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AAPG International Conference

October 24-27, 2004 —Cancun, Mexico

Search and Discovery Article #90036 (2004)

Posted December 31, 2004



Note: Note: Items preceded by asterisks(*) designate somewhat extended to extended abstracts, some with illustrations.


Petrophysical and Geological Modeling for Carbonate Reservoir Simulation - Zeit Bay Field, Gulf of Suez, Egypt
by Khaled Mohamed Abd Alla, Samir Ahmed Abd El-Aal, and Saber Moustafa Selim

Estimates of Undiscovered Conventional Natural Gas Resources of South America and North America
by Thomas S. Ahlbrandt and Christopher J. Schenk

*Identification and Evaluation of Plays in the Simojovel Project, Southeastern Mexico
by J. Ricardo Alcantara-Garcia, Juan Manuel Ham Wong, Ubaldo Medina Flores, J. Jaime Hernandez Penloza, Victor De-la-Cruz-Rivera, Hugo Pena Ramirez, Jay Namson, and Joan M. Spaw

Controls on Recovery Factor in Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs: Lessons Learned from Fractured Analog Reservoirs Worldwide
by Jack Allan and S. Qing Sun

Burgos Basin: Undiscovered Resources
by Juan Aluja, Alejandro Barán, Francisco Ortigosa, and Marcelo Benabentos

Tertiary Tectonic Evolution Model in Cantarell, Ku, Maloob Zaap Fields, Campeche Bay
by Juan Antonio Murillo Alvarado and Gerardo Figueroa Correa

*Integrate Methods Used for Exploration Evaluation in North Cuban Thrust Belt. Case: Northern Heavy Oil Trend
by Jose Alvarez-Castro, Rafael Socorro, Sofia Lopez, Gustavo Echevarria, Jose O. Lopez, Ramon Cruz, Silvia Valladares, Maritza Rodriguez, Rolando Garcia, Jose L. Prol, and Guillermo Miro

*Neogene Shelf, Slope, and Basin-Floor Gas Plays, Laguna Madre-Tuxpan Continental Shelf, Eastern Mexico
by William A. Ambrose, Tim F. Wawrzyniec, L. Frank Brown, Jr., Khaled Fouad, Shinichi Sakurai, David C. Jennette, Dallas B. Dunlap, Edgar H. Guevara, Mario Aranda Garcia, Ulises Hernandez Romano, Ramon Cardenas Hernandez, Eduardo Macias Zamora, and Suhas C. Talukdar

*Hydrocarbon Phase Detection and Other Applications of Chimney Technology
by Fred Aminzadeh, David Connolly, and Herald Ligtenberg

Volume Interpretation of Shelf Collapse Processes and Biafra "Disturbed" Reservoirs, Eastern Niger Delta Joint Venture
by Ted Apotria, Rosanne Lindholm, William Metner, Martin Eze, Derek Gunn, Jeff Geslin, Peter Rumelhart, Frank Goulding, and Steve Mitchell

*Sureste Basin, Mexico and Associated Sub-basins: An Update and Future Potential
by Jose Alberto Aquino-Lopez

Hydrocarbon Potential of the Cretaceous Slope, Offshore Veracruz, Mexico
by Mario Aranda-Garcia, J. A. Cuevas-Leree, Raul Hernandez-De la Fuente, Ulises Hernandez-Romano, Abelardo Escamilla-Garfias, and Raul Hernandez-Martell

Deepwater Reservoir Learnings from the Zafiro Field, Equatorial Guinea and Implications for Ultra Deepwater
by John Ardill, Gerrick Jensen, Mike Whitsett, Ivan Kozak, Barrett Dixon, Stan Evans, Tim Garfield, Rick Beaubouef, and Anthony Sprague

*New Insights on the Jurassic Rift Succession of the Merida Andes, Venezuela: Implications for New Petroleum Systems in Northern South America
by Juan F. Arminio, Mauricio Hernandez, Andres Pilloud, and Felipe Audemard

An Offshore LNG Terminal for Baja California
by Carlos Atallah

*Impact of Paleo-Current Analysis on Reservoir Description of Burgan Clastic Reservoirs, North Kuwait
by Shaikh Abdul Azim, Waleed Al-Awadi, Haifa Al-Ajeel, Yahya Hassan, Peter Cameron, Shehab Abdullah, and Ali El-Baradi

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*Crosswell Imaging and Other Innovative Technologies in Geosciences as Pivots for Hydrocarbons Reserves Expansion and Productivity Increase
by Javier Ballinas

*Understanding of Reservoir Heterogeneity and its Impact on Flow Behaviour to Facilitate Improve Recovery in A Mature Carbonate Reservoir: An Example from Western Offshore Basin, India
by Radhey S. Bansal, Ajay Kumar, Sanjay Chawla, Satyendra P. Rana, and Ravindra N. Chakravorty

*Basin Modeling of Thermal History, Migration and Biodegradation of Oils from the Potiguar Basin (Brazil)
by Francoise Behar and Henrique L. de B. Penteado

Carbonate Digital Outcrop Modeling
by Jerome A. Bellian, Charlie Kerans, James Jennings, Jr., Xavier Janson, and Ted Playton

General Elastic Inversion, Orange Basin RSA Case Study
by Timothy B. Berge and George C. Smith

Recent Activities in the Continued Development of the Giant Ibhubesi Gas Field, South Africa
by Timothy B. Berge, Jeff Aldrich, Francis Tsehloane, and N'dzumbu Vele

The Trident Discovery: Play Opener of the Perdido Foldbelt, Deepwater Northwestern Gulf of Mexico
by Jon F. Blickwede, Mitch W. Damm, Michael J. DiMarco, Eddie Dore, Barry L. Gouger, James G. Hawkins, John W. Hidore, and Skip Walden

*GIS-Based Solutions for Data Analysis and Project Data Management - Recent Advances and Experiences
by  Karen Blohm and Viv Harvey

Facies Distribution in a Shallow Platform Dominated by Lagoonal and Tidal Delta Processes (Upper Coniacian-Lower Santonian, Montsec Mountains, Northeast Spain)
by Carme Boix, Esmeralda Caus, and Joan Rosell

*Girassol Field Optimized Development
by Roland Bouchet, Benoit Levallois, Gabriel Mfonfu, and Jean-Francois Authier

The Princess Discovery - Sub Salt Gulf of Mexico: Challenges of Sub Salt Imaging in a Fast Paced Sub-Sea Development
by Aafke E. Bouma, Bret D. Hampton, and Ben M. Hewett, III

Construction of Geologic Models for Analysis of Real-time Incidental Transients in a Full-field Simulation Model
by Robert N. Bradford, Mike Parker, Chip Corbett, Eduardo Proano, Robin N. Heim, Christina Sonleitner, and David Paddock

*Managing an Exploration Portfolio in a Global Business: from Theory to Practice
by Max Brouwers

Experiences with Seismic Amplitude in Mexican Tertiary Sediments
by Alistair R. Brown

Jurassic Petroleum Potential of the Deep Southeastern Gulf of Mexico
by Richard T. Buffler and Gyorgy L. Marton

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*Local Grid Refinement Methods for Basin Modeling
by Yannick Caillabet, Eric Flauraud, and Frederic J. S. Schneider

Subsurface Learnings: Angola Deepwater Developments
by Charles W. Calavan, Timothy R. Garfield, and Mateus Morais de Brito

*3D Geological Model of Bare Field Reservoirs, Orinoco Heavy Oil Belt, Venezuela
by Arturo Calvo

Great White and the Perdido Fold Belt -- New Petroleum Province in Ultra Deepwater
by C. Scott Cameron, Alex Van den Berg, Mike Mahaffie, Tim Davies, Steve Danielson, Fred Keller, and Gary Steffens

Jamaican Oil Biomarkers Require a Re-examination of the Petroleum Geology of the Northern Caribbean
by Nick R. Cameron, Chris Matchette-Downes, John Zumberge, and Raymond Wight

