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Time-Lapse Seismic Investigation - Rulison Field, Piceance Basin, Colorado

Thomas L. Davis1, Robert D. Benson1, and Matthew J. Pranter2
1 Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO
2 University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

The Reservoir Characterization Project of the Colorado School of Mines is conducting the first time-lapse seismic study of a fractured gas reservoir at Rulison Field, Piceance Basin, Colorado. This study is designed to investigate whether or not time-lapse seismic technology is applicable to monitoring primary depletion from the gas reservoir. A 3-D seismic survey was conducted in a three square mile area of the Rulison Field in Fall,2003. This survey was shot over a pre-existing survey shot in 1996 through funding from the Department of Energy. As a preliminary investigation these two surveys are being integrated to explore for time - lapse changes that may give us information on the viability of time-lapse technology to exploring for and developing this basin-centered gas resource. Monitoring dynamic response of the reservoir may provide information on reservoir connectivity, sweep/drainage, depletion and permeability change. These elements are essential in accurately predicting and forecasting reservoir performance and assist in proactive reservoir management.