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AAPG Annual Meeting

April 9-12, 2006, Houston, Texas

Search and Discovery Article #90052 (2006)
Posted August 18, 2006

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Are Scientific Honesty and "Best Practices" in Conflict?
by David M. Abbott, Jr.

Variation in Seabed Geochemical Signature Relative to Reservoir Hydrocarbons
by Michael A. Abrams and Harry Dembicki

Scour Lobe: Fundamental Depositional Element of Deepwater Distributary Systems
by Vitor Abreu, John Van Wagoner, Rick Beaubouef, and D. C. J. D. Hoyal

Deep Burial Microbial Sterilization Limits the Canadian Tar Sand Reservoirs
by Jennifer Adams, Steve Larter, Cindy Riediger, and Martin Fowler

Examples of Seismic Fracture Detection in the Midcontinent of North America
by Donald C. Adams, and Mark Meadows

Stratal and Facies Anatomy of a Lower Jurassic High-Rising Carbonate Platform (Jebel Bou Dhar, High Atlas, Morocco) – Part 2: Static Modeling
by Erwin W. Adams, Klaas Verwer, Jeroen A.M. Kenter, and Cathy Hollis

A Re-determination of Besitang River Sand Reservoir, Using Electric Facies and Neural Network Approach, Besitang Field, North Sumatra Basin, Indonesia
by Bob Wikan H. Adibrata, Muharram Jaya Panguriseng, Ory Sadjati, Zulkifli Abu Bakar, and Indra Shahab

Increasing Production by Identification of Drilling-Mud-Influenced "Low Contrast" Pay at Sangatta Field, Kutei Basin, Indonesia
by S. R. Agustinus, B. N. Susanto, Senodji, Ricky Adi Wibowo, and Parada D. Silitonga

Deep Porosity Prediction in the Norphlet Formation, Alabama: Linking Early Grain Coat Development to Paleo Groundwater Regimes
by Joanna M. Ajdukiewicz, Paul H. Nicholson, Jill Pachell, and Abbas Seyedolali

Assessment of Hydrocarbon Generation Potential in the Paleozoic Akkaz and Khabour Formations, Akkaz Field, Western Desert, Iraq
by Thamer K. Al Ameri and Mohamed Zine

Petroleum Potential and Oil Correlation of the Middle Jurassic Sargelu Formation, Iraq
by Thamer Al-Ameri, Ahmed Asker Najaf, John E. Zumberge, and Stephen W. Brown

Core-and-Log Signature of High-Resolution Sequence-and-Cycle Stratigraphy of Permian Khuff Reservoir: Implications for Reservoir Characterization and Development, Ghawar Field, Saudi Arabia
by Raed K. Al Dukhayyil, Ghazi A. Al Eid, and Aus A. Al Tawil

Sequence Framework of the Shu'aiba Reservoir, Lower Cretaceous Aptian Shaybah Field, Saudi Arabia
by Nasser M. Al-Ghamdi and J. Fred Read

Role of Sedimentation-Controlled Overpressure Development in Mobilizing Salt and Shale Substrates: Implications for the Tectonic Evolution of Passive Margins
by Markus Albertz, Christopher Beaumont, Steven J. Ings, and Sofie Gradman

Mass Transport Deposits of Deepwater Northwest Sabah: Characterization from Borehole and Seismic Data
by Sam Algar, Hans F. Schwing, Paul Crevello, and Jon Roestenburg

New Source and Seal Types for Malaysia: The Key to Unlocking the Oil Potential of Deepwater Northwest Borneo
by Sam Algar and Doug Waples

Belridge Giant Oil Field - Learnings from an Unusual Marine Reservoir in an Old Field
by Malcolm E. Allan, Mahmood Rahman, and Barbara A. Rycerski

Comparison of Reservoir Management Strategies in Fractured Carbonate Versus Sandstone Reservoirs: Lessons Learned from Giant Fields
by Jack Allan, S. Qing Sun, and Rod Sloan

Urban Geology: Quantifying Geological Descriptions into Guidelines and Ordinances
by Peter M. Allen

Preservation of Highstand Coals in a Basin Marginal Context: the Late Permian Betts Creek Beds, Queensland, Australia
by Jonathan P. Allen and Christopher Fielding

High Frequency Cycles to Supersequences: Stratigraphic Controls on Early Dolomite Distributions within Peritidal and Subtidal Carbonates, the Cupido Formation, Sierra Madre Oriental, Northeast Mexico
by Younis K. Altobi

First-Order Relationships between Lunar Crater Morphology, Degree of Degradation, and Relative Age: The Crater Degradation Index
by William A. Ambrose

Structural and Stratigraphic Controls on Storage and CO2 EOR Potential in Major Basins in Texas, California, Illinois, and Michigan
by William A. Ambrose, Mark H. Holtz, Vanessa Núñez-López, Susan D. Hovorka, Edgar H. Guevara, Caroline Breton, and Charles Christopher

Submarine Mass Transport Complex Evolution and Control on Ooverlying Reservoir Geometry, Permian Cutoff Formation, West Texas
by Robert Amerman, Eric P. Nelson, Michael H. Gardner, and Bruce Trudgill

The Storegga Slide: A Major Challenge on the Northeast Atlantic Margin
by Espen Sletten Andersen, Anders Solheim, Petter Bryn, Carl Fredrik Forsberg, Kjell Berg, and Tore Kvalstad

Shallow Natural Gas Occurrences in Quaternary Deposits in North Dakota
by Fred J. Anderson, John P. Bluemle, David W. Fischer, and Edward C. Murphy

Modern Deepwater Mounds in the Atlantic: The Porcupine Seabight and the Straits of Florida
by Miriam Andres, Gregor P. Eberli, Mark Grasmueck, and the IODP Exp. Shipboard Scientific Party

Gee Whiz Geophysics…But What About the Log Data?: Normalizing, Editing, and Supplementing Log, Core and Production Data from 1935 to the Present
by Jeff S. Arbogast and Steven M. Goolsby

A Comprehensive Classification Scheme for the Mass Transport Deposits in the Ainsa Slope Complex, Southern Pyrenees, Spain
by Pau Arbués, Oriol Falivene, Oscar Fernandez, Mariano Marzo, and Josep Anton Muñoz

Stratigraphic Architecture and Significance of Mass Transport Deposits in the Deep-Marine Strata of the Windermere Supergroup, Southern Canadian Cordillera
by R.W.C. Arnott

The Relationship between Rate, Mechanism, and Solution Composition in Diagenetic Reactions: Insight from Observation of Mineral Surfaces
by Rolf S. Arvidson

Relationships between Thrust-Belt-Controlled Conglomerates and Extensive Sandstone Tongues in the Cordilleran Foreland Basin, U.S.A.
by Jennifer Aschoff, Ron Steel, and Mark Kirschbaum

A Mass Transport Fairway in Block BS-4, Santos Basin, Deepwater Brazil: Implications for Field Development
by Lisa B. Ashabranner, R. Craig Shipp, and Neil B. Stillman

Integrate Seismic to Constrain Uncertainties in Rock Property Distribution: An Example from the Far East
by Wenche H. Asyee, Georg Warrlich, Conxita Taberner, Maria Boya-Ferrero, and Ben Stephenson

Late Neogene Mass Transport Deposits of the West Nile Delta, Egypt
by Bryn J. Austin and the BP Geohazard Assessment Team

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Deepwater Architecture Knowledge Base: Towards Objective Comparison of Deep-Marine Sedimentary Systems
by Jaco H. Baas and William D. McCaffrey

Grain Fabric Control on Directional Permeability in Deep-Marine Sandstones
by Jaco H. Baas, William. D. McCaffrey, E. Hailwood, and M. Kay

Experimental Turbidity Current Transport and Deposition Using Scaled Realistic Bathymetry
by Jaco H. Baas, William. D. McCaffrey, Marco Patacci, and Joanne Wyton

The Use of LANDSAT Images to Constrain Facies Variability on Isolated Carbonate Platforms from the Exploration to the Production Scale
by Steven L. Bachtel, Gregory S. Benson, Robert L. Brovey, and Lisa Li

Source, Maturity and Compartmentalization of Oil and Brines in the South Liberty Salt Dome, Texas Gulf Coast
by Tat Banga, Regina Capuano, Adry Bissada, and Don Van Nieuwenhuise

Abundant and Diverse Rosselia: An Indicator of Shallow Marine High-Latitude Deposition
by Kerrie L. Bann, James MacEachern, George Pemberton, Murray Gingras, S. Dashtgard, and Thomas Saunders

Sedimentology and Ichnology of Mixed Wave- and Storm-Dominated Deltaic Deposits: Examples from the Permian of Australia
by Kerrie L. Bann, Christopher R. Fielding, James A. MacEachern, and Stuart C. Tye

Stratigraphic Analysis of the Cretaceous Turbidite Reservoirs in the Campos Basin, Brazil
by Eduardo G. Barboza, Ricardo N. Ayup-Zouain, and Maria Luiza C. C. Rosa

Slurry Flows Revisited – Re-interpretation of the Occurrence and Significance of Banding
by Simon P. Barker, Peter D. W. Haughton, William D. McCaffrey, and Bill Hakes

Spatio-Temporal Flow Evolution of Turbidity Current Flow Structure, Linked to Deposit Development
by Simon P. Barker, William D. McCaffrey, Jaco H. Baas, Peter D. W. Haughton, and Caroline Choux

What if Your Company Finds Gas?
by James Barnes

Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoirs (HTDR) in a Mature Petroleum Province, Michigan Basin, U.S.A.
by David A. Barnes, G. Michael Grammer, William Harrison, and Robb Gillespie

Turbidite Channel Architecture: Recognizing and Quantifying the Distribution of Channel Base Drapes Using Core and Dipmeter Data
by Mark Barton, Ciaran Obyrne, Carlos Pirmez, Bradford Prather, and Frans Van der Vlugt

The Basin Fill History of the Green River Formation in the Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado
by Yuval Bartov and Dag Nummedal

Nucleation and Evolution of the Early Stage in the Development of Growth Faults Using 3-D Seismic Interpretation
by Catherine Baudon and Joe Cartwright

Experimental Investigation on the Role of Pore-Fluid Pressure during Active Extensional Shale Tectonics
by Lucie Baudouy, Régis Mourgues, and Bruno Vendeville

Pinch Out of Upper Cretaceous-Oligocene Reservoir Units in the Llanos Basin of Colombia: A Result of Flexural Deformation in a Broken Foreland?
by German Bayona, Martin Cortes, John Jairo Aristizabal, Carlos Jaramillo, German Ojeda, Andres Reyes-Harker, Milton Rueda, and Patricia Villamarin

Calcite-Dolomite Delineation Using Airborne Hyperspectral Data for Ordovician Paleokarst Mapping
by Jerome A. Bellian, Charles Kerans, Richard A. Beck, Yolanda Price, and Kumar Nedunuri

Developing Facies Models of Jurassic Deposits and Lower Cretaceous Clinoform Deposits for Forecasting Reservoir Rocks, Western Siberia
by M.D. Belonin, Vladimir Shimansky, I.M. Kos, and Sergey Hafizov

Distribution of Pore and Mixed Pore-Fractured Reservoir Rocks in the Neocomian Deposits of Deep-Water Fans, Western Siberia
by Michail D. Belonin and Vladimir V. Shimansky

Implications of Cell Size on Modeling of Facies Proportions: A Modern Carbonate Platform Example
by Gregory S. Benson and Steve Bachtel

Modern and Pleistocene Turbidite Sedimentation in the Gulf of Papua S2S Study Area: Implications for Modulation of Sediment Sources by Oceanic and Climatic Processes
by Samuel J. Bentley, Zahid Muhammad, Luke Patterson, Andre Droxler, Gerald Dickens, Larry Peterson, and Bradley Opdyke

Exploration Applications of High-Resolution Aeromagnetic (HRAM) Surveys in Western Canada
by Zeev Berger

New Ideas and Their Diffusion: A Model for Exploration and Production Companies in the 21st Century
by Arthur E. Berman

South Texas Sub-Regional Evaluation: Area-Wide Integrated Structural and Stratigraphic Framework of the Frio and Vicksburg Yields New Plays and Leads
by Manuel Berumen, Robert Bierley, Howard Feldman, Edward S. Feragen, Douglas Millman, and Shirley Perkins

Choosing the Heterogeneous Reservoir Modeling According to the Exploration Stage
by Helene Beucher, Isabelle Cojan, François Geffroy, Jacques Rivoirard, and Didier Renard

Integrated Characterization and Simulation of Multisection Areas in Hugoton and Panoma Gas Fields
by Saibal Bhattacharya, Martin K. Dubois, Alan P. Byrnes, Geoffrey C. Bohling, and John H. Doveton

Distributary Channels, Fluvial Channels and Incised Valleys
by Janok Bhattacharya and Cornel Olariu

4-D Basin Reconstruction and Palaeooceanographic Simulations of the Peri-Alpine Foreland Basin During the Early Miocene
by Ulrich Bieg and Michael Peter Suess

From Black Magic to Swarms: Hydrocarbon Exploration Using Non-Seismic Technologies
by Ed.K. Biegert and Saad J. Saleh

GIS Activities in the U.S. Geological Survey Central Energy Resources Team: A Model for Expanding GIS Utilization
by Laura R.H. Biewick, Gregory L. Gunther, Christopher C. Skinner, and David A. Ferderer

Lithologic Consequences of Glacially Influenced Deposition: A Case Study from the Late Paleozoic of New South Wales, Australia
by Lauren T. Birgenheier, Christopher R. Fielding, Tracy D. Frank, Michael C. Rygel, and John Roberts

Using Structural Relief/Missing Section Growth Plots to Predict Missing Section on Unconformities on the Steeply Dipping Flanks of Salt Bodies
by Richard E. Bischke, Daniel J. Tearpock, and Joseph L. Brewton

Barents Sea Source Rocks
by Malvin Bjorøy, Peter Barry Hall, and Ian L. Ferriday

Compaction Processes from Shallow to Deep Burial: Future of Diagenetic Research
by Knut Bjørlykke

Brookshire Field, Waller County, Texas: Bypassed Pay at 2000 Feet
by Ray Blackhall

The Methane Potential of the Upper Fort Union Formation Sandstones in the Powder River Basin, Western Campbell County, Wyoming
by Michael J. Blackstone

Vernon Field – Waking a Sleeping Giant in North Louisiana
by Steve Blanke and Sean Kelly

The Upper Devonian Dunkirk Shale, Western New York State – Results of Hydrous Pyrolysis Experiments
by David Blood and Gary Lash

Falling Stage Fluvial Deposition: A Source-to-Sink Perspective from Late Quaternary River Systems of the Texas Coastal Plain and Shelf
by Mike Blum

Volume Based Curvature Analysis Illuminates Fracture Orientations, Fort Worth Basin, Texas
by Charles H. Blumentritt and Bill Stinson

Exploratory Analysis of Neural Networks for Facies Discrimination from Logs
by Geoffrey C. Bohling

Age-Depth Plot and ConDoor: Two CHRONOS Data Analysis Tools
by Geoffrey C. Bohling

Pressure Solution and Mica in Quartzose Sandstone: Observations and Experiments
by James R. Boles, Jacob Israelachvili, Emily Meyer, Wren Greene, and Margaret Pataki

A Method for Acquiring and Processing Ground-Based LiDAR Data in Difficult to Access Outcrops for use in 3-D Virtual-Reality Models
by Florence L. Bonnaffé, David C. Jennette, John R. Andrews, David R. Pyles, Renaud Bouroullec, and Mark Tomasso

Hydrocarbon Versus Microquartz Inhibition of Quartz Cementation in North Sea Sandstones: Empirical and Experimental Evidence
by Linda M. Bonnell, Richard E. Larese, and Robert H. Lander

The Origin of High-Frequency Peritidal Cycles: A Regional Comparative Project from Liassic Platforms of Western Tethys
by Dan Bosence, Marc Aurell, Marcelle Boudagher-Fadel, Francesca Casaglia, Simonetta Cirilli, Mohammed Mehdie, Luis Nieto, Emily Procter, Javier Rey, Rudy Sherreiks, Mohammed Soussi, and Dave Waltham

Tectonic Evolution and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Arabian Plate
by Firyal Bou Rabee and A.S. Alsharhan

An Integrated Approach to 3-D Seismic and Electromagnetic Interpretation for Reducing Risks in Hydrocarbon Exploration
by Mikhail Boulaenko, Roy Davies, Jonny Hesthammer, and John Howell

Large Sand Extrusions Affecting Slope Channel Architecture and Evolution, Mio-Pliocene Monterey and Capistrano Formations, Dana Point Harbor, California
by Renaud Bouroullec and David R. Pyles

The Role of Biostratigraphy in Exploration-Led Play Prediction: The Importance of Regional Subsurface Chrono-Sequence Stratigraphy in Rapid Basin Evaluation, Barmer Basin, Rajasthan, India
by Sarah L. Bower, Jenna L. Brady, and Richard Frost

The Barnett Shale Play of North Texas: Current Issues
by Kent A. Bowker

2000 km and 600 Ma from Source to Sink: The Eastern Australian Sediment Dispersal System
by Ron Boyd, Kevin Ruming, and Marianne Sandstrom

A Modified Approach to Coalbed Methane Exploration – What Have We Learned in the Past 20 Years?
by Charles Morris Boyer and Stephen W. Lambert

Permeability from Seismic in Carbonate Reservoirs – Part II: The Field Example
by Guido L. Bracco Gartner, Ralf Weger, Mossab Nasser, Jaap Leguijt, Kees Van der Kolk, Heiko Hillgartner, Wenche Asyee, G. Eberli, Yue-Feng Sun, and Paul Wagner

Integration of 3-D Seismic with Geological Knowledge can Detect Non-Amplitude Combination Traps and Discover New Pay Zones in a 600 BCF Mature Play, Northern Lafourche Parish, Louisiana
by Steven H. Brachman

A New Approach to 3-D Synthetic Structural and Stratigraphic Basin Modeling: Impact Assessment of Evolving Structural and Sedimentary Architectures on Reservoir Connectivity and Performance
by P.W. Bradbury, S.R. Freeman, S.D. Harris, R.J. Knipe, W.D. McCaffrey, Jaco H. Baas, and Gavin Lewis

Underdeveloped Oil Fields in Upper Pennsylvanian and Lower Permian Carbonate Reservoirs of Southeastern New Mexico: Initial Development Missed Major Reserves
by Ronald F. Broadhead

Analysis of the Bagley Otsego Antrim Shale Infill Program for 2004: A Case History
by Timothy Jay Brock

The Geochemical Impact of CO2 Injection in Limestone: From Experiments to Modeling
by Etienne Brosse, Caroline Magnier, and Benoît Vincent

Resource Extraction on the Moon: Everything Including the Squeal
by Philip E. Brown

Detecting and Evaluating Hydrodynamic Sealing by Faults
by Alton Brown and Quentin Fisher

Mass Transport Complexes from a Late Miocene Deepwater Succession, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand: Scales, Styles, and Significance in Relation to Tectonic, Eustatic, and Autocyclic Drivers
by Greg H. Browne, Lorna J. Strachan, Peter R. King, and Malcolm J. Arnot

Linking Intra-Channel to Extra-Channel Facies through Contrasting Styles of Channel Margin in Deepwater Slope Systems, Karoo Basin, South Africa
by Rufus L. Brunt, David. M. Hodgson, John. P. Kavanagh, Chris J. Haigh, Jamie K. Pringle, and Stephen S. Flint

Investigating Sedimentary Systems at a Basin Scale Using GIS: Examples from the Champsaur Sandstones of Southeast France
by Rufus L. Brunt, William D. McCaffrey, and Robert W. H. Butler

