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AAPG Annual Meeting, May 11-14, 2003 - Salt Lake City, Utah

Search and Discovery Article #90013 (2003)

Note: Items preceded by asterisks(*) designate extended abstracts, most with illustrations.

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*Seismically Derived Aquifer Characteristics, Across Faulted Coastal Plain Sediments Savannah River Site, South Carolina 
by Rolf K. Aadland (deceased), Douglas E. Wyatt, Michael G. Waddell, David R. Watkins, and Paul A. Thayer

Best Practices for the Collection and Analysis of Seabed Geochemical Samples 
by Michael A. Abrams

Near Surface Hydrocarbon Migration: Mechanisms and Seepage Rates 
by Michael A. Abrams

Architectural Analysis of Sinuous, Erosionally Confined Channels: The Under-Appreciated Deepwater Channel Type 
by Vitor Abreu, Morgan Sullivan, David Mohrig, and Carlos Pirmez

Reservoir Elements in Deep Water Sinuous Channel Complexes: Similarities to Fluvial Incised Valleys 
by Vitor Abreu, Tao Sun, Neal Adair, Paul Dunn, Bret Dixon, and John Van Wagoner

Structural Style and Source Rock Maturation in the Upper/Middle Magdalena Basin, Colombia by Forward Modeling Along Two Distinct Transects 
by Jorge E. Acosta Garay, Rodney H. Graham, and William Sassi

Sequence Boundaries, High-Frequency Cyclicity, and Porosity Evolution in the Early Cretaceous of Saudi Arabia 
by Roy D. Adams and G.W. Hughes

Influence of Slope Gradient on the Distribution and Architecture of Deep Water Channels and Fans Inferred from Near Surface 3-D Seismic Data, Niger Delta Slope, Nigeria 
by Adedayo Adeogba, Tim R. McHargue, and Stephan A. Graham

Seismic Facies and Growth History of Miocene Carbonate Platforms, Wonocolo Formation, North Madura Area, East Java Basin, Indonesia 
by Rahadian Adhyaksawan and Steven L. Dorobek

Optimizing 3-D Fracture Networks Using Connectivity Analysis 
by Stephen G. Ahlgren and Paul Griffiths

Closing the Loop: Multiple Scenario 3-D Reservoir Modeling, Seismic Inversion and Synthetic 3-D Seismic to Reduce Reservoir Uncertainty 
by R.B. Ainsworth, M. Angelatos, A. Leonard, A. Panting, P. Martin, T. Andersen, M. De Jong, R. Hamp, J. Williams, and S. Tay

Salt Tectonics—South Oman Salt Basin 
by Badar H. Al-Barwani, Ken McClay, and Chris Elders

Coupled Structural/Stratigraphic Forward Modeling in the Central Apennines 
by Emily Albouy, Piero Casero, Remi Eschard, Laurie Barrier, and Jean-Luc Rudkiewicz

Integration of Core and Wire-Line Logs to Generate a High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphic Framework for the Permo-Triassic Khuff A, B & C Carbonate Reservoirs, Ghawar Field, Saudi Arabia 
by Ra’id Al-Dakhil, Ghazi Al-Eid, Aus Al-Tawil, Rick Davis, and Shoaib Rawasia

Documentation of a New Petroleum System in the South Atlantic 
by Jeff Aldrich, Robert Zilinski, Janell Edman, Werner Leu, Tim Berge, and Kevin Corbett

Controls on Distal-to-Proximal Facies Variability Within a Eustatically Driven, High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphic Khuff C Carbonate Succession, Southern Ghawar, Saudi Arabia 
by Ghazi Al-Eid, Ra’id Al-Dakhil, Rick Davis, Aus Al-Tawil, and Shoaib Rawasia

*Recent eruptions of mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan (geologic-geochemical aspect) 
by Adil Aliyev

Plio-Quaternary Reorganization of the Arabia-Eurasia Collision 
by Mark B. Allen, J.A. Jackson, S.J. Vincent, E.J.P. Blanc, M.R. Ghassemi, C. Davies, M.D. Simmons, and A. Ismail-Zadeh

Geological Storage of CO2 Beneath the Southern Rocky Mountains— Colorado Plateau Region 
by Rick Allis, Tom Chidsey, Craig Morgan, Joe Moore, and Stephen White

Will Geoinformatics Change the Way We Work? 
by M. Lee Allison, Kansas Geological Survey, Lawrence, KS 

The Central Oklahoma Carney District: A Unique Hunton Oil and Gas Play 
by Zuhair Al-Shaieb, Kenneth J. Rechlin, and David Chernicky

Reservoir Geology of Giant Permian Gas Fields in the Arabian Gulf Basin 
by A.S. Alsharhan and F.N. Bou Rabee

Eustatic Overprints on the Diagenetic Evolution of Mesozoic Platform Carbonates from the Arabian Plate 
by A.S. Alsharhan and F.N. Sadoonl

Characterization of Grain Size, Sorting, Heterogeneity and Facies Trends from Upper Cretaceous Shallow Marine Reservoirs: Relevance of the Stratigraphic Context in Reservoir Characterization 
by Marco Alvarez-Bastos

Stratigraphic Architecture of Upper Cretaceous Coastal Plain and Shallow Marine Strata: Gallup Sandstone, Crevasse Canyon Formation, San Juan Basin, New Mexico 
by Marco Alvarez-Bastos

Upper Cretaceous Shoreface/Tidal Couplets in the San Juan Basin: Significant High Frequency Events Resolved from the Gallup Clastic Wedge 
by Marco Alvarez-Bastos

The Macuspana Basin, South Gulf of Mexico: Impact of Shale Tectonics and Late Contraction of an Extentional Basin on Hydrocarbon Accumulation 
by William Ambrose, Khaled Fouad, Tim F. Wawrzyniec, Bruno C. Vendeville, and Javier Meneses-Rocha

Linked Falling Stage-Lowstand Valley/Delta/Fan Complexes of the Late Quaternary Northern Gulf of Mexico: The Exception Rather than the Rule 
by John B. Anderson

Depositional Response to Structurally-Generated Topography in Deep Water Thrust Belts: Comparison of the Grès d’ Annot Basin (Southeast France) with Modern Deepwater Fold and Thrust Belts 
by Gillian M. Apps and Frank J. Peel

Extracting Hidden Details from Mixed-Vintage Log Data Using Automatic, High-Speed Inversion Modeling of Resistivity and SP Logs: Supplementing Incomplete Log Suites and Editing Poor Quality Log Data Using Neural Networks 
by Jeff S. Arbogast

3-D Reconstruction of the Geometry and Architecture of the Ainsa Turbidite System from Outcrop Data 
by Pau Arbués, Josep Anton Muñoz, Oscar Fernandez, Mariano Marzo, and Marta Puig

*Structural and Intrinsic Fluvial Controls on the Geomorphology of an Integrated, Incised-Valley Network in the Lower Cretaceous of Southern Alberta, Canada 
by George W. Ardies, Robert W. Dalrymple, and Brian A. Zaitlin

The Role Of Fluid- and Sediment-Gravity Flow Processes During Deposition of the (Subsurface) Carrot Creek Conglomerates (Cardium Formation, Upper Cretaceous), West-Central Alberta 
by R. William C. Arnott

An Upper Jurassic Fluvial-Alluvial Valley Fill Reservoir in the Northeastern Border of the Neuquen Basin, Argentina 
by Carlos Daniel Arregui, Martin De La Cruz Olmos, and Peter Malcom McGregor

*Study of the Formation Mechanism of Inverse Grading in Turbidity Deposits 
by Marcelo Devenutte Ávila, Renata Dos Santos Giacomel, Richard Eduard Ducker, Rogerio Dornelles Maestri, and Ana Luiza De Oliveira Borges,

Contribution of the 3-D Seismic Data in the Development of Producing Fields in Tunisia, North Africa 
by N. Ayari, J. Friha, K. Abbassi, and F. Messaoudl

Applications of Coalbed Gas Systems in Exploration and Development 
by Walter B. Ayers

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Looking Inside Turbidity Currents: The Effects of Spatial and Temporal Changes In Velocity, Concentration and Grain Size on Depositional Properties 
by Jaco H. Baas, William D. McCaffrey, Caroline Choux, and Peter D.W. Haughton

Ultrasonic Velocities as a Function of Confining Stress and Dispersion in Carbonates 
by Gregor T. Bächle and Guido Bracco Gartner

Dynamics of Mud Diapirs in the South Caspian Basin and Its Influence on the Petroleum System 
by Elchin Bagirov, O.W. Baganz, and Michael B. Krenov

A Khuff Reservoir Giant Field 3-D Geological Model Integrating an Uncertainty Approach 
by Catherine Bagliniere

New Career Patterns and New Adaptive Skills: The Other Half of a Successful Independent Geologist’s Brain 
by Lyle F. Baie, Kenneth F. Wantland, and John ‘‘Jack’’ Gallagher

New Developments in Reservoir-Scale Noble Gas Isotope Techniques 
by Chris J. Ballentine

Evidence of Reservoir Compartmentalization from a Coupled Study on Brine Chemistry and Stratigraphy in and Around the South Liberty Salt Dome, Texas 
by Tat Banga, Regina M. Capuano, and Donald Van Nieuwenhuise

Consequences of Multiple Phases of Tertiary Uplift and Erosion on the Thermal Evolution of Mesozoic Source Rocks, North Slope—Chukchi Sea, Alaska 
by Scott A. Barboza, Steve Creaney, Bob J. Ferderer, Feng Chi Lin, Keith I. Mahon, Joe Paul, Krishnan Srinivasan, and Michael A. Sullivan

Sequence Startigraphic Context of the World’s Oldest Forest Deposit: Middle Devonian (Givetian) Near-Shore/Paralic Facies, Eastern New York State 
by Alexander J. Bartholomew and Carlton E. Brett

Modeling Uncertainty in Discount Factors for Turbidite Channel Reservoirs 
by Mark Barton

(U-Th)/He Dating and Thermotectonic Re-Evaluation of Red Sea Rift Development in Yemen 
by Geoffrey E. Batt and Anthony J. Hurford

Earthquake Budgets for the Middle America Trench: Chaos and the Last 40 Years 
by Bradley Matthew Battista and Allen Lowrie

Controls of Structural Geometries Associated with Rift-Basin Inversion 
by Mark S. Baum, Martha Oliver Withjack, and Roy W. Schlische

*Ultra-High Resolution 3-D Characterization of Deep-Water Deposits-I: A New Approach to Understanding the Stratigraphic Evolution of Intra-Slope Depositional Systems 
by R.T. Beaubouef, V. Abreu and N.L. Adair

*Ultra-High Resolution 3-D Characterization of Deep-Water Deposits- II: Insights into the Evolution of a Submarine Fan and Comparisons with River Deltas 
by R.T. Beaubouef, J.C. Van Wagoner, and N.L. Adair

Energy from Canada’s Arctic Basins 
by Benoit Beauchamp

The Late-Quaternary Climatic Signal According to Palynology in a Deep-Sea Turbiditic Levee (Rhône Neofan, Gulf of Lions, Northwest Mediterranean) 
by C. Beaudouin, B. Dennielou, S. Berné, A. Huchon, and F. Guichard

The U.S. Department of Energy Carbon Sequestration Research, Development, and Demonstration (RD&D) Program 
by David J. Beecy

Paleo-Reservoir Characteristics and Diagenetic Bleaching in the Jurassic Navajo Sandstone, Southern Utah 
by Brenda Beitler, Marjorie A. Chan, and William T. Parry

The Influence of Oblique Reactivation of Faults on Basin Structure: An Experimental Study 
by Nicolas Bellahsen and Jean Marc Daniel

Dual-Purpose Geologic Analysis Using Airborne and Ground-Based Lidar, Coastal Southern California: Quantitative 3-D Characterization of Modern Coastal Erosion and Ancient Reservoir Architecture 
by Jerome A. Bellian, David C. Jennette, and Roberto Gutierrez

Textural Mapping with Lidar and Real-Time Kinematic GPS on the Flow-Unit Scale: An Example from the Pipe Creek Early Albian Rudist Buildup, Central Texas 
by Jerome A. Bellian, Charles Kerans, and Ted Playton

*Definition of a 3D Integrated Geological Model in a Complex and Extensive Heavy Oil Field, Oficina Formation, Faja de Orinoco, Venezuela 
by Jean-Paul Bellorini, Jhonny Casas, Patrick Gilly, Philippe Jannes, Paul Matthews, David Soubeyrand, and Juan-Carlos Ustariz

*Recognition of Tectonic Events in the Conformation of Structural Traps in the Eastern Oriente Basin, Ecuador 
by Hugo Belotti, Jose Silvestro, Gustavo Conforto, Miguel Pozo, Jorge Erlicher, Jorge Rodriguez, and Eduardo Rossollo

Facies and Fracture Variation in a Deep Shelf Carbonate: Core and Log Comparison 
by Terry W. Belsher and Paul M. Harris

*Thrust Kinematics, Uplift and Erosion in Foreland Fold-and-Thrust Belts: Comparative Study of Canadian Rockies and the Saharan Atlas-North Algeria 
by Z. Narimane Benaouali, Jean-Luc Faure, Rabah Bracene, François Roupe, Dominique Frizon De Lamotte, and Kirk Osadetz

Quantification of Model Uncertainty by Automated Calibration of Dynamic Models to Multiple Geostatistical Realizations 
by Fletcher Bennett

A Complex Fluvial-Estuarine Geologic Model, Cerro Negro, Venezuela 
by G. S. Benson, J. Adame, T.L. Kirst, D.J. O’Donnell, and V.D. Rahmanian

Integrated 3-D Geocellular Model—A Strategic Deep-Water Reservoir Management Tool: Cmac Reservoirs, Allegheny Field, Green Canyon Area, Gulf of Mexico, USA 
by Eduardo A. Berendson, Janet Rigler, David Shumbera, Elena Pavanel, Filippo Maioli, and Robert A. Archer

The Application of Horizontal and Deviated Wellbores as a Means of Increasing Gas Productivity from Cretaceous Shales Along the Western Interior Seaway: Example from the Lewis Shale, San Juan Basin, Colorado and New Mexico, USA 
by S. Robert Bereskin, Glen E. Christiansen, and Gregory L. Jennings

Improving Curvature Analyses of Deformed Horizons Using Scale-Dependent Filtering Techniques 
by Stephan Bergbauer, Tapan Mukerji, and Peter H. Hennings

Structural Controls on Stratigraphic Architecture in Extensional Basins Above the Early Cretaceous Hohhot Detachment, Inner Mongolia, China 
by Adrian K. Berry, Bradley D. Ritts, Cari Johnson, Brian J. Darby, and Lynde L. Nanson

Miocene Incised-Valleys System (IVS) Related to Western Alps Foreland Basin Evolution (Southeast France Basin) 
by David Besson, Olivier Parize, and Jean-Loup Rubino

*Complex Features in Sedimentology and Truncated Pluri-Gaussian Simulations 
by Helene Beucher; Francois Geffroy, and Brigitte Doligez

Cost-Effective Integration of Geologic and Petrophysical Characterization with Material Balance and Decline Curve Analysis to Develop a 3-D Reservoir Model for PC-based Reservoir Simulation to Design a Waterflood in a Mature Mississippian Carbonate Field with Limited Log Data 
by Saibal Bhattacharya, Alan P. Byrnes, and Paul M. Gerlach

Chemostratigraphy in a Miocene Foreland Continental Basin: A New Appraisal of Timing, Preservation of Depositional Sequences 
by Anne Bialkowski, Isabelle Cojan, and Maurice Renard

Identifying and Remediating High Water Production in Basin Centered Formations 
by Randal L. Billingsley and Leta K. Smith

Next Generation Integrated Natural Fracture Reservoir Prediction and Modeling Tools
by Randal L. Billingsley, Eugene Williams, Vello A. Kuuskraa, and William Gwilliam

The 2002 Oil and Gas Assessment of the National Petroleum Reserve, Alaska by the U.S. Geological Survey 
by Kenneth J. Bird

Application of 3-D Interpretation and Visualization Technologies to Low Net:Gross Fluvial Reservoirs-Experiences in Greenfield Exploration and Development Settings 
by Dan Bishop

Surface Geochemistry as an Exploration Tool in Frontier, Deep Water, Areas—Case Studies from Atlantic Margin Areas 
by Malvin Bjorøy and Ian L. Ferriday

Generating Reservoir Models from High Resolution Outcrop Studies: A Case Study from the Lower Cretaceous McMurray Formation, Northeastern Alberta 
by Barton Blakney and Murray Gingras

Deformation Styles in the Zagros Simple Folded Zone, Iran 
by Eric J-P. Blanc, Mark B. Allen, Simon Inger, and Hossein Hassani

Reservoir Prediction from Hydrocarbon Migration Using RMS Amplitude 
by Stuart Bland, Dan Hodge, and Delphine Roques

Development of a Conceptual Fluid Flow Model Based on the Tanqua Karoo Turbidites, South Africa 
by Louise C. den Boer, Stefan M. Luthi, Rudi Ephraim, Jack H.L. Voncken, David Hodgson, David Hodgetts, and Erik P. Johannessen

How Hot Springs are Colonized by Thermophilic Bacteria 
by George T. Bonheyo, Jorge Frias-Lopez, James Klaus, and Bruce W. Fouke

Feldspar Dissolution as a Source of Cations for Carbonate Growth in a Carbon Sequestration Context: EQ3/6 Modeling and Laboratory Experiments 
by Lawrence H. Boram, Steven R. Higgins, Kevin G. Knauss, and Carrick M. Eggleston

The Ladyfern Gas Field--Canada is Still Hiding Mammoths 
by Thomas D. Boreen and Kelvin Colquhoun

Outcrop-Based Heterogeneity Modeling of Brushy Canyon Submarine Fan Deposits: Enhancing the Value of an Outcrop Analog Through Modeling 
by James M. Borer, Safian Atan, Mary Carr, Marieke Dechesne, and Michael Gardner

Evolution and Architecture of Base of Slope Stratigraphic Pinch Outs, Lower Brushy Canyon Formation, Delaware Mountains, West Texas 
by James M. Borer, Michael H. Gardner, and Nicola Mavilla

Uncertainty Assessment in Static Reservoir Simulation by Using Stochastic and Stratigraphic Forward Modeling 
by Jean Borgomano, Kees van der Zwan, Georg Warrlich, and Paul Van der Geest

*Integrated Characterization for CBM: The RECOPOL example 
by Dan Bossie-Codreany, K.H.A.A.Wolf, Hans Bruining, Bernd Krooss, and Andreas Busch

Assessing Subeconomic Natural Gas Resources: Phase I–Greater Green River and Wind River Basins 
by R.M. Boswell, A.S.B. Douds, H.R. Pratt, K.K. Rose, J.A. Pancake, J.H. Dean, and K.R. Bruner

The Thermal History of the Upper Silesia Coal Basin, Poland, Constrained by Apatite Thermochronology 
by Dariusz Botor, Finlay M. Stuart, Andrew Carter, and Dan Barfod

Processes Governing Characteristics and Distribution of Deep-Water Sands: Tanqua Karoo and Mississippi Fan 
by Arnold H. Bouma

Estuaries and Incised Valleys on the Southeast Coast of Australia 
by Ron Boyd

Promgaz Kuzbass Project—-Coalbed Methane Exploration in the Kuznetsk Coal Basin, Russia 
by Charles M. Boyer, Nikolay M. Storonsky, and Vladimir T. Khiroukine

Rift-Basin Inversion: Evidence from Small-Scale Structures 
by Jennifer A. Elder Brady, Roy W. Schlische, and Martha Oliver Withjack

*Questioning the Global Eustacy Paradigm - Evidence from Thermal History Data, West Africa 
by Richard J Bray, Steve Lawrence, and Paul F Green

Forced Regressive, Lowstand and Incised Valley Reservoir Development in a Strike-Slip Setting: East Sakhalin Shelf, Russian Pacific 
by Matthew Brettle, Stephen Flint, and Julian Bessa

Using S5 Benchmark Wireline Logs to Characterize the Sequence Stratigraphy of Depositional Systems in Growth-Faulted Intraslope Basins 
by L. Frank Brown, Robert G. Loucks, and Ramón H. Treviño

Cyclo-Stratigraphic Architecture and the Controlling Processes of Upper Pennsylvanian Oread Cyclothem in the Transition Zone Between Shelf and Deltaic Depositional Systems, Southeast Kansas and Northeast Oklahoma 
by Michael Bruemmer, Wan Yang, and Monica Turner-Williams

*Peripheral-bulge controlled depositional architecture of a clastic foredeep succession, Paleocene, Spitsbergen 
by Rikke Bruhn and Ron Steel

Reservoir Properties of a Gravitationally Unstable Shelf Edge Dispersal System: Olympen Formation (Upper Callovian-Lower Oxfordian), Jameson Land, East Greenland 
by Rikke Bruhn and Finn Surlyk

Early Diagenesis and Compaction of Carbonates and Implications to Reservoir Limestone Properties: A Basin.RTM Simulation of the Florida Carbonate Platform 
by David A. Budd, Anthony J. Park, and Peter J. Ortoleva

The Effects of Ponding Infill on the Spatial Distribution of Turbidite Grainsize: Examples from the Laboratory and the Peira Cava Sub Basin of Southeast France 
by Rufus Brunt, William McCaffrey, Lawrence Amy, and Ben Kneller

Using Neural Networks to Understand the Effects of Geologic Variables on Fracture Spacing in Folded Carbonates 
by Thang Dinh Bui, Catherine L. Hanks, and Jerry L Jensen

Salinity-Driven Fluid Flow Controls Thermal and Diagenetic History, Pennsylvanian-Permian, Western Kansas 
by Govert J.A. Buijs and Robert H. Goldstein

Identifying and Predicting Mobile Water, Cerro Negro Block, Orinoco Heavy Oil Belt, Eastern Venezuela 
by J.R. Bulau, L.M. Linares, and D.J. O’Donnell

Geovolume Visualization and Interpretation: Using 3-D Visualization and Seismic Attributes to Examine Stratigraphic Features and Discontinuities 
by Terra E. Bulloch, Tatum M. Sheffield, Jennifer C. Budlong, Julie N. Craun, Charlie J. Mickey, Marc Hildebrand, and Steve Galiette

*Large Volume Reconnaissance Using 3-D Visualization Software, Desert Springs Field, Sweetwater County, Wyoming 
by Robert Bunge

The Development of the Antler Foredeep and Its Impact on the Facies Architecture of a Prograding Carbonate Fill, the Lower Mississippian Madison Group, Southwest and Central Montana 
by Matthew Buoniconti, Gregor P Eberli, and Langhorne Smith

