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2007 AAPG Mid-Continent Section Meeting

September 9-11, 2007, Wichita, Kansas


Search and Discovery Article #90067 (2007)

Posted June 30, 2007


*Special appreciation is expressed to Ernie Morrison, General Chair, 2007 Mid-Continent Section Meeting, and W. Lynn Watney, Technical Program Chair-Geology, for providing these abstracts for posting on Search and Discovery.


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Low Accommodation Depositional Systems and Reservoir Bodies in the Lower Cretaceous Dakota Formation, Subsurface of Northwestern Nebraska

J. Antia, C. Fielding, and M. Joeckel


Geomodel Development and Simulation Studies for Possible Carbon Dioxide Sequestration and Enhanced Coalbed Gas Recovery Beneath a Major Kansas City Landfill

S. Bhattacharya, K.D. Newell, T.R. Carr, and J.G. Blencoe


Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy of the Barnett Shale at Newark East Field, Texas, U.S.

G. Borges, P. Singh, J. Perez, et al.


Accommodation Space and Distribution of Gas-Bearing Sandstones in the Upper and Lower Skinner Intervals, Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma

K. Boucher


Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of Booch Sandstones (McAlester Formation) (Desmoinesian), Arkoma Basin, Oklahoma

D.T. Boyd and N.H. Suneson


Visualizing Production and Pressure Histories with Spacetime Maps

R.L. Brownrigg, M.K. Dubois, and W.L. Watney


High-Resolution Facies Changes, Lateral Continuity, and Fracturing of the Woodford Shale from Behind Outcrop Drilling, Logging, and Coring

N. Buckner, R.M. Slatt, W. Coffey, and R.J. Davis


Petrophysical Properties of Oomoldic Limestones in the Lansing–Kansas City Groups, Kansas: Tools for More Accurate Evaluation and Enhancing Recovery

A.P. Byrnes, J. Doveton, W.L. Watney, and S. Bhattacharya



Conventional Wisdom Applied to Oklahoma Gas Shales

B.J. Cardott


Some Keys to Exploration in the Forest City Basin

M.P. Carlson


The University of Kansas Reservoir Design Course: Teamwork Among Petroleum Engineering and Geology Students and Kansas Oil Operators

T.R. Carr, D.W. Green, and A.W. Walton


Kansas Oil and Gas Activity, 1860–2006

T.R. Carr and D.F. Merriam


Application of Curvature Attributes to Kansas Subsurface Data

T.R. Carr and S.E. Nissen


CHRONOS: Transforming Earth History Research by Seamlessly Integrating Stratigraphic Data and Tools

C. Cervato, D. Fils, G. Bohling, et al.


Case History and Early Development of the Fayetteville Shale

C.P. Conrad


Primary Porosity in Modern Coral Patch Reefs

M. Crane and C.D. Burke


High-Resolution Stratigraphy of the Sub-Mississippian Unconformity in Southwest Missouri

D.C. Cruz and K.R. Evans



Multicomponent 4-D Seismic Reservoir Characterization of Tight Gas Sands, Rulison Field, Colorado

T.L. Davis


Facies Analysis of the Morrison Formation (Upper Jurassic) in Kansas Based on Petrophysical Logs and Drill-Cuttings Records

J.H. Doveton


Geophysical Anomalies and New Constraints on Buried Structures, Southern San Luis Basin, Colorado

B. Drenth and V.J. S. Grauch


Old Field – New Paradigms – Stranded Gas: Major Findings of the Three-Year Hugoton Study

M.K. Dubois, A.P. Byrnes, S. Bhattacharya, et al.



Sequence Stratigraphic Reinterpretation of the Virgilian Indian Cave Sandstone as Incised Valley Fills, and Potential for Unexplored Updip Hydrocarbon Resources

S.A. Fischbein, C.R. Fielding, and R.M. Joeckel


Fundamental Advances in Structural Geology Based on Ongoing Studies in Reactivation Tectonics

S.P. Gay, Jr.


A Regional Geophysical Analysis of the North American Midcontinent

M. Hamilton


Seismic Technologies for Independents Exploring for Unconventional Resources

B.A. Hardage


Entrepreneurial Geology – A Model for a New College Course (Acquisition of Oil and Gas Properties)

R. Harmon, R.W. Von Rhee, T. Alexander, and B. Tapp


Reservoir Characterization in Mississippian Rocks via Seismic Methods – Comanche County, KS

D.E. Hedke, B.W. Wilhite, R. Sanguinetti, and K.J. Marfurt


A New Approach to Seismic Interpretation in Challenging Imaging Environments

C.E. Helsing and D.C. Berman


Spectral Gamma-Ray Character of the Chattanooga Shale, Tennessee and Oklahoma

D. Hurst



Case Study of Integrated Approach to the Cleanup of Ogallala Ground Water Impacted by Oil-Field Brine, Haskell County, Kansas

M. Jacobs, K. Hopson, A. Potter, and N. Blandford


Unconventional Shale-Gas Resource Systems and Processes Affecting Gas Generation, Retention, Storage, and Flow Rates

D.M. Jarvie, T.E. Ruble, R. Drozd, et al.