Diagenetic Origins of Lateral Periodic Variations in the Properties of Dolomite – Evidence of Self-Organizing Phenomena?
by David A. Budd, Matthew J. Pranter, Zulfiquar A. Reza, and Anthony J. Park

Sequence Architecture and Climate Controls on Diagenesis Related to Subaerial Exposure in Pennsylvanian and Permian Cyclic Carbonates, Western Kansas
by Govert J.A. Buijs and Robert H. Goldstein

3-D Modeling of the Santa Terezinha Coalfield, Brazil: Implications for Estimation of the Coalbed Methane Potential
by Heinz H. Burger, Wolfgang Kalkreuth, Michael Holz, and René Prissang

The Signal and the Noise: Forward Modeling of Allocyclic and Autocyclic Processes Influencing Peritidal Carbonate Stacking Patterns
by Peter M. Burgess

Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Global Paleo-Climate Modeling for Source Rock Prediction in Frontier Basins
by Daniel R. Burggraf, James P. Harris, John Suter, Nick Stronach, Bradley J. Huizinga, Rob Crossley, Paul J. Markwick, Frank Richards, Samir Ghazi, Tim Hudson, Paul Valdes, and Roger Proctor

Deep Gas Production in North Dakota's Williston Basin – Look Again
by Randolph B. Burke

Rethinking Methodologies of Characterizing Gas in Place in Gas Shales
by R. Marc Bustin, Daniel Ross, and Gareth Chalmers

Porosity Modification Under Soft-Sediment Shear: Application of Magnetic Techniques
by Rob Butler, Ernie Hailwood, Adriana Del Pino Sanchez, and William McCaffrey

Dynamic Formation of Rugosity on Mass Transport Complexes: Implications for Emplacement Dynamics
by Rob Butler, Adriana Del Pino Sanchez, Bill McCaffrey, Joris Eggenhuisen, Peter Haughton, Simon Barker, Bill Hakes, and Gillian Apps

Do Stratigraphic Variations Influence Fault Zone Architecture in Deep-Water Fold-Thrust Belts?
by Rob Butler, Bill McCaffrey, and Richard Morgan

Pliocene and Holocene Mass Transport Deposits of the West Nile Delta, Egypt
by Peter J. Butterworth, Amin Moursy, Ibrahim Ramadan, Bryn Austin, Peter Cook, David Cowper, Tim Dodd, Roger Moore, Stephen Thomas, Nat Usher, and Denys Brunsden

Stability of Turbidites Deposited on the Sidewalls of Subaqueous Channels
by James Buttles and David Mohrig

Implementing a Framework to Make a Step Change in Data and Information Management
by Stuart Byford, Christopher A. Cade, Glenn Mansfield, and David Camden

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Marine Engineering Geology and the Challenge of Offshore Geohazards
by Kerry J. Campbell

Impact of Seismic Loop-Scale Depositional Models on Reservoir Architecture in a Heavy Oil Accumulation, Santos Basin, Brazil
by W. Keith Campbell, Ciaran O'Byrne, and Neil W. Stillman

Constructing a Stratigraphic Framework for East African Hominid Localities: A Case Study in the Application of Tephrostratigraphy
by Christopher J. Campisano and Craig S. Feibel

Experimental Work on Self-Formed Submarine Channels
by Alessandro Cantelli, Sara Johnson, Gary Parker, and Carlos Pirmez

Potential Gas Shales in Oklahoma, U.S.A.
by Brian J. Cardott

Evolution of Tengiz Rim/Flank Reservoir Quality: New Insights from Systematic, Integrated Core Fracture and Diagenesis Investigations
by Daniel G. Carpenter, Sean A. Guidry, James D. Degraff, and Joel Collins

Tectonic Controls on Tengiz Rim/Flank Reservoir Quality: New Insights from Integrated Log, Regional Stress, and Far Field Stress Modeling
by Daniel G. Carpenter, Michael C. Tsenn, James D. DeGraff, Joel Collins, and Sean A. Guidry

Application of Large Online Data Sets for Improved Understanding of the Subsurface
by Timothy R. Carr, Kurt Look, Jeremy Bartley, and Keith L. Hunsinger

Injection of Biogenic Landfill Gas into Coal Seams for Enhanced Coalbed Natural Gas Recovery and Carbon Sequestration
by Timothy R. Carr, K. David Newell, James G. Blencoe, and Saibal Bhattacharya

Tectonic and Stratigraphic Controls on the Orinoco Heavy Oil Belt, Eastern Venezuela Foreland Basin
by Hugo A. Castellanos, Alejandro Escalona, Luis Rodriguez, and Paul Mann

Sequence Stratigraphy and Structure of the Miocene Guantao and Pliocene Minghuazhen Formations, Zhao Dong Field, Bohai Bay, Eastern China
by Hugo A. Castellanos, Paul Mann, and Alan Clare

Salt Tectonics Controlling Sedimentation in Deepwater Settings: An Example from Santos Basin, Southeast Brazil
by Alexandre S. Castro and Michael Holz

Moving Forward toward Standardizing Sequence Stratigraphy
by Octavian Catuneanu

Geochemical Analyses of Oil Samples Collected in the Cantarell Oil Field, Gulf of Mexico
by Jose Roberto Cerqueira, Enrico Campos Pedroso, Carlos Henrique Beisl, and Fernando Pellon de Miranda

CHRONOS: Cyberinfrastructure for Earth History
by Cinzia Cervato, Douglas Fils, Geoff Bohling, Pat Diver, Doug S. Greer, Brice Lambi, Joshua A. Reed, and Xiaoyun Tang

Seismic Stratigraphy and Structure of the Crest of the Barbados Prism and Adjacent Tobago Basin
by Nysha Chaderton, Lesli Wood, and Paul Mann

Diagenetic Advective and Diffusive Mass-Transfer Rates of Selective Solutes in Hematite Concretion Formation
by Marjorie A. Chan, William T. Parry, and Anthony Park

Non-Flattening Delta Front Sheet Sand – Evidence from Outcrops and Subsurface
by Zhang Changmin, Yin Taiju, Wang Zhenqi, and Xu Long

Petroleum System Attributes of Bossier and Barnett Shale of East Texas: Evolving Ideas and Their Impact on Shale and Tight Sand Gas Resource Assessment
by Ahmed Chaouche

Successful Exploration in a Thrust Belt, Lessons Learned from the Giant Fields of Eastern Venezuela (the Furrial Trend)
by Jean-Yves D. Chatellier and Sergio Olave-Hoces

Scattering Attenuation and Transmission Loss Effect on Acoustic Impedance Inversion
by Xingang Chi and Dehua Han

The First Commercial Production of the Ulleung Basin, Offshore Korea
by Byenggoo Choi, Choi Suyoung, Hun Jeong, Hyeon-gyu Kim, Yongsu Lim, and Byeongwook Yoo

What’s Still Needed for Profitable Risk Analysis?
by Gary Citron and Glenn McMaster

Licensing in Texas: Its Role and Benefits
by W. Kevin Coleman

Field Analysis of Effective Reservoir Permeabilities in Gas-Hydrate-Bearing Sediments
by Timothy Collett, Scott Dallimore, and Steve Hancock

Facies and Reservoir Quality Variations in the Late Visean to Bashkirian Outer Platform, Rim, and Flank of the Tengiz Buildup, Precaspian Basin, Kazakhstan
by Joel F. Collins, Jeroen A. M. Kenter, Paul M. Harris, G. Kuanysheva, Dennis J. Fischer, and Kelley L. Steffen

Integrating Advanced Seismic Analysis with Rock Physical Modeling to Refine Stratigraphy and Predict Reservoir Characteristics for the Norwegian Finnmark Carbonate Platform
by Arnout Colpaert, Juergen Mienert, Gregor P. Eberli, L. B. Henriksen, and Gregor T. Baechle

Prospect Risking Using 3-D Seismic Derived Gas Chimney Volumes
by David L. Connolly and Fred Aminzadeh

Cohesive Strength of Gas-Hydrate-Bearing Marine Sediments
by Ann Elizabeth Cook, David Goldberg, and R.L. Kleinberg

The Raven Story: A Play Fairway Opener in the Nile Delta
by Peter Cook, Jerry Siok, Hamish Matheson, Timothy Dodd, Dave Cowper, and Peter Butterworth

Exploration Offshore West Greenland: An Emerging Frontier Rift Basin with Significant Hydrocarbon Potential
by Mark Cooper, Robert Gardner, and Neil Ethier

Fractures and Structural Heterogeneities within a Deformed Paleozoic Limestone in the Basin and Range Province
by Scott P. Cooper and John C. Lorenz

Tectonics and Sedimentation in the Fold and Thrust Belts of the Deepwater Niger Delta
by Freddy Corredor and John H. Shaw

Slumps and Debrites in the Paleocene Chicontepec Formation, Mexico: Implications for Subsurface Identification
by Stephen P.J. Cossey

Detailed Fault Zone Architecture Mapped from Inside a Tunnel Near Salina, Utah
by Anne H. Covault, Russell K. Davies, and Janok Bhattacharya

Artificial Neural Networks May Help Predicting Abnormal Pressures in the Anadarko Basin
by Constantin Cranganu

The Kinarut Sequence: A Model for Fan Deposition at the 10.6 Ma Sequence Boundary in Northwest Borneo Fold-Thrust Belt
by Andrew Cullen, Alec Bray, Peter Osterloff, Mathew Choo, Boon-Teck Yong, Alex Huerlimann, and John Voon

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The Paleocene–Eocene of the Gulf of Mexico: A 350-Mile-Long Salt Gravity-Driven Sliding System
by Jacques-Antoine Dal, Gwenael Guerin, and Julian Mather

Topographic Control on the Architecture of High-Energy, Carbonate, Incised-Valley Fills in the Miocene of Southeast France
by Robert W. Dalrymple, Jean-Yves Reynaud, David Besson, Olivier Parize, Jean-Loup Rubino, and Noel P. James

The 1979 Nice Harbour Catastrophe Revisited: A New and Consistent Trigger Mechanism
by Gabriela Dan, Nabil Sultan, and Bruno Savoye

Mechanical Modeling of Slip Along Regional Faults in the Arbuckle Anticline to Estimate Fracture Orientation and Density Constrained by Geohistory
by Russell K. Davies, Michael Welch, Colin Daly, and Rob Knipe

Shale Facies and Seal Variability in Deepwater Depositional Systems
by William C. Dawson and William R. Almon

Provenance of Ben Nevis Formation Reservoir Sandstones, White Rose Field, Grand Banks, Newfoundland
by Angela F. Dearin and Rudi Meyer

A Tectono-Magmatic Cycle that Links Shortening in Thrust Belts with Arc Magmatism, Lithosphere Delamination, and Recycling of Continental Crust
by P.G. DeCelles, G. Zandt, M. Ducea, and P. Kapp

Coalbed Methane Development in PEL 238, Gunnedah Basin, New South Wales, Australia
by David Decker, Dennis Morton, and Brenton Smith

Play Concepts for Reopening the Bristol Bay Basin: Tertiary and Mesozoic Petroleum Systems of the Alaska Peninsula
by Paul L. Decker, Rocky R. Reifenstuhl, Emily S. Finzel, and Kenneth P. Helmold

Integrating Geomechanical Modeling with Conceptual Fracture Network Models
by Stephen J. Dee, Serena Jones, Brett Freeman, and Graham Yielding

Comparison of Deterministic and Stochastic Fault Seal Techniques
by Stephen J. Dee, Graham Yielding, Brett Freeman, and Peter Bretan

Ichnology of Wave-Dominated Deltas from Miocene Reservoirs in the Carapita and Capaya Formations, Tacata Field, Eastern Venezuela: Using Trace Fossils to Reveal Fluvial Input in Shallow-Marine Successions
by Manuel Delgado, Luis A. Buatois, Solange Angulo, and Dennis Sánchez

Sedimentological Insights into Deepwater Mass Gravity Sands from the North West Shelf, Australia
by Kerrie E. Deller, Tobias H. D. Payenberg, and Simon C. Lang

Three Common Source Rock Evaluation Errors Made by Geologists
by Harry Dembicki

Reducing Synthetic Oil-Based Drilling Mud Contamination in Geologic Materials
by Harry Dembicki, Robert K. Olson, and N. Hung

Risk and Reserve Assessment: Lessons Learned from By-Passed Plays: Shongaloo Field, Louisiana, and Mission Canyon Play, North Dakota
by William DeMis

Evolving Oil and Gas Fiscal Systems: Where Are we Going?
by Andrew B. Derman

Seismic Multiples can be Responsible for Completely Masking Underlying Data: A Case Study Shows a Remarkable Example of Hidden Information Revealed
by John DeWildt, Derek Skoyles, Halle Rhea, and Nigel Payne

Deep Water Reservoir Facies of the Late Jurassic Angel Fan, Dampier Sub-Basin, Australia
by Dessy Dharmayanti, Alan Tait, and Richard Evans

Amalgamated Sandsheet to Layered Sandsheet Architecture of Deepwater Deposits from the Upper Jurassic Angel Fan, Northwest Shelf, Australia
by Dessy Dharmayanti, Alan Tait, and Richard Evans

3-D Stratigraphic Interpretation of Quaternary Mass-Transport Deposits in the Mensa and Thunder Horse Intraslope Basins, Mississippi Canyon, Northern Deep Gulf of Mexico
by Jorge Diaz, Paul Weimer, and Geoff Dorn

Fracture Pattern Heterogeneity in Km-Scale Reservoir-Analog Outcrops
by Kira Diaz Tushman, Stephen E. Laubach, and Randall Marrett

Seismic Survey Planning and Interpretation in Widely Varied Tectonic Settings of Southeast Asia: Putting the Lines in Useful Places and Making the Most of the Design Tools and Resulting Profiles
by William G. Dickson, Mark E. Odegard, James W. Granath, and Janice M. Christ

MD2 (Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Disciplinary) Interpretation: Geochemical and Heat Flow Integration with 2.5-D Seismic Interpretation Examples from Gabon, the Congo Fan, Kwanza Basin and Niger Delta
by William G. Dickson, Craig F. Schiefelbein, Mark E. Odegard, and James M. Brooks

The Influence of Lateral and Vertical Heterogeneities on Stress Orientations: Insights and Applications Using Numerical Modelling
by Jose Dirkzwager

Modeling of Carbonate-Evaporite Lithology and Mineralogy from Whole-Rock Elemental Analyses: A Tool for Improving Petrophysical Evaluation and Chemostratigraphic Correlation
by Michael C. Dix, Timothy Pearce, and Steve Jones

The Role of Geology in Coastal Engineering Challenges Along the Gulf Coast
by Roy K. Dokka

Reservoir Architecture Modeling of the Cook Formation, Oseberg Field, Offshore Norway: Integrated Analysis of Core, Well Log and Seismic Data
by Marinus E. Donselaar, Rory Dalman, Tom Dreyer, Steen Agerlin Petersen, R.A.J. Thomassen, and Gerrit Toxopeus

Allochthonous Salt Extrusion, Roof Dispersion, and Intrusive Import and Export of Salt in Squeezed Stocks
by Tim P. Dooley, Martin P.A. Jackson, and Michael R. Hudec

Carbonate Platform Models in Strike-Slip Settings
by Steven L. Dorobek

Using Chemostratigraphy to Identify Reservoirs with Optimal Deliverability to Increase Gas Production from the Carboniferous (Pennsylvanian) of the United Kingdom Southern North Sea
by Georgina Doughty, Tim Pearce, and Duncan McLean

Do You Really Understand High Risk/High Reward Exploration?
by Marlan Downey

Evaluating the Precision of Well Location Datasets Using ArcGIS
by Don Downey

Seismic Geomorphology of Cretaceous Epeiric Platform Carbonates in Oman
by Henk Droste

Early Part of Last Deglaciation: A Short Interval Favorable for the Building of Coralgal Edifices on the Edges of Modern Siliciclastic Shelves (Gulf of Papua and Gulf of Mexico)
by Andre Droxler, Gianni Mallarino, Jason M. Francis, Jerry Dickens, Luc Beaufort, Samuel Bentley, Larry Peterson, and Bradley Opdyke

Sequence Hierarchy of Sinian-Cambrian Supersequence in South China and Its Significance for Global Correlation
by Taizhong Duan and Jian Wang

Multiscale Geologic and Petrophysical Modeling of the Giant Hugoton Gas Field (Permian), Kansas and Oklahoma
by Martin K. Dubois, Alan P. Byrnes, Geoffrey C. Bohling, and John H. Doveton

Kela-2 Field: Structural Model and Risk of Fault Compartmentalization
by Fred Dula, Eddie McAllister, Amgad I. Younes, Jonathan Pugh, and Akke-Marijke Gunst

The Sequence Stratigraphy of the Maastrichtian (Upper Cretaceous) Reservoir at Wafra field, Partitioned Neutral Zone, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait: Key to Reservoir Modeling and Assessment
by Dennis W. Dull, Raymond A. Garber, and W. Scott Meddaugh

Reinventing the E&P Organization: Research and Technology Development
by Peter M. Duncan

Oil-Play Analysis of the Permian Basin: A Tool for Increasing Recovery from a Mature Oil-Producing Province
by Shirley P. Dutton, Eugene M. Kim, Stephen C. Ruppel, Charles Kerans, Ronald F. Broadhead, William D. Raatz, and Caroline L. Breton

The Yacoraite-Olmedo Petroleum System of Paraguay’s Cretaceous Basin, Pirity Sub-Basin, Exploration Potential Re-examined
by Michael J. Dyer and Fernando Wiens

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Permeability from Seismic in Carbonate Reservoirs – Part I: Dream or Reality?
by Gregor P. Eberli, Jose Luis Massaferro, Ralf Weger, Yue-Feng Sun, Gregor T. Baechle, and Guido Bracco Gartner

Energy Geopolitics
by Michael J. Economides

Selected Observations on Wilcox Stratigraphy and Sandstone Petrography in South Texas in the Context of Regional Gulf of Mexico Paleocene-Eocene Exploration
by Marc B. Edwards

Process Interpretation of Flow-Substrate Interactions in the Late Oligocene Macigno Formation, Northern Appeninnes, Italy
by Joris Eggenhuisen, Robert W.H. Butler, William D. McCaffrey, Peter D. W. Haughton, and Bill Hakes

Analysis of Screened/Cleaned Databases for Exploration, Prospect Identification, Play Definition and Infill Decisions
by Robert Ehrlich, Michael Dropkin, and Kristin Campbell

Tectono-Geomorphological Evolution of an Extensional Back-Arc Province, Baja California: Object-Oriented Classification and Slope-Area Analysis
by Hesham F. El-Sobky and Steven L. Dorobek

Magnetostratigraphy Susceptibility: A Useful High-Resolution Correlation Tool in Stratigraphy
by Brooks Ellwood, Aziz Kafafy, Ahmed Kassab, Abdelaziz Abdeldayem, and Paul Sikora

Using Wind Power to Remediate Groundwater
by Andrew Curtis Elmore

Flow and Disintegration of Sand-Rich Debris Flows and the Possible Origin of Deepwater Sandy Bodies
by Anders Elverhoi, Fabio V. De Blasio, Johan Petter Nystuen, Dieter Issler, Peter Gauer, and Jeff Marr

Mounds that are Not Mounds: Build-and-Fill Architecture in Glacioeustatic Sequences
by Julienne Emry, Robert Goldstein, and Evan K. Franseen

The Hopedale Basin, Offshore Labrador, Canada: Stranded Gas and Remaining Petroleum Potential
by Michael E. Enachescu, John R. Hogg, and Stephen J. Kearsey

Hierarchical Outcrop Reservoir Modeling of a Shallow Marine Deltaic Complex from the Eocene Roda Sandstone, Spain
by Håvard H. Enge, Beate L.S. Leren, Simon Buckley, John A. Howell, and Allard W. Martinius

