--> 2004 Rocky Mountain Section AAPG Meeting (with Colorado Oil&Gas Association), August 9-11, 2004, Denver, Colorado; #90030 (2004)

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2004 Rocky Mountain Section AAPG Meeting (with Colorado Oil&Gas Association)
August 9-11, 2004, Denver, Colorado

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Coalbed Methane Development in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin: A Significant Emerging Resource for North America
by Daniel K. Allan

The Role of Crevasse Bodies in the Evolution of Fluvial Architecture, Iles Formation north of Rangely, Colorado
by Donna S. Anderson and Sarah Coker

Analytical Techniques for Evaluating and Modeling the Alterations of Reservoir Rocks Due to High-Power Lasing
by El Tahir Bailo and Ramona M. Graves

Production Potential of Coalbed Methane from the Foothills and Plains of Alberta, Canada
by Andrew P. Beaton

The Barnett Shale (Ft. Worth Basin) as an Exploration Model
by Kent A. Bowker

Bulk Density Logs Estimate Coalbed Methane Adsorbed, Desorbed and Producible Gas Volumes
by Jack Bowler and Steven A. Tedesco

Characterising Gas Shales by Laboraotry Adsorption and Field Desorption Analyses
by R. Marc Bustin

Importance of Coal Fabric in Determining Production Profiles and Gas Compositional Shifts During Coalbed Methane Production and Canister Desorption
by R. Marc Bustin

Sedimentologic, Stratigraphic and Architectural Attributes of the Iles Formation, Northwest Piceance Basin, Rangely Colorado
by Brice A. Caldes

Use of Information Technologies to Address Reservoir Compartments in the Permian Gas Fields of Southwest Kansas
by Timothy R. Carr, Martin K. Dubois, and Alan P. Byrnes

EIA's Natural Gas Outlook Through 2025
by Guy Caruso

The Mississippian Leadville Limestone Exploration Play, Utah and Colorado 
by Thomas C. Chidsey, Craig D. Morgan, Kevin McClure, and David E. Eby

Permeability Jail and Implications for "Basin Centered Gas" Production and Resource Assessment
by Robert M. Cluff, Keith W. Shanley, and Alan P. Byrnes

Petrophysics of the Lance Sandstone Reservoirs in Jonah Field, Sublette County, Wyoming
by Suzanne G. Cluff and Robert M. Cluff

Fluvial Sand-Body Dimensions in the Lower Williams Fork Formation (Upper Cretaceous), Southwestern Piceance Basin, Colorado
by Rex D. Cole and Steve Cumella

Energy and the West: Gas Resources and Production Issues
by Lance Cook

Controls on Natural Fracture Variability in the Southern Raton Basin of Colorado and New Mexico
by Scott P. Cooper, William A. Olsson, John C. Lorenz, Paul M. Basinski, Rich Larson, James M. Herrin, and Russell G. Keefe

Burial History Modeling of the Jonah Field Area, Sublette County, Wyoming: Evaluation of Hydrocarbon Charge Potential Using Risk Modeling
by Robert J. Coskey and Jay E. Leonard

3D Geomodeling of Grand Valley, Parachute, and Rulison Fields, Piceance Basin, Colorado
by Stephen Cumella and Jack Wiener

Potential Contribution of Rocky Mountain Unconventional Natural Gas to U. S. Energy Supply – Realities of Resource, Demand and Price Projections
by John B. Curtis

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Expanding Horizons in the Eastern Uinta Basin: Gas Plays Growing in New Ways
by Gary D. Davis

Time-Lapse Seismic Investigation - Rulison Field, Piceance Basin, Colorado
by Thomas L. Davis, Robert D. Benson, and Matthew J. Pranter

Industry Response to Resource Assessments
by Peter A. Dea

Gas-in-Place Resource Assessments of Selected Rocky Mountain Basins: Results from the Greater Green River, Wind River, and Uinta Basins
by Ashley S. B. Douds, Kelly K. Rose, H.R. Pratt, James A. Pancake, and Ray M. Boswell

