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GEO 2008--Middle East Conference and Exhibition

March 2-5, 2008, Manama, Bahrain

Search and Discovery Article #90077 (2008)
Posted April 10, 2008

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Sandstone-Body Geometry, Facies Architecture and Depositional Model of Ordovician Barik Sandstone, Oman
by Iftikhar A. Abbasi and Abdulrahman Al-Harthy

Offshore Mediterranean Seismic Data Processing Challenges
by Magdy AbdelAty, Tamer Saleh, Michael Cogan, Alfredo Cegna, Antonio Betti, Giorgio Bondi, and Riccardo Vercesi

Organic Geochemical Evaluation of the Lower Cretaceous Minagish Reservoir Formation in Kuwait
by Fowzia Hussein Abdullah and Suad AbdulKareem Qabazard

Reservoir Heterogeneity and Development Strategy of the Mauddud Reservoir Undergoing Pattern Water Flooding in Raudhatain Field, Northern Kuwait
by Shaikh Abdul Azim, Ashok K. Pathak, Yahya Hassan, Ragab Shehab, Krenek Ron, and Hamad Al-Ajmi

Partnering to Develop a National Workforce: Practical Challenges and Solution
by Mohamed S. AbouSayed

Uncertainties and Risks Associated with Prospectivity of Mauddud Formation in the Bahrah Area, Kuwait
by A.M. Manowar Ahmed, Michael G. Kumpas, Sanjeev S. Thakur, Khalid Al-Ateeqi, and Gilbert Guingand

Origin of H2S and Hydrocarbons from the Permian-Triassic Khuff Formation Using Fluid Inclusion Technology
by Abdelghayoum S. Ahmed, Richard Worden, and Tom Harland

The Barik Sandstone Member, Northern Oman: Stratigraphic Traps and Review of a Tight Gas Play
by John F. Aitken, John A. Millson, Steven G. Fryberger, Alban Rovira, Dieter Skaloud, Hamad Al-Shuaily, Abdullah Al-Habsy, Mohamed Al-Harthy, Celestine Ugwu, Bhupendra N. Singh, and Sre Vaddey

Early Grain-Coat Formation in Modern Eolian Sands: Implications for Prediction of Deep Porosity
by Joanna Ajdukiewicz, William Esch, Pete Rumelhart, Stephen G. Franks, Clemens Van Dijk, William Carrigan, and Richard Larese

An Innovative Approach to Characterizing Fractures for a Large Carbonate Field of Kuwait by Integrating Borehole Data with the 3-D Surface Seismic
by Mahmood Akbar, Sunil Kumar Singh, B.Z. Khan, Hana Al-Salem, Pierre D. Maizeret, Donatella Astratti, Lars Sonneland, Stein I. Pedersen, Can Bakiler, and Robert Godfrey

Seismic Array Response in the Presence of Laterally Varying Thickness of the Weathering Layer
by Jubran Akram and Abdullatif Al-Shuhail

Potential of Iraqi Oil System
by Karim Akrawi

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Silurian Tanf Formation Prospectivity in the Euphrates Graben Petroleum System, Syria
by Ahmad Aldahik, Brian Horsfield, Wilhelm Dominik, Heinz Wilkes, Peter Nederlof, Hans-Martin Schulz, and Malcolm Dransfield

The Concept of Entrapment: Towards Expanding the Paradigm
by Arif I. Alkalali

Understanding Subsurface Pressure Data Signature in a Hydrogeological Context
by Arif I. Alkalali

Efficient High-Resolution Seismic Data for Near-Surface Corrections
by Tariq Alkhalifa, Ramzy AlZayer, and Majed AlMalki

Straight-Ray Datuming in 3-D Media: Fast and Flexible
by Tariq Alkhalifa, Henk Innemee, and Chris Benson

Rock Physics Guided AVO: A Holistic Approach to Sand Detection
by Husam M. AlMustafa

Sequence Stratigraphy of Kuwait Jurassic Section: An Approach to Proceed Forward
by Ghaida Alsahlan and Hanadi AlQallaf

Challenges for Seismic Imaging Using Explicit Wavefield Extrapolation
by Saleh Alsaleh

Modeling the Near-Surface Using High-Resolution Seismic Data
by Ramzy M. AlZayer and Tariq Alkhalifa

Late Cenozoic Structuring in Kuwait: Evidence and Wider Exploration and Production Implications
by Bader Al-Ajmi, Samar Al-Ashwak, Saif Tanoli, Fatima Al Kandari, Areej Al-Darmi, and Rob Crossley

Porosity Correction in the Najmah Kerogen Formation
by Heyam M. Al-Ammar, Robert Dennis, Meshari A. Al-Awadi, Badruzzaman Khan, Moinuddin M. Qidwai, and Hanan A. Abu-Habbiel

Mishrif Formation Oil Biomarkers Used to Assess Hydrocarbon Generation, Migration Path and Accumulation Sites in the Ratawi, Zubair, Rumaila North and South Oil Fields, Southern Iraq
by Thamer K. Al-Ameri and Amer J. Al Khafaji

Middle Miocene Jeribe Formation Hydrocarbon Sources and Accumulations, Diala District, Northeastern Iraq
by Thamer K. Al-Ameri, Zebiur M. Markarian, and Madhat A. Naser

Palynofacies and Hydrocarbon Generation Potential for the Rocks of the Upper Triassic Baluti and Kurrachine Formations in Mosul Block, Northwestern of Iraq
by Thamer K. Al-Ameri and Qusay H. Aldolaimy

Hydrocarbon Potential of the Middle Jurassic Sargelu Formation, Zagros Fold Belt, Northern Iraq
by Thamer K. Al-Ameri, Ahmed A. Al-Ahmed, John Zumberge, and Janet Pitman

Prediction of Apparent Cohesion, Angle of Internal Friction and Poisson’s Ratio of Various Types of Rocks Using Laboratory Measured Unconfined (Uniaxial) Compressive Strength
by Bandar D. Al-Anazi

Fundamental Controls on Organic-Matter Preservation in a Clastic-Starved Intra-Shelf Basin: The Upper Cretaceous Natih B Sediments (Natih Formation) of Northern Oman
by Said A.K. Al Balushi, Joe H.S. MacQuaker, and Henk Droste

Fractures Detection and Characterization for the Jurassic Carbonate Reservoirs Using 3-D P-Wave Pre-Stack Seismic Data in Saudi Arabia
by Abdulfattah A. Al-Dajani

Using High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy for Characterizing the Khuff C Reservoirs in Hawiyah, Ghawar Field, Saudi Arabia
by Ghazi A. Al Eid, Aus A. Al Tawil, and Ahmad M. Al Moosa

Umm-Roos Prospect: New Jurassic Hydrocarbon Play in West Kuwait
by Ahmad Al-Eidan, Nikhil C. Banik, Sunil K. Singh, Neama Al-Ajmi, Meshal Al-Wadi, and Talal Al-Adwani

Arifjan Discovery, a Boost to Jurassic Exploration in Southeastern Kuwait: Learning from the Interplay of Elements Leading to Commercial Discovery
by Ahmad Al-Eidan, Sunil K. Singh, Nikhil C. Banik, and Meshal Al-Wadi

An Integrated Approach to Decipher the Depositional Environment of Wara Formation, Burgan Oil Field, Kuwait
by Sawsan Al-Enezi, Mishari N. Al-Qattan, Fawzia H. Abdullah, and Muktibrata Bhattacharya

Facies and Core-Based Sequence Stratigraphic Framework for Shu’aiba Reservoir, Shaybah Field
by Nasser M. Al-Ghamdi and J.F. Read

Evaluation of the Slip-Sweep Technique Near Southwest Ghawar field, Saudi Arabia
by Turki M. Al-Ghamdi, Julien Meunier, and Thomas Bianchi

Gas While Drilling-Fluid Reservoir Characterization – a New Geochemical Approach to Characterize Radhuma’s Heavy Oils
by Mubarak Al-Hajeri, Menahi Al-Anzi, B.M. Abbott, Badria Abdul-Rahim, Salah Abdul-Malek, and Mariam Al-Saeed

Integration of Formation Evaluation Results with Core Data and it Impact on Production in Marrat Formation
by Hamad F. Al-Hamad, Heyam Al-Ammar, Hanan Salem, and Fawzia Abdullah

Lithofacies Attributes, Reservoir Qualities and Depositional Setting of the Oligocene Carbonates, Al-Khod Area, Oman
by Abdulrahman Al-Harthy, Osman S. Hersi, and Abdul Razak Al-Sayigh

Advances in 3-D Geologic Modeling at Saudi Aramco
by Fahad Al-Humam and James R. Wilkins

Basin Evolution of the Paleozoic Successions of Iraq
by Ali I. Al-Juboury and Aboosh H. Al-Hadidy

A Geophysical Investigation in Eastern Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
by Ahmed Al Kaabi, Abdul Aziz Al Mazrooei, Khalid Obaid, Saif Al Mazrooei, Khlfan Al Mansoori, and Mohammed Ali

Compositional Modeling of Northern Kuwait Jurassic Hydrocarbons for GOR and API Prediction
by Awatif F. Al-Khamiss, Frederic Monnier, and Pierre Y. Chenet

