine Foreland Basin
by Teresa Jordan, Brian Ruskin

Implications of Shoreline Trajectory for Transgressive Facies Architecture
by Oliver Jordan, Sanjeev Gupta, Gary Hampson, Howard Johnson

Re-Flooding of Carbonate Bank-Tops and Initiation of Calci-Turbidite Deposition: Timing and Processes during Late Quaternary Deglacial Transitions
by Stephan J. Jorry, Andre W. Droxler, Emily Pohlman

Authigenic Carbonate Rock from Geologic Settings with and without Gas Hydrate from the Gulf of Mexico
by Woodong Jung, Roger Sassen

Basin Modeling Approach to Fault Seal Prediction through Geologic Time
by Marek Kacewicz, Russell Davies, Matthew Johnson, Gavin Lewis, andrew Thomas

Overbank Flow from a Sinuous Submarine Channel: Process and Product
by Ian Kane, William. D. McCaffrey, Jeff Peakall

Submarine Channel Initiation and Evolution: an Experimental Approach
by Ian Kane, Jeff Peakall, William. D. McCaffrey

Reconstructing the Growth History of a Salt-Influenced Rift Basin to Predict Sandbody Distribution and Architecture, South Viking Graben, Northern North Sea
by Karla E. Kane, Eirik Larsen, Christopher A.L. Jackson, Anna Sofia Gregersson

Playa Esqueleto and other outcrops - Braided, Conglomeratic Submarine Channels: Upper Cretaceous Rosario Fm., Baja California, Mexico
by Ian Kane, Ben Kneller, Mason Dykstra, William. D. McCaffrey

Quantification of Slope Channel-Levees, the Rosario Formation, Baja California, Mexico
by Ian Kane, Ben Kneller, Mason Dykstra, William. D. McCaffrey

Diagenetic Origins of Dolomitized Reservoirs and Limestone Tombstones in the Madison Limestone, Northern U.S. Rockies
by David Katz, Peter Swart, Gregor Eberli, Matthew Buoniconti, Langhorne Smith

Expanding Uncertainty: Predictive Distributions for Undiscovered Oil and Gas Pools in a Play
by Gordon M. Kaufman, John H. Schuenemeyer

Structural and Stratigraphic Study of the N-Sand in the Helis East Black Bay Field
by George R. Kear, Elizabeth Zobell, Anish Kumar, Brian Briscoe, Jonathan W. Malone, James P. Stoyanoff, Paul N. Lawless

Flow Dynamics of Submarine Channels: The Influence of Scale, Slope and Channel Geometry
by G. M. Keevil, Jeff Peakall, James Best

Organic C-Rich Mudstone Sedimentation in Arctic Alaska During a Seasonally Cold Early Cretaceous (Hauterivian-Barremian)
by Margaret A. Keller, Joe H.S. Macquaker

Holocene Cyanobacterial Mats and Lime Muds: Links to Middle East Carbonate Source Rock Potential
by Christopher G. St. C. Kendall, Gene Shinn, Xavier Janson

Clay Mineral Control of Organic Carbon Deposition in Marine Source Rocks
by Martin J. Kennedy, Arkadiusz Derkowski, Thomas Bristow

Methane Clathrate Destabilziation in Equatorial Tidalites During Deglaciation
by Martin J. Kennedy, David D. Mrofka

Assessment of Permeability and Porosity Using High Resolution CT and NMR: An Example From The Central Tengiz Platform Reservoir, Pricaspian Basin , Kazakhstan
by J.A.M. Kenter, O. Vizika, E. Rosenberg, M. Skalinski, P.M. Harris, M. Buoniconti

Impact of Biogenic Methane Generation on Formation of Dolomite Reservoirs
by Paul Kenward, Luis Gonzalez, Robert H. Goldstein, Jennifer A. Roberts

The Lourinha Fm, Lusitanian Basin, Portugal: Outcrop Analogue for Improved Reservoir Characterisation of the Statfjord Fm, Norwegian North Sea
by Kevin J. Keogh, Allard W. Martinius, Andrew Taylor, Stuart Gowland, Simon Leary, Carsten Elfenbein, Kjetil Nordahl, Eirik Vik, Silje Berg

Devonian Reefal Platforms of the Canning Basin - Lessons Learned and Value as Analogs
by Charles Kerans, Paul Harris

Characteristics of Laterally Confined Sheet Sands. Quebrada Las Lajas, Northwestern Argentina
by Vanessa Kertznus, Ben Kneller, Mason Dykstra

Sensitivity of Clinoform Geometry to Geological Processes Operating on the Continental Shelf and Slope
by Vanessa Kertznus, Ben Kneller, Mason Dykstra

Paleokarst Evolution of the Ordovician Pogonip Group near Beatty, NV
by Robert J. Kervin, Dr. Adam Woods

Carbonate Cementation along Marine Flooding Surfaces of the Mesa Verde Group (Upper Cretaceous), Wyoming and Colorado: Implications for Sandstone Reservoir Quality Prediction
by J. Marcelo Ketzer, Ronald Steel, Louise Kiteley, Claudemir Vasconcelos

Contrasting Depositional Systems Within the Gas-prone Late Cretaceous Sequences of Western Pakistan: Influence of Regional and Local Tectonic Controls in a Pre-Collisional Margin Setting
by Abdul Salam Khan, Gilbert Kelling, Akhtar Mohammad Kassi, Mohammad Umar, Mohammad Afzal Kakar

Detailed Architectural Analysis of Overbank Deposits Associated With a Deep-Marine Channel-Levee Complex, Lower Isaac Formation (Windermere Supergroup) South Canadian Cordillera
by Z.A. Khan, Lilian L. Navarro, R.William C. Arnott

Net Pumping of Sediment Into Deep Water Due To Base-Level Cycling
by Wonsuck Kim, Chris Paola, John Martin, Marty Perlmutter, Frederick Tapaha

Growth - Are We Understimating Recent Discoveries?
by Keith C. King

Petroleum Resource Potential of the Laptev Sea Shelf, Russia
by T. R. Klett, F. Persits, G.F. Ulmishek

New Interpretation of the Paleogeography of the Ancestral Rocky Mountains, Colorado
by Charles F. Kluth

Collapse of Submarine Channel Levees; Examples from Outcrop and Subsurface, and Reservoir Implications
by Ben Kneller, Mason Dykstra, Philip Thompson

Thermotectonic Evolution of the Cap St. Andre Arch and its Influence on Deepwater Depositional Systems in Northwest Madagascar
by Jeffrey U. Kraus, William A. Matthews, Lanirina Ronosrosoa

Methane Clathrate Hydrates, Subseafloor Clam Communities & Carbonate Cement Diagenesis in The Pierre Shale: A Paradigm Shift in The Origin of Mixed Carbonate And Siliciclastic Sediments
by Federico F. Krause, Selim G. Sayegh, Renee Perez, Jesse Clark

Deciphering the Basin Eevolution of the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin, Canada, using 3D-Basin Modeling and Sequence Stratigraphy
by Karsten F. Kroeger, Rolando Di Primio, Robert Ondrak, Brian Horsfield

A Predictive Mudstone Porosity Model Which Includes the Effects of Mechanical Compaction, Temperature, Mineralogy, Chemical Diagenesis, and Overpressure
by James T. Krushin

GIS-based Structural Geology for Petroleum Exploration within the Polish Permian Basin
by Rafal Kudrewicz

The "Buckyball Effect": Framework Grain Stabilization and Secondary Porosity Preservation in the Cambrian Galesville Sandstone, Illinois Basin
by Mojisola KunleDare

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3D Geometrical Simulations of LOSCs (Laterally Offset Stacked Channels)
by Richard Labourdette

Characterization of Fluvial Architectural Elements Using a Three-Dimensional Outcrop Dataset
by Richard Labourdette, Richard Jones

Fracture Development in Salt Dome Caprock, Hardin County, Texas
by Alfred Lacazette, Andrew R. Thomas, Dennis Kuhfal

Sedimentology, Ichnology, and Depositional History of the Contact Between the Triassic Montney and Doig Formations in West-Central Alberta, Canada – Presence of an Unconformity Bound Sand Wedge
by Jon T. LaMothe, M.K. Gingras, S.G. Pemberton

Seals or Flow Conduits? How Faults Control Migration and Accumulation in the Shengli Oilfield, China
by Carolyn Lampe, Guoqi Song, Liangzi Cong

Deep Time: A Frontier for Paleoclimate Research
by H. Richard Lane, Martin A. Perlmutter, John M. Armentrout

Complex Karst-controlled Reservoirs in Paleozoic Limestone of the CIS, Kazakhstan an Europe; Identification and Prediction for Distribution of the Reservoir Characteristics
by Philippe A. Lapointe, Arnaud Meyer

A Sleeping Giant? Reinvigorating Exploration in the Pre- to Post-Rift Succession of the South Viking Graben, North Sea
by Eirik Larsen, Christopher Jackson, Karla Kane, Rachel Kieft, Anne Elise Tjemsland, Unni Sjursen, Sigmund Hanslien, Inga Wirowski, Ellen Marie Kollen, Helge Sognnes, Elisabeth Bjerkebaek, Anna Sofia Gregerson, Elisabeth Bøhle Sletten, Inger Winsvold, Rhoar Lindanger, Per Varhaug, Lars Jan Jaarvik

Horizontal Wells and the Barnett Shale Play-Borehole Images Provide a Different Perspective
by L. Mark Larsen

Identification and Characterization of Subsurface Cave Systems Using Micro-Resistivity Image Wireline Logs
by L. Mark Larsen, Robert Loucks

Origin of Early Overpressure in the Upper Devonian Catskill Delta Complex, Western New York State
by Gary G. Lash, David Blood

Influence of Basin Dynamics on Upper Devonian Black Shale Deposition, Western New York State and Northwest Pennsylvania
by Gary G. Lash

Future of the Arctic - Where Are The Resources and What Are They Worth?
by Andrew Latham

Structural Complexity in Structurally Simple Fractured Reservoir Analogs
by Stephen E. Laubach, Meghan E. Ward

Hydrothermal Dolomitization in Paleozoic Carbonates - Enhanced Fluid Flow and Foreland Basin Processes
by Denis Lavoie, Guoxiang Chi

Paleo-redox Conditions during Deposition of the Devonian New Albany Shale (Illinois Basin) and Correlative Black Shales in the Eastern US: Multiple Perspectives from Geochemistry, Paleoecology, and Petrography
by Ovidiu Remus Lazar, Juergen Schieber

Neoproterozoic Carbon Isotopes of the Neoproterozoic Shuram and Wonoka Formations
by Erwan Le Guerroue, Martin Kennedy

Matching Both Production History and 4D-Seismic Attributes
by Mickaele Le Ravalec-Dupin, Yann Gautier, Alexandre Fornel, Frederic Roggero

Integration of Ground Penetrating Radar with Conventional Stratigraphic, and Lidar Data to Investigate the Three-Dimensional Geometry of a Tidal-Inlet Reservoir Analog, Upper Ferron Sandstone, Utah
by Keumsuk Lee, Renaud Bouroullec, Mark Tomasso, William Ambrose

An Assessment of Carbon Sequestration Options in the Mt. Simon of the Illinois Basin
by Hannes Leetaru, Scott M. Frailey, David G. Morse, Robert J. Finley

Wilmington Structure, Long Beach, California: a Strike-Slip Restraining Bend Popup?
by Mark R. Legg, Scott W. Prior

Role of Antecedent Topography and Local Environmental Controls on the Evolution and Facies Heterogeneity of Miocene Carbonate Platforms, Southern Java, Indonesia
by Daniel Lehrmann, Akbar Satria

Early Infill of the Triassic Rift in the Fundy Basin (Nova Scotia): Assessment of the Stratigraphy by Correlative Surfaces in Fluvial Barren Sequences
by Sophie Leleu, Brian B. J. Williams

The Application of Hydrocarbon System and Play Fairway Analysis for Unconventional Resource Plays: The Case for Shale Gas Reserves in New York's Ordovician Utica Shale
by Jay E. Leonard, Donald Clark, Robert J. Coskey, Nancy B. Hunter, Charles P. James, China O. Leonard, Gary G. Lash, Veit J. Matt

3-D Model Building and Geomechanically-Based Volume Restoration: The Next Generation Tool
by Francois Lepage, Thomas Laverne, Frantz Maerten, David Desmarest, Emmanuel Quetelard, Michael Palomas, Laurent Maerten

North American Unconventional Oil Resources: Electronic Access to Technical, Legal, Environmental and Economic Issues
by Raymond A. Levey, Phillip Smith, Milind D. Deo, Robert Keiter, Mike Lemmon

A Workflow for Modeling Multi-scale Flow Barriers in Deep Water Turbidite Reservoirs
by Hongmei Li, Jef Caers

The Structural Styles and Strike-slip Movement of Tan Lu Fault Zone in Late Pleistocene and The Formation of Oil Traps in Bohai Bay Area
by Sitian Li, Zaisheng Gong

Assessing Carbonate Reservoir Potential and Improving Reservoir Performance Using Core-Based High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy
by Robert F. Lindsay

A New Methodology on Reservoir Modeling in the Fracture-Cavity Carbonate Rock of Tahe Oilfield
by Xueli Liu, Xiaoxian Zhai