Reservoir Properties and Gas Content Results from Coalbed Core Holes; Rocky Mountain Region
by William M. Drexler, Christian Hoffman, and Tracy E. Lombardi

Data Integration for Improved Gas Condensate Reservoir Modeling: Case Study: X Reservoir
by Yuzi Du, Brian Carr, Linhua Guan, and Baojun Bai

Stratigraphic and Structural Controls on Overpressure at Jonah Field
by Dean P. DuBois

Volumetric Determination and Development Status of Jonah Field
by Dean P. DuBois, Thomas M Smagala, and Julia C Gwaltney

An Effective and Inexpensive Method for Determining Continuity of Gas Distributions
by Janell Edman

Quantification of Stratigraphic Heterogeneity within a Fluvial Point-Bar Sequence, Williams Fork Formation, Piceance Basin, Colorado: Application to Reservoir Modeling
by Amanda Ellison, Matthew J. Pranter, Rex D. Cole, and Penny E. Patterson

Reservoir Characterization of the Wasatch Formation in the Hanging Rock Development Area, Southeastern Uinta Basin, Utah
by Jane E. Estes-Jackson and Steven W. Shefte

Duration of Microbial Gas Generation in the Upper Cretaceous Milk River Formation, Southeastern Alberta and Southwestern Saskatchewan
by Neil S. Fishman, Donald L. Hall, and Elizabeth L. Rowan

Gas Plumes and Their Importance in Exploration of the Cretaceous Rocks of the Rocky Mountain Region
by John R. Forster

Multicomponent Processing and Fracture Characterization Analysis of Two Wyoming 3-D PS-Wave Surveys: Jonah Field and Washakie Basin
by J. E. Gaiser and R.R. Van Dok

Jurassic-aged Fractures and Grikes in Mississippian Carbonate: a Re-evaluation of Fracture, Fold, and Thrust Relationships and the Implications for Fractured Hydrocarbon Reservoirs, Rocky Mountain Thrust Front, Montana
by Emily M. Geraghty and James W. Sears

Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources in Selected Rocky Mountain Basins
by Charles G. Groat

Evaluation of Methane Potential of Coal Seams Using Thermal Analysis
by Gupta, Anuj and Siddarth Nahar

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Structural Geology, Seismic Imaging, and Genesis of Jonah Field
by William B. Hanson, Victor Vega, Dennis Cox, and Terry J. Young

Reservoir Characteristics of Cores from the Antrim Shale, Michigan Basin
by William Harrison and Wayne Goodman

Reservoir Categorization of Tight Gas Sands by Combining Petrophysicas with Core-Measured Capillary Pressure
by Michael Holmes

The Effects of Fractures on Reservoir Distribution, Reservoir Quality, and Hydrocarbon Migration
by John C. Horne,  John R. Forster, Richard F. Inden, and William C. Pearson

Reservoir Characterization in Jonah Field, Wyoming: Integration of Offset VSPs, and 3D Surface Seismic Data
by Nance House, Pete Wynn, Dean Dubois, Brian Fuller, and Marc Sterling

Gas Exploration in the Northern Paradox Salt Basin
by William S. Houston, Brent L. Miller, and Terrilyn M. Olson

Digital Elevation Models for Terrain Visualization, Structural Analysis, and Petroleum Exploration in the Rocky Mountain Region
by James R. Howe

Development of the Wyodak Coal Bed Methane Resource in the Powder River Basin
by Tim Hower, Jeff Jones, Donna Goldstein, and Bill Harbridge

A Natural Laboratory for Occurrences of Drift Gas on the Southeastern Margin of the Williston Basin
by Derric L. Iles, Layne D. Schulz, George W. Shurr, Dennis W. Tomhave, and Timothy C. Cowman

Petroleum Systems in Central and Southwestern Wyoming Rocky Mountain Laramide Basins
by Harold Illich, John Zumberge, and Stephen Brown