Petroleum Geology of Rellim Field, Rice County, Kansas

M.H. Kalaei and W. Scriven


Basement Structures in the Midcontinent Region: Some Perspectives Based on Regional Geophysical Data

G.R. Keller


Geochemical Characterization of Solid Bitumen Deposited within the Mississippian Sandstone Reservoir of the Hitch Field, Southwest Kansas

D. Kim and R.P. Philp


Paleoenvironmental Interpretation of Bandera Sandstone (Marmaton Group, Desmoinesian), Labette County, Kansas

Z. Koch and C.D. Burke


Development of Microbial Reef Reservoirs at Little Cedar Creek Field, Conecuh County, Alabama

M.G. Koralegadara


Utility of Gravity and Magnetic Data for Mapping Phanerozoic Faults, Fractures, Folds, and Facies Transitions Caused by Reactivation of Precambrian Basement Structures

J.M. Kruger



Video Microscopy of Methane Gas Production from a Series of Typical CBM Coals

B. LaReau, J. Pope, D. Buttry, et al.


Paleoenvironment, Cyclicity, and Reservoir Quality of Chaetetid “Reef” Mounds of the Amoret Limestone Member (Upper Desmoinesian) in Southeastern Kansas

M. Lichtenwalter and C.D. Burke


A New Approach to Understanding Neogene Stratigraphic Architecture of the High Plains Succession in Western Kansas Using Carbon Isotope Chemostratigraphy

G.A. Ludvigson, A. Haj, D.L. Fox, et al.


Measuring CO2 in Coalbed Reservoirs

S. MacDonald


The Distribution of Permeable Zones within the Ogallala in the Southwest Kansas Groundwater Management District 3

P.A. Macfarlane and N. Schneider


Mississippian Chert Reservoirs in Kansas: Oxygen and Silicon Isotope Geochemistry and Timing of Silicification and Porosity Formation

S.J. Mazzullo, H. Cao, and B.W. Wilhite


Statistical Analysis of Physiographic and Structural Directional Data in the U.S. Midcontinent (Kansas)

D.F. Merriam and J.C. Davis


The Application of 2D and 3D Seismic Data in the Exploration for Cherokee Channels – Tombstone Gap Field, Ness County, Kansas

W.A. Miller


Depositional Facies and Diagenesis of the Lansing–Kansas City Section, O’Connor Field, Stafford County, Kansas

L. Mpanje and S.J. Mazzullo



Sorbed Gas Content of Coals and Gas Shales Utilizing Well Cuttings

K.D. Newell


Improving Reservoir Characterization of Karst-Modified Reservoirs with 3-D Geometric Seismic Attributes

S.E. Nissen, E.C. Sullivan, K.J. Marfurt, and T.R. Carr


Using Geographic Information Systems to Evaluate Gas Fields in Western Kansas

J. Nittler


Seismic Geomorphology: Concepts, Workflows and Applications to Petroleum Exploration and Development

H.W. Posamentier


An Overview of Coalbed Natural Gas Production in the Arkoma Basin of Arkansas

W.L. Prior


Influence of Drainage Basin Attributes on Depositional Style of the Upper “Morrow” and “Cherokee” Intervals, Oklahoma

J. Puckette


Micro-Imaging and Reservoir Characterization: Estimating Rock Properties from Rock-calibrated Microresistivity Logs

J. Puckette and A. DeVries



Exploration and Development Overview for the Fayetteville Shale Gas Play—North-Central Arkansas

M. Ratchford


Application of Numerical Simulation and Artificial Neural Network for Oil Field Development, SI-A Field

F. Salehi, R. Azizi, A. Salehi, et al.


Stratigraphy and Petrophysics of the Barnett Shale, Newark East Field, Texas

P. Singh, R. Slatt, C. Rai, et al.


The Ouachita Core: An Inverted Rift?
Raymond P. Sorenson


Some Stupid Shallow Seismic Experiments I Have Done

D.W. Steeples



How to Distinguish Water- and Gas-Saturated Cracks?

D.K. Tiwary, I. Bayuk, M. Ammerman, et al. E.M. Chesnokov


Field Testing a New Spectral Neutron Tool for Identifying Bypassed or Moved Hydrocarbons Behind Casing in both Vertical and Horizontal Wells in Mature Producing Fields in Northeast Oklahoma

S.N. Tripathi and R.V. Westermark


300-Million-Year Old Soils and Their Implications on Predicting Ancient Climate Conditions

M.M. Turner-Williams, and W. Yang



Downhole Raman Spectroscopy: Real Time, In Situ Chemical Analysis of Coalbed Reservoirs

N.R. Van Lieu


Analysis on Producing Petroleum Wells in the Lehigh Field in Marion County, Kansas

J. Venhaus


Characterization and Geologic Significance of Evaporite Karst in Kansas

W.L. Watney and R.D. Miller


Horizontal Wells Improve Oil Recovery in 100-Year-Old Pennsylvanian Sandstone Reservoirs in Northeast Oklahoma and Southeast Kansas

B. Westermark and J. Schmeling


Paleo-Oceanography and Depositional Framework of the Cowley Facies in South-Central Kansas: Solution to the “Cowley Problem”

B.W. Wilhite, S.J. Mazzullo, I.W. Woolsey, et al.


Promises and Problems in Nonmarine Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis – Examples from Fluvial-Lacustrine Permian, Triassic, and Jurassic Deposits, Bogda Mountains, NW China

W. Yang, Q. Feng, Y. Liu, et al.