Timing of Hydrocarbon Generation in the Colville Basin of Northern Alaska from Burial and Thermal History Modeling 
by W. Matthew Burns, Daniel O. Hayba, David W. Houseknecht, and Elisabeth L. Rowan

The Late Jurassic Alpine C Sandstone—A Bioturbated, Paralic Reservoir Deposited During a Slow Transgression: North Slope, Alaska 
by Beverly A. Burns, Robert S. Tye,Doug Knock, Meg Kremer,Dean Gingrich, Dave Shafer, Al Scott, and James A. MacEachern

Fluid Inclusion Evidence for Dynamic Pressure Fluctuations During Basin Evolution 
by Robert C. Burruss and Thomas M. Parris

Integration of Outcrop, Process Models and High Resolution 3-D Seismic in the Development of the Holstein Field, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico: A Subsurface Analog for Ponded-Basin Turbidite Reservoirs 
by Tom Byrd and Eric J. Ekstrand

Application of Outcrop, Process Models and High Resolution 3-D Seismic in the Development of the Holstein Field, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico: A Subsurface Analog for Ponded-Basin Turbidite Reservoirs 
by Tom Byrd, Eric J. Ekstrand, Donald C. Bruce, and Kim Syrowski

The Role of Moldic Porosity in Paleozoic Kansas Reservoirs and the Association of Original Depositional Facies and Early Diagenesis with Reservoir Properties 
by Alan P. Byrnes, Evan K. Franseen, W. Lynn Watney, and Martin K. Dubois

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Source Rock Potential of Coal and Carbonaceous Shales of Petroleum Systems in the Eastern Venezuela Basin 
by Angel Francisco Callejon and Adry Bissada

Basin-Center Gas or Subtle Conventional Traps? 
by Wayne K. Camp, Andrea B. Brown, and Lindsay L. Poth

The Role of Syn-Depositional Salt Tactonics and the Development of Los Chivos Mesa, Northeast Mexico 
by Matthew A. Campbell and Robert K. Goldhammer

San Clemente State Beach, California: A Classic Example for Stratal Hierarchy and Prediction Within Deep Water Channels 
by Kirt Campion, Anthony Sprague, and Morgan Sullivan

Resource Assessment and Regional Geology of the Athabasca Oil Sands Deposit, McMurray Formation, Northeastern Alberta: A Synthesis 
by Mark Caplan

Tamarugal Basin, Chile: A Sleeping Giant? 
by Dennis Carlton, Fred E. Digert, and Robert E Zilinski

Evolution of a Petroleum Play in the Falkland Islands 
by Dennis Carlton and Robert E Zilinski

Process-Based Numerical Modeling of Turbiditic Systems Along a Passive Margin (Pab Formation, Upper Cretaceous, Pakistan) 
by Emmanuel Caroli, Rémi Eschard, Tristan Euzen, and Didier Granjeon

First-Order Basin-Range Extensional Architecture, Southern Nevada Region 
by James A. Carpenter

Online Tools to Evaluate Saline Aquifers for CO2 Sequestration 
by Timothy R. Carr, Lawrence H. Wickstrom, Christopher P. Korose, R. Stephen Fisher, Wilfrido Solano-Acosta, and Nathan Eaton

Use of Information Technology for Integrated Reservoir Characterization of Permian Gas Fields of the Hugoton Embayment 
by Timothy R. Carr, Kenneth M. Dean, Martin K. Dubois, Paul Gerlach, Michael H. Maroney, Ernie Morrison, K. David Newell, Kitt E. Noah, and Harald Poelchau

Use of Borehole Imaging (FMI TM) Data to Define Prospectivity Near the Los Bajos Fault, Southwest Trinidad 
by Mariano Carrera, John Chambers, and Vishram Rambaran

Source Rock Heterogeneity of the Eocene Green River Formation Estimated from Fischer Assay Analysis 
by Alan R. Carroll and Jeffrey T. Pietras

Predicting Deep-Water Sand Deposition from Shelf-Edge Trajectory in the Latest Cretaceous, Lance-Fox Hills-Lewis Depositional System, Washakie Basin, Wyoming
by Cristian R. Carvajal

Lower Silurian Incised-Valley Deposits in the Appalachian Foreland Basin: Regional Variation and Structural Control 
by James W. Castle

Application of the Fractal/Facies Concept to Predicting Sedimentologically Controlled Permeability Variation for Reservoir Modeling 
by James W. Castle, Fred J. Molz, Cynthia L. Dinwiddie, Silong Lu, Ronald W. Falta, and Scott E. Brame

Regional Thin-Skinned Extension in a Foreland Basin: Eastern Black Warrior Basin, Alabama 
by Luke Martens Cates and Richard H. Groshong

Seismic Stratigraphy of the Neogene Sequences in the Gulf of Mexico 
by Octavian Catuneanu, Edmundo Heredia, Vicente Ortega, Jose Robles, Carlos Toledo, Luis Pablo Boll, and Fernando Lopez

External Controls on Fluvial Facies: The Scollard Sequence, Western Canada Foredeep 
by Octavian Catuneanu, Ahmed Khidir, and Rabindra Thanju

Fibrous Illite and the Critical Moment of Oil Charge in the Northern North Sea 
by Andrew James Cavanagh, R.S. Haszledine, and G.D. Couples

Sequence Architecture in Distal Lake Bonneville (Late Quaternary), Northwestern Utah 
by Matthew Cavas and Gregory C Nadon

Late Miocene/Pliocene Inversion History of the North Alpine Foreland Basin 
by Charlotte Cederbom, Hugh Sinclair, and Fritz Schlunegger

The Influence of Stress Evolution on Hydrocarbon Production 
by Alvin W. Chan and Mark Zoback

Integrated Exploration: Surface Geochemistry and Basin Modeling of the Eastern Gulf of Mexico, Sale 181 
by Ahmed Chaouche, Pablo Eisner, and Steve Crews

Permeability Effects of Systematic Deformation Band Arrays in Sandstone 
by Jeffrey Chapin, Kurt Sternlof, David Pollard, and Louis Durlofsky

*Tectonic Denudation of the Cordillera Central Linked to the Eastern Venezuela Thrust Belt Emplacement 
by Jean-Yves Chatellier

*Deformation Phases of the Furrial Producing Trend, Eastern Venezuela Thrust Belt 
by Jean-Yves Chatellier and Sergio Olave

*Preservation of Sandbanks within Present-Day Estuaries (Atlantic Coast of France) Revealed by Very High Resolution Seismic Surveys 
by Eric Chaumillon, Nicolas Weber, Michel Tesson, and Bernadette Tessier

Structural Style of a Normal Fault System Above the Salt Valley Salt Wall, Paradox Basin, Utah 
by Patrice C. Chauvin and Michael R. Hudec

Inversion Tectonics and Oil-Gas Accumulation 
by Zhiyong Chen and Heping Ge

Adopting Risk Analysis Procedures for Development and Production Problems 
by Gary P. Citron, J.A. Alexander, Mark A. McLane, James Gouveia, and Peter R. Rose

Characterization of Deep-Water Turbidite Sub-Environments from the Shelf-Edge to Basin Floor, Storvola, Spitsbergen 
by Bryn E. Clark

*Mapping of Reservoirs and Subsurface Structures Using Selective Analysis of the Surface Chemistry of Soil Particles 
by J. Robert Clark, Gregory T. Hill, and Reed Tompkins

*Integrated Modeling of the Taratunich Field, Bay of Campeche, Southern Mexico 
by W.J. Clark, F.O. Iwere, O. Apaydin, J. Moreno, R. Leon Ventura, R. Hernandez, J. Garcia, and F. Trevino 

Facies Architecture of a Diatomite-Sandstone Reservoir from Integrated Core and Log Analysis, Lost Hills Field, California 
by Michael S. Clark, Dale Julander, and Thomas Zalan

An Improved Method to Evaluate the Ferron Coalbed Methane Reservoir, Drunkards Wash Field, Uinta Basin, Utah 
by Thomas A. Cloud, Yuanhai Yang, and Craig W. Van Kirk

Analysis of Facies and Permeability from Cores, Cottonwood Creek Area, Wyoming
by Edward B. Coalson and Richard F. Inden

Tectonic Inversion of a Passive Continental Margin (Southeast Brazil) and its Effects on Sedimentation and Petroleum Systems 
by Peter R. Cobbold and Kristian E. Meisling

Mechanism of Thin-Skinned Detachment in the Amazon Fan: Assessing the Importance of Fluid Overpressure and Hydrocarbon Generation 
by Peter R. Cobbold, Régis Mourgues, and Kevin Boyd

Process-Based Stochastic Modeling of Meandering Channelized Reservoirs 
by Isabelle Cojan, Alain Galli, Simon Lopez, and Jacques Rivoirard

Fluvial Process-Based Stochastic Model Outputs of the Almedina Outcrop (Triassic, Central Spain) 
by Isabelle Cojan, Simon Lopez, and Jacques Rivoirard

Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Facies in Process-based Stochastic Fluvial Reservoir Modeling 
by Isabelle Cojan, Simon Lopez, and Jacques Rivoirard

A 10 My Long Record of Sedimentation in a Continental Active Strike Slip Basin (Upper Cretaceous, Provence, France) 
by Isabelle Cojan and Marie-Gabrielle Moreau

Assessment of Deep Gas Potential of the Eastern Green River Basin, Southern Wyoming
by J.L. Coleman, D.M. Stone, and D.H. Phillips

The Eileen-Tarn Gas Hydrate Petroleum System, Northern Alaska 
by Timothy S. Collett and Tom Lorenson

Regional Stress and Seismotectonics in Northern South America 
by Lourdes Colmenares and Mark Zoback

Origin and Evolution of the Middle Miocene Submarine Fan System, East-Central Gulf of Mexico 
by Ricardo I. Combellas-Bigott and William E. Galloway

The Distribution of Coeval Depositional Elements Within a Stepped Slope Setting, Offshore Brunei 
by Daniel L. Cook and T.A. McGilvery

Mid-Cretaceous Extension in Liaoning Province, Northeast China: Extensional Collapse of an Intraplate Orogen? 
by Tim D. Cope

The Permian Basin Petroleum Systems, Simpson-Ellenburger and Woodford-San Andres—New Insights for Exploring a Mature Petroleum Province 
by James J. Corboy and Harry E. Cook

Synchronous Modification of Upper Ordovician Facies Gradients Along Two Shelf-to-Basin Ramps: Influences of Taconic Tectonism on Eustatic Cycles 
by Sean R. Cornell, Carlton E. Brett, and Patrick I. McLauglin

Simulating Natural Hydraulic Fractures in Muddy Rocks—Implications for Seal Capacity and Primary Migration 
by Gary D Couples, Jennifer Ellis, Gael Riethmuller, and Helen Lewis

Role of Fault Damage Zones in the Thermal State of Basins 
by Gary D Couples, Campbell G Fleming, Helen Lewis, and R Stuart Haszeldine

Evolution of Structural Damage—Role of Geomechanical Simulations 
by Gary D. Couples, Helen Lewis, Nigel G. Higgs, and Peter W.H. Olden

Facies Architecture and Shoreline Trajectory in the Sandstone Tongues of the Lower Iles Formation, Mesaverde Group (Campanian), Northwest Colorado 
by Jeff P. Crabaugh

Architecture and Distribution of Deep-Water Channel Complexes, Upper Cretaceous Cerro Toro Formation, Magallanes Foreland Basin, Chile 
by William H. Crane, Donald R. Lowe, Erin Duerichen, Amy Weislogel, Tzvetina Erohina, Brita Graham, Stephen Hubbard, Cari Johnson, Alexandra Krull, Elizabeth Mason, and Michael Tice

Framework, Architecture and Exploration Potential of the Tertiary Strata—Offshore, Southwestern Nova Scotia 
by Gela Crane, Garth Syhlonyk, H. Karin Michel, and John McGilvary

Coarse-Grained Deep-Water Debris Flow Fans in a Seismically Active Foreland Basin: Maras Basin, Miocene, Eastern Turkey 
by Bryan T. Cronin, Kemal Gurbuz, Hasan Celik, Adrian J. Hartley, Murat Gul, and Elaine Aiken

3-D Stratigraphic Inversion of Mission Canyon Reservoirs, Little Knife and Billings Nose Trends, Williston Basin, USA: A New Technology for Reservoir Assessment 
by Timothy A. Cross, Margaret A. Lessenger, and Michael L. Hendricks

Sheet-Like Lowstand Fluvial Deposits, Lower Cretaceous Missisauga Formation, Offshore Nova Scotia, Canada: Implications for Sequence Stratigraphic Models and Deep-Water Exploration 
by Don Cummings, R.W.C. (Bill) Arnott, and Bruce S Hart

Oil-Prone Lacustrine Source Rock Potential in Central Indonesia 
by J.A. Curiale, John Decker, Charles A. Caughey, and H. F. Schwing

Potential Contribution of Rocky Mountain Natural Gas to U.S. Energy Supply—Resource, Demand and Price Considerations 
by John B. Curtis

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Overview of Scientific Studies Conducted as Part of the 2002 Mallik Gas Hydrate Production Research Well Program 
by Scott R. Dallimore, Timothy Collett, Takashi Uchida, and Michael Weber

The Rate of Normal Fault Growth: Insight from Analog Experiments 
by Jean-Marc Daniel, Camilo Montes and Nicolas Bellahsen

Fault Seal and Conduit Dichotomy: Impact of Deformation Mechanism and Fault Geometry
by Nichals C. Davatzes, Peter Eichhubl and Atilla Aydin

High-Resolution Paleoenvironmental Analysis in a Lower Old Red Sandstone Sequence: An Integrated Ichnological and Sedimentological Study of the Late Silurian Ringerike Group, Norway 
by Neil S. Davies

The Significance of Coal Seam Splits for Correlation Between Shallow-Marine and Coastal Plain Strata 
by Roy C. Davies, John A. Howell, Stephen S. Flint, Claus Diessel, and Ron Boyd

Primary Mud-Clast Conglomerates: Under-Utilized Clues to Sedimentary Processes in Lower Paleozoic Terrestrial to Shallow Marine Environments 
by Neil S. Davies, Andrew J. Rees, and Peter Turner

Climatic and Tectonic Controls on the Deposition of the Neogene Productive Series, Azerbaijan 
by C.E. Davies, S.J. Vincent, M.D. Simmons, D. J Hinds, M.B. Allen, and E. Aliyeva

Impact of Outcrop Analog-Guided Modeling in the Brent Group, Brent Field, United Kingdom North Sea: A ‘Reoriented’ Delta System 
by Paul Davies and Huw Williams

New Tectono-Stratigraphic Models and Their Impact on the Reservoir Quality and Distribution in the Eastern Black Sea Basin 
by Byron Davis and Ryan Wilson

Narrow and Wide Salt Basin Comparisons 
by Ian Davison

Sedimentology and Petrophysical Character of Cretaceous Marine Shale Sequences in Foreland Basins: Seismic Response of Seal Horizons 
by William C. Dawson, William R. Almon, Frank G. Ethridge, Sally J. Sutton, and Bellatrix Costeblanco

Neogene Tectonics as a Major Control on Hydrocarbon Plays of the Upper Magdalena Valley, Colombia 
by Mario G. De Freitas, Jose A. Rizzi, Luz M. Duarte, and Alejandro Mora

Early 3-D Evaluation Using Parallel Volume Interpretation Techniques on the Eastern Venezuelan Basin 
by Blas De La Peña, Miguel Morales, Hector Bello, Jonathan Hernandez, and Gerald Kidd

Impact of Flow Oscillations in the Depositional Geometry and Architectural Elements Distribution of Sand-Rich Density Current-Driven Deposits 
by Antonio Cosme Del Rey, Adriano Roessler Viana, Rafael Manica, Rogério Dornelles Maestri, and Ana Luiza de Oliveira Borges

Facies Analysis, Early Diagenesis and Depositional Environments in a Paleocene Reef, La Popa Basin, Northeast, Mexico 
by Jose Francisco Delgado and Robert K. Goldhammer

*Depositional Architectures and Lithofacies of a Pennsylvanian High-rising Carbonate Platform (Sierra del Cuera, Cantabrian Mountains, N Spain) 
by Giovanna Della Porta, Jeroen A.M. Kenter, Juan R. Bahamonde, and Klaas Verwer

An Integrated Chronostratigraphic Evaluation and Calibration of the Early Miocene Oficina Formation at Petrozuata, Venezuela
by Thomas D. Demchuk, Enrique Gonzalez-Guzman, Ian Gordon, and John R. Suter

Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Architecture of the Burgan and Mauddud Formations (Lower Cretaceous), Kuwait 
by Timothy M. Demko, Penny E. Patterson, Howard R. Feldman, Christian J. Strohmenger, John C. Mitchell, Patrick J. Lehmann, Ghaida Alsahlan Hamdah Al-Enezi, and Menahi S. Al-Anzi

Upper Tertiary Hydrocarbon Accumulation and Exploration in Offshore Bohai, China 
by Yunhua Deng

Integrated Fractured Reservoir Characterization with Multiple Attributes and Forward Modeling 
by Lin Deng and Feng Shen

Age Control on the Zaire Deep-Sea Fan: From 100 ka to Decadal Scale 
by Bernard Dennielou, Jean-Marie Jouanneau, Tania Marsset, Laurence Droz, Bruno Savoye,Sébastien Migeon, Michel Lopez, Jean-Pierre Suc, and Jean-Louis Volat

Paleocene and Eocene ‘‘North Sea-Like’’ Submarine Fans in the Jeanne d’Arc Basin, Offshore Newfoundland, Eastern Canada 
by Mark E. Deptuck and David J. W. Piper

Detailed Anatomy and Evolution of a West African Channel-Levee System: Response to Changing Bathymetry and Gravity Flow Processes 
by Mark E. Deptuck, Gary S. Steffens, and Carlos Pirmez

U.S. DOE-Sponsored Development Case Study of a Karsted Carbonate ‘‘Island’’ Hydrocarbon Reservoir: West Carney Hunton Field, Lincoln and Logan Counties, Oklahoma 
by James R. Derby, Jason C. Andrews, Joe Podpechan, and Sandeep Ramakrishna

*Quantification of Uncertainty in Gas Resources of Deep Panuke 
by Clayton Deutsch, Richard Wierzbivki, Robert Riddy, and John Slade

*Processes of Mud Volcanism in the Barbados-Trinidad Compressional System: New structural, Thermal and Geochemical Data 
by Eric Deville, Anne Battani, Roger Griboulard, Sophie Guerlais, Siegfried Lallemant, Alain Mascle, Alain Prinzhofer, and Julien Schmitz

Allocyclic and Autocyclic Controls During Deposition of the Ferron Sandstone: Using Depositional Environments and Architecture Analysis to Understand Sea Level and Facies Distributions
by John A. Dewey and Thomas H. Morris

Imaging Basement-Influenced Sedimentation with Potential Fields Data: Examples from Tertiary Petroleum Systems Around the World 
by William G. Dickson, Janice M. Christ, Mark E. Odegard , and James W. Granath 

Geometries, Cyclicity and Facies of a Temperate-Water Carbonate Succession Deposited During Icehouse Conditions: Pliocene Carboneras Basin, Southeast Spain 
by Peter Dillett, Robert H. Goldstein, and Evan K. Franseen

Threading the Needle with 3-D Visualization Problem Solving and Well Bore Planning-Matagorda Island 623 Field Case History 
by James B. Dischinger, Franklin L. Mitchum, and James E. Wolfe

Slope Channel Morphology and Depositional Controls: The Pleistocene-Holocene Niger Delta Slope as an Analog for Ancient Slope Systems 
by Barrett T. Dixon

Hydrocarbon Formation in the Subduction Zones of the Thrust Belts 
by A.N. Dmitrievsky, Inna E. Balanyuk, and L. Sh. Dongaryan

Structural Controls on Leakage from a Carbon Dioxide Reservoir in Southeastern Utah, USA 
by Ben Dockrill, Zoe K. Shipton, and James P. Evans

Geologic and Geodetic Evidence of Present-Day Rapid Motion on the Baton Rouge Fault and Its Relationship to the Ongoing Evolution of the Gulf of Mexico ‘‘Passive’’ Margin 
by Roy K. Dokka and Araya Kebede

*Use of Seismic to Constrain Geostatistical Reservoir Models: A Quantitative Approach Using Proportions of Facies
by Brigitte Doligez; Gomel Perrine; Andrieux Benoit; Fournier Frederique, and Helene Beucher

Composite Sequences, Seismic Facies, and Reservoir Distributions in the Dianna Hoover Basin: Gulf of Mexico 
by Arthur D. Donovan, J. Mick Casey, Diego I. Sanabria, Darryl K. Willis, and Doug A. Stauber

The Huesca Project: Integrated Sedimentary Architecture Modeling of a Low Net-to-Gross Fluvial Succession 
by Marinus E. Donselaar and Cees R. Geel

Conditions Conducive to Coalescence of Isolated Platforms in the Miocene Wonocolo Formation, North Madura Area, East Java Basin, Indonesia 
by Steven L. Dorobek and Rahadian Adhyaksawan

Transport of Allochthonous Carbonate Sediment and Its Influence on Mud Mound Growth Histories, Mississippian Lake Valley Formation, New Mexico: Autocyclic Influences Driven by Relative Sea-Level Change 
by Steven L. Dorobek, Steven L. Bachtel, and Michael F. Hoffmann

Unraveling the Stratigraphic Architecture of the Bossier: Pseudo-Seismic Correlation of Well Logs in Dew-Mimms Field, Freestone County, Texas 
by Jean-Pierre Dube, Kirk Chatawanich, Josh Borella, and Paul Pearce

Statistically-Based Lithofacies Predictions for 3-D Reservoir Modeling: An Example from the Panoma (Council Grove) Field, Hugoton Embayment, Southwest Kansas 
by Martin K. Dubois, Alan P. Byrnes, Geoffrey C. Bohling, Shane C. Seals, and John H. Doveton

*Genesis of mass wasting seismic facies deduced by CAT-scan analysis 
by Mathier Jacques Duchesne and Bernard Francois Long

*Influence of the Finer Material Portion in Physical Simulation of Density Currents 
by Richard Eduard Ducker, Marcelo Devenutte Avila, Rogerio Dornelles Maestri, and Ana Luiza De Oliveira Borges

Shale Diapirs in an Oblique Contractional Range: Eastern Venezuelan Basin 
by Leonardo Duerto and Kenneth R McClay

Wafra First Eocene Reservoir ModelCApplication of Sequence Stratigraphy and Geostatistics 
by Dennis W Dull, W. Scott Meddaugh, and Paul Montgomery

