--> AAPG/GSTT Hedberg Conference, “Mobile Shale Basins – Genesis, Evolution and Hydrocarbon Systems”, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, - AAPG #90057 (2006).

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AAPG/GSTT Hedberg Conference

Mobile Shale Basins – Genesis, Evolution and Hydrocarbon Systems”


Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

June 4-7, 2006


Search and Discovery Article #90057 (2006)

Posted August 22, 2006






Role of sedimentation-controlled overpressure development in shale tectonics:  insight from numerical modeling of passive continental margins

Markus Albertz, Christopher Beaumont, Steven J. Ings


The Style and Timing of Mud Volcanism in the Offshore Nile Delta, Egypt

Peter A. Bentham, Mark Pasley, and Christopher Birt


The Plumbing System of the Håkon Mosby Mud Volcano – New Insights from High-Resolution 3D seismic data

Christian Berndt, Sverre Planke, Jürgen Mienert, Stefan Bünz, and Frode Eriksen


Storm dominated shelf edge deltas in a high accommodation setting; an outcrop example from the Columbus Basin, Trinidad, West Indies

Andrew P Bowman and Howard D. Johnson


Growth and dewatering of polygonal fault systems in the Vøring Basin on the mid-Norwegian margin

Stefan Bünz, Steinar Hustoft, and Jürgen Mienert


Caprock Bypass Systems: Seismic Evidence for Highly Focused Fluid Expulsion on a Basin Scale

Joe Cartwright, Mads Huuse, Andrew Aplin


Shale Mobilization Processes: An Overview from Trinidad and the Barbados Accretionary Prism

Eric Deville


Onshore Venezuelan Shale Mobilization Associated to the South Caribbean Plate Boundary

Leonardo Duerto, Alejandro Escalona, Miguel Nuñez, Aisha Perez, and Amram Benguigui




Mobile Shale in the MacKenzie Delta - The Paktoa Shale Diapir Complex

Gavin Elsley and Peter Graham


Mud Volcano Evolution from 3D Seismic Interpretation and Field Mapping in Azerbaijan

Robert Evans, Richard Davies, and Simon Stewart


Episodic Slab “Roll-Back” and its Effects on the Caribbean-Atlantic Accretionary Prism: A Regional Trigger Mechanism for the Diapirism of Eastern Offshore Trinidad and Tobago

N.G. Evans, C.J. van Brummen, T.P. Buerkert, P. Eisner, et al.


Clastic Intrusion at the Base of Deepwater Sands: A Trap-forming Mechanism in the Eastern Mediterranean

Jose Frey-Martínez¹¸*, Joe Cartwright¹, Ben Hall², and Mads Huuse¹


Tectonically-driven Plio-Pleistocene Structural Development of the Columbus Basin, Offshore Trinidad, West Indies

R. Gibson, K. Meisling, and J. Bhajan


Structural Styles of Shale-Dominated Gravity-Driven Thrusting, Southern Atlantic Margins of Africa and Brazil

Ed Gilbert


Some Aspects of the Geometry and Fluid Dynamics of Diapiric Mud Systems

Rod Graham, Kelly Latter, Andy Pepper, Peter Mullin, and J.C. Wan


The Structural Evolution, 3D Restoration and Petroleum System Modelling of Toe Thrusts within A Deepwater Shale-Prone Compressional Basin

D. Grigo, G. Fontanesi, and I. Sassone


Drilling on Trinidad’s Southern Range Anticline – Results from Habanero #1

Maria Henry, Mike Pentilla, Krishna Persad, Richard Sams, and Clyde Ramkhalawan


Mud Volcanoes in the Mobile Shale Basin of the Trinidad Area with Special Focus on the Spectacular Eruption of the Piparo Mud Volcano

Fazal Hosein


Mud volcanoes – a result of supercritical water formation at depth?

Martin Hovland, Håkon Rueslåtten, Helge Løseth, Christine Fichler, and Hans Konrad Johnsen


Clastic Injectites: A Comparative Analysis of Mud, Sand, and Conglomerate Injectites

Mads Huuse, Richard J. Davies, Steve Hubbard, Joe A. Cartwright, and Andrew Hurst




Shallow Sediment Mobilization In The Northern North Sea

H. Løseth, L. Wensaas, E.E. Sawyer, D. Økland, and J. Johannesen


Mud Volcanoes in Azerbaijan: Implications for Sediment and Fluid Migration in Active Piercement Structures

Sverre Planke,, Adriano Mazzini, Henrik Svensen, Grigorii G. Akhmanov, and Anders Malthe-Sørenssen


Spatio-Temporal Variations and Kinematics of Shale Mobility in Krishna-Godavari Basin, India

Neeraj Sinha, R.J. Singh, Mainak Choudhuri, Debajyoti Guha, et al.


Structural Domains in Mud Volcano Systems

Simon A. Stewart, Richard Davies, Robert Evans




Turtles Structures Created by Extension in a Thin Detachment Setting

Joshua Creviere Turner


Remobilization of Mud Volcano Cones: Shah Deniz, South Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan

Joshua Creviere Turner


Overpressure and Fluid Migration in the Evolution of the Baram and Champion Deltas, Brunei: Impact on Hydrocarbon Systems

Pieter Van Rensbergen, Mark Tingay, Christopher Morley, John Warren, et al.


Reservoir Distribution and Production in Mobile Shale Basins-Examples from the Cruse Formation of Southern Trinidad

Grant Wach and Curtis Archie


The Capillary Sealing Mechanism in the Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma, USA

Dean Mark Walcott


Mobile Shale Characteristics and Impact on Structural and Stratigraphic Evolution of the Niger Delta

R.W. Wiener, M.G. Mann, D.M. Advocate, M.T. Angelich, and S.A. Barboza