Maturity Assessment Of Natural Gas In Tarim Basin: CH4N2Ratio As A Tool
by Quanyou Liu, Bernhard M. Krooss, Jinxing Dai, Wenhui Liu, Ralf Littke

Detailed Architecture of a Basin-Floor Sheet-Like Deposit: Neoproterozoic Upper Kaza Group, British Columbia, Canada
by Hugues Longuepee, Viktor Terlaky, W.R.C. Arnott

Cellular Automata Modeling of Turbidity Currents Deposits
by Simon Lopez, Tristan Salles, Marie-Christine Cacas, Remi Eschard, Euzen Tristan, Vanessa Teles, Thierry Mulder

Titan : Sedimentology on a World of Hydrocarbons
by Ralph Lorenz

Mississippian Barnett Shale: Lithofacies and Depositional Setting of a Deepwater Mudstone Succession
by Robert G. Loucks, Stephen C. Ruppel

Importance of Micropores in Deeply Buried Tertiary Sandstones Along the Texas Gulf Coast
by Robert G. Loucks, Shirley P. Dutton

The ModelAssembler Community Modeling Environment (MA-CME): Expanded Access to Advanced Seismic Computation
by John N. Louie, Shawn Larsen

Self Sourcing of Ara Group Carbonate Stringer Oils in the Neoproterozoic-Cambrian South Oman Salt Basin from indigenous kerogen and bitumen
by Gordon D. Love, Emmanuelle Grosjean, Charlotte Stalvies, Colin E. Snape, Will Meredith, David A. Fike, John P. Grotzinger, Paul N. Taylor, Mark J. Newall, Roger E. Summons

Hydrocarbon Source Rock Potential of the Whitehorse Trough, a Frontier Basin in Southern Yukon, Canada
by Grant W. Lowey

Mass-Transport Deposits, the dominant sediment in the near-surface interval on the Upper Slope of Sabah, Deepwater Northwest Borneo
by Hongbo Lu, Craig Shipp, Chris Hadley

Experimental Determination of Reaction Rates and Modeling of the Long-Term Fate of CO2 in Deep Geological Formations
by Peng Lu, Qi Fu, William E. Seyfried, Brain R. Strazisar, Sheila W. Hedges, Zuoping Zheng, Chen Zhu

Predicting Petrophysical Properties Based on Conformance between Diagenetic Products and Depositional Textures
by F. Jerry Lucia

Formation of Nitrogen-rich Accumulations in the Central European Basin. II: Fluid Evolution and Migration
by Volker Luders, Peer Hoth, Birgit Plessen, David A. Banks

Use of High-Resolution Core Description Data to Risk Net Pay from Log-Based Petrofacies for Thinly-Bedded Deepwater Channel Complexes, Zafiro Field, Equatorial Guinea
by Theodore C. Lukas, Peter Schwans

Oil and Gas Resources of the North African Trias/Ghadames Petroleum Province
by Bob Lunn, Allan F. Driggs, Patrick Thompson, Philip Farfan, Patrick Thompson, Francois Gauthier

Development of Reservoir Models for Sandy Braided Rivers Using Modern Analogues
by Ian A. Lunt, Greg H. Sambrook Smith, Phil J. Ashworth, James L. Best, John S. Bridge, Stuart N. Lane, Chris J. Simpson, Rob E. Thomas

Studies on Hydrocarbon Migration in Tertiary Formations in The Chengbei Step-Fault Zone, Bohai Bay Basin, China
by Xiaorong Luo, Likuan Zhang, Qianjin Liao, Junqing Su, Shuqin Yuan, Haiming Song, Bo Zhou, Ping Hou, Changhua Yu

Evaluation of a Large Volcanic Gas Play in the Northern Songliao Basin, Northeast China
by Stefan M. Luthi, Li Guo Xin, Wang Yu Hua, Yang Feng Ping, Zhao Jie, Jeff Meisenhelder, Sherif Farag, Yang Xing Wang, Zhu You Qing, Hou Hui Jun, Zhang Shu Pin, Wu Chuan, Wu Jie, Thomas J. Neville, Michael Conefrey, Huang Wei

Towards a Quantitative Definition of Mechanical Units: New Techniques and Results from a Field Test Site
by Stefan M. Luthi, Giovanni Bertotti, Nico J. Hardebol, Jose Taal

High Amplitude Climate Variability in a Tropical Rift-Lake: Correlation of Drillcore and Seismic Reflection Data in Lake Malawi, East Africa
by R.P. Lyons, C.A. Scholz, J.W. King, A.S. Cohen, T.C. Johnson

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Characterizing and Modeling Fluvial Facies and Petrophysical Properties of a Pinedale Tight-Gas Reservoir in Greater Green River Basin, Wyoming
by Yuan Zee Ma, Terry Young, Earnest Gomez, Dennis Cox, Fabian Iwere

Sequence Stratigraphy, Sea Level Change & Palaeoenvironments Via Chemostratigraphy: Regional to Global Correlations
by Amina Mabrouk, Ian Jarvis, Habib Belayouni, R. TJ Moody, Ross Sandman

Measuring CO2 in Coalbed Reservoirs
by Steven MacDonald

The Structure and Stratigraphy of Deepwater Sarawak, Malaysia: Implications for the Tectonic Evolution of the NW Borneo Continental Margin
by Mazlan Madon, Kim Cheng Ly, Robert Wong

A Methodology for Automated Correction and Validation of Seismic Horizon and Fault Interpretation Using DYNEL, a Geomechanically-Based 3-D Restoration Tool
by Laurent Maerten, Frantz Maerten, Paul Griffiths, Nigel Pike

Petroleum Systems of the Sacramento Basin and Adjacent Area, California
by Leslie B. Magoon, Allegra Hosford Scheirer, Paul G. Lillis

Architecture and Seismic Geomorphology of Shelf-edge Deltas Along an Active Tectonic Margin: Eastern Offshore Trinidad and Venezuela
by Julie A. Maher, Lesli J. Wood

Latest Guadalupian (Middle Permian) Radiolarians from the Reef Trail Member of the Bell Canyon Formation, West Texas
by Amy L. Maldonado, Paula J. Noble, Gorden L. Bell, Yuxi Jin

Fracture and Sandstone Diagenesis of the Lance –Upper Mesa Verde Formations, Pinedale Region, Wyoming
by Ariel Malicse, Calum Macaulay, Candyce Beck-Brake

A Re-examination Of The Chalk: From Reservoir To Seal
by Anthony J. Mallon, Richard E. Swarbrick

Temperature Sensitivity of Wave Velocities in Shales: Application for 4D Time-Lapse Seismic
by Rafig Manafov, Rune M. Holt, Erling Fjaer

Use of T-R Sequence Methodology in the Analysis of the Onshore Interior Salt Basins of the Gulf of Mexico
by Ernest A. Mancini

Catalytic Gas in Deltaic Basins
by Frank Mango, Daniel Jarvie

Alternated Low and High-Density Turbidity Physical Experiments Highlighting Sediment Wave Formation Processes
by Rafael Manica, Antonio Cosme Del Rey, Richard Eduard Ducker, Rogerio Dornelles Maestri, Ana Luiza de Oliveira Borges

Non-Cohesive, Mixed and Cohesive High-Density Turbidity Currents: Internal Flow Properties Inferred from Laboratory Experiments
by Rafael Manica, Jaco H. Baas, Ana Luiza de Oliveira Borges, Rogerio Dornelles Maestri, Jeff Peakall, William. D. McCaffrey

Use of Artificial Neural Network to Identify Turbidite Deposit Gradation Generated in Laboratory
by Rafael Manica, Ana Luiza de Oliveira Borges Borges

Emerging Trends from 69 Giant Oil and Gas Fields Discovered from 2000-2006
by Paul Mann, M.K. Horn, Ian M. Cross

The Role of Faults in Turbidite Compartmentalization at the Bed-scale
by Tom Manzocchi, John J. Walsh, Mark Tomasso, Julian Strand, Conrad Childs, Peter Haughton

The Effect of Hydrodynamics on Capillary Seal Capacity
by T. Manzocchi, B. Palananthakumar, C. Childs

Sedimentologic Characterization of the Misoa Formation, Integrating Surface – Subsurface Data
by Jose A. Margotta, Ramon A. Rondon, Yoleidy Hernandez, Carlos J. Saavedra

Defining Uncertainty in Earth System Based Process Models of Source, Reservoir and Seal Facies
by P.J. Markwick, P.J. Valdes

The Tectonic and Paleogeographic Context of Madagascan Petroleum Systems
by P.J. Markwick, R.J. Hoult, K.L. Wilson, J.P. Armstrong, D.G. Wright, A.J. Bourne

The Effects of Magmatism on the Reservoir Potential of Sandy Deep Marine Successions of Southern California and the Borderland Region
by Kathleen M. Marsaglia, David A. Clague, Alice S. Davis

Tracing Sand From Source to Sink Across Eastern North Island, New Zealand: Insights From the Shelf Segment of the System
by Kathleen M. Marsaglia, Shelby Dawson, Julie Parra, Kevin Rivera, Alissa DeVaughn, Dawn James, Steven Kuehl

Understanding Alberta's Bitumen Resources
by Richard A. Marsh

Using a Mass Balance Framework to Investigate Downstream Distributary Channel Narrowing in a Terminal Intraslope Mini Basin
by John Martin, Julian Clark, Andrea Fildani, Timothy McHargue, Frank Harris

Shale Gas Potential in New York: Results from Recent NYSERDA-Sponsored Research
by John P. Martin, Richard Nyahay, James Leone, Daniel Jarvie

Facies Architecture and Reservoir Prediction in Ancient Glaciogenic Sediments: a Case Study using Integrated Outcrop and Subsurface Studies of the Grant Group (Canning Basin, West Australia)
by Joe R. Martin, Jonathan Redfern, Brian P. J. Williams

Geochemical approach to evaluate a prospect in the Eastern Maracaibo Basin, Venezuela
by Alejandro Martinez, Elias Kassabji, Marcias Gonzalez, Jacqueline Grobas

Seismic Modeling of Entire Outcropping Basin-Fill Successions: A Novel Approach to Resolving and Ground-Truthing Seismic Stratigraphy
by Ole Martinsen, Kristina Bakke, Trond Lien, Steen Petersen

Chayvo Field, Sakhalin Island, Russia: Identification of a Significant Oil Leg from 3-D Seismic and Execution of a World Class Extended Reach Drilling Program
by Randall Mathis, Ted Apotria, Rick J. Powell, Bridget Venner

Rock Physics Links Between Seismic and Geologic Processes
by Gary Mavko

Large Erosional Slope Channels and the New Challenge; Low Relief Sandy Channel Levees
by Mike Mayall

Wave 3: Broad Technolocy Trends and Their Effect on the Next Generation of Collaborative Visualization Environments
by Theo Mayer

Geometry, Origin and Significance of Late Syn-Rift Canyon Systems
by Andrew E. McAndrew, Christopher A.-L. Jackson, Tom Dreyer, Mike Charnock

Unraveling a Carbonate System through Chrono-Stratigraphic Horizon Tracking and Wheeler Transformation
by Kirstin A. McBeath, Geert De Bruin, Paul De Groot

Submarine Canyons as High Frequency Sequence Boundaries in the Niger Delta, Nigeria
by Tim R. McHargue

Geochemical Linkages Between Groundwater Flow and Microbial Methane Generation in Shallow Coal Beds and Fractured Black Shales: Northern Gulf of Mexico and Midcontinent U.S. Basins
by Jennifer McIntosh, Peter Warwick, Anna Martini, Stephen Osborn

Microbial Mediation in Dolomite Formation During Carbonate Diagenesis
by Judith A. McKenzie, Crisogono Vasconcelos, Monica Sanchez-Roman, Tomaso Bontognali, Rolf Warthmann

Integration of Palynology and Sequence Stratigraphy in the Analysis of Miocene Siliciclastic Aquifers, Delaware, USA
by Peter P. McLaughlin

Recent Gas discoveries in the Carnarvon Basin, Northwest Shelf, Australia
by Michael McLerie, Paul Clark, Mark Brokaw, Nathan Palmer, Andrew Arnold

How Successful Will the New Phase of Exploration Be If The Earth is Already a Pin-Cushion?
by Neil McMahon

Evaluating Water-Flooding Incremental Oil Recovery Using Experimental Design, Middle Miocene to Paleocene Reservoirs, Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico
by Kenneth McMillen, Richard Dessenberger, Joseph Lach

Dynamic Behavior in Deep-Water Gravelly Subaqueous Flows, El Rosario Formation (Upper Cretaceous), Baja California, Mexico
by Kelsey McNamara, Bryan Anderson, Jesus Ochoa-Rodriguez, Michael Gardner, James Schmitt

Deep-Water Foraminifera and Petroleum Geology of the Oligocene Kugmallit Submarine Fan Complex in the Beaufort Sea, Arctic Canada
by D.H. McNeil, J.R. Dietrich, D.R. Issler, J. Dixon, K. Hu

Facies Variation Within Salt Constrained Shelf Margin Deltas – a New Model for the Texas Shelf
by David G. McPherson, Richard E. Kilby

Sand-Prone Mass-Transport Deposits: Unconventional Reservoirs on the Continental Slope
by Trey Meckel