Seven Microseismic Projects in Oman: What Have We Learned?
by Fahad Al-Kindy, Peter Engbers, Geir Engen, Nasser Al-Touqi, and Awad Al-Yahyai

Sequence Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Upper Jurassic Arab and Hith Formations with Emphasis on Anhydrite Deposits, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
by Abdulla Al-Mansoori, Christian J. Strohmenger, Abdelfatah F. El-Agrab, Ahmed A. Khouri, and Abdullah Al-Aiderous

Reservoir Monitoring Logging Campaigns in Offshore Abu Dhabi are Handled with Collaborative Quality Value Assurance Project Management Approach
by Mariam Al-Marzouqi, Omar Al-Farisi, Ameena Al-Marzouqi, Ahmed Al-Neami, and Hicham Abu Chaker

Integrating Geological Models, Well Data and Geophysical Methods in Mapping the Top Salt Interface Over the Stringer Reservoirs
by Mohammed Al-Mazrui, Zuwena Al-Rawahi, and Cees Van Eden

Impact of Results from Complex Data-Intensive Wells on Understanding Fault, Fracture and Clinoform Geometry: Examples from a Maturing Carbonate oil Field in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
by Yousuf S.W. Fahed Al-Mehairi

Geology and Rock Properties Correlation: Outcrop Analogue Study of a Cretaceous Reservoir, United Arab Emirates
by Hamdan Al-Menhali, Sandra Vega, Mohammed Ali, and Manhal Sirat

Seismic Data Tracking and Recovery in the Exploration Effort: The Seismic Data TREE
by Abdulaziz Al-Moqbel

Organic Geochemical Indications for Source Potential and Hydrocarbon Generation from Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous Sulaiy Formation, Southern Iraq
by Furat A. Al Musawi and Thamer K. Al Ameri

Using GPR and Resistivity Methods to Detect Subsurface Karst Cavities
by Khaled F. Al-Mutairi and Nasser S. Al-Arifi

The New Exploration Challenge: Finding the Basin Center Resources
by Abdulla A. Al-Naim, Mohammed J. Al-Mahmoud, and AbdelFattah M. Bakhiet

Managing Water in Mature Fields for Increased Recovery
by Mazen Al Omari and Jørgen Hallundbæk

Dolomitization and Reservoir Characterization of the Cretaceous Qamchuqa Group, Khabaz oil Field, Kirkuk Area, Northern Iraq
by Basim A. J. Al-Qayim, Fuad M. Qadir, and Fawzi M. Al-Biaty

Estimating Static Shifts by Deconvolving Stacking Velocity Profiles
by Turki Z. Al-Rowaili, Abdullatif Al-Shuhail, Abdulaziz S. Al-Aslani, and Gabor Korvin

Land Seismic Noise Suppression: Tough Challenge, Intelligent Implementation
by Khalid Al-Rufaii and Weihong Zhu

Use of Reservoir Compartments Concept in Management of Western flank Area of a Mature Field in Kuwait
by Ghiyath A.H. Al-Sabeq, Maximilliano P. Rivas, and Saleh F. Al-Azmi

Index Fossils of the Late Palaeocene-Early Eocene Jafnayn Formation, Al Batinah Coast, Northern Oman
by Abdul Razak S. Al-Sayigh and Osman S. Hersi

Tectonic Evolution of the Jurassic Humma Marrat Structure, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia Partitioned Neutral (Divided) Zone
by Osama A. Al-Shaarawy, Abdulaziz Al-Najim, Mohamed Rajab, and Eisa Gholoum

Stratigraphic Framework of the Mafraq Formation, Northern Oman
by Hamad Al-Shuaily, Omar Al-Ja’Aidi, and John Aitken

Parameter Estimation of Velocity Function in Unconsolidated Sand Via Semblance Velocity Analysis
by Abdullatif A. Al-Shuhail and Abdulrahman A. Al-Shuhail

Learnings from a Vertical Seismic Profiling (VSP) Programme
by Saeed A. Al-Yarubi, Shadia F. Al-Farsi, and Nasser T. Al-Touqi

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Sequence Stratigraphy and Basin Modeling of the Eocene Succession from Kurdistan Region, Northeastern Iraq
by Fadhil Ahmed Ameen

Correlation of Upper-Khuff Equivalent Palaeotethyan Sediments of the Alborz Mountains, Northern Iran
by Lucia Angiolini, Maurizio Gaetani, Laura Carabelli, Sveva Corrado, Michael H. Stephenson, and Gregory Price

Predicting the Mishrif Reservoir Quality in the Mesopotamian Basin, Southern Iraq
by Adnan A.M. Aqrawi and Andy D. Horbury

CO2 Injection in the Nearly Depleted K12-B North Sea Gas Field
by Rob Arts, Bert van der Meer, Cor Hofstee, Frans Mulders, Daan D’Hoore, Kees Geel, and Pascal Winthaegen

Platform Cover and Sedimentary Basins of Yemen: Lithological Characterization and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity
by Mustafa A. As-Saruri

Model-Based Depositional Framework of Northern Part of Punjab Platform, Pakistan
by Shazia Asim, Shahid N. Qureshi, M. Gulraiz Akhtar, and Farrukh Qayyum

Data in Harmony: Use of Discovery Metadata, Taxonomy and Thesaurus in Saudi Aramco Exploration
by Peter Attewell, John Griffiths, and Abdulaziz Al-Moqbel

Early Development of a Compartmentalized, Naturally Fractured Formation with Compositional Fluid Behavior
by Rafi Mohammad Aziz, Ahmad Al-Eidan, Omer Gurpinar, Ernest Gomez, Sunil K. Singh, Abdel Hameed Waleed, and Can Bakiler

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Evaluation of the Hydrocarbon Potential of the Upper Jurassic Barserin Formation Using Biomarkers, Kirkuk and Taq Taq Oil Fields, Northern Iraq
by Dler Hussain Baban and Shadan Mahmood Ahmed

Enhancing the Low-Frequency Content of Vibroseis Acquisitions with Maximum Displacement Sweeps: A Case History from Kuwait
by Claudio Bagaini, Adel El-Emam, and Ayman Shabrawi

Bio-Chronostratigraphy and Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation of the Triassic Succession of Socotra Island, Yemen
by Marco Balini, Maurizio Gaetani, Martino Giorgioni, Alda Nicora, and Giulio Pavia

Breakthrough Team Performance: Amplifying the Impact on E&P Teams
by Benoit Barbier and Victor Lunar

Use of Interval Pressure Transient Testing to Improve Reservoir Characterization of Mauddud Carbonate Reservoir in Sabiriyah Field, Northern Kuwait
by Bodoor Baroon, Moudi Al-Ajmi, Hamad Najeh, and Ealian Al-Enzi

AVO Response of a Visco-Elastic Porous Layer
by Sumana Basu

The Ups and Downs of Inter-Bed Multiple Attenuation
by Anatoly Baumstein, Mohamed T. Hadidi, Ramesh Neelamani, and Warren Ross

Charge Evaluation of the South Rub’ Al-Khali Basin, Saudi Arabia (Part I, for Part II See Nederlof et al.)
by Andrew Bell, Peter Nederlof, and Walter Voggenreiter

Monitoring Variations in Carbonate Biofacies: Studies from Tertiary Outcrops of Oman
by Michaela Bernecker

Why Time Lapse Seismic (4-D) Works Better than Expected
by Karl Berteussen, Yuefeng Sun, Akmal Sultan, Hamad BuAlRougha, and Sandra Vega

Reservoir Characterization and Reservoir Modeling of Tight Gas Reservoir of Guangan Field, China
by Fadila Bessa

Next-Generation Seismic Imaging: High-Fidelity Algorithms and High-End Computing
by Dimitri Bevc, Francisco Ortigosa, Antoine Guitton, and Bruno Kaelin

Wavepath Tomography for Complex Velocity Areas
by Dimitri Bevc, Moritz Fliedner, Morgan Brown, and Biondo Biondi

Predicting Pore Types in Khuff Reservoirs: A Step Towards Improved Permeability Predictions
by Ian Billing

An Integrated Approach to Determine Flow Units in a Complex Jurassic Carbonate “Marrat” Reservoir in Burgan Oil Field, Kuwait
by Muktibrata Bhattacharya, Mishari Najem Al-Qattan, and Reham Ali Al-Houti

Preserved Amplitude Processing of Complex Transitional Zone 2-D Seismic
by Rodney Blackford, Ding Yenn Maa, and Abdulaziz Al-Fares

Best Practices in Static Modeling of Giant Carbonate Reservoirs, Onshore Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
by Gérard Bloch, Shamsa Al Maskary, Luis Ramos, and Avni S. Kaya

Fracture Characterization Using Borehole Acoustic Reflection: Theoretical Modeling and Field Data Applications
by Alexei Bolshakov, Xiao Ming Tang, Gunawan Sucahyo, and Doug Patterson

Formation Evaluation in Palaeozoic Gas Reservoirs of the South Rub’ Al-Khali Basin, Saudi Arabia
by Andreas Briner, Frans Hermsen, Gijs Holstege, and Kadhem Al-Nasser