3D Seismic Interpretation of Delta del Bravo Project
by Carlos Caraveo, Javier Hernandez, Ruben Machado, Alberto Marino, Eduardo Valencia, Hector D. Bello, and Andy Jalbert

*Biostratigraphy as a Fundamental Tool in the Analysis of the Southeast Basin of Mexico
by Celia Cardenas Lara and Clara Marin Sosa

Stochastic Simulation of Vuggy Porous Media in the KT Boundary Carbonate Breccia from the Campeche Sound
by Ricardo Casar-Gonzalez and Vinicio Suro-Perez

The Use of the High Density Velocity Picking to Improve AVO Attributes and Inversion Results
by Gavino Castillo, Sunit K. Addy, and Dominique Gehant

Unstructured Stratigraphic Grids: Construction, Population and Visualization Issues
by Guillaume Caumon, Olivier Grosse, Francois Lepage, and Jean-Laurent Mallet

Integrated Multidisciplinary Techniques Applied to the Evaluation of the Lower Magdalena Valley, Colombia
by John Ceron, Sven Larsson, Luis Miguel Panos, John Bain, and Robert Pawlowski

*Integrated Study of Oil Seeps in the Campeche Bay, Cantarell Field Case History
by Jose Roberto Cerqueira, Miranda Fernando Pellon, Arturo M. Q.-Marmol, Enrico Campos Pedroso, and Karen Bannermaman

Great White Discovery and Appraisal Challenges
by Mark A. Chapin, Tim Davies, Jim Keller, Tony Peacock, Mike Mahaffie, and Erik Tegelaar

*A New Approach of Tertiary Plays in a Multidisciplinary Framework: Sureste Basin, Tabasco, Mexico
by Victor M. Chavez Valois, Ma. de Lourdes Clara Valdes, Juan I. Juarez Placencia, Ivan Alor Ortiz, Marta Mata Jurado, Ricardo Villagran Yanez, Mercedes Guerrero Tristan, and Santosh Ghosh

Reservoir Applications of Electrical and Acoustic Borehole Images in Southeastern Mexico: New Techniques to Evaluate Secondary Porosity and Estimate Net-to-Gross
by Vivek Chitale, Moises Medellin, Ricardo Rodriguez, Jose Salles, and Harold Mesa

An Oil Quality Map of the USA
by Paul A. Comet

Seismic Sequence Architecture of the Silverpit Crater, Southern North Sea
by Z. K. Conway, S. A. Stewart, P. J. Allen, S. Haszeldine, and M. H. Rider

The East Breaks Fold Belt and its Control on Middle Miocene Deepwater Deposition in the Western Gulf of Mexico
by Myron J. Cook, Timothy A. Reed, Andrew R. Stephens, Kim A. Doud, and Bevan W. Alwin

3-D Stratigraphic Inversion of Carbonate Reservoirs: A New Technology for Reservoir Assessment
by Timothy A. Cross, Margaret A. Lessenger, Michael L. Hendricks, and Jay E. Leonard

Velocity Model Building in Shale Diapir Provinces: An Example from Tabasco, Southern Mexico
by Julio Cerrillo Cruz, Craig Docherty, and Doug Allinson

Present and Future of Tamaulipas and Veracruz Continental Platform
by Antonio Cuevas-Leree, Dionisio Rodriguez-Figueroa, and Mario Aranda-Garcia

*Optimizing Multiple-Field Scheduling and Production Strategy with Reduced Risk
by A. S. Cullick, David Heath, and Keshav Narayanan

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Chronology Between Fracturing and Folding: An Issue in Reservoir Characterization?
by Jean-Marc Daniel, William Sassi, Martin Guiton, and Jean-Paul Callot

Sustainable Development: Tools for Identifying Risks and Opportunities at the Project Level
by Luke Danielson

Risking Oil and Gas Quality and Producibility in Deepwater Reservoirs
by Cara L. Davis, Lloyd M. Wenger, and Gary H. Isaksen

The Petroleum Geology of Central America
by Carlos A. Dengo

Monetisation of Gas Resources - Columbus Basin, Trinidad & Tobago
by John Denis, Jeawan Bhajan, Ed Shaw, and Stanley Wharton

Influence of Stress and Temperature on Fault Rock Properties in Impure Sandstones
by David Dewhurst

A New Gas Province in South Atlantic Region: Recent Gas Discoveries in Santos Basin, Offshore Brazil
by Jeferson Luiz Dias and Mario Carminatti

Rock Physics Diagnostic for a Better Understanding of Seismic Attributes in the Acema Area, Eastern Venezuela
by Manuel Diaz, Carlos Azalgara, Miguel Diaz, Ronelba Blanco, and Jose Benito

Hydrocarbon Neighbourhoods, Salt Diapirs & Oil Migration Limits: G3 Interpretation in Campos and Santos Basins of Brazil
by William G. Dickson, Craig F. Schiefelbein, A.G. Requejo, and Mark E. Odegard

*Challenges to Exploration in Frontier Basins – The Barbados Accretionary Prism
by Paul J. Dolan, Daniel R. Burggraf, Khalid A. Soofi, Roy F. Fitzsimmons, Evsen Aydemir, Odd Senneseth, and Lynn M. Strickland

Changes in the Transport Properties of Well-Cement Under CO2-Sequestration Conditions
by Andrew Duguid, Mileva Radonjic, Robert Bruant, Jr., George Scherer, and Micheal Celia

Planning and Execution of World Class Extended Reach Drilling Wells in the Development of the Chayvo Field, Sakhalin Island, Russia: A Multi-Disciplinary Team Approach
by James P. Dulaney

Subsurface Work Processes and Technologies to Shorten Cycle Time on Major Deepwater Developments, Angola Block 14
by John F. Dunn and John Baillie

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*Porosity Differentiation within Interbedded Limestone - Dolostone Reservoirs
by S. N. Ehrenberg and Gregor P. Eberli, Mohamed Karamati, and Ali Moallemi

Direct Hydrocarbon Detection Technologies Applied to Minimize Exploration Risk in Deep Water Probes
by Vladimir Oliveira Elias, Marcio Rocha Mello, Juliano M. Magalhaes, Mario Limon, Francisco Fuentes, Alfredo Vera, Joel Lara, Emilio Vazquez, and Antonio Toledo

Seismic Attributes for Lithofacies Prediction trough the Use of Artificial Neural Networks Methods. A Case Study from Bloque VIII Field, Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela
by Andres G. Espeso and Ann M. Mezones

The Four Big Challenges of Subsalt Imaging
by John T. Etgen

*Laying the Foundations for Hydrocarbon Resource Management
by John R. Etherington

Automatic Fault /Horizon Contact Completion
by Nicolas Euler, Isabelle Moretti, Renaud Gillet, and Isabelle Duvinage

Using Portfolio Management to Turn Exploration into a Business
by Steve P. Evans and Paul M. Haryott

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*Iso-frame Modelling of Marly Chalk and Calcareous Shale
by Ida L. Fabricius, Manika Prasad, and Casper Olsen

Formation Fluid Identification in Carbonate Reservoirs Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging "MRI" Logs
by Maged Fam and Fredy Jimenez

*Evaluating the Shaly-Sand Oil Reservoirs of El Tordillo Field, Argentina Using Magnetic Resonance Logs
by Maged Fam, Luis Stinco, and Julio Vieiro

New Petroleum Systems Detected in the Deep-water Mexican Gulf by Satellite Radar Imagery
by Maria de Farago Botella, Noel Holguin Quinones, and Alan K Williams

Revitalizing Mature Fields in the NNPC/MPN Joint Venture Offshore Nigeria through Integrated Geoscience/Reservoir Engineering Field Studies: The East Area Additional Oil Recovery Project
by John A. Farre

Using Modern Cave Systems as Analogs for Modeling Paleokarst Reservoirs
by Charles T. Feazel and Ira D. Sasowsky