The Humma Marrat Reservoir Development Project - Design of Experiments-Based Workflow Efficiency Meets the Reality of New Delineation Well Data Acquisition
by W. Scott Meddaugh, Stewart Griest, David Barge

Stochastic Modeling of the Wafra Maastrichtian Reservoir, Partitioned Neutral Zone (Saudi Arabia and Kuwait)
by W. Scott Meddaugh, Raymond A. Garber, Stewart Griest, Dennis W. Dull, Rebecca Latimer, Arturo Contreras

Demonstrating the Value of Combining Geologic Carbon Dioxide Sequestration with Enhanced Oil Recovery: Powder River Basin, Wyoming and Montana
by Jesse J. Melick, Michael H. Gardner

High Resolution Geochemistry Technology (HRGT), Satellite Oil Slick Detection And Direct Geochemistry Methods Applied to Assess Exploration Risk In Deep and Ultra-Deep Waters of Gulf Of Mexico
by M.R. Mello

An Analytical Formulation of Seismic-Derived Resistivity
by Denny Merkurius Mendrofa, Bambang Widarsono

Three-dimensional Geological Modeling of the Morichal Member, Oficina Formation, in the Central Section of the Jobo Field. Eastern Venezuela
by Ann Marie Mezones

Secondary Microbial Methane From Very Slight Biodegradation of Undersaturated Oil in a Deep Hot Reservoir: Geochemical Evidence
by Alexei V. Milkov, Leon Dzou

Combining Visualization, Simulation, and Collaboration Tools for Next Generation Decision Environments
by Perry A. Miller, Jessica L. Block

Characterization of the Woodford Shale in Outcrop and Subsurface in Pontotoc and Coal Counties, Oklahoma
by Ryan Miller, Roger Young

Design and Execution of Horizontal Wells in Gas Shales Using Borehole Images and Geochemical Data
by Camron K. Miller, Rick Lewis, Keith Bartenhagen

Evidence for Folding of Layered Terrains in Candor Chasma, Mars
by Ralph E. Milliken, John Grotzinger

Tectonic Retreat and Drowning of Carbonate Platform Margins: Triassic Yangtze Platform, South China
by Marcello Minzoni

Morphological Modelling of Continental Slopes
by Neil Mitchell

Petroleum and Source Rock Geochemistry of Tripura-Cachar Region of Assam-Arakan Basin, India
by A. K. Mittal, M. Jha, R. S. Bisht, D.S. Rawat, H.C. Pande, I.V.S.V. Prasad, S. Varshney, A. Raina, R.R. Singh

Polygonal Faulting/Fracturing : Characterization (Seismic, Well Data) from a Carbonate Field, Abu Dhabi
by Laure Moen-Maurel, Frederic Jeanjean, Francois Gouth, Sabah K. Aziz

New Geochemical Technologies to Reduce The Risk in Gas Exploration
by J. Michael Moldowan, Zhibin Wei, Jeremy Dahl

Permeability and Petrophysical Properties of Reconstituted Mudstones – An Experimental Study
by Nazmul Haque Mondol, Knut Bjørlykke, Jens Jahren

Physical Properties of Mudstones During Burial: A Comparison Between Laboratory Investigations and Well Logs from the Northern North Sea and Vøring Basins, Offshore Norway
by Nazmul Haque Mondol, Øyvind Marcussen, Christer B. Peltonen, Knut Bjørlykke, Jens Jahren

Active Salt Tectonics and Its Effect on the Internal Architecture and Connectivity Between Minibasins Near the Sigsbee Escarpment, Gulf of Mexico
by Patricia Montoya, Michael R. Hudec

Understanding the Wilcox 1 and Wilcox 2 Reservoir Distribution at Jack (It's Possible That You Don't Know Jack!)
by R. Tom Mooney, Morgan D. Sullivan, Larry Zarra

Evaluating Paleoclimate Indicators Using Climate Envelopes
by Thomas L. Moore, Roy E. Plotnick, Martin Perlmutter, Judith Totman Parrish

Using Climate Model Experiments of Orbital Cycles to Understand Stratigraphic Variability
by Thomas L. Moore, Martin Perlmutter, Christopher Scotese

Stratigraphic and Structural Relations in the Permo-Pennsylvanian Cutler Formation of the Proximal Paradox Basin, Colorado
by Katherine Moore, G.S. Soreghan

The Relationship between Rank and Elastic Properties of Coal
by Anyela Morcote, Gary Mavko

3-D Restoration Using Elasticity and/or Elastic Relaxation
by Isabelle C. Moretti, Marc O. Titeux

Slope Stability along Incised Fluvial Valleys
by Alan P. Morris, David A. Ferrill, Ronald N. McGinnis, Ben A. Abbott

Upper Devonian, Marine Impact-Generated Tsunami Beds in Inner Carbonate-Platform Settings, Central Great Basin
by Jared R. Morrow, Charles A. Sandberg

Role of Strike-Slip Faulting in the Evolution of a Young Rift Basin: Malawi Rift, East Africa
by Estelle Mortimer, Douglas Paton, Chris Scholz, Manfred Strecker

Influence of the Timing of Accommodation Space on the Sedimentary Record of the Earth's Climate
by David D. Mrofka, Martin Kennedy

Processes involving the formation of Organic Facies for Oil and Gas-Condensate Source rocks in the Late Triassic to Early Cretaceous Sediments from the Central Atlantic Conjugate Margin
by Prasanta K. Mukhopadhyay (Muki)

Coalbed Methane and CO2 Sequestration Potential of the Westphalian (Carboniferous) Coal Seams from Onshore Carboniferous Basins of Nova Scotia, Eastern Canada
by Prasanta K. Mukhopadhyay (Muki), Paul J. Harvey, D. Jack MacDonald

Controls on Accommodation in Retroarc Foreland Systems: Case Study of The Lea Park Formation And Equivalents, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
by Andrew J. Mumpy, Octavian Catuneanu

Subsalt Image Improvements in GOM using Shale and Salt Discrimination through PSDM Velocity Model Building
by Shkelqim Muskaj, David Quintanilla, Hector Sepulveda

Deep-Water Turbidites and Their Equally Important Shallower Water Cousins
by Emiliano Mutti, Roberto Tinterri, Pierre Muzzi Magalhaes, Gustavo Basta

Neoproterozoic Paleogeography and Paleoclimate Implications from the Red Pine Shale, Uinta Mountains, Utah
by Caroline A. Myer, Carol M. Dehler

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A GIS Database of Deep Sedimentary Temperatures in the Northern Continental Shelf of the Gulf of Mexico
by Seiichi Nagihara, Michael Smith

Tertiary Basin Initiation and Sedimentation; East Java Basin, Indonesia
by John C. Naranjo, J. A. (Toni) Simo, Eduard Dragan, Alan R. Carroll

Sequence Stratigraphic and Depostitional Facies Framework of the Lower Cretaceous McMurray Formation, Kearl Oil Sands Project, Alberta
by Thomas Nardin, Joan Carter, Bob Falls, John Irish, Stan Stancliffe, Bogdan Varban, Nancy Wilson, Lidia Zabcic, Lynn Pratt

Velocity Structure of Subaerial Debris Flows Transforming into Tubidity Currents
by Hajime Naruse, Yu Saito, Fujio Masuda

Biostratigraphy of Neogene Sedimentary Succession in the Macuspana Basin, Southern Gulf of Mexico
by Yanina Narvaez, Javier Helenes, Jose Manuel Del Moral-Dominguez, Victor Manuel Martinez-Morales

Intrachannel Architecture, Channel-Margin Geometry and Evolution of a Deep-water Slope Channel-Levee Complex: Isaac Channel 3, Neoproterozoic Windermere Supergroup, Canada
by Lilian L. Navarro, Zishann A. Khan, R. William C. Arnott

Outcrop Characterization of a Deep-Water Channel Complex Set: Isaac Channel 1, Neoproterozoic Isaac Formation, Windermere Supergroup, Canada
by Lilian L. Navarro, R. William C. Arnott

Storm Events in Geological Record - a Lecture from 92 MYA
by Dragana D. Nebrigic, Boyan K. Vakarelov

Planktic Foraminiferal Paleoecological Events - Tool for High Resolution Biochronostratigraphic Correlations – Cenomanian-Turonian Time, San Felipe Formation, NE Mexico
by Dragana D. Nebrigic

The Oil Recovery Growth Potential of the Permian Basin
by Richard Nehring

Modern Turbidite Systems Along the Northern California Continental Margin and Their Holocene Earthquake Triggering History from the San Andreas Fault
by C. Hans Nelson, Chris Goldfinger, Julia Gutierrez Pastor, Ann Morey Ross, Eugene Karabanov

Depositional Environment of the Late Paleocene Canyon Coal Seam in Northeastern Wyoming
by Charles R. Nelson

Integrated Geological Model of Balaton-Lineament as a key to Success of Exploration and Exploitation (Best of EAGE)
by Andras Nemeth, Josvai Josvai, I. Czeller, A. Szuromi-Korecz

Variability in Structural Style and Fault Interaction in Submarine Compressional Structures: a Case Study from Offshore Venezuela
by Nieves Nevado, Asdrubal Bernal, Cesar Vasquez

Geochemical Trends in Gas Quality in Kansas
by K. David Newell

MISS on Mars – Biosignatures in Sandy Deposits on Earth and Beyond
by Nora Noffke, Dina Bower, Robert M. Hazen, Nathalie Cabrol

Fine-Scale Relief on The Floor of Upper Redondo Fan Valley: Multibeam Bathymetry And Chirp Reflection Profiles from The MBARI Mapping AUV in San Pedro Basin, Offshore Southern California
by William R. Normark, C. K. Paull, D. W. Caress, W. Ussler, R. Keaton, R. Sliter

Insights from Basin Modeling on Dynamics of Hydrocarbon Systems and Distribution of Material Plays
by Rod Nourse, Robin Hamilton, John Stainforth, Larry Garmezy

The Interplay of Tectonic and Climatic Forcing Factors in the Deposition of a Hydrologically-Closed Basin Fill Sequence: Copper Canyon "Formation", Death Valley National Park
by Torrey Nyborg, Paul Buchheim

Syn-Kinematic Effects on Depositional Facies and Stratal Architecture within a Slope Valley Fill: Implications for Reservoir Distribution and Modeling
by Ciaran J. O'Byrne

Multiple Origins of Thin-Bedded Slope Turbidites: El Rosario Formation, Upper Cretaceous, Baja California, Mexico
by Jesus Armando Ochoa Rodriguez, Kelsey McNamara, Bryan Anderson, Michael Gardner, James Schmitt

Deep Play Exploration in the Mature Niger Delta Basin – An appraisal of Risks and Challenges (Best of EAGE)
by Babatope Olaleye, R.N. Basorun

Distribution of Hyperpycnal Deposits in the Delta Front of Cretaceous Panther Tongue Delta, Utah, USA
by Cornel Olariu, Ron J. Steel

Soft Sediment Deformation Structures in the Tanqua Depocentre, Karoo Basin, South Africa: A Statistical Approach to Understanding Processes and Products
by Carlos M. M. Oliveira, David M. Hodgson, Stephen S. Flint

Tempo and Modes of Climate Variability: Perspectives From Deep-Time Rift Basins
by Paul E. Olsen

Modeling Heat and Mass Transfer Along the Muroto Transsect, Nankai Trough, Combining 2D-Basin and Structural Modeling and its Importance for the Deep Biosphere
by Robert Ondrak, Christoph Gaedicke, Brian Horsfield

3D Seismic Attribute Analysis of the Jurassic Entrada/Curtis Sandstone Play, Uinta Basin, Utah
by Ryan J. O'Neal, R. William Keach, Thomas H. Morris, John H. McBride

Characterization and Quantification of Structural and Stratigraphic Heterogeneities in Deep Water Settings
by Kachi U. Onyeagoro, Frans F. Van Der Vlugt, Steve J. Naruk, Mark Barton

Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of the Pleistocene Deltas of the Gulf of Corinth (Greece)
by Gian Gabriele Ori

From Alluvial Fans to Deltas: the Sedimentary history of Mars as Seen from the HRSC (Mars Express)
by Gian Gabriele Ori, Gerahrd Neukum, Monica Pondrelli, Ernst Hauber

Current and Future Perspectives on Recovery Growth from the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
by K.G. Osadetz, Zhuoheng Chen

Discrimination of Seismic vs. Hydrologic Triggers for Holocene Turbidites from Lake Tahoe, California and Nevada
by David A. Osleger, Alan Heyvaert, Joseph S. Stoner, Kenneth L. Verosub

Undiscovered Oil Resource Assessment of Libya: The Sirte and Murzuq Basin
by Simon Otto, Tom Wilson, Mark Cowgill, Fugro Robertson

Play Analysis: A Systematic Approach in Pemex
by Adan E. Oviedo-Perez

Physical Properties in Shales and Mudstones Versus Depth and their Implications for Basin Analysis
by Marcussen Øyvind, Christer B. Peltonen, Nazmul Haque Mondol, Knut Bjørlykke, Jens Jahren

Diagenesis and Porosity Evolution of the Flathead Sandstone (Middle Cambrian), Wyoming and Montana
by Aysen Ozkan, Earle F. McBride

