--> Abstract: Visualization of Pre-Stack P-Wave Seismic Data Anisotropy, by Ru Nie and Jianhua Yue; #90077 (2008)

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Visualization of Pre-Stack P-Wave Seismic Data Anisotropy

Ru Nie* and Jianhua Yue
China University of Mining and Technology
*[email protected]

It is now widely accepted that seismic anisotropy is taken as a lithological indicator. The derivation of subsurface anisotropy yields numerous benefits for both exploration and development of hydrocarbon reservoirs. In this presentation a novel method for visualizing anisotropy from pre-stack P-wave seismic data is shown. The method is helpful for both building anisotropic velocity models of the subsurface and characterizing lithology. Furthermore we are certain that measuring subsurface anisotropy is the first necessary step for exploration and development of oil and gas reservoirs.


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