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Doing The Geochemical "Cotton Eye Joe" In West Africa (Niger Delta To Angola): Identifying The Source Of Radarsat Slicks With Piston Cores, Oil Samples, Potential Fields And Near-surface Seismic


Dickson, William G.1, Craig F. Schiefelbein2, Alan K. Williams3, Mark E. Odegard4, James M. Brooks5 (1) Dickson International Geosciences (DIGs), Houston, TX (2) Geochemical Solutions International, Shenandoah, TX (3) Nigel Press Associates, Edenbridge, United Kingdom (4) Grizzly Geosciences, Sugar Land, TX (5) TDI-Brooks Int'l Inc, College Station, TX


Slicks are often transient; they come and they go*. We hypothesize that the combination of multiple data sets helps determine the source of interpreted slicks to direct a physical sampling program. This effort should also reclassify some Radarsat slick features to higher confidence levels based on their correspondence with other geochemical indicators. Our data coverages and observations range from the Niger Delta southwards along the West African margin across Rio Muni, Gabon, Congo and Angola.


Prior work documented by Dickson et al. 2003a&b, Williams & Lawrence 2000, Schiefelbein et al. 2001 demonstrates the utility of combinations of potential fields and geochemical data for various exploration purposes, particularly to define the location and extent of lacustrine source basins; and to document the structural controls on and location of hydrocarbon leakage to surface. The present work compares a wide-ranging interpretation of sea-surface slicks from Radarsat data to piston core sampling, oil family determinations and tectono-structural fabrics with inferences from published locations of gas hydrates. We infer controls and pathways on hydrocarbon migration from active leakage and demonstrate a requirement for multiple stressors to rupture the regionally high-quality top seals. Specific examples are shown from the Niger Delta, Ogooue Delta (Gabon Coastal Basin), Congo Fan and Kwanza Basin (Angola).


* "Where did you come from where did you go

Where did you come from Cotton Eye Joe" - Rednex, 1994


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