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Petroleum Geochemistry of Upper Assam Shelf- a Case Study
by S. Pahari, A.K.S. Madhavan, I.V.S.V. Prasad, M. Varshney, A. K. Sinha, B.L. Sharma, A. Mishra, A. Banerjee

Application of Borehole Images for the Evaluation of Volcanic Reservoirs – A Case Study from the Deccan Volcanics, Cambay Basin, India
by Aditi Pal, Nigel Machin, Shashank Sinha, Chandramani Shrivastva

Fracture Detection Using Multi-Azimuthal AVO At Y107, Jizhong Depression, Hebei Province, China
by Renfang Pan

Sediment Mass Extraction as a Key to Quantifying the Interplay of Tectonic Subsidence and Sedimentation
by Chris Paola, John Martin, Sean Connnell, Wonsuck Kim

Geometry, Topography and Flow Expansion in Depositional Lobes
by Chris Paola, Luca Sittoni, Vaughan Voller

Exploration for Natural Gas from Deeply Buried Coal Seams in Southwestern Oregon
by Steve Pappajohn, David May, Russell Ralls, George Hampton

Effects of Smectite-Illite Reactions in Shales on Sandstone Diagensis, Gulf Coast
by Anthony J. Park

Modeling of Iron Oxide Concretion Formation: Complexities and Sensitivities of Fluid Interactions on Earth and Mars
by Anthony Park, Marjorie A. Chan, Jens Ormo, Michael Stich, Virginia Souza-Egipsy, Goro Komatsu

SECARB Field Test for CO2 Sequestration in Coalbed Methane Reservoirs of the Black Warrior Basin, Alabama
by Jack Pashin, Peter Clark, Richard Esposito

Behaviour of Fully Ponded Turbidity Currents in Confined Basins: An Experimental Study
by Marco Patacci, William. D. McCaffrey, Peter D.W. Haughton, Lucie Baudouy

The Influence of Tectonics on Temporal and Spatial Variations in Sandbody Architecture; Cretaceous Gosau Basin, Western Calcareous Alps, Austria
by Douglas Paton, Mary Carr, Hugo Ortner, Robert Amerman, Jamers Borer, Piret Plink-Bjorklund, David, R. Pyles, Bruce Trudgill, Richard J. Wild

3D Geospatial and Structural Modeling of a Structurally Complex Deep-Water Basin; The Gosau Group, Western Calcareous Alps Austria
by Douglas Paton, Bruce Trudgill, Hugo Ortner, Donald A. Medwedeff, Estelle Mortimer, Mary Carr, David, R. Pyles

New Methods in Stratigraphic Correlation
by Doreena Patrick, Paul N. Wegleitner, James E. Martin

Sedimentology, Sedimentary Architecture and Stratigraphy of Isolated Inner Shelf Channels, Upper Cretaceous Aberdeen Member, Green River Embayment, Book Cliffs, eastern Utah, U.S.A.: Implications for Shoreface-to-Shelf Facies Models
by Simon A.J. Pattison, R. Bruce Ainsworth

New Insights for Correlation in Shoreface-to-Shelf Systems Based on Observations in the Campanian Blackhawk Formation to Castlegate Sandstone Stratigraphic Interval, Book Cliffs, Utah
by Simon A.J. Pattison, Huw Williams, Paul Davies

Active Faulting, Gas Hydrate Formation, and the Growth of Seafloor Blisters in Santa Monica Basin, California
by Charles K. Paull, William R. Normark, William Ussler, David W. Caress, Rendy Keaten

Discriminating Depositional Habitat and Provenance of Mudrock Through Use of Spectral Gamma Ray
by Stanley T. Paxton, Anna M. Cruse, James O. Puckette, Michael Aufill

3D Facies Architecture of a Dryland Shadow Bar, Umbum Creek, Central Australia
by Tobias Payenberg, Nathan P. Gardiner, Carmen B.E. Krapf, and Mark R. W. Reilly

What's in a Channel? The Influence of Channel Morphology on Reservoir Compartmentalisation
by Tobias H.D. Payenberg

Reservoir Modelling of Small-Scale Heterogeneities in a Channelized Turbidite Systems: Digital Outcrop Studies of the Ross Formation, Western Ireland
by Cathrine Pedersen, John Howell, Trond Lien, Ellinore Bjoerk Vipond, John Thurmond, Tore Løseth, Ole Martinsen

Stratigraphic Architecture of Two Incised Valley Fills: Fiddler Creek and Clareton Fields, Wyoming
by Keriann H. Pederson, David W. Bowen

Facies Control on Diagenesis and Reservoir Quality of Fluvial Sandstones; an Example from the Middle Jurassic of Yorkshire
by Christer B. Peltonen, Knut Bjørlykke

Cryptobioturbation and the Work of Sedimentologically Friendly Organisms
by S. George Pemberton, James A. MacEachern, Murray K. Gingras, Thomas Saunders

The Petroleum System in La Blanquilla and Tuy-Cariaco Basins, Offshore Venezuela
by Adriana C. Perez G, Asdrubal J. Bernal P

Early Post-Burial Deformation of Turbidite Channel Sands in the Deep Gulf of Mexico
by Marine Perus, Patrice Imbert

Multi-stage Dolomitization of the Upper Permian Zechstein Limestone (Ca1) Carbonates (SW Poland)
by Tadeusz Marek Peryt, Marek Jasionowski

Differential GPS-Mapping Reveals Lagoonal Paleorelief of the "Layer-Cake" Latemar Buildup, Dolomites, Northern Italy
by Arndt Peterhansel, Gordon Schlolaut, Ines Voigt, Uwe P. Baaske, Sven O. Egenhoff, Maria Mutti

De-Convoluting Mixed Crude Oils in Prudhoe Bay Field Using Chemometrics
by Kenneth E. Peters, L. Scott Ramos, John E. Zumberge, Zenon C. Valin, Kenneth J. Bird

Predicting Physicochemical Properties of Upper Jurassic Circum-Arctic Crude Oil
by Kenneth E. Peters, L. Scott Ramos, John E. Zumberge, Zenon C. Valin, Donald L. Gautier

Chemometrics Identifies Families of Crude Oils, Seep Oils, and Stranded Tarballs in Coastal California
by Kenneth E. Peters, Frances D. Hostettler, Thomas D. Lorenson, Robert J. Rosenbauer

Hyperpycnal-Flow Evolution from the Shelf Edge to the Lower Slope as Evidenced by Slope-Channel Deposits in the Tertiary Central Basin of Spitsbergen
by Andrew L. Petter, Piret Plink-Bjorklund, Ron Steel

Formation And Diagenesis of Encrinite Facies in Hydrocarbon Plays: Predicting Which Encrinite Types Have The Highest Reservoir Potential
by William T. Phelps

Improving Net-to-Gross Reservoir Estimation with Small-Scale Geological Modeling
by Peter Phillips, Renjun Wen

An Examination of the Structure and Stratigraphy in the Southern Sabine Uplift
by Chad TJ Phillips

Ainsa Submarine Fans, Middle Eocene, South Spanish Pyrenees: Integrated Outcrop - Subsurface Study of Architecture and Processes
by Kevin Thomas Pickering, Julian Clark, Nicole Bayliss, Jordi Corregidor

A Reference Example for Oolitic Ramps : a 37 km Continuous Outcrop (Jurassic Cliffs of Amellago, High Atlas, Morocco)
by Aurelien Olivier Pierre, Christophe Durlet, Philippe Razin

Geologic Characterization Using 3D Modeling, Upscaling, and Simulation: Case Study of Serra Field in Potiguar Basin, Northeast of Brazil
by Vicente Pimentel, Ricardo Oliveira, Yoe Reyes-Perez, Flavio Oliver

Central Utah Thurst Belt: East Vergent Sevier Thrusts and a Laramide Back Thrust Combine to Create Very Large Reserves
by Michael L. Pinnell, Floyd Moulton

The Grand Tour - Pacific Margin Structural Styles - Washington to Southern California
by Kenneth A. Piper, Michael R. Brickey

The Future Discovery Potenital of the California OCS
by Kenneth A. Piper, Maher Ibrahim

Economic Production of Sandbed Methane from Ground Water
by Gary Farnsworth Player

Devonian reef complexes of the Canning Basin: 50 years on
by Phillip Elliott Playford

Contrasting Upper Devonian Foreslopes of the Canning Basin: Examples From Retrograding Frasnian and Prograding Famennian Platform Flanks
by Ted E. Playton, Charles Kerans, Phillip E. Playford

Formation of Nitrogen-rich Gas Accumulations in the Central European Basin. I. The Significance of Fixed Ammonium in Palaeozic Rocks
by Birgit Plessen, Peer Hoth, Volker Luders

An Outcrop Record of Complex Sediment Gravity Flow Mechanisms
by Piret Plink-Bjorklund, Mary Carr, Robert Amerman, Jim Borer, Grace Ford, Estelle Mortimer, Douglas Paton, David Pyles, Bruce Trudgill, Richard Wilde

Quantitative Assessment of Eustatic and Stratigraphic Controls on Reservoir Stacking Patterns in Ice-House Carbonates
by David A. Pollitt, Peter M. Burgess, V. Paul Wright, Giovanna Della Porta

Sequence-Stratigraphic Evidence for Late Quaternary Faulting and Folding in the Long Beach and Torrance Plains, Los Angeles Basin, California
by Daniel J. Ponti

Global Climate Change in the Paleozoic (Ordovician, and Carboniferous-Permian): Why it Matters to the Oil Industry Now, and in the Future
by Michael Carl Pope

Fractured Basement: New Exploratory Target in La Concepcion Field, Western Venezuela
by Jesus S. Porras, Elmer Ferro, Carla E. Castillo, Vanessa I. Machado, Luis A. Ochoa, Nelson E. Chirinos

Confined Flow in Deep-Water Settings from Slope to Basin Floor: Contrasting Architecture and Morphologies between Deposits Associated with Fully- and Partially-Contained Channelized Flow
by Henry W. Posamentier

Late Diagenesis: the Key to Pennsylvanian Regressive Oomoldic Reservoirs (Central Kansas)
by Jessica E. Poteet, Evan K. Franseen, Robert H. Goldstein

Fluvial Sandstone-Body Dimensions and Reservoir Connectivity within a Meandering to Braided System: An Example From the Williams Fork Formation, Piceance Basin, Colorado
by Matthew J. Pranter, Henrikus Panjaitan, Quentin A. German, Zulfiquar A. Reza, Rex D. Cole, Neil F. Hurley, Donna S. Anderson

Petroleum and Source Rock Geochemistry of Krishna-Godavari Basin, India: a Case Study
by I.V.S.V. Prasad, M. Varshney, A.K.S. Madhavan, B.S. Negi, T. Chand, S. Pahari, A.K. Sinha, H. Singh, A.K. Mittal, B.G. Goswami, R.R. Singh

Comparative Lithology of The Barnett Shale, Central Texas and Age-Equivalent Caney Shale in Southern Oklahoma
by Jim Puckette, Darwin Boardman, Bill Coffey, Eric Gerding, Patrick Kamman, Naranjan Aryal, Manish Singh, Andy Rihn, Stan Paxton

Outcrop and Seismic Reflection Images of the Devonian Reefs of the Canning Basin, Western Australia - Evolution and Inter-Action
by Peter G. Purcell

The Role of Secondary Flow on Facies Associations and Stratigraphic Architecture in Sinuous Slope Channels: Concepts learned from a 3D exposure of a Sinuous Slope Channel, Brushy Canyon Formation, West Texas
by David Pyles, Mark Tomasso, D.C. Jennette, R.T. Beaubouef, C.R. Rossen

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Reserves Prediction in Exploration - the Trap We Have Got Ourselves Into and How to Deal with It
by Dave Quirk, Rick Ruthrauff

Major, long-lived ENE-WSW lineaments in North Africa and their influence on Proterozoic and Palaeozoic Petroleum systems
by M. C. Raddadi, P. Markwick, S. Campbell

Neural Network and 3D Seismic Techniques Improve the Prediction of Facies Distribution within a Submarine Channel Complex. Neuquen Basin, Argentina
by Fernanda Raggio, Anna Ortin, Claudia Martinez, Pablo Uzzo

Automated Classification of Sedimentary Units in Drill Cores and Outcrops using high-resolution Hyperspectral Imaging and Neural Networks
by Daniel Eduardo Ragona, Bernard Minster, Tom Rockwell

Opportunity from Complexity: the Northern Gulf of Mexico, Offshore U.S
by David I. Rainey, Cindy A. Yeilding, Mark Golborne, Larry E. Archibald, Chuck Guderjahn, Gerchard E. Pfau

The Lower Tertiary Wilcox Trend in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
by David B. Rains, Larry Zarra, David Meyer

Stratigraphic Framework and Petroleum Systems of the Guajira Basin, Offshore Northern Colombia
by Victor O. Ramirez

Why Are Only Some Isolated Carbonate Buildups Grain-Dominated?
by Eugene C. Rankey, J. Rodrigo Garza-Perez, Stacy L. Reeder

Along-Strike Variability in Sedimentology and Geomorphology of a Leeward Margin, Caicos Platform
by Eugene C. Rankey, Sean A. Guidry, Stacy Lynn Reeder