Advances in Marine Seismic Acquisition
by Mundy Brink

Issues in Uncertainty Estimation for Time-to-Depth Conversion
by Michael K. Broadhead, Thomas M. Loretto, and Timothy H. Keho

Water Movement Controls in an Early Cretaceous Reservoir: An Integrated Analysis from a Large Offshore Field, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
by Robert W. Broomhall, Shawn Fullmer, Anil Deshpande, Jon Kaufman, Ewart Edwards, and Mohamed Y. Al Henshiri

Whole-Core Analysis for Effective Characterization of Inter-Well Permeability from a Horizontal Well
by Abdulla H. Bu Ali, Mehdi M. Honarpour, Syed M. Tariq, and Nizar F. Djabbarah

The Origins of Inter-Facial Tension and Implication on the Wettability of Carbonate Oil Reservoirs
by Jan J. Buiting

Fiber-Optic 4C Seabed Cable for 4-D Permanent Reservoir Monitoring
by J. Brett Bunn, S. Rune Tenghamn, and Steven J. Maas

Residual Water-Bottom Multiple Attenuation in the Arabian Gulf
by Roy Burnstad and Mahmoud E. Hedefa

Stratigraphic Processing for AVO and AVZ Analysis
by Roy Burnstad and Timothy H. Keho

Impact of an Integrated Reservoir Geological Model on Well Placement: A Case Study from Saudi Arabia
by Emad A. Busbait, Ishak Ishak, Abdulmoniem Badri, and Khalifa Mohammed

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Effluent Water Disposal in Two Giant Oil Fields in Northern Kuwait
by Peter F. Cameron, Ali N. Khan, and Noel Lucas

An Integrated Approach to Predict Filling History and Fluid Composition of Satellite Prospects
by Bernard Carpentier, Jean-Luc Rudkiewicz, and Muriel Thibaut

Value of NMR Logging to Heavy Oil Reservoir Characterization
by Songhua Chen, Dan Georgi, Jason Chen, and Wei Shao

Minor Reservoirs in Northern Kuwait: Reserves Growth and Production Opportunities
by Hom B. Chetri, Hamad Mohammad Najeh, Ali Nasar Khan, Bader Al-Asousi, and Ealian Al-Anzi

Meeting the Challenges of Static Modeling of a Mid-Life Giant Middle Eastern Oil Field, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
by Andrew B.S. Clark, Taha Al-Dayyani, Christian J. Strohmenger, Ahmed Ghani, Hafez H. Hafez, and Tony Romero

Multi-Survey Acquisition and Processing in the Nile Delta
by Michael Cogan, Magdy AbdelAty, and Tamer Abdel Rahman

Depositional Architecture of the Upper Shu’aiba Formation Exploration Play in the Greater Lekhwair Area, Block 6, Northern Oman
by Gordon Coy, Christophe Gonguet, Kees De Leeuw, Intisaar Al Kindy, and Stephen Packer

Improving Understanding of 3-D Distribution of Diagenetic Processes with Digital Outcrop Modeling: Example from the Natih Formation, Jabal Madmar, Oman
by Anita E. Csoma, Erwin W. Adams, Kike Beintema, Carine Grélaud, Cathy Hollis, and Gianni Mallarino

Structural Evolution of the Hawasina Window (Oman Mts) and Its Relation to Hydrocarbon Generation
by László Csontos, Ágoston Sasvári, Tamás Pocsai, Gizella B. Árgyelán, István Dunkl, and László Fodor

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Passive Seismic Field Pilot for Arab-D Reservoir Monitoring
by Shiv N. Dasgupta and Mike A. Jervis

Jurassic Sequence Stratigraphy in the Raudhatain-Sabiriyah Area of Northern Kuwait
by Arun K. Dey, William J. Clark, Sunil K. Singh, and Aref A. Al-Doheim

Tectonic Fracture Network Characterization in the Giant Hassi-Messaoud Oil Field, Algeria
by Sabrina Diddaoui, Said Khodja, Belkacem Sennour, Raphaël Lalou, Pierre Habig, and Laurent Ghilardini

Lateral Facies Variations of Upper Cretaceous Carbonate Ramp Deposits, Jebel Nefusah, Northwest Libya
by Peter M.A. Driessen, Jean-Louis Cappelli, and Laurent Lambert

Stratigraphic Framework of the Natih Formation in Oman
by Henk J. Droste

Multi-Disciplinary Inversion of Earth Models
by Olivier Dubrule, Igor Escobar, and Danila Kuznetsov

A Novel Approach to Reservoir Characterization Using Seismic Inversion, Rock Physics and Bayesian Classification Scheme
by Nader C. Dutta

Designing Seismic Surveys in Greater Burgan Field, Kuwait, Utilizing Forward Modeling Concepts
by Pradyumna Dutta, Thekriat Hussain, Jarrah Al-Genai, Andrew Corely, Fred E. Herkenhoff, Kurt Nihei, D. Bones, and J. W. Rector

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Controlling Structural Uncertainties in Static and Dynamic Modeling of Faulted Reservoirs
by Mohammed A. Edris, Omar H.S. Al Jeelani, Maryam M. Al Sheehi, and Salman H. Al Marzouqi

Well Placement Services Used in Optimizing Production in a Large Carbonate Reservoir
by Osama El-Gendi, Rafael Cullen, Waleed Jawad, Sr., and Marian Popescu, Sr.

Locating and Evaluating Bypassed Oil in the Minagish Oolite Reservoir, Minagish Field, West Kuwait
by Taher M.N. El Gezeery, Ahmed F. Abd El Latif, Moustafa Oraby, and Michael C. Dix

Effect of Clay Content on Tertiary Oil Recovery
by Atef Abdullah El-Hady

Near-Surface Attenuation Estimation of P and S Waves from Middle East Data
by Nizare El Yadari, Fabian Ernst, and Wim A. Mulder

What Would Be the Minimum Subsurface Information Before Making a Decision to Develop the Field? A Case Study from El Toor Field, Muglad Basin, Sudan
by Musab Mohamd Elamhi, Sr. and Ahmed Abdalla Mohammed, Sr.

Diagenetic History and Its Control on Reservoir Properties in a Heterogeneous Carbonate Field, Kangan/Dalan Formation, Iran
by Arild Eliassen, Joanna Garland, Daniel Berge Sollien, Tore Amund Svånå, and Stephen N. Ehrenberg

Geophysical Reservoir Monitoring: Where We Are!
by Peter Engbers, Mohamed Al-Mughairy, Fahad Al-Kindy, Helmut Friesacher, Nasser Al-Touqi, Saeed Al-Yarubi, and Issa Al-Quseimi

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The Effect of Cimmerian Unconformity in Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous Sediments and Its Impact in Hydrocarbon Exploration in Egypt: A Case Study in Western Wadi El Rayan Concession Area
by Khamis Farhoud, Raffaele Buonaguro, and Tarek Kamel

Ara Stringer Carbonate Modelling: A Case History
by Andrew Faulkner, Saima Fatma Sayyed, and Dietmar Mueller

Supporting Exploration and Production with Satellite Radar Data Processed by Means of the PSInSAR™ Technique
by Alessandro Ferretti, Stefano Cespa, Fabrizio Novali, Alfio Fumagalli, and Marco Bianchi

Geomechanics Contribute to Improved Well-Delivery in Deep Gas Wells, Northern Oman
by Thomas Finkbeiner, Raimond C. Van der Pal, Mohammed S. Al Khaldi, Ali R. Al Abri, and Ahmed S. Al Maskery

3-D Visualisation on a Plate Scale Model Over the Middle East and North Africa
by Adam Finn, David M. Casey, D. Macgregor, and Peter R. Sharland

A Novel Pre-Stack Inversion Technique Investigating a Carbonate Reservoir’s Rock Properties
by Michael Fleming, Sarah Corrie, Gary Yu, and Gary Perry

Production Logs and Well Shut-Offs in a GOGD Giant Field
by Edward J. Follows, Andrew Farmer, Rudy W.F. Welling, Andrew Beck, Saud Salmi, Luisabel Mieles, and Ehtesham Ali

Preservation of Pre-Rift Sediments and Development of Accommodation Zones During the Initial Phase of Red Sea Rifting
by Hussein G. Aly Fouda, Paul G. Nicholson, A. Kent Norton, Robert E. Tubbs, and Andrew Jollands

Origin of Burial Diagenetic Illite and Its Effect on Porosity and Permeability of Unayzah Sandstone Reservoirs (Permian-Carboniferous) of Saudi Arabia
by Stephen G. Franks

Origin and Evolution of Pore Water in Coastal and Inland Clastic Sabkhas and Salt Pans of Saudi Arabia
by Stephen G. Franks, William J. Carrigan, Franklin Patrick, Peter Jenden, Jaffar Al-Dubaisi, Clemens Van Dijk, Harry Mueller III, Rami Kamal, Kent Norton, and Chris Heine

Geochemical Characterization of Petroleum in Jurassic Reservoirs South of Ghawar field, Saudi Arabia): Implications for the Petroleum System
by Andreas Fuhrmann, Ahmed M. Hakami, Peter D. Jenden, Henry I. Halpern, and Sami T. Abdelbagi

