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AAPG Europe Regional Conference, Global Analogues of the Atlantic Margin

May 2-3, 2018 – Lisbon, Portugal

Posted: September 24, 2018
Search and Discovery Article #90325 (2018)

ABSTRACTS (by Author)




Facies classification in lacustrine carbonates derived from geophysical data, comparison between outcrop and core measurements

Reconstruction of sedimentation in Maikop paleobasin in Azerbaijan

Empirical Evaluation of stratigraphic control on production in clastic reservoirs of the Norwegian continental shelf

Analysis of the discrepancies in extension measurements in the western Iberia margin


Anatomy of an isolated Cretaceous carbonate bank in the North Atlantic Porcupine basin (Ireland Offshore). Seismic facies and internal architecture.

Hydrocarbon Seeps and the Evidences of a Petroleum System at South Portuguese Zone, Portugal

The Algarve Pre-salt Sequence (pre-Hettangian) – New insights for hydrocarbon exploration

Modelling Petroleum Systems of Hyperextended Margins: the Angola Case Study

Advances in modeling biogenic gas generation, expulsion and migration.

The thermal evolution of the South Atlantic marginal basins

200Myr of source-to-sink relations from a rift-passive continental margin: examining controls on sediment delivery

Mass transport complexes (MTCs), their internal geometry and control on overlying turbidite deposits: Barreirinhas Basin (Equatorial margin off north-east Brazil) as a case study


Crustal structure of the non-volcanic continental margin of the South China Sea: many rifts in one

Reassessment of the structure of the Galicia Interior Basin from new seismic images: Implications for the West Iberia Margin formation

Integrated high-resolution 3D seismic and Gravity-Magnetic modeling for frontier exploration in the northern sector of the Peniche Basin

Unlocking the exploratory potential of the Pernambuco-Paraíba Basin, Brazil: Multiphased rifting and thermal modeling on a salt-influenced basin

3D velocity model building and seismic imaging combining tomography and model based approaches in the Peniche Basin

The use of seismic amplitude in analysing the proprieties of an offshore reservoir

Combining Seismic Inversion and Geostatistics to Predict Reservoir Proprieties

An analogue study of petroleum systems: West Iberian Basins vs East European Basins

Heat-flow and Source Rock Maturity Modelling in the Distal Domain of the West African Margin

IODP evidence for the development of source potential in the Cretaceous offshore Northwest Europe and Eastern Canada.


North Atlantic Permian–Triassic Plays – Insights from analogues in E and NE Greenland

Major normal faulting on distal parts of South Atlantic margins: geometry, timing & processes

Hybrid margins and holistic exploration; The role of variable magma budgets in creating successful petroleum systems.


Geophysics definition of Peniche Basin, un-explored Atlantic Margin edge offshore Portugal

The North Atlantic Conjugate Margins: An Integrated Approach to Understanding Regional Prospectivity

Paleogeographic Controls on Reservoir Presence and Trap Generation, offshore Namibia


Oligocene sedimentological model for the Sub-Carpathian Basin: hypotheses and analogue models from the Parathetys .

Implications of Sandia-1X well results in the hydrocarbon exploration offshore Morocco

High porosity Cretaceous carbonates in North Atlantic: sedimentology, diagenesis and reactive transport modeling (Ireland offshore).

Middle Miocene hydrocarbon plays in the North Eastern Carpathian foreland

The Sergipe-Alagoas Basin (NE Brazil) as analogue of coquina reservoir

Mapping of crustal domains of the Western Iberia margin based on potential fields

Understanding pore pressure regimes in deep water plays using global analogues

Evaluation of the hydrocarbon potential of the ultra-deep offshore ara of Suriname

The Phenomenon Albian Cenomanian Turonian Source Rocks in the Suriname part of the Guiana Basin


Petrographic characterization and Reservoir potential of Hybrid Deposits from the Upper Jurassic of the Lusitanian basin (Portugal)

Palaeoenvironmental Reconstruction and Crustal Modelling for the Vøring and Møre Atlantic Margin: The Predictive Mapping of Source Rocks and the History of Hydrocarbon Charge

Tectonic evolution of the Kwanza basin, offshore Angola

Geomechanical modelling of a salt structure for wildcat drilling

Deepwater renaissance on the Atlanic Margins

An atlas of character: a model for the control of passive margin development

Exploring the shelf margin plays of NW Africa and the Southern Atlantic


A review of research on revolution of 3D Seismic Geomorphology of Fluvial System

Use of coupled geomechanical forward modeling in prospect analysis and well planning


The Olga Basin (northern Barents Sea) – a Caledonian or Timanian affinity?