Integrating Digital Outcrop Data and Field Geology for Modelling Multi-scale Heterogeneities in Complex Tidal Facies: Nukhul Half-graben, Gulf of Suez, Egypt
by Frank Rarity, David Hodgetts, Paul Wilson, Rob Gawthorpe

Paleogeography of Uncompahgre Uplift during Early-Medial Pennsylvanian Revealed by Progression of Siliciclastic Wedges in the Paradox Basin, Colorado and Utah
by Donald L. Rasmussen

Imaging Nanoscale Pores in the Mississippian Barnett Shale of the Northern Fort Worth Basin
by Robert Reed, Robert Loucks

Carbonate Sedimentology's Next Generation: New Perspectives on Shoal Geomorphology
by Stacy Lynn Reeder, Eugene Rankey

Modeling Hydrocarbon Generation, Migration and Entrapment in Northern Oman
by Stephen A. Reid, Badar H. Al Barwani, William M. Fitchen

Hydrocarbon Systems, Basin Analyses, and 2006 Field and Subsurface Data: Bristol Bay, Alaska Peninsula, Frontier Basin
by Rocky Robert Reifenstuhl, Paul L. Decker, Robert J. Gillis, Kenneth P. Helmold, Andrea Strauch

Paleo-Environmental Evolution of an Extensional Cretaceous Continental Sequence, Northern Precordillera, Central Argentine Andes
by Hernan M. Reijenstein

Application of Structural Analogs to Enhance Understanding of Tectonically Inverted Settings
by David J. Reynolds, John R. Underhill

Structural Style and Timing in the Narraway Area, Foothills Belt, Alberta: Implications for Fracture Distribution and Hydrocarbon Exploration
by David R. Richards, Rob Scammell, Martin Armitage, Michael Doe

Integrated Structural and Fracture Modeling of a Structurally Complex Reservoir, Llanos Foothills, Colombia
by David R. Richards, Alberto Ortiz F, German Meza C

Misbehaving Corals: Increased Cover with Depth in Chagos Archipelago Lagoons and the Importance of Non-Reef Habitats
by Bernhard Riegl, Sam Purkis, Charles Sheppard

Analysis of Slip History on Strike-Slip Faults Using Sedimentary Basins: Examples from the NE Tibetan Plateau
by Bradley Ritts, Yongjun Yue, Stephan Graham

Paleogeography of the Bluesky Formation, Greater Boyer Area, NW Alberta
by Kimberly D. Robinson, S. George Pemberton, Murray Gingras

Tectonic and Eustatic Controls on Foreland Basin Deposition, The Lower Colorado Group and Equivalent Strata of the Alberta Basin, Canada
by Xavier Roca, Jessica Rylaarsdam, Heng Zhang, Guy Plint

Physical Models of Sills and Cone-sheets Formed by Sand Injection
by Nuno E. T. Rodrigues, Peter R. Cobbold, Helge Loseth

Facies and Flow Units Distribution in Sandy Estuaries
by Temistocles S. Rojas, Dr. Deborah S. Lawrence

New Opportunities for an Old Field
by Temistocles Rojas, Rosmari Usta, Lehywis Villa, Villasmil Jose, Prieto Isabel, Chirinos Francisco, Miladis Blanco

Multi-scale Comparison of Proximal Lobe and Channel-Fill Deposits on a Prograding Deep-Marine Slope, Tres Pasos Formation, Cerro Divisadero, Chile
by Brian W. Romans, Stephen M. Hubbard

High-Resolution Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Sand Accumulation on an Active Highstand Submarine Fan in Santa Monica Basin, Offshore California: Implications for Controls of Deep-Marine Sedimentation
by Brian W. Romans, William R. Normark

Building Three-Dimensional Structural Frameworks with Well-Log Data
by William C. Ross, Richard J. Langenwalter

Shale Gas Reservoir Systems: Insights from North of the Border
by Daniel John Kerridge Ross, R. Marc Bustin

The Roles of Basement Architecture and Salt Distribution in the Sierra Madre Oriental Fold-and-Thrust Belt and its Foreland Basin, Northeastern Mexico
by Mark G. Rowan, Randall Marrett, Samuel Eguiluz de Antunano, Timothy F. Lawton, Mario Aranda-Garcia

The Development of Leveed Channels by Turbulent, Plane Jets: Laboratory Modeling of Floodplain Tie Channels
by Joel C. Rowland, Mark Stacey, William E. Dietrich

Seismic Expression of the Canyon Fill Facies and its Geological Significance------A Case Study from Ariyalur-Pondicherry Subbasin, Cauvery Basin, India
by S.K Roy Moulik, Dr. G.K. Prasad

Recognizing Geochemical Facies to Improve Oil Shale Resource Assessment and Development
by Tim E. Ruble, Brian Jarvie, Michael D. Lewan, R. Paul Philip, Daniel M. Jarvie

How to Model Coupled Fault Growth and Associated Sedimentation
by Jean-Luc Rudkiewicz, Didier Granjeon, Marie-Christine Cacas, Emily Albouy

Michel T. Halbouty Lecture: Current petroleum Exploration Trends: Prudent Investments or Irrational Exuberance?
by Kurt W. Rudolph

Insights on the Evolution of Oligocene-Miocene Carbonate Buildups from 3D Seismic Data, East Java Basin, Indonesia
by Amy S. Ruf, Toni Simo, Tina M. Hughes, Kelley Steffen

Integrated CHIRP and Water Bottom Sediment Sampling Across a Modern Carbonate Platform, Turks and Caicos, BWI
by Amy S. Ruf, Jason W. Eleson, Bryan Motzel, Timothy S. Dulaney, Gregory S. Benson, Stephen Kaczmarek, Lisa K. Meeks, Sean A. Guidry, Eugene C. Rankey, Stacy L. Reeder, Humberto Guarin, James R. Markello, Jim Weber

Re-Os Isotope Geochemistry and Its Potential Use in Basin Fluid Analysis
by Joaquin Ruiz, John Chesley, Fernando Barra

Similarities and Contrasts Among Major Paleozoic Shale Gas Reservoir Plays in Texas and New Mexico
by Stephen C. Ruppel, R. G. Loucks, Wayne R. Wright, Jeffrey A. Kane, Fred P. Wang

Applications of Image Log Data in the Characterization of a Jurassic Carbonate Reservoir, Saudi Arabia
by S. Duffy Russell, Weihua Wang

Early Diagenetic Controls on Porosity Distribution in a Carbonate Mound
by Mark I. Russell, Tracy D. Frank, Miriam B. Andres

Investigation of Previously Unpublished Igneous Unit(s) in the Los Angeles Basin California: Inglewood Oil Field
by Michael W. Ryan, Dalton Lockman, James R. Boles

Stratigraphic Response to Tectonic Evolution of the Cretaceous Gyeongsang Basin, Korea: An Example of Tectonically Controlled Lake Basin in Active Margin Setting
by In-Chang Ryu, Seon-Gyu Choi, Soo-Meen Wee, Tae-Hoon Kim, Chang-Yoon Lee

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Consideration of Geologic Conditions in Optimizing a Tunnel and Ocean Outfall Alignment within the Los Angeles Basin, California
by David M. Sackett, Thomas W. McNeilan, Calvin G. Jin

Regional Reservoir Compartmentalization within offlapping, Top-Truncated, Mixed-influenced Deltas, Wall Creek Member, Frontier Formation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming
by Junaid Sadeque, Janok P. Bhattacharya

Hydrocarbon Migration and Thermal Degradation of Monterey Formation Oil in Santa Maria Basin, Offshore California
by Joseph M. Saenz, Frank E. Denison, Craig K. Ogawa, Thomas J. O'Neil, Peter J. Fischer

Seismic Potential of the San Clemete Island Region
by Joseph M. Saenz, Frank E. Denison, James E. Slosson

A Mass Movement Model for the Santa Maria and Santa Lucia Basins, Offshore California
by Joseph M. Saenz, Frank E. Denison, Thomas J. O'Neil, Craig K. Ogawa

Characteristics of Tidal Sand Bars in the Gulf of Khambhat using Satellite Images and Field Mapping, Western India
by Sourav Saha, Anupam Ghosh, Stuart Burley, Santanu Banerjee, Pratul Kumar Saraswati

Application of Seismic Attributes for Enhanced Structural Interpretation of the Wilburton Gas Field Area in Southeastern Oklahoma
by Surinder Sahai, Ibrahim Cemen, Dale Cox

Mackenzie Delta (Canada): Influence of Depositional History on Organic Facies Variations and Petroleum Formation Predictions
by Anne Saison, V. Dieckmann, B. Horsfield

Diagenesis in Thick Ice-House Carbonate Cycles: Implications to Reservoir Development
by Arthur H. Saller

3D Structural Control of Turbidite Deposition in a Foreland Fold and Thrust Belt: The Annot Sandstone Depocentre of Sanguiniere, SE France
by Lise Salles, Mary Ford, Antoine LeSolleuz, Philippe Joseph, Christian Le Carlier de Veslud

Fluvial Reservoir Architecture from Near-Surface 3D Seismic Data, Block B8/32, Gulf of Thailand
by Hathaiporn Samorn

Improved Identification and Characterization of Deepwater Thermogenic Hydrocarbon Macro-Seepage Using High-Resolution AUV Geophysical Data
by Bruce. M Samuels, Harry Dembicki

Applications of the Trap and Seal Analysis Methodology on Prospects and Reservoirs in Carbonates, Southeastern Mexico
by Raymundo Sanchez, Marco Arreguin

Styles and Multistage Salt Intrusions in the Southern Gulf of Mexico: Implications on the Timing and Reservoir Distributions
by Raymundo Sanchez, Felipe Audemard, Ruben Sanchez, Carlos Williams

Tectonic Generation of Early Miocene Transgressive Fill of the Eastern Venezuela Basin (Maturin Sub-Basin)
by Nubia Santiago, Kaolu Parra, Ronald Steel

Understanding Heterogeneities in Turbidite Reservoirs Using Sedimentology and Production Data and the Implications for Hydrocarbon Recovery: Sleipner Field, Norwegian North Sea
by Nicholas Satur, Helga Hansen

Predicting the Temperature of Hydrocarbon Expulsion from oil Asphaltene Kinetics and Oil Source Correlation:a Case Study of South Cambay Basin,India
by Shishir Kant Saxena, R. K. Saxena, Rashmi Anand, K. P. Singh, Harvir Singh, Ram Raj Singh

Saar-Nahe Basin Analysis – Continental Sediment Transport initiated by Strike-Slip (Carboniferous-Permian, W-Germany)
by Andreas Schaefer

Shale Gas Resources of Utah: Assessment of Previously Undeveloped Gas Discoveries
by Steven Schamel

Modern 3D Interpretation of a Mature, Structurally-Complex Oil Field: Whittier Field, Los Angeles Basin, California, USA
by Jay Scheevel, Michael McCaskey, Jason Byl

The Sedimentology of Milk - Studying Deposition and Transport Modes of Moving Clay Suspensions
by Juergen Schieber, John B. Southard, Kevin G. Thaisen

On the Potential to Apply Sequence Stratigraphic Concepts to Martian Strata
by Juergen Schieber

Organic Production by Iron Microbial Mats – Implications for Volcaniclastic Successions and Hydrocarbons on Mars
by Juergen Schieber

Potential of Lunar Helium-3 Fusion Power
by Harrison H. Schmitt

Newly Formed vs Reactivated Strike-Slip Faults in a Mud-Dominated Fold Belt, Mackenzie Delta
by Greg Schoenborn

Foraminiferal Response to Downslope Sand Transport Processes and Seafloor Morphology Offshore Fraser Island, Australia
by Claudia J. Schroder-Adams, Ron Boyd, Kevin Ruming, Marianne L. Sandstrom

Mid-Maastrichtian Benthic Foraminiferal Isotope Record from Shatsky Rise, Northwest Pacific Ocean, Evidence for a Change in Oceanic Circulation
by Eric J. Schroeder, Tracy Frank

High-Resolution Reservoir Modeling of a Deepwater Channel Complex with Thin Beds, Zafiro Field, Equatorial Guinea
by Peter Schwans, Marty Cohen, Kim Zauderer, Stephen D. Knapp, Ted C. Lukas

Understanding Channel-Overbank Interactions in Deep-Marine Slope Settings: Architectural Analysis of Channel and Levee Elements in the Neoproterozoic Isaac Formation (Windermere Supergroup), Southern Canadian Cordillera
by Ernesto Schwarz, Zishann A. Khan, R. William C. Arnott

Sill-Dominated Clastic Intrusions Sourced from Adjacent Deep-Water Submarine Channels: Geometry and Emplacement Models (Isaac Formation, Neoproterozoic Windermere Supergroup, Southern Canadian Cordillera)
by Ernesto Schwarz, R. William C. Arnott

Sand Injectites: Aature and Hydrocarbon Implications. Outcrop Analogues From Santa Cruz, California and Tabarka, Tunisia
by Anthony Scott, Mario Vigorito, Andrew Hurst, Joe Cartwright

Internal structures within Yellow Bank Creek Injectite Complex (YBCC) Northwest Santa Cruz, California: Importance of outcrop analogues for subsurface modelling of Sand Injectites
by Anthony Stephen John Scott, Mario Vigorito, Andrew Hurst, Joe Cartwright

