AAPG Europe Regional Conference, Global Analogues of the Atlantic Margin

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Evaluation of the hydrocarbon potential of the ultra-deep offshore ara of Suriname


In the ultra-deep offshore area of Suriname, seismic data was acquired in 2013 by Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname N.V. This data would enable Staatsolie to evaluate the hydrocarbon potential of this area, which previously had no data coverage. The Post Rift Sequence of the Equatorial Atlantic has been evaluated for hydrocarbon potential, which incorporates the Mid Cretaceous to Quaternary sediment package. A Regional Depositional Model was used to predict what reservoirs can be expected in the study area. The Porosities and Permeabilities of the different leads were estimated, based on their depths below the mud line. The results suggest two Petroleum Systems, which are suggested to feed thirteen leads through a simple migration model. The Geological Chance of Success of these leads are varying between 5.04% and 18.14%, which are consistent with Chance of Success in Frontier Basins. A ranking of these leads is proposed based on Estimated Volume (P50), Geological Chance of Success (COS), Water depth and Depth of Lead below sea bed. Two (2) Petroleum Systems were identified. A more comprehensive Petroleum Study is proposed to better understand the true potential of these two Source Kitchens and its migration pathways.