Understanding Thin Bedded Reservoirs in Pliocene Slope Channel Levee Complexes offshore West Nile Delta
by Vince L. Felt, Mohamed Reda, Donald Easley, Sherif Montasser, Tom R. Williams, and Mohamed Fathy

A Comparison of Salt-Related Structures in the Espirito Santo Basin, Brazil and its Conjugate Margin in the Lower Congo Basin, Angola, Africa
by Joseph C. Fiduk, Eugene R. Brush, Lynn E. Anderson, and Peter Gibbs

*A Planetary View of Mesozoic Plate Tectonics in the Gulf of Mexico
by Richard H. Fillon

Integration of Well Log and 3D Seismic Data Evaluates AVO Anomalies to Define Well Locations at Cocuite-Playuela Fields, Veracruz Basin, Mexico
by Fernando Flores, Sergio Rivera, Jr., and Ricardo Octavio Vazquez, Jr.,

*Genetic Facies Analysis Using Seismic Geomorphology and Seismic Attributes in the Continental Shelf of Eastern Mexico
by Khaled Fouad, Frank Brown, William Ambrose, Dallas Dunlap, Mario Aranda-Garcia, and Ulises Hernandez-Romano

Channel-form Morphologies Revealed in Salt-modified, Intra-slope Basin Settings- Upper Cretaceous North Gabon
by Scot I. Fraser, Ziad Ahmadi, and Marcus Schwander

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*The Impact of the Project "Aditep" in the Salina del Istmo Basin, Southeast Mexico
by Angel Gallegos Alvarez

Plumbing the Depths of the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Recent Understanding of Cenozoic Sand Dispersal Systems and Ultra Deep Reservoir Potential
by William E. Galloway, Samuel Mentemeir, Kerry Inman, Mark Rowan, Lawrence M. Gochioco, and Pablo N. Eisner

PEMEX Integrated Exploration Evaluation Process
by Jose Garcia-Esparza, Adan E. Oviedo Perez, and Alfredo E. Guzman

Future Directions in Deep-water Exploration: Convergence of New Technologies and Geologic First Principals
by Timothy R. Garfield, R. T. Beaubouef, and A. R. Sprague

*Paleogeographic Evolution of the Southeastern Region of the Gulf of Mexico (NW Cuba - Deep Waters)
by Fabrice Gaumet, Jean Letouzey, and Jorge R. Sanchez

Anisotropic Depth Imaging of Lorien Discovery in Deepwater Northern Gulf of Mexico
by Sujoy Ghose, Ronald F. Luongo, Paul Farmer, Brent Mecham, Michael S. Howard, and Ruben Pascual

Prestack Seismic Inversion of Nile Delta Tertiary Clastics
by Robert J. Godfrey, Folke Engelmark, Kimberly Hughes, Stefano Volterrani, John R. Bedingfield, and Ron Roberts

The Importance the Burgos Gas Basin, Mexico
by Miguel Angel Gomez Tapia, Fernando Perez Gonzalez, and Javier Arellano Gil

*Reactivation of the Canon Field, Burgos Basin, Mexico
by Hermilo Gonzalez de la Torre and Victor M. Alvarez Maya

*Strike-Slip Model for the Jacinto and Paredon Fields of the Chiapas-Tabasco Region, South East Basin, Mexico
by Jesus Fernando Gonzalez-Posadas, Salatiel Avendano-Lopez, and Jorge Molina

*Choch Mulix a Prolific Area on the Western Margin of the Akal Horst, Southern Gulf of Mexico
by Nicolas Gonzalez Tovar, Francisco Angeles Aquino, Javier Reyes Zamora, Detlef Balasejus, Andreas Suter, Yves Helfenbein, Javier Meneses Rocha, Carlos Puerto Zapata, and Felipe Audemard

Regional Oil-Economical Implications of the Chicxulub Impact: the K/T Boundary Calcareous Breccia and the Seal Ejecta Layer in SE Mexico
by Jose Manuel Grajales-Nishimura, Gustavo Murillo-Muneton, Esteban Cedillo-Pardo, Carmen Rosales-Dominguez, Walter Alvarez, Ignacio Arenillas, Philippe Claeys, Ricardo Martinez-Ibarra, Sergio Hernandez-Garcia, Jose Antonio Arz, Jesus Garcia-Hernandez, and Luis Velasquillo-Mariínez

3D Modelling of Structurally and Stratigraphically Compartmentalized Permian Gas Reservoir Using Seismic Attributes and Inversion: Kommerzijl, Netherlands
by Martin Grecula, Jos Terken, Hans Dankbaar, Herve Le Guen, and Robert Meij

Impact Craters within the Western Sedimentary Basin of North America
by Richard A. F. Grieve and Joanna V. Morgan

*Sismage and the 3D Visualisation at Total
by Sebastien Guillon and Naamen Keskes

*Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators and Structural Inversion in the South of the Macuspana Basin, an Addition for Hydrocarbons Search
by Enrique Guzman-Vera and Jorge Calderon-Barrera

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Paradigm Shift for Carbonate Platform Models - Broad Platforms, Intrashelf Seaways and Leeward Ramps
by C. Robertson Handford

Hydrocarbon Potential in Espino Graben, Eastern Venezuela
by Takateru Hara, J. Michael Moldowan, and Pieter Pestman

Impact of Image-Log-Derived Lithofacies on Eolian Reservoir Layering and Geocellular Modeling, Unayzah 'A' Reservoir, Hawtah Formation, Tinat Field, Saudi Arabia
by Christian J. Heine, John Melvin, and Jim Wilkins

Miocene Play Definition and Chronostratigraphic Framework of the Burgos Basin, Northeastern Mexico
by Tucker F. Hentz, William A. Ambrose, Michael V. De Angelo, Tim F. Wawrzyniec, Mark H. Holtz, Shinichi Sakurai, Suhas C. Talukdar, Antonio Cuevas, and J. Javier Hernandez Mendoza

Revitalizing the Offshore Golden Lane: Development and Exploration Opportunities
by Raul Hernandez de la Fuente, Abelardo Escamilla Hernandez, and Raul Hernandez Martel

Hydrocarbon Potential in Miocene Turbidite-Minibasin Plays: Offshore Burgos Basin, NE Mexico
by J. J. Hernandez, Sr., R. Machado, E. Valencia, Sr., A. Alvarado, A. Marino, H. Ramos, R. Ayala, Sr., C. Caraveo, and A. Jalbert, Sr.

Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional Environment of the Lankahuasa Reservoirs, Offshore Veracruz, Mexico
by Ulises Hernandez-Romano, Marco A. Rodriguez-Uribe, Lidia De la Huerta-Cobos, Juan C. Bermudez-Santana, Alberto Rodriguez-Maya, Agustin Espino-Moreno, Mario Velazquez-Castillo, and Hugo Flores-Mendez

Process Based Knowledge Management – Overview and Application Iterative 3D Modelling Workflows
by Joost C. Herweijer, Jeffrey Yarus, Jack Breig, Michael J. V. Suana, and Richard Chambers

Enhanced Exploration and Development Through Kinematic Modeling
by Robert G. Hickman and Robert A. Ratliff

Geochemistry of Barbados Oils, Gases and Petroleum Seeps: Implications for Barbados Petroleum Systems
by Ronald J. Hill and Christopher Schenk

Seal Controls on Oil and Gas Distribution in Over-Pressured Reservoirs
by Susan Hippler, Thomas Finkbeiner, Amie Lucier, and Mark Zoback

Hydrocarbon Microseepage Evaluations from 1994 to 2003 of the Ames Hole Impact Structure, Oklahoma, USA
by Daniel Hitzman, Brooks Rountree, and Dietmar Schumacher

Seismic Attributes for Regional Reconnaissance: Deep Gas Interval, Northern Gulf of Mexico Shelf
by H. Truman Holcombe