Current Exploration Status And Future Potential of The Frontier Basins in The Republic of Mali
by John Scott

Coal Seam Methane Potential, Resources, and Exploration Targets in the Sydney-Gunnedah Basin, Australia
by Andrew R. Scott, Douglas S. Hamilton, Aristeo M. Mantaring, Steve Cozens, Donna F. Balin

Earthquakes, Geomorphic Analysis and Field Work Yield Previously Unmapped Faults and a New Understanding of Active Tectonics, Santa Monica Mountains, California
by Lauren E. Seidman, Mark A. Millard, Brian G. Bayliss, Vincent S. Cronin

Petrophysical and Geological Modeling for Carbonate Reservoir Characterization. Zeit Bay Field, Gulf of Suez– Egypt
by Saber M. Selim, Khaled M.Abd alla, Bassem El-Sayed

New Techniques for New Discoveries – Results from the Lisbon Field Area, Paradox Basin, Utah
by David M. Seneshen, Thomas C. Chidsey, Craig D. Morgan, Michael D. Vanden Berg

Depositional Environments and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Lower Cretaceous Dakota Sandstone, SW Colorado
by hayet Serradji, Diane Kamola

Structural Interpretation Using a Three Dimensional Mass-Spring Restoration
by J. Ryan Shackleton, Graham Seed, William Sassi, Serena Jones, John Grocott

Stochastic Fault Seal Analysis and Reservoir Simulation for Fields with Thin Layers and Many Faults (Best of EAGE)
by B.Z Shang, H.D. Yang, S.A. Bourgeois

Prolific Gas Production from Low-Permeability Sandstone Reservoirs - Part II: Reconciling Basin History, Fluid Saturations, Gas Shows, and Capillary Pressure
by Keith W. Shanley, Robert M. Cluff, John W. Robinson

Measuring Autogenic Noise Superimposed on Idealized, Long-Term Distributary Dynamics
by Benjamin Sheets, David Hoyal, Tao Sun

Characterizing Distribution and Connectivity of Karst Networks in Carbonate Reservoirs
by Feng Shen, Shuiquan Li, Zhihua Li

The Relationship Between Recovery Efficiency and Depositional Setting in a Deltaic Plain Environment
by Robert C. Shoup

New Chemical EOR Processes for Oil Prices Even at $20/bbl or Less
by Patrick J. Shuler

Directional and Deep Logging While Drilling Technology Reduces Geological Uncertainties and Allows Optimum Horizontal Well Placement
by Augusto Carvalho Silva, Jose Cavero, Cory Labatte, Rene Mensias, Johny Tapia, Gavino Espinel, Luis Chiluiza, Gustavo Hermosa, German Guerra

Optimum Horizontal Well Placement in Very Low Resistivity Reservoir with a Directional and Deep Logging While Drilling Technology
by Augusto Carvalho Silva, Jose Cavero, Waldyr Rodriguez, Marco Augusto, Johana Vargas, Rommel Chacon

Analysis of Fault Network and Rock Mass Connectivity in Pull-apart Basins
by Darrell W. Sims, Alan P. Morris, Kevin J. Smart, David A. Ferrill

Evolution of Coastal Ponds in a Semi-Arid Setting, South Texas
by Alexander Simms, Niranjan Aryal

The Barremian Deep Marine Confined Channel System: Bredasdorp Basin, South Africa
by Varsha Singh, Jeff Aldrich

Petroleum Geochemistry of the Cauvery Basin, India
by Harvir Singh, Basant Giri Goswami, S. Pahari, I.V.S.V. Prasad, Ram Raj Singh

Outcrop Analog for Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoirs, Mohawk Valley, New York
by Brian Slater, Richard Nyahay, Langhorne B. "Taury" Smith

Estimating Sinuosity of an Outcropping Submarine Leveed-Channel Complex
by Roger M. Slatt, Staffan K. Van Dyke, Janice M. Dodson

Characteristics and Applications of Behind-Outcrop Borehole Image Logs of Deepwater Strata
by Roger Slatt, Robert J. Davis, Aaron Rothfolk

Seismic Scale Injected Sandstones in the South Viking Graben, North Sea; Implications for Exploration of the Palaeogene Succession
by Elisabeth Bøhle Sletten, Reza Ramsumair, Eirik Larsen, Nicholas Satur, ingrid Nilsson, trond Ødegard

Modeling Near-surface Porosity Evolution in Isolated Carbonate Platforms: a New Diagenetic Scheme for the CARB3D+ Forward Simulation Model
by Peter L. Smart, Fiona Whitaker, Richard Paterson, David Oldham

Complex High-Resolution Lacustrine Record of Laramide Tectonism: Green River Formation, Wyoming
by M. Elliot Smith, Alan R. Carroll

Sequence Stratigraphic Framework and Geochemical Characterization of the Neoproterozoic Old Fort Point Formation, Windermere Supergroup, Southern Canadian Cordillera: Examination of a Deep-Water Source Rock Analogue from an Ancient Passive-Margin Setting
by Mark D. Smith, R.W.C. (Bill) Arnott, Gerry M. Ross

Fault-Related Hydrothermal Alteration: An Important Model for Carbonate Reservoir Diagenesis
by Langhorne Smith, Graham R. Davies

Reservoir Connectivity: Definitions, Strategies, and Applications
by John W. Snedden, Peter J. Vrolijk, Larry T. Sumpter, Mike L. Sweet, Kevin R. Barnes, Elijah White, M. Ellen Meurer

The Politics of Paleoclimate Data Access
by Walter S. Snyder, Kerstin Lehnert

Paleozoic-Mesozoic Chronostratigraphic Framework for Deep-time Paleoclimate Research
by Walter S. Snyder, Vladimir Davydov, Mark D. Schmitz

Deep Time Paleoclimate Modeling and Natural Resource Exploration: Status and Future Challenges
by Linda E. Sohl, Mark A. Chandler

Factors Controlling the Development and Maintenance of Fault Seals in Heterogeneous Sedimentary Rocks: A Case Study from the Moab Fault, Utah
by John G. Solum, Nicholas C. Davatzes, David A. Lockner

Long-Term Delivery and Distribution of Sediments from River Catchments to Basin Floor Fans
by Tor O. Sømme, William Helland-Hansen, Ole J. Martinsen, John B. Thurmond

Reservoir-Scale Analysis of Sandstone-Body Dimensions in a Braided Fluvial System, Upper Williams Fork Formation, Main Canyon, Piceance Basin, Colorado
by Nicholas K. Sommer, Matthew J. Pranter, Rex D. Cole

Ice and High-Magnitude Climate Change in Equatorial Pangaea
by G.S. Soreghan

The Ups and Downs of the Ancestral Rocky Mountains
by G.S. Soreghan, M. Charles Gilbert, G. Randy Keller

Sand Smear Along Normal and Reverse Faults in Mud-Dominated Marine Sequences: A Case Study from Boso Peninsula, Japan, and Implications for Fault Sealing Assessment in Deepwater Basins
by Rasoul Sorkhabi

Silurian Shelf Sequences, Southern Wabash Platform, Indiana, U.S.A
by Alison Spengler, Fred Read

Deep-Water Slope Channel Fill Sandstones, Laingsburg Formation (Permian), Karoo Basin, South Africa: Confined Deep-Water Reservoirs Dominated by Bars with Reservoir Connectivity Controlled by Lateral Bedform Distribution and Bar Stacking
by Anthony Sprague, Darren Box, Matt Grove, John Ardill, Lars Seidler, Maija Schellpeper, Mike Farrell, Mark Rosin, Jonathan Stewart, Nowell Briedis, Frank Goulding, John Snedden, Donatella Mellere

Hierarchical Analysis of Channelized Deep-Water Deposits, Carmelo Formation, Point Lobos State Reserve, Northern California
by Steven Springhorn, Morgan D. Sullivan, Michael Pyrcz, Ryan Alward, Margaret Skartvedt-Forte, Bryan Demucha, Sean Spaeth, Nick Lawlor

Reservoir Potential of Late Triassic Kamishak Formation: Puale Bay, Alaska Peninsula
by Bryan Sralla, Robert B. Blodgett

Carbonate Mineralogy and Seawater through Time
by Steven M. Stanley

Recognition and Significance of Bay-Head Delta Deposits in the Rock Record: Constructing More Detailed Estuarine Facies Models
by B.A. Stanley, J.L. Aschoff

A Global Overview of the Temperature Gradients in Continental Basins and Their Relationship with Tectonic Settings
by Øyvind Steen, Paul Nadeau

The National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program: A ""Sustainable"" Resource to Empower the Energy Research and Development Community
by John C. Steinmetz, Tamara L. Dickinson, Linda C. Gundersen, Brenda S. Pierce

Hierarchical Stratigraphy and Channel Architecture of a Slope Valley Complex Set (Mariner Field, North Sea)
by Charles E. Stelting, Morgan D. Sullivan, Graeme Bennet

Criteria for Differentiating Channel and Sheet Reservoirs: A Deep-Water Field Example
by Charles E. Stelting, Jennifer Beall, Lisa Goggin, William H. Crane, William J. Schweller, Janet Murphy, Michael Richey

Reservoir Characterization of Confined Sheet Reservoirs using Borehole Images and Core, Tahiti Field, Gulf of Mexico, U.S.A
by Charles E. Stelting, William J. Schweller, Gigi Ellis, Scott E. Turner, Myrt E. Cribbs, Freddy Yip

Evaluation of Stratigraphic Elements on Fluid Flow – An Experiment Based on Deep-Water Slope Channels in the Capistrano Formation (Miocene), California
by Jonathan Stewart, Ben Fischer, Colin Lyttle, Kirt Campion, Anthony Sprague

Flow Transformations in Slumps: a Case Study from the Waitemata Basin, New Zealand
by Lorna J. Strachan

Quantifying the Spatio-Temporal Evolution of a Channel Complex from Offshore Angola: Testing the Equilibrium Profile Hypothesis
by Lorna J. Strachan, Chris Leppard, Rob L. Gawthorpe

Quantifying the Morphology and Growth of Levees in a Submarine Tributary Channel System Offshore Brunei Darussalam
by Kyle M. Straub, David Mohrig

Pattern-Based Geological Modeling of Deep-Water Channel Deposits in the Molasse Basin, Upper Austria
by Lisa Stright, Andre G. Journel

More Effective Use of Outcrops in Deep-water Studies
by Joseph R.J. Studlick, Tor H. Nilsen, Roger D. Shew, Gary S. Steffens

Origin of Eocene Depositional Sequences in the Sacramento Basin, California: The Interplay of Tectonics and Eustasy
by Raymond Sullivan, Morgan D. Sullivan

Sequence Stratigraphy in Tectonically Active Basins-is it Possible? An Example from the Ridge Basin, Southern California
by Morgan D. Sullivan, Kenneth D. Ehman

Computer Modeling of Subaerial and Subaquirous Meandering Channels
by Tao Sun, Gary Parker, Kaveh Ghayour, Robert Wellner

A Sequence Stratigraphic Framework for the Lower Cretaceous North Carolina Coastal Plain, Southeastern U.S.A
by Richard Sunde, Brian P. Coffey

Atmospheric Dust Archived in Pennsylvanian Carbonates of the Midland Basin, West Texas
by Sohini Sur, Gerilyn S. Soreghan

Shale Gas Potential of the Mowry Shale in Wyoming Laramide Basins
by Ronald Surdam, Zunsheng Jiao, Ramsey Bentley, Rodney DeBruin

SECA Fuel Cells Promote Cost Reduction and Fuel Versatility
by Wayne A. Surdoval

End-Signature of Deep-Marine Basin-Fill, as a Structurally Confined Low-Gradient Clastic Slope: the Middle Eocene Guaso System, South-Central Spanish Pyrenees
by Clare Sutcliffe, Kevin Pickering

Uncertainty in Reservoir Parameter Estimation From Attributes
by Herbert Swan, Rod K. Nibbe, Michael Faust, Brian Russell, Dan Hampson

Recognizing Reservoir Compartments on Geologic and Production Timescales Through the Integration of Stratigraphic, Structure and Fluid Data in Deep-Water Reservoirs: An Example from Genesis Field, Gulf of Mexico
by Michael L. Sweet, Larry T. Sumpter

Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources of the United States Outer Continental Shelf, 2006
by Harold E. Syms

New Closure Schemes in 3D SedFlux for the Simulation of Deltas
by James P. M. Syvitski, Eric W. H. Hutton

Seismic Characterization And Emplacement - Process Modelling Of the Volund 0.5 Km3 Sandstone Laccolith, Offshore Norway
by Ewa Paulina Szarawarska, Mads Huuse, Andrew Hurst, Ravi Arkalgud

Spectral Decomposition of Seismic Forward Modelled Outcrops of Deepwater Channel and Levee Deposits
by Magdalena Szuman, Ian Kane, Valerie Charoing, Lars Nielsen, Benjamin Kneller, Mads Huuse

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Early Karstic Porosity Development or Late Burial Related Corrosion in a Middle East Giant Field (Natih Fm., Oman): Implications for Reservoir Properties Distribution
by Conxita Taberner, Volker C. Vahrenkamp, Cathy Hollis, Mateu Esteban, Alia Bahry, M. Rejas, Mike Caputi, Abhijit Mookerjee, Yaduo Huang, Peter Eadington

