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AAPG Rocky Mountain Section 63rd Annual Meeting

Cracking the Source

July 20-23, 2014, Denver, Colorado, USA

Appreciation is expressed to Cat Campbell and Laura Johnson, General Chairs, Elmo Brown, RMS President, Donna Anderson and Natasha Rigg, Technical Program Chairs, for providing the abstracts.

Posted July 30, 2014
Search and Discovery Article #90193 (2014)

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ABSTRACTS (by Author)



Serendipity, Sandstone, and Shale in a Revitalized San Juan Basin

Differentiating Green River Formation Oils Sourced from Freshwater and Saline Lacustrine Facies in the Uinta Basin, Utah

Geochemical Characterization of the Cow Ridge Member, a Freshwater Lacustrine Stage of the Eocene Green River Formation, Piceance Basin, Colorado

In-Place Oil Shale Resources in the Saline Mineral and Saline-Leached Intervals, Piceance Basin, Colorado

Mineralogy of the Green River Formation, Wyoming: Mining Old Data in the Light of New Models

Sussex Sandstone, Hornbuckle Trend, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: Lithofacies and Reservoir Properties in a Tight Oil Play

Sussex Sandstone Tight Oil Play, Powder River Basin, Wyoming, Extension of the Hornbuckle-Spearhead Trend with Horizontal Drilling

Characterization and 3-D Modeling of Devonian Pinnacle Reefs for CO2 Storage and Enhanced Oil Recovery

Regional sequence stratigraphic analysis of the Upper Cretaceous Telegraph Creek and Eagle formations in south-central Montana

Advanced Seismic Imaging Tools for Unconventional Targets in Complex Geology?

Playa and Lunette Sedimentation Response to Artificial Water Levels: Case Study of the San Luis Lake Area

Multiphase deformation of Paleozoic and Mesozoic units, Nebraska Panhandle, USA


Application of Rapid, Integrated, Cuttings XRF, Source Rock and Trapped Fluid Analyses to Unconventional Plays

Vitrinite reflectance of Cretaceous coals and thermal maturity of the Niobrara Formation, DJ basin, Colorado, USA

Geothermal Assessment and Modeling of the Uinta Basin, Utah

Gas geochemistry of three tight-gas-sand fields, Rocky Mountains

Fracture Creation and Observed Pitfalls in Bakken Reservoirs, Williston Basin, North Dakota

Petroleum System Model of the Mississippian Bakken Formation in the Northern Williston Basin, Saskatchewan, Southwestern Manitoba, and Southeastern Alberta

Undiscovered Petroleum Resources for the Woodford Shale and Thirteen Finger Limestone-Atoka Shale, Anadarko Basin

Facies Model and Sequence Stratigraphic Framework of the Devonian-Mississippian Sappington and Bakken Formations in Montana

Calibration of petrophysical log response in the north and eastern Uinta Basin to allow extension of outcrop belts into the subsurface using well data.

A Comprehensive Deterministic Petrophysical Analysis Procedure, For Reservoir Characterization: Conventional and Unconventional ReservoirsCopyright 2014, held by the submitting authors. This paper was prepared for presentation at the AAPG RMS Annual Meeting in Denver, CO, July 20-22, 2014.


Bakken Formation Water and the Role of Shale Filtration, Williston Basin

Using Surface and Point Based Statistics to Evaluate Channel-Belt Clustering in the Fluvial lower Wasatch Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah.

Controls on Porosity and Pore Type within the Eagle Ford Formation, South Texas


Source to Sink Systems for Hydrocarbon Exploration in Lacustrine Basin Fill: Analog Examples from the Tertiary Duchesne River Formation, Northern Uinta Basin, Northeastern Utah

Distinguishing Noise from LWD Gamma Ray Data in Horizontal Wells

Using New Well Logging Technology with Ultra-Sensitive Detection of Hydrocarbons to Assess Hydrocarbon Composition, Compartmentalization, and By-passed Pays

Focusing Petroleum Exploration With Regional Geochemical Surveys

New Concept of Oil and Gas Origin

Solutions for Difficult Reservoirs—Direct NMR Fluid Type and Permeability

Reservoir Characteristics of the Codell Sandstone Tight Oil Play, Northern DJ Basin, Wyoming and Colorado: Extension of Wattenberg into the Oil Window

The Upper Bakken Shale Play, Elm Coulee Field, Williston Basin

3D seismic proves its value in Bakken geosteering

Paleostructural Control of Cretaceous Niobrara Productivity in a Portion of the DJ Basin of Colorado

Unconventional Exploration: Will Your Next “Sweet Spot” Have Once Been a “Hot Spot”?

The importance of high-resolution geochemistry in downspacing evaluations of unconventional plays


Basin-Scale Analysis and Options for Produced Water from Tight-Gas Sand Reservoirs, Uinta Basin, Utah

Completions Optimization in the Eagle Ford Shale Play

Post-Laramide Thrust Backsliding and Arch Collapse: a Mechanism for Creating Intensely Fractured Trends and High Off-Structure Production; Wind River Basin, Wyoming

Effects of Upper and Lower Bakken Source Rock Differences on the Charge of Middle Bakken and Three Forks Reservoirs in the Williston Basin

Multivariate Analysis of Geologic and Engineering Parameters on Petroleum Production in the Niobrara Formation