A Lithospheric Plate-Scale Fracture System: Evidence for the Simultaneous Maturation of Coal and Oil in the Appalachian Basin Based on the Correlation between the Development of Face Cleat in Coal and Early Joints in Organic-Rich Shale
by Terry Engelder

Mapping Active Faults in the Houston Area Using LIDAR Data
by by Richard M. Engelkemeir, Shuhab D. Khan, and Carl Norman

Texas Geothermal Energy: A New Profit Commodity for the Oil and Gas Industry
by Richard J. Erdlac

Oil and Gas Prospects in the Venezuelan Offshore Area Identified Using a Regional Grid of 2-D Seismic Lines
by Alejandro Escalona and Paul Mann

Multiphase Tectonic Evolution of Northwestern Venezuela and Its Offshore Area: Implications for the Distribution of Source and Reservoir Rocks
by Alejandro Escalona, Paul Mann, and David Gorney

Interdecadal Variability in the Southern Part of the California Current for the Last Century: Diatom Assemblages from Laminated Sediments in San Lázaro Basin
by M.A Esparza Alvarez, J. C. Herguera, and C. B. Lange

Construction of a 4-D Synthetic Model of a Turbiditic Reservoir: The Pab Channel Complex
by Tristan Euzen, Aline Bourgeois, Julien Cap, Brigitte Doligez, Remi Eschard, and Karine Labat

Integration of Conventional and Unconventional Exploration Techniques in Block 12, Kura Basin, Republic of Georgia
by John R. Everett, Ronald J. Staskowski, Reginal Spiller, Arif Yukler, and Bacho Glonti

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Location, Evolution and Internal Geometries of Shelf Canyons; Pleistocene, Offshore Ebro Delta (Spain)
by Ivan Fabuel-Perez, Gianluca Badalini, Jonathan Redfern, and Richard Blight

Recent-to-Late Pleistocene Sedimentary Organic Matter in the Gulf of Papua, Papua New Guinea
by Lawrence A. Febo, Samuel J. Bentley, Gerald R. Dickens, André W. Droxler, Larry C. Peterson, and Bradley N. Opdyke

Compartmentalization of Deepwater Sediments in a Mini-Basin Fill: An Outcrop Example from the Donkey Bore Syncline, Flinders Ranges, South Australia
by Blaise Fernandes, Carmen Krapf, Kerrie E. Deller, Simon C. Lang, and Tobias H.D. Payenberg

3-D Restoration Versus 3-D Thickness Maps to Study the Evolution of Salt-Controlled Systems: An Example from the Atwater Fold Belt, Gulf of Mexico
by Oscar Fernandez, Tim Buddin, Norman Armstrong, David MacConnell, and Neil Gaynor

Heterogeneous Deformation in an Extensional Fault-Tip Monocline: Insights from Field Analysis
by David A. Ferrill, Alan P. Morris, and Kevin J. Smart

Architecture and Reservoir Potential of Coastal to Nearshore Successions in Low-Accommodation, Continental Margin Settings: Examples from the Permian and Cenozoic of Eastern Australia
by Christopher Fielding, Jonathan P. Allen, Patrick Ducey, Kerrie Bann, Jonathon Trueman, and J. Alexander

Stratigraphic Stacking Patterns through a Protracted Icehouse Interval Disclose Alternating Glacial and Non-Glacial Periods: The Permian of Eastern Australia
by Christopher Fielding, Kerrie L. Bann, James A. MacEachern, Tracy Frank, and Michael C. Rygel

Comparison of Well-Based Chronostratigraphic Data and Mapping with Deep Seismic Imagery in the Gulf of Mexico Basin: Paleogene Reservoir Implications
by Richard H. Fillon, Arthur S. Waterman, and Paul N. Lawless

Discover, Retrieve, and Apply CHRONOS Services for Science
by Douglas Fils, Geoff Bohling, Cinzia Cervato, Pat Diver, Doug S. Greer, Joshua A. Reed, and Xiaoyun Tang

Chronostratigraphic Correlation and Interpreted Depositional Environments of the Miocene Bear Lake Formation, Bristol Bay Basin, Alaska Peninsula
by Emily S. Finzel, Kenneth D. Ridgway, Rocky R. Reifenstuhl, James White, and Robert B. Blodgett

Mechanical Compaction of Sandstones during Deep Burial
by Quentin Fisher, Christine Souque, and Anren Li

The Need of a Paradigm for Ancient Microbial Gas Accumulations – the Upper Cretaceous Milk River Formation, Alberta and Saskatchewan
by Neil S. Fishman, Paul G. Lillis, Donald L. Hall, and Debra K. Higley

Villeperdue Field
by Michael J. FitzGerald

Drilling and Leasing Patterns Among Major and Independent Companies in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico and Their Implication for Future Lease Sales
by James Flanagan

Integrated Analysis of the Bakken Petroleum System: U.S. Williston Basin
by Jack Flannery and Jeff Kraus

Pliocene to Pleistocene Mass Transport Complexes in the Niger Delta Toe-Thrust: Analogs for Ancient Compressional Basins
by Joan F. Flinch, Heinz Bachmann, Ignacio Brisson, Pier Luigi Corradini, and Cristina Muñoz Manzano

Deltaic and Shallow-Marine Seismic Geomorphology of the West Natuna Basin: Implications for Reservoir Architecture and Basin Evolution
by Jed M. Flint and Lesli J. Wood

Rock Physics Patterns of Clastic Depositional Sequences
by Juan-Mauricio Florez-Nino and Gary Mavko

Synsedimentary Extension and Iits Effect on Platform Carbonate Cycle Stacking: The Norian Dolomia Principale, the Dolomites, North Italy
by Robert Forkner and Linda A. Hinnov

High Siliciclastic Flux during the Last Sea Level Transgression, Ashmore Trough, Gulf of Papua
by Jason M. Francis, Brooke Olson, Gerald R. Dickens, André W. Droxler, Luc Beaufort, Thibault De Garidel-Thoron, Samuel Bentley, Larry C. Peterson, and Bradley Opdyke

Coalbed Methane Horizontal Drilling in North America
by Randy Franklin

Lithospheric Extension of the Espirito Santo Basin – Petroleum System Implications
by Scot I. Fraser, Kristan Reimann, Rod RP Nourse, and Neil Casson

Upscaling of Borehole Resistivity Image Logs in a Complex Fractured Carbonate Reservoir: Improving Drilling Location Selection
by Manfred Frass, Efrain Mendez, and Sean Boerner

Vegetation-Climate Interactions Drive Sedimentologic Evolution through the Phanerozoic
by C.M. Fraticelli, K.M. Bohacs, and B.P. West

Fault Impact on Reservoir Performance: A Synthetic Case Study of Host Rock Sand Lenses in Fault Cores
by Niclas Fredman, Jan Tveranger, Siv Semshaug, Alvar Braathen, and Einar Sverdrup

Frontally Confined Against Frontally Emergent Submarine Landslides: A 3-D Seismic Characterization
by Jose Frey-Martinez, Joe Cartwright, and David James

Structure, Foreland Basin Evolution and Kinematics of the Montana Disturbed Belt, Northwestern U.S.A.
by Facundo Fuentes, Peter DeCelles, and Kurt Constenius

Polytopic Vector Analysis - Non-Constant Sum (PVA-NCS): Confidence and Risk Assessment
by William Full and Anthony C. Gary

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Predicting Fracture and Porosity Evolution in Dolostone
by Julia F. W. Gale, Robert H. Lander, Robert M. Reed

Synkinematic Carbonate Fracture-Sealing Cements in Opening-Mode Fractures: Characteristics and Models
by Julia F.W. Gale, Robert M. Reed, and Robert H. Lander

Kinematic 3-D Analysis of Dina Field Structure from Growth Strata Patterns, Neiva Sub-Basin, Upper Magdalena Valley, Colombia
by Pedro Alejandro Galindo and Freddy Corredor

Three-Dimensional Reservoir and Simulation Modeling of Hyperpycnal Systems: A Case Study of LAG-3047, Block X, Misoa Formation, Maracaibo Basin, Venezuela
by Helena Gamero, Lucienne Laporte, Jose Luis Perdomo, Tami C. Rahn, Christina Isakson, and Freddy Rodriguez

Stratigraphic Architecture and Basin Fill Evolution of the Columbus Foreland Basin, Eastern Offshore Trinidad
by Emilio J. Garciacaro, Paul Mann, Alejandro Escalona, and Lesli Wood

DEPTHX: Underwater Mapping and Imaging of Deep Karst Shafts
by Marcus Gary, Nathaniel Fairfield, William Stone, David Wettergreen, George Kantor, and John M. Sharp

Application of an Assisted, Analogical Reasoner to Exploration and Production
by Anthony Gary, Arun K. Majumdar, William Full, and John Sowa

Petroleum Assessment of Danmarkshavn Basin, Northeast Greenland: Protocol for the United States Geological Survey Circum-Arctic Resource Appraisal
by Donald L. Gautier and Loring P. White

Mega-Merged LIDAR Surveys: Quantitative Analysis of Stratigraphic and Structural Systems at the Basin Scale
by Rob Gawthorpe, David Hodgetts, Frank Rarity, and Paul Wilson

Eustatic and Tectono-Geomorphic Controls on Late Quaternary Sequences in Rift Basins: Alkyonides Gulf, Greece
by Rob Gawthorpe, Mike Leeder, Richard Collier, Emma Finch, and Lisa McNeil

The Use of Seismic Emission Tomography (SET) for Imaging Hydraulically Linked Fracture/Fault Networks of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs
by Peter Geiser, Jan Vermilye, Robert Scammell, and Steve Roecker

NMR T2 Relaxation Times and Pore Facies Relationships in Carbonate Reservoirs
by Coralie Genty, Wayne M. Ahr, and Jerry Jensen

Late Pleistocene and Holocene Seismic Stratigraphy of an Active Forearc Basin, Waipaoa Continental Shelf, New Zealand
by Thomas P. Gerber, Lincoln Pratson, Steve Kuehl, Lila Gerald, J.P. Walsh, and Clark Alexander

Analysis of Fluvial Sandbody Characteristics and Connectivity in a High Net-to-Gross System, Upper Williams Fork Formation, Plateau Creek Canyon, Piceance Basin, Colorado
by Quentin German, Matthew Pranter, and Rex D. Cole

Stochastic Play Assessment of the Offshore Basins of Peru
by Tarek Ghazi

Mature Field Production Management of the Fruitland Coal, San Juan Basin, U.S.A.
by R.R. Gierhart, W.L. Pelzmann, and W.C. Riese

Comparison of Attributes and Formation of Stratal Carapaces Versus Halokinetic Sequences
by Katherine A. Giles

Direct Measurement and Analysis of Structural Data using Photorealistic Outcrop Models, Somerset, United Kingdom
by Paul Gillespie, John B. Thurmond, Melina Vartdal, and Roald Farseth

Latitudinal (Climatic) Controls on Neoichnological Assemblages of Modern Marginal-Marine Depositional Environments
by Murray Gingras, Shahin E. Dashtgard, and George Pemberton

Karst and Fracture Features Affecting Reservoir Performance in a Mississippian Reservoir, Cheyenne County, Colorado
by Natalie B. Givens and Susan Nissen

Oilfield Reactivation, Rejuvenation, Rehabilitation and Redevelopment: North Sea Case Histories
by Jon G. Gluyas

Norphlet Aeolian Dunes in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
by Theodore Godo, Joris Grimbergen, Tom Walker, John Wagner, Steve Gabay, and Laurens Gaarenstroom

Core–Image Logs Integration Approach to Enhance Reservoir and Production Characterization in Wells Drilled With Oil Base Mud, Pirital Field North Monagas Eastern Venezuela
by German Gomez, Marla Garcia, Eduardo Rivas, Jorge Marchan, Carlos Jimenez, and Jesus Cedeño

Relationship between Aperture and Spatial Arrangement of Opening-Mode Fractures: Preferential Positioning of Large Fractures Inside Clusters
by Leonel A. Gomez and Randall Marrett

Timing, Diagenesis and the Spatial Arrangement of Fractures: An Example from the Cupido Formation, Sierra Madre Oriental, Mexico
by Leonel A. Gomez and Randall Marrett

Characteristics of Carbonate Reservoirs in Kentucky
by Patrick J. Gooding

Honoring Uncertainty in Mapping and Interpreting Large Volumes of Digital Spatial Data
by John D. Grace

Numerical Modeling of Continental Margin Contractional Deep Water Salt Tectonics
by Sofie Gradmann, Chris Beaumont, Steven J. Ings, and Markus Albertz

3-D Stratigraphic Modeling in Complex Tectonics Area at an Exploration to Reservoir Scale
by Didier Granjeon, Sylvie Wolf, Simon Lopez, and Tristan Salles

Submarine Troughs: Examples from Deepwater Campos Basin, Offshore Brazil
by Alexandre A. Grassi, Mario Carminatti, and Paulo de Tarso M. Guimaraes

Seismic Stratigraphy and Late Quaternary Evolution of Mobile Bay and Eastern Misssissippi Sound, Alabama: A Record of Large- and Small-Scale Fluvial Systems through Multiple Sea-Level Cycles
by D. Lawrence Greene

Carbonate Diagenesis in a Geologically Complex Region – Lower Carboniferous of the Southern Irish Midlands
by Jay M. Gregg, Kevin L. Shelton, Ian D. Somerville, Wayne R. Wright, Aaron W. Johnson, Zsolt R. Nag, and Stephen P. Becker

Neogene Deepwater Carbonate Mud-Mounds and Their Paleozoic Counterparts – Comparisons of Geometry, Sedimentology, and Petrology
by Jay M. Gregg, Ian D. Somerville, Anneleen Foubert, Eibhlin Doyle, and IODP Expedition 307 Shipboard Scientific Party

Area-Balanced Compressional Folding above a Salt Detachment: Application to Anticline from Angolan Continental Margin
by Richard H. Groshong

Impact of Amount of Gravity-Driven Compression and Intermediate Décollement Levels on the Sigsbee Salt Canopy Formation, Gulf of Mexico
by Gwenael Guerin, Yann Philippe, and Jacques-Antoine Dal

Stratigraphic Locations and Rank Determination of Subsurface Pennsylvanian Coals in North-Central Texas: Pilot Study for Coalbed Methane Potential Assessment
by Edgar H. Guevara, Paul C. Hackley, Shinichi Sakurai, Peter D. Warwick, Caroline L. Breton, Martina S. Hopkins, and Rosalba Mendoza

Karst and Early Fracture Networks in Carbonates, Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies
by Sean A. Guidry, Mark Grasmueck, Andrew Gombos, Daniel G. Carpenter, Steven L. Bachtel, and David A. Viggiano

A Bayesian Belief Network (BBN) to Predict Bitumen Saturation in the Tengiz Platform-Interior: Implications for Improved Geologic Modeling of Uncertainty
by Sean A. Guidry, Alex Woronow, Linda Corwin, Kevin Putney, and Lyndon Yose

Using Seismic Attributes to Unravel Complex Fault Tectonics in the Fort Worth Basin
by Hao Guo, Charlotte Sullivan, Kurt Marfurt, and Michael Murphy

Evaluation of Sonic Velocity Anomalies Associated with Basin-Centered Gas Acumulations in the Greater Green River Basin, Wyoming
by Mario A. Gutierrez, Brent A. Couzens, and Neil R. Braunsdorf

Sealing Attributes of Giant Fields from Around the World
by Jose I. Guzman, Rod Sloan, Shengyu Wu, and Shaoqing Sun

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Isotopic Characterization of Methane Helps Differentiate Landfill Gas from Shallow Drift Gas and Other Potential Sources
by Keith C. Hackley

Shale-Ridge and Fault Geometries in Growth-Faulted Subbasins Along the Central and South Texas Gulf Coast: Oligocene Frio Formation
by Ursula Hammes, Robert Loucks, Khaled Fouad, Ramón Treviño, and Frank Brown

Integrated Exploration Methods Applied to the Search for Natural Gas from Deeply Buried Coal Seams in Coos County, Oregon
by George Hampton, Steve Pappajohn, Alan Niem, Russell Ralls, and Walt Johnson

From Euphoria to Reality: One Operator's Experience with Reservoir Performance in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
by Bret D. Hampton, Thomas V. Wilson, and Robert Crookbain

Stratigraphic Mistakes and Forced Models: Lessons Learned from Flood-World, Flat-World and Lowstand-World Correlations
by C. Robertson Handford

3-D Seismic Interpretation of Mass-Transport Complexes: Examples from the Offshore Nile Delta and West Africa
by Dorthe Moeller Hansen, Jonathan Redfern, Rob Gawthorpe, Gianluca Badalini, and Martin Gee

Analysis of Light Hydrocarbons in Soil-Gases, Lost River Region West Virginia: Relation to Stratigraphy and Geological Structures
by William Harbert, Victor T. Jones, John Izzo, and Thomas H. Anderson

Seismic Estimation of Gas Hydrate Concentrations in Deepwater Environments: Assumptions and Limitations
by Bob A. Hardage and Diana Sava

The Caribbean and Central America Region: Attractive Fiscal Regimes, Interesting Geology, Lofty Oil and Gas Prices, Political Stability, and a Close Market Provide for a Climate of Exploration
by Ron Harper

Shallow Gas Production in the Michigan Basin
by William Baxter Harrison

Unconventional Analytical Techniques for Unconventional Gas: A Case Study of a Late Cretaceous–Tertiary Ardley Gas-Charged Coal in the Pembina-Warburg Exploration Area, Alberta, Canada
by Shane M. Harrison, Thomas Gentzis, and Mickey Payne

Fracture-Swarm Sweet Spots
by Bruce S. Hart

Lockhart Crossing Field: A Serendipitous Discovery
by Dan J. Hartmann

Integrated Prospect Evaluation Using Electromagnetic, Seismic, Petrophysical, Basin Modeling, and Reservoir Engineering Data
by Elizabeth Lorenzetti Harvey, Odd-Petter Skogly, Tracy Burke, and Luiz Amado

Alluvial Floodplain and Splay Ichnocoenoses, Eocene Willwood Formation, Bighorn Basin, Wymoing, U.S.A.
by Stephen T. Hasiotis and Mary J. Kraus

Evaluating Unconventional Resource Plays
by William J. Haskett and P. Jeffrey Brown

Seal and Reservoir in CO2 Long-Term Natural Analogues: North Sea Miller Oilfield
by R. Stuart Haszeldine, Jiemin Lu, Mark Wilkinson, and Gordon Macleod

Hydrocarbon Charge and Leakage in Deep North Sea Geopressured Sandstones: Calibrated by Diagenesis
by R. Stuart Haszeldine and Mark Wilkinson

Three Appalachian Orogenies: Their Influence on Sedimentation in the Southern-Central Appalachian Foreland Fold-Thrust Belt and Beyond
by Robert D. Hatcher

Quantitative Textural Analysis – Input for Reservoir Quality and Rock Property Models
by Lori A. Hathon, Thomas R. Taylor, and Fritz H. K. Rambow

GIS: The Key to Unlocking the Unstructured Data Prize
by Eric Hatleberg, Charles Basden, Brett Jones, Alejandro Mateos, and Philippe Steinthal

Facies Prediction in Turbidite Fan Systems – Nature and Significance of ‘Linked Debrites' in Sand-Rich Versus Mixed Sand-Mud Systems
by Peter Haughton, Chris Davis, and William McCaffrey

Organic Carbon Deposition in Gyre Versus Eddy Oceans
by William W. Hay

Shale Gas Potential of Devonian Strata, Northeastern British Columbia
by M. Hayes and W. Walsh

Conventional Natural Gas Resources of North Eastern British Columbia, Canada
by M. Hayes, W. Walsh, C. Adams, J.A. Davidson, B.S. Feduniak, and W.B. Bingham