*Revitalizing the Poza Rica Field: New Insights Into the Tamabra Reservoir and a Tale of a Paradigm Lost
by Andrew D. Horbury, Hector Hernandez, Alfredo Marhx, Angel Ojeda, Gabriella Ita, and Jaime Estrada

Know What You Need... Use What you Know: A Proactive Approach to Strategic Planning from a Portfolio Perspective
by John I. Howell, III

Web-Based Sharing of Carbonate Stratigraphy and Reservoir Information
by Jean C. C. Hsieh and Paul (Mitch) Harris

Utilization of a New Information Methodology: An Example from the Burgos Basin, Mexico
by Donlon O. Hurtubise, JoAnne Sblendorio-Levy, William A. Burroughs, Stephen J. Hall, and Angel F. Curet

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*Lateral Seal – A Major Exploration Risk in the Faulted Traps of the Cretaceous Petroleum System - Central Muglad Basin, Sudan
by Kamil M. Idris and Su Yongdi

Petroleum Systems and Hydrocarbon Potential in Neogene Basins, Back Arc Region of Southwest Japan
by Takao Iwata and Norifumi Morita

How Analyzing Variations in Gas-Oil Ratio Led to Improved Understanding of a Giant Deepwater Reservoir
by B. James, L. D. Meckel, III, D. McKinney, G. Ugueto, B. Dindoruk, J. W. Kendrick, and S. Hara

*Interpretation Methodologies Utilizing 3D Visualization Tools
by Edward J. Jansen

Stratigraphic and Reservoir Architecture of the Giant Poza Rica Field, Cretaceous, Mexico, Using Seismic Facies Based on 3D Seismic Attributes
by Xavier Janson, Charles Kerans, Robert G. Loucks, Shinichi Sakurai, Fred P. Wang, Alfredo Marhx, and Carlos Reyes

Geochemical Characteristics of Tertiary, Cretaceous, and Jurassic Source Rocks, Gulf of Mexico
by Daniel M. Jarvie, Alejandro Morelos, Jackie Reed, Mark Tobey, and Hossein Alimi

New Advances in Probabilistic Oil Volume and Recovery Prediction for Tengiz Field, ROK
by Steve Jenkins, Kaveh Dehghani, Dennis Fischer, and Gulmira Kuyansheva

The Schiehallion Field: The Impact of Depositional Architecture on Production Performance
by Neville Jones and Tim Primmer

Heavy Oil Production and Transportation as Low-Volume Water-External Emulsions
by Clifford Juengst

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Preliminary 3D Basin Model of the United States Portion of the Perdido Foldbelt, Deepwater Northwestern Gulf of Mexico
by Marek Kacewicz, Jon F. Blickwede, Elizabeth A. Johnson, and Tim E. Smith

Permeability and Porosity Trends from Thin Sections Using Lattice Boltzmann Method
by Ayako Kameda, Jack Dvorkin, Youngseuk Keehm, and Amos Nur

*Remote Real-Time Operations Centers for Geologically Optimized Productivity
by Dean H. Kaminski, Alvaro Escorcia, and Luigi Saputelli

Oil Quality in Deepwater Settings – Concerns, Perceptions, Observations, and Reality
by Barry J. Katz and Vaughn Robison

The Greater Mars Basin – Deep, Subsalt Exploration Success in a Mature Basin
by Merrill A. Keen, John L. Shepard, and Greg M. Guidry

Investigation of Strained Carbonates Exposed in Northern Oman : Constraints on Predicting the Structural Component of Permeability in Carbonate Reservoirs
by Jerome J. Kendall, Susan M. Agar, Rolf V. Ackermann, and Mary Johns

Advanced Seismic Imaging Applied to the Subsalt Play in the Gulf of Mexico
by M. Kiehn, C. D Lee, D. B. Schewitz, R. W. Johnson, R. L. Rosenbladt, W. S. Killingsworth, B. M. Hewett, F. H. Becker, and J. L. Sheiman

Geologic Modeling for Production Surveillance and Field Development at Cerro Negro Field, Orinoco Heavy Oil Belt Venezuela
by Tim L. Kirst, J. Adame, J. A. Andrew, G. S. Benson, B. C. Caspar, J. R. Bulau, J. Llerena, A. Lopez, L. M. Linares, D. J. O'Donnell, and V. D. Rahmanian

Optimized Development of a Heavy Oil Field: An Integrated Reservoir Management Process at Cerro Negro Field, Orinoco Heavy Oil Belt, Venezuela
by Tim L. Kirst, J. L. Llerena, A. Lopez, L. M. Linares, E. T. Nelson, and D. J. O'Donnell

Reserve Growth in Oil and Gas Fields of Mexico
by T. R. Klett and M. K. Verma

Faulting and Fault Seal: Progress with Prediction
by Rob Knipe, Russell Davies, Steve Freeman, D. T. Needham, Q. Fisher, G. Jones, E. Edwards, A. Li, S. Harris, and P. Jones

A New Approach for Reducing Uncertainties in Formation Evaluation
by Ghazi M. Kraishan and Keith S. Boyle

Modeling Dual Porosity Carbonate Reservoirs: Integration of Core, Well Log, 3D Seismic and Well Bore Image Data for Stochastic Modeling of Fault and Fracture Systems, Al Rayyan Field, Qatar
by Julie A. Kupecz, T. Richard Svor, Gerald E. Drake, Gerard P. Haughey, Nathan J. Andrews, and Kassim Habib

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Fault Control on Migration Pattern And Reservoir Distribution in the Shengli Oilfield, China
by Carolyn Lampe, Liangzi Cong, and Guoqi Song

Deep Water Carbonates, the Next Frontier Play?
by Philippe Lapointe

Early Production Systems to Reduce Cycle Time of Offshore Developments
by Kenneth L. Larson and Richard W. Schreiber

The Future of Deepwater Oil & Gas
by Andrew J. Latham

*Porosity Characterization Utilizing Petrographic Image Analysis: Implications for Rapid Identification and Ranking of Reservoir Flow Units, Happy Spraberry Field, Garza County, Texas
by John M. Layman, II  and Wayne M. Ahr

*Petroleum Mass-Balance of the Neuquen Basin, Argentina: A Comparative Assessment of the Productive Districts and Non-Productive Trends
by Leonardo Legarreta, Carlos E. Cruz, Gustavo Vergani, Guillermo A. Laffitte, and Hector J. Villar

Jurassic Carbonates and Evaporites of the Middle East: A New Look at an Old Play
by Christoph Lehmann, Jeremy Goff, and Bob W. Jones

Virtual Reality, Actually
by Rob Leslie

*3D Visualization and Interpretation of VSP, Well Log, and Surface Seismic Data
by Yingping Li, Fran Doherty, James C. Jackson, Jie Yang, and Jie Zhang

3D VSP Modeling of Complex Geological Structures in Gulf of Mexico
by Yingping Li, David Dushman, Xiaomin Zhao, and Celine Barberan

*Fault Seal Analysis by Enhancing Fluid Flow Paths and Fault Irregularities in Seismic Data
by Herald Ligtenberg

New Technologies Enhance Operational Efficiency in Difficult Gravel-Pack Operations
by Everaldo Lima, Rob Pounds, Gustavo Ribeiro Borin, and Alexandre Zacarias Ignacio Pereira

Exploration Overview of the Mexican Sector of the Gulf of Mexico
by Mario Limon-Gonzalez

Jurassic Sequence Stratigraphy of the Southern Mesopotamian Basin, Kuwait
by Anthony J. Lomando, S. K. Singh, N. H. Al-Ajmi, G. Al-Sahlan, and M. Al-Bhagli

The Main Scenarios for Petroleum Exploration in the Southeastern Part of the Gulf of Mexico
by Juan Guillermo Lopez-Rivera and Jose Orlando Lopez-Quintero

Recent Discovery of Gas in The Tertiary Basin of Veracruz, Apertura-Madera Area
by Noe Loyo-Hernandez, Rosalio Razo-Rojas, Marcos Quesada-Dimas, and Rafael Munoz-Vergara