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Information Management for the Asset Team
by Paul Galinski

Reservoir Characterisation of a Heterogeneous Hydrocarbon Field, Khuff (Kangan-Dalan) Formation, Middle East
by Joanna Garland, Stephen N. Ehrenberg, Tore A. Svånå, Arild Eliassen, Daniel B. Sollien, Ali Taghavi, Arnstein Waldum, and Dirk Knaust

First Microseismic Monitoring Results for a Middle East Carbonate Reservoir: Minagish Oil Field Case Study, Western Kuwait
by Emmanuel Gaucher, Christophe C. Maisons, Abdullatif Y. Al-Kandari, Kamal Al-Atroshi, and Jassim M. Al-Kanderi

Production Attribute Mapping Workflow to Assess Remaining Resource Potential and Distribution of Water in the First Eocene Reservoir at Wafra Field, Partitioned Neutral Zone, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait
by Kera Gautreau, W. Scott Meddaugh, Jim McAuliffe, Stewart D. Griest, and Niall Toomey

Tectono-Stratigraphic Comparison of Two Petroliferous Provinces in the Northeastern Iraqi Portion of the Arabian Plate
by Richard P. George, Tayfoor Rushdi, and George J. Grabowski

Structural Genesis of Hydrocarbon Traps of Iraq
by Richard P. George, Tayfoor Rushdi, Kirk W. Schafer, and Thomas J. Frantes

Integration of Sedimentology, Sequence Stratigraphy, and Seismic Stratigraphy of the Lower Cretaceous Shu’aiba Formation in an Oil Field of Northwest Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
by Ahmed Ghani, David G. Barwick, Christian J. Strohmenger, Suhaila H.A. Al-Mazrooei, Naema O. Al-Zaabi, and Thomas Steuber

Multi-Lateral Horizontal Well Application for Improving the Oil Recovery of a Mature Field, Intisar 103N, Libya
by Mohamed M. Gharsalla and Mohamed B. Elghmari

Sedimentation Framework and Tectonostratigraphic Development of the Muglad Basin Sudan
by Yasir M.A. Ghorashi, Sr.

From Planting the Seeds to Harvesting the Crop
by Ibrahim Goba

Valanginian-Turonian Second-Order Sequences from the Southern Tethys and Their Exploration Significance
by Alexis Godet, Roger B. Davies, Duncan Macgregor, Peter R. Sharland, Michael D. Simmons, Owen E. Sutcliffe, Alice R.A. Thomas, and Joanne Wyton

Mapping the Upper Shu’aiba in Northern Oman: How to Get the Best Out of Difficult Seismic Data and Specifically How to Pick the Formation Top and Identify the Presence of Good Reservoir?
by Christophe Gonguet, Kees De Leeuw, and Gordon Coy

Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional History of the Eocene-Miocene Carbonates and Evaporites in the Subsurface of the Northern Mesopotamian Basin, Northeast Iraq
by George Grabowski, Chengjie Liu, and Augustus O. Wilson

Subduction-Related Deformation Processes in the Makran Accretionary Prism, Offshore Iran
by Gianluca Grando and Ken McClay

Seismic Physical Modeling for the Arabian Peninsula: Laboratory Set-Up and Early Results
by Robert J. Greaves, Mike Jervis, and Mohammed Alfaraj

The Saudi Aramco Technology Test Site
by Robert J. Greaves, Timothy H. Keho, Mohammed N. Alfaraj, John T. Allen, and Modiu L. Sanni

Refining the Carbonate Paradigm for Revamping Mature Oil Fields: Integration of Regional-Scale and High-Resolution Stratigraphy in the Upper Cretaceous Natih Formation, Oman
by Carine Grélaud, Philippe Razin, Peter Homewood, Henk Droste, Anne Schwab, and Volker Vahrenkamp

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Low-Frequency Hydrocarbon Microtremors: Case Studies Around the World
by Robert M. Habiger, Erik Saenger, and Stefan Schmalholz

Novel-Liner System Improves Coring Performance, Rig Safety and Wellsite Processing
by Larry M. Hall and Bob T. Wilson

Modern Seismic Imaging of a Vintage 3-D Seismic Survey Offshore Northern Emirates
by Michael A. Hall, Svetlana Bidikhova, and John Faragher

CHFR Can Better Monitor Gas Sand Pay Zones Hydrocarbon Potential
by Gharib M. Hamada, Sr. and Ahmed A. Hegazy, Sr.

Implications of Lineaments Trends from Ghawar Field and Adjacent Areas
by Mustafa M. Hariri

Enhanced Seismic Interpretation Using Multiple Seismic Volumes Over an Offshore Field, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
by Christopher E. Harris, Mary K. Johns, Joe M. Reilly, Gregg A. Zelewski, Andy M. Gombos, Zygmunt J. Shevchek, and Naeema Khouri

A Method to Determine Acquisition Equivalency
by Richard Hastings-James and Peter van Baaren

Accelerating Development of Geoscientists and Applications Engineers Using Competency Mapping and Certification Processes
by Frank P. Hearn, D.K. Trichel, and Mark Harris

Cablefree Land Acquisition Technologies: Choices, Benefits and Case Studies
by Robert G. Heath and William Ayres

Uncertainty Assessment and Risk Analysis for a Future Field Development Phase in a Carbonate Reservoir, Onshore Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
by Irfan Hendrawan, Maria Ribeiro, Marc Vesseron, Khalid Al Marzouqi, Ahmed El Mahdi, Dany Cadiou, Paul Henley, and Stuart Walley

Depositional Setting of Cretaceous Reservoirs, Southern Yemen and Northern Somalia
by Osman Salad Hersi and Dale Leckie

Paleomagnetic Study of Upper Cretaceous-Lower Tertiary Rocks in Northeastern Iraq
by Basim R.A. Hijab, Ezadin Baban, and Emad H. Al Kharssan

Mesozoic to Recent Structural Evolution of the Eastern Rub’ Al-Khali, Saudi Arabia
by Gijs C.J. Holstege, Mahdi Al-Mutlaq, Joerg Mattner, Fuad Al-Somali, Ashraf Khalil, and Thomas Connally

Sedimentation and High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous Simsima Formation, Onshore Abu Dhabi Oil Field, United Arab Emirates
by Magdy A. Hozayen, Christian J. Strohmenger, Klaus Müller, and Salman H. Al-Marzouqi

Geophysical Pressure Prediction for Ultra-Deep Wells: When the Reservoir Becomes the Enemy
by Alan R. Huffman

Using Biofacies and Lithofacies to Determine Palaeoenvironments and Depositional Cyclicity of the Sulaiy and Yamama Formations of Subsurface Saudi Arabia
by Geraint W. Hughes, Nassir Naji, and Osman Varol

New Aspects of Saudi Arabian Jurassic Biostratigraphy
by Geraint W. Hughes, Osman Varol, Nigel P. Hooker, and Raymond Enay

Micropalaeontology and Palaeoenvironments of the Wadi Waqb Member, Jabal Kibrit Formation, and Its Reservoir Equivalent, Saudi Arabian Red Sea
by Geraint W. Hughes

Micropalaeontology of the Saudi Arabian Rus, Dammam and Dam Formations Exposed at the Dammam Dome
by Geraint W. Hughes and Saleh Enaizy

Tectonic Controls on Triassic Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity in Kuwait
by Riyasat Husain, Abdul Aziz Sajer, Nadia Al-Zabout, Ahmad Rabie, Mohammed K. Iqbal, and Dabeer A. Khan

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Oil Below Oil-Water Contacts: Implications on the Structural Evolution of Minagish Oolite Reservoir, Minagish Oil Field, Kuwait
by Muhammad W. Ibrahim and Tahir El Gezeery

Fault Development and Hydrocarbon Entrapment in the Mutriba Area, Western Kuwait
by Mohammed K. Iqbal, Michael G. Kumpas, Riyasat Husain, Abdul Aziz Sajer, Hanan Al-Owihan, Nadia Al-Zabout, and Riad Abu Taleb

Source Rock Formation and Characteristics of Shiranish Formation, Euphrates Graben, Syria
by Shirin Ismail, Brian Horsfield, Heinz Wilkes, Wilhelm Dominik, Peter Nederlof, Hans-Martin Schulz, and Malcolm Dransfield

Role of Regional Structural Elements in the Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of Bahrain Offshore Blocks
by Subramanian R. Iyer, Cheruku B. Reddy, and Ravi K. Pathak

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Improved Drilling Performance in Re-Entry Wells Using High-Performance Water-Based Drilling Fluid in Bahrain’s Awali Field
by Ahmad S. Johari, Michael B. Johnson, Ricardo Brahim, John B. Trenery, Samy A. Mohamed, and Hussain A. Sultan

A Comparative Study of Facies and Diagenesis of Arabian Peninsula Sabkhas
by Jeremy Jameson, Christian J. Strohmenger, and Michael Kozar

Applications of Non-Rigid Matching to 3-D Converted-Wave Imaging
by Tony D. Johns

Anisotropic P-P and P-Sv Pre-Stack Depth Migration of 4-C Seismic Data, Offshore Trinidad
by Tony D. Johns, Carmen Vito, and Raul Sarmiento