Regional Outcrop Study and 3-D Stratigraphic Modeling in a Foreland Basin Setting: The Example of the Grès d’ Annot Turbidite Formation (French Alps) 
by Elodie du Fornel, Philippe Joseph, François Guillocheau, Tristan Euzen, and Didier Granjeon

Oscillatory and Combined Flow Bed Forms Produced in the Laboratory: Implications for the Shallow Marine Rock Record 
by Simone Dumas, R.W.C. Arnott, and John B. Southard

Turbiditic Sedimentary Environments Definition and Petrophysical Modeling with Seismic Constraints for an African Field Case 
by Christophe Dumay

Permeability Structure of an Exhumed Faulted and Folded Reservoir: A Study of the Navajo Sandstone and the Teasdale Fault 
by Jeffrey T. Dunn, Craig B. Forster, and Laird B. Thompson

*Hierarchical, Self-Affine Fluvial Sand Body Shapes from Ancient and Modern Settings 
by Paul A.J. Dunn, C. Van Wagoner, and M. Deffenbaugh

Long-Term Evolution of Normal Fault Systems: Controls on the Development and Evolution of Extensional Structures in the Neotectonic Kenyan Rift, East Africa 
by Jonathan P. Dunningham, John R. Underhill, and J. Barry Dawson

Reliability of West African Deep Offshore Reservoir-Model Using Biological Signatures of the Architectural Elements 
by Gerard Dupont

Play Analysis of Major Oil Reservoirs in the Permian Basin, West Texas 
by Shirley P. Dutton, Eugene M. Kim, and Mark H. Holtz

A New Technique to Improve 3-D Fault Geometry Interpretation from a Seismic Dataset: An Example from a Welded Growth Fault Family, Offshore Angola 
by David Dutton, and Dustin Lister

The Distinctive Role of Relay Ramps in the Tectono-Stratigraphic and Thermal Evolution of a Transtensional Basin, Offshore Côte d’Ivoire 
by David Dutton, Bruce Trudgill, Justin Morrison, and Victor Boblai

Controls on the Genesis, Evolution and Breaching of Relay Ramps: New Insights from Field Studies (Hurricane Fault, Southwest Utah) and 3-D Seismic Analyses (Offshore West Africa) 
by David Dutton, Bruce Trudgill, and David Sanderson

Rock Physics for Gas Hydrate Reservoir Characterization 
by Jack Petrovich Dvorkin and Amos Nur

Effect of Diagenetic Cements on Seismic and Transport Properties in Sandstones: Data and Theory 
by Jack Dvorkin, Gareth Taylor, Richard Uden, Maggie Smith, and Joel Walls

Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources and Assessment Units of the Jurassic-Cretaceous Cotton Valley Group, Northern Gulf Coast Region 
by T.S. Dyman, S.M. Condon(1) U.S. Geolog

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Porosity Partitioning in Sedimentary Cycles: Implications for Reservoir Modeling 
by Gregor P. Eberli, Langhorne B. Smith, Elena Morettini, and Layaan Al-Kharusi

Regional Facies Trends in the Upper Ismay Zone of the Blanding Sub-Basin of the Paradox Basin, Utah: Aids for Identifying Possible Targets for Horizontal Drilling 
by David E. Eby, Thomas C. Chidsey, Craig D. Morgan, and Kevin McClure

Controls on the Depositional Patterns in the Santonian Emery Sandstone Member and Surrounding Strata, Wasatch Plateau, Utah 
by Chris M Edwards, John A Howell, and Stephen S Flint

Carbonate Porosity Control by Aluminosilicate Distribution: Finnmark Carbonate Platform (Pennsylvanian-Permian), Offshore North Norway 
by Stephen Neville Ehrenberg

Stromatolites, Floods and Regional Correlation in the Navajo Sandstone 
by Leonard Irwin Eisenberg

Characterizing Subsalt Prospect Structural Uncertainty, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico 
by Richard A. Eisenberg and Donald A. Medwedeff

Quantified Carbonate Platform Development: The Rosengarten Transect (Middle Triassic, Dolomites) 
by Axel Emmerich, Robert G. Tscherny, Thilo Bechstädt, Carsten Büker, Ralf Littke, and Rainer Zühlke

Applying Ion-Microprobe Technology in Reconstructing Quartz Cement History in an Upper Jurassic Sandstone Reservoir of the Outer Moray Firth Basin, North Sea, United Kingdom 
by Gavin L England, R Stuart Haszeldine, Janes Cleverley, Stuart A Barclay, Bruce W.D. Yardley, Quentin J. Fisher, Colin M. Graham, and Tony Fallick

New Play Concepts for the Deep-Water Shelf of Sao Tome and Principe 
by John A. English and Douglas Evans

A Fuzzy Expert System for Detection of By-Passed Intervals in a Geologically Complex Reservoir Using Production-Calibrated Well Log Data 
by I. Ershaghi, M. Kashfi, Karen Christensen, and Tim Rathmann 

Kinematic Evolution of Detachment Folds, Offshore Brunei, Indonesia 
by Eric A. Erslev, and Peter H. Hennings

High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphic and Reservoir Characterization Studies of D-07, D-08 and E-01 Sands, BlockMeren Field, Offshore Niger Delta 
by Adegbenga O Esan, Steven L. Dorobek, Jerry L Jensen, and Brian J. Willis

*Paleogene depocenter along the NE margin of the Maracaibo basin: Structure along an exhumed, Eocene age lateral ramp fault in the Maracaibo basin, western Venezuela 
by Alejandro Escalona and Paul Mann

Heterogeneity Distribution and Sequence Evolution of Turbiditic Channel Complexes in the Pab Formation, Pakistan 
by Remi Eschard, Emily Albouy, Remy Deschamps, and Tristan Euzen

Identification of Vuggy Gas Zones in the Ordovician Beekmantown Dolomite 
by Eric Eslinger and R. V. Everett

A Strategy for Integrating Conventional Unconventional Exploration Tools, Yemen 
by John R. Everett, Dana Jurick, David Nollsch, W.F. Bott, Dietmar Schumacher, and Ronald J. Staskowski 

Canada’s East Coast Exploration Offshore Newfoundland: Paying Your Tuition 
by Derek Evoy and R. John Knight

Canada’s Oil and Gas Resources — Surplus to Requirements?
by George Eynon

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Quantitative Seismic Geomorphology of Belanak and Gabus Fields, West Natuna Basin, Indonesia 
by Mochammad Fachmi and Lesli J. Wood

*Comparative Response of Seismic Signatures in Deep-Water Reservoirs Offshore Brazil and West Africa 
by Roberto Fainstein

Mesozoic Plate Tectonic Controls on Rift Basin Development in North Central Africa: A Major Cretaceous Basin System 
by J. Derek Fairhead and R. Guiraud

Uncertainty Analysis and Management in Integrated Studies: Example from a Brown Field Onshore Niger Delta 
by Oluwaseyi A. Fatoke, Denis Chantreau, Olumuyiwa O. Awojuyigbe, and Mona Kalu

Incised Valleys Without Lowstand Deltas: Examples from the Clearwater Formation at Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada 
by Howard Feldman, Tim de Frietas, Burns Cheadle, and Glen McCrimmon

Regularity, a Parameter Quantitatively Defining the Development Degree of a Meandering River 
by Zhiqiang Feng

Organic Geochemical Evidence of Source Rock and Its Depositional Environment, the Nonmarine Santanghu Basin, Northwest China 
by Qiao Feng, Yiqun Liu, and Wan Yang

*Integration of Dynamic Data in a Mature Oil Field Reservoir Model to Reduce the Uncertainty on Production Forecasting 
by Mathieu Feraille; Emmanuel Manceau; Isabvelle Zabalza-Mezghani; Frederic Roggero; Lin-Ying Hu; and Leandro Costa Reis

*Geological Conditions and Peculiarities of the Mud Volcanoes Formation 
by Akper Feyzullayev

Large Geologic Models for Evaluation and Development Planning for Heavy Oil Reservoirs in Zuata Area, of the Faja Petrolifera del Orinoco, Eastern Venezuela Basin 
by Gordon W. Fielder and Oscar Gonzalez

The Burdekin River Delta of Northeastern Australia: A Model for Shallow-Water, Flood-Dominated Sandy Deltas 
by C.R. Fielding, J. Alexander, and J.D. Trueman

*The Stratigraphic Evolution of Monterey Fan Area and Growth Patterns of Related Channel Complexes 
by Andrea Fildani and William R. Normark

Lithologic, Hydrocarbon Migration, and Source Rock Implications of Condensed Sections Based on Paleoecological Studies of Fossil Taxa 
by Richard H. Fillon and Paul Weimer

A Mixed Siliciclastic and Carbonate Lacustrine System in the Central Andes: Cretaceous-Paleocene El Molino Formation, Bolivia 
by Richard J Fink and Brian K Horton

Mauritania, Northwest Africa—the Story Unfolds 
by Mike W Fischer

Geological Controls of Hydrocarbon Seeps in Santa Maria Basin, Offshore California 
by Peter J. Fischer and Joseph M. Saenz

Application of High-Resolution Geologic Modeling to Environmental Remediation in Coastal Plain Sediments 
by Gregory P. Flach, Mary K. Harris, Margaret R. Millings, Guillaume Jean, Jeffrey M Yarus, Jeffrey J. Thibault, William W. Pidcoe, and Gerald C. Blount

Gas Exploration and Development Strategies in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin 
by David W. Flint and Robert K. Dixon

Petrophysical Properties and Sealing Capacity of Fault Rock from Sheared-Joint Based Faults in Sandstone 
by Eric Flodin, Martha Gerdes, Atilla Aydin, and William D. Wiggins

*Modeling Seismic Signature of Small Faults from Outcrop Analogues 
by Juan Florez and Gary Mavko

*Porosity-Velocity Distribution in Stratigraphic Sequences: The Marion-Yin Model 
by Juan Florez, and Gary Mavko

Sequence Stratigraphy and Facies Architecture of a Deltaic-to-Estuarine Clinoform (Battfjellet Formation, Norway) Influenced by Syn-Sedimentary Faulting 
by Atle Folkestad and Trine Gjessen

*Perforating System Selection for Optimum Well Inflow Performance 
by Kent Folse, Melissa Allin, Chris Chow, and John Hardesty

Application of Propellant High-Energy Gas Fracturing in Gas-Injector Wells at El Furrial Field in Northern Monagas State, Venezuela
by Kent C. Folse, Edgar Almanza, Pedro Chira, and Arguimedes Salazar

Successful High Grading of Coal Bed Methane Gas Fields with Soil Gas Geochemistry: A Test of Multiple Methods Over the Prairie Dog Creek Field in the Powder River Basin, Sheridan County, Wyoming 
by John V. Fontana, Jame H. Viellenave, Arthur F. Jacob, and Harry TerBest

Paleoenvironmental Variability Across the Cretaceous-Tertiary 
by Robert M Forkner, Stacy C. Atchley, and Lee C. Nordt

A Risk Analysis Process for Amplitude Anomaly Prospects 
by Michael C. Forrest, Rocky R. Roden, Roger C. Holeywell, and Peter R. Rose

Once it is Quantified, How Does Fault Architecture Affect Enhanced Oil Recovery? 
by Craig B. Forster, Sangeetha M. Pasala, Milind D. Deo, and Siang J. Lim

High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy of the Lower Cretaceous Cupido Carbonate Platform, Sierra Madre Oriental (Northeast Mexico) 
by Tina R. Foster and Robert K. Goldhammer

Partitioning of Bacterial Communities in Hot Spring Travertine Depositional Facies 
by Bruce W. Fouke, George T. Bonheyo, Beth Sanzenbacher, and Jorge Frias-Lopez

Climate vs. Eustacy: Forces of Change in Delta System Evolution and Upper Slope Sedimentation 
by Carmen M. Fraticelli and John B. Anderson

*A Model-Based Method to Supply Missing Log Information 
by Michael A. Frenkel

Coral Black Band Disease: A Single Symptom Associated with Different Cyanobacteria in Widely-Spaced Ocean Basins 
by Jorge Frias-Lopez, George Bonheyo, Qusheng Jin, and Bruce W. Fouke

A Large-Scale Geological CO2 Sequestration Project in the Northern Rocky Mountains: Feasibility, Economics, and Scientific Gain 
by S. Julio Friedmann, Dag Nummedal, Carrick Egleston, Mark Sonnenfeld, Hai-Ziu Meng, Peigui Yin, and Donna Anderson 

Shale Diapirism Versus Down-Building in the Quinault Formation, Olympic Peninsula, Washington: Key Criteria for Interpreting the Origin of Diapiric Structures 
by Shawn M. Fullmer

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A Case for Direct Thermogenic Hydrocarbon Detection and Exploration Risk Reduction 
by Victor Gabela, Keith Phipps, and Jay W. Hodny

Fault Related Subsidence and Land Submergence in Southeastern Louisiana
by Sherwood M. Gagliano, Louis D. Britsch, E. Burton Kemp, Karen M. Wicker, and Kathleen S. Wiltenmuth

*Converted Shear-Wave Anisotropy Attributes for Fractured-Reservoir Management 
by James E.Gaiser and Richard R. Van Dok

Fracture Characterization in the Austin Chalk: A Horizontal Core from the Lower Austin Chalk, Pearsall Field, Frio County, Texas 
by Julia F. W. Gale and Jon Holder

Bed-Scale Facies Architecture of an Ancient Delta Lobe Deposit of the Wall Creek Member, Central Wyoming, U.S.A. 
by M. Royhan Gani and Janok Bhattacharya

*Object Based Simulations in Fluvial Environment at the Reservoir Scale and at a Local Scale 
by Marta Benito Garcia-Morales; Helene Beucher; Francois Geoffroy, and Brigitte Doligez

Pronounced Grain-Size Partitioning Between Shoreface and Fluvial Strata: A Stratigraphic Signature of Base-Level Rise 
by Michael H. Gardner, Mark D. Sonnenfeld, and Jonathan Sukanto

Determining the Line of Correlation Between Two Wells: Application to Multivariate Biostratigraphic Data 
by A.C. Gary, G.W. Johnson, D. Ekart, and E. Platon

Structure and Prospectivity of the European Atlantic Margin West of the Rockall Trough 
by Robert W Gatliff and Ken Hitchen

Role of Basement Architecture During Salt Tectonics in the Northwest and Southeast Mediterranean: Comparison Between the Rhone and Nile Deep-Sea Fans 
by Virginie Gaullier, Bruno Vendeville, Lies Loncke, Agnes Maillard, and Jean Mascle

Improved Stratigraphic Modeling of Miocene Carbonate Ramps and Reef-Rimmed Platforms by Integrating Sedimentology, Sequence Stratigraphy, Carbonate Productivity and Paleoclimatology 
by Fabrice Gaumet,Rémi Eschard, Didier Granjeon, Frans Van Buchen, Luis Pomar, Sandrine Grataloup, and Aure ´lien Pierre

Debris Avalanches and Debris Flows from Source to Sink 
by Martin J R Gee

Stochastic Modeling of Seismic Velocity Fields 
by David Geraets, Paolo Ruffo, and Alain Galli

Depositional Geometry and Morphology of a Modern Confined Sandy Lobe (Eastern Corsican Margin, Western Mediterranean) 
by Anne Gervais, Bruno Savoye, and Thierry Mulder

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Tertiary Section of the Tacat Region, Northern Anzoategui and Monagas States, Eastern Venezuela 
by Genaro F. Giffuni, Rosa Aquino, José Mijares, and Luisa Alcalá

Characterization of the Coalbed Methane Potential in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin: Evidence from the Upper Cretaceous Horseshoe Canyon Formation of South-Central Alberta
by Dwayne F. Giggs and S. George Pemberton

The Role of Antithetic Faulting in Setting Up the Hudson Play, East Shetland Basin, UK Northern North Sea 
by Caroline E Gill, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom 

Controls on the Rate of Deformation, Strain Localization and the Migration of the Locus of Extension in the Northern North Sea Rift System 
by Caroline E Gill and John R. Underhill

Lower Cretaceous Incised Valley Complexes, Northern British Columbia, Canada 
by Murray Gingras, Barton Blakney, and John-Paul Zonneveld

The Incised Valley Fill of the McMurray Formation, Northeastern Alberta, Comprises Estuarine and Deltaic Deposits 
by Murray Gingras, Michael J. Ranger, and Mark Caplan

Paleosols in the Eocene Carroza Formation, La Popa Basin, Mexico: Indicators of Diapiric Tectonics and Depositional Environments 
by Elizabeth M. Glowiak, Brenda J. Buck, Timothy F. Lawton, Brent R. Waidmann, and Andrew D. Hanson

Improving Turbidite Geological Models with Borehole Imaging: An Integrated FMI, Cores, and Outcrop Study, Tanqua Karoo, South Africa 
by Jan Willem Goedbloed, Stefan M. Luthi, Cees R. Geel, Philippe Montaggioni, and Francoise Sinet

The Influence of Syndepositional Salt Tectonics on Carbonate Platform Development and Stratal Architecture: Examples of Gravitationally-Driven Extension and Rafting (Aptian-Albian Carbonates of the South Atlantic Basins, Upper Jurassic of the Gulf Of Mexico) 
by Robert K Goldhammer

Paleocene La Popa PlatformCComplex Sequence Architecture and Facies Tracts of an Isolated Platform Driven by Synpdepositional Salt Tectonics, La Popa Basin, Northeast Mexico 
by Robert K Goldhammer and Katherine A Giles

Resurrection of the Allocyclic Interpretation of the Latemar Cycles (M. Triassic, The Dolomites): View from a Coeval Platform 
by Robert K Goldhammer, Linda A Hinnov, Lawrence A Hardie, and Robert Forkner

New Techniques in Fracture Imaging and Quantification: Applications in the Ellenburger Group, West Texas 
by Leonel Gomez, Julia F.W. Gale, Robert M. Reed, Robert G. Loucks, Stephen C. Ruppel, and Stephen E Laubach

Geostress Static Modeling System: A Package Developed to Build Trends Maps of Reservoir Properties, Estimate Directions of the Stress Field, and Computing Petrophysics and Volumetrics Summaries
by Oscar Gonzalez

Tectonic Controls on Delta-Front and Deepwater Sandstone Stratigraphy: Lewis Shale and Fox Hills Sandstone of the Northern Great Divide Basin, Wyoming 
by Angel P. Gonzalez, Donna S. Anderson, and Neil F. Hurley

Controls on the Development of Dissolution-Collapse Features in Lower Cretaceous Carbonate Platform Strata, DeSoto Canyon Area, Offshore Alabama-Florida 
by Christine Iannello Gonzales and Steven L. Dorobek

Porosity Prediction in Quartzose Sandstones by Diagenetic Modeling: Application to Petroleum Exploration in the Area of Urica-Mundo Nuevo, Venezuela 
by Sylene Gonzalez, Gabriela Marcano, Bernabé Aguado, and Giselle Gedler

Measuring Uncertainty in Seismic Lithology Prediction Using Statistical Rock Physics: Application to Heavy Oil Orinoco Belt of Eastern Venezuela 
by Ezequiel F. Gonzalez, Tapan Mukerji, Reinaldo J. Michelena, and Gary Mavko

More Than Just Access to the Arctic: Mackenzie-Liard Valley Hydrocarbon Basins, NWT 
by J.R. Good and J. R. Taylor

Middle and Lower Ordovician Carbonates in Central Kentucky—A Comparison of Porosity and Permeability Between an Uplifted and Faulted Surface Exposure and Cores from a Fractured Reservoir Along a Fault 
by Patrick J. Gooding

Characteristics of Reservoir Rocks in Kentucky 
by Patrick J. Gooding

The Modernization of Old Log Suites 
by Steven M. Goolsby and Mark H. Franklin

Contrasting Hydrodynamic and Capillary Pore-Throat Trapping Mechanisms to Explain the Weyburn Field Accumulation in Saskatchewan, Canada 
by Steven M. Goolsby, Mark H. Franklin, Edward B. Coalson, and Micheal L. Hendricks

Interpretations of Near-Marine and Fluvial Deposits Affect the Development and Consequent Production at Zuata Field, Orinoco Heavy Oil Belt, Venezuela 
by Ian Gordon, Carl Curtis, Robert Kopper, Daniel Vitiello, Mario Junguito, and Tony Cole

3-D Kinematics and Growth Strata Architecture of the Frampton Anticline, Atwater Valley-Southern Green Canyon Area, Deep Water Gulf of Mexico 
by Gianluca Grando, Ken McClay, and Tim Buddin

Use of 3-D Stratigraphic Modeling to Quantify the Influence of Topography and Basin Deformation onDeep Water Systems 
by Didier Granjeon, Tristan Euzen, Philippe Joseph, Remi Eschard, Marie-Christine Cacas, Emmanuel Caroli, and Elodie du Fornel

Success! Using Seismic Attributes and Horizontal Drilling to Delineate and Exploit a Diagenetic Trap, Monterey Shale, San Joaquin Valley, California 
by Anne Grau, Robert Kidney, and Robert Sterling

Partial Ponding of Turbidite Systems in a Basin with Subtle Growth-Fold Topography: An Example from Laingsburg-Karoo Basin, South Africa 
by Martin Grecula, Stephen S Flint, Peter Sixsmith, Graham Potts, and De Ville Wickens

Climatic Control on Vertical Diagenetic Zonation in Permian Eolian-Fluvial Reservoirs, Northern Netherlands 
by Martin Grecula and Danny Soo Kwong Yin

Integrated (U-Th)/He Dating, AFTA and Vitrinite Reflectance Results in Seven Otway Basin Wells Confirm Regional Late Miocene Exhumation and Validate Helium Diffusion Sytematics 
by Paul F Green, Ian R Duddy, and Peter V. Crowhurst

Depth Volume Visualization and Interpretation of Shallow Geologic Features at Abqaiq Field, Saudi Arabia 
by Arthur E. Gregory, Andrew M. Knowlton, Gregory S. Douglass, Barton A. Payne, Luke F. LaFreniere, and Mohammed A. Tayyib

Structural Controls on Fracture Permeability Distribution Indicated by Coalbed Methane and Water Production in the Black Warrior Basin, Alabama 
by Richard H. Groshong, Jack C. Pashin, Michael Cox, Guohai Jin, and Marcella McIntyre

Reservoir Characterization of the Cypress Sandstone (Mississippian) in the Illinois Basin: A Model for Multiple Purposes 
by John P. Grube and Beverly Seyler

3-D Seismic-Geologic Model of Big Piney Field, Sublette County, Wyoming 
by Thais A. Guirigay, Rafael R. Sanguinetti, and Neil F. Hurley

*South Caspian Basin – Excitement and Movement of Sedimentary Masses: Mechanism and Geologic Consequences 
by Ibragim Guliyev