A New Regional Assessment of The Petroleum Potential in Ethiopia
by Ketsela Tadesse, G. R. Keller

Outcrop Analogues in Southern Utah Provide Improved Understanding of Marginal Eolian Reservoirs in the UK Southern North Sea
by Samantha Taggart, Gary Hampson, Matthew Jackson

Geological and Petrophysical Modeling of a Heterogeneous Mid-Cretaceous Carbonate Reservoir from SW Iran
by Ali Asghar Taghavi, Atle Mørk

Lake Bogoria Basin, Kenya Rift: A Case Study for Climatic Versus Tectonic Controls on Sedimentation
by Michael Talbot, Jean-Jacques Tiercelin

New Insight into Sediment Deposition from Turbidity Currents and "Linked" Debris Flows
by Peter J. Talling, Russell B. Wynn, Lawrence Amy

Differential Deformed Salt-Related Tectonics of the Kuqa Foreland Fold-Thrust Belt, Tarim Basin, Northwest China
by Liangjie Tang, Yixin Yu, Chengzao Jia, Zhijun Jin

Rank Reservoir Connectivity Using Dynamic Data
by Hong Tang, wei Xu

Petrophysics Analysis of Shu'aiba Reservoir, onshore-oil field United Arab Emirates
by Surassawadee Tanprasat, Neil Hurley

Sandstone Diagenesis and Reservoir Quality: Models, Myths, and Reality
by Thomas R. Taylor, Melvyn R. Giles, Lori Hathon, Neil Braunsdorf, T. N. Diggs, Gino v. Birbiglia, Calum Macaulay, Mark G. Kittridge, Irene S. Espejo

Joint Committee On Reserves Evaluator Training (JCORET)-Update On Activities
by Daniel J. Tearpock

Comparison of Leadson and Gryphon Fields Sand Injectites - Occurrence and Performance (Best of EAGE)
by G. Templeton, A. McInally, A. Melvin, T. Batchelor

Recent and Potential Growth of Known Recoverable Oil in California, U.S.A
by Marilyn E. Tennyson

Integration of Horizontal Well Log Data Into the Geological Interpretation: From Correlation to Mapping and Modeling
by Hugues M. Thevoux-Chabuel, Bruis Gianotten, S.K. Anand, Karen Hoffman

Death, Destruction & Dirt: Using Paleosols to Reconstruct Environmental Changes across the Permo-Triassic Boundary
by Stephanie Thomas, Neil Tabor, Wan Yang

Architectural Variation in Confined Channels: Examples from Outcrop and 3D Seismic Data
by Philip Thompson, Benjamin Kneller, Mason Dykstra

New Directions in Petroleum Visualization
by James A. Thomson

Understanding Horizontal Well Logs to Improve the Geological Model While Drilling
by Arve K. Thorsen, Jeremy  C. ""Jez"" Lofts, Trond Gravem, Knut J. Rønning, Andrew J. Holden

Cracking the Hourglass – Understanding the Fundamental Unit of the Source and Sink
by John Thurmond, Ole Martinsen, Tor Sømme, William Helland-Hansen

Effectiveness of Grain Coatings on Preserving Reservoir Quality in High-Temperature, Deep Burial Settings
by Rick Tobin

Sampling and Data Collection Strategies for Minimizing Inaccuracy in Predictive Pre-Drill Reservoir Quality Model Simulations
by Rick Tobin

Stratigraphic Architecture of Early Channel-Fill Within an Interbasinal Conduit: Grand Coyer, Gres d'Annot Formation, SE France
by Mark Tomasso, Renaud Bouroullec, Keumsuk Lee, David R. Pyles

3D Geological and Seismic Forward Modeling of a Sinuous Slope Channel Complex, Brushy Canyon Formation, West Texas
by Mark Tomasso, David R. Pyles, Florence L. Bonnaffe, David C. Jennette

Unconventional Shale Gas Potential of the Floyd Shale in the Black Warrior Basin, Northwestern Alabama
by Matthew W. Totten, Albert S. Oko

Sediment-Microbe Interactions in Permeable Sediments at Hydrocarbon Seeps in the Santa Barbara Channel, California
by Tina Treude, Wiebke Ziebis

Integration of Core, Image-Log, and Wireline-Log Data Extends Facies Interpretations in the Upper Cretaceous Olmos Formation of South Texas
by Ramon H. Trevino, Robert G. Loucks, Julia Gale, Abdelmoniem K. Abdelmoniem

Quantitative Analysis of Relay Ramp Evolution and Breaching: Implications for Structural Interpretation of Linked Fault Arrays
by Bruce Trudgill

Controls and Timing of Structural Inversion in the NE Atlantic Margin
by Adrian Kern Tuitt, John Underhill, Derek Ritchie, Roger Scrutton, Howard Johnson, Ken Hitchen

Development of High Resolution Chronostratigraphic Models for the Southern Ocean Using Quantitative Biostratigraphy
by Eva Tuzzi, Rosemary Dutton Cody, David M. Harwood, Richard Levy, Diane M. Winter

Reservoir Characterization and Geocellular Modeling of Deep-Water Sandstones in the Ranger Zone of the Long Beach Unit, East Wilmington Field, California
by Robert S. Tye, Creties Jenkins, Don Michel, Scott Grasse, Genliang Guo, Scott Prior

Pb Isotopic Constraints on Mesozoic Paleodrainage from the Northwest European Margin: Implications for Reservoir Distribution
by Shane Tyrrell, Peter D.W. Haughton, J. Stephen Daly

Timing the Bolivian Subandean Foreland Evolution: Disciminating Between Tectonics and Climate Forcing
by Cornelius Eji Uba, Axel K. Schmitt, Manfred R. Strecker

Clues to Evolution of an Intracontinental, Transtensional Basin System: Clastic Sequence Geometries in the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin, Central Europe
by David Ulicny, Lenka Spicakova, Jiri Laurin, Radomir Grygar, Stanislav Cech

Did Strike-Slip or Tectonic Inversion Control Trap Formation and Gas Prospectivity in the UK Southern North Sea?
by John R. Underhill

Process Change from the Inner to Outer Reaches of the Western Interior Clastic Platform: Examples from SW Wyoming, USA
by Carlos A. Uroza, Ronald J. Steel

Biodegradaton of Hydrocarbons Associated with Subsurface Reservoirs and Natural Seepage
by David L. Valentine, George D. Wardlaw, Franklin S. Kinnaman, Susan Mau, Christopher M. Reddy, Robert K. Nelson, J. Samuel Arey

Fault Controlled Sandstone Distribution on a Lacustrine Delta: Ordos Basin, North-central China
by Jana M. Van Alstine, Alan R. Carroll

A Characterization of the Pebble Shale Unit and Lower Hue Shale within the Northeast Brooks Range, Alaska: What's with the High Radioactive Zone?
by Dolores A. van der Kolk, Michael T. Whalen, Marwan A. Wartes, Rainer J. Newberry

Remobilisation Processes on the Submarine Slope: is the Degree of Deformation a Reliable Criteria for Transport Distance
by Willem C. Van der Merwe, David M. Hodgson, Steve Flint

Anatomy and Stratigraphic Development of a Lower Slope to Base-of-Slope Siliciclastic Wedge from the Tanqua Depocentre, SW Karoo Basin, South Africa
by W. Van der Merwe, David Hodgson, Richard Wild, De Ville Wickens, Stephen Flint

Re-Developing One of Europe's Largest Onshore Oilfields – How to Justify New 3D Seismic for Schoonebeek (Best of EAGE)
by M.A.M. Van Dongen, H. Priebel, Koos Pipping, G. Warren, G. Tiley, C. Townsend

Downhole Raman Spectroscopy: Real Time, In Situ Chemical Analysis of Coalbed Reservoirs
by Neil R. Van Lieu

Maximum Sustainable Carbon Dioxide Injection Pressures in the Naylor Field, Otway Basin
by Peter John Van Ruth, Josh Qiang Xu

Petroleum Systems of the Western Nile Delta: Lessons Learned from an Integrated Organic Geochemical and Basin Modelling Approach
by Claudius Vandre, Bernhard Cramer, Peter Gerling, Axel Kellner, Jutta Winsemann

Effect of Seismic Resolution on Interpretation, Modeling, and Dynamic Behavior: An Outcrop Example for Deepwater Channels, Scripps, San Diego
by Omar J. Varela, Kirt M. Campion, Michael E. Farrell, Craig S. Calvert

Coupling 2D Numerical Kinematic and Thermal Maturity Modelling in Fold and Thrust Belt and Foreland Basin: Implications for the Petroleum System in the Eastern Venezuelan Basin
by Adrian E. Vargas F, Asbrubal J. Bernal P

Foraminifera as Paleoceanographic Proxies of Canadian Fjords during the Last 1100 Years
by Natalia Vazquez Riveiros, R. Tim Patterson

Along-Strike Continuity of Caribbean Tectonic Terranes and Their Controls on Source and Reservoir Rocks Offshore Colombia and Venezuela
by Eleine Melisa Vence, Alejandro Escalona, Paul Mann, Hamed El-Mowafy

Reserve Growth in Oil Fields of West Siberian Basin, Russia
by Mahendra K. Verma, G.F. Ulmishek

Stratal and Facies Anatomy of a Lower Jurassic High-Rising Carbonate Platform Margin (Jebel Bou Dhar, High Atlas, Morocco)
by Klaas Verwer, Giovanna Della Porta, Jeroen Kenter, Oscar Merino, Ted Playton, Erwin Adams

Acoustic Behavior of Sedimentary Rocks: Geological Properties Versus Poisson's Ratios
by Klaas Verwer, Hendrik Braaksma, Jeroen Kenter

Seismic Modelling of Large-Scale Conical Intrusions
by Mario Vigorito, Andrew Hurst, Anthony Stephen John Scott, J. A. Cartwright

Architecture and Internal Geometry of a Giant Intrusive-Extrusive Complex, Panoche Hills - Central Coastal Range, CA, USA
by Mario Vigorito, Andrew Hurst, Anthony Stephen John Scott, J. A. Cartwright

Petrophysical Characterization of the Upper Jurassic Kimmeridgian of the Zaap field in the Campeche Bay
by Bolivar Villacres, Francisco Castellanos, Victor Hugo Moreno

Sediment Transport Pathways and Provenance; Identification of Reservoir-Quality Sandstones in the Caspian-Black Sea Region
by Stephen J. Vincent, Andrew C. Morton, Fiona Hyden, Clare E. Davies, Irene Gomez-Perez, Mark B. Allen

The Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of the Eastern Black Sea
by Stephen J. Vincent, Andrew C. Morton, Andrew Carter, Li Guo, Samantha Gibbs, Samuel P. Rice, Nada Kozman

Onlap Relationships and Sedimentary Facies of the Champsaur Sandstones, SE France
by Jamie S. Vinnels, Bill McCaffrey, Rob Butler

Experimental Tidal Channel Geometries in Space and Time
by Brigitte M. Vlaswinkel, Eugene C. Rankey

Relationship Between the Petroleum Potential and Structural Evolution of Coals
by Tiem VU Thi Anh, Richard Sykes, H. J. Schenk, Brian Horsfield

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Reservoir Characterization, Modeling and Simulation of a Braided Channel Complex at Cambridge Cove, Nova Scotia
by Grant D. Wach, Peter Mulcahy, Yawooz Kettanah, Lawrence Plug, Hasley Vincent

Capillary Sealing Mechanism in the Southern Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma, USA
by Dean M. Walcott, Madisen Nnaoji, Constatin Cranganu

Definition of a Fault Permeability Predictor from Outcrop Studies of a Faulted Sand/Clay Sequence, Taranaki, New Zealand
by J.J. Walsh, C. Childs, T. Manzocchi, J. Strand, A. Nicol, M. Tomasso, M. Schoepfer

Spatial Estimation of Shale Gas Potential in the Triassic Doig and Montney formations, Northeastern British Columbia
by Warren Walsh, Ben Kerr, Chris Adams, Joe Korol

Variation of the Shale Properties in the Offshore Equatorial Guinea and Its Impact on the Seismic AVO of the Reservoir Sands
by JC Wan, Michelle Thomas, John Graves, Jacques Leveille

Biomarkers And Diamondoids Improve Understanding of Oil Cracking, Mixing, And Geochemical Correlation on The North Slope, Alaska
by Ye Wang, J. Michael Moldowan, Kenneth J. Bird, Leslie B. Magoon, Kenneth E. Peters

Multiphase Simulations of Alternative Production Scenarios in Fractured Reservoirs
by Huabing Wang, Craig Forster, Yao Fu, Chung-Kan Huang, Yi-Kun Yang, Milind Deo

Quantitative Estimate of Residual and Palaeo Oil Columns to Trace Oil Migration and Accumulation: Case Studies from Panyu Uplift in the Pearl River Mouth Basin, South China Sea
by Feiyu Wang, Yulei SHi, Huasen Zeng, Keyu Liu, Hesheng Shi

Neptunian Fractures and Carbonate-Platform-Margin Escarpments: Lessons from Frasnian (Upper Devonian), Napier Range, Canning Basin, Western Australia
by W. Bruce Ward

