--> --> Discover, Retrieve, and Apply CHRONOS Services for Science, by Douglas Fils, Geoff Bohling, Cinzia Cervato, Pat Diver, Doug S. Greer, Joshua A. Reed, and Xiaoyun Tang; #90052 (2006)

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Discover, Retrieve, and Apply CHRONOS Services for Science

Douglas Fils1, Geoff Bohling2, Cinzia Cervato1, Pat Diver3, Doug S. Greer4, Joshua A. Reed1, and Xiaoyun Tang1
1 Iowa State University - CHRONOS, Ames, IA
2 Kansas Geological Survey, Lawrence, KS
3 DivDat Consulting - CHRONOS, Wesley, AR
4 San Diego Supercomputer Center, La Jolla, CA

Service-oriented architectures provide an environment for the creation of "modules" of data and for processing resources. These modules can be wired together to form larger, more complex data-processing pipelines in innovative ways. A service architecture provides an adaptable and configurable environment that researchers can use to ask and address new questions. Discovering, retrieving and applying these services within a community infrastructure is a necessary extension of this approach to fulfill the vision of services for science. CHRONOS (www.chronos.org) will present the practices and approaches in use and that are available to the community through the CHRONOS effort and that are used to realize this vision. Examples of these resources will be shown in a workflow environment that demonstrates this approach to information technology for the geosciences and the infrastructure it delivers to the community.

Examples of how services can extend more traditional tools will be shown along with new tools created to exploit this environment along with web based user experiences.