Palaeokarst and Diagenetic Alteration in Cretaceous Carbonate Reservoirs of Northeast Arabia 
by Li Guo, Mike Simmons, and Eric J-P. Blanc

Reconstructing Submerged and Buried Valley Systems on the Northern English Channel Shelf 
by Sanjeev Gupta and Jenny Collier

Constraining Rates of Normal Fault Growth Using In Situ Cosmogenic Surface Exposure Dating of Relict Fluvial Landforms, Canyonlands Graben, Utah 
by Sanjeev Gupta, Deirdre Commins, William M Phillips, and Joseph A Cartwright

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Late Cretaceous to Early Miocene Overthrust Giant Fields of Eastern Venezuela 
by José I. Guzmán, Jesús Maguregui, Flor Luna, and Marta Carrillo

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Stratigraphic Evolution of the Magnolia Field and Surrounding Area, Garden Banks Blocks 783 and 784, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico 
by Geoffrey A. Haddad, Matthias Petersen, Ron F. Waszczak, Susan W. Young, Jon V. Hufnagel, C.J. Liu, John R. Palmer, Frank J. Chlumsky, Tim Borbas, Johanna J. Moutoux, David T. McGee, Roy F. Fitzsimmons, and Patty D. Travis

Comparison Between Salt-Related Compressional Structures in Mauritania and the US and Mexican Gulf of Mexico 
by Steve H. Hall

An Explanation for the Gas Oil Ratio Variation Among Central Arabian Petroleums 
by Henry I. Halpern, Peter J. Jones, Abdalkareem M. Al-Jaziri, Jaffar M. Al-Dubaisi, William J. Carrigan, and Mohammed A. Al-Amoudi

Outcrop-Based Modeling of Shallow-Marine and Marginal-Marine Reservoirs: Examples from the Book Cliffs, Utah 
by Gary Hampson, John A Howell, and Matthew D. Jackson

Sequence Stratigraphic Framework and Depositional Systems of the Arab-D Reservoir in Ghawar Field, Saudi Arabia 
by C. Robertson Handford, Thomas H. Keith, Harry W. Mueller, and Robin Dommisse

Progressive Fracturing and Folding During Burial, Deformation and Unroofing in the Northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska 
by C.L. Hanks, W.K. Wallace, and M. Parris

Salinity Structure of the National Petroleum Reserve, Alaska: Implications for Pathways of Regional Fluid Flow
by Jeffrey S. Hanor, Jeffrey A. Nunn, Youngmin Lee

Northern Montana Thrust Belt: A Giant Gas Field Province Ripe for Exploration 
by William B. Hansen

A Dissected Triangle Zone in the Montana Thrust Belt: Clues to a New Exploration Play
by William B. Hansen, James W. Sears, M. Hoffman, R. Ambrose, E. Burtis, A. Hennes, N. Laatch, and B. Pallister

The Gulf of Cadiz: Example of an Unstable Giant Contouritic Levee 
by Vincent Hanquiez, Thierry Mulder, Pascal Lecroart, Eliane Gonthier, Eliane Le Drezen, Michel Voisset

Ordovician Tectonic Dolostones in Central Kentucky: Analogs for Trenton-Black River Reservoirs in the Appalachian Basin 
by David C. Harris, James A. Drahovzal, Clay A. Wilcox, Edward W. Woolery, William F. Reid, Langhorne T. Smith, Thomas H. Mroz, and Richard W. Beardsley

Steep Microbial-Dominated Platform Margins-Examples and Implications 
by Paul M. Harris and Jeroen A. M. Kenter

A Three-Dimensional Stochastic Model of Fluid Flow Through Fault Damage Zones 
by Simon D Harris, Robert J. Knipe, Noelle E. Odling, and S. Freeman 

Origin of Dolomite in Loessitic Paleosols of the Lower Permian Abo/Tubb Units, Northeastern New Mexico 
by K.A. Hartig, G.S. Soreghan, and R.H. Goldstein

Using Ichnofossils to Better Understand Depositional Processes, Facies Relationships, and Sequence Stratigraphy in the Early Cambrian Sekwi Formation 
by Stephen T. Hasiotis, Kelly Dilliard, Michael C. Pope

Oil Charge Preserves Deep-Burial Porosity in Sandstones and Limestones 
by R. Stuart Haszeldine

Deposition from Sustained Sandy Suspension Clouds on Confined Basin Floors
by Peter D.W. Haughton and William McCaffrey

Are Those Who Guard the Door Keeping You Out or In, Energy Economics 2002-? 
by David H. Hawk

*The Deep Basin – A Hot ‘‘Tight Gas’’ Play for 25 Years 
by Brad J.R. Hayes

*New Deep Basin Gas Plays at Hooker, Alberta – Extending Deep Basin Prospectivity Southward 
by Brad J.R. Hayes, Marc Junghans, Kim Davies, and Murray Stodalka

Sedimentology and Ichnology of the Lower Cretaceous (Neocomian) Kamik Formation in the Parsons Lake Gas Field, Mackenzie Delta Region, Northwest Territories, Arctic Canada: Anatomy of a 2.0 TCF Frontier Gas Field 
by Michael D. Hearn and S. George Pemberton

Structural and Hydrogeochemical Characterization of Fault Zones Leaking CO2 -Charged Fluids: The Salt Wash and Little Grand Wash Fault Zones, Emery and Grand Counties, Utah 
by Jason E. Heath, Anthony P. Williams, and James P. Evans

Gas Systems in the Central Region of Neuquen Basin, Argentina 
by Jorge J. Hechem, David A. Wavrek, Marcela L. Fernández, Francisco Pangaro, and Hernán J. Verzi

Geometric Evolution of the Northern Chelungpu Fault, Taiwan: Effects of Ramps and Erosion on Fault Structure 
by Richard Heermance and Jim Evans

*Application of Chimney Cu+B23bes in the Design of Geochemical Surveys 
by Roar Heggland

*Vertical Hydrocarbon Migration at the Nigerian Continental Slope: Applications of Seismic Mapping Techniques 
by Roar Heggland

How Sequence Stratigraphy Impacts the Dynamic Modeling of Bypassed Oil Accumulations in Two Upper Jurassic Carbonate Reservoirs, Berri Field, Saudi Arabia 
by Richard J. Heil and E. J.Pavlas

Comparison of Modern Eolian Sand Deposits, with Core and Image Log Data from the Permian Unayzah Formation, Saudi Arabia 
by Christian J. Heine, John Melvin, and Yasir Mubarak

From Source to Sink— Linking Shelf and Slope Bioclastic Deposits in the Late Miocene-Early Pliocene Record of Wanganui Basin, New Zealand 
by Austin J.W. Hendy, Adam J. Vonk, and Peter J.J. Kamp

Stress Perturbations and Strain Localization in Evolving Fold-and-Thrust StructuresCInsights from Numerical Models 
by Andreas Henk and Michal Nemcok

Tertiary Sequence Stratigraphy Offshore Brazil: High Frequency Sequence Development and Giant Avulsion 
by Sverre Henriksen and Bruce Tocher

A Comparison of Deepwater Petroleum Systems: Southern and Central Morocco and the Northeastern United States and Nova Scotia 
by Stephen Hermeston, Jeff Lund, and John Meredith

Using Sub-Regional Scale Forward Models to Condition Reservoir-Scale Stochastic Scenarios 
by Caroline Hern, Pete Burgess, Henne Lammers, and Madelon Nijman

Global and Environmental Significance of Enhanced Bioproductivity at the Silurian/Devonian Boundary 
by Ulrich Herten and U. Mann

Stratigraphic and Tectonic Controls on the Distribution of Upper Jurassic Sandstones in the North Sea 
by Richard Hesketh and John R. Underhill

Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoirs—A Play Whose Time Has Come 
by Robert G. Hickman, W. Norman Kent, Mark Odegard, Nicola Henshaw, and Jeff Martin

A Flood-Events Matrix for Dryland Fluvial and Lacustrine Delta and Terminal Splay Sedimentation in Lake Eyre, Central Australia 
by Timothy R Hicks, Simon C. Lang, Jim Benson, and Mark Reilly 

Geometry and Architecture of the Neales Delta, Ephemeral Terminal Splay System, as an Example of the Complexity of Flooding Event Expressions in Dryland Fluvial and Lacustrine Sedimentation 
by Timothy R Hicks , Simon Lang, Jim Benson , and Mark Robert William Reilly

Critically Tapered Wedges Above Viscous Detachments: Influence of Detachment Layer Geometry 
by I.C. Higuera-Diaz

A Triassic Geochronology Controversy: Milankovitch Versus Zircon Radioisotope Time Calibration of the Latemar Platform Cycles 
by Linda A. Hinnov, Nereo Preto, and Lawrence A. Hardie 

Best Practices for Onshore Hydrocarbon Microseepage Surveys 
by Daniel C. Hitzman, Dietmar Schumacher, and Luis Clavijo

Integrated Ichnological, Sedimentological and Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of Along-Strike Variations in the Albian Falher A Member, Northwest Alberta and Northeast British Columbia, Canada 
by Travis W. Hobbs and James A. MacEachern

A Reservoir Model of the Tanqua Karoo Turbidites, South Africa, from Digitally Mapped Outcrop Data 
by David Hodgetts, David Hodgson, Eirik Vik, Steve Flint, and Nick Drinkwater

Sill-and-Fill Systems: Deep-Water Submarine Slope and Basin-Floor Systems that Become Increasingly Confined Through Time 
by David Hodgson

Poorly Confined Submarine Channels: Distribution, Evolution and Architecture 
by David Hodgson, David Hodgetts, Stephen Flint, John Kavanagh, John Howell, Kevin Keogh, Nick Drinkwater, and Erik Johannessen

Exploration Offshore Nova Scotia Canada: Recent Exploration Drilling and Future Potential 
by John R. Hogg

Triassic Source Facies in High Paleo-Latitude Petroleum Systems 
by Albert G. Holba, L. Ellis, I. L. Dzou, A. Fincannon, and Dallam Masterson

Base-Level Buffers and Buttresses as a Proposed Control on Fluvial Valley-Fill Geometry and Facies 
by John M. Holbrook and Francisca Oboh-Ikuenobe

The Evolution of Allocyclicity and Autocyclicity as Sedimentary Concepts 
by John M. Holbrook, Brian J. Willis, and Janok Bhattacharya

*Generating Missing Logs - Techniques and Pitfalls 
by Michael Holmes, Dominic Holmes and Antony Holmes

Pore-Scale Influences on Saline Aquifer CO2 Sequestration 
by Mark H Holtz

Depositional Topography, Facies Tract Length Scales and Natih Reservoir Models (Oman, Middle East): Insights from Outcrop Analogs 
by Peter W. Homewood, Rheda Al-Lawati, and Volker Vahrenkamp

On the Development of Salt-Related Structures in the Polish Trough 
by Robert J. Hooper, Lech Antonowicz, and Ewa Iwanowska

Critically Pressured Free Gas Reservoirs Below Gas Hydrate Provinces 
by Matthew J. Hornbach, Demian M. Saffer, and W. Steven Holbrook

*New Indications for the Genesis and Migration of Nitrogen-rich Gases in Northern Germany – Fluid Inclusion and Nitrogen Geochemistry Studies of Permo-Carboniferous Rocks 
by Peer Hoth, Birgit Mingram, and Volker Luders

The Alpine Play-Incised Shoreface Systems in the Kingak Shale, National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska (NPRA) 
by David W. Houseknecht

Topographically Controlled, Mixed-Influence Top-Truncated Deltas: Turonian Wall Creek Member, Frontier Formation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming, U.S.A 
by Charles D. Howell, Janok P. Bhattacharya, Adam B Robinson, William R. Griffin

The Stratigraphic Expression of Parasequences in a Coastal Plain Setting, Examples from the Book Cliffs of Eastern Utah: A Sediment Portioning Model for Improved Correlation 
by John A Howell, Roy C Davies, Stephen Flint, and Diane Kamola

Testing Reservoir Sensitivity in Heterogeneities Shallow Marine Reservoirs 
by John A Howell, Alister McDonald, Bjørn Fjellvoll, Arne Skorstad, Alex Fordham, Stephen Flint, and Saigup Consortium

*Sedimentation from Jets: A Depositional Model for Clastic Deposits of all Scales and Environments 
by D.C. Hoyal, J.C. Van Wagoner, N.L. Adair, M. Deffenbaugh, D. Li, T. Sun, C. Huh and D.E. Giffin

Crestal Fault Patterns Above Turtle Structures in the Lower Congo Basin, Gabon: The Influence of Trap Timing 
by Michael R. Hudec and Martin P. A. Jackson

Paleoenvironments of the Whitmore Point Member of the Jurassic Moenave Formation, St. George, Utah 
by Samuel Hudson, Marjorie A. Chan, and James I. Kirkland

Coalbed Methane Resource Potential in Canada
by J.D. Hughes

Influence of Micropalaeontologically Determined Antecedent Topography on Reservoir Quality in Saudi Arabian Carbonates 
by G. Wyn Hughes, R.D. Adams, and Franz O. Meyer

Resource Characterization and Quantification of Natural Gas-Hydrate and Associated Free-Gas Accumulations Prudhoe Bay—Kuparuk River Area, North Slope of Alaska
by Robert B. Hunter, Scott A. Digert, Robert R. Casavant, Timothy S. Collett, Shirish L. Patil, Roy A. Johnson, Mary M. Poulton, Charles E. Glass, Kenneth M. Mallon, and Abhijit Dandekar

Modeling of Seismic Character from Rock Descriptions 
by Andrew Hurst, Anne Schwab, and Bryan Cronin

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*Application of Neural Networks Technique in Lithofacies Classifications used for 3-D Reservoir Geological Modelling and Exploration Studies. - A Novel Computer-Based Methodology for Depositional Environment Interpretation. (X-Field Example, Niger Delta, Nigeria)
by Emeka M. Iloghalu, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria

Seismic Heterogeneity Cubes and Corresponding Equiprobable Simulations 
by Matthias Imhof and William Kempner

The Changing Face of Corporate Financial Regulation 
by Kenneth Israel, US Securities & Exchange Commission, Salt Lake City, UT

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Coeval Shortening on Synsedimentary Thrust Systems and Diapirs, Deepwater Gabon 
by Martin P.A. Jackson and Michael R. Hudec

The Great West African Tertiary Coastal Uplift: Fact or Fiction? A Perspective from the Kwanza Basin, Angola 
by Martin P.A. Jackson, Michael R. Hudec, and Kerry A. Hegarty

An Assessment of Hydrocarbon Resources on Federal Lands in Western Washington State 
by James S. Jackson, David Percy, and Michael Cummings

Identifying Trenton/Black River Targets in the Northern Appalachian Basin (NYS): Demonstration of Integrated Exploration Tools 
by Robert D Jacobi, John C. Fountain, Courtney Lugert, Travis Nelson, Gerald Smith, Thomas Mroz, and John Martin

*Reservoir Zonation of Lower Cretaceous Deep-water Limestones in the Danish North Sea - New Insight from Improved Core-to-Log Correlation 
by Finn Jakobsen, Jon Ineson, Lars Kristensen, and Lars Stemmerik

Tectonic Origin of the Cariaco Basin, Venezuela: Pull-Apart, Extinct Pull-Apart or Fault-Normal Extension? 
by Martha Alexandra Jaimes-Carvajal, and Paul Mann

The Late Cretaceous-Eocene Turbiditic Sedimentation in the Sinop Basin, North-Central Turkey: Response to Tectonic Changes in Basin Morphology 
by Nils Erik Janbu, Beate L.S. Leren, Ediz Kirman, and W. Nemec

Structural Evolution and Its Influence on Sedimentation of the Domi (Fukue) Basin, Offshore Korea 
by H.R. Jang

Coherent Fault Interpretation and Modeling in the Rosa-Lirio Channels Using High Resolution Seismic and Attributes 
by Jean-Michel Janiseck, Laurent Menard, Jacques Clavel,Sébastien Guillon, and Naamen Keskes

Geochemical Fingerprinting of Crude Oils, Shaybah Field, Saudi Arabia: Evidence Of Reservoir Charging History 
by Peter D. Jenden, Mohamad A. Al-Amoudi, Mohammad I. Al-Eid, Roy K. Sadler, and Salam P. Salamy

Influence of Paleogradients on Deepwater Reservoir Architecture: Miocene and Pliocene of the Veracruz Basin, Southeastern Mexico 
by David Jennette, Javier Meneses-Rocha

Geological 3-D Modeling of Southeastern Tertiary Coastal Plain Sediments, Savannah River Site, South Carolina- An Applied Geostatistical Approach 
by Guillaume Jean, Jeffrey M Yarus, Mary K. Harris, Gregory P. Flach, Margaret R. Millings, and Frank H. Syms

Preliminary Reservoir Simulation for Selection of a Pilot Site for CO2 Sequestration: Effect of Reservoir Properties and Operational Parameters 
by Sinisha A. Jikich, W. Neal Sams, Grant Bromhal, and Duane H. Smith

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Hamaca Development Area, Orinoco Heavy Oil Belt, Venezuela 
by Steven J Johansen

Sequence Stratigraphy of Bangko Field, Sihapas Group (Miocene), Central Sumatra Basin, Indonesia 
by Steven J Johansen and Alwin Djamaoeddin

Strategies for Gas Hydrate Exploration in the Gulf of Mexico 
by Arthur H. Johnson, William P. Dillon, and Michael D. Max

Geochemical Characteristics and Correlation of Oil and Non-Marine Source Rocks from Mongolia 
by Cari Johnson, Todd J. Greene, D. Zinniker, J. M. Moldowan, Marc A. Hendrix, and Alan R. Carroll

Transgressive Systems Tract Deposition, Book Cliffs, Utah, USA: A Combined Facies and Micropaleontologic Approach 
by Kimberly A. Johnson, Diane L. Kamola, and Stephen J. Culver

CO2 Reservoirs: Are They Natural Analogs to Engineered Geologic Storage Sites? 
by James W. Johnson, John J. Nitao, Stephen C. Blair, and Joseph P. Morris

A New Technique to Combine Structural and Basin Modeling to Assess Reservoir Presence and Charge Risk—Offshore Norway Exploration Target 
by Serena Jones, Paul Griffiths, Rob Satter, Steve Wiggler, and Niall McCormack

New Applications to Assess Reservoir Quality in Oil Reservoirs Using Pyrolytic Techniques 
by Peter J. Jones, Henry I. Halpern, Daniel M. Jarvie, David Weldon, Jaffar M. Al-Dubaisi, and Salman M. AlQathami

Turbidite Pinchouts: Relative Influence of Palaeotopography, Timing of Deformation and Sedimentary Dynamics on the Geometry and Net-to-Gross Evolution 
by Philippe Joseph, Rémi Eschard, and Frédéric Gas

*Thermal Models for Post-Glacial Evolution of the Gas Hydrate Stability Zone: Storegga Slide, Norwegian Margin 
by Woo-Yeol Jung and Peter R. Vogt

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*Stratigraphic and Sedimentologic Controls on Texture and Petrophysical Attributes of a Tide-dominated Reservoir Sandstone: Upper Naricual Formation, Carito Field, Venezuela 
by Thierry Kabbabe and Timothy Cross

Stochastic Model of the S5-T Sand, Melones Field: A New Image of an Old Heavy Oil Reservoir 
by Thierry M. Kabbabe, Jose Rendon, Jose Betancourt, Ricardo Muñoz, and Vicente Murgueytio

*Gravity Model of Mud Volcanoes 
by Fakhraddin Kadirov, Ian Lerche, Ibrahim Guliyev, Azer Kadyrov, Abdulvahab Mukhtarov, and Akbar Feyzullayev

Effect of Diagenesis and Deposition on Porosity and Permeability of Sandstone: Numerical Study 
by Ayako Kameda, Jack P Dvorkin, and William Bosl

Progressive Confinement of a Turbidite Lobe System in Response to Intrabasinal Normal Fault Growth: North Halibut Graben, Outer Moray Firth, North Sea 
by Karla Kane, Sanjeev Gupta, Howard Johnson, Bruce Trudgill, and Philip Cox

Turbidite Dispersal Patterns Controlled by Fault Array Evolution in Late Jurassic Sub-Basins of the Moray Firth Rift, North Sea 
by Karla Kane, Sanjeev Gupta, Howard Johnson, Bruce Trudgill, and Colin Murray

Coalbed Methane Product Water Quality Across the Powder River Basin, Wyoming 
by Jayaram Reddy Katta

Mesozoic-Cenozoic Carbon Isotope Stratigraphy: Links Among the Carbon Cycle, Phytoplankton Evolution, Sea-Level Change, and Geologic Proxies 
by Miriam E. Katz, Paul G. Falkowski, Kenneth G. Miller, and James D. Wright

Numerical Aspects of Petroleum Systems Modeling–How Fast Can We Go? 
by Armin I. Kauerauf and Thomas Hantschel

Evaluating Reservoir Continuity Using Reservoir Pressure and Fluid Composition Data — A Geochemical Perspective 
by R.L. Kaufman

Influence of Fault Modeling Parameters on a Simple Injector-Producer Pair 
by Peter S. Kaufman, Lindsay Birt, and Dave S. McCormick

Lacustrine Mega-Flooding Surfaces and Overlying Sequence Boundaries in Nested Lake Basins: Recent and Ancient Examples 
by David G Keighley, Stephen S Flint, and John Howell

Oil, Gas, and Oil Shale Resources of Southern New Brunswick, Eastern Canada 
by David G Keighley and Clint St. Peter

Integrated Hydrothermal Dolomite (HTD) Gas Conceptual Exploration Model and the Identification of an Unrecognized Major Mg-Hydrocarbon Source 
by Stanley B. Keith, Monte M. Swan, and Jan C. Rasmussen

Petroleum Source Potential of the Lower Cretaceous Mudstone Succession of the NPRA and Colville Delta Area, North Slope Alaska, Based on Sonic and Resistivity Logs 
by Margaret A. Keller and Kenneth J. Bird

Complex Production Behavior in a Topographically Controlled Turbidite Reservoir: Gannet A Field, United Kingdom Central North Sea 
by Sean Kelly, Paul Hague, Craig McMeekin, and Toon Weisenborn

3-D Modeling of Deepwater Carbonate Outcrops Using Laser Technology (Lidar) 
by Charles Kerans, Jerome Bellian, and Ted Playton

*Seismic Volume Processing for Geologic Interpretation : A review of its use with 3D visualization software 
by John Kerr and Gary Jones

Anoxia Versus Productivity and Its Effects on Paleoecology: A Case of Study of the La Luna Formation Black Shales in the Venezuelan Andes 
by Vanessa R Kertznus, Eglee Zapata, and Victor Padron