*Camisea Gas Fields, Peru: Uncertainties and Technologies Applied
by Jose A. Luquez and Alfredo Disalvo

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*3D Fracture Network Modeling Integrating Geomechanical and Geological Data
by Laetitia Mace, Laurent Souche, and Jean-Laurent Mallet

The Relevance of the Integration between High-Resolution Geochemical Data and Compositional Petroleum Systems Models in Frontier Areas of Exploration
by J. M. Macedo, Marcio Rocha Mello, Vladimir Oliveira Elias, Bjorn P. Wygrala, and Robert G. Tscherny

Petroleum Potential of the Northwestern Margin of the Arabian Peninsula (West Syria and Lebanon)
by Louai Machhour, Alain Noyau, Daniel Dessort, Melhem Kossairi, and Mustapha Mroueh

Geologic-Geophysics Interpretation of the Lamprea Area
by Eduardo Macias Zamora, Manuel Zambrano Alvarez, and Dionisio Rodriguez Figueroa

Petroleum Systems Analysis and Basin Modeling of the Tucoo -- Santa Ana Area, Offshore Coatzacoalcos, Mexico
by Rodrigo Maldonado, Sr., Mario Alfredo Pimienta, Sr., Jose Vicente Ortega, Sr., and Marshall W. Titus, Sr.

*Producing Basins of Argentina: Reducing Risk Through Use of Surface Geochemical Exploration Techniques
by Daniel Malizia, Maria Graciela Prestia, Luis Clavijo, Dietmar Schumacher, and Daniel Hitzman

Prestack Depth Images of the Deep Stratigraphy and Structures, Offshore Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados, and Implications for Oil and Gas Exploration
by Paul Mann, Lesli J. Wood, Dave Shope, and Catherine B. Enomoto

Fault-Related Fracture Reservoir: A Case Study from the Cretaceous of Cogollo Group, Western Venezuela
by Denis Marchal, Enrique Peralta, and Ferro Elmer

3D Seismic Structural Interpretation of Carito Field, Venezuela
by Carlos Gonzalo Marquez and Jorge Luis Reveron

Current Status and Future of Petroleum Exploration in the Cuban Exclusive Economic Zone, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
by Manuel Marrero-Faz and Guillermo Hernandez-Perez

Seismic Modeling on Complex Media
by Eldues Oliveira Martins, Djalma Manoel Soares Filho, Josias Jose da Silva, Luiz Landau, and Jorge Luiz Costa

*Technical Software Licensing Optimisation
by Jaime Martinez Leyva and Agueda Benitez Diaz

Sources of Uncertainty and Roadblocks to Successful Implementation of Portfolio Management
by Glenn E. McMaster

Analog for Exploration- and Development-Scale Heterogeneity in Grainstone Reservoirs; Exuma Islands, Bahamas
by Donald McNeill, Gregor Eberli, and Paul (Mitch) Harris

How (Dis)Continuous Are Turbidite Systems?
by L. D. Meckel, III, G. A. Ugueto, B. J. O'Neill, B. Tichelaar, and C. Wojcik

The Hydrocarbon Exploration Risk of Ultra Deep-Water Petroleum Systems in the Great Campos Basin and Gulf of Mexico
by Marcio R. Mello, J. M. Moldowan, J. Dahl, J. M. Macedo, Mario Limon, Francisco Fuentes, Heberto Ramos, Gustavo Martinez, Henrique Mena, Alfredo Vera, Ernesto Miranda, and Bjorn Wygrala

The Use of Leading-Edge Complementary Tools and Integrated Models Applied to Petroleum Exploration in Offshore Basins
by Marcio R. Mello, J. M. Macedo, Vladimir Oliveira Elias, Bjorn Wygrala, Carlos Leandro, Carlos Beisl, Mario Limon, Francisco Fuentes, Alfredo Vera, Joel Lara, Emilio Vazquez, and Antonio Toledo

Approach to New Petroleum Province in the Brazilian Offshore Basins: Focus on Upper Cretaceous Turbidite Systems
by Marcos P. Mendes and Jonas Q. Castro

Cantarell Oil Seep Characterization Using a Satellite Monitoring Program in the South Gulf of Mexico
by Arturo Mendoza, Fernando Miranda, Enrico Pedroso, Karen Bannerman, and Oscar Lopez

Implemented Risk Analysis Process Enhancements from Post Drill Audit Lessons Learned
by John C. Meredith, David E. Sanders, and Brett Edwards

The Emergence of the Lower Tertiary Trend in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico - Could it be the Most Prolific Petroleum System in the Gulf of Mexico Basin?
by David B. Meyer, Robert Meltz, David Rains, Larry Zarra, and Thomas Hall

Stratigraphic Discrimination Using High Resolution Seismic Data and Advanced 3D Interpretation Techniques, A Case History from the Bloque VIII Field, Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela
by Ann M. Mezones and Andres G. Espeso

Cantarell and Sihil Structures, Campeche Bay, Mexico: 3-D Structural Interpretation and Visualization
by Shankar Mitra, Gerardo Correa Figueroa, Jesus Garcia Hernandez, and Antonio Murillo Alvarado

Basin Modeling, a Valuable Exploration Tool - An Example from Brazil's Campos Basin
by Ulrich Moeller, Peter Eisenach, Harald Karg, Sabine Klarner, Klaus Fischer, Ruud van Boom, Markus Schleicher, Uwe Schulz, and Robert Tscherny

*Reservoir Characterization and Depositional Patterns of Pliocene and Miocene in the North Nile Delta, Mediterranean Sea , Egypt
by Ahmed Abd El Hamid Mohamed

*Ensuring Real-Time Deepwater Well Performance: Physics-Based Well Technical Limits
by Jack Mohr, Stu Keller, Jim Rigby, Steinar Ottesen, and Janette Mendez-Santiago

Interrelationships Between Carbonate Diagenesis and Fracture Development: Example from Monterrey Salient, Mexico and Implications for Hydrocarbon Reservoir Characterization
by Faustino Monroy Santiago and Randall Marrett

Integrating Flow Character defined from Shaly Sand Analysis into Detailed Reservoir Models at Negage Field, Deepwater Angola
by Mark S. Moon, John Fryters, P. Sundararaman, and Guido Paparoni

Narrowing Uncertainty by Pre-Drilling Development Wells: Benguela, Belize, Lobito & Tomboco Fields, Block 14, Angola
by John G. Moore, Pedro V. Chicato, William G. Higgs, Esperanca Rosa, and Gary Caldwell

Play Concepts in an Emerging Major Hydrocarbon Province in the Ultra-Deep Water Gulf of Mexico
by Michael G. Moore and Bryan C. Delph

*Petrobras Partnerships: Current Status and Future Perspectives
by Jose Jorge Moraes, Jr., Monica Rebelo Rodriguez, and Eduardo Rizkallah Abdounur

*The Deeper Exploration of the Southern Gulf of Mexico, Le Acash - Chuktah
by Madain Moreno Vidal, Carlos Gonzalez Morales, Alicia Cruz Rodriguez, Miguel Araujo, Tito Hernandez, Felipe Audemard, and Javier Meneses Rocha

From Digital Elevation Model to Complete 3D Block
by Isabelle Moretti, Vincent Martinez, Renaud Divies, Renaud Gillet, and Jean Marc Daniel

Application of Stochastic Analysis and Modeling Through Integrated Reservoir Characterization in Gonbadli Gas Field (Northeastern Iran)
by Bijan Mostaghel, Alireza Bashari, A. Kakzad, and A. Amin Sobhani

Meeting Indigenous Peoples Expectations Through the Tripartite Dialogue: Lessons Learned from the Oil and Gas Industry in the Amazonian Basin
by Miguel Moyano

Integrated Hydrocarbon Risk Assessment of Deepwater Scotian Slope, Eastern Canada: A Petroleum Systems Approach
by Prasanta Mukhopadhyay, Thomas Bowman, Jeff Faber, David Brown, Arthur Kidston, Paul Harvey, and Bjorn Wygrala

Petroleum Systems of the Sergipe-Alagoas Basin, with Comparison to Proximal Basins of Brazil and West Africa
by Peter Mullin, Ryan Mann, Robin Pilcher, and Paulo Otavio Gomes

The Stratigraphic Architecture of the K/T Boundary Carbonate Breccia Sedimentary Succession in the Cantarell Oil Field: The Most Important Oil-Producing Horizon in Offshore Campeche
by Gustavo Murillo-Muneton, Jose Manuel Grajales-Nishimura, Esteban Cedillo-Pardo, Ricardo Martinez-Ibarra, Jesus Garcia-Hernandez, Sergio Hernandez-Garcia, and Rafael Penaloza-Romero

New Hydrocarbons Plays at Southern Burgos Basin, Mexico
by Rogelio Munoz Cisneros, Hilario Ramos G., Adalberto Alvarado C., and Victor De laRosa R.