Post-30-M.y. Sequence Stratigraphy, Northeastern Gulf of Mexico
by Leipin He, Nancye Dawers, and Chuck Stelting

Reservoir Characterization of the Giant Sulige Gas Field, Ordos Basin, China
by Dongbo He, Ailin Jia, and Tianguang Xu

Integrated Genetic Analysis of Sand Character for Predicting Reservoir Quality in the Deep Frontier
by William A. Heins and Suzanne Kairo

Neogene Micropaleontology and Evolution of the Northern Gulf of California
by Javier Helenes, Ana Luisa Carreño, and Rosa Maria Carrillo-Berumen

Reservoir Potential of Tertiary Sandstones, Bristol Bay Basin, Alaska Peninsula
by Kenneth P. Helmold, Paul L. Decker, Rocky R. Reifenstuhl, and Michael D. Wilson

A New Approach to Seismic Interpretation in Challenging Imaging Environments
by C. Edward Helsing and David C. Berman

Relationship between Active Deformation, Stress Heterogeneity, and Fracture Permeability in the Suban Gas Field of South Sumatra, Indonesia
by Peter Hennings, Bambang Pujasmadi, Hugh Alley, Chris Zahm, Reid Ray, Milt Enderlin, Bob Lee, and Roland Kirschner

Interpreted MOHO of West Africa from New Pre-Stack Depth Migrated (PSDM) Reflection Seismic
by Steven G. Henry, Al Danforth, and Sujata Venkatraman

Depositional Facies, Reservoir Distribution, and Infield Potential of the Lower Atoka Group (Bend Conglomerate) in Boonsville Field, Fort Worth Basin, Texas: New Look at an Old Play
by Tucker F. Hentz, Jeffrey A. Kane, William A. Ambrose, and Eric C. Potter

Laboratory Simulation of Moldic Porosity Formation
by Amy B. Herhold, Stephen D. Cameron, Hubert E. King, John H. Dunsmuir, Deniz Ertas, Chris E. Kliewer, and Doug L. Dorset

Sedimentology of the Miocene Capaya Formation in the Orégano River Section, Anzoátegui State, Eastern Venezuelan Basin
by Marilyn Daniela Herrera

Enhanced Oil Recovery and CO2 Storage in the Weyburn Oilfield: An Economic and Environmental Win-Win
by Marty Hewitt

Wind-Powered Bioventing System for Remote Cleanup
by Joey Hickey and Sean Ragain

3-D Seismic Imaging of Thrust Fault Evolution and Interaction
by Simon Higgins, Richard J. Davies, and Benjamin Clarke

Renewable Energy and Alternate Use on the Federal Outer Continental Shelf: A New Program Under the Authority of the Minerals Management Service
by Maurice Hill

Deconstructing the High–Latitude Characteristics of the Mackenzie Delta, Arctic Canada
by Philip R. Hill

Preliminary Geochemical Study of Afghanistan and Tajikistan Petroleum and Source Rocks
by Ronald J. Hill, Paul G. Lillis, J. David King, Tim Klett, Gregory Ulmishek, Craig Wandrey, Amir Zada Abdul, Amir Mohammad Selab, K. Khalikov, and Khayot Z. Latyfov

The Lower Cretaceous James Lime Play of the Northeast Gulf of Mexico: A New Trend Discovery Made on the Mature Gulf of Mexico Shelf
by B. Thomas Himes

CHRONOS Cyclostratigraphy Tools: Astronomical Calibration of Geologic Time at 0.02 to 0.40 Myr Resolution
by Linda A. Hinnov

Delineation of Onshore Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Using the Multi-Transient Electromagnetic Method (MTEM)
by Bruce A. Hobbs, Anton M. Ziolkowski, and David A. Wright

Integrating Digital Outcrop Geology with Traditional Field Geology Methods: Examples from the U.S.A., Egypt, Morocco and the United Kingdom
by David Hodgetts, Rob Gawthorpe, Jonathan Redfern, Franklin Rarity, Kevin G. Taylor, Paul Wilson, and Ivan Fabuel Perez

Tectonic Modification to Timing, Distribution and Architecture of Deepwater Basin Floor and Slope Deposits Within a Third Order Composite Lowstand Systems Tract, Karoo Basin, South Africa
by David M. Hodgson and Stephen Flint

Sedimentology, Depositional History, and the Effect of Bioturbation in Low-Permeable Gas-Prone Reservoirs of the Falher D Member, Deep Basin, West Central Alberta, Canada
by Trevor Hoffman, Murray Gingras, and S. George Pemberton

Comparing and Contrasting Slump-Related Mass Transport Deposits and Depositional Wavefields Offshore Papua New Guinea
by Gary Hoffman, D. Orange, N. Driscoll, and B. Applegate

Geochemical and Petrophysical Evaluation of the Khuff and Hanifa Formations in the Giant North Gas Field, Qatar
by Hanafy M. Holail and Mossbah M. Kolkas

Project Management: A New Approach to International Consulting
by James M. Hollywood and Robert C. Olson

Microfractures in Sandstone
by John N. Hooker, Stephen E. Laubach, Julia F. W. Gale, and Robert M. Reed

The Development of the Central Caspian Region; New Insights from 2-D and 3-D Structural Modeling
by Robert Hooper, Jerry Drake, Kevin Dorrington, Eric Michael, Elchin Bagirov, and Terry Baganz

Time, Surfaces, and Rock Volume: A Four-Dimensional Re-evaluation of Reservoir Development in the Spiro Sandstone and Wapanucka Limestone, Arkoma Basin, Southeast Oklahoma
by Brian W. Horn

From Regional to the Shotpoint: Chachalaca Discovery, Columbus Basin, Offshore Southeast Trinidad
by Natalie Hosein, Gene Walton, Ian J. Stewart, and Krystel St Clair

Understanding the Hydrocarbon Systems of the Barents and Kara Seas: New Field Data from Novaya Zemlya
by James P. Howard, Robert A. Scott, Li Guo, Jenny Omma, Irene Gómez Pérez, Roman Schekoldin, David G. Gee, Evgeny Korago, and Galina Kovaleva

Results of High-Resolution Aerogravity and Magnetic Survey, Onshore/Offshore Gulf of Suez, Egypt 1998
by Bruce Howe

From Outcrop to Flow Simulation: The Effects of Shallow Marine Clinoforms on Simulated Production from Outcrop Analogs in Utah
by John Howell, Åsmund Vassel, Tanja Aune, Simon Buckley, and Håvard H. Enge

Experimental Studies of Channel Mouth Bar Formation and Evolution in Deep and Shallow-Water Clastic Sedimentary Systems
by David C.J.D. Hoyal, Ben A. Sheets, and Neal L. Adair

The Sequence Stratigraphy, Depositional Environment and Reservoir Characterization of the Taylor Sandstone at Woodlawn Field, Harrison County, East Texas
by Jennifer Hoyt and Floyd "Bo" Henk

Numerical Simulation of Turbidity Currents in Sinuous Channel
by Heqing Huang, Jasim Imran, Carlos Pirmez, James Buttles, David Mohrig, and Kyle Straub

The CHRONOS Online Taxonomic Dictionary Initiative for Planktonic Foraminifera
by Brian T. Huber, R. Mark Leckie, and Cinzia Cervato

Mechanics of the Advance of Buried Salt Sheets and Implications for Predicting Subsalt Pore Pressures
by Michael R. Hudec, Martin P. A. Jackson, and Daniel D. Schultz-Ela

Comparative Hydrocarbon Potential Analysis of Turkish Interior Basins and New Exploration Opportunities: A Critical Review and New Insights
by Ozkan Huvaz and Hasan Sarikaya

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Pleistocene and Holocene Stratigraphic Studies, Caicos Platform, British West Indies
by Christine Iannello, Tina Hughes, Aram Derewetzky, Peter Hillock, Matt Tremblay, Andrew McKerron, R. Scott Parker, Sue Gibbons, and Steven Bachtel

Paleodepositional Environment and Paleogeography Model of the Santonian-Coniacian Rocks in the Gulf of Suez and Eastern Desert, Egypt
by Ahmed Abd - ElShafy Ibraheem, Abu Bakr Abd-Elmoneim Ahmed, and Mohamed Mahmoud El Sarawy

On the Geometry of Tidal Channels
by Aitor Ichaso and Robert W. Dalrymple

Quantitative Seismostratigraphic Inversion of Seismic and Geophysical Data
by Matthias Imhof and Arvind Sharma

Scale Effect on Flow and Deposit of Sustained Turbidity Currents
by Jasim Imran, Carlos Pirmez, and Heqing Huang

Anatomy of Oligocene-Miocene Debris Flows and Slumps from Demerara Rise: Implications for Margin Destruction
by Wesley C. Ingram and Sherwood W. Wise

Regional Structural Evolution of the North Colombia Accretionary Wedge
by Steven J. Ings, Mark Deptuck, Scott Sumner, and Chris Beaumont

Prospecting for Gas Hydrate Accumulations Using 2-D and 3-D Seismic Data, Milne Point, North Slope Alaska
by Tanya Inks, Timothy Collett, David Taylor, Warren Agena, Myung Lee, and Robert Hunter

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The Heidrun Field, Offshore Mid-Norway
by James S. Jackson, Thomas Arthur, Robert C. Olson, and Dennis B. Tower

Tsunami Sediments in Coastal Lagoons, Sri Lanka: Implications for Paleotsunamis
by Kelly L. Jackson, Falk Amelung, Miriam S. Andres, Gregor Eberli, H.A.H. Jayasena, K.V. Wilbert Kehelpannala, Larry Peterson, and Eugene C. Rankey

Identifying Surface Alterations Caused by Hydrocarbon Microseepages in the Patrick Draw Area of Southwest Wyoming, Using Image Spectroscopy and Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
by Sarah Jacobson and Shuhab Khan

Frontier Exploration on the Continental Shelf of Myanmar – The Role of Tectonics, Palaeodrainage and Earth System Modeling in Reducing Risk and Uncertainty
by John M. Jacques Paul J. Markwick, Kerri Wilson, David Wright, and Jon Savage

High Impact Sequence Biostratigraphy of the Fim Kassar Oil Field, Kohat-Potohar Basin, Pakistan
by Ali Jaffri

Grain Coatings in Deep Reservoirs – Sandstones Last Defense against Chemical Compaction
by Jens S. Jahren, Knut Bjørlykke, and Per Aagaard

Detailed Geochemical Evaluation of Green River Shale Core: Implications for an Unconventional Source of Hydrocarbons
by Brian Jarvie, Daniel Jarvie, Tim Ruble, Hossein Alimi, and Valentina Baum

Stages of Construction of the Distal Lobes of the Amazon Deep Sea Fan
by Isabelle Jegou, Bruno Savoye, Laurence Droz, and C. Pirmez

The Effect of Scaleup on Bivariate Statistics: Insight into Modeling Imperfectly Correlated Porosity and Permeability
by James W. Jennings

Fluid Flow in a Touching-Vug Cretaceous Carbonate Outcrop: Measurements and Models from Millimeters to Kilometers
by James W. Jennings, Liying Zhang, Narayan Nair, Steven L. Bryant, and F. Jerry Lucia

Characteristics of Petroleum Systems and Plays in the Dongying Depression, Shandong, China
by Youlu Jiang, Hua Liu, Le Zhang, Shanwen Zhang, and Ning Wang

Global Cycle Charts and Tertiary Stratigraphic Sequences of the San Joaquin Basin: Calibration and Constraints from a Tectonically Active Basin
by Cari Johnson, Stephan Graham, and Roger B. Bloch

The Role of Gas Hydrate in a Global Gas Market
by Arthur H. Johnson and Michael D. Max

Sealing Properties of Source Rocks: The Example of the North Sea’s Kimmeridge Clay Formation
by Olufemi A. Jokanola, Andrew C. Aplin, Steve R. Larter, and Kuncho D. Kurtev

Prudhoe Bay: New Eyes on a Mature Giant
by Steve Jones, Jim Copen, Lisa Towery, Mark Scheihing, Ron Thompson, Sterling Helwick, Robert Lorenzen, Stephen Bergbauer, Sholan Ramnath, and Jonathan L. Konkler

Geothermal Convection in the Tengiz Carbonate Platform, Kazakhstan: Reactive Transport Models of Diagenesis and Reservoir Quality
by Gareth D. Jones and Yitian Xiao

Bundled Turbidite Deposition in the Central Pandora Trough (Gulf of Papua) during Last Glacial-Interglacial Cycle: A Potential Link to Millennial Time Scale Climatic Variations and Sea Level Fluctuations
by Stephan J. Jorry, Gianni Mallarino, Andre W. Droxler, Luc Beaufort, Gerald R. Dickens, Sam J. Bentley, and Larry C. Peterson

Reservoir Quality and Continuity, and Secondary Recovery Potential of the Mississippian Pekisko Formation at Twining Field, South-Central Alberta, Canada
by Erika M. Josson, Stacy C. Atchley, and Julia A. Kahmann

Tertiary Paleogeographic Evolution of the Sureste Basin, Mexico
by Juan I. Juarez Placencia, Marta Mata Jurado, and Santosh Ghosh

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Microporosity and Reserves: Lessons Learned in the Lisburne Field, North Slope, Alaska
by John Kaldi

Characteristic Bed Thickness Variation in Submarine Levee Deposits: Rosario Formation, Baja California, Mexico
by Ian Kane, Ben Kneller, Mason Dykstra, Ahmed Kassem, and Bill McCaffrey

Sources and Fluxes of Carbon Buried on Subaqueous Delta of Lena River and Inner Shelf of Laptev Sea (Russian Arctic)
by Eugene Karabanov, Janiel Rivera, Douglas Williams, Michael Kuzmin, Valeryi Buchunskyi, and Alexander Mamontov

Integration of Multidisciplinary Tools for Study of the Tectonic-Stratigraphics Features in the Post-Rift Sequence in Camamu-Almada Basin, Bahia State, Brazil
by Márcia K. Karam, Nilo Chagas de Azambuja Filho, and Luiz Landau

Recent Discoveries and Future Exploration in the Polish Basin: Perfecting the Search by Geological Modeling
by Pawel H. Karnkowski

Flow Dynamics of Sinuous Submarine Channels
by Gareth Keevil, Jeff Peakall, and Jim Best

Peridotites, Serpentinization, and Hydrocarbons
by Stanley B. Keith and Monte M. Swan

Review of Global Upstream Licensing Strategies
by Graham Kellas and Wood Mackenzie

Integrated Studies of Basin Structure in the Southwest United States
by G. Randy Keller

Structural Evolution of the Northern Assam Basin: A Case for a Dynamic Hydrocarbon System Model
by W. Norman Kent

Web-Based Outcrop Digital Analog Database (WODAD): Archiving and Searching Carbonate Platform Margins
by Jeroen A.M. Kenter and Paul M. Harris

Late Visean to Bashkirian Platform Cyclicity in the Central Tengiz Buildup (Precaspian Basin): Depositional Evolution and Reservoir Development
by Jeroen A.M. Kenter, Paul M. Harris, L.J. (Jim) Weber, Joel F. Collins, M. Stalinski, G. Kuanysheva, and Dennis J. Fischer

Integrating Resource Potential, Infrastructure and Environmental Information to Compare Exploration Opportunities in the Muskwa-Kechika Management Area, Northeast British Columbia, Canada
by Ben J. Kerr, Warren Walsh, and Mark Hayes

The Provenance of Heavy Minerals in the Mesozoic and Tertiary Formations at the Venture B-13 Borehole, Offshore Nova Scotia, Canada
by Yawooz Kettanah and Grant D. Wach

The Impact of Depositional Facies and Diagenesis on Reservoir Characteristics of the Abu-Madi Giant Gas Field Sandstones (Upper Miocene), the Nile Delta Basin, Egypt
by Marcelo Ketzer, Alaa Salem, Sadoon Morad, Raafat Rizk, and Ihsan Al-Aasm

Depositional Environments and Diagenesis of Upper Cretaceous (Coniacian to Maastrichtian) Strata of Azadegan Field in Zagros Basin, Southwest Iran
by Forooz Keyvani and Amir Golian

Depositional Environments and Diagenesis of the Lower Cretaceous (Neocomian) Fahliyan Formation in Bibi-Hakimeh, Khyrabad, Kilurkarim and Sulabedar Fields in the Zagros Basin, Southwest Iran
by Forooz Keyvani, Ezat Heydari, and Alireza Rostami

Laboratory Quartz Growth Kinetics for Predicting Reservoir Quality
by Hubert E. King, Amy B. Herhold, Robert T. Stibrany, and Stephen D. Cameron

A Novel Approach to the Classification of Deepwater Mudrocks: Application of a New Paleoenvironmental Model Based on Biofacies
by Keith A. Knabe, R.T. Beaubouef, Y. Chen, and T.C. Huang

Mass Transport Deposits: Combined Outcrop Studies, 3-D Seismic Interpretation and Forward Modeling
by Benjamin Kneller, Mason Dykstra, Philip Thompson, Vanessa Ketznus, Magdalena Szuman, Katerina Garyfalou, Matteo Molinaro, Mads Huuse, Peter Butterworth, David Macdonald, and Juan Pablo Milana

Prediction of Reservoir Properties in Deep-Marine Channel-Levees
by Ben Kneller, Ahmed Kassem, Ian Kane, and Mason Dykstra

An Integrated Assessment of Fault Behaviour during Depressurization
by R.J. Knipe, A.I.F. Welbon, S.R. Freeman, S.D. Harris, O. Hostad, M. Hettema, T. Berre, K.B. Lyslo, and T. Olsen

Cap-Rock Alteration in CO2-H2O Medium: Experimental Approach of Clays Behavior
by Eric Kohler, Teddy Parra, Etienne Brosse, E. Tocque, and B. Dubacq

Comparison of Kinetic and Equilibrium Reaction Models in the Simulation of Gas Hydrates in Porous Media
by Michael B. Kowalsky and George Moridis

Fluvial-Aeolian-Lacustrine Controls on Large Scale Facies Distributions in the Dryland Continental Lake Eyre Basin, Australia
by Carmen Krapf, Simon Lang, and Tobias Payenberg

3-D Structure and Evolution of Passive Margin Salt Systems: Insights from Analogue Modeling and Optical Deformation Analysis
by Csaba Krezsek, Juergen Adam, Steve King, and Djordje Grujic

The Transylvania Basin (Romania) and Its Relation to the Carpathians Fold and Thrust Belt: Insights in Gravitational Salt Tectonics
by Csaba Krezsek and Albert W. Bally

Mechanics and Kinematics of Backthrusting in Deepwater Fold and Thrust Belts: Observations from the Niger Delta
by Ana Krueger and Ed Gilbert

Evolution of Fault-Related Folds in the Contractional Toe of the Deepwater Niger Delta
by Scot W. Krueger and Neil T. Grant

Environmental Superiority of Lunar 3He Based Fusion Energy
by Gerald L. Kulcinski and John F. Santarius

Integrating Surface Geochemical Expressions with Geological, Geophysical and Remote Sensing Data: Case Histories from Selected Proterozoic Basins of India
by B. Kumar, S.V. Raju, D.J. Patil, G. Kalpana, and C. Vishnu Vardhan

Late Carboniferous Separation of the Eastern Interior Seaway from the Rheic Ocean as Indicated by Tidal Rhythmites in the Illinois Basin, U.S.A.
by Erik P. Kvale

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Interpretation of a 3-D 9-Component Survey Over Ismay Algal Mounds, Paradox Basin, Colorado
by Paul La Pointe, Robert Benson, Rich Van Dok, James Gaiser, and Claudia Rebne

3-D Geometrical Simulations of LOSCs (Laterally Offset Stacked Channels)
by Richard Labourdette, Sebastien Ducos, and Tarick Bahraoui