Regional Fluid Flow in the Weyburn CO2 Project Area: Implications for CO2 Sequestration 
by D.K. Khan and Benjamin J. Rostron

Delineation of a Diagenetic Trap Using P-Wave and Converted-Wave Seismic Data in the Miocene McLure Shale, San Joaquin Basin, California 
by Robert Kidney, John Arestad, Anne Grau, and Robert Sterling

Geologic Modeling for Production Surveillance and Field Development at Cerro Negro Field, Orinoco Heavy Oil Belt Venezuela 
by T.L. Kirst, J. Adame, J.A. Andrew, G.S. Benson, B.C. Caspar, J.R. Bulau, J. Llerena, A. Lopez, L.M. Linares, D.J. O’Donnell, and V.D. Rahmanian

Seawater Chemistry and Microbial Communities Associated with Healthy Tissues of Caribbean Reef Corals 
by James S. Klaus, Jorge Frias-Lopez, George T. Bonheyo, and Bruce W. Fouke

Patterns of Sedimentation Along a Starved Basin Margin, Permian Brushy Canyon Formation, Southern Delaware Mountains, West Texas 
by Erik R. Kling

Carbon Dioxide Sequestration in Depleted Oil/Gas Fields: Evaluation of Gas Microseepage and Carbon Dioxide Fate at Rangely, Colorado U.S.A.
by Ronald W. Klusman

Analysis of Low Permeability Intervals in a Heavy-Oil Braided Stream Deposit Using a Combination of Core and Log Analysis, Kern River Field, California 
by Larry C. Knauer, Robert Horton, and Allen Britton

Near-Surface Hydrocarbon Anomalies in Aerobic Sediments Off Coastal Svalbard 
by Jochen Knies, Ellen Damm, and Laurence Pinturier Geiss

Identification and Exploitation of Remaining Reserves Through Integrated 3-D Reservoir Modeling of a Complex Mature Upper Jurassic Reservoir 
by Simon Knight, Ingrid Magnus, Solveig Sael, Jon Vold, Staale Monstad, Martin Gowers, Harald Selseng, and Mike Darke

Understanding the Gyda Sandstone: A Matter of Ichnology, Fault-Timing and Diagenesis 
by Simon Knight, Staale Monstad, Jon Vold, Mike Darke, Solveig Sael, Ingrid Magnus, and Martin Gowers

Fluid Flow Behavior of Faults: Critical Variables, Uncertainty Limits and Prediction 
by Robert J. Knipe, Q.J. Fisher, G. Jones, D.T. Needham, R.K. Davies, H.E. Edwards, S. Freeman, S.D. Harris, M. Kay, A. Li, H. Lickorish, G. Phillips, J.R. Porter, D. Condliffe, P. Jones, S. O’Connor, N. Odling, and A.C. Barnicoat

Impacts of Buoyancy and Pressure Gradient on Field-Scale Geological Sequestration of CO2 in Saline Formations 
by Paul R. Knox, Christine A. Doughty, and Susan D. Hovorka

Corrected Fracture Evaluation Using Borehole Image Data 
by Randolph J Koepsell

3-D Interpretation Using Borehole Image Derived Dip Data 
by Randolph J Koepsell and Erhard Ted Bornemann

Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Lower Cretaceous (Albian) Glauconitic Member (Mannville Group) in the Jenner Upper Mannville ‘‘E’’ Pool, Southeast Alberta, Canada: Implications for the Development of an Established Oil Reservoir 
by André M. Koladich and R.W.C. Arnott

Lobe- and Sheet-Form Depositional Elements and Channel Avulsions and Occurrence in Deepwater Settings-Allocyclic Versus Autocyclic Controls 
by Ven Kolla, Heny Posamentier, and Philippe Bourges

Deep-Water Reservoir Facies Prediction Techniques: A Case Study in the Gulf of Mexico Basin 
by Fanchen Kong and John J. Girgis

An Economic Development of Extra Heavy Oil from Thin Heterogeneous Sands, Requires Complex Horizontal Well Geometries, Faja del Orinoco Venezuela 
by Robert J. Kopper, Greg York, Mario Junguito, Carl Curtis, Daniel Vitiello, and Vladimir Caicedo

*Seismic-Based Geomechaical Modeling Provides Attributes for Directional Well Planning 
by Evgenii Kozlov, Igor Garagash, and Allen Lowrie

Application of Gas Chromatographic Fingerprinting to Reservoir Management: Successes and Pitfalls from the Niger Delta 
by Festus M. Kpenkaan

Modern Day Analogues of Fluvio-Aeolian Reservoir-Type Rocks from the Skeleton Coast Erg, Northwest Namibia: Controlling Factors, Variabilities and Resulting Processes 
by Carmen B.E. Krapf and Harald Stollhofen

Morphology and Fluvio-Aeolian Interaction of the Tropical Latitude, Ephemeral Braided River Dominated Koigab Fan, Skeleton Coast, Northwest Namibia 
by Carmen B.E. Krapf, Harald Stollhofen, and Ian G. Stanistreet

Structural Styles and Sedimentary Patterns in Intracratonic Setting D uring Extension and Inversion: Permian-Mesozoic Mid-Polish Trough 
by Piotr Krzywiec

The Role of Salt During Basin Extension and Inversion: A Comparative Study of the Southern North Sea and Mid-Polish Trough 
by Piotr Krzywiec and Bruce Trudgill

*Performance of High Resolution Induction Tool (HRI) in WRBC 
by B.R. Kundu and K.K. Prasad

Market Potential and Economic of ‘‘Value-Added’’ Geologic Sequestration 
by Vello A. Kuuskraa

Estimates of the Rates at Which Crude Oil Seeps Naturally Into the Oceans 
by Keith A. Kvenvolden and Cortis K. Cooper

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Core Based Sequence Stratigraphy, Subtropical to Temperate Shelf Succession, North Carolina Paleogene 
by Jenny H. LaGesse and J. Fred Read

Characterization of the Lower Atoka Formation, Arkoma Basin, Central Arkansas 
by Kelly LaGrange and Arnold H. Bouma

High Frequency Sequence Stratigraphic Models of the Upper Pennsylvanian to the Middle Permian Sedimentary Facies of the Midland Basin 
by Paul David Lake, Christopher C. St. G. Kendall, Brian Horn, Phil Moore, and Arthur Cohen

*Spatial and Temporal Variation in Sediment Supply to the Shelf Edge During Lowstands Caused by Sub-Basin Scale Tectonics, Offshore Brunei Darussalam 
by Joseph J. Lambiase, Angus J. Ferguson, Ira Nolira, and Miskiah Masri

The Shublik’s Petroleum Systems of the Alaskan North Slope—a Numerical Journey from Source to Trap 
by Carolyn Lampe, Kenneth E. Peters, Leslie B. Magoon, Kenneth J. Bird,  and Paul G. Lillis

Stratigraphy, Depositional Environments and Coalbed Methane Resources of Cherokee Group Coals (Middle Pennsylvanian)—Southeastern Kansas 
by Jonathan P. Lange, Timothy R. Carr, and K. David Newell

Reservoir Analogues for Ephemeral Fluvial, Lacustrine Delta and Terminal Splay Successions-Examples from the Lake Eyre Basin, Central Australia 
by Simon C. Lang, Timothy R Hicks, Jim Benson, Mark Reilly, and Jochen Kassan

Impact of Interactive Textural, Compositional, and Diagenetic Controls on Potential Reservoir Quality of Low Permeability Sandstones 
by Richard E. Larese and Donald L. Hall

On Stratigraphic Architecture and Recovery by Waterflooding 
by D. K. Larue, F.Jian, H. Legarre, J. Toldi, A. Chawathe, and Y.Yue

Modern Lacustrine Dolomite: Search for the Holy Grail Down Under 
by William M. Last

*Rates and Kinematics of Folding based on Milankovitch Rhythms in Cretaceous Carbonates, NE Mexico 
by Diana Latta, David Anastasio, and Kenneth Kodama

Progressive Diagenesis, Evolving Mechanical Stratigraphy, and Fracture Patterns in Tight Gas Sandstone 
by Stephen E. Laubach

Impact of Structural and Autocyclic Basin-Floor Topography on the Stratal Architecture of the Deepwater Valparaiso Forearc Basin, Central Chile 
by Jane Laursen and William R. Normark

Developing an Advanced Environmental Management System to Work in Alaska’s Sensitive Oil and Gas Fields 
by Graeme Lawrie

Implications of Upper Cretaceous Nonmarine Sequence Architecture for Foreland-Basin Dynamics, Central and Southern Utah 
by Timothy F. Lawton and Ruth A. J. Robinson

Morphometric and Textural Characteristics of Natural Levees from Two Modern Fluvial Systems 
by Ovidiu Remus Lazar and Norman D Smith

Passive Margin Geodynamic, Insights of Two Examples of Thick Margins with Salt/Gravity Tectonic: Gulf of Guinea and Nova Scotia 
by Alain Le Marrec, P. Lafay, G. Kern, F. Quesney, and P. Unternehr

Interpretation of a Soil Hydrocarbon Vapor Survey Over Grant Canyon and Bacon Flat Oil Fields, Nye County, Nevada 
by Jay S Leaver

Case Studies Relating Soil Iodine Geochemistry to Subsequent Drilling Results 
by Jay S. Leaver and M. Ray Thomasson

Coal Accumulation in a High Accommodation Setting—Greta Coal Measures, New South Wales, Australia 
by Dale A. Leckie and Ron Boyd

Tide-Dominated Sedimentation in an Arid Rift Basin - Cretaceous Qishn Clastics, Masila  Block, Republic of Yemen
by Dale A Leckie and Tom Rumpel

Cretaceous Depositional Environments of the Bermejo Field, Northwestern Oriente Basin, Ecuador 
by Gwang H. Lee, Mohamed A. Eissa, Carrie L. Decker, John P. Castagna, Daniel J. O’Meara, and Horacio D. Marin

Model Automated Informatics (MAI) Determination of Reservoir Location and Characteristics 
by Jejung Lee, Abdallah Sayyed-Ahmad, Kagan Tuncay, Anthony J. Park, John Comer, John Rupp, and Peter Ortoleva

Fluvial Deltaic Deposition in a Cratonic Basin 
by Hannes E. Leetaru

A Distinctive Calcimicrobial Horizon Developed Across the Eastern Tethys and Panthalassa Following the End-Permian Extinction 
by D.J. Lehrmann, J.L. Payne, E.S. Krull, Paul Enos, and Jiayong

Tracking Oil Slicks from the Coal Oil Point Seep Field 
by Ira Leifer, Bruce Luyendyk, and Kris Broderick

*Tracking Seep Oil from Seabed to Sea Surface and Beyond at Coal Oil Point, California 
by Ira Leifer, Bruce Luyendyk, and Kris Broderick

Deep Marine Sedimentation Adjacent to a Submarine Fault Scrap: An Example from the Hammam Faraun Fault Block, Suez Rift, Egypt
by Chris Leppard, Rob Gawthorpe, and Mike Young

The Danube Deep-Sea Fan Functioning in a Freshwater Environment 
by Gilles Lericolais, Irina Popescu, Eliane Le Drezen, Hervé Nouzé, Hervé Gillet, and Timothy R. Garfield

*Deep-Water Seismic Geomorphology, Continental Margin Progradation and Process Interaction off NW Britain 
by Alick Leslie, Dave Long, Martyn Stoker, Joe Bulat and Sheila Jones

Salt Tectonics and Compressive Structures in the Central Zagros Fold and Thrust Belt (Iran) 
by Jean Letouzey, Sharam Sherkati, and Homayone Motiei

Upscaling Fluid-Flow and Mechanical Properties in Coupled Matrix+Fractures+Fluids SystemsCthe HYDRO-DDA Approach 
by Helen Lewis, Gary D Couples, Mark Reynolds, Nenad Bicanic, Christopher Pearce, and Mohamed Rouainia

Distribution and Origin of a Reservoir in Igneous Rock, Zhanhua Seg, Eastern China 
by Qi Li and Renhua Kang

Effects of Fluid Pressure on Seismic Responses in Fractured Shale Reservoirs 
by Qi Li and Feng Shen

*Geostatistical Shale Models for a Deltaic Reservoir Analog: From 3D GPR Data to 3D Flow Modeling 
by Hongmei Li

The Transgressive Events and Mechanism of Coal Formation in Epicontinental Sea Basin 
by Zengxue Li and Jifeng Yu

*Control Factors of Fluid Migration, Entrapment and their Dynamic Process Simulation in the Central Diapiric Belt, Yinggehai Basin 
by Sitian Li, Yin Xiulan, and Yang Jihai

Formation of Synthetic Petroleum Inclusions in Quartz at Low Temperature 
by Fang Lin and Robert J. Bodnar

Grayburg Formation (Permian, Guadalupian) Reservoir Facies and Non-Reservoir Facies, McElroy Field, Permian Basin, West Texas 
by Robert F. Lindsay, Jimmie D. Gillespie, and Wilson S. McClung

Imbricated Channel Systems in the Molasse Foreland Thrust Belt: The Effect of Lateral Orogenic Float of the Eastern Alps 
by Hans-Gert Linzer

Lacustrine Depositional Environments of Guadalupian Source Rocks in the Turpan, Junggar, and Santanghu Basins, Northwestern China 
by Yiqun Liu and Wan Yang

Jurassic Coal is Not the Source Rock of Jurassic Oil in Tu-Ha Basin, Northwest China-Insights from New Organic Geochemical Data 
by Yiqun Liu, Wan Yang, and Qiao Feng

Reservoir Facies in the Upper Jurassic Smackover Formation and Identification of the Factors that Control Their Distribution in the Vocation Field Structure, Manila Sub-Basin, Eastern Gulf Coastal Plain 
by Juan Carlos Llinas

Scour and Amalgamation in Turbidite Sand-Bodies of the Gres d'Annot (Tertiary, Southeast France): The Influence of Confining Slopes 
by Simon A Lomas

Facies Analysis and Prediction of Architecture in Deep-Water Clastic Reservoirs Using Borehole Image Logs 
by Simon A Lomas, Vincent C Hilton, and Stephen A Morris

Resource Assessment and Analysis of Produced Water Disposal Options North Cheyenne Reservation, Southeast Montana 
by David A. Lopez

Gas Hydrate in the Northern Gulf of Mexico: New Insights Learned from Giant Piston Coring 
by Thomas D. Lorenson, William J. Winters, Charles K. Paull, and William Ussler

Syn-Sedimentary Deformation in the Central Raton Basin, Colorado and New Mexico: A Potential Control on Sandbody Orientation 
by John C. Lorenz, Scott P. Cooper, and Russell G. Keefe

Building Reservoir Model Using Virtual Outcrops: A Fully Quantitative Approach 
by Tore M. Loseth, John Thurmond, Kristian Soegaard, Jan C. Rivenaes, and Ole J. Martinsen

Gas Chimneys--Indicating A Fractured Cap Rock 
by Helge Loseth, Lars Wensaas, and Borge Arntsen

1000 Meter Long Gas Blow-Out Pipes
by Helge Loseth, Lars Wensaas, Borge Arntsen, Nils Martin Hanken, Basire Christophe, and Knut Gaue

Fluid Injection Causing Shallow Mud Diapirism in the Hordaland Group, North Sea 
by Helge Loseth, Lars Wensaas, Borge Arntsen, and Martin Hovland

Migration Direction and Compartmentation Deduced from Reservoir Brine Geochemistry, South Eugene Island Block 330 Field, Offshore Louisiana 
by Steven Losh and Lawrence Cathles

Origin of Lower Ordovician Ellenburger Group Brecciated and Fractured Reservoirs in West Texas: Paleocave, Thermobaric, Tectonic, or All of the Above? 
by Robert G. Loucks

Low Temperature Fluid Inclusions in Modern and Ancient Halites 
by Tim K. Lowenstein

Stability and Structural Strength Along Continental Margins 
by Allen Lowrie and Bradley Matthew Battista

Strike-Slip Tectonics and Multi-Phase El Nino Development Contribute to Northwest Peru’s Complex Hydrocarbon System 
by Allen Lowrie, Ian Lerche, and Bradley Matthew Battista

Proposed Thin-Skinned Tectonics Along Basement of Gulf of Cadiz Continental Margin Enhances Petroleum Potential 
by Allen Lowrie, Luis Somoza, Adolfo Maestro, Bradley Matthew Battista, and Thomas C. Klekamp

*Three-Dimensional Architecture of Shelf-Building Sediment Drifts in the Offshore Canterbury Basin, New Zealand 
by Hongbo Lu, Craig Fulthorpe, and Paul Mann

Characteristics of the Lowstand Subaqaeous Fan Deposits in Deep Lacustrine Basin and Their Tectonic Control, Dongying Half Graben of Bohaiwan Basin 
by Yongchao Lu, Sitian Li, Jianye Ren, Youliang Feng, and Fenggui Sui

Approaching Risk Reduction Through Applications of Vizualisation and Seismic Classification
by John A Luchford and Rutger Gras

Constructing a Static Model of a Fractured Reservoir with Disparate Data Sets: Antonio J. Bermudez Complex, Reforma District, Southern Mexico 
by Barbara Luneau, Michael Doe, J. Leif Colson, Steven Stancel, Ernest Gomez, Fabian Iwere, Carlos Suarez-Castenada, Maqsood Ali, Raymond Moore, Helen Bressler, Ildefonso Correa-Perez, and Neftali Pintado-Moscoso

Migration Pathway Patterns and Residual Loss 
by Xiaorong Luo, Faqiang Zhang, Sheng Miao, Weimin Wang, Didier Loggia, and Guy Vasseur

Sinter Aging and Radiocarbon Dating of Hot Spring Deposits in Dixie Valley, Nevada: Dating Normal Faults in Geothermal Areas of the Great Basin
by Susan Juch Lutz and S. John Caskey

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Turbidite Sedimentation in Active-Margin Basins: Case Studies in the Influence of Syn-Depositional Deformation of the Sediment Surface on Turbidite Emplacement 
by David Macdonald, Rachel Flecker, and Peter Butterworth

Sedimentology and Ichnology of a Transgressively Back-Stepped Wave-Dominated Deltaic Reservoir: Middle Jurassic Tarbert and Heather Formations, North Sea, Norway 
by James MacEachern and Tore M. Loseth

Oil-Shale Yield in the Green River Formation as a Proxy for Relative Lake-Depth 
by Malka Machlus, Paul E Olsen, Nicholas Christie-Blick, and Sidney R Hemming

Mineral Estate vs. Surface Real Estate Development: A Colorado Example 
by Logan MacMillan, C. Bargell, Leslie Hope, W.C. Pearson, and Ed Sutton

Proposed Statigraphic Framework for the Wasatch/Mesaverde/Mancos Petroleum System, Uinta Basin, Utah 
by Logan MacMillan, R.A. Castle, Robin Dean, and M.K. Decker

3-D Geomechanical Modeling Technique for Constraint of Subseismic Fault Simulation in Reservoirs
by Laurent Maerten, Paul Gillespie, and Jean-Marc Daniel

Alaskan North Slope Petroleum Systems 
by Leslie B. Magoon, Paul G. Lillis, Kenneth J. Bird, Carolyn Lampe, and Kenneth E. Peters

Deterministic High-Resolution Seismic Reservoir Characterization 
by Sailendra N. Mahapatra, Matthias G. Imhof, and William Kempner

Quantifying Brittle Deformation During Burial Compaction of Sandstones: A Comparison of Values from the Frio and Mount Simon Formations 
by Astrid Makowitz, and Kitty L. Milliken

Upper Jurassic Microbial Outcrop Analogs for Characterization of Thrombolitic Reserviors in the Northern Gulf of Mexico 
by Ernest A. Mancini, Marcos Aurell, Beatriz Bádenas, William C. Parcell, and Juan Carlos Llinas

DOE Class II Project-Improved Oil Recovery from Upper Jurassic Smackover Carbonates, Womack Hill Field, Alabama, Eastern Gulf of Mexico 
by Ernest A. Mancini and Brian J. Panetta

Late Quaternary Transpressional Deformation Along the Submarine Extension of the Warm Springs-Central Range Fault Zone, Eastern Offshore Trinidad 
by Paul Mann and Lesli J. Wood

Linking Normal Fault Propagation Processes with Oil Bearing Reverse-Drag Folds: A Case Study from Leona Field, Eastern Venezuela Basin 
by Denis Marchal, Jesus S. Porras, Carlos Selva, Daniel Salas, and Misael Alvear

Integrated Structural Model for the Superposed Cretaceous Fractured Carbonate and Eocene Siliciclastic Reservoirs of the La Concepción Field, Western Venezuela 
by Denis Marchal, Raúl Sanchez, Elmer Ferro, Luis E. Cardozo, Enrique Peralta, and Jose Calderon

Modeling the Maastrichtian (Late Cretaceous) Landscape Using a Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere GCM and Detailed Global Paleo-DEM 
by Paul J. Markwick and Paul J. Valdes

3-D Seismic Structural Interpretation of the Northern Monagas Giant Producing Trend, Venezuela: Time Versus Depth 
by Carlos Marquez , Laszlo Benkovics, Javier De Mena, Jorge Reveron, and James Helwig

Improved Reservoir Management of a Mature Heavy Oil Field Through an Integrated Multi-Disciplinary Approach, LL-04 Field, Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela
by Leonardo Márquez, Milagro González, Scott Gamble, Ernest Gomez, Marco Vivas, Helen Bressler, Lawrence Jones, Syed Maqsood Ali, and Gary Forrest

Seismic Attribute-Based Characterization of Coalbed Methane Reservoirs: An Example from the Fruitland Formation, San Juan Basin 
by Ivaán Dimitri Marroquín and Bruce S. Hart

*Helping Evaluate New York’s Marginal and Inactive Oil and Gas Wells - Assets or Liabilities? 
by John P. Martin, Donald Drazan, Robin Petrusak, and Julio Manik

Synsedimentary Tectonic and Sediment Supply Influences on Basin Physiography and Depositional Regime of the Western Interior Cretaceous Seaway, Wyoming 
by Randi S. Martinsen

Deep-Water Sedimentation in Some Circum-Atlantic Basins: Controls and Comparisons 
by Ole J. Martinsen, Trond Lien, John Gjelberg, Tore M Loseth, and Kristian Soegaard