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Understanding and Predicting Fractures at Tengiz – A Giant, Naturally Fractured Reservoir in the Caspian Basin of Kazakhstan
by Wayne Narr, Dennis Fischer, Paul M. Harris, Thomas Heidrick, Ben Robertson, and Karen Payrazyan

New Strategy for Exploitation of Mature Heavy Oil Fields in the Mexican Northern Region
by Antonio Narvaez Ramirez

Mexico's Non-Associated Gas Production and Its Geological Implications
by Antonio Narvaez Ramirez and Jose G. Galicia Barrios

The Role and Implementation of Play Analysis in Pemex Exploration and Production (PEP) Systematic Business Process (CERPlay)
by Fernando Navarro Baca, P. Jeffrey Brown, Jose Garcia Esparza, Adan E. Oviedo Perez, Jay E. Leonard, Christopher N. Wold, and Brett Edwards

*Analysis and Synthesis of Horizontal Wells in Hassi R'Mel Oil Rim, Algeria
by Zohra Nennouche and R. Recham

*Optimization of Development Plan of Serie Inferieure (Triassis Inferieur) in Hassi R'Mel Field, Algeria
by Zohra Nennouche, Fadila Bessa, and Nadir Guergour

*Un Explored Giant Sandstone Features in Ultra-Deep water, West Mediterranean, Egypt
by Mohamed Bahi Eldin Niazi and Mohamed Abd El Moneim Dahi

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Reservoir Architectural Styles across Stepped Slope Profiles: Implications for Exploration, Appraisal and Development
by Ciaran J. O'Byrne, Brad E. Prather, Gary Scott Steffens, and Carlos Pirmez

*Cyclostratigraphy: Recognition of Climate Forcing Stratigraphic Cycles from Well Logs of the MITI Sanriku-Oki Borehole, Offshore Northeast Japan
by Hiroshi Oda

Geological and Seismic Analytical Techniques Permit Prediction of Reservoir and Fluid Type in the Thin Bed D-129 Fm. Pampa del Castillo Field, San Jorge Basin, Argentina
by Oscar Antonio Olima and Erlend Guttormsen

The Cretaceous Ibura Evaporites, Sergipe Basin, Brazil:Sedimentary Facies, Paleoenviroments and Oil Generation
by Flavio Zaborne Oliver and Maria Augusta M. Da Silva

*Static and Dynamic Young’s Modulus for Lower Cretaceous Chalk. A Low Frequency Scenario
by Casper Olsen, Ida L. Fabricius, Anette Krogsboll, and Manika Prasad

4-D Modeling of the Jurassic-Cretaceous Petroleum System of the Southeastern Basins, Mexico
by Felipe Ortuno Arzate

CERSIS—Bridging the Gap in the PEMEX/PEP Integrated Process between Petroleum Systems Analysis and Play Risk Analysis
by Adan E. Oviedo Perez, Jay E. Leonard, Christopher N. Wold, Robert J. Coskey, P. Jeffrey Brown, and Brett Edwards

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*Sequence Stratigraphy and Basin Evolution of the Foz do Amazonas Basin, Brazil
by Mark Pasley, David B. Shepherd, David Pocknall, Kevin Boyd, Vander Andrade, and Jorge Picanco de Figueiredo

Borehole Imaging in Non-Conductive Muds: Two Years Later
by Mitch Pavlovic

Climate Science, Learning, and the Corporation
by David S. Payne

Tahiti Discovery -- Opening Another Deepwater Frontier
by Jim Pear, Freddy Yip, and Paul Siegele

*High Resolution Chemostratigraphy: A New Method for Geosteering in Clastic Reservoirs at the Wellsite: a Case Study of a Recent Well Drilled in the TAG-I Reservoir in Algeria
Tim J. Pearce, John Martin, Christian Fernandez-Scougal, David, E. Lawton, and Simon Hughes

Re-evaluation of the Gulf of Mexico as a Frontier Basin
by Frank J. Peel

Fracture and Fault Analysis in Abra del Condor Anticline, Devonian Outcrops, Southern Subandean, Bolivia: Analogy with Well Data and Implication on Connectivity Between Reservoirs and Modeling Parameters
by Marcio J. Pereira and Oscar H. Arispe

High Resolution Seismic in Lankahuasa
by Julio Perez Aldana and Ramon Cardenas Hernandez

Exploring the Mexican Sector of the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
by Guillermo A. Perez-Cruz, Juan Antonio Cuevas Leree, and Rodolfo Juarez Gomez

*Multidisciplinary Approach and its Role in Hydraulic Unit Characterization
by Jose Renato C. Peron, Jorge Arguello, and Denis Marchal

Identification of Stratigraphic Traps Creates New Play Concept in Guarico Sub-basin, Eastern Venezuela
by Pieter Pestman, Masashi Hirano, Shinya Tauchi, and Toshiaki Takimoto

Charge Risk and 3-D Visualization of Petroleum Systems in the San Joaquin Basin, California
by Kenneth E. Peters, Leslie B. Magoon, Allegra Hosford Scheirer, Carolyn Lampe, Donald L. Gautier, and Paul G. Lillis

*High Molecular Weight Paraffins (>C40) in Crude Oils and Source Rocks
by R. Paul Philp and M. Hsieh

Deepwater Opportunities in Suriname
by N. Poeketi, L. Mwakipesile-Arnon, and A. A. Dijksman

Using Petroleum Type Organofacies for Prediction of Hydrocarbon Phase Behaviour
by Rolando di Primio and Brian Horsfield

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New Technology on Reservoir Modeling: the Future Stands on PCs
by Sandra Quental, Flavio Zaborne Oliver, and Eduardo Castro

Depositional Systems and Traps of Shallow and Deep Water Central Gulf of Mexico
by Juan R. Roman Ramos, Luis E. Salomon Mora, Carlos Rosas Lara, Mario Aranda Garcia, Jose Morales Marin, Juan C. Flores Zamora, Enrique Sandoval Solis, and Karla Rosas Lara

A Flexible Evergreen Portfolio Management Process Implemented Within PEMEX Exploration and Production (PEP) using Spotfire® and BlitzPort™
by Stephen Rasey, Juan Garcia Gaona, and Brett Edwards

Production Automation at the Cantarell Field, in Mexico
by Sergio Renovato-Carrion and Alberto Toledano-Casazza

Controls on Oil Quality in Deep and Ultra-Deep Water Fields of the Campos Basin, Brazil
by A. G. Requejo and Craig F. Schiefelbein

Regional Assessment of Petroleum Systems and Hydrocarbon Phase in the Deep Water Santos Basin
by A.G. Requejo and Craig F. Schiefelbein

Well Placement LWD VISION Steering Eliminates Pilot Well in Deepwater Production Well in Brazil
by Laurence Reynolds, Augusto Silva, and Chris Lenamond