How Much Tar is too Much? Novel Methods for Tar Identification and Quantification for Real-Time Reservoir Assessment
by Peter J. Jones, Peter M. Neumann, Henry I. Halpern, Edward A. Clerke, Michael C. Dix, Rachad Zeriek, Isidore J. Bellaci, Nasser A. Al-Khaldi, Ridvan Akkurt, Mohammed N. Khamis, Said S. Malki, Salman M. Al-Qathami, Mohammed A. Al-Amoudi, and Khalid R. Al-Malki

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Geomechanics Approaches to Oil and Gas Production at the Russian Sector of the Barents Region
by Anatoly Kalashnik

Heat-Flow Measurements: Fundamental Information for Structural and Geodynamic Interpretation
by Norbert Kaul and Christian Müller

Unlocking STOIIP of Permian Gharif Clastic Reservoirs in Central Oman
by Recep A. Kazdal, Jamie Doyle, and Suleiman Shukery

Estimating Porosity and Thickness from Combined Seismic Amplitude and Isochron Analysis
by Timothy H. Keho, Michael K. Broadhead, and Fernando A. Neves

Structure Trap Characterization in the Eastern Arabian Basin
by Mesbah H. Khalil and Mohammed J. Al-Mahmoud

Integrated G&G Evaluation to Constrain Glacial Paleo-Topography, Sarah Formation, Saudi Arabia
by Ashraf Khalil, Goeffrey Pike, Alain Jourdan, and Pieter Van Mastrigt

Integrated Fracture Characterization of Najmah-Sargelu Reservoirs, Umm-Neqa Structure, Kuwait: Its Implications on Hydrocarbon Exploration
by Badruzzaman Khan, Hanan A. Abu-Habbiel, Meshari Ameen Al-Awadi, Heyam Al-Ammar, and Moinuddin M. Qidwai

Diagenetic Imprints and Their Impact on Reservoir Characterization of the Jurassic Middle Marrat Member, Northern Kuwait
by Dabeer A. Khan, Sunil K. Singh, Mohammed M. Al-Ajmi, and George Gega

Deterministic Inversion Results in a Difficult Seismic Acquisition Environment: Example from a Carbonate Reservoir in United Arab Emirates
by Suaad Khoori, Yasser Kalifeh, Junaid Khan, Marc Vesseron, William Soroka, and Maria Ribeiro

Mechanical Modeling of Diapirism in the Zagros Simply Folded Zone
by Mehrdad Madani Kivi, Gernold Zulauf, and Carlo Dietl

Analysis of Kinematical Folding Mechanisms under Analogue Modelling of Plane Strain
by Mehrdad Madani Kivi and Gernold Zulauf

A Novel Approach for Quantifying a Dual-Porosity System and Its Permeability Distribution in a Carbonate Reservoir: A Case Study from Al Khalij Field, Qatar
by Jannes Kloos, Songhua Chen, Nicholas Meyer, and Ramdas Narayanan

Assessment of the Geology of Deep Saline Aquifers and Its Feasibility for CO2 Storage in the Arabian Peninsula
by Eiman R. Kolthoum and Zara Khatib

An Example from Modern Sabkha Environments, Qatar
by Michael G. Kozar, Ahmed Al Mannai, Ajlan Al-Meraikhi, Adel Al-Muhssin, Mashael Al-Wehaibi, Azza Atmeh, Kirsten Bannister, Unal Bayram, Gregory Benson, Broto Dwiyarkoro, Imelda Gorman-Johnson, Khalifa Hummuda, Jeremy Jameson, Chengjie Liu, Marzuki Bin Mohammed, Ken Potma, David Puls, Kevin Putney, Heather Quevedo, Tamer Reda, Agus Sudarsana, Michael Tsenn, Jim Weber, and Lyndon Yose

Biostratigraphy, Chemostratigraphy and Subsurface Correlation of the Permian-Triassic Interval in the Arabian Platform and the Musandam Peninsula, Ras Al-Kaimah, United Arab Emirates
by Michael G. Kozar, Richard Wachtman, Gary Ottinger, Gareth Jones, Christine Iannelo, Susan Gibbons, Christopher Willan, Jim Weber, Ken Potma, Christian Strohmenger, Fahad Al-Mousawi, Taha Al Dayyani, and Ali Al-Shamry

Application of Stratigraphy Specific Shale Compaction Curves in Pore Pressure Prediction: A Basin Modeling Approach
by Nishikanta Kundu and Sudipta Basu

Architecture, Paleoenvironment and Depositional Patterns of the Levant Platform
by Jochen Kuss, Martina Bachmann, Jens Wendler Bachmann, Jan Bauer, and Frauke Schulze

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Pitfalls in Seismic Amplitude Interpretation: Lessons from Oligocene Channel Sandstones
by Hari Lal, S.K. Biswal, and J.L. Nangia

Structural Interpretation of the Oued Gueterini Field, Algeria
by Achour Lamouri, Sr. and Nabil Saadallah

Regional Hanifa Reservoir Fairways in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia: An Integrated Approach
by Paul Lawrence, Tom Harland, David Tang, Douglas Cook, Geraint Hughes, Ravi Singh, Greg Gregory, Abdel Fattah Bakhiet, and Abdel Ghayoum Ahmed

Optimisation of the BED 15 A/R “C” Reservoir Water-Flooding Project Based on Robust Integrated Reservoir Modeling
by Xavier Le Varlet, Adel El-Sabagh, and Ahmed Toukhy

Backthrusting and Reverse Faulting Along the Western Margin of the Semail Ophiolite in the Al Wadiyein Area, Buraimi, Oman
by Jim Leanderson, Mohammed Y. Ali, and James Small

Attenuation of Acquisition Footprint on Sparse Land and Ocean Bottom Data Using Least Squares Pre-Stack Time Migration
by Richard Leggott, Richard Wombell, and R. Gareth Williams

The Role of Evaporites in a Holistic Investigation of Arab Sequence Stratigraphy and the Related Depositional Sequences in the Northern Part of the Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
by Karl Leyrer, Franz O. Meyer, and Arndt Peterhaensel

Well Data Tracking from Wellsite to Corporate Database
by David Ning Li, Al Kok, Mazhar Siddiqui, and Shixin Wei

Rapid Assessment of Khuff Reservoir Potential in Saudi Arabian Exploration Wells
by Robert F. Lindsay

Ghawar Arab-D Reservoir: Widespread Porosity in Shoaling-Upward Carbonate Cycles, Saudi Arabia
by Robert F. Lindsay, Dave L. Cantrell, Geraint W. Hughes, Thomas H. Keith, Harry W. Mueller, III, and S. Duffy Russell

Depositional Cyclicity and Palaeoenvironments of the Middle Dhruma Formation, Saudi Arabia
by Robert F. Lindsay, Nassir S. Alnaji, and Geraint W. Hughes

Preservation Potential of Carbonate and Halite Polygons of the Abu Dhabi Coastline
by Stephen. W. Lokier and Thomas Steuber

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2-D Transition-Zone Seismic Processing on the Arabian Gulf Coast of Saudi Arabia: A Case History
by Bryan R. Maddison and Joseph R. McNeely

Depositional Environments and Reservoir Characteristics of the Late Carboniferous-Permian Juwayl Member (Wajid Sandstone), Southwestern Saudi Arabia
by Mohamed Ibrahim Mahgoub, Osman M. Abdullatif, Ali Sahin, Mustafa Hariri, Gabor Korvin, and Waleed Abdulghani

Passive Seismic (Ipds®): An Outstanding Technology for Discovering Structural and Stratigraphic Traps
by Monzer Makhous, Ernst D. Rode, and Karim Akrawi

The Upper Devonian Trough from Saoura to Fegaguira, Northwest Sahara, Algeria: Geodynamic and Environmental Aspects
by Fatima Zohra Malti, Ben-Youcef Madani, Abdelkader Abbache, and Mekahli Larbi

Using Wired Pipe LWD-FE Data in Real-Time: Experiences and Lessons Learned
by Michael Manning, John MacPherson, Terry Quinn, Mohammad Jahangir, Jeremy Lofts, and Maximo Hernandez

Improved Characterization and Modeling of Unconventional Fractured Jurassic Reservoir
by Saad A. Matar and Fahed Al-Medhadi

Reservoir Management in a Mature Carbonate Environment
by Frederic Maubeuge and Emmanuelle Baud

The Geology of Khuff Outcrop Equivalents in the United Arab Emirates
by Florian Maurer, Rossana Martini, Roberto Rettori, and Heiko Hillgartner

Prospect Risking for Stratigraphic Traps
by James G. McIlroy

The Wafra First Eocene Reservoir in the Partitioned Neutral Zone (PNZ), Saudi Arabia and Kuwait: Geology and Reservoir Modeling for the Large Scale Steamflood Pilot
by W. Scott Meddaugh, Kera Gautreau, Niall Toomey, and Stewart Griest

Stratal Architecture of the Permian-Carboniferous Lower Unayzah Formation, Subsurface Eastern Central Saudi Arabia Compared with the Juwayl Formation at Outcrop, Wajid Region, Southwest Saudi Arabia
by John Melvin and Arthur K. Norton