*Present-Day Deep Marine Tectonic, Mud Diapirism and Sedimentary Processes at the South-Eastern Edge of the Barbados Ridge (Lesser Antilles Active Margin) and North-Eastern Edge of South America (Eastern Margins of Trinidad and Venezuela) 
by Alain Mascle, Pascale Huyghe, Eric Deville, E. Aubry, M. Babic, H. De Gouveia, G. Desaubliaux, N. Ellouz, M. Foata, R. Griboulard, S.H.Guerlais, S. Lallemant, F. Lebrun, G. Mascle, C. Padron, D. Perez, D. Poirier, A. Prinzhofer, J. Schmitz, and D. Wendenbaum

*From the Geologists' Eyes to Synthetic Core Ddesciptions: Giological Log Modelling using Well-Log Data 
by Benoit Mathis, Jean Pierre Leduc, and Thibault Vandenabeele

Extensional/Transtensional Basins in the Western Part of Moesian Domain—Still Promising Hydrocarbon Provinces from Romania 
by Justin Matresu, Clement Matracaru, Camelia Ovessea, and Florin Pene

High-Frequency Valley-Fill Sequences: Depositional Control on Giant Gas Fields of the Messinian Abu Madi Formation, Nile Delta, Egypt
by Jeffrey A. May, Sharon A. Stonecipher, John C. Steinmetz, Thomas A. Mazza, James N. Dyess, and Randy S. McKnight

Interfluve Paleosol Variability on a Dissected Coastal Plain: Implications for Nonmarine Sequence Stratigraphy 
by Paul J. McCarthy

*Middle Eocene Sedimentary and Volcanic Infilling of an Evolving Supradetachment basin: White Lake Basin, south-central British Columbia 
by Jason D. McClaughry and David R. Gaylord

The Filling History of the Valhall Field, Norway: Implications for Future Development 
by Niall J. McCormack, Lorraine Beacom, Per Christian Mjelde, and Corfield Richard

*The Bittern Field: Topographic Control of an Eocene Aged ‘‘Channel-Fill’’ Turbidite Reservoir in the U.K. Central North Sea 
by Dominic McCormick, and Markus Leishman

Drill Core Helps Breathe New Life into Appalachian Basin Oil Fields 
by Ronald R. McDowell, Khashayar Aminian, Katharine L. Avary, Michael Ed. Hohn, David L. Matchen, and Benjamin H. Thomas

From Fill to Spill: Partially Confined Depositional Systems, Magnolia Field, Garden Banks, Gulf of Mexico 
by David T. McGee, Roy F. Fitzsimmons, and Geoffrey A. Haddad

*A Vertical Hydrophone Array for Imaging the Hydrate Stability Zone 
by Thomas M. McGee, Paul Higley, and J. Robert Woolsey

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Carboniferous Lisburne Group Carbonates, Northeastern Brooks Range, Northern Alaska
by Michelle M. McGee and Michael T. Whalen

Sediment Dispersal Patterns, Gradients, and Accommodation Space Across a Stepped Slope Profile, Offshore Brunei 
by T.A. McGilvery and Daniel L. Cook

Fracture Architecture of the Tensleep Sandstone at Zeisman Dome and Brokenback Anticline, Wyoming 
by Sheila R. McGinty

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Hanifa Reservoir in Berri Field, Saudi Arabia 
by Michael D McGuire

Structural Controls on Gas Production in Cedar Cove and Peterson Coalbed Methane Fields, Balck Warrior Basin, Alabama 
by Marcella R. McIntyre, Richard H. Groshong, Jack C. Pashin, and Hongwei Yin

The Stratigraphic Distribution of Seismites in Heterolithic Marine Successions: Examples from the Early Paleozoic, Eastern Laurentia 
by Patrick I. McLaughlin and Carlton E. Brett

Comparison of Listric Normal Faults in a Pennsylvanian Delta Front of the Mingus Formation, Bennett, Texas and Cretaceous Ferron Sandstone 
by Karen D. McLinjoy, Janok P. Bhattacharya, and Russell K. Davies

Core-to-Log Calibration and Permeability Distribution in Eocene Peritidal Carbonates, South Florida Basin 
by Donald F. McNeill

Assessing Reservoir Connectivity Uncertainty in Geostatistical Models 
by William S. Meddaugh

Integrating Paleogeography with Regional Salt Tectonics — Implications for Sub-salt Exploration in the Gulf of Mexico 
by Andrew Mehlhop

Deepwater Creeping Deformation Inducing Lateral Channel Migration on the Slope of an Eocene Margin, San Llorenc del Munt, Spain 
by Donatella Mellere, Stefania Mattei, Ronald J. Steel, Mariano Marzo, and Miguel Lopez-Blanco

High Resolution Geochemistry Technology (HRGT) and Geochemical 3-D Modeling Applied to the Petroleum System Approach 
by Marcio R. Mello, J. M. Moldowan, J. Dahl, J.M. Macedo, and B. Wygrala

Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Reservoir Quality of Permian Siliciclastic Reservoirs (Unayzah and Basal Khuff), Ghawar Field, Eastern Saudi Arabia 
by John Melvin and Christian J. Heine

Integrated 4-D Structural Restoration and Basin Modeling 
by David J. Meredith, Graham D. Williams, and Jay E. Leonard

Simulation of Canyon and Fan Development Using Analog Modeling of Erosional and Depositional Gravity Flows 
by Francois Metivier, Eric Lajeunesse, and Marie-Christine Cacas

Depositional Controls on the Distribution of Ferroan Dolomite Cement in Virgelle Member (Eagle-quivalent) Sandstones, Writing-on-Stone, Southern Alberta, Canada 
by Rudi Meyer

Application of Reservoir Geochemistry to Heavy Oil, Venezuela
by G. Eric Michael

Analogues for CO2 Geological Sequestration in the Alberta Basin 
by Karsten Michael, Jennifer J. Adams, Beate E. Buschkuehle, and Stefan Bachu

Coalbed Methane Producibility in the Alberta Basin 
by Karsten Michael and Stefan Bachu

Reservoir Geochemistry Application In A Fractured Carbonate Reservoir 
by G. Eric Michael, Krys Swirydczuk, and Jon Gaynor

Assessing the Economic Potential of Individual Gas Hydrate Accumulations in the Gulf of Mexico Continental Slope 
by Alexei V. Milkov and Roger Sassen

Global Distribution and Significance of Mud Volcanoes 
by Alexei V. Milkov and Roger Sassen

High-Resolution Seismic Imaging of the Hydrate Stability Zone: Mallik, Canada 
by Richard D. Miller, James A. Hunter, William E. Doll, Bradley J. Carr, Ron L. Good, Robert A. Burns, David R. Laflen, and Marten Douma

InSAR: A New Space-Based Imaging Geodetic Tool 
by Jean-Bernard Minster

A Tectonic Role in Drowning of Carbonate Platforms: Triassic of South China 
by Marcello Minzoni 

Triassic Evolution of the Margin of the Yangtze Platform, Southwest Guizhou, China 
by Marcello Minzoni, Paul Enos, Xiao Jiafei, Wei Jiayong, and Daniel J. Lehrmann

Surface to Subsurface: 3-D Structural Interpretation and Visualization of Complex Fold-Thrust Structures 
by Shankar Mitra, Joseph Dischinger, and Subhotosh Banerjee

Comparative Salt Tectonics of South Atlantic Sedimentary Basins--the Western African and Eastern Brazilian Conjugate Margins 
by Webster Ueipass Mohriak, Renato Pimenta Azevedo, and Joaquim Boavida

The Fractal/Facies Concept: An Alternative to Using Variograms for Generating Subsurface Heterogeneity 
by Fred J. Molz, James W. Castle, and Silong Lu

Interrelationships Between Carbonate Diagenesis and Fracture Development: Example from Monterrey Salient, Mexico and Implications for Hydrocarbon Reservoir Characterization 
by Faustino Monroy-Santiago and Randall Marrett

*Assessment of Hydrocarbon Seepage on Fort Peck Reservation, Northeast Montana: A Comparison of Surface Exploration Techniques 
by Lawrence M. Monson and George W. Shurr

Post Mortem in Guizhou: Rates and Reasons of Post-drowning Deposition 
by Paul Montgomery, Paul Enos, Daniel J. Lehrmann, Wei Jiayong, and Brooks B. Ellwood

Geothermal Gradient of the Powder River Basin, Wyoming 
by W. Richard Moore

Phased Coalbed Methane Prospect Assessment Process 
by Thomas R. Moore, Robert A. Farnan, Bill J. Crabtree, Kevin T. Raterman, and Randahl D. Roadifer

Association of Deformation and Fluid Events in the Central Brooks Range Fold and Thrust Belt, Northern Alaska 
by Thomas E. Moore, Christopher J. Potter, Paul B. O’Sullivan, Kevin L. Shelton, and Michael B. Underwood

Diagenesis and Fracturing Effects on Sandstones Reservoir Quality in Wells Located in the Tacata and Zacarias Areas, Eastern Venezuela 
by Julymar M. Morantes, Bernabe Aguado, and Margarita Navas

CO2 Pilot Results, Belridge Diatomite, Lost Hills, California 
by Michael F. Morea and Pat R. Perri

Characterization of Complex Grainstone-Microbial Reef Reservoirs, Vocation and Appleton Fields, Escambia County, Alabama 
by Dylan Morgan and Wayne M. Ahr

Controls of Sequence Stratigraphy and Turbidite Elements on the Distribution of Reservoir Properties in the Tarn Field 
by William R Morris

Data Constraints in 3-D Reservoir Characterization of Illinois Mt. Simon Gas Storage Fields 
by David G. Morse and Hannes E. Leetaru

Synrift Delta Architecture Reveals Evidence for Episodic Fault-Slip Behaviour on a Basin-Bounding Normal Fault System 
by Estelle Mortimer, Sanjeev Gupta, and Patience Cowie

Can the Reservoir Continuity Technique be Applied to a Compositionally Graded Oil Column? Methodological Remarks and Case History Application 
by Fausto Mosca, David A. Wavrek, and Daniel M. Jarvie

Loessitic Origin, Provenance, and Paleoclimatic Significance of the Pennsylvanian-Permian Earp Formation Siltstone, Arizona
by Andrew M. Moses, Gerilyn S. Soreghan, Michael J. Soreghan, and Michael A. Hamilton

Tectonic Evolution and Its Control on Hydrocarbon Generation and Migration, Northern Taiwan Thrust Belt 
by Duenchien Mou and Fu-Chen Su

Petroleum Systems of Deepwater Scotian Basin, Eastern Canada: Challenges for Finding Oil Versus Gas Provinces 
by Prasanta K. Mukhopadhyay

*Geothermal Energy Discharge from Mud Volcano Channel 
by Abdulvahab Mukhtarov

*Analysis of Geophysical Fields of Mud Volcanoes Southeast Absheron (Azerbaijan) 
by A.Sh. Mukhtarov and F.A. Kadirov

Probabilistic Fault Seal Assessments Northwest Australia: Data Elicitation Versus Data Mining 
by Titus Murray, Greg Christie, and Michael Wiltshire

Autostratigraphy: A Norm in Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis 
by Tetsuji Muto and Ron Steel

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Facies Architecture and Diagenesis of the Lower Carboniferous Shallow Marine Carbonate Rocks of the Irish Midlands: Implications for the Fluid-Flow System and Mineralization 
by Zsolt R. Nagy, Stephen P. Becker, Jay M. Gregg, Ian D. Somerville, Aaron W. Johnson, and Kevin L. Shelton

Sedimentology, Stratigraphy and Paleogeography of the Triassic Western Ordos Basin, North-Central China 
by Lynde L. Nanson, Bradley D. Ritts, Brian J. Darby, Andrew D. Hanson, and Adrian K. Berry

The Western Pacific Warm Pool: A Probe of Global Sea Level Change and Indonesian Seaway Closure During the Middle to Late Miocene 
by Stephen A. Nathan, R. Mark Leckie, Brooke Olson, and Robert M. DeConto

*The Western Pacific Warm Pool: A Probe of Global Sea Level Change and Indonesian Seaway Closure During the Middle to Late Miocene 
by Stephen A. Nathan, R. Mark Leckie, Brooke Olson, and Robert M. DeConto

Direct Detection of Methane Hydrates: Volume Estimates from Velocity Modeling 
by Jeffrey W. Nealon, W. Steven Holbrook, Andrew R. Gorman, Matthew J. Hornbach, and Kara L. Hackwith

Oil and Gas in Compressional Belts—a Review of Current Understanding 
by D. Tim Needham, R.W.H. Butler, and S.J. Matthews

When Everybody Follows, Where Do They Go? Why We Need to Rethink Current North American Exploration and Exploitation Strategy 
by Richard Nehring

Deep Coalbed Gas Plays in the U.S. Rocky Mountain Region 
by Charles R. Nelson

Sand-Rich Holocene Turbidite Systems Along the Active Transform Fault Margin of Northern California 
by C. Hans Nelson, Chris Goldfinger, Eugene Karabanov, Eulalia Gracia, Joel Johnson, Drew Ericksson, and Jason Chaytor

*The Comparative Analysis of oil-gas-bearing basins of East Siberia and Northern China on the example of Lena-Tungus and Tarim basins 
by A.S. Nemchenko-Rovenskaya, V.E. Gavura , T.N. Nemchenko  N.P. Zapivalov, Shubao Xu , and Jianjun Wang 

Rift Initiation and the Resultant Structural Terranes of the Southern MoroccoCGeorges Bank Atlantic Segment: Controls on Reservoir Distribution 
by Michal Nemcok and Stephen Hermeston

*Linking Diagenetic Styles to Reservoir Quality: the Eolian Nugget Sandstone (Jurassic), SW Wyoming 
by Laura I. Net

*The Foothills of Western Canada, a Fold and Thrust Belt Natural Gas Play 
by Andrew Newson

Atlantic Basin Deep Water Play 
by Ken Nibbelink

The Neoproterozoic Play in Saudi Arabia 
by Paul G. Nicholson and Dominique Janjou

Facies-Based Petrophysics 
by John A Nieto

Modeling Reality—Importance and Impact: A 3-D Modeling Sensitivity Study on the Grassy Member of the Blackhawk Formation, Book Cliffs, Utah 
by Madelon Nijman, and Caroline. Y. Hern

Near-Surface Depositional Framework of the Central Scotian Slope, Atlantic Canada
by Jerry A. Nott, R. Craig Shipp, J. Larry Gibson, and Lawrence C. Nolte

Expression of Milankovitch Cycles in Mid-Pliocene Strata of the Productive Series, Azerbaijan
by Dag Nummedal, S. Julio Friedmann, Maureen Steiner, Elmira Aliyeva, and Dadash Huseynov

Bending Stresses, Faulting, and Deep Migration of Fluids in the Arkoma Basin 
by Jeffrey A. Nunn

Migration Pathways in the Colville Basin, Northern Alaska: Geochemical Constraints on Fluid Flow Simulations 
by Jeffrey A. Nunn, Jeffrey S. Hanor, and Youngmin Lee

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Integrating 3-D Seismic Data and Multiple, Independent Remote Sensing Technologies to Constrain Near-Surface Hydrocarbon Migration and Seepage Rates and Leakage Mechanisms on the North-western Australian Margin 
by Geoffrey W. O’Brien, Andrew Barrett, and Megan Lech

Laboratory Studies on the Carbonation Potential of Basalt: Applications to Geological Sequestration of CO2 in the Columbia River Basalt Group 
by William K. O’Connor, Gilbert E. Rush, and David C. Dahlin

Offshore and Deep Water Morocco: New Plays from the Mediterranean to Mauritania 
by Mark E. Odegard

Integrated 3-D Salt Dome Modeling in ArcView 
by Mark E. Odegard and W. Robert Weber

Influence of Mouth Bar Processes on Delta Distributary Avulsion
by Cornel Olariu 

Morphology of a Modern Lacustrine Delta Changes with River Discharge: Red River Delta, Lake Texoma, Texas-Oklahoma 
by Cornel Olariu, Janok P. Bhattacharya, and Robert J. Stern

Characterization of Key Heterogeneities Within the Jurassic Skarv Field, Offshore Mid-Norway 
by Tina R. Olsen, Simon Thomas, Timothy A. Berg, Margit Espevoll, Carole Ross, and Grete B. Vagle

*Sedimentary Environments And Organic Matter Composition of The Holocene Sediments in The Niigata Plain, Central Japan, And Their Implication for Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation of Incised Valley Fill 
by Omura Akiko, Koichi Hoyanagi, Mamiko Yoshida, Azusa Yamazaki, Miyuki Yamagishi, and Atsushi Urabe

The Implications of Hydrocarbon Seepage, Gas Migration and Fluid Overpressures to Frontier Exploration and Geohazards 
by Daniel Lewis Orange, Martin Hovland, H. Gary Greene, James D. Huggard, Ken Nibbelink, Norman Maher, Adam Heffernan, Philippe Jeanjean, Demian Saffer, and Ana Garcia-Garcia

Thermochronologic Constraints on the Cenozoic Thermal History of the Southern North Slope Foreland Basin, Alaska 
by P. B. O’Sullivan, T. E. Moore, C. J. Potter, and W. K. Wallace

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Ferric Iron-Bearing Minerals as Geologic Traps for CO2 Sequestration: Iron Reduction Using SO2 or H2S Waste Gas 
by James L. Palandri and Yousif K. Kharaka

How to Increase the Value of a Highly Volatile Oil Reservoir in a Developed Gas Market Environment 
by Gyorgy Palasthy, Lajos Benedek, János Geiger, István Papp, and Veronika Pipicz

New Findings of Plays in China 
by Jiping Pan

Reservoir Characterization and Modeling, North Blowhorn Creek Oil Field, Lamar County, Alabama 
by Brian Panetta

Methodologies for Reservoir Prediction in South Angola 
by Kelly Ku Papesh, Elizabeth Allison, Anthony Sprague, Steven J. Keidel, and Vicki K. Singer

Thrombolite Buildups in the Middle Jurassic Piper and Gypsum Spring Formations, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming 
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A 3-D Model of Sand Injectite Network from Outcrop and Shallow High Resolution Seismic Data: The Rosans Clastic Sills and Dykes Field Example (Southeast France) 
by Olivier Parize, Dominique Rousset, Emilie Deloof, Jean-Michel Champanhet, Hervé Perroud, and Didier Rappin

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by Anthony J. Park, Kagan Tuncay, and Peter J. Ortoleva

Cartography of the Seeps in the Orocual Field 
by Gilberto Efrain Parra Rivero

Origin, Conditions, and Timing of Gas Generation in the Lewis Shale, San Juan Basin, New Mexico 
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Simulating the Impact of Faults on CO2 Sequestration in Sandstone Aquifers 
by Sangeetha M. Pasala, Craig B. Forster, Milind D. Deo, and Siang J. Lim

Defining the Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Window for Coalbed Methane Reservoirs in the Black Warrior Basin: Implications for Carbon Sequestration and Enhanced Coalbed Methane Recovery 
by Jack C. Pashin and Richard E. Carroll

Compartmentalization Analysis of Joint and Cleat Systems Associated with Coalbed Methane Reservoirs in the Black Warrior Basin: A Discrete Network Approach 
by Jack C. Pashin, Guohai Jin, and J. Wayne Payton

Reservoir-Scale Porosity Trends in a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework, Tilston Field, Williston Basin, Canada 
by Simon A.J. Patisson

Application of Extensional Basin Evolution Models to Heterogeneous Crustal Settings: Insights from South Africa 
by Douglas A. Paton and John R. Underhill

3-D Massive VSP at Wilmington Oil Field, Long Beach Unit 
by Bjorn Paulsson, Martin Karrenbach, and Karen Blake

*A New Approach for Interpreting Lithofacies and Sequence Stratigraphy using Borehole Image Data in Wells Drilled with Non-Conductive Mud Systems 
by Mitch D. Pavlovic and Milan Markovic

Evidence for the Influence of the Sweetgrass Arch on Sedimentation of the Late Cretaceous Eagle Formation, Northern Montana, Based on a High-Resolution Allostratigraphic Framework 
by Tobias H.D. Payenberg

Early Triassic Recovery from the End-Permian Extinction on the Great Bank of Guizhou, Guizhou Province, China 
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Fracture Characterization in the Georgetown Formation (Central Texas) with AVO 
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Changes in Depth of Incised Valleys Within a Transgressive Sequence Set of the Albian Bow Island Formation, Southwest Alberta—Implications For Sequence Stratigraphic Models 
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Characterizing Secondary Seals for Geologic Storage of CO2 in the Weyburn Field of the Williston Basin, Saskatchewan, Canada 
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Styles, Mechanisms and Hydrocarbon Implications of Syndepositional Folds in Deepwater Fold Belts: Examples from Angola and the Gulf of Mexico 
by Frank J Peel

On the Calibration of Seismic Attributes for Reservoir Characterization and Monitoring 
by Wayne Pennington, Terra E. Bulloch, Joshua I. Haataja, Deyi Xie, Horacio Acevedo, Anastasia Minaeva, Shawn Len, and Aaron M. Green

Whale Prospect: Exploration of the Westernmost Marine Lithofacies within the Almond, Northwestern Green River Basin, Sweetwater County, Wyoming 
by James M. Perkins and Robert L. Horine

Formation Conditions and Current Forms of Natural Gas Existence in Gas Hydrate/Free Gas Accumulations in Shallow Permafrost of Northwest Part of the Yamal Peninsula (West Siberia, Russia) 
by Yelena Vladimir Perlova, Vladimir Stanislav Yakushev, and Evgeny Mikhail Chuvilin

Uncertainty Approach for the Geological and Petrophysical Modeling of a Structurally Complex Field 
by Marie-Pascale Perruchot

Distribution, Richness, Quality, and Thermal Maturity of Source Rock Units on the North Slope of Alaska 
by Kenneth E. Peters, Kenneth J. Bird, Margaret A. Keller, Paul G. Lillis, and Leslie B. Magoon

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by William T. Phelps and Mary L. Droser

Using Seismic Attributes in the Wamsutter Development Area of the Washakie Basin in Wyoming to Identify Stratigraphic Facies 
by Debra Hays Phillips and G. Earl Norris

Upper-Eocene Fault-Controlled Deep Water Systems in the Talara Forearc Basin, Northwest Peru: Sand-Transport Paths, Sand-Body Geometry and Exploration and Development Opportunities 
by A. T. Picarelli, E. G. Pozo, J. Daudt, J. Leyva, P. Arriola, and A. Arispe

Ground Penetrating Radar Imaging of Wolfcampian (Permian) Carbonate Platforms, Hueco Mountains, West Texas, USA 
by Leonardo H Piccoli, Juan Antonio Simo, Neal Lord, Robert Pyzalski, and William Unger

A 2-D Petroleum System Modeling for Compressive and Extensional Terrains
by Carmen Piemonti and Enrique Novoa

The Middle Miocene Badenian Leitha Limestone of the Central Paratethys — Not a Climate Controversy 
by Werner E. Piller