3-D Modeling of Flank Margin Caves
by Richard Labourdette, Ioan Lascu, and John Mylroie

World-Class Cores for Fluvial-Deltaic Reservoir Characterization: The Cretaceous Ferron Sandstone of East Central Utah
by Michael D. Laine, Thomas C. Chidsey, and J. Thomas Dempster

3-D Karst and Associated Potential Reservoir Geometry and Continuity in Eastern Margin of Midland Basin in Glasscock and Sterling Counties Texas
by Paul D. Lake and Christopher G. St. C. Kendall

Why Do Microquartz Coatings Preserve Sandstone Reservoir Quality?
by Robert H. Lander, Richard E. Larese, and Linda M. Bonnell

Seismic and Multibeam Expression of a Clastic Shelf to Deepwater Sediment Delivery System, Eastern Australian Continental Margin
by Simon Lang, Ross Powell, Ron Boyd, Kevin Ruming, Ian Goodwin, Tobias Payenberg, and Marianne Sandstrom

A New Facies Model for Terminal Splays in Dryland Fluvial-Lacustrine Basins
by Simon C. Lang, Mark Reilly, John Fisher, Carmen Krapf, Tobias Payenberg, and Jochen Kassan

Lateral Heterogeneity in Exhumed Eolian Reservoirs Due to Preservation of Eolian Topography, Permian Cedar Mesa Sandstone, Southeast Utah
by Richard P. Langford, Krystal Pearson, K. A. Duncan, and David Tatum

Reservoir Fluid Characterization of Tar Sand and Heavy Oil Reservoirs-Impact of Fluid Heterogeneity on Production Characteristics
by Steve Larter, Ian Gates, Jennifer Adams, Barry Bennett, Haiping Huang, Tamer Koksalan, and Milovan Fustic

Connectivity of Channelized and Other Reservoirs
by D.K. Larue and J. Hovadik

The Upper Devonian Rhinestreet Shale, Western New York State: From Seal to Fractured Reservoir
by Gary G. Lash

The Upper Devonian Rhinestreet Shale: An Unconventional Fractured Reservoir in Western New York State
by Gary G. Lash

Comparing Exploration Results Internationally
by Andrew Latham

Overview of Recent Discoveries and Play Openers
by Andrew Latham

Uses, Abuses, and Examplees of Seismic-Derived Acoustic Impedance Data: What Does the Interpreter Need to Know?
by Rebecca Latimer

Vertical and Lateral Scales of Heterogeneity in a Fractured Reservoir Analog, Middle Triassic to Lower Jurassic La Boca Formation, Northeast Mexico
by Stephen E. Laubach, Meghan E. Ward, and Leonel A. Gomez

Hydrogen Abundances at the Lunar Poles as Measured with Lunar Prospector Neutron Spectrometer Data
by D.J. Lawrence, W.C. Feldman, R.C. Elphic, J.J. Hagerty, G.W. McKinney, T.H. Prettyman, and S. Maurice

Stratigraphic Insights into Late Devonian Black Shales of the Illinois and Appalachian Basins: Outcrop to Subsurface Examples
by Ovidiu Remus Lazar and Juergen Schieber

Using Value-of-Information with Continuous Distributions to Optimize Appraisal Well Locations
by Patrick Leach

Using the Neptune Database to Explore Mesozoic-Cenozoic Chronostratigraphy and the Deep Sea Microfossil Record
by R. Mark Leckie, Cinzia Cervato, Kendra Clark, Patrick Diver, Douglas Fils, and Brian Huber

Time-Lapse Study and Acquisition of Monitor Survey over Carbonate Gas Fields in Sarawak Water, East Malaysia
by Bor Seng Lee, Yip Cheong Kok, Chee Kiong Ngu, and Hua Zhu

Do Dry Holes Lie? Cusiana and Cupiagua Fields, Colombia, South America
by Woodruff G. Leel

Facies Distribution and Dolomitization Along the Southeastern Shelf Margin of the Jurassic Gotnia Basin
by Christoph Lehmann, Jeremy Goff, Bob W. Jones, and Alexis Anastas

The International Geo Sample Number IGSN: Advancing Integration of Sample-Based Data in Data Systems for Chronostratigraphy and Geochronology
by Kerstin Lehnert, Steven L. Goldstein, Sri Vinayagamoorthy, and W. Christopher Lenhardt

Numerical Simulation of Turbidity Currents: A Progress Report on Development and Applications
by CChristopher S. Lerch, Moshe Strauss, Eckart Meiburg, Ben Kneller, Michael E. Glinsky, Stanislav Kuzmin, and Brendon Hall

Complex Sandbody Architecture of Basin Margin Shallow-Marine Delta System: The Eocene Cemalettin Formation, Boyabat Basin, North Turkey
by Beate L.S. Leren, John Howell, Ediz Kirman, Allard W. Martinius, and W. Nemec

Airborne Measurement of Transient Pulses Locates Hydrocarbon Reservoirs
by Leonard A. LeSchack and John R. Jackson

Depositional Control of Lateral Reservoir Variability within an Extensive Shoreline Complex: Examples from the Lower Cretaceous Cadotte Member of Western Canada
by Curtis D. Lettley, S. George Pemberton, Murray K. Gingras, and Tom Saunders

Carbonate Reservoir Modeling Using Multiple-Point Statistics (MPS)/Facies Distribution Modeling (FDM)
by Marge Levy, Paul Mitch Harris, and Sebastien Strebelle

Formation and Potential of Fractured Shale Reservoirs in China
by Qi Li, Suwei Shao, and Renhua Kang

Interpretations of Stratigraphic Inclines and Fractures of the Low Hill Carbonate Reservoirs, Liaohe Depression, Northeast China
by Guohui Li, Susan M. Schrader, Robert S. Balch, and Roger Ruan

The Practice of Risk Quantification and Portfolio Analysis in the Decision-Making of Offshore Prospects
by Gabriel Alves da Costa Lima and Saul B. Suslick

Ghawar Arab-D: Widespread Porosity in Shoaling-Upward Carbonate Cycles, Saudi Arabia
by Robert F. Lindsay, Dave L. Cantrell, Geraint W. Hughes, Thomas H. Keith, Harry W. Mueller, and S. Duffy Russell

Practical Limitations of the Interpretation of Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Subsalt Seismic Data
by Louis Liro, Qingbo Liao, Brigida Fontecha, Wenying Cai, and Marcelo Benabentos

Depositional Control on Hydrocarbon Accumulations in Deepwater Nigeria
by Xijin Liu

Instantaneous Spectral Attributes to Assist 3-D Seismic Interpretation
by Jianlei Liu, Kurt J. Marfurt, and Charlotte Sullivan

Giant Palaeo Oilfields in the Silurian Sandstone, Tarim Basin, China: Evidence from Bitumen, Quantitative Fluorescence and Fluid Inclusions
by Keyu Liu, Xiongqi Pang, Zhenxue Jiang, Jun Zhang, and Stephen Fenton

An Integrated Stratigraphic Framework from Modified Global Cycle Chart Nomenclature
by Chengjie Liu, John W. Snedden, and Tom D. Davies

Diverse Toe-of-Slope Depositional Systems Revealed in Large 3-D Seismic Coverage
by Qunling Liu, David Steele, and kurt Steenson

History of Methane Seepage in the Delaware Basin and Its Relationship to Bacterial Diagenesis
by Brian E. Lock and Ashley Fife

Attributes and History of the Cretaceous-Eocene La Popa Salt Weld Derived from Halokinetic Sequence Stratigraphy
by Daniel M. Loera and Katherine A. Giles

Controls on Reservoir Architecture in Cross-Bedded Shallow Marine Siliciclastic Systems: A Subsurface Methodology and Case Study from the Cretaceous of Southwest Wyoming
by Simon A. Lomas

Anatomy of Mass-Transport Complexes in the Cretaceous of Livingston Island, Antarctica: Sedimentation and Deformation Processes on a Mud-Rich Deepwater Clastic Slope
by Simon A. Lomas and Duncan Pirrie

The Quaternary Deltaic Series of the St. Lawrence Estuary (Canada): An Analog for the Paleozoic Glacial Reservoir Deposits
by Bernard F. Long and Mathieu J. Duchesne

Is Gas Hydrate Near the Storegga Slide Offshore Norway Connected to a Petroleum System?
by Thomas D. Lorenson, William Winters, Charles Paull, and William Ussler

Fractured Limestones Versus Fractured Sandstones
by John C. Lorenz

Reservoir-Model Analog and Pore-Network Summary for Ellenburger Coalesced Collapsed Paleocave Systems
by R.G. Loucks

Origin and Organization of Mass-Transported Carbonate Debris in the Lower Cretaceous (Albian) Tamabra Formation, Poza Rica Field Area, Mexico
by R.G. Loucks, Charles Kerans, Xavier Janson, and Alfredo Marhx

Hydrate and Free Gas Exploitation Along the Northern Gulf of Mexico Continental Slope
by Allen Lowrie and Carol Lutken

Impact of Mass Transport Deposits on Field Development on the Upper Slope of Sabah, Deepwater Northwest Borneo
by Hongbo Lu, Craig Shipp, and Chris Hadley

Why Do You Think Wireline Logs Will Recognize Your Carbonate Facies?: Here Is How It Works
by F. Jerry Lucia

AAPG Membership and the Dynamic of the E&P Industry
by Jeffrey W. Lund

Critical Parameters in Static and Dynamic Modeling of Tight Fluvial Sandstone Reservoirs
by Barbara A. Luneau, Osman G. Apaydin, and Fabian Iwere

Tectonostratigraphy of Foreland Basins: The Upper Cretaceous in Southwestern Wyoming
by Hongjun Luo and Dag Nummedal

Gulf of Mexico Gas Hydrates Monitoring Station and Sea-Floor Observatory: A Status Report
by Carol Blanton Lutken Tom McGee, and J. Robert Woolsey

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Microbially-Mediated Dolomite Associated with the Oil Shales of the Lacustrine Green River Formation, Green River, Uinta, and Piceance Creek Basins
by Long Ma and Henry S. Chafetz

The Puguang Gas Field – New Giant Discovery in the Mature Sichuan Basin, Southwest China
by Yongsheng Ma, Xusheng Guo, Tonglou Guo, Rui Huang, Xunyu Cai, and Guoxiong Li

Fluvial Facies and Rock Property Modeling of a Tight-Gas Reservoir in Green River Basin, Wyoming
by Yuan 'Zee' Ma, Terry Young, Ernie Gomez, Dennis Cox, Fabian Iwere, and Phil Mosher

Hydrothermal Alteration of Dolomite: Yet Another Strike Against the Hydrothermal Dolomite Band Wagon
by Hans G. Machel and Jeff Lonnee

Sequence Stratigraphy of Robertkiri Field, Niger Delta, Nigeria
by Olusola A. Magbagbeola and Brian J. Willis

Surface Geochemical Studies over Stratigraphic Traps: Examples from the Neuquen Basin, Argentina
by Daniel C. Malizia, Luis Álvarez, Graciela Prestia, and Luigi Clavareau

New Stratigraphic Trap Oil Play Associated with the Upper Jurassic Smackover Microbial Reef Trend, Onshore Eastern Gulf Coastal Plain
by Ernest A. Mancini, William C. Parcell, Wayne M. Ahr, Juan Carlos Llinás, Bennett L. Bearden, and Berry H. Tew

Turbidity Currents Physical Simulation in a Small-Scale Model of Large Dimensions (Canyon Almirante Câmara – Campos Basin, Brazil): Methodology and Preliminary Results
by Rafael Manica, Rodrigo Sartor, Rogério Dornelles Maestri, and Ana Luiza De Oliveira Borges

Plumbing the Depths of the Caribbean-South American Arc-Continent Collisional Zone Using Long Seismic Reflection and Refraction Transects
by Paul Mann, Gail Christeson, Alejandro Escalona, Alan Levander, Colin Zelt, Beatrice Magnani, Dale Sawyer, and Michael Schmitz

Neogene Tectonic Phases of Central and Southern Trinidad Based on Brittle Tectonic Analysis of Faults Exposed in Coastal Cliffs and Rock Quarries
by Paul Mann, Jean-Claude Hippolyte, and John Weber

Tectonic Setting of 31 Giant Oil and Gas Fields Discovered from 2000-2005: Implications for Future Discovery Trends
by Paul Mann, Myron Horn, and Ian Cross

Energy Policy and Conservation Act (EPCA) Oil and Gas Inventory
by Mike Marquis

Exploring Initial and Preserved Depositional Shapes from Experimental Strata
by John Martin and Chris Paola

Pushing the Envelope: West Africa DHI'S
by Alex Martinez, David McAdow, and Matthew Novak

Salt Involvement in the Jujo-Tecominoacán Thrust Belt, Chiapas-Tabasco Region, South East Basin, Mexico
by Hugo Martinez-Kemp, Fernando Gonzalez-Posadas, and Peter Bartok

Active Microbial Methane Production and Organic Matter Degradation in a Devonian Black Shale
by Anna M. Martini, Steven T. Petsch, Jennifer McIntosh, and Klaus Nusslein

Application of the Sequence Stratigraphic Approach: Models Versus First Principles
by Ole Martinsen and Henry W. Posamentier

The Character and Genesis of Mass Transport Complexes II: Processes, Classification and Insights from Outcrops
by Ole Martinsen and Henry W. Posamentier

Gulf Coast Shoreline Erosion: A Complex Engineering Geologic Problem
by Christopher C. Mathewson

Whose "Fault" Is It? – Engineering Geologic Support for Litigation
by Elizabeth Lincoln Mathieson

Control of Upstream Variables on Incised-Valley Morphology: A Look at Late Quaternary Systems Along the Northern Gulf of Mexico Margin
by Christopher Robin Mattheus and Antonio B. Rodriguez

Links between Dynamic Pressure Variations and Internal Velocity Strucure in Experimental Turbidity Currents: Implications for Flow-Substrate Interactions
by William D. McCaffrey

Reducing the Cost of Production Allocation by 95% Using a Geochemical Technique
by Mark A. McCaffrey, David K. Baskin, Mark A. Beeunas, and Brooks A. Patterson

Wamsutter Development Area, Wyoming: A Case Study in Developing a Giant Tight Gas Field
by Tony McClain, James A. Hornbeck, G. Earl Norris, Virginia L. Riggert, Reinel Solano, Frederick E. Bakun, Eugene J. Piekenbrock, Meredith Rhodes Carson, David S. Muller, Brian W. Horn, Debra H. Phillips, and Evy Glorstad-Clark

Improved Modeling of Deepwater Reservoir Architecture and Shapes with Multipoint Geostatistics Applied to a Deepwater Outcrop Analog, Tanqua Karoo Basin, South Africa
by David S. McCormick, Daniel Tetzlaff, Roy Davies, Tuanfeng Zhang, Nneka Williams, Claude Signer, and Dave M. Hodgson

Cold Lake: A Giant Heavy Oil Field from Cretaceous Incised Valleys of Alberta, Canada
by G. Glen McCrimmon and Howard R. Feldman

Collapse/Sag Features in Northern Fort Worth Basin, Texas: Suprastratal Deformation Associated with Coalesced Paleocave System Collapse or Wrench Fault Sags?
by Angela McDonnell, Tim Dooley, and Robert Loucks

Role of Paleoclimate and Paleoceanography in Sediment Delivery to the Gulf of Papua over the Last ~300kyrs Based on Foraminiferal and Organic Matter Stable Isotope Records
by Melany A. McFadden, Larry C. Peterson, Samuel J. Bentley, Gerald Dickens, Andre Droxler, and Bradley Opdyke

The Buzzard Field: Breaking from Traditional Conventions in Turbidite Concepts
by Chantale K. McIntosh

Role of Microbes in Dolomite Formation
by Judith A. McKenzie, Crisogono Vasconcelos, Tomaso Bontognali, and Rolf Warthmann

Application of Microfossils to Production-Scale Problems in Ground-Water: Aquifer Biostratigraphy of the Cretaceous and Miocene of Delaware and New Jersey, Middle Atlantic Coastal Plain, U.S.A.
by Peter P. McLaughlin, Peter J. Sugarman, Kenneth G. Miller, Richard N. Benson, James V. Browning, and Gilbert J. Brenner

Delineation of Debris and Turbidity Flows Through Integration of UHR Engineering Geophysical Systems, Geologic/Geotechnical Sampling and 3-D Seismic – Greater Gorgon Development, Northwest Shelf of Australia
by K.R. McPhail

Growing the Forest: The Integration of International Data into a Global-Scale GIS, Decision Support System
by Melanie McQuinn

The Value of Information
by Melanie McQuinn

Burgos Basin, Mexico: Current Focus, Prospects, and Frontiers
by Melanie McQuinn

Tampico Misantla Basin, Mexico: Current Focus, Prospects, and Frontiers
by Melanie McQuinn

Reservoir-Prone Mass Transport and Slump Deposits
by Lawrence D. (Trey) Meckel

A Review of Porosity Semivariogram Parameters from Giant (and Not so Giant) Carbonate Reservoirs
by W. Scott Meddaugh

Impact of Earth Model Workflow and Upscaling on Fluid Flow Response Reservoir Modeling in Mature Fields
by W. Scott Meddaugh

The Giant Forgotten Sub-Salt Hydrocarbon Province in the Greater Campos Basin, Brazil: A Journey from a Great Mistake to a Learning Experience
by M.R Mello, Paul Willian Brooks, J.M Moldowan, and B. Wygrala

Source to Sink Sedimentation in a Dryland Fluvial System, Western Lake Eyre Basin, Central Australia
by Saju Menacherry, Simon C. Lang, Tobias H. D. Payenberg, and William Heins

Reservoir Quality Prediction, Tarbert Formation, Tune Field
by Ruth Elin A. Midtbø, Ingrid Sylliaas, and Julio R. Marre

Phanerozoic Sea Level Changes: ODP Drilling Constrains the Last 100 Million Years
by Kenneth Miller, Michelle Kominz, James V. Browning, and James D. Wright

The Kikeh Field, Sabah, East Malaysia
by Chris Milton

The Barnett Shale Play: Phoenix of the Ft. Worth Basin: A History
by George P. Mitchell and Dan B. Steward

Overlooked Gas Exploration Play: The Deep Lake Formation of Southern Florida
by Hugh J. Mitchell-Tapping

Contrasting Structural Styles of Major Fields Associated with Fold-Thrust Structures in the Offshore Campeche Bay, Mexico
by Shankar Mitra, Juan Duran Gonzalez, and Jesus Hernandez Garcia

GPR Facies Architecture of Dryland Fluvial Reservoir Analogues, Neales River and Umbum Creek, Lake Eyre, Australia
by Ian A. Moffat, Mark Reilly, Carmen Krapf, Simon Lang, and Tobias Payenberg

Mapping, Modeling and Evolution of Salt Structure Geometries: Implications for Improved Sub-Salt Exploration
by Markus Mohr, Peter A. Kukla, Janos L. Urai, and Georg Bresser

Sedimentation Patterns in Zones of Flow Separation along the Inner Banks of Bends in Submarine Channels
by David Mohrig, Kyle Straub, James Buttles, Brandon McElroy, and Carlos Pirmez

Climate Simulations of Hot House (Cenomanian/Turonian) and Ice House (Early Permian) Worlds: Comparisons and Contrasts
by Tom Moore, Christopher Scotese, Harold Illich, John Zumberge, and Marty Perlmutter

Cenozoic Tectono-Stratigraphic Relationships between the Cesar Sub-Basin and the Southeastern Lower Magdalena Valley Basin of Northern Colombia
by Alejandro Mora and Alberto García

Regional Stratigraphic Framework of the Paleocene in the Cesar Sub-Basin of Colombia
by Alejandro Mora, Alberto García, and Ricardo Triana

