--> Abstract: Integrated Core Information Management System, by Mohammed A. Tayyib and Nasier M. MohamedFakier; #90077 (2008)

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Integrated Core Information Management System

Mohammed A. Tayyib* and Nasier M. MohamedFakier**
Saudi Aramco
*[email protected]
**[email protected]

Saudi Aramco has acquired a large wealth of core information from more than 20,000 ft of core since the 1930s. Ensuring the preservation of cores and the core-related data became a challenging task, given the quantity, the types of analyses and the frequent handling. Saudi Aramco’s integrated core information system is a web-based system that was designed to preserve and safeguard the company’s high investment in coring. It makes all the core-related information available on the desktop and at the finger tip of every Saudi Aramco geologist. This system also enables the exploration organization to track the progress of the core study, which eliminates hours of data searches and many phone calls. This system has had a major impact on the efficiency of the core-lab studies and a significant impact on the core-lab study processes. In this presentation, the impact of integrating the core-related data on the core-lab studies will be discussed.


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