The Aeromagnetic Definition of Wrench Faults and Their Influence on Hydrocarbon Entrapment and Production Fairways
by Richard F. Inden, William C. Pearson, John C. Horne, and Mary P. Frush

Wave-Equation Migration in Mountainous Areas
by Jianwu Jiao, Barry Newman, Stewart Trickett, and Brian Link

Tectonic Interpretation Using Potential Field Data for the Sweetgrass Arch Area, Montana-Alberta-Saskatchewan
by Clark Jorgensen

Atlantic Rim Coalbed Methane Play: The Newest Successful CBM Play in the Rockies
by Robert A. Lamarre and Stephen K. Ruhl

Criteria for a Multi-Disciplined Approach for Exploration, Exploitation, and Development Drilling in the Morrow Oil Trend of Colorado and Kansas: The 3-G Method
by Rufus J. LeBlanc and Victor T. Jones

Facies Proportion Curves Establish a Stratigraphic Framework for the Lance Formation, Jonah Field, Wyoming
by Barbara Luneau, Dean DuBois, and Debra Nishida

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Geologic Model and Coalbed Methane Potential of the Coalmont Formation, North Park Basin, Colorado
by Christopher B. Martin

Along-Strike Variations in Termination of the Darby (Hogsback) Thrust, Uinta County, Wyoming: Insights from New Seismic Data
by Kevin Martindale, Byrd John, Van S. Mount, Tom Bergstresser, and Scott Young

Eolian Sand Dunes: Models of Emergent Features in Self-Organizing Systems
by R. Mark Maslyn

The Muddy Sandstone, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming: An Underexplored, Stratigraphic Gas Play
by Robert M. Mason

The Answer is Basin Center Gas
by John Masters

Recent Advances in Sorption Isotherm Measurements
by Matthew J. Mavor, Robert C. Hartman, and Timothy J. Pratt

Hydrodynamic and Stratigraphic Controls on Wyodak-Anderson Coalbed Natural Gas Reservoirs in the Fort Union Formation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming
by Dwain E. McGarry and Romeo M. Flores

Situation Summary: U.S. Energy Development and Policy Related to the Rocky Mountain Region
by Robert W. Middleton

Geophysical and Biogeochemical Indicators for Detecting Coal-Bed Methane Seepage in the San Juan Basin
by Christopher T. Mills, Kevin W. Mandernack, Robert F. Dias, Gregory F. Slater, Alena L. Leeds, and Chris M. Reddy

The Columbia Basin of Eastern Washington: A Review of Arguments for Basin-Centered Gas Accumulation
by Scott Montgomery

Bouguer Gravity and Geothermal Gradient as Exploration Tools for Gas in the Denver Basin
by W. Richard Moore

Basin-wide Correlation of Petroleum Plays and Subplays in the Green River Petroleum System, Uinta Basin, Utah
by Craig Morgan, Craig and Kevin McClure

Anaysis of Production and Reservoir Characteristics from the Drunkards Wash Coalbed Gas Field, Utah; Identification of Parameters Favoring High-Performance Gas Wells
by John C. Naranjo and David E. Tabet

Underpressure, Overpressure, and Sand Pack Experiments
by Philip H. Nelson

The Revenge of the Powder River Basin: Current Economics of Coal Gas Production,
by Leslie S. O'Connor and John P. Seidle

Moving Beyond the “Drill Here” Map: Interpreting Seismic Based Fracture Information Using Geologic Analogues and Discrete Fracture Network Models
by Bob Parney

Petroleum Inclusions and the Origin of Gas in the Upper Cretaceous Lewis Shale, San Juan Basin, New Mexico
by T. M. Parris, N. S. Fishman, Robert C. Burruss, and Mark J. Pawlewicz

Puzzling Over the Next Jonah - the Wind River Basin? 
by Ken Parrott

Influence of Fractures on Gas Production at Hay Reservoir Field, Sweetwater County, Wyoming
by Ira Pasternack