Coal Bed Methane Exploration in Zavala County, Texas
by P.D. Warwick, R.W. Hook, A.C. Clark, M.D. Corum, J.C. McIntosh, C.R. Burr, P.C. Hackley, D.B. Jensen

Paleoceanographic Cause for Nannofossil Biostratigraphic Discordance between Adjacent Nearshore and Deepwater Localities in the Upper Maastricthian of the Atlantic Margin, Southern United States
by David K. Watkins, Jean M. Self-Trail

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Latest Cretaceous and Cenozoic Shelf to Basin Transition NW Madagascar: Significance for Future Exploration
by Matthew P. Watkinson, Mark A. Enfield, Edward P. Blunt

The Tectono-Sedimentary Evolution of NW Madagascar: Application in Frontier Exploration of Deep Water Basins
by Matthew P. Watkinson, Edward P. Blunt, Mark A. Enfield

Volume Interpretation from Regional to Prospect Scale: on the Desktop!
by Philip M. Weatherill, Mark Stockwell, Howard Chan, Les Ruthven, Paul Xu, Rick Palmer, Charlie Huang, Tom Holley

Enabling the "Big Loop" – Ensuring Consistency of Geological and Reservoir Simulation Models
by Stephen J. Webb, Jeffrey S. Bayless, K. Neil B. Dunlop

Exploring the Jurassic Carbonate Platform Margin, Majunga Basin, Madagascar
by Robert E. Webster, Paul S. Ensign

Deriving Pore Structure and Permeability from Sonic Velocity in Carbonates
by Ralf J. Weger, Gregor Eberli, Gregor Baechle, Jose Luis Massaferro, Yueng Fen Sun, Guido Bracco Gartner

Heteroatomic Cage Compounds as Molecular Probes For Thermochemical Sulfate Reduction (TSR) In Hot Petroleum Reservoirs
by Zhibin Wei, J. Michael Moldowan, Fred Fago, Jeremy Dahl, Kenneth E. Peters, Peter D. Jenden, Martin Fowler

Biodegradability of Diamondoid Hydrocarbons in Biodegraded Oils from the San Joaquin Valley: Impact on Oil Mixing Interpretation by Diamondoids and Biomarkers?
by Zhibin Wei, J. Michael Moldowan

A New Model for Development of River-Dominated Deltas
by Robert William Wellner, David Hoyal, Ben Sheets, Tao Sun, John Van Wagoner, Anthony Sprague

Upscaling Core Plug Data to Reservoir Modelling Grid: A Small-Scale Heterogeneity Modelling Approach
by Renjun Wen, Philip Ringrose, Kjetil Nordahl

Carbonate Diagenesis: Processes and Prediction
by Fiona F. Whitaker, Peter L. Smart, Richard J. Paterson

Geothermal Convection: A Viable Mechanism for Early Burial Dolomitisation of Platform Carbonates
by Fiona F. Whitaker, Yitian Xiao, Corinne Haynes

Initiation and Progradation of Clinoforms in a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework: The Expression of Parasequences in a Lower Slope to Shelf Edge Succession, Permian Karoo Basin, South Africa
by Richard J. Wild, Stephen S. Flint, David M. Hodgson

Structural Analysis of Sandstone Dykes: Implications for Remobilisation of Deepwater Sand Reservoirs
by Vetel William, Cartwright Joe, Mario Vigorito

Pressure Stratigraphy: A Useful Concept for Pressure Seal Analysis
by Kenneth E. Williams, Joel Gevirtz

Effective Basin Modeling for Pore Pressure Analysis
by Kenneth E. Williams, Arkady G. Madatov

Raised Curvilinear Features on Mars: Inverted Paleochannels in the Martian Stratigraphy
by Rebecca M. E. Williams

Stratigraphic Variations within the Sego Sandstone, Book Cliffs, Central Utah
by Brian J. Willis, Matthew Fey, Eric Robinson, Stanley Scott Birkhead

Three-Dimensional Connectivity of Channel Point Bar Architectural Elements
by Brian Willis

Investigating the Origin of Neogene Dolomites Using Non-Conventional Trace Elements
by Kathleen Willis, Peter K. Swart

Structural Control on Stratigraphic Architecture of Rift-Initiation Fluvial and Tidal Deposits: Modelling the Nukhul Half-Graben, Suez Rift, Egypt
by Paul Wilson, Franklin Rarity, David Hodgetts, Rob L. Gawthorpe

Undiscovered Oil Resource Assessment of the Deepwater Sectors of Two Key West Aftican Basin
by Tom Wilson, Simon Otto, Mark Cowgill, Fugro Robertson

Delineating a Diatomite Reservoir Extension of the Casmalia Field, Santa Barbara County, California
by Mark L. Wilson, E. L. Berger, R. Elias

Leakage Risks Associated with Coal Sequestration in Some Areas of The Central Appalachians: Subsurface, Seismic and Geomechanical Evaluations
by Tom Wilson, Hema Siriwardane, Xiaochao Tang, Brian Connelly, Jamie Tallman

Surface and Subsurface Characterization of a Carbon Sequestration Pilot Site: San Juan Basin, NM
by Tom Wilson, Brian Henthorn, Art Wells

Integrating Multi-Disciplinary Reservoir Description to Characterize Connectivity in a Complex Minibasin Fill: Holstein Field
by Terrence R. Wiseman, Roger N. Wagerle, Alex Bump, Neal F. McCaslin, Paulo R. Ballin

Microbes and Reefs
by Rachel A. Wood

Origin of Layering in a Giant Thamama Reservoir, Offshore Abu Dhabi
by Rachel A. Wood, J.Anthony D. Dickson, Hamad Bu Al Rougha, Hesham Shebl

Anatomy of Anachronistic Carbonate Platform: The Lower Triassic Moenkopi Platform of the Southwestern United States
by Adam D. Woods, Michelle L. Mary, Scott A. Mata

Microquartz Grain Coatings and Inhibited Quartz Cementation: An EBSD Study of the Way Microquartz Cement Grows
by Richard H. Worden, S.C. Haddad, D.J. Prior, P.C. Smalley

Characterizing Thermochemical Sulphate Reduction: Towards Making Predictions of Sour Gas in Sedimentary Basins
by Richard H. Worden

Aragonite Lability During Very Early Burial and Its Effects on Sediment Composition, Budgets and Diagenetic Potentials
by V. Paul Wright, Lesley Cherns

Paleogeography and Depositional Geometries of the Pennsylvanian/Upper Carboniferous Succession of the Greater Permian Basin Region, Texas and New Mexico
by Wayne R. Wright

Fluvial Channel Stacking Patterns are Not a Foolproof Indicator of Changes in Accommodation
by Anton Wroblewski

Using the Cone Penetrometer Tool to Evaluate Depositional Character: Examples from the South Carolina Coastal Plain
by Douglas E. Wyatt, Frank H. Syms, Randy Cumbest

New Insights Into Erosional Processes of Giant Turbidity Currents and Distal Development of Linked Debrites
by Russell B. Wynn, Peter J. Talling, Bryan T. Cronin, Andrey A. K. Akhmetzhanov, Michael Frenz, Douglas G. Masson, UK Taps Group

Structural Styles in Central and Eastern Saudi Arabia
by Hongbin Xiao, Andrew Knowlton, Martin Rademakers, Douglas Cook

Predicting Fault Controlled Diagenesis and Porosity/Permeability Evolution in Rotliegendes Reservoir, Germany: Insights from Reactive Transport Models
by Yitian Xiao, W. L. Esch, Joann E. Welton, R. E. Klimentidis, Pete Rumelhart

Interpreting Shoreline Sands Using Borehole Images - A Case Study of The Cretaceous Ferron Sands in Utah
by Chunming Xu

Tarim Basin, NW China: Hunting Elephants
by Tianguang Xu, Dengfa He

Exploration Breakthrough in China since the Millennium: New Petroleum Systems, New Plays, and New Hopes
by Tianguang Xu

A Statistical Factor Analysis Approach to Reservoir Quality Prediction in the Tertiary Fluviolacustrine Sandstones of the Yaojin II Field in the Qaidam Basin, NW China
by Tianguang Xu, Xiaoru Li, Jincheng Liu

Depositional Environments, Cyclostratigraphy, and Paleoclimatic Signals of Lower to Middle Jurassic Fluvial-Lacustrine Deposits, Northern Bogda Mountains, Southeastern Junggar Basin, Northwestern China
by Wan Yang, Qiang Guan, Jihong Li, Xiaohui Zhang, Jun Han, Wei Guan, Fan Song, Wenqiang Yang

Promises and Problems of Two-Dimensional Nonmarine Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis Using Hierarchical Depositional Cycles – An Example from Outcrop Lower Permian to Lower Triassic Fluvial-Lacustrine Deposits, Southern Bogda Mountains, Turpan Intermontane Basin, NW China
by Wan Yang, Qiao Feng, Yiqun Liu, Neil Tabor, Stephanie Thomas, Yi Yang, Guozi Sun, Bei Sun

Sedimentology and Ichnology in Mixed-Energy Coasts
by ByongCheon Yang, Murray Gingras, Bob Dalrymple, George Pemberton

Origin and Distribution of Favorable Reservoir in Upper Triassic Feixianguan Formation of Northeastern Sichuan Basin, China
by Xiaoping Yang, Wenzhi Zhao, Hong Cao

Reservoir Flow Unit Characterization of Complex Channel Sandstone Units in Baolang Oilfield, Yanqi Basin, West China
by Guangqing Yao, Fengde Zhou, Timothy R. Carr, Jiahao Wang, Shangru Sun

Reservoir Characterization of Lacustrine Argillaceous Dolomite with Trona Interbeds
by Guangqing Yao, Fengde Zhou, Timothy R. Carr, Shangru Sun

Incorporation of Detailed Fault Structure into Reservoir Models
by Graham Yielding, Tom Manzocchi, Andy Heath, Brett Freeman, Andy Foster

A Skeleton-based Multiple Point Statistics for Reservoir Stochastic Modeling
by Yan-Shu Yin

Characterization of Fractures and Their Effect on Reservoir Directional Flow in the Tensleep Sandstones, Wyoming
by Peigui Yin, Shaochang Wo

Issues and Challenges in Geological and Rock Properties Modeling Using Log Data from High Angle and Horizontal (HA/HZ) Wells
by Hezhu Yin, Quinn Passey

Interpretation of Bounding Surfaces within Tidal Deposits: How Much Can We Reduce the "Fog Index"?
by Shuji Yoshida, Ron J. Steel, Robert Dalrymple, James MacEachern, Kerrie Bann

San Juan Basin Enhanced Coalbed Methane (ECBM)-Carbon Storage Pilot: Role of Pre-Injection Site Characterization in Project Design
by Genevieve B.C. Young, Fatma B. Gorucu, Scott R. Reeves

High-Angle Oblique-Slip Faults in the Southern Eel River Basin: Forearc Deformation at Migrating Triple Junction
by Janet Yun, J. Casey Moore, N. Driscoll, Danny O

Sedimentology and Significance of Linked Turbidite-Debris Flows in the West Crocker Fm (Oligocene-Miocene), NW Borneo, Malaysia
by Abdullah Adli Zakaria, Howard D. Johnson, Christopher A.L. Jackson, Felix Tongkul, Paul D. Crevello

Oligocene Stratigraphy and Depositional Systems in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
by Larry Zarra

The Composite Bed: A New Distinctive Feature of Hyperpycnal Deposition
by Carlos Zavala, Mariano Arcuri, Helena Gamero, Carmen Contreras

High-Frequency Sequence Stratigraphy, Depositional Systems, and Hydrocarbon Trapping Style of Upper Cretaceous QY Formations in HTZ 3-D SSurvey, Southwest Songliao Basin, China
by Hongliu Zeng, Wenzhi Zhao, Caineng Zhou, Yingliu Chi

Sedimentation as the Result of Interplay of Tectonics and Sea Level Change: Evidence from Pennsylvanian to Early Permian Tensleep Sandstone in Wyoming
by Qingsheng Zhang, Dag Nummedal

Tarim Basin: Petroleum Geology and Future Discovery Potential
by Guangya Zhang, Wen-zhi Zhao, Xin-yuan Zhao

Natural Gas Geochemistry in the Tarim Basin, China and Its Indication to Gas Filling History
by Tongwei Zhang, Quanyou Liu, Jinxing Dai, Yongchun Tang

Integrated Reservoir Characterization of A Carbonate Reservoir, Lumanda Field, China
by Ran Zhang, Xiangguang Su

Evaluating the Key Static and Dynamic Uncertainties of Korolev Field, Kazakhstan
by Akmaral Zhumagulova, Dennis W. Dull, Mark Skalinski, Djuro Novakovic

Burrow Cementation Trends in Shoreface Sediments of the Upper Cretaceous Horseshoe Canyon Formation, Alberta, Canada
by Marilyn E. Zorn, George Pemberton, Murray Gingras, Kurt O. Konhauser, Karlis Muehlenbachs

Fracture Modelling in a Double Porosity Volcaniclastic Reservoir: A Case Study of the Precuyo Group in Cupen Mahuida Field, Neuquen, Argentina
by Martin Zubiri, Jose Silvestro

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