Sources for detrital zircons in East Greenland sandstones

The Ordovician-Silurian unconventional petroleum system in the Baltic Basin (SE Poland)


Predicting Plays in the Frontier Rockall Basin: Why Analogues Matter

Hydrocarbon Potential in the NE Greenland Atlantic Margin

The Guinea Marginal Plateau: Correlations from Seismic and Potential Fields

Ammonite-calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy of the Bathonian ASSP (Portugal)

Ammonite-calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy of the Toarcian/Aalenian of São Gião (Portugal)

The Atlantic Ocean: 200 million years young and full of surprises

Basin and petroleum systems modelling in the northern Barents Sea


A multi-disciplinary approach to understanding the controls of sediment input into the Peniche Basin, Offshore Portugal

Controls in the deposition of Lower Cretaceous clastic wedges in the southwestern Barents Sea

Geochemical Characterization of Rocks, Fluids and Solid Bitumens from Kwanza Basin, Angola.

Break-up Processes in the Presence of Plume Magmatism: New Insights into the Tectonostratigraphic Development of the South Atlantic

Stretched and Squeezed: New Insights into the Porcupine Basin from 2D and 3D seismic

Reservoir characterization and potential of Lower Cretaceous fluvial units of the Lusitanian Basin (Portugal)

The African Conjugate Basins of the Equatorial Atlantic Margins – what are we missing?

3D or/and 3R (Reprocessing, Re-dating, Re-interpretation) strategy for exploration in mature hydrocarbon province, South Carpathian Foreland

The Black Sea thermal architecture: simple or pure crustal shearing?

WAFR Salt Basins:A Regional Perspective of Crustal Architecture and Play Developments


Exploration in the Deep Water Gulf of Guinea off eastern São Tomé and Príncipe Islands, a High Thermal Regime Setting.

Potential Cretaceous source-rocks from the north-east Baffin Bay, West Greenland.


The Slyne and Erris Basins: exploring varied structural style along strike in narrow rift-basins

Jurassic North Atlantic paleogeography & Porcupine Basin rifting: implications for source and reservoir development offshore Atlantic Ireland

Age determination of the volcanic sequence, Faroe-Shetland Basin, Northeast Atlantic Ocean


Evidence and significance of buried magmatic features offshore the West Iberian Margin

Crustal architecture and polarity shift throughout Atlantic rifted margins: An overview


Structural and Petrophysical Characterization of Dolomites

Alentejo Basin, offshore Portugal – Deep-water Interpretation Issues

Paleogene prospectivity of the NE Atlantic volcanic margins constrained by new 3D seismic data on the Møre Margin

Analogues that help decrypting the Irish Dunquin carbonate play, Porcupine Basin

Geometry Determination of Channel-fill Deposit Induced by Turbidity Current: A Study from an Outcrop Analogue


Regional pore pressure in challenging environments: how to get good results from old data.

Mesozoic Rifting and Tertiary Inversion of the Gulf of Cadiz

SW limit of the East European Platform (Romania) – insight from Palaeozoic kinematics

Interplay of crustal architecture and syn-tectonic sedimentation in the hydrocarbons generation: examples from the North and Central Atlantic Conjugate Margins

The influence of halokinesis in the trajectory and geometry of prograding clinoforms: insights from the Tyddlybanken Basin, Norwegian Barents Sea

High hopes: Esperança salt revisited


Structural restorations in an unusual passive margin: Alentejo Basin, SW Portugal

Nature and distribution of post-rift deformation within the Porcupine Basin, Ireland

An Estimate of Unconventional Oil and Gas Resources in the Lusitanian Basin, Portugal

Jurassic-Early Cretaceous stratigraphy of North Atlantic sedimentary basins: a review

Lithostratigraphic correlation between onshore and offshore units from the Algarve basin, Southern Portugal

Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy of the Aalenian–Bajocian in the Iberian Plate

Evolution and petroleum systems of the South-Barents and South-Kara basins

Unconventional petroleum in Europe

Alpine inversion, Neogene tectonics and East Carpathians Foreland hydrocarbon traps.

Reconstructed Cretaceous Palaeosurface Geology Maps for South America and Africa

Facies prediction from seismic objects: an approach for multidisciplinary purposes

Turbiditic facies distribution and BSR's relationships: A case study for the Western Black Sea


Effective application of geological analogue databases to reservoir facies modelling

Geomechanical modeling for exploration wells, 2D or 3D? A case study from the West African Coast

Tectonic driven changes in Tertiary Burgos basin sediment provenance, Gulf of Mexico

Seismic Characterization and Reservoir Modeling of Turbidite Systems in Tano Basin


Is a conjugate an analogue?

Reassessing the Late Cretaceous geological history of the Ionian Basin, western Greece

Geochemical investigation of the Upper Miocene-Lower Pliocene deposits in northern Corfu