Data Mining Techniques for Segmentation Analysis of Seismic Data
by Daniel R.S. Moraes, Rogério P. Espíndola, Márcia K. Karam, Alexandre G. Evsukoff, and Nelson F. F. Ebecken

Structure and Tectonic Evolution of the Provincia Field, Middle Magdalena Valley, Colombia
by Martin Morales and Shankar Mitra

Sensitivity Analysis of Depressurization-Induced Long-Term Production from Class 1 Hydrate Deposits
by George J. Moridis and Michael Kowalsky

Spatial Fault Size Distribution and Normal Fault System Evolution
by Alan P. Morris, Nathan M. Franklin, Darrell W. Sims, and David A. Ferrill

Biogenic Coalbed Methane in Illinois Expands the Play Area
by David G. Morse, Ilham Demir, Scott D. Elrick, and Keith C. Hackley

Heavy Mineral Stratigraphy of the Clair Group (Devonian) in the Clair Field, West of Shetland, United Kingdom
by Andrew Morton, John Kunka, Ewan Laws, Simon Payne, and Dave Walder

Seismic Geomorphology of Mass Transport Deposits and Controls on Formation and Character, Eastern Offshore Trinidad and Venezuela
by Lorena G. Moscardelli and Lesli Wood

Quantitative Seismic Geomorphology Study in Fluvial Systems – A New Approach
by Lorena Moscardelli, Denise Woods, and Lesli Wood

The Barrington Submarine Landslide: Southwestern Scotian Slope
by David C. Mosher, D. Calvin Campbell, and Laurie Tremblay

Sediment Flux to the Gulf of Papua Continental Slope Using Pb-210 Geochronology, Source to Sink Papua New Guinea Focus Area
by Zahid Muhammad, Samuel Bentley, Andre Droxler, Gerald Dickens, Bradley Opdyke, and Larry Peterson

Integration of GPR, GPS, Remote Sensing and Geochemistry for Shallow Reservoir Studies in Central and South-Central Texas
by Damayanti Mukherjee, Shuhab D. Khan, and Charlotte E. Sullivan

Chaotic Deposits: Examples from the Brazilian Offshore and from Outcrop Studies in the Spanish Pyrenees and Northern Appennines, Italy
by Emiliano Mutti, Mario Carminatti, Jobel L. P. Moreira, and Alexandre A. Grassi

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Golden Zone Implications for Global Exploration
by Paul H. Nadeau, Per Arne Bjørkum, Gillian Darke, and Øvind Steen

Satellite-Based Long-Term Monitoring of Saltcedar Control along the Riparian Corridor of the Lower Pecos River, Texas
by Seiichi Nagihara and Charles R. Hart

Fault Rock Property Prediction in Deepwater Reservoirs
by Stephen J. Naruk and U.O. Onyeagoro

Flow Transformation of Debris-Flows Flowing from Subaerial to Subaqueous Environments
by Hajime Naruse, Yu Saitoh, and Fujio Masuda

Cenomanian-Turonian Bioevents-Implications for Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis
by Dragana Nebrigic

Variation of Mass-Transport and Turbidite Deposits in Different Continental Margin Settings and Time Periods
by C. Hans Nelson, Carlota Escutia, D.C. Twichell, and John E. Damuth

Trends in Gas Content in Eastern Kansas Coals and Implications for Future Coalbed Natural Gas Exploration
by K. David Newell and Timothy R. Carr

Comparison of Large Mass Transport Deposits from Industry Seismic, High-Resolution Geophysical, and Outcrop Data
by C. Simon Newton

Significance of Large Quaternary Mass Transport Deposits on Exploration and Development of the Nile Fan, Offshore Egypt
by C. Simon Newton, R. Craig Shipp, Ahmed Farouk, Erik D. Scott, and Timothy M. Farnham

Renewable Energy in Environmental Remediation
by Ralph Nichols, Mark Phifer, Brian Riha, Ken Dixon, Jay Noonkester, and Mary Harris

Mass Transport Deposits in Deepwater Outcrops: Depositional Setting(s), Types, and Recognition
by Tor H. Nilsen, Roger Shew, Gary S. Steffens, and Joseph J. R. Studlick

Three-Dimensional Heterogeity of Processes, Sedimentation and Morphology for a Modern Shelf Clinoform: Gulf of Papua
by Charles Nittrouer, Andrea Ogston, John Crockett, and D. Preston Martin

Ancient Mangroves: Swamped with Hydrocarbon Potential
by Jon Noad

Stratigraphic Analysis of New Jersey Mid-Outer Continental Shelf Surficial Stratigraphy: Implications for Deposition, Erosion and Preservation during the Last Eustatic Lowstand and Holocene Transgression
by Sylvia Nordfjord, James A. Austin, and John A. Goff

Impact and Identification of Gulf Coast Faults
by Carl Norman

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Use of Outcrop Analog Data in Integrated Reservoir Modeling of Deepwater Depositional Systems
by Ciaran O'Byrne, Mark Barton, Carlos Pirmez, Brad Prather, Gary Steffens, Frans Van der Vlugt, Zoltan Sylvester, Mark Deptuck, and Deirdre Commins

Depositional Systems Response to Dynamic Slope Profile Evolution in Deepwater Margins with Mobile Substrates
by Ciaran O'Byrne, Brad Prather, Carlos Pirmez, Gary Steffens, and Scott Sumner

Strategic Planning for Explorationists
by Thomas E. O'Connor

Integrated Sequence and Seismic Stratigraphy of the Jurassic Strata, Northeastern Gulf of Mexico
by Jamal A. Obid

3-D Geological Model Building Using Remotely Sensed Satellite Data
by Mike Oehlers and Pedro Barreto

Quantifying Uncertainty in Original-Oil-In-Place Estimates from Volumetric and Material Balance Methods
by C. Ogele, D.A. McVay, and W.J. Lee

Revised Numerical-Ages of the ‘SEPM’ Mesozoic-Cenozoic Sequence Chronostratigraphic Charts, and a Display Interface
by James George Ogg and Adam Lugowski

“Time-Scale Creator” Visualization Tool and Phanerozoic Database
by James George Ogg, Adam Lugowski, and Felix Gradstein

Subsidence History of the Continental Margin Offshore Northwest Colombia
by Germán Y. Ojeda, Alexander Rey, and Andrés Reyes

Stratigraphic Inversion Using a Genetic Algorithm: Lessons About Non-Uniqueness
by Cornel Olariu and John F. Ferguson

High Sediment-Supply Shelf and Shelf-break Morphology; Implications for Interpretation of Ancient Shelf Margins
by Cornel Olariu and Ronald J. Steel

The Ungava Rift and Labrador Sea Graben between Greenland and Canada
by Jens Christian Olsen, Reidun Myklebust, and Sverre Planke

Controls on Matrix Block Size in Fractured Reservoirs and Flow Implications: A Modeling Perspective
by Jon Olson

Mitigating Compartmentalization: Challenges in Appraisal and Field Development Planning
by U.O. Onyeagoro

Re-evaluating the Relationship between Consultant Companies, Clients, Academia and Contractors: One Consultant Company's Experience
by Daniel L. Orange, Arnold S. Orange, and Steven Constable

A Modern Basin-Floor Fan Imaged in the Makassar Straits, Indonesia: Insights from High-Resolution Multibeam Bathymetry and Backscatter, Sub-Bottom Profiler Data, and USBL-Navigated Cores
by Daniel L. Orange, John Decker, Philip A. Teas, Rhys D. Schneider, Arthur H. Saller, Adam Heffernan, Norman Maher, and Matt Levey

Faults and Fractures of Polideformed Folds in the Llanos Foothills, Colombia
by Alberto Ortiz-Fernandez, Oswaldo Ordoñez, and Mauricio Valencia

Deltaic to Estuarine Regime Change on Proximal Paleo-Orinoco Shelf: Morne L’Enfer Formation, South Trinidad
by Ariana Osman and Ron Steel

How Low Should You Go: A Method to Calibrate Estimates of P99 Prospect Reserves
by Robert Otis and Paul Haryott

Tectono-Stratigraphic Development of the Hammerfest Basin (Northern Norway) During the Jurassic to Cretaceous
by Signe Ottesen, Atle Folkestad, and Robert Gawthorpe

Depositional Patterns across Syndepositional Normal Faults, Niger Delta, Nigeria
by Ajibola O. Owoyemi and Brian J. Willis

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Sandstone-Shale Interaction of Gulf Coast: Calcite Mobilization in Response to Varying Concentrations of CO2(g) and Acetates, and Feldspar Buffering Capacity
by Anthony Park and Kitty Milliken

Hydrodynamic Control of Coalbed Methane Reservoir Performance in the Black Warrior Basin
by Jack C. Pashin

Modelling Carbonate Diagenesis of Icehouse Platforms Using CARB3D+: Fundamental Controls on Secondary Porosity Distribution
by Richard J. Paterson, Peter L. Smart, Fiona F. Whitaker, Gareth D. Jones, and Graham Felce

Climatic Controls on Alluvial Architecture, Doba Basin, Chad
by Penny E. Patterson, Clive R. Jones, and Raymond Skelly

Experimental Studies of Allocyclic Controls on Stratal Architecture of Alluvial and Shallow-Marine Systems
by Penny E. Patterson, Benjamin A. Sheets, John Martin, John W. Snedden, Chris Paola, and Chris Ellis

Petrological and Geochemical Investigations of Deep Sea Turbidite Sands in the Pandora and Moresby Troughs, Source to Sink Papua New Guinea Focus Area
by Luke J. Patterson, Samuel J. Bentley, Darrell Henry, Gerald R. Dickens, Andre W. Droxler, Larry C. Peterson, and Bradley N. Opdyke

An Overlooked Play-Type on a Ramp Margin: Prodelta Turbiditic Lobes, Lower Kenilworth Member, Cretaceous Western Interior, Book Cliffs, Utah
by Simon A.J. Pattison

Transgressively-Modified Coarse-Grained Sandstones and Turbidite-Rich Shelf Deposits, Upper Aberdeen to Lower Kenilworth Stratigraphic Interval, Campanian Book Cliffs, Utah: Evidence for Tectonically-Driven Sedimentation Patterns
by Simon A.J. Pattison

1-D Burial History Modeling in the Permian Basin, Western Texas and Southeastern New Mexico
by Mark Pawlewicz and Mitchell Henry

Detailed Fingerprints of Global Sea-level Change Revealed in Upper Devonian / Mississippian Woodford Shale of South-Central Oklahoma
by Stanley T. Paxton, Anna M. Cruse, and Alischa M. Krystyniak

An Outcropping Salt-Withdrawal Mini-Basin Filled with Deepwater Sediments – the Donkey Bore Syncline, South Australia
by Tobias Payenberg, Simon C. Lang, Mark Reilly, Blaise Fernandes, and Carmen Krapf

Global Variation in Submarine Channel Sinuosity: Implications for Channels in Space and Time
by Jeffrey Peakall, Ransome Corney, Gareth Keevil, Ian Kane, and Bill McCaffrey

Submarine Channel Processes: Implications for ‘Point-Bar’ Development
by Jeffrey Peakall, Kathryn Amos, James Best, Ransome Corney, Sanjeev Gupta, Gareth Keevil, and Daniel Parsons

New Detailed (1:63,360-scale) Mapping of the Brooks Range Northern Foothills, Siksikpuk River Area, Central Brooks Range, Alaska
by P.R. Peapples, W.K. Wallace, E. S. Finzel, and C.G. Mull

Chemostratigraphy and Its Role in a Multi-Disciplinary Stratigraphic Approach to the Exploration and Development of Upper Carboniferous (Pennsylvanian) Gas Fields in Southern North Sea
by Timothy J. Pearce, Duncan McLean, John H. Martin, Georgina Doughty, and David Wray

High-Latitude Versus Low-Latitude: Capturing the Elusive Signal Using Trace Fossil Suites from the Ancient Record
by S. George Pemberton, James A. MacEachern, Kerrie L. Bann, Murray K. Gingras, and Thomas D.A. Saunders

Characterization of High Quality Oil Source Rocks in Ordos Basin
by Ping'an Peng and Wen Zheng Zhang

Rates of Albitization in Sandstones from the San Joaquin, Texas Gulf Coast, and Denver Basin
by Renee J. Perez

Multicomponent-Mulitphase Equilibria in a CO2 Sequestration Project
by Renee J. Perez and Robert A. Heidemann

Petroleum-Fueled Microbially-Mediated Carbonate and Native Sulfur Authigenesis in a Gypsum Caprock of a Zechstein Diapir, Northern Germany
by Henning Peters and Joern Peckmann

Circum-Arctic Petroleum Systems: Data Mining and Prediction of Physiochemical Properties Using Chemometrics and Paleoreconstruction
by Kenneth E. Peters, L. Scott Ramos, John E. Zumberge, Christopher R. Scotese, and Donald L. Gautier

Finding Hydrocarbon-Induced Alterations in Lisbon Valley, Utah: Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Geochemical Studies
by Ana Petrovic, Shuhab Khan, and Henry Chafetz

High-Latitude Recipe for Sand Delivery to the Deepwater Via Hyperpycnal Flow: A Greenhouse Example from the Early Eocene, Central Spitsbergen Basin
by Andrew L. Petter and Ronald J. Steel

Outer Ramp Carbonate Mudstone Channelization and Levee Development, Last Chance Canyon, New Mexico
by Ryan M. Phelps and Charles Kerans

Development of Turtle-back Anticlines in Gravity-Driven Compressional Domains: Evidences from the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
by Yann Philippe and Gwenael Guerin

Ground Penetrating Radar and Outcrop Interpretation of Achitecturally Complex Carbonate Platforms: Analogs for Deciphering Seismic Profiles
by Leonardo Piccoli and J. A. Toni Simo

Mass-Transport Complexes (MTCs), and Tectonic Control on Confined Basin-Floor Submarine Fans, Middle Eocene, South Spanish Pyrenees
by Kevin T. Pickering and Nicole Bayliss

Evaluation of Reservoir Modeling Techniques to Assess the Impact of Stratigraphic Architecture on Production Performance
by Carlos Pirmez, Frans van der Vlugt, Ciaran O'Byrne, Vaughan Cutten, Gareth Jenkins, Mark Barton, Ed Kruijs, Luiz Amado, Andrew Hoover, and Robert M. Stovall

Role of Physical Experiments and Near-Seafloor Reservoir Analogues in Modeling Deepwater Reservoirs
by Carlos Pirmez, Mark Barton, Ciaran O'Byrne, Zoltan Sylvester, Frans van der Vlugt, Mark Deptuck, Bradford Prather, David Mohrig, Jasim Imran, Gary Parker, James Buttles, Kyle Straub, Alessandro Cantelli, Heqing Huang, Brandon McElroy, and Sara Johnson

Getting More Meaningful Geological Information from the World Wide Web Using Semantic Webs
by Emil Platon

Latest Wolfcampian Tectonism as a Control on Early Leonardian Carbonate Slope Channel Complexes
by Ted E. Playton

Recognizing River Mouths that Produced Hyperpycnal Flows, Eocene Central Basin of Spitsbergen
by Piret Plink-Björklund and Ron Steel

Downhole Geochemical Analysis of Gas Content and Critical Desorption Pressure for Carbonaceous Reservoirs
by John M. Pope

Stratigraphic Organization and Predictability of Mixed Coarse- and Fine-Grained Lithofacies Successions in a Lower Miocene Deepwater Slope Channel Complex System, Angola Block 15
by M.L. Porter, A.R.G. Sprague, M.D. Sullivan, D.C. Jennette, R.T. Beaubouef, T.R. Garfield, C. Rossen, D.R. Sickafoose, G.N. Jensen, S.J. Friedmann, and D.C. Mohrig

The Character and Genesis of Mass Transport Complexes I: Geomorphology and Process Sedimentology from 3-D Seismic Data
by Henry Posamentier and Ole Martinsen

Uncertainty Quantification in a Micro-Porous, Fractured Limestone Reservoir (Kharaib Formation, Lekhwair Field, Northwest Oman)
by Linda Poyser and Michael Pöppelreiter

Thinking Outside the Pond: Benchmarking Performance Expectations for Deepwater Reservoirs Using Analog Data from the Gulf of Mexico
by Bradford E. Prather, Ciaran J. O'Byrne, and Carlos Pirmez

Stratigraphic Evolution of Linked Basins within the Brazos-Trinity Slope System: Western Gulf of Mexico
by Bradford E. Prather, Carlos Pirmez, Ciaran J. O'Byrne, Charles Winker, Ggianni Mallarino, Andre W. Droxler, Peter Flemings, Jan Behrmann, Cedric John, and IODP Expedition 308 Shipboard Scientific Party

Lower- and Mid-Slope Submarine Slope Channel Complex Geometries: An Integrated Approach to 3-D Data Capture and Imaging within the Laingsburg Depocenter, Karoo Basin, South Africa
by Jamie K. Pringle, Dave M. Hodgson, Rufus L. Brunt, Chris J. Haigh, Jon P. Kavanagh, and Steve S. Flint

Well Log Analysis of Volcanic Rocks: Examples from the Nevada Test Site, Nye County, Nevada
by Lance Prothro and Sigmund Drellack

Environment of Deposition Models Developed Using Borehole Images: Examples from Low Permeability Reservoirs, Rocky Mountain Region, U.S.A.
by Michael C. Puchalski

Naturally Underpressured Compartments and Geologic Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide
by James O. Puckette

Hierarchical Stacking of Submarine Channels and Their Depositional Lobes in Distributary Landscapes, Carboniferous Ross Sandstone, Western Ireland
by David Pyles

Insights into Reservoir Characteristics of Sinuous Deepwater Channel Fills from Outcrop Analogs – Part I: Stratigraphic and Sedimentologic Evolution of a Sinuous Slope Channel- Fill, Beacon Channel, Brushy Canyon Formation, West Texas
by David Pyles, R.T. Beaubouef, D.C. Jennette, C. Rossen, Mark Tomasso, Richard W. Lovell, and A. R. Sprague

Processes and Facies Associations in Basin-Margin Strata of Structurally Confined Submarine Fans: Example from the Carboniferous Ross Sandstone, Ireland
by David Pyles and Renaud Bouroullec

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Carbonate Lithofacies Prediction Using Neural Network and Geostatistical 3-D Modeling of Oolite Shoals, St. Louis Limestone, Southwest Kansas
by Lianshuang Qi, Timothy R. Carr, and Robert H. Goldstein

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Impact of Improved Seismic Resolution and Signal-to-Noise Ratio on Monitoring Pore-Fluid Composition Changes: CO2-Injection, Hall Gurney Field, Kansas, U.S.A.
by Abdelmoneam E. Raef, Richard D. Miller, Alan Byrnes, and William E. Harrison

Microgravity Techniques Assessing New Potential in an Existing Giant Field: Teapot Dome
by Sandra K. Raeuchle, Brett A. Huffman, Dinesh S. Fernando, Erin D. Duffey, and Richard G. Talbert

Cross-Well Imaging in the SACROC Unit
by Michael Raines and Brad Bryans

Geologic Model Building from Non-Standard Core Analysis
by Michael Raines

Geological Setting and Hydrocarbon Occurrences, Guajira Basin, Offshore Northern Colombia
by Victor O. Ramirez-C

Sedimentology, Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Architecture of the Eocene Mirador Formation, Cupiagua field, Llanos Foothills, Colombia
by Juan Carlos Ramon and Andres Fajardo-Diaz

Bathymetric LiDAR Offers Insights into Sizes, Shapes and Distribution of Patch Reefs, Northern Florida Keys, U.S.A.
by Eugene C. Rankey, John Brock, and C. Wayne Wright

Chemostratigraphy of a Turbidite System: The Britannia Formation (Lower Cretaceous), of the Brodgar Field, Outer Moray Firth, North Sea
by Ken Ratcliffe, Tim Pearce, Cristian Scheie, and Steve Tucker