Application of Seismic-Resistivity Conversion to Reservoir Characterization: An Advanced Study
by Denny M.F. Mendrofa, Ahmad Naveed, and Richard Hayward

Analytical Approach of Seismic-Derived Resistivity
by Denny M.F. Mendrofa and Bambang Widarsono

CO2 Miscible Flooding in Tight Reservoirs: Experimental Procedure and Application
by Habib K. Menouar, Aziz Arshad, Mohammed K. Naik, and Abdulaziz A. Al-Majed

Reservoir Geology of Upper Burgan and Prediction of Water Encroachments: Raudhatain Field, Northern Kuwait
by Mohammed A. Merza, Shaikh Abdulazim, Peter Cameron, and Fawzia Abdullah

Reservoir Connectivity: Definitions, Strategies, and Applications
by M. Ellen Meurer, John W. Snedden, Peter J. Vrolijk, Mike E. Farrell, Larry T. Sumpter, Mike L. Sweet, Kevin Barnes, and Erik Oswald

Geosteering Long Horizontal Drains in Al Khalij Field Thin Layers: An Integrated Approach
by Nicolas E. Meyer, Florian Socquet-Juglard, and Ramdas Narayanan

Aeronian and Early Telychian Chitinozoans from Central Saudi Arabia
by Merrell A. Miller, Florentin Paris, Jan Zalasiewicz, and Mark Williams

Reservoir Characterisation Through a Multi-Well Interference Test in the Giant Mauddud Carbonate Reservoir, Sabiriyah Field in Northern Kuwait
by Rajendra K. Mishra, Moudi F. Al-Ajmi, and Ealian Al-Anzi

Stratigraphic Hierarchy and Architecture of the Upper Thamama (Cretaceous) Lekhwair, Kharaib and Shu’aiba Formations at a Giant Oil Field, Offshore Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
by John Mitchell, Christine Iannello, Jon Kaufman, Ewart Edwards, Hesham Shebl, and Majid Al Suwaidi

Enhancement of OIP Through Reservoir Modeling of a Multi-Layered Siliciclastic Reservoir: A Case Study from Muglad Basin, Sudan
by Ahmed A. Mohammed, Sr. and Fadul A. Ahmed, Sr.

Development of a Mechanical Earth Model for Qatari Reservoirs
by Megha Mohan

Reservoir Modeling of Lower Devonian Tight Gas Reservoirs in the Zerafa Block, Western Desert, Algeria: A Workflow From Geological Concepts to 3-D Models
by Andrea Moscariello, Wilhelm Kolkman, Dirk Seifert, and Kenny Foreste

New Insights on the Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Glaciogenic Late Ordovician Sanamah Member, Wajid Sandstone Formation, Southwest Saudi Arabia
by Andrea Moscariello, Hameed Azzouni, Mike Hulver, Jourdan Alain, and Jean-Loup Rubino

Possible Contribution of 4-D Microgravity to Reservoir Monitoring
by Jan Mrlina

Reservoir Surveillance and Logging Applications for Brownfield Optimization
by Parijat Mukerji, Jackie Kechichian, Robert Larsen, and Zouhir Zaouali

Applications and Pitfalls of Stochastically Built Static Model Realizations on Reservoir Characterization and STOIIP Distribution of Clastic Reservoirs of Southern Oman Oil Fields
by Raja Mukherjee

Potential Fields: An Effective Guide for Hydrocarbon Exploration and Development
by Emad Muzaiyen and Mesbah Khalil

Forward Seismic Modeling of Khuff-Equivalent Outcrops, Central Saudi Arabia
by Harry W. Mueller, III and Xavier Janson

3-D VSP’s Provide High-Resolution Seismic Images for Improved Reservoir Monitoring and Characterization
by Klaus Müller, Mariam Al-Baloushi, Omar Al-Jeelani, William Soroka, Samer Marmash, Bjorn Paulsson, David Dushman, and Martin Karrenbach

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Characterizing Petroleum Fractions for Compositional Reservoir Simulation
by Hassan S. Naji

The Use of Spectral Decomposition and Seismic Attribute Volumes in Mapping of Truncating Carbonate Units
by Hussain Najwani, Mahmood Mahrooqi, and Janine Jones

Seismic Attribute Analysis in Understanding the Facies Distribution of Minagish Formation in Western Kuwait
by Srinivasa R. Narhari, Mohammed D. Al-Ajmi, and Saifullah K. Tanoli

Middle Miocene Stratigraphic Traps in Drava Depression, Croatia
by Natasa Nastasic, Zeljko Ivkovic, and Josip Bubnic

Charge Evaluation of the South Rub’ Al-Khali Basin, Saudi Arabia (Part II; See Bell et al. for Part I)
by Peter Nederlof, Andrew Bell, and Walter Voggenreiter

Field Data Performance of Curvelet-Based Noise Attenuation
by Ramesh Neelamani, Anatoly Baumstein, Mohamed Hadidi, and Warren Ross

Outcrop Study and Petroleum Implication to Identify Reservoir Quality Trend on Potential Deepwater Play System at Kendeng Zone, Eastern Java, Indonesia
by Chandra Negara, Drianto Sudarmawan, Sunjaya Saputra, and Moh. Indra Novian

Reservoir Characterization and 3-D Modeling Using Combined Techniques from Well Logs to Reservoir Simulation: Case Study in the Serie Inferieure, Hassi R’Mel Field, Southern Algeria
by Zohra Nennouche, Youcef Azoug, and Karim Belabed

Deposition, Age and Pan-Arabian Correlation of Late Neoproterozoic Outcrops in Saudi Arabia
by Paul G. Nicholson, Dominique Janjou, C. Mark Fanning, Larry M. Heaman, and John P. Grotzinger

Visualization of Pre-Stack P-Wave Seismic Data Anisotropy
by Ru Nie and Jianhua Yue

Small Fields Modelling from Satellite Image to Subsurface: Reducing the Uncertainty on the Position of a Field-Bounding Fault
by Madelon Nijman, Sami Al Nofli, and Karl-Heinz Zelt

Gulf of Aqaba Paleostresses Status and Rifting Events
by Abdelwahab Noufal and M. Dia Mahmoud

Mechanisms of Fractures-Microfaults Initiation and Propagation, West-Central Sinai Peninsula, Egypt
by Abdelwahab Noufal and M. Dia Mahmoud

Enhancement of Static Correction by Turning-Ray Tomography
by Djarfour Noureddine and Mender Mourad

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Accurate Calculation of Hydrocarbon Saturation Based on Log Data in Complex Carbonate Reservoirs in the Middle East
by Tawfiq A. Obeida, Faisal Al-Jenaibi, Sami Rassas, and Samy Serag El Din

Effect of Temperature and Pressure on Interfacial Tension and Contact Angle of Khuff Gas Reservoir
by Taha Okasha and Abduljalil Al-Shiwaish

Polarisation Analysis of Ocean Bottom 3C Sensor Data
by Bjorn Olofsson and Christophe Massacand

Sedimentology and Petrographic Study of the Upper Carboniferous-Lower Permian Unayzah Formation, Block C, Rub’ Al-Khali, Saudi Arabia
by Andrea Ortensi, Claudio Visentin, Chiara Barbieri, Adel Douban, and Khaled Sharky

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Stratigraphic Interpretation of the Cenozoic and Cretaceous Succession of Kurdistan, Northern Iraq: New Evidence from Well and Outcrop Data
by Stephen Packer, Nils A. Bang, Andreas Olaus Harstad, Stephen Starkie, and Jon Vold

Ride Out the Storm or Set a New Course: Tackling the Oil Industry Labour and Skills Crisis
by Peter Parry and Raed Kombargi

Delineation of Upper Unayzah Reservoir Sand from Seismic Inversion: A Case Study from Awali Field, Bahrain
by Ravi K. Pathak, Cheruku B. Reddy, and Subramanian R. Iyer

Hydrocarbon System Model for the Arabian Plate
by Sarah R. Pietraszek-Mattner, William Maze, Gary Ottinger, Rosina Chaker, Martine J. Hardy, and George J. Grabowski

Basin Analysis of the Southern Yemeni Red Sea: Significance of Halokinesis Upon Subsalt Source Rock Maturities and Hydrocarbon Migration Dynamics
by John D. Pigott, Omer Aksu, and Ahmed Alahdal

Determining the Effective Viscosity of a Shear-Induced State (SIS) Surfactant, C16TMASal, During Injection into a Porous Medium
by Frank Platt and Mahmood Amani

New Data on the Geological Build-Up of the Central Oman Mountains
by Tamás Pocsai and Ágoston Sasvári

Hierarchical Framework Basis for Multi-Scale Khuff Reservoir Modeling
by Michael C. Poppelreiter, Erwin Adams, Thomas Aigner, Joachim Amthor, Sulaiman Al-Kindi, et al.

Mapping Lower Zubair Channel Sands Using 3-D Seismic Data: A Case Study
by Raghav Prasad, Saifullah Khan Tanoli, and Mohammed Dawwas Al-Ajmi

Saudi Aramco Permian-Carboniferous (Unayzah) Stratigraphic Nomenclature of Saudi Arabia
by Roger J. Price, A. Kent Norton, John Melvin, Christian J. Heine, John Filatoff, et al.