Very High Resolution Aeromagnetic Evidence for Structure, Faults and New Oil and Gas Targets - Sweetgrass Arch, Montana
by William C. Pearson and Richard F. Inden

Basinward Increase in Gas Prolificacy of Very Fine-Grained Sandstone Beds of the Alderson Member, Shackleton Area, Southwestern Saskatchewan
by Per Kent Pedersen

Hydrodynamic Model for Pervasive Biogenic Gas Trapped in Low Permeability Sands - Western Plains of North America
by Kaush Rakhit and David Hume

Analysis of the Pennsylvanian Petroleum System in the Paradox Basin Fold and Fault Belt, Colorado and Utah
by Dalton L. Rasmussen, Donald L. Rasmussen, and Robert J. Coskey

New Gas Play in Fractured Pennsylvanian Strata in the Eastern Paradox Basin of Colorado and Utah
by Donald L. Rasmussen and Dalton L. Rasmussen

Seismic Exploration for Fractured Lower Dakota Alluvial Gas Sands, San Juan Basin, New Mexico
by James J. Reeves and W. Hoxie Smith

The Upper Cretaceous Shallow Microbial Gas-Water System in Montana, Saskatchewan, and Alberta—Regional Variations in Stable Isotopes, Noble Gases, and 129I/I Ratios
by Jennie L. Ridgley and Glen T. Snyder

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Using Seismic Velocity Anisotropy to Predict Fractures: A Calibrated Case Study from the Green River Basin of Wyoming
by Keith W. Shanley, Chris Besler, William A. Miller, and John F. Gegg

The Controls on Gas Production from Low-Permeability Reservoirs in the Rocky Mountain Region: Implications for Exploration and Resource Assessment
by Keith W. Shanley, Robert M. Cluff, and John W. Robinson

Compartments in Shallow, Basin Margin Gas Accumulations in the Rocky Mountains and Adjacent Great Plains
by George W. Shurr

An Attempt to Extend the Southwest Limits of Jonah Field - Using High Quality 3-D Seismic to Improve the Structural Definition
by Steven G. Siguaw and Damian C. Friend

3D Geomodeling of the Lower Cretaceous J Sandstone, Wattenberg Gas Field, D-J Basin: Stratigraphic and Structural Compartmentalization Quantified for Reservoir Simulation
by Mark D. Sonnenfeld, Edmund R. “Gus” Gustason, Hai-Zui Meng, and Steven R. Clawson

An Overview of Production Performance for Selected Rocky Mountain Unconventional Gas Reservoirs
by Pete Stark

Global Gas Resources - Implications for North America
by Pete Stark

Geoscience Revelations from Analytic Production Modeling
by Lon Stuebinger and Don Shaw

Use of Iodine Surface Geochemistry for Exploration of Cretaceous Age D and Muddy Channels in the Denver and Powder River Basins
by Steven A. Tedesco

The Critical Element in Coal Bed Methane – Permeability
by Steven Tedesco and Trent Green

Mississippian/Devonian Bakken (Middle Member Dolomite) Horizontal Drilling Play - Williston Basin - Richland County, Montana
by Matthew J. Telfer and Russell A. Wheeler

Comparison of Lost Gas Projections in Coalbed Methane
by Noel Waechter, George Hampton, and John Seidle

A Short History of Jonah Field: From Technology to Geology
by  Edward M. Warner

Petrology and Petrophysics of the Middle Lance Formation (Upper Cretaceous), American Hunter Old Road Unit No. 1, Sublette County, Wyoming
by John C. Webb, Suzanne G. Cluff, Catherine M. Murphy, and Alan P. Byrnes

Exploration for Natural Gas from Coal in the Alberta Plains
by Olwen F.R. Wirth

New AVO Classification Helps Extract Information from Hard Rocks - an Example from the Green River Basin
by Roger A. Young, Robert D. LoPiccolo, Gordon Van Swearingen, and Peter G. Smith

Geologic Controls on Gas and Water Production on the Southern Pinedale Anticline
by Terry J. Young, Victor Vega, and Dennis Cox

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