Delineation of Meso-Tidal Estuarine Reservoir Deposits within a Transgressive Systems Tract: Ellerslie Member (Lower Cretaceous), Central Alberta, Canada
by Sami Riahi and Federico F. Krause

The Structural Evolution of The Giant Cantarell Field, Mexico: Implications for Modelling of a Fractured Carbonate Reservoir
by Valente Ricoy and Joe Cartwright

Layered Model Juxtaposition for Determination of the Seal Fault Capacity of the Carito Field, North of Monagas, Venezuela
by Elias B. Roa and Carlos Gonzalo Marquez

*Deltaic Deposits and Linked Downslope Petroleum Systems
by Harry H. Roberts and Richard H. Fillon

*Offshore Neogene’s Plays, Salina del Istmo Basin, Southeast of Mexico
by Jose Robles-Nolasco, Elia Pliego-Vidal, Carlos Toledo-Bante, Mario Pimienta-Lugo, Jose Vicente Ortega-Gonzalez, Benito Martinez-Pena, and Edmundo Heredia-Servantes

*Overview of Air Injection Potential for PEMEX
by Fernando Rodriguez and Charles A. Christopher

The Tertiary of the Burgos Basin, its Results and Possibilities
by Genaro Ziga Rodriguez, Norberto Monroy Ayala, and Javier Hernandez Mendoza

*Models for Oil Recovery from Naturally Fractured Reservoirs, Considering Multiple Block Size, Capillarity and Gravity Effects
by Rafael Rodriguez-Nieto and Mario A. Vasquez-Cruz

Future Exploration Strategy of a Frontier Offshore Campeche Area Provided by Basin Modeling
by Maria Anunziata Romero Ibarra, Christian Cassaigneau, Marco Flores F., Andre Vassayre, Rebeca Navarro H., and Jean M. Gaulier

Chronic Exploration and Production Under-Performance: Is Dennis Horner's "Inevitable Disappointment" Portfolio Model Really Inevitable?
by Peter R. Rose, Pierre Delfiner, and Gavin Longmuir

Early Paleogene Isolation of the Gulf of Mexico from the World's Oceans
by Joshua H. Rosenfeld and James Pindell

Real Time Reservoir and Production Illumination
by Donald W. Ross

Structural Styles of the Perdido and Mexican Rudges Fold-Belts
by Jaime P. Ruiz, Luis E. Salomon, and Mario Aranda Garcia

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Implementing an Integrated Risk Analysis Process into Decision Making
by David E. Sanders, Chris Cheatwood, and Andrew I. Quarles

Tecto-Sedimentary Characterization of the Frio Marino Formation (Middle Oligocene) in the Burgos Basin, Based on Analysis of Oil-Base Mud Micro-Electrical Borehole Images and Conventional Core Samples
by E. Marco Sanguinetti, Norberto A. Monroy, Antonio H. Patino, and Rogelio Munoz

Predicting Bulk Petroleum Compositions
by Demetrio Santamaria-Orozco and Brian Horsfield

New Giants Accumulations in the Campos and Espirito Santo Basins – Brazil: Exploratory Aspects
by Paulo Ricardo da S. dos Santos, Sr. and Paulo de Tarso M. Guimaraes, Sr.

Application of a New Three-Dimensional Model of the San Joaquin Basin to Hydrocarbon Resource Assessment and Petroleum Systems Modeling
by Allegra Hosford Scheirer and Donald L. Gautier

Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean
by Christopher J. Schenk

Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources of part of the North Cuba Basin Province, Cuba
by Christopher J. Schenk

The Hydrocarbon Potential of the Queen Charlotte Basin, British Columbia, Canada
by T. K. Schumann, K. M. M. Rohr, and M. J. Whiticar

*High Heat Flows: A Potential Risk to Hydrocarbon Charge in Deepwater Areas Off South East Brazil
by Iain C. Scotchman, R. Hunsdale, A. D. Carr, and P. Doubleday

Development of a Field with Complex Geometry in Thrust Belt Through Horizontal Well Drilling: El Portón and Chihuido de La Salina Fields (Neuquén, Argentina)
by Gustavo A. Selva, Andres Ansa, Gonzalo Zamora Valcarce, and Juan José Vittone, Sr.

A Practical Approach to Greenhouse Gas Management in the Oil Industry
by John H. Shinn

Importance of the Analysis of Seafloor Morphology in the Investigation of Deepwater Basins
by R. Craig Shipp, J. Larry Gibson, Jerry A. Nott, Lawrence C. Nolte, and Andrew S. Hume

Integrated Analysis of the Southern-Altiplano-Basin, Southern Bolivia
by Patricio Silva Gonzalez, Dorothee Mertmann, and Ekkehardt Scheuber

Deep Water Development: What's Next?
by Dominique Simondon

Global Comparison of Reservoir Quality Trends in Deep-water Reservoirs: Implications for Exploration and Production
by Roderick J. Sloan

Definition and Characterization of Deep Reservoirs in Complex Geological Settings Using a Portfolio of Subsurface Technologies
by Dirk Smit and Ronald R. Hoogenboom

*Optimum Offshore Gas Asset Development Planning with Simultaneous Subsurface and Surface Modeling and Simulation
by Romeo Solis Estrada, Guillermo Bernal Ramirez, Santiago Rojas Gonzalez, Luigi Saputelli, and Keshav Narayanan

Key Techniques for Carbonate Reservoir Modeling: Examples from the Permian, Williston, and Wind River Basins, USA
by Mark D. Sonnenfeld, Hai-Zui Meng, and Reinaldo J. Michelena

*Carmita Formation as an Important Geological Unit for the New Palinspastic Reconstruction
by Carlos Sosa Meizoso, J. G. Lopez, Olga Pascual, and Elinor Teruel

*Present and Future of the Salina Del Istmo Basin and Its Offshore Extension into the Gulf of Mexico
by Arturo Soto-Cuervo, Vicente Ortega-Gonzalez, and Guillermo Mora-Oropeza

Structural Reconstruction Combined with Heat and Pressure Calculations: Implications for Building Numerical Models
by Adam Spargo and Thomas A. Schutter

*Na Kika Smart Wells Design and Construction
by Craig Stair, Mark E. P. Dawson, Suresh Jacob, and Darrell Hebert

Exploration of Deepwater Depositional Basins
by Ian J. Stewart

The Rescue of Old 2D Seismic Data to Lower the Risk and the Cost of Exploration: An Example of the Soledad Area, Eastern Venezuela
by Pilar Stifano, Carlos Azalgara, Carlos Scala, Jose Antonio Morello, Yormar Caballero, and Pablo Alarcon

Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Characterization of the Kharaib Formation Comparing Outcrop and Subsurface Data (Lower Cretaceous, U.A.E.)
by Christian J. Strohmenger, L. J. (Jim) Weber, Ahmed Ghani, Abdulla Al-Mansoori, Khalil Al-Mehsin, Omar Suwaina, Omar Al-Jeelani, and Lee Vaughan

Global Overview of Tertiary Deepwater Foldbelts
by Scott Sumner, Ciaran O'Byrne, Gary Steffens, Timothy Farnham, Ed Biegert, and Robin Hamilton

*An Integrated Global Knowledge-Information-Data System for Geological Analogs
by S. Qing Sun, Shengyu Wu, Rod Sloan, John Xu, and Rena Yan

Design One and Build Two: Cycle Time Reductions in Angola's Block 14 Tombua-Landana Deepwater Development
by James F. Swartz, Jack Dunn, and John Baillie

Integration of Petrophysical, Geochemical and Sedimentological Data of the North Sea Hydrocarbon Reservoir, Lewis Formation, the Beryl Field
by Giuma Hedwi Swei, Jr.

