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Reservoir Properties and Gas Content Results from Coalbed Core Holes; Rocky Mountain Region

Drexler, William M., Christian Hoffman, Tracy E. Lombardi
TICORA Geosciences, Inc, Arvada, CO

In 2000-2003, as part of a research and development contract with the Gas Technology Institute (GTI), TICORA partnered with several operators in the Rocky Mountain Region in a program designed to collect new detailed coalbed gas data sets in “Frontier” coal gas plays. A total of eleven project wells were drilled in the Denver, Great Divide, Raton, and Williston basins, and Overthrust Region. Detailed analyses of the cores were performed and included gas content, storage capacity, and characterization. This paper will present the results from the core analysis, and include gas-in-place, initial saturation, critical desorption pressure, and sorbed phase gas composition.