--> Abstract: Enhancement of Static Correction by Turning-Ray Tomography, by Djarfour Noureddine and Mender Mourad; #90077 (2008)

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Enhancement of Static Correction by Turning-Ray Tomography

Djarfour Noureddine1* and Mender Mourad2
1Boumerdes University, Algeria
2Entreprise Nationale de Géophysique, Algeria
*[email protected]

The presentation deals with the use of turning-ray tomography to reconstruct the velocity image of the near-surface from the first arrival of seismic data. This technique is a velocity-inversion procedure, which uses turning-rays (diving rays, continuously refracted direct rays) from any acquisition geometry to iteratively solve for velocity in the near-surface between the source and receivers. This technique does not require simplifying assumptions such as a constant velocity layered model with lateral homogeneity. The method is highly efficient and capable of recovering velocity structures in geologically complex areas. The efficiency of this tomographic technique has been tested on synthetic data. We used a data set from southern Algeria to evaluate a typical case. The results clearly showed improvements in the quality of the seismic section using the static corrections obtained by turning-ray tomography when compared to one based on classical method known as DRM.


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