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Age-Depth Plot and ConDoor: Two CHRONOS Data Analysis Tools

Geoffrey C. Bohling
Kansas Geological Survey, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

Along with developing the infrastructure for integrated access to multiple geochronological and stratigraphic databases, the CHRONOS project is also developing end-user oriented data analysis tools. Two of those tools are Age-Depth Plot (ADP) and ConDoor, a graphical front end to the stratigraphic event sequencing program, CONOP9. ADP provides a GIS interface to the Neptune database and displays datum ages versus depth for a selected core hole, providing a palette of tools for fitting an age model to the data or modifying an existing age model. ADP Version 1.25 is currently available through the CHRONOS portal and revisions in response to user input are ongoing. ConDoor will serve as a front end client for the CHRONOS web service implementation of CONOP9. Input data may be derived from local files or extracted from an integrated view containing data from the Neptune, Janus, and PaleoStrat databases. ConDoor currently provides a user-friendly means of navigating through all the possible combinations of section-by-section crossplots of observed events, the most fundamental plot employed in graphic correlation, along with section range charts and diversity curves associated with the predicted sequence of events. After a run has been completed, the developed line of correlation will also be displayed on the plots. Other plotting routines are under development.