Integration of Borehole Images and Shear Sonic Anisotropy for Quantitative Fracture Evaluation
by Romain C. Prioul, Jeroen Jocker, Austin Boyd, William H. Borland, and Claude Signer

Changing Paradigms: A Stratigraphic Record from a Carbonate-Clastic Incised Valley Fill Formed During Holocene Sea Level Rise, Doha, Qatar
by David Puls, Jeremy Jameson, and Ahmed Al-Mannai

Using GIS 4-D Technology for Analyzing and Monitoring Oil & Gas Production in Awali Field, Bahrain
by Naresh K. Puripanda and Fahad Al Shamsan

Paleogene Stratigraphy and Petroleum Potential of Largely Volcanic Play Jatibarang Formation, Onshore Northwest Java Basin, Indonesia
by Eddy Purnomo, Rudy Ryacudu, Edy Sunardi, and Billy G. Adhiperdana

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Delineation of Mauddud Carbonate Reservoirs in Raudhatain and Sabiriyah Fields of Northern Kuwait Using Seismic Inversion and Porosity Modeling
by Mafizar Rahaman, Bader Al Ajmi, Osman Khaled, Yousef Al Zuabi, and Mohammed Ismail Syed

Utilizing Seismic-Derived Rock Properties in Well Planning, Drilling and Geosteering Khafji Stringer Sands, Zuluf field, Saudi Arabia
by Sean A. Rahati, Hussain Al-Otaibi, Yousef Al-Shobaili, and Randal Miller

Delivering an Efficient, Robust and Comprehensive Petrophysical Evaluation in Carbonate Environments
by Raghu Ramamoorthy, Charles Flaum, Austin Boyd, Nikita Seleznev, Haitao Sun, and Juntao Ma

Evidence for Top Shu’aiba Exposure and Incision in Block 5, Offshore Qatar: Regional Consequences
by Madeleine Raven, Poul-Henril Larsen, Henriette Steinhardt, M. Emang, K. Habib, and Frans van Buchem

Predicting Reservoir Quality in the Ara Stringer Reservoirs, South Oman Salt Basin
by Zuwena Rawahi and Xiomara Marquez

Providing New Petroleum Engineering Graduates with the Right Development “kick start”
by Hendrik Rebel and Christophe Viala

Geophysical and Geological Modelling of Potential Carbonate Reservoir of the Batu Raja Formation and its Development Strategy in Western Java, Indonesia
by Adi Ringoringo and Joko Padmono

Exploration Challenges in Oman
by Abla Riyami

Comparison of Early Structural Evolution of the Red Sea and Gulf of Mexico: Exploration Lessons
by Donald A. Rodgers, James Pindell, Cokes Barn, and Thomas C. Connally

Reservoir Simulation of a Heterogeneous Carbonate Field, Key Sensitivities and Dependencies, Kangan/Dalan Formation, Iran
by Jens H. Rolfsnes, Daniel Berge Sollien, Arild Eliassen, Arnstein Waldum, Joanna Garland, and Ali A. Taghavi

Faulting and Fault Interaction in Porous Siliciclastic Reservoirs: Insights from Outcrop Modeling of Analogous Reservoir Rocks in Sinai (Egypt) and Utah (USA)
by Atle Rotevatn, Haakon Fossen, and John Howell

Recent Advances on the Facies and Stratigraphy of the Dibsiyah Member of the Wajid Sandstones, Southwestern Saudi Arabia
by Jean-Loup Rubino, Hameed Azzouni, Alain Jourdan, Mike Hulver, and Andrea Moscariello

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Structural Model of the Algerian Offshore: Impact on Style and Dimension of Traps
by Nabil Saadallah and Mohamed S. Tighilt, Sr.

Young Professionals Geoscientists and the Power of Networking
by Saud Salmi

Fracture Population of Carbonate Geological Models Using Digital Outcrop Data
by Bérengère Savary-Sismondini, Erik Monsen, Aicha Bounaim, Anne Louise Larsen, Michael Nickel, Lars Sonneland, Dave Hunt, Paul Gillespie, and John Thurmond

Structural Characterization of the Cenozoic-Mesozoic at Balad Field, Iraq, with Emphasis on Superposed Structures
by Kirk W. Schafer and Richard P. George

Unlocking the Upper Shu’aiba Stratigraphic Play in Northern Oman
by Kolbjorn Schjolberg and Christophe Gonguet

Low-Frequency Hydrocarbon Microtremors: Theory and Seismic Attributes
by Stefan Schmalholz, Erik Saenger, Yuri Podladchikov, and Robert Habiger

Reservoir Characterization of Fault-Related Dolomite Bodies from Outcrop Analogs: Application to Carbonate Reservoirs
by Stefan Schröder, Sylvain Rigaud, Sabrina Zerti, Jean Borgomano, Bruno Caline, Jean-Paul Gomez, Jerôme Hennuy, Eneko Iriarte Avilés, Juliette Lamarche, Mikel Lopez-Horgue, and Marina Sudrie

Lebanon and Cyprus: New Offshore Opportunities in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin
by Per Helge Semb, II

The Effects of Rock Texture and Pore Type on Sonic Velocity in Dolomite
by Shouwen Shen and Gregor P. Eberli

Production from Najmah-Sargelu Reservoirs: A Formation Damage Perspective
by Mohammed A. Siddiqui, Falah S. Al-Omair, and Yousef Z. Al-Salali

Facies, Depositional Environment and Reservoir Properties of the Devonian-Carboniferous Khusayyan Member, Wajid Sandstone, Saudi Arabia
by Saad A. Siddiqi, Osman Abdullatif, Abdullatif Al-Shuhail, and Zulfiqar Ahmed

Reservoir Characterization and Modeling for a Carbonate Field
by Sangeeta Singhal, Fadila Bessa, Natela Belova, and Zhao Chun Duan

Converting CRS Attributes to Interval Velocities: An Approach to Build an Initial Velocity Model for Pre-Stack Depth Migration
by Krzysztof K. Sliz

Property Modelling in a Carbonate Field with Complex Diagenesis, an Example from the Kangan and Dalan Formations, Iran
by Daniel Berge Sollien, Ali Asghar Taghavi, Arild Eliassen, Joanna Garland, Jens Halvor Rolfsnes, Torgrim Jacobsen, Tore Amund Svånå, and Stephen Neville Ehrenberg

A Dual-Sensor Towed Marine Streamer Cable: Acquisition and Processing
by Walter Söllner, Svein Vaage, David Carlson, Martin Widmaier, Anthony Day, and Stephen Pharez

Feasibility Modeling and a VSP-Repeatability Test Demonstrate that Time-Lapse Reservoir Monitoring of Thin Layers During Gas and Wag Injection is Possible in Middle East Carbonates with Both Land-Vibrator and Marine-Air Gun Sources
by William Soroka, Suaad Khouri, Samer Marmash, Ahmed Dawoud, Saleh Barakat, Ross Jenkins, and Maria Ribeiro

Application and Seismic Recognition of a New Permian-Carboniferous Exploration Paradigm: Unayzah C Glacial Paleovalleys, Ghawar field, Eastern Saudi Arabia
by Ronald A. Sprague, A. Kent Norton, and George S. Adcock

Eocene Rus Anhydrite: Limitations on Exploration, Production, and Seismic Interpretation
by D. Mark Steinhauff, Arthur E. Gregory, and Christian J. Heine

Evolution of the Early Permian Haushi Sea of Oman and Comparison with Other Gondwanan Post-Glacial Marine Sequences
by Michael H. Stephenson, Lucia Angiolini, Melanie Leng, Fabrizio Berra, Flavio Jadoul, Gabriele Gambacorta, Bader Al Beloushi, and Vincenzo Verna

Downhole High-Resolution Palynozonation of the Al Khlata Formation in the Mukhaizna Field, Oman, Based Mainly on Cuttings Samples
by Michael H. Stephenson, Asya Al Rawahi, and Brian Casey

Strontium-Isotope Chemostratigraphy and Rudists of the Qahlah and Simsima Formations (Campanian-Maastrichtian), United Arab Emirates and Oman
by Thomas Steuber, Stephen. W. Lokier, Malte Schlueter, and Mariano Parente

Fracture Detection and Reservoir Property Estimation Using Full-Wave, Full-Azimuth Seismic Data
by Peter Stewart, John Tinnin, and Jim Hallin

High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Characterization as Input to Geological Modeling of Upper Thamama Reservoirs (Lower Cretaceous Shu’aiba and Kharaib Formations), Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
by Christian J. Strohmenger, Taha Al-Dayyani, Andrew B.S. Clark, Ahmed Ghani, Elena Morettini, and Aita Bijaripour

The Vertical Sabkha Sequence at Mussafah Channel, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
by Christian J. Strohmenger, Abdulla Al-Mansoori, Omar Al-Jeelani, Ali Al-Shamry, Ismail Al-Hosani, Hesham Shebl, and Khalil Al-Mehsin