*Study in the Development of Main Dolomite (Ca2) in Western Poland in the Aspect of Hydrocarbons Search 
by Leszek Pikulski, Tadeusz Wolnowski and Jolanta Zielinska-Pikulska

*Study in the Development of Rotliegendes Basin in Western Poland in the Aspect of New Gas Play Discoveries 
by Leszek Pikulski and Jolanta Zielinska-Pikulska

Petroleum Inclusions: Markers of Tectonic and Diagenetic Evolution of a Foreland Petroleum Basin (Columbia) 
by Jacques Pironon,Jörg O.W. Grimmer, and Frédéric Walgenwitz

Experimental Quartz Growth: Implications to the Study of Reservoirs Using Fluid Inclusions and Oxygen Isotopes 
by Jacques Pironon, Stéphane Teinturier, and Frédéric Walgenwitz

Incorporation of Seismic Facies Analysis in 3-D Geological Modeling 
by Patricia G. Pistoun, R. E. Sheriff, and Grover Gonzales

Pattern Matching in Facies Analysis from Well Log Data—a Hybrid Neural Network-Based Application 
by Emil Platon, Anthony Gary, and Glenn Johnson

Boom-Bust and Financial Pressures in the Energy Industries 
by Jeremy Platt

Repeated Cycles of Fluvial Incision and Estuarine Backfill in Eocene Central Basin, Spitsbergen 
by Piret Plink-Björklund

Reconstructing the Sequence Stratigraphy of Early Cambrian Rocks in the Selwyn Foreland Basin, Northwest Territories, Canada 
by Michael C. Pope, Kelly A. Dilliard, Stephen T. Hasiotis, and Bruce S. Lieberman

Surface to Subsurface Correlation of the Late Ordovician Montoya Group, Southern New Mexico and Western Texas 
by Michael C. Pope, Jessica B. Steffen, Huaibo Liu, Glenn Bixler, and David M. Thomas

Seismic Geomorphologic and Seismic Stratigraphic Analyses Using 3-D Seismic Visualization Techniques: Examples from the Gulf Of Mexico and the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin 
by Henry W. Posamentier

Seismic Geomorphology and Stratigraphy of Submarine Canyons—Insights Regarding Genesis, Evolution, and Fill, Based on 3-D Seismic Data 
by Henry W. Posamentier

Anatomy of a Deep-Water Channel Avulsion—Example from the Basin Floor of the Desoto Canyon Area, Gulf of Mexico 
by Henry W. Posamentier and Ven Kolla

Evolution of a Shallow Ponded Basin, Niger Delta Slope 
by B. E. Prather and C. Pirmez

The Plate Boundary Observatory: The Geodetic Component of Earthscope 
by William Prescott

Wet-Dry, Terminal Fan-Dominated Depositional Sequences on the Lake Plain: A Case Study in the Lower Green River Formation of Southern Uinta Basin 
by Victor A. Pusca and Ron J. Steel

*Stochastic Surface Modeling in Mud Rich, Fine-grained Turbidite Lobes 
by Michael J. Pyrcz and Clayton V. Deutsch


Reservoir Characterization of Mississippian St. Louis Carbonate Reservoir Systems in Kansas, Stratigraphic and Facies Architecture Modeling 
by Lianshuang Qi and Timothy R. Carr

Fault Related Quartz Cementation and Basin Scale Fluid Flow, Hopeman Sandstone, Scotland 
by Oliver F. Quinn, R.Stuart Haszeldine, John R. Underhill, and John E. Dixon

Sequence Stratigraphy Study and Sedimentology of the Terry (Sussex) Sandstone in a Portion of the Denver Basin Colorado 
by Magaly C. Quintero

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Technical and Operational Accomplishments of ODP Leg 204 
by Frank R. Rack and Shipboard Scientific Party ODP Leg 204

Integrated Sequence Stratigraphic Reservoir Characterization, Cerro Negro Field, Venezuela: A Genetic Foundation for Reservoir Quality Prediction in Heavy Oil Reservoirs 
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Characterization and Origins of High Amplitude Reflection Packets Along the Gulf of Mexico Margin 
by David Brian Rains, Steven Dorobek, Jason M. Francis, and Charles Winker

Internal Architecture and Sequence Stratigraphy of Middle Mississippian (Visean) Grainstones, Eastern Missouri 
by Eugene C. Rankey

Unraveling Complexity on Carbonate Tidal Flats: Insights from Integrated Modeling and Field Observations 
by Eugene C. Rankey and Peter B. Burgess

Lithofacies and Sequence Stratigraphy from Well Logs for the Cyclic Morrowan to Wolfcampian Hermosa Group Strata, Paradox Basin, Utah and Colorado 
by Donald L. Rasmussen and Dalton L. Rasmussen

Pennsylvanian Hermosa Group Depositional Trends During Progressive Burial of Pre-Hermosa Terrain in the Early Structural History of the Paradox Basin in Utah and Colorado 
by Donald L. Rasmussen and Dalton L. Rasmussen

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by K.T. Ratcliffe, A. D. Hughes, T.J. Pearce, and J. Martin

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Evaluating Controls on Sandstone Diagenesis: A Quantitative and Qualitative Study of Carboniferous Strata in the Appalachian Basin 
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Constraining the Burial and Geomorphic Evolution of the Appalachian Plateau Using Pennsylvanian Sedimentary Rocks 
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Modern Analogue of an Ephemeral Fluvial-Lacustrine Inland DeltaCUmbum Creek, Lake Eyre, Central Australia 
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Autocyclic Versus Allocyclic Control on Delta and Incised Valley Fill Deposits, Alberta Foreland Basin 
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Late Eocene Global Plate Reorganization and Development of Extensional Basins in East China 
by Jianye Ren, Sitian Li, Kensaku Tamaki, and Junxia Zhang

Structural Uncertainty in Fault Seal and Transmissibility Analysis 
by David J. Reynolds

Two-Phase Flow in Fractures 
by Mark A Reynolds, Gillian E Pickup, and Gary D Couples

The Fruitland Formation CBM Hydrocarbon System: A Step-by-Step Analysis 
by W. C. Riese, W.L. Pelzmann, G.T. Snyder

Stratigraphic Architecture of a Non-Uniformly Subsiding, Sea Level-Dominated, Icehouse Shelf: A Case Study from the Antler-Sonoma Foreland of the Western United States 
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Sedimentation in Response to Complex Continental Intraplate Deformation: Jurassic-Cretaceous Northwest Ordos Basin, North-Central China 
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Tectonic Setting and Petroleum System Significance of Upper Triassic-Jurassic Strata, Qaidam Basin, Northwest China 
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Response of a Surficial Gas Hydrate to Thermal Loading by a Weak Loop Current Eddy—Northern Gulf of Mexico Continental Slope
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Geology of Three Natural Carbon Dioxide Reservoirs 
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Patterns of Permian Basinal Sedimentation in the Western Delaware Basin, Cutoff, Brushy Canyon, and Cherry Canyon Formations, West Texas, USA: A New Stratigraphic Model for Deep-Water Clastics 
by Brian W. Romans and Michael H. Gardner

A Promising Prospective Area in the Eastern Venezuela Basin: Matching Geochemical, Geological and Structural Data 
by Irene Romero, Victor Jones, Blas Gonzalez, and José Humberto Sánchez

Tectonic Control of Precambrian Basement Architecture on the Localization and Timing of Neogene Thin-Skinned Productive Structures of the Potwar-Salt Range Petroleum Province (Pakistan) 
by Francois Roure, Tariq Jaswal, Dominique Frizon de Lamotte, William Sassi, and Sylvain Grelaud

Stratigraphy and Biostratigraphy In and Immediately Adjacent to Salt Bodies-an Overview 
by Mark G. Rowan

Turtle Structures and Expulsion Rollovers: Lessons Derived from a Comparison Between the Northern Gulf of Mexico and the Precaspian Basin, Kazakhstan 
by Mark G. Rowan

Sandstone and Shale Compaction Curves Derived from Sonic and Gamma Ray Logs in Offshore Wells, North Slope, Alaska-Parameters for Basin Modeling 
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Patterns of Porosity Evolution in Permian Waning-Icehouse Carbonate Platform Successions 
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by Stephen C. Ruppel, F. Jerry Lucia, and James W. Jennings

Late Cretaceous Greenhorn Transgressive-Regressive Cycle and Transgressive Phase of Niobrara Cycle in Central and Southern Utah: Interaction of Tectonics and Eustacy 
by Thomas A. Ryer

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Top Truncated Deltas in the Western Interior Seaway: An Example from Subsurface Analysis of the Turonian Wall Creek Member, Frontier Formation 
by Junaid Sadeque and Janok P. Bhattacharya

Stratigraphic Correlation and Seriation as a Traveling Salesman Problem 
by Peter M. Sadler

Dolomitization and Cyclicity: Implications for Reservoir Distribution and Quality in Mississippian Livingstone Formation, Waterton Complex, Southwest Alberta 
by Guillermina Sagasti, Jose Luis Massaferro, and Gregor Eberli

Distribution of the Sedimentary Facies of a Middle Miocene Third Order Sequence, in Tiger Field, South Marsh Island, Offshore Louisiana Using Integration of Seismic Attributes and Sequence Stratigraphy 
by Josgre Salazar, Christopher Kendall, and Abdulrahman Alissa

Regional Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of Lower Pennsylvanian Reservoir Sandstones, Southwestern Kansas 
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3-D Seismic-Geologic Model of North La Barge Field, Sublette County, Wyoming
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Seismic Modeling of a Tidal-Bar / Incised-Valley Complex: Sego Sandstone of Eastern Utah 
by Hasan Sarikaya and Lesli J. Wood

Mechanical Reconstruction of Fracture Development in Weber Sandstone Formation, Split Mountain (Utah) 
by William Sassi, Martin L.E. Guiton, Jean-Marc Daniel, Jean-Luc Faure, Jean-Marie Mengus, Julien Schmidtz, Sylvie Delisle, Yves M. Leroy, and Jérôme Massot

Sequence Stratigraphy of Small Modern Sandy Turbidite Systems Deposited Off the East Corsican Margin (Western Mediterranean) 
by Bruno Savoye, Anne Gervais, and David J. W. Piper

Heavy Oil Resources of Utah: An Emerging Opportunity? 
by Steven Schamel and John Baza

Horizontal Core for Fracture Description in the Naturally Fractured Spraberry Trend Area 
by David S. Schechter and John Lorenz

*Practical Analysis for Reservoir Uncertainty 
by Claude Scheepens

Structural Geology and Petroleum Systems of the Dagestan Fold-Thrust Belt and Adjacent Terek-Caspian Foredeep 
by Daniel D. Schelling, David A. Wavrek, Dimir Mirzoev, Zilfikar Dashtiyev, and Dimitri Shlygin

Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources of the Montana Thrust Belt Province, Northwestern Montana 
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Shale Facies Stacking in Parasequences of the Cretaceous Blackhawk Formation, Book Cliffs, Utah 
by Juergen Schieber

Seismic-Scale Architecture and Properties of Phanerozoic Microbial Carbonates 
by Wolfgang Schlager and Lorenz Keim

Massive Accumulations of Methane Hydrate in the Aleutian Basin of the Bering Sea: Basin Analysis, Origin, and Resource Potential 
by David W. Scholl, Ginger A. Barth, and Jonathan R. Childs

*Seismic Anomalies Indicating Leakage: examples from the Southern North Sea 
by Barthild M. Schroot

Cyclicity in Paralic Deposits, Mid-Cretaceous, United States Western Interior 
by R. W. Scott, J. H. Holbrook, F. E. Oboh-Ikuenobe, M. J. Evetts, and D. G. Benson

Evolution of the Taimyr Peninsula (Arctic Siberia) and the Implications for Surrounding Hydrocarbon Basins 
by Robert A. Scott, Trond H. Torsvik, Elizabeth A. Eide, Harald J. Walderhaug, and Torgeir B. Andersen

Numerical Modeling of Middle Triassic Passive Continental Margin and Carbonate Platform Development in the Lombardian Alps (Italy) 
by Michael Seeling, Thilo Bechstädt, and Rainer Zühlke

Modern and Antecedent Topography: Focussing Agents for Reservoir Sands—Central and Western Scotian Basin 
by Marylin Segall, Russell K. Murphy, Sean McPherson, Douglas G. Neese, Michal Nemcok, and Richardson Allen

Origin and Significance of Concreted Paleosols in Onshore-Offshore Deposits 
by Marylin P. Segall, and Cleverson G. Silva

Role and Contribution of Pressure Regime Modeling in Well Planning and Formation Evaluation Process, Gulf of Suez Oil Fields, Egypt 
by Saber Moustafa Selim, Bassem Ahmed El-Badawy, Khaled Mohamed Abd Allah, and Ayman Khorshid

Establishing the Role of Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide in Delivering a Lower Carbon Energy Future 
by William J. Senior, Anthony A. Espie, and Charles A Christopher

Application of New Technologies Leads to Discovery of Prolific Reservoirs in the Geneva Dolomite (Middle Devonian), West-Central Illinois Basin 
by Beverly Seyler, John P. Grube, and Zakaria Lasemi

Hydrocarbon Generation and Migration in Northeast Egypt 
by Fouad Shaaban, Rudiger Lutz, and Ralf Littke

Fracture Pattern Identifications Based on Borehole Images: Example from the Foothills, Western Canada 
by Richard Y. Shang and Malcolm Lamb

Controls on Prolific Gas Production from Low-Permeability Sandstone Reservoirs in Basin-Centered Regions: Implications from the Rocky Mountain Region for Resource Assessment, Prospect Appraisal, and Risk Analysis 
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North Africa and Arabian Plate First and Second Order Sequence Stratigraphy 
by Peter R Sharland, David Boote, David M Casey, Roger B Davies, and Michael D Simmons

Comparative Sequence Stratigraphy of the Lower Silurian Along the Eastern Flank of the Findlay-Algonquin Arch: Evidence for a Migrating Forebulge 
by Bryan Shepard, Carlton E. Brett, and Patrick I. McLaughlin

Subsidence History of the East Java Basin, Indonesia and its Implications for Oil and Gas Exploration 
by Martin L. Shields, Alan R. Carroll, Anthony J. Simo, and Essam Sharaf

Stratigraphic Architecture of Upper Miocene Stevens Sandstone Turbidite Reservoir, San Joaquin Basin, California 
by Michael R. Shultz

Slump-Generated Topographic Control of Deepwater Sediment Dispersal and Preservation Patterns and Resultant Stratigraphic Architecture, Tres Pasos Formation, Southern Chile 
by Michael R. Shultz and Steve Hubbard

Natural Gas Systems in Cretaceous and Tertiary Reservoirs in the Rocky Mountain Region 
by George W. Shurr

The Effects of Antecedent Topography on Incised Valley Incision and Fill, Nueces River, Central Texas 
by Alexander R. Simms, John B. Anderson, Antonio Rodriguez

EarthScope and USArray 
by David W. Simpson

Basin-Floor Topography and the Scaling of Turbidites 
by Hugh Sinclair and Patience Cowie

Reservoir Characterization for Field Rejuvenation — a Case Study 
by Kasarie Singh

*Reservoir Characterization from Seismic and Well Control with Intelligent Computing Software 
by Mark Sippel

Ichnology, Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Late Mississippian (Visean) Kiskatinaw Formation, Northwest Alberta: Development of an Incised Valley Model
by Natalie A. Sirman and S. George Pemberton

The Effect of Active Growth Folding onTurbidite Deposition: Insights from the Karoo Basin of South Africa 
by Peter J. Sixsmith, Stephen Flint, Graham Potts, Martin Grecula, and De Ville Wickens

Unravelling Transgressive Depositional Systems Using Detailed Outcrop Analogues: The Cretaceous Hosta Sandstone, New Mexico, USA 
by Peter J. Sixsmith, Sanjeev Gupta, and Gary Hampson

Quantification of Uncertainty in Recovery Efficiency Predictions: Lessons Learned from 250 Mature Carbonate Fields 
by Rod Sloan and S. Qing Sun

GIS Technology: A Pathway for Regional Geospatial Analysis of Coalbed Methane Assessment and Future Energy Resource Development 
by Ernie R Slucher and Mark Vinciguerra

Quantitative Visualization of Spatial Uncertainty in 3-D Structural Models 
by Robert Smallshire, and Simon Stewart

Finite Element Modeling of Inversion Tectonics: Application to the Elgin-Franklin Field, North Sea 
by Kevin J. Smart, Younane Abousleiman, and Jieliang Pan

*Clastic Depositional Environments and Sequence Stratigraphy in the Acadian Foreland Basin in Western New York State 
by Gerald J. Smith and Robert D. Jacobi

The Use of Reservoir Simulation for the Design of a Pilot Project for Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide and Enhanced Coalbed Methane Production 
by W. Neal Smith, Sinisha A. Jikich, Grant Bromhal, Duane H. Smith, Turgay Ertekin, and Olufemi Odusote

Integrated Characterization of Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoirs in Trenton-Black River Carbonates of New York 
by Langhorne B. Smith, Courtney M. Lugert, and Richard E. Nyahay

Integrated Sedimentological, Ichnological and Sequence Stratigraphic Model of a Coarse Clastic Fan Delta Reservoir: Middle Jurassic Oseberg Formation, North Sea, Norway 
by Kristian Soegaard and James MacEachern

Assessment of Oil and Gas Fields in Indiana for CO2 Sequestration 
by Wilfrido Solano-Acosta, Charles W. Zuppann, and John A. Rupp

Operational Sequence Stratigraphy for 3-D Reservoir Modeling of Seminole San Andres Unit (SSAU), Permian Basin, West Texas 
by Mark D. Sonnenfeld, Thomas P. Wingate, K. Lyn Canter, Hai-Zui Meng, and Laura C. Zahm

A Dynamic Model for the Permian Panhandle and Hugoton Fields, Western Anadarko Basin 
by Raymond P. Sorenson

Overpressuring, Diagenesis, and Fluid Flow at the Matagorda Island 519 Field, Offshore Texas, Gulf of Mexico 
by Kera Gautreau Spears and Jeffrey S. Hanor

Ichnology of an Ancient, Shallow Marine Embayment: Using Bioturbation Patterns to Enhance Palaeoenvironmental Reconstruction 
by Michelle V. Spila, S. George Pemberton, and Iain K. Sinclair

Dynamic Reservoir Characterization of a Complex Carbonate Reservoir at Weyburn Field, Saskatchewan 
by Anna Stafford and John Humphrey

*Permian-Jurassic Tectonic and Depositional Control on Oil Fields Distribution in the Central Moesian Platform, Romania 
by Aurelia Liliana Stan and Adriana Raileanu

Productivity of U.S. Unconventional Gas Reservoirs-Benchmarks for Future Plays 
by Philip H. Stark and Leta Smith

*Fracture Analysis For Petroleum Exploration Of Ordovician To Devonian Fractured Reservoirs In New York State Using Satellite Imagery 
by Ronald J. Staskowski, John R. Everett, and Robert D. Jacobi

Shelf-Edge Deltas: A Key to the Delivery of Sands into Deepwater 
by Ron J. Steel and Szczepan J. Porebski

*New Methods for Extracting and Constructing Fault Surfaces from 3D Seismic Data 
by Øyvind Steen, Stein Inge Pedersen, Trygve Randen, and Christophe Basire

The North Shafter and Rose Oil Fields: A Seismically Defined, Diagenetic Stratigraphic Trap in the Miocene McLure Shale, San Joaquin Basin, CA 
by Robert Sterling, Anne Grau, Robert Kidney, Barbara Ganong, Paul Pendleton, Larry Drennan, and Angela Bosse

Structural Heterogeneities and Paleo-Fluid Flow in an Analog Sandstone Reservoir 
by Kurt Sternlof, Eric Flodin, Peter Eichhubl, Atilla Aydin, and David Pollard

Evaluating the Origin of Isolated Cretaceous Sandstones Encased in Marine Mudstone: The Prairie Canyon Member of the Mancos Shale, Hatch Mesa, East-Central Utah 
by Kimberly M Stevens and Nikhom Chaiwongsaen

Deciphering Thermal Histories Through Apatite (U-Th)/He Multi-Grain-Size Analysis 
by Daniel F. Stockli and Kenneth A. Farley

Sedimentology and Diagenesis of an Oligocene Cool-Water Carbonate Platform and Basin, Costa Blanca, Southeast Spain 
by Michelle L. Stoklosa, J.A. (Toni) Simo, and Jana Van-Alstine

Architecture of Shallow-Marine Sequences: Insights from Numerical Modeling
by Joep E.A. Storms and Donald J.P. Swift

Avulsion, Autogenic or Allogenic Controlled? 
by Esther Stouthamer and Henk J.A. Berendsen

Autogenic Variation in Experimenal Depositional Systems: Time and Space Scales, and Response to Allocyclic Forcing 
by Nikki Strong, Michael Kelberer, Ben Sheets, Dan Cazanacli, and Chris Paola

Originality, Persistence and Adaptability: Keys to Survival 
by David H. Suek

Sequence Stratigraphy and Incised Valley Architecture of the Domengine Formation, Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve and the Southern Sacramento Valley 
by Morgan D. Sullivan and Raymond Sullivan

Evolution of the Blue Nile Gorge, Ethiopia, from Optical and Radar Remote Sensing and Digital Elevation Models Data Integration 
by Dewan Nahid Sultana and Mohamed G. Abdelsalam, 

Information Technology: The Underlying Enabler in Visualization, Geosteering, and Collaboration 
by Roger R. Sung and Jawad M. AlKhalaf

The Bijaygarh and Rampur Shales of the Vindhyan Supergroup, India: Transgressive System Tract Source Rocks of Mid-Proterozoic Age 
by Sohini Sur, Juergen Schieber, Santanu Banerjee

Sequence Stratigraphic Evolution of the Oficina Formation in the Zuata Area of the Faja Petrolifera del Orinoco, Eastern Venezuela Basin 
by John R. Suter and Gordon Fielder

Sequence Stratigraphic Controls on Reservoir Productivity: Ursa Field, Gulf of Mexico 
by Michael L. Sweet, Mike E. Farrell, and Alan E. Schwartzbard

Evolution of the Northern Gulf of Mexico Through the CenozoicCa 3-D Visualization Tour 
by Dennis A. Sylvia, William E. Galloway, and Ricardo Combellas    

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*Frontier Areas for Coalbed-Gas Exploration in Utah 
by David E. Tabet and Jeffrey C. Quick

Integration of 3-D Structural Modeling and Fault Seal Analysis to Reduce Reservoir Uncertainty 
by John R. Tabor and Jay P. Busch