West Siberia Reservoirs with Unexplored Potential: Lower Cretaceous Turbidites, Debrites and Intrusions
by Pavel E. Syngaevsky and Sergey F. Khafizov

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Fracture-Seal Diagenesis and Geochemistry as Markers of Fluid Evolution in Anticline Structures: Zagros Fold and Thrust Belt and Analogues in the Pyrenees
by Conxita Taberner, Jaume Verges, Paul Gillespie, Silvayn Grelaud, Ian Sharp, Ridvan Karpuz, Nils Bang, Marta Rejas, Davoud Morselnezhad, and Hassan Guadarzi

Capillary Resistance and Trapping of Hydrocarbons: A Laboratory Experiment
by Gunn Mari Grimsmo Teige, Christian Hermanrud, Hammervold Thomas Wibeke, Wilson Ove Bjorn, and Hege Marit Nordgard Bolas

3D Petroleum Systems Modelling in the Central North Sea: New Petroleum Systems in a Mature Basin
by Rene Thomsen, Niels Langager Westphal, Lene F. Clausen, and Nils Lange Jacobsen

Integration and 3-D Visualization of Multiple Geophysical Data Types Yields Enhanced Geohazards Interpretations in Deepwater Portion of Northern Gulf of Mexico
by James A. Thomson

Brazilian Deep Water Fold Belts: Tectonic Drivers and Structural Styles of Potential Traps
by Scott E. Thornton, Peter Mullin, and David D. J. Stewart

The Role of Petroleum Geochemistry for the Evaluation of Petroleum Systems in Deep-Water
by Luiz Antonio F. Trindade and Henrique L. de B. Penteado

A Working Petroleum System in Deepwater East Trinidad
by Daniel M. Truempy, Peter R. Mullin, Carolyn Roberts, and Reza Ramsumair

Risk Assessment for Petroleum Exploration Using Modern Decision Support Systems
by Robert Tscherny, Bjorn P. Wygrala, Armin Kauerauf, Thomas Hantschel, J. M. Macedo, and Marcio Rocha Mello

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The Tertiary Chaco Basin, Southern Bolivia: Example of a Sequentially Migrating Foreland Depocenter
by Cornelius Eji Uba, Carola Hulka, and Christoph Heubeck

Quantifying Fluid Contacts Range and the Likelihood of Lateral Connectivity through Pressure Trend Uncertainty Analysis
by Gustavo A. Ugueto, Chuck Collins, John Stachowiak, and Mohamed Hashem

Oil-Fill History of Two Reservoirs with an Upper Waste Zone – Implications for Production
by James Underschultz, Anthony Gartrell, Luke Johnson, and Mark Brincat

Using Pressure Data to Characterise Fault Seal – Examples from the Upper Rhine Graben in France and North West Shelf of Australia
by James Underschultz and Claus J. Otto

*Petrophysical Properties Estimation by Integrating AVO, Seismic Inversion and Multiattribute Analysis in a 3-D Volume of Playuela, Veracruz
by Liliana Vargas-Meleza, Jose Luis Megchun-Rivera, and Gabriel Vazquez

*Combining Forward Sedimentary and Petroleum System Models to Consistently Evaluate Basin Evolution, Play Development, and Petroleum Migration and Trapping. A Case Study from the Colorado Basin, Argentina
by Andre Vayssaire, Patrick Wojciak, Dan Carruthers, Daniel Figueroa, Oscar Mancilla, Claudio Haring, Alicia Salinas, Daniel Soubies, Jean-Michel Gaulier, Guillaume Smagghe, John Bunney, and Romain Debarre

Seismic Poststack and Prestack Inversions in the Playuela Field
by Ricardo Vazquez, Alfonso Aguirre, and Fernando Flores, Jr.

Exploration at Tertiary Basin in Veracruz, Mexico
by Renato Vazquez-Benitez and Victor M. Valdivieso-Ramos

Tectonic Evolution of the Western Gulf of Mexico Basin
by Mario E. Vazquez-Meneses and Ken McClay

Characteristics of Faults and Fractures in the Calcareous Breccia of the Cantarell Complex: Implications in the Deformational Evolution and Permeability
by Luis G. Velasquillo-Martinez, Shunshan Xu, Hugo Hernandez-Ramirez, Jose Manuel Grajales-Nishimura, Gustavo Murillo-Muneton, Jesus Hernandez-Garcia, and Sergio Garcia-Hernandez

*Application of Spectral Decomposition to the Definition of Carbonated Bodies in the Middle Member of Quintuco Formation (Lower Cretaceous), Central Neuquen Basin, Argentina
by Hernan Verzi and Mirta Suarez

*High-Resolution Integrated Biostratigraphic and Paleoenvironmental Studies: Their Impact on Turbidite Exploration and Field Development
by Marta Claudia Viviers, Elizabete Pedrao Ferreira, and Oscar Strohschoen, Jr. 

*A Novel Acquisition System for Production Logging in Multiphase Horizontal Wells
by Dat Vu-Hoang, Marian Faur, Remi Marcus, John Cadenhead, François Besse, Jacques Haus, Esteban Di-Pierro, and Abdoulaye Wadjiri

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Delta Paleogeography and Stratigraphic Traps Defined Using 3D Seismic. Examples from the Miocene Vienna Basin, Austria
by Brett Walker, Hanns Sperl, Erwin Rieser, Thomas Kuffner, and Jost R. Püttmann

Quantitative Evaluation of Metamorphic Reservoirs with Microresistivity Images: A Case Study of An Oilfield from China Land
by Da Li Wang, Jie Zhao, Yu Hua Wang, and Yu Xi Wang

Stratigraphy and Reservoir Framework, Tengiz Field, Western Kazakhstan
by L. J. (Jim) Weber, Jr., and P. M. (Mitch) Harris

A Perspective on the Evolution of Processing Seismic Primaries and Multiples for a Complex Multidimensional Earth
by Arthur B. Weglein

*Data Integration and Quality Control for a New Mexico Produced Water Chemistry Database
by Mingzhen Wei, Martha Cather, and Andrew H. Sung

Anatomy of Plio/Pleistocene Shelf Delta Depositional Systems in a World Class Productive Basin, Trinidad
by Stanley R. Wharton

Application of 4-D Petroleum System Analysis to the Northeastern Deep Gulf of Mexico
by Graham Williams, Veit Matt, Christopher N. Wold, Adam Spargo, Dalton L. Rasmussen, Renaud Bouroullec, Paul Weimer, Jay E. Leonard, and Marshall W. Titus

*The Use of Immersive 3D Technology and Acoustic Impedance Inversion to Drive Real-time Geosteering of a Horizontal Well
by C. Richard Willingham, Dixon Millican, Soazig Leveque, Joseph Gremillion, Gail Sisco, Andrea Gomez, and Mark W. Puckett

Stratigraphy and Structure of the Perdido Foldbelt, an Emerging Toe-of-Slope Play in the Northwestern Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico
by Charles D. Winker

Chicxulub Impact Scientific Drilling Project, Yucatan, Mexico
by Lothar Wohlgemuth, Jochem Kueck, Ronald Conze, and Ulrich Harms

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TATUI - Integrate Petroleum System Information Using Network Enabled GIS Database
by Yubo Xu, Gilberto Paulo Carmo, Guilherme Maranhao, Marcio R. Mello, Vladimir Oliveira Elias, J. M. Macedo, Francisco Fuentes, Guadalupe Mendez, and Jorge Pacheco

A Comparison of SGR and Geomechanical Methodologies for Fault-Seal Risk
by Graham Yielding, Peter Bretan, Stephen Dee, Brett Freeman, and Helen Jones

Carbonate Reservoir Characterization from 3D Seismic to Outcrops: Examples from Middle East Reservoirs, UAE
by Lyndon A. Yose, Jim Weber, Christian Strohmenger, Abdulla Al-Mansoori, Amy Ruf, Omar Suwaina, James Schuelke, and Peter Holterhoff

Subsalt Imaging of the Perdido Foldbelt in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
by Jerry Young, Dechun Lin, James Sun, and Yu Zhang

Incised Valleys from Stratal Slicing and Attribute Analysis, a Northern Gulf Coast Analog
by Hongliu Zeng and Lesli Wood

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