The Mangala Field, Rajasthan, India: A Story of Rapidly Advancing Subsurface Understanding in Readiness for Development
by Yashwant Singh Rathore, B. Ananthakrishnan, Mark Flynn, and Paul Michael Compton

Regional High-Resolution Biosequence Stratigraphy, Kuparuk Sandstone and Associated Strata, Central North Slope, Alaska
by Robert L. Ravn and David K. Goodman

A Stochastic Model for Assessing In-Place Methane Hydrate Resources
by Pulak K. Ray, John Grace, Tim Collett, William Shedd, and Jesse Hunt

Facies, Outcrop Gamma Ray and Carbon-Oxygen Isotope Signature of Exposed Miocene Carbonates, North West Cape, Western Australia
by J. Fred Read, L.B. Collins, J.W. Hogarth, and Brian P. Coffey

CHRONOS’s Paleontological-Stratigraphic Interval Construction and Analysis Tool (PSICAT)
by Joshua A. Reed, Cinzia Cervato, Christopher R. Fielding, and Douglas Fils

Comparative Morphology of Oolitic Tidal Deltas
by Stacy Lynn Reeder and Gene Rankey

Variabilities of Dryland Terminal Splay Complexes: Examples from Western Lake Eyre, Australia
by Mark Reilly, Simon Lang, John Fisher, Carmen Krapf, Tobias Payenberg, and Jochen Kassan

Seismic Rock-Property Transforms for Estimating Lithology and Pore-Fluid Content
by Haitao Ren, Fred J. Hilterman, Zhengyun Zhou, and Mritunjay Kumar

Tannehill Tribulations and Triumphs
by Gary K. Rice, David Mowrey, and Greg King

Risk and Uncertainty Analysis in Known Hydrocarbon Systems: A Fit-for-Purpose Approach
by W.C. Riese, W.A. Hill, T. Koleszar, R.M. MacDonald, G. McMaster, R. Rudser, H.M. Sebastian, and L. Tomberlin

A Lacustrine Petroleum System: The Pliocene South Caspian Basin, Azerbaijan
by Gregory W. Riley, Nazim Abdullayev, Tony Reynolds, Toby Harrold, Stephan Duppenbecker, and Andrew Bowman

The Influence of Geophysical Modeling for Vertical, Directional and Horizontal Drilling in Carbonate Gas Reservoir of Batu Raja Formation, South Sumatra, Indonesia
by Adi Ringoringo, Rusalida Raguwanti, and Wisnu Hindadari

The Deriugin Basin, Offshore Sakhalin: Discovery of a New Play
by Bryan Ritchie, Ellen Paasche Birkeland, Philip Hirst, Edouard Koblov, Boris Salnikov, and Alexander Zharov

Mediation of Dolomite Precipitation by Methanogenic Microorganisms
by Jennifer A. Roberts, Paul Kenward, Luis Gonzalez, and Robert Goldstein

Tips for Success in High-Risk Exploration: The Tangguh Experience
by James D. Robertson

Use of Post-Stack Seismic in Fractured Reservoir Characterization
by Gary C. Robinson, Ahmed Ouenes, Udo Araktingi, and Abdel Zellou

Forward Sediment Modeling of Carbonate Platforms and a Survey of Genetic Controls
by Lisa A. Roehl and Sherry L. Becker

Carbon Isotope Stratigraphy of the Jaitique Formation: A Possible Albian-Cenomanian Boundary in Honduras
by Robert D. Rogers and Aaron J. Cavosie

Hydrocarbon Potential of Volcanic Basins: Principles and Rules of Thumb
by Max Rohrman

Clastic Facies Development under Unsteady Flow Conditions and Consequences over Petrophysical Properties: An Experimental Approach
by Temistocles S. Rojas and Deborah S. Lawrence

Early Paleogene Isolation of the Gulf of Mexico from the World’s Oceans
by Joshua H. Rosenfeld and Jon F. Blickwede

Shallow and Deep Structural Provinces of the Northern Gulf of Mexico
by Mark G. Rowan and Kerry Inman

Is the Geosciences Pipeline Drying Up?: K-12 and Undergraduate Education
by Edward C. Roy

Variability of Depositional Systerms Related to the Latest Ordovician Glacial Events in Northern Gondwana
by Jean-Loup Rubino, Jean-François Ghienne, Max Deynoux, Julien Moreau, and Daniel Le Heron

Fundamentals of Rock-Based Reservoir Modeling: A Case History from the Lower Permian Fullerton Field, Permian Basin
by Stephen C. Ruppel, Rebecca H. Jones, F. Jerry Lucia, Fred P. Wang, Hongliu Zeng, Jeff Kane, and James W. Jennings

The Challenging Role for Giant Fields: Can We Expect Giant Fields to Meet Increasing Oil Demand Trends?
by Sandy Rushworth, Philip H. Stark, Alex Chakhmakhchev, and Melissa A. Manning

High-Latitude, Shallow Marine Sedimentation during the Late Paleozoic Gondwanan Ice Age: The Early Permian Wasp Head Formation, Sydney Basin, Australia
by Michael C. Rygel, Christopher R. Fielding, Kerrie Bann, Tracy Frank, and Lauren Birgenheier

Channel Bodies of the Pennsylvanian Joggins Formation: A Unique Opportunity to Compare Internal Architecture and External Form
by Michael C. Rygel and Martin R. Gibling

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Depositional Environment and Reservoir Architecture of the Carboniferous Section in RKF Field, Berkine Basin, Algeria
by N. Sabaou, N. Connolly, T. Bartrina, A. Alaminos, A. James, N. Adamson, G. Paintal, and N. Alem

Study of Viability of Seismic Imaging for Site Selection and Monitoring of CO2
by Iraj A. Salehi, Sherif I. Gowelly, and Samih I. Batarseh

Geological Modeling Using Cellular Automata
by Tristan Salles, Simon Lopez, Marie-Christine Cacas, Didier Granjeon, and Thierry Mulder

Complex Structural/Stratigraphic Combination Traps with a Diagenetic Overprint and the Recognition of Bypassed Pay in Pennsylvanian Rocks of the Anadarko Basin, U.S.A.
by Diego I. Sanabria, German D. Molina, Robert B. Lieber, and John R. Adams

Quantitative Seismic Geomorphology of Pliocene and Miocene-Age Fluvio-Deltaic Reservoirs in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Shelf Province
by Carla M. Sanchez and Lesli Wood

Evaluating Controls on the Formation and Reservoir Architecture of Niagaran Pinnacle Reefs (Silurian) in the Michigan Basin: A Sequence Stratigraphic Approach
by Anthony Sandomierski, G. Michael Grammer, and William Harrison

Using Global Cycle Charts in Tectonically Active Basins, Neogene of the Southeast Asia Region, and Comparison with the Passive Margin Standard
by J. Frederick Sarg and John W. Snedden

Lateral Variations in Log, Core, and Seismic Attributes of a Mass Transport Deposit in the Mars-Ursa Region, Mississippi Canyon, Northern Gulf of Mexico
by Derek E. Sawyer, Craig Shipp, Peter B. Flemings, Jan Behrmann, Cedric M. John, and Expedition 308 Shipboard Scientific Party

Lowstand Shale Gas Reservoirs of the Western Interior Seaway
by Steven Schamel and S. Robert Bereskin

Elastic Fracture Analysis in the Tight Gas Sands of the Mesaverde Formation, Piceance Basin, Colorado
by Jay R. Scheevel

Renewed Debate about Icehouse-Greenhouse Oscillations
by Wolfgang Schlager

Sediment Record of Falling Sea Level
by Wolfgang Schlager and Georg Warrlich

Production of Lunar Helium-3 Energy Resources
by Harrison H. Schmitt

Analysis of the Industry Lower Tertiary Discoveries and Failures in the Gulf of Mexico: Guidelines for Prospect Risk Analysis
by William H. Schoellhorn and Gwenael Guerin

Predictive Modeling and Timing of Porosity-Preserving Events in Maastrichtian-Danian Chalk Reservoirs of the North Sea
by Peter A. Scholle, Henrik Tirsgaard, and Lene Clausen

Automated Analysis of Gridded Geologic Map Data
by Susan M. Schrader and Robert S. Balch

Seepage-Induced Magnetic Anomalies Associated with Oil and Gas Fields: Onshore and Offshore Examples
by Dietmar Schumacher and Robert S. Foote

Integrated Subsurface Carbon Sequestration and Enhanced Coalbed Natural Gas Recovery Using Cement-Kiln Emissions, Wilson County, Kansas
by Stephen G. Schurger, K. David Newell, Timothy R. Carr, and James G. Blencoe

Baffles and Barriers in a Passive-Margin Slope Channel-Complex Set (Neoproterozoic Isaac Formation, Canadian Cordillera): Implications for Scale of Internal Heterogeneities in Slope Turbidite Reservoirs
by Ernesto Schwarz and R. William C. Arnott

Sourcerocker: A Heuristic Computer Program that Predicts the Occurrence of Source Rocks Using Information from Palogeography and Paleoclimate Models
by Christopher Scotese, Thomas Moore, Harold Illich, and John Zumberge

Along Strike Variability in a Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Ramp Setting, Last Chance Canyon, New Mexico
by Sam Scott

Tectonostratigraphic Evolution of the Mackenzie Delta-Beaufort Sea Foldbelt
by Timothy P. Seeley and Deborah Spratt

Insights into Reservoir Characteristics of Sinuous Deep-Water Channel Fills from Outcrop Analogs – Part 2: Testing Production Scenarios Using Outcrops as Templates for Geologic and Reservoir Simulation Models
by Lars Seidler, J. Stewart, B.J. Fischer, C.J. Lyttle, A.R. Sprague, D. Box, J.R. Maynard, K.M. Campion, R.T. Beaubouef, and David R. Pyles

Lower Tertiary Deposition in Walker Ridge, Gulf of Mexico: An Example of Sedimentary Distribution in an Unrestricted Basin
by Adam M. Seitchik and Timothy Powell

Sedimentology of the Incised Valleys and Their Associated Lowstand Deltaic Sequences in the Ash-Shiqqah Formation of the Unayzah Reservoir, Saudi Arabia
by Muhittin Senalp

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Permo-Carboniferous Unayzah Reservoir in Saudi Arabia and Its Correlation with Oman
by Muhittin Senalp

The Surface Geochemical Expression of Carbonate-Hosted Hydrocarbon Reservoirs and Faults in New York, Ohio, Nevada and Utah
by David M. Seneshen, James H. Viellenave, and John V. Fontana

Innovative Approach to Hydrocarbon Recovery - "Gone With The Wind"
by Samuel J. Senn

Petroleum Potential of Under-Explored Lower Paleozoic Strata in the Mature Illinois Basin
by Beverly Seyler, John P. Grube, Joan E. Crockett, Philip M. Johanek, Bryan G. Huff, Rex A. Knepp, Steven R. Gustison, and Randy D. Lipking

Salt Emplacement and Displacement History: Sheds Light on Seal Integrity, Case History from the Gulf of Mexico
by Selim Sanad Shaker

Instantaneous Channel Topography Versus Final Shape of Preserved Channel Bodies
by Benjamin A. Sheets, Chris Paola, Alessandro Cantelli, and John Martin

High-Resolution Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy of High-Energy Sediments from the Ursa and Brazos-Trinity Minibasins (Gulf of Mexico) during the Latest Quaternary: Preliminary Results from IODP Expedition 308
by A. Shumnyk, P. B. Flemings, J. Behrmann, C. John, and Expedition 308 Shipboard Scientific Party

Exploration Strategies for Ultra-Shallow Microbial Methane on the Eastern Margin of the Williston Basin
by George W. Shurr, Thomas Haggar, and Sarah A. Chadima

First Steps Toward Evaluation of Ultra-Shallow Gas Accumulations in the Northern Great Plains
by George W. Shurr, Layne D. Schulz, and Richard H. Hammond

A Lattice Model for Simultaneous Multi-Phase Flow and Matrix Deformation
by Sakalima Sikaneta, Lawrence Plug, and Grant D. Wach

Barrier Island Aggradation Via Inlet Migration, Mustang Island, Texas
by Alexander R. Simms, John B. Anderson, and Mike Blum

Fracture-Controlled Karsted Carbonate Platform Tops, Rattlesnake Canyon, Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico, U.S.A.
by J.A. Toni Simo, Jana M. Van Alstine, Dave Hunt, Conxita Taberner, John Thurmond, and Leonardo Piccoli

Genesis and Shapes of Delta Distributary Networks
by Rudy Slingerland and Douglas A. Edmonds

Strain in Extensional Monoclines: Insights from Numerical Models
by Kevin J. Smart, Alan P. Morris, and David A. Ferrill

Uncertainty Management Planning: Turning Failure into Opportunity
by Mark Ian Smithard and Antonio M'Panzu

SedDB and PaleoStrat: Crossing the Water Line
by Walter S. Snyder and Kerstin Lehnert

Characterizing the Formation of Clay-Bearing Fault Rocks: Techniques and Applications for Understanding Fault Seal Behavior
by John G. Solum, Nicholas C. Davatzes, and David Lockner

Wattenberg Field Area: A Near Miss and Lessons Learned after 35 Years of Development History
by Stephen A. Sonnenberg, Thomas L. Birmingham, and Guonong Hu

Structural and Stratigraphic Evidence for the Offshore Extension of the Central Range Fault Zone of Trinidad into the Eastern Offshore Region
by Manuel David Soto, Paul Mann, and Lesli Wood

Detachment Folding in the Alaminos Canyon Area of the Western Gulf of Mexico
by John H. Spang

Retooling Hydrocarbon Show Analyses to Identify Play Potential in Unconventional Reservoirs
by Philip H. Stark, Sandy Rushworth, and Alex Chakhmakhchev

Recognition of Hydrocarbon Related Spectral Anomalies Using a Transect Method
by Ronald J. Staskowski, John R. Everett, and Cynthia K. Dacre

Sequence Stratigraphy and Environments of Deposition of the Cenozoic of Central and Northern Arabia
by D. Mark Steinhauff, Chengjie Liu, Keith C. King, and George J. Grabowski

Real-Time Formation Fluid Evaluation using Direct Mass Spectrometry
by S. Michael Sterner, Donald L. Hall, and Bruce Warren

Current State of Barnett Shale Technology
by Dan Steward, Brad Curtis, Natalie Givens, and Nick Steinsberger

Turbidite Channel-Levee and Lobe Evolution Around Active Salt-Related Folds
by Lorna Strachan, Martin Gee, Rob Gawthorpe, and Emmanuel Eseroghene Adiotomre

When Does Flow Splitting Occur in Submarine Channel Bends?
by Kyle Straub, David Mohrig, Jim Buttles, Brandon McElroy, and C. Pirmez

Shallowest Coalbed Methane Accumulation in the West: It’s All About Water and Microbes in the Powder River Basin
by Gary D. Stricker, Romeo M. Flores, Donald A. Klein, Cynthia A. Rice, and Raleigh A. Schmidt

Preserving Fine-Scale, Irregularly-Shaped Geological Features in Reservoir Flow Models Using Edge Properties
by Lisa Stright and Jef Caers

High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Characterization of Upper Thamama (Lower Cretaceous) Reservoirs of a Giant Abu Dhabi Oil Field, United Arab Emirates
by Christian J. Strohmenger, L. Jim Weber, Ahmed Ghani, Khalil Al-Mehsin, Omar Al-Jeelani, Abdulla Al-Mansoori, Taha Al-Dayyani, Lee Vaughan, Sameer A. Khan, and John C. Mitchell

Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Architecture of the Burgan and Mauddud Formations (Lower Cretaceous), Kuwait
by Christian J. Strohmenger, Penny E. Patterson, Ghaida Al-Sahlan, John C. Mitchell, Howard R. Feldman, Timothy M. Demko, Robert W. Wellner, Patrick J. Lehmann, G. Glen McCrimmon, Robert W. Broomhall, and Neama Al-Ajmi

Application of New Seismic Attributes to Identify Karst- and Fracture-Related Compartmentalization: Permian San Andres Formation, Central Basin Platform, West Texas, U.S.A.
by E. Charlotte Sullivan, Susan Nissen, Kurt J. Marfurt, and Charles. H. Blumentritt

Effect of Active Structural Growth on Deepwater Reservoir Architecture: An Example from the Cretaceous Upper Gosau Subgroup, Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria
by Morgan D. Sullivan, Donald A. Medwedeff, Jim Borer, Hugo Ortner, Julian Clark, Douglas Paton, Bruce Trudgill, and Robert Amerman

Tectono-Stratigraphic Framework and Petroleum Systems of Tertiary Rift Basins in Southeast Asia
by Scott Sumner and Harry Doust

Computer Simulations of Shallow- and Deep-Water Depositional Systems
by Tao Sun, Dachang Li, Neal L. Adair, and John C. Van Wagoner

Sequence Stratigraphy of Lower Cretaceous Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Passive Margin Sediments, Southeastern U.S.A.
by Richard F. Sunde and Brian P. Coffey

Variations in Detrital (Atmospheric Dust) Flux within Icehouse Carbonates of Horseshoe Atoll (Pennsylvanian, West Texas)
by Sohini Sur, Sabata Pereira, and Gerilyn S. Soreghan

Giant Palaeogene Debris Flow Tongues in the United Kingdom North Sea Sector
by F. Surlyk, H. Tirsgaard, A. Uldall, and J. Megson

Comparative Analysis of the Petroleum Systems of Two Super-Giant Foreland Basin Accumulations: The Canadian Athabasca Tar Sands and the Venezuelan Orinoco Heavy Oil Belt
by John R. Suter

Soil Gas Hydrocarbons: A Dual Purpose Tool Towards Perfecting the Search in Petroleum Exploration
by Dale A. Sutherland and Eric L. Hoffman

Deepwater West Africa Waterbottom Debris Flows Captured and Analyzed by 3-D Visualization Techniques
by Jason P. Sutton and Robert M. Mitchum

Parameters Controlling Mudstone Sealing Capacity
by Sally J. Sutton, Frank G. Ethridge, William C. Dawson, and William R. Almon

New Opportunities for Advance in the Use of Geochemical Indices in the Study of Dolomitization
by Peter K. Swart

Modeling of Evolution of Transgressive Sediments on the Northern Adriatic Sea after the Last Glacial Maximum
by James P.M. Syvitski, Yu'suke Kubo, Eric W. H. Hutton, and Albert J. Kettner

Hydrocarbon Potential of a Duplex Interpretation Below the Giant Orocual Oil Field of the Eastern Venezuela Basin
by Gilberto Sánchez, Anahy Finno, Jay Namson, Jesús Hernández, Linda Montilla, Lucila Hernández, and Noelia Baptista

New 2-D Regional Structural Model, Restoration and Geochemical Calibration of the Maturín Sub-Basin, Eastern Venezuelan
by Gilberto Sánchez, Anahy Finno, Jay Namson, Linda Montilla, Lucila Hernández, and Noelia Baptista

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Early Versus Late Diagenesis as Main Controls for Porosity Distribution in Malampaya Field, Philippines
by C. Taberner, M. Esteban, G. Warrlich, W. Asyee, M. Boya Ferrero, and P. Cassidy

Constraints from Reactive Transport Numerical Modeling for Porosity Distribution as a Result of Hydrothermal Dolomitization
by C. Taberner, J. Salas, M. Esteban, and C. Ayora

by Ketsela Tadesse and G.R. Keller

The Deepwater Thrust Belt of Cape Three Points, Ghana: An Unexpected Transpressional System Offshore West Africa
by Gabor Tari, Marek Kaminski, Jim Molnar, Dave Valasek, and Gary Walters

Optimum 3-D Seismic Designing in Bibi Hakimeh Oil Field of Iran
by Siavash Tarkhan and Hoda Tahani