High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Characterization of Upper Lekhwair (Lower Cretaceous) Reservoir Units of a Giant Abu Dhabi Oil Field
by Christian J. Strohmenger, Taha Al-Dayyani, Ahmed Ghani, Elena Morettini, Aita Bijaripour, Elham Jonade, Anna Matthews, Abdelmalek Messisha, Andrew B.S. Clark, and Suhaila H.A. Al-Mazrooei

Petroleum System of the Paleozoic and Mesozoic Intervals in the Northern Arafura Sea, Papua, Indonesia
by Eddy A. Subroto and Dardji Noeradi

Process-Based Modeling of Deep-Water Depositional Systems
by Tao Sun, Kaveh Ghayour, and James Miller

Application of Seismic Attributes to Resolve Stratigraphic and Structural Uncertainties: Examples from Northern Kuwait
by Mohammed Ismail Syed, Samar Al-Ashwak, Bader Al-Ajmi, Ghassan Rached, and Bashar Al-Qadeeri

Presenting Seismic Stratigraphy and Attribute Analysis as Pioneer Techniques for Delineation of Reservoir Quality Sand Bodies in Indus Offshore, Southwest Pakistan
by Mohammad Shabih Syed, Farhan Ahmed Khan, Asim Farid, Amjad Ali Khan, Nauman Sattar, and Kashif Hasnain

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Rock Types from Cores and Well-Log Electrofacies in Support of Regional Reservoir Fairways Mapping: The Hanifa Formation, Saudi Arabia
by David Z. Tang, Tom Harland, Paul Lawrence, Greg Gregory, Abdel Fattah Bakhiet, and Abdel Ghayoum Ahmed

Incised Valley System and Associated Hydrocarbon Entrapment: An Example from the Early Cretaceous Zubair Formation in South Kuwait
by Saifullah K. Tanoli, Mohammed Dawas Al-Ajmi, Manowar Ahmed, and Mefarreh Al-Dkheel

Integrated Core Information Management System
by Mohammed A. Tayyib and Nasier M. MohamedFakier

4-D Seismic Feasibility Modeling of a Giant Offshore Oil Field
by Martin Terrell, Dez Chu, Shiyu Xu, Akmal Sultan, and Isao Takahashi

ISBA3D: Innovative Solutions for 3-D Exploration in Complex Areas
by Muriel Thibaut and Anne Jardin

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Maastrichtian Wafra Carbonate Reservoir in the Partitioned Neutral Zone (PNZ), Kuwait and Saudi Arabia
by Niall Toomey, W. Scott Meddaugh, Kera Gautreau, and Stewart Griest

Interpolation of Sparse, Wide-Azimuth Onshore and Ocean-Bottom Seismic Data Using a Global, 5- Dimensional Interpolator
by Daniel Trad, R. Gareth Williams, and Richard Wombell

The Petroleum Systems (!) of Muglad Basin, Sudan: Evolution, Growth and Entrapment
by K.B. Trivedi

Why Color Inversion?
by Ching-Chang J. Tsai

Reconciling Well Test Permeability with Geological Heterogeneities in a Giant Carbonate Field, Northern Oman
by Simon Tull, Andrew Farmer, Anouk Creusen, Alia Al Bahry, Abhijit Mookerjee, and Volker C. Vahrenkamp

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Prospectivity and Interpretation Challenges in the Afar Region of Oman
by Celestine I.C Ugwu, Bhupendra N. Singh, Paul. E. Buchholz, and Mohamed S.M Harthy

Rock-Typing in Carbonates: Getting Out of the Maze
by François Umbhauer, Gerald Hamon, Michel Rebelle, Catherine Javaux, and Cécile Pabian-Goyheneche

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Multi-Scale Heterogeneity Modelling in a Giant Carbonate Field, Northern Oman
by Volker C. Vahrenkamp, Anouk Creusen, Simon Tull, Andrew Farmer, Abhijit Mookerjee, and Alia Al Bahry

Composite Barremian to Turonian Carbon Isotope Curve of Oman
by Volker C. Vahrenkamp

Field Management: Using Reservoir and Well Performance Data Effectively
by Olivier S.E. Van Belle and Hamish A.M. Wilson

Stratigraphic Architecture of the Mid-Cretaceous Reservoirs of the Al Shaheen Field, Offshore Qatar
by Frans Van Buchem, Torben Krarup, Henrik Ohrt, Ismael A. Al-Emadi, and Kassim Habib

Evolution of the Oman Salt Basins During Late Proterozoic-Cambrian Transpressional Tectonics
by Martine M.E. Van den Berg, Anton Koopman, Karen Romine, and Jon Teasdale

New Insights into the Amin Formation by the Integration of Basin and Field Scale Data
by Raimond C. Van der Pal, John A. Millson, Steven G. Fryberger, John F. Aitken, and Joerg Mattner

Cause, Timing and Distribution of GOR/CGR Variations in Central Saudi Arabia and its Consequences for Prospectivity in the Western Rub’Al-Khali Basin
by Pierre J. Van Laer and Henry I. Halpern

Isharat-1 Multi-Azimuth VSP
by Pieter Van Mastrigt

Tectonic Heat Flow Modelling for Basin Maturation: Methods and Applications
by J.D. Van Wees, F. Van Bergen, S. Cloetingh, and O. Abbink

Successful Application of Neural Network Technique for Rock Typing Marrat Carbonate Reservoirs of West Kuwait
by Naveen Kumar Verma, Fahed Al-Medhadi, Christian Perrin, Rasha Al-Moraikhi, Eman Al-Mayyas, and D. Natarajan

New Technologies for Challenging Exploration Opportunities
by Rick Vierbuchen

Sedimentological and Biological Signature of the Permian / Triassic Boundary, Southern Rub’ Al-Khali Basin, Saudi Arabia: Role of the Microbial Activity
by Aurelien Virgone, Jeremie Gaillot, Olivier Ridet, and Alain Jourdan

Quantification of Holocene and Pleistocene Heterogeneity of a Carbonate Depositional System, Bar Al Hikman, Oman
by Brigitte Vlaswinkel, Peter Homewood, Henk Droste, Erwin W. Adams, Cathy Hollis, and Monique Mettraux

Skill and Serendipity: Exploring for Gas-Condensate in the South Rub’ Al-Khali Basin, Saudi Arabia
by Walter Rainer Voggenreiter and Patrick Allman-Ward

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Log-Based Permeability Prediction in a Complex Carbonate Hydrocarbon Field, Kangan and Dalan Formations, Iran
by Arnstein Waldum, Arild Eldøy, Arild Eliassen, Tore Amund Svånå, and Reidun Rovde

From Data Acquisition to Simulator: Fracture Modeling in a Carbonate Heavy Oil Reservoir (Lower Shu’aiba, Northern Oman)
by Georg Warrlich, Richard Pascal, Tim Johnson, Bart Wassing, James Gittins, Ali Lamki, Murshid Riyami, and John Van Wunnik

Geosteering Horizontal Wells in the Mid-Cretaceous Shu’aiba Formation, Oman
by John P. Watkins and Abdulla Hamdi

Managing Data for Well Geosteering Operations
by Shixin Wei and Al Kok

Climate-Controlled Meteoric Diagenesis in Carbonates Below Unconformities
by Oliver Weidlich

Basin Platform Transitions in Upper Jurassic Carbonates of the Amran Group, Yemen
by Christian Weiss

Seismic Character of a Fractured Reservoir: A Physical Model Study
by Robert W. Wiley, Byron Golden, Peter Wilson, and Scott Peters

Seismic Frequency Variations of a Reservoir: Lessons from a Spring
by Robert W. Wiley, Peter Wilson, and Scott Peters

The Demographic Challenge
by Hamish A.M. Wilson

Cycle Time Reduction and Integration - Seismic to Simulator
by Hamish A.M. Wilson and Olivier S. E. Van Belle

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Reactive Transport Modeling and Reservoir Characterization: Recent Advances in Geoscience and Engineering Applications
by Yitian Xiao and Gareth Jones

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Structural Restoration as an Effective Tool for Detecting the Evolution and Timing of Structural Development: A Case Study from the Muglad Basin, Sudan
by Mohamed Abdelgader Yassin

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Workflow Automated Services for Well Logs
by Ghassan Omar Zahdan and Marwan Mohammad Labban

Improved Wellbore Stability Modeling in Fractured Formations
by Jon Zhang, Eamonn Doyle, and William Standifird

Managing and Populating Scanned Exploration Geology and Geophysics Data in GIS
by Larry Zhang

Prediction of Top Surface Movements Due to SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage) Based on Coupled Thermal Pressure Deformation Models
by Xing Zhang and Nick Koutsabeloulis

Investigation of Effects of Well Configurations on Reservoir Recovery Efficiency Based on Coupled Geomechanical Models
by Xing Zhang, Nick Koutsabeloulis, and Kes Heffer

Spatial Reservoir Localization Using Seismic Emission
by Alexander P. Zhukov, Mikhail B. Shneerson, Konstantin I. Loginov, and Valeria E. Shulakova

Restoration of Seismic Amplitude Using a Frequency-Dependent Gain Function
by Weihong Zhu and Khalid O. Al-Rufaii

Middle Jurassic Estuarine Systems of the Southeast Part of the Uvat Region, Western Siberia
by Konstantin Zverev, Vladimir Fedorcov, and Elena Chuhlanceva

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