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Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies 57th Annual Convention

October 21-23, Corpus Christi, Texas

Search and Discovery Article #90069 (2007)
Posted August 10, 2007

*Special appreciation is expressed to Kendall Thomas, who provided the abstracts for posting on Search and Discovery.

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Characterization of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Using Pore-Scale Measurements and NMR: A New Approach to Lowering Risk in Carbonate Field Development
Aaron J. Adams and Wayne M. Ahr

Depositional Systems of Uranium in South Texas
William A. Ambrose

Findings, Interpretations and Potential of the Shallowest Reservoirs in Burgos Basin, México
Hugo Avalos Torres, Victor Manuel Alvarez Maya, Mariano H. Téllez Aviles, Manuel Morales Leal, and José Bernal Monjaras

What they don’t Teach Geologists on Campus
Rebecca Barber

South Texas and the Great American Interchange
Jon A. Baskin and Ronny G. Thomas

Integrated Seismic and Gravity Data Modeling: Basement Structure in the Gulf of Mexico
Dale E. Bird, Barbara J. Radovich, and Jerry Moon

Characteristic Geometries of Distal Fine-Grained Fans Based on Mississippi Fan, Jackfork, and South Africa Studies
Arnold H. Bouma, Daniel J. Rozman, Donald E. Rehmer, and Samuel K. Huisman

Geological Analysis of the Trinity Group Aquifers in Western Hays County, Texas, with Focus on Implications to Groundwater Availability
Alex S. Broun, Doug Wierman, Andrew H. Backus, and Brian Hunt

Chronostratigraphic (“Wheeler”) Chart of the Texas Gulf Coast Tertiary System
L.F. Brown, Jr., and R.G. Loucks

Woodbine Formation Sandstone Reservoir Prediction and Variability, Polk and Tyler Counties, Texas
Robert J. Bunge

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Uranium In Situ Leach (Recovery) Development and Associated Environmental Issues
Michael D. Campbell, Henry M. Wise, and Ruffin I. Rackley

Estimate of Vertical Anisotropy of Hydraulic Conductivity for Western