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Exploration for Natural Gas from Coal in the Alberta Plains

Wirth, Olwen F.R.
MGV Energy Inc, Calgary, AB

In February 2003 MGV Energy Inc., (Canadian subsidiary of Quicksilver Resources Inc.),was the first company in Canada to book natural gas from coal, (NGC), reserves. In November 2003 our production from NGC exceeds 12 mmcf/d from coals in the Upper Cretaceous Horseshoe Canyon Formation and Belly River Group.

The first phase of exploration for NGC in Canada commenced in the late 1970’s with most activity occurring in the early 1990’s. During this period more than 100 wells were drilled in Western Canada with approximately half of these in the Alberta Plains. No significant commercial production resulted from these initial efforts. Beginning in 1999 there was renewed interest in NGC exploration in Canada that is continuing today. We will discuss some of the important differences between the geologic approach to CBM exploration in Canada before and after 1999.

MGV commenced CBM exploration in Canada in 1998. Together with our joint venture partners, we have drilled more than 200 wells targeting the various coal zones of the Alberta Plains. This presentation will focus on the Alberta Plains coal zones and some of the factors that have allowed us to develop NGC. We will outline our current development projects and our exploration program in the Alberta Plains.