Late Paleozoic Foreland Deformation in the Southwestern Midland Basin and Adjacent Areas: Implications for Tectonic Evolution of the Permian Basin, West Texas 
by Po-Ching Tai and Steven L. Dorobek

*Tectonic and Climatic Influences on Submarine Fan Development in the Niigata Backarc Inverted Rift Basin, Central Japan: Confined Turbidites Related to Basin Tectonics and Highstand Fan Sedimentation Related to Paleoceanography of the Japan Sea 
by Osamu Takano

*Gas Hydrates on the Amazon Submarine Fan, Foz do Amazonas Basin, Brazil 
by Maira Damiao Tanaka, Cleverson Guizan Silva, and Michael Ben Clennell

*A Large-Scale Tertiary Salt Nappe Complex at the Leading Edge of Kuqa foreland fold belt, Tarim basin, Northwest China 
by Liangjie Tang, Chengzao Jia, and Zhijun Jin

Petroleum Systems in the East-Mediterranean Basin Onshore and Offshore Israel 
by Eli Tannenbaum and Michael Gardosh

Regional Upper Cretaceous (Senonian) Petroleum Source Rocks in the Middle East and North Africa 
by Eli Tannenbaum and M.D. Lewan

Comparison Between the Salt Basins of Morocco and Madagascar 
by GaborTari, Paul Ashton, James Molnar, Michael Sorgenfrei, Philip Thompson, and David Valasek

Carbonate Cementation in Contrasting Foreland Basin Marine Sequences: A Quantitative Outcrop Study 
by Kevin G Taylor, Rob L Gawthorpe, and Phil G Machent

*Coal-bed Methane Potential and Activity of the Illinois Basin 
by Steven Tedesco

*Coal-bed Methane Potential and Activity of the Western Interior Basin 
by Steven Tedesco

Use of Mechanical Logs to Evaluate Gas in Place in Pennsylvanian Age Coals 
by Steven A. Tedesco, and Jack Bowler

Evaluation of Fluid Communication Between Gas Caps and Oil Legs: Applications to Reservoir Characterization and Identifying Down Dip Oil 
by Stan C. Teerman and Rong J. Hwang

Recognition of Systems Tracts through Changes in Fluvial Facies Architecture, Paleocene Fort Union Formation, Rock Springs Uplift, Wyoming 
by Sam R. Teeters and Diane L. Kamola

The Use of Seismic Stratigraphy for Waste Site Characterization 
by Tom J. Temples, Michael G. Waddell, William Domoracki

Optimization of Infill Drilling in Naturally-Fractured Tight-Gas Reservoirs in the San Juan Basin 
by Lawrence Teufel and J. Matthew Herrin

*Upper Ordovician Montoya Sequence Stratigraphy And Chert Porosity in Southeastern Delaware Basin 
by David M. Thomas III and Huaibo Liu

Modeling Gulf of Mexico Microfossil Paleoecology 
by Peter R. Thompson

Quantitative Measurements of Porosity Reduction Around Deformation Bands in a Porous and Permeable Sandstone 
by Laird B. Thompson, James P. Wallace, and James P. Evans

Fault Uncertainty Assessment: Its Impact on a Development Well Planning 
by Pierre Thore, Cesar Mugerin, and Mathieu Sartoretti

*The Middle Jurassic Elko Orogeny - A Major Tectonic Event in Nevada-Utah 
by Charles H. Thorman and Fred Peterson

Evidence for a Hydrodynamic Origin of Guadalupian-aged Carbonate Mud-Mounds 
by John B Thurmond and Peter Drzewiecki

Effects of Compositional Variations, Texture and Burial History on Composition Driven Diagenesis 
by Geoffrey Thyne, Anthony Park, by Peter Ortoleva

Distinguishing Tidal Bank-Margin Accretion Bars from Fluvial Point Bars 
by Roderick W Tillman and H. Edward Clifton

*Bed and Facies Scale Selectivity During Late-Stage Dolomitization: Lower Ordovician El Paso Group, Franklin Mountains, West Texas 
by Barbara A. Tillotson and Robert K. Goldhammer

Deep-Water Sedimentation on an Evolving Fault-Block: Insights from the Annot Sandstones 
by Mark Tomasso and Hugh D. Sinclair

Stratigraphic Architecture of a Deep-Water Deposit in Northwest Borneo 
by Felix Tongkul

*Depositional Turbidity Currents in Diapiric Minibasins on the Continental Slope: Theory, Experiments and Numerical Simulation 
by Horacio Toniolo and Parker Gary

Paleotopographic Controls on Carbonate Facies During an Interval of Warming Climate: Miocene, Cerro de Ricardillo, Southeast Spain 
by Niall D. Toomey, Robert H. Goldstein, and Evan K. Franseen

How Widespread Are Nonlinear Responses to Allogenic Perturbations in the Stratigraphic Record? 
by Torbjörn E. Törnqvist

High-Resolution Chronostratigraphy of a Late Quaternary Compound Paleovalley Fill (Rhine-Meuse System, The Netherlands) 
by Torbjörn E. Törnqvist, Jakob Wallinga, Freek S. Busschers, and Henk J.T. Weerts

Quantitative Integration of 3-D Seismic Data, Geological Information, Production Data, and Well Logs into Hydrocarbon Reservoir Models Amenable to Dynamic Prediction of Fluid Production 
by Carlos Torres-Verdin, Mrinal K. Sen, Omar J. Varela, Zhan Wu, Indrajit G. Roy, and Maika Gambus-Ordaz

Gas Shale Petroleum Systems in the Second White Speckled Shale (SWS) and Belle Fourche Formations (Upper Cretaceous Colorado Group), Alberta, Canada 
by Sarah Travis, Cynthia L. Riediger, and Brian McKinstry

Drilling Gas Hydrates on Hydrate Ridge, Oregon Continental Margin 
by Anne M. Trehu, Gerhard Bohrmann, and Leg Two-Hundred and Four Science Party

Defining Systems Tracts and Sequence Stratigraphic Architecture from Well Logs: Example from the Oligocene/Lower Miocene Section, Offshore Mustang Island, South Texas 
by Ramón H. Treviño, L. Frank Brown, and Robert G. Loucks

Geological Sonification: Using Auditory Signals to Represent Geological Data
by Alan C. Tripp and A.A. Ekdale

Ghadames Basin, Southern Tunisia: A Reappraisal of Paleozoic Petroleum Systems and Future Prospectivity 
by H Troudi, D. Kebaier, M.H. Acheche, and Y. Haddar

Unraveling 75 Million Years of Stratigraphic Evolution Around a Salt Wall in the Paradox Basin, Southeast Utah 
by Bruce Trudgill, Nicholas J. Banbury, and John R. Underhill

Geotectonic Evolution of the Central Southern Alps (Dolomites) derived from Thermal Maturity Data and Basin Modelling 
by Robert G. Tscherny, Carsten Büker,S. Nöth, and Ralf Littke

Seismic Architecture of Turbidites in Lake Mead 
by David C. Twichell, VeeAnn Cross, Brenda Buck, Andrew Hanson, Thomas Hickson, Mark Rudin, and Jonathan Zybala

Micro-Variability of Floodplain Paleosols in the Snyderville Shale Member, Oread Limestone Formation (Late Pennsylvanian), Southeast Kansas 
by Monica Turner-Williams, Wan Yang, and Michael Bruemmer 

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Origin and Migration of Methane in Gas Hydrate-Bearing Sediments in the Nankai Trough: Implication for Subsurface Occurrence of Natural Gas Hydrate 
by Takashi Uchida and Amane Waseda

Evolution of the Triassic in the Northern North Sea 
by John R. Underhill, Mark Tomasso, Richard A. Hodgkinson, Nicholas J. Banbury, Euan W. Mearns, and Robert Cooper

Comparative Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic Salt Basins 
by Patrick Unternehr and Philippe De Clarens

Late Jurassic Sub-Basin Differentiation Defines Significant Exploration Potential in the Southern Lusitanian Basin, Portugal 
by T. L. Uphoff, D. P. Stemler, M. J. Stearns, and P. H. Monteleone

Depositional Model for the Oligocene Deltaic Succession of El Furrial Field, Northern Monagas, Venezuela 
by Carlos Alberto Uroza, Carolina Machillanda, Gabriela Arostegui, and Lourdes Rondón

3-D Depth Migration of the Northern Monagas Trend: Eastern Venezuela
by Omar Uzcategui, Elieser Perez, Carlos Marquez, and Ricardo Plata

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Multiple Petroleum Systems in the Caspian Region: Implications for Prospectivity Evaluation and Oil Quality Prediction 
by Ger W. Van Graas, John Scotchmer, Arnt-Eirik Rørnes, and Tore Husmo

*Energy Dissipation and the Fundamental Shape of Siliciclastic Sedimentary Bodies 
by J.C. Van Wagoner, D.C.J. D. Hoyal, N. L. Adair, T. Sun, R.T. Beaubouef, M. Deffenbaugh, P.A. Dunn, C. Huh, and D. Li

Fine-Scale 3-D Architecture of a Deepwater Channel Complex
by Staffan VanDyke, Roger Slatt, Julie Staggs, Roger Young, and Alan Witten

Coal Stratigraphy of the Southern Powder River Basin: Converse County, Wyoming 
by Adam R. VanHolland

Late Holocene Patterns of Estuarine Sedimentation in the Mississippi Sound, Northern Gulf of Mexico 
by Brian M. Velardo, Samuel J. Bentley, and Yoko Furukawa

Similarities and Differences between Salt and Shale Tectonics 
by Bruno C Vendeville

Contrasts in Style of Minibasin Evolution in the Sigsbee Area (U.S. Gulf of Mexico) and the Nile Deep-Sea Fan 
by Bruno C Vendeville, Virginie Gaullier, Lies Loncke, and Jean Mascle

Combination of Structural Balancing, Reverse Basin and Forward Stratigraphic Modeling: New Methods Applied to Old Rocks (Southern Cantabrian Mountains, Spain) 
by Zbynek Veselovsky, Thilo Bechstädt, and Rainer Zühlke

Evolution and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Eastern Black Sea Basin 
by Stephen J. Vincent, Larisa G. Voronova, Michael D. Simmons, Teimuraz Barabadze, and Simon Inger

Morphology and Diagenesis of Low Resistivity Cotton Valley Reservoirs, East Texas Salt Basin, Freestone County, Texas 
by Ann Vlad, Kent Newsham, and Jay Rushing

*A Case for Cores: The Reservoir Geology of ERT (Penn Sand) Field, Potter Co., Texas 
by Robert W. Von Rhee

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Middle Eocene Regional Climate Instability and Palaeoceanography of the Western North Atlantic: Implications for the Position of the Proto Gulf Stream 
by Bridget S. Wade and Dick Kroon

Improved Depositional and Sequence Stratigraphic Models for the Basal Sandstone, Lower Sandy Member, Blair Formation, Rock Springs Uplift, Wyoming 
by Michael C. Wall

Geometry and Evolution of Detachment Folds in Deformed Foreland Basin Deposits of the Brooks Range Foothills, Northern Alaska
by Wesley K. Wallace

Anatomy of Flat Spots
by J.C. Wan

Paleotopography and Sea-Level Controls on Facies and Thickness Variability of Transgressive Limestones: Upper Pennsylvanian Merriam Limestone, Northeast Kansas 
by Edward L. Washburn and Evan K. Franseen

Spatial Scales and Distribution of Hydrocarbon Seeps near Coal Oil Point, California 
by Libe Washburn, Phaedon Kyriakidis, Eun-Hye Yoo, and Jordan F. Clark

Delineation of Reservoir Compartments with Geochemical Technologies—Applications to Gas and Gas-Condensate Systems 
by David A. Wavrek

Petrology and Petrophysics of the Middle Lance Formation (Upper Cretaceous), American Hunter Old Road Unit No. 1, Sublette County, Wyoming 
by John C. Webb, Suzanne G. Cluff, Catherine M. Murphy, and Alan P. Byrnes

*Variation of Quaternary Stratigraphic Pattern along an Incised Valley Fill Revealed by Very High Resolution Seismic Profiling : The Paleo-Charente River (French Atlantic Coast) 
by Epshom Nicolas Weber, Eric Chaumillon, and Michel Tesson

Stratigraphy, Lithofacies, and Reservoir Distribution: Tengiz Field, Kazakhstan 
by L. James Weber, B. P. Francis, Paul Harris, and Michael Clark

*Surface Geochemical Exploration in Three Frontier Basins: Lessons Learned-Takutu Basin, Guyana; General Levalle Basin, Argentina; and Ogaden Basin, Ethiopia 
by Robert E. Webster

*General Levalle Basin, Argentina: A Buried Lower Cretaceous Rift 
by Robert E. Webster, Gualter A. Chebli, and J. Fritz Fischer

Peculiar Diagenetic Processes and Preservation: Nearshore Marginal Marine Taphonomy in the Upper Lance Formation, Elk Basin, Wyoming 
by Marilyn D. Wegweiser

New Insights into the Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of an Undrilled Mud Diapir Province, West Alboran Basin, Morocco-Spain 
by Andrew C. Weinzapfel, Richard A. Mountfield, Yves M. Chevalier, Lung-Chuan Kuo, Khalid A. Soofi, Geoffrey A. Haddad, and Matthew O. Strickland

Prospect Generation with Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks, Northeast Lea Example 
by William W. Weiss, Robert A. Balch, Tongjun Ruan, and Vishu Subramaniam

Gathering Seismic Attribute Analysis Techniques to Refine Prospective Area Limits 
by Ana Maria Wessolossky, Maria Auxiliadora Perez, and Ezequiel F. Gonzalez

The West African Atlantic Margin—A New Focus for Exploration Portfolios 
by Lyndon West

Dynamic Gas-Driven Petroleum Systems? 
by Jean K. Whelan

A Methodology to Predict Fracture Permeability at Depth in Coalbed Methane Prospects, with the Ferron Coal, Utah as an Example 
by Amy E. Whitaker and Julia Caldaro-Baird

3-D Analog Modeling of Cover Deformation Associated with Extensional Reactivation of a Variable Displacement Basement Fault
by Paul Whitehouse, Ken McClay, and Tim Dooley

Brine Impact on Water Quality in Seminole County, Oklahoma 
by Laurie A. Whitesell

Online Tools to Evaluate Oil and Gas Fields for CO2 Sequestration 
by Lawrence H. Wickstrom, James McDonald, Ronald A. Riley, Timothy R. Carr, Brandon Nuttall, John A. Rupp, Wilfrido Solano-Acosta, Charles W. Zuppann, and Beverly Seyler

China’s Onshore Gas Resources: A Discussion of Reservoir Data from the Bohai, Ordos and Tarim Basins 
by Maarten Wiemer and Jerry Yu, Shell

Canada’s Oil Sands and Heavy Oil: The Future is Now 
by Daryl M. Wightman

Dating Multiple Hydrocarbon Charges from Diagenetic Evidence, United Kingdom North Sea Sandstones 
by Mark Wilkinson, R. Stuart Haszeldine, and Tony E. Fallick

Stratigraphic Relationships Within the Middle Jurassic Gypsum Spring Formation (Bajocian and Bathonian), Bighorn Basin, Wyoming and Montana 
by Monica K. Williams and William C. Parcell

Avulsion of Valleys and the Continuity of Sequence Boundaries 
by Brian J. Willis

Physical Properties of Sediment Containing Natural and Laboratory-Formed Gas Hydrate 
by William J. Winters, William F. Waite, David H. Mason, Ivana Novosel, Olga M. Boldina, Scott R. Dallimore, Timothy S. Collett, Thomas D. Lorenson, Charles K. Paull, Rudy E. Rogers8 , William R. Bryant, and Thomas M. McGee

Mapping Large-Scale Faults in the Michigan Basin Using Tops Data 
by James R. Wood

Surface Geochemical Analysis of Oil Potential in Selected Fields in the Michigan Basin Using Microbial Technology 
by James R. Wood

Quantitative Seismic Geomorphology and Reservoir Architecture of Clastic Depositional Systems: The Future of Uncertainty Analysis in Exploration and Production 
by Lesli J. Wood

*Chlorine Residual Salts Analysis: a New Geochemical Tool to Characterize Oil Reservoirs 
by Veronique Woule Ebongue, Nathalie Jendrzejewski, Frederic Walcenwitz, and Marc Javoy

Conformance Improvement with Low Concentration Polymer Gels in a Heterogeneous Multilayer Reservoir 
by C.J. Wouterlood, E. D. Falcigno, and C.A. Norman

*A Method for Synthesizing and Averaging Capillary Pressure Curves 
by Tao Wu and Robert R. Berg

Upper Miocene Depositional History of the Central Gulf of Mexico Basin 
by Xinxia Wu and William E. Galloway

*Formation Damage Caused by Excessive Borehole Fluid Pressures During Environmental Drilling in Unconsolidated Coastal Plain Sediments: A Petroleum Engineering Analog 
by Douglas E. Wyatt

Linking Structural and Petroleum Systems Modeling- Concepts and Applications 
by Björn Wygrala, Heike Synofzik, and Carolyn Lampe

Log Curve Amplitude Slicing—Visualization of Log Data and Depositional Trends in the Devonian Traverse Group, Michigan Basin, United States 
by Albert S. Wylie and Jacqueline E. Huntoon

Sequence Development on a Foreland Carbonate Ramp, Mississippian Appalachian Basin, West Virginia 
by Thomas C. Wynn and J. Fred Read

Rapid Lateral Facies Change in an Upper Ordovician Depositional Sequence (Central Kentucky): Evidence for Synsedimentary Reverse Faulting Along the Northern Margin of the Rome Trough? 
by Eric J. Wysong, Patrick I. McLaughlin, and Carlton E. Brett

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An Overview of Ghawar Structure as Revealed by Ghawar SuperCube 
by Hong-Bin Xiao, Barton Payne, Allen Neville, and Greg Gregory

Application of 3-D Seismic Classification Techniques to Reveal Prospective Targets in Optimizing E&P Activities 
by Fangjian Xue, Dave Paddock, and Kim Hemsley

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Resources of Natural Gas in Shallow Permafrost Accumulations of Relict (Self-Preserved) Gas Hydrates in Russia 
by Vladimir Stanislav Yakushev

Spatial and Temporal Variations in Rates of Sediment Accumulation of Holocene Shallow-Marine Sediments, Belize 
by Wan Yang, S. J. Mazzullo, and Chellie S. Teal

New Oil and Gas Plays in the Pearl River Mouth Basin 
by Shaokun Yang, Heshen Shi, Hujun Hao, Xiong Pang, and Jiayuan Du

Identifying Subtle Stratigraphic and Facies Trends Using Advanced Variography 
by Jeffrey M. Yarus, Richard L. Chambers, and Guillaume Jean

Understanding the Key Challenges of 3-D Reservoir Geological Modeling 
by Scott Ye

 *Evaluation of Hydrologic and Biogeochemical Controls on Soluble Benzene Migration within the Uinta Basin Using Computer Models and Field Sampling 
by Ye Zhang, Mark A. Person, Enrique Merino, and Michael Szpakiewcz

*Upper Cretaceous Tight Gas Sands in Wyoming Basins 
by Peigui Yin

Tidal Signatures, Architectures and Processes in Regressive Versus Transgressive Shorelines: Comparative Studies of Holocene, Quaternary and Ancient Tide-Influenced Deposits within a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework-—a Review 
by Shuji Yoshida, Robert Dalrymple, and Ron Steel

*Alamein Basin Hydrocarbon Potentials, Northern Western Desert, Egypt 
by M.A. Younes and Moharrem Bek

Seismic Interpretation and Classification of Mud Volcanoes of the South Caspian Basin, Offshore Azerbaijan 
by M.Z.Yusifov and P.D.Rabinowitz

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The Use of 3-D Strain in Outcrop to Predict Subsurface Reservoir Compartmentalization, Southern Bighorn Basin, Wyoming 
by C. K. Zahm, Ali S. Raba’a, Neil F. Hurley, Peter H. Hennings, and Eric A. Erslev

Recent Advances in Hydrocarbon Exploration and Exploitation Techniques for Incised Valley Systems: Examples from the Lower Cretaceous of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin 
by Brian A. Zaitlin

*Interplay between Tectonics and Sedimentation in the Lower Pliocene Fill of the Crotone Basin, Southern Italy 
by Massimo Zecchin, Donatella Mellere, Francesco Massari, and Giacomo Prosser

Geomorphology-Based, Automated Seismic Facies Analysis: Applied to 3-D Reservoir Mapping 
by Hongliu Zeng

Realistic Reservoir Model from Seismic DataCLessons from Seismic Modeling and Inversion of Prograding Carbonate-Ramp Sequences 
by Hongliu Zeng, Bruno Courme, and Charles Kerans

*Resources Assessment: Methodology and Its Application in Tarim Oil/Gas Exploration and Development Activities 
by Xiangning Zhang, Hongbin Ren, and Xuewen Zhang, 

Qingxi Oilfield in Jiuxi Basin and Its Enlightenment for the Exploration in the Thrust Belts of Foreland Basins in Central and Western China 
by Wenzhi Zhao, Jianaun Chen, and Zecheng Wang

*Dating Groundwater Associated with Coalbed Methane Gas Wells in the San Juan Basin, USA 
by Zheng Zhou, Chris J. Ballentine, Rolf Kipfer, Martin Schoell, and Steve Thibodeaux

Oil and Gas Exploration Review in Offshore China 
by Weilin Zhu

Heat Flow and Surface Geochemistry on the Brunei Continental Margin 
by Gary W. Zielinski, Malvin Bjoroy, and Robyn L. B. Zielinski

Scientific Drilling into the San Andreas Fault: The SAFOD Experiment 
by Mark Zoback, Stephen Hickman, and William Ellsworth

Reservoir Architecture of Mixed Siliciclastic-Carbonate Shallow Marine Strata: Outcrop Exposures of the Triassic Baldonnel Formation, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin 
by John-Paul Zonneveld, Tyler W. Beatty, Barton J. Blakney, Murray Gingras, and Michael J. Orchard

Quantitative Meso-Cenozoic Development of the Eastern Central Atlantic Continental Shelf, Onshore Agadir Basin, Western Morocco 
by Rainer Zuehlke, Mohammed-Said Bouaouda, Brahim Ouajhain, Thilo Bechstaedt, and Reinhold Leinfelder

Sediment Coring in Lake Mead Reservoir, Nevada and Arizona: Implications for Deep Marine Sandstone Distributions 
by Jonathan G. Zybala, David C. Twichell, Brenda J. Buck, Robyn A. Howley, Thomas A. Hickson, Andrew D. Hanson, Mark J. Rudin, Spencer Steinberg, and VeeAnn Cross


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