Superimposed Folding, Northwest Canada
by James R. Taylor

Mapping Sandstone Reservoir Quality – Linking 3-D Burial History and Calibrated Diagenesis Models
by Thomas R. Taylor, Melvyn R. Giles, Gareth S. Yardley, Gino G. Birbiglia, Rob Lander, and Linda Bonnell

Neogene Sources and Sinks of Carbonates and Siliciclastics in the Gulf of Papua, Papua New Guinea
by Evgueni N. Tcherepanov, André W. Droxler, Gerald R. Dickens, Sam J. Bentley, Larry C. Peterson, and Luc Beaufort

What Makes a Good Prospect?
by Daniel J. Tearpock

Professional Practices as They Apply to Petroleum Geoscience
by by Daniel J. Tearpock

Early Diagenesis Recorded in Glendonites of Wandrawandian Siltstone of the Sydney Basin, Australia
by Stephanie Thomas, Tracy Frank, and Christopher Fielding

By-Passed Giant Fields of the Rockies
by M. Ray Thomasson and Lawrence A. McPeek

Digital Mapping of Post-Glacial Deep Water Depositional Systems, Carboniferous, Northwest Argentina
by Philip Thompson, Mason Dykstra, Benjamin Kneller, Vanessa Kertznus, Magdalena Szuman, and Juan Pablo Milana

Use of Photovoltaic Technologies in Pollution Prevention and Environmental Restoration
by John Thornton

Applications of Photovoltaic Technologies in Oil and Gas Production
by John Thornton and Brian Meidinger

Reducing Deforestation Impacts of 3-D Seismic in Tropical Ecuador Using High-Resolution Satellite Imagery
by Mark Thurber, David Westlund, Gernando L. Benalcazar, and Antonio Semanate

Solving Specific Problems with 3-D Outcrop Data: Examples in Reservoir Characterization, Training, and Research
by John B. Thurmond, Paul Gillespie, David Hunt, Ole Martinsen, and Tore Løseth

Understanding Present-Day Stress in the Oil Patch and Its Implications for Subsurface Fluid Flow
by Mark Tingay, Oliver Heidbach, Birgit Müller, and John Reinecker

The Future Lies in Talent and We Must Act Now
by Scott W. Tinker

Application of Seismic Forward Modeling of Detailed Outcrop Data in Improving Sub-Surface Interpretation
by Mark Tomasso, Florence L. Bonnaffé, David R. Pyles, Xavier Janson, Renaud Bouroullec, David C. Jennette, Jerome A. Bellian, and Charles Kerans

Surface Casing Program at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ): Fifty Years of Ground Water Protection Recommendations for the Petroleum Industry
by Robert J. Traylor

Using “Wheeler Diagrams” as an Exploration Tool in the Gulf of Mexico
by Ramón H. Treviño, L. Frank Brown, Robert G. Loucks, and Ursula Hammes

Formation of Cohesionless Debris Flows and Turbidity Currents from Sediment Failures: A Case Study from the Continental Margin of Southwest Orphan Basin, Labrador Sea
by Efthymios K. Tripsanas and David J.W. Piper

3D Geologic Modeling and Integration of Diagenesis Predictions for Carbonate Reservoirs
by Hsin-Yi Tseng, Sean A. Guidry, Gregory S. Benson, and Linda W. Corwin

The Potential for Coalbed Gas Resource Development, Western Maracaibo Basin, Venezuela
by Roger Tyler, Noel Tyler, Rafael Tocco, and Vania Savian

Comparison of Outcrop - Defined and Wireline Log - Defined Guadalupian Sequences in the Guadalupe Mountains Area, New Mexico and West Texas
by Willis W. Tyrrell, John A. Diemer, Gorden L. Bell, and Richard Bichsel

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Chaco Foreland Basin, Bolivia: An Archive of the Propagation Sequence of the Andean Deformation
by Cornelius Eji Uba and Manfred Strecker

Methane Accumulation and High Concentration of Gas Hydrate in Marine and Terrestrial Sandy Sediments
by Takashi Uchida, Amane Waseda, and Takatoshi Namikawa

Exploration Opportunities in Western South Atlantic Continental Margin Sedimentary Basins
by Carlos Urien and Craig Schiefelbein

Highstand Shelf-Edge Deltas: An Example from High-Latitude Eocene West Spitsbergen, Norway
by Carlos A. Uroza and Ronald J. Steel

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Depositional Environments, Architecture and Diagenesis of Fahud Field, Oman
by Volker C. Vahrenkamp, Alia Al Bahry, Talal Al Musallami, Abhijit Mookerjee, Wadie Mansour, Richard Singleton, Cathy Hollis, Peter Homewood, Henk Droste, Carine Grelaud, Philippe Razin, Quintin Davies, Boris Kostic, Conxita Taberner, and Mateu Esteban

The Importance of Mud Deposition in Generating Realistic Stratigraphic Models
by Boyan Vakarelov

The Importance of High-Frequency Tectonic Control during Greenhouse Times of Earth History
by Boyan Vakarelov, Janok Bhattacharya, and Dragana Nebrigic

The Sensitivity of Modelled Ocean Upwelling and Terrestrial Runoff to Changing Boundary Conditions: Implications for Predictions of Source, Reservoir and Seal Facies
by Paul J. Valdes and Paul J. Markwick

Aptian Organic-Rich Intrashelf Basin Creation in the Dezful Embayment (Kazhdumi and Dariyan Formations, Southwest Iran)
by Frans S.P. van Buchem, D. Baghbani, Luc-Georges Bulot, M. Caron, Fabrice Gaumet, A. Hosseini, A. Immenhauser, F. Keyvani, R. Schroeder, V. Vedrenne, and Benoit Vincent

Representing Geological Detail in Dynamic Modeling of Turbidite Reservoirs
by Frans van der Vlugt, Omer F. Alpak, Mark Barton, Carlos Pirmez, Kachi K. Onyeagoro, and Stephen J. Naruk

The Use of Graphic Correlation for Reservoir Scale Stratigraphic Resolution
by Donald S. Van Nieuwenhuise

Evolution and Organization of Fundamental Sedimentary Bodies: New Models for Reservoir Characterization
by John C. Van Wagoner, T. Sun, N. L. Adair, D. C. J. D. Hoyal, R. W. Wellner, and P. A. Dunn

The Arctic Slide: A Giant, Submarine Slope Failure on the Northern Svalbard Continental Margin, Arctic Ocean
by Maarten Vanneste and Juergen Mienert

Characterization and 3-D Reservoir Modeling of Fluvial Tight-Gas Sandstones in the Williams Fork Formation, Rulison Field, Piceance Basin, Colorado, U.S.A.
by Marielis F. Vargas, Matthew J. Pranter, and Thomas L. Davis

The Devil in the Small Details: Pore-Level Reservoir Characterization of the Cotton Valley-Taylor Tight Gas Sand, Rusk County, Texas
by Charles L. Vavra

Cretaceous Sedimentation Patterns in the Zagros of Southwest Iran: A Geomodel
by V. Vedrenne, D. Baghbani, F. Gaumet, D. Granjeon, F. Keyvani, S. Lopez, D. Morsalnejad, F. Van Buchem, B. Vincent, and M. Yavari

Stratal and Facies Anatomy of a Lower Jurassic High-Rising Carbonate Platform (Jebel Bou Dhar, High Atlas, Morocco) – Part 1: Digital Outcrop Model
by K. Verwer, J.A.M. Kenter, E.W. Adams, G. Della Porta, and O. Merino-Tomé

Facies Trend Metrics of Modern Carbonate Depositional Systems
by Brigitte Vlaswinkel, Gene Rankey, and Paul M. Harris

Recent to Late Neogene Seafloor Instabilities on the Deep Pacific Margin of the Antarctic Peninsula
by Valentina Volpi, Michele Rebesco, David Amblas, and Angelo Camerlenghi

Ultra-Shallow Gas, Northwest Alberta, Canada: Origin and Detection
by Hans H. von der Dick, Peter Bauman, and Dane A. Bosman

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Testing Production Sensitivity in a Constrained 3-D Fluvial-Estuarine Channel Complex, Trinidad
by Grant D. Wach, Hasley L.G. Vincent, and Farrukh Akram

Foraminiferal, Sedimentological and Ichnological Analysis of Early Cretaceous Sediments (Scotian Shelf)
by Grant D. Wach, Flavia Fiorini, and David Scott

Reservoir Characteristics and Architectural Elements Associated with Production from a Localized Slump Deposit, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
by John B. Wagner, Richard L. Blythe, and Patrick F. Rush

Bromide Dolomite (Ordovician) Inner Ramp Depositional Cycles, Arkoma Basin, Southeastern Oklahoma
by Gregory P. Wahlman, Vince L. Felt, and Brad D. Moon

Lower Permian (Wolfcampian) Fusulinid Biostratigraphy, Carbonate Microfacies, and Stratigraphic Model, Central Basin Platform Margin, Permian Basin, Texas
by Gregory P. Wahlman and Douglas R. Tasker

Source Kitchen Characterization and Petroleum Accumulation in Songliao Basin, Northeastern China
by CFeiyu Wang, Xiongqi Pang, Zihui Feng, Wei Fang, and Jingkun Li

Basics are Boring – The Essentials of Good Portfolio Management at Independent Oil and Gas Companies
by Gavin H.F. Ward

Testing the Use of Microfractures to Predict Fracture Orientation and Intensity, La Boca Formation, Northeast Mexico
by Meghan Ward, Stephen E. Laubach, and Randall Marrett

Identifying and Scaling Fabrics in Carbonate Rocks – Outcrop and Stratigraphic Approach to Borehole Geophysical Logs
by W. Bruce Ward, William F. Murphy, Richard Nolen-Hoeksema, Gary Fleming, Beckett Boyd, and David Allen

Origin and Character of Biogenic Coal Gas in North Central Louisiana
by Peter D. Warwick, Paul C. Hackley, and F. Clayton Breland

Characterization of Seismically Imaged Pennsylvanian Ooid Shoal Geometries and Comparison with the Modern
by W. Lynn Watney, Evan K. Franseen, Alan P. Byrnes, Richard D. Miller, Abdelmoneam Raef, Stacy L. Reeder, and Eugene C. Rankey

Jet-Plume Depositional Bodies: The Primary Building Blocks of Wax Lake Delta, Louisiana
by Robert W. Wellner, Rick T. Beaubouef, John C. Van Wagoner, Harry R. Roberts, and Tao Sun

Impact of Tectonic Stresses on Reservoir Quality in a Toe-Thrust Setting of a Tertiary Delta
by Joann E. Welton, Tina G. Fitts, James M. DeGraff, Brian R. Crawford, and Ganeswara R. Dasari

Computer Modeling of Internal Architecture in Deep Water Reservoirs: A Quantitative Method to Estimate Connectivity and Performance
by Renjun Wen and Mark Barton

Origin of Molds in Dolostones Formed by the Dissolution of Calcitic Grains: Evidence from the Devonian Swan Hills Formation in West Central Alberta
by Jack Wendte

Shoreline Erosion of Galveston Using Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing Techniques
by John David Wesch and Shuhab D. Khan

The Sanha Condensate Project: Increasing Value and Eliminating Flaring, Angola, Southern Africa
by Brigitte Wexler, Mel Croft, Joana Benge, Claudio Morsetti, and Eric Vaubourdolle

By Choice and Neccessity: Integrated Non-Seismic Exploration in the Southern Georgina Basin
by Ian Whitchurch, Clarke Petrick, and Andrew Mulder

Covisualization: Rapid Visual Access to Multidisciplinary Datasets
by Paul White, Skip Pack, and Graham Brew

CO2-Sequestration and Enhanced Oil Recovery Potential in the Michigan and Appalachian Basins
by Lawrence H. Wickstrom, John A. Harper, David A. Barnes, Katharine Lee Avary, and Brandon C. Nuttall

Stratigraphic Prediction of a Range of Soft-Sediment Deformation Phenomena in a Submarine Slope Setting: An Example from the Tanqua Karoo, South Africa
by Richard Wild, David Hodgson, Stephen Flint, and Carlos Oliveira

High-Resolution Stratigraphy of Multiple, Vertically Stacked Slope Channel Complexes, Tanqua Depocentre, Karoo Basin, South Africa
by Richard Wild, David Hodgson, Stephen Flint, and Willem Van der Merve

Correspondence between Geomechanical Prediction of Fracture Intensity with P-Wave Velocity Anisotropy
by Scott J. Wilkins

Exploring for Deepwater Petroleum Systems with SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) – Fact or Fiction?: Comparing Results from Two of Today’s Hot-Spots (Congo Fan and Santos) with Two of Tomorrow’s (Campeche and Cariaco)
by Alan K. Williams, Geoffrey M. Lawrence, and Michael King

Pressure Stratigraphy in Deep Marine Sediments
by Kenneth E. Williams and Martin D. Matthews

A Geologic Strain and Reservoir Attribute-Based Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) Model of the Humma Field, Partitioned Neutral Zone
by Sherilyn Williams-Stroud, Stewart Griest, and Scott Meddaugh

Stratigraphic Interpretation and Reservoir Modeling of Deepwater Slope Canyon Systems – Erha and Erha North Fields
by Jeremy J. Willson, Christopher A. Hedlund, Rikus De Mooij, Timothy M. Davies, David M. Marschall, and Sidney M. Weaver

Integrated Assessment of Seismic Anomalies in Niger Delta Deepwater
by Krzysztof M. Wojcik and Neil R. Braunsdorf

Reality Checks for Prospect and Play Risk Assessment
by Chris Wold, Jay Leonard, Marshall Titus, Robert Coskey, and P. Jeffrey Brown

Source-to-Sink Sediment Movements in Structurally Complex Setting: The Role of Gateway Basins
by Lesli J. Wood

Geochemical Investigations in the Michigan Basin: Vernon Field and Springdale
by James R. Wood and David Seneshen

Determining the Depositional Controls on Rift Axis, Synrift Deposits: the October Fault Block, Gulf of Suez Rift, Egypt
by Paul Woodman and Rob Gawthorpe

Rift Climax Synrift Sedimentation in Major Rift Accommodation Zones: The Wadi Gharandal - Gebel Gushea Area, Miocene Suez Rift, Egypt
by Paul Woodman, Rob Gawthorpe, and David Hodgetts

The Application of High-Resolution Chemostratigraphy to Differentiate between Low Accommodation Incised Valley Systems in a Foreland Basin Setting: The Lower Cretaceous Basal Colorado and Basal Quartz of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin
by Amelia Wright, Brian Zaitlin, and Ken Ratcliffe

The Upper Miocene Sedimentation and Salt Tectonics of the East Central Gulf of Mexico Basin
by Xinxia Wu and William E. Galloway

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Recent Advances in Reactive Transport Modeling of Carbonate and Clastics Diagenesis and Reservoir Quality Prediction
by Yitian Xiao and Gareth Jones

Testing Carbonate Diagenetic Paradigms Using Reactive Transport Models
by Yitian Xiao and Gareth Jones

Oil Formation Environment and Water-Injection Development of Chang-2 Oil Bed in Ordos Basin, Central China
by Guang Cheng Xie and Rong Xi Li

Hydrocarbon Occurrence Models Controlled by Graded Multi-Factors in Marine Reservoirs, Southern China
by Sihuang Xu, Yongsheng Ma, Lianfu Mei, Caiping Yuan, and Tongluo Guo

Petroleum Systems in the Junggar Basin, a Complex Multicycle Basin in Northwest China
by Tianguang Xu, Dengfa He, and Yun Huang

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Fracture/Fault Pattern Delineation in Gulf of Mexico
by Rao Yalamanchili

Allostratigraphic Subdivision of the Upper Cretaceous Fish Scale Formation, Southwestern Alberta: Implication for the Forming Mechanism of the Barons Sandstone
by Yongtai Yang, Bogdan Varban, and Andrew Miall

Geometry and Kinematics of Complex Structures in the Fold-and-Thrust Belt, Northwest Taiwan
by Kenn-Ming Yang, Shiu-Tsann Huang, Ching-Weei Lin, Jong-Chang Wu, Wan-Chi Chiang, Hsin-Hsiu Ting, Chen-Jung Chou, and Wen-Wei Mei

Middle Permian to Lower Triassic Fluvial-Lacustrine Depositional Systems and Sequence Stratigraphy, Bogda Mountains, Turpan Intermontane Basin, Northwest China
by Wan Yang, Yiqun Liu, Qiao Feng, Jinyan Lin, Dingwu Zhou, Dan Wang, and Michel T. Runnion

An Analysis and Comparison of Different Real Option Approaches
by Yanhua Yao, John Van der Hoek, and Peter Behrenbruch

Geologic Success but Economic Failure: Uncovering Hidden Problems Using Recursive Partitioning
by Jeffrey M. Yarus, R. Mohan Srivastava, and Richard L. Chambers

Is the Work Station Killing Geology?
by Cindy A. Yeilding, Lonnie Blake, and Peter Carragher

Play Implications of the Neogene Tectonic Evolution of the Northern Sakhalin Region
by Graham Yielding, Bryan Ritchie, Ellen Birkeland, Philip Hirst, and Alastair Bent

Diagenesis Related to the Stratigraphic Sequences in Tensleep Sandstones, Wyoming
by Peigui Yin

Volume-Based Characterization of a Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoir, Lower Cretaceous, Abu Dhabi
by Lyndon A. Yose, Amy S. Ruf, Christian J. Strohmenger, James S. Schuelke, Linda W. Corwin, Andrew Gombos, Imelda G. Johnson, Ismail Al-Hosani, Shamsa S. Al-Maskary, Gerard Bloch, and Yousef Al-Mahairi

Depositional-Process Changes in a Sequence-Stratigraphic Context: An Ingredient in a New Generation of Sequence-Stratigraphic and Basin Models
by Shuji Yoshida, Ron Steel, and Robert Dalrymple

Quantitative 3-D Facies Analysis of Tidal Point Bars Versus Shallow-Marine Tidal Bars: Comparative Studies of Modern and Ancient Tidal Systems for Reservoir Characterization
by Shuji Yoshida, Ron Steel, Robert Dalrymple, James MacEachern, and Kerrie Bann

Petroleum System in the Shushan Basin: A Mature Basin Leading to Future Exploration in the Western Desert of Egypt
by Mohamed Abdel-Aziz Younes

Source Rock Characterization-Dependent Biomarker Distributions of Crude Oils in the Southern Giant Oilfields of the Gulf of Suez Province, Egypt
by Mohamed Abdel-Aziz Younes and Paul Philp


Structural Styles of the Canela and Its Surrounded Areas, Tabasco - Southern Mexico
by Raul Ysaccis, Gustavo Hernandez, Raul Villa, Jaime Barker, Miguel Araujo, Felipe Audemard, and Javier Meneses Rocha

Application of Magnetic Resonance Mud Logging for Rapid Reservoir Evaluation
by Gang Yu, Zhizhan Wang, Konstantin Mirotchnik, and Lifa Li

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Impact of Carbonate Stratigraphy on Fracture Development in Fault Damage Zones, Central Texas
by Chris Zahm, Jerome Bellian, and Peter Hennings

Discriminating between Drilling Induced and Natural Fractures in Wellbores: A Reappraisal of Criteria and Methodologies
by Pedram Zarian

Sequence Stratigraphy of Baoshi Structure, East China Sea Shelf Basin
by Qingsheng Zhang and Dag Nummedal

Petroleum System of Baoshi Structure of Xihu Trough, East China Sea Shelf Basin
by by Qingsheng Zhang and Dag Nummedal

3-D Seismic Characterization of Submarine Landslides on a Pliocene-Pleistocene Siliciclastic Continental Slope, South China Sea
by Mangzheng Zhu, Stephan Graham, and Timothy McHargue

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