--> Abstract: Early Development of a Compartmentalized, Naturally Fractured Formation with Compositional Fluid Behavior, by Rafi Mohammad Aziz, Ahmad Al-Eidan, Omer Gurpinar, Ernest Gomez, Sunil K. Singh, Abdel Hameed Waleed, and Can Bakiler; #90077 (2008)

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Early Development of a Compartmentalized, Naturally Fractured Formation with Compositional Fluid Behavior

Rafi Mohammad Aziz1*, Ahmad Al-Eidan1, Omer Gurpinar2, Ernest Gomez2, Sunil K. Singh1, Abdel Hameed Waleed1, and Can Bakiler3
2Schlumberger, USA
3Schlumberger, Kuwait
*[email protected]

This presentation describes a systematic approach to simultaneously appraise and develop a string of discoveries in naturally fractured reservoirs while mitigating geological risk. The key to success in economic optimization was in full alignment of diverse and specialized skills of technical professionals, integrated data management and technology implementation. The consultant/client team provided the needed analyses. At decision time, 12 wells over 5 structures and two formations in a 1,100 square km area had produced rich gas and volatile oil during short-term tests in several wells. In the naturally fractured formations, reservoir extent and continuity is a major risk that needs to be mitigated. Multiple fluid properties added another dimension to the reservoir complexity. The traditional approach before making major capital investment in wells and facilities under high uncertainty, was to collect additional data by drilling appraisal, delineation wells and test their performance. This approach would have deferred strategic development of the much needed gas and lowered the net present value (NPV) of the successful case. The reservoir-centric view provided an alternative. A multi-disciplinary knowledge of analogous formations, rock and fluid properties and fracture geometry was incorporated in a dynamic model calibrated with limited test data. The model allowed the team to run multiple characterization scenarios to calculate production forecasts. Economic modeling provided NPV values that pointed towards a staged approach in facilities construction with mitigated risk. An early production facility was planned to obtain long-term test data from a few key wells. Staged development will provide early cash flow while maintaining flexibility in plant capacity, design and location throughout the development cycle. Aggressive drilling activities are being implemented in order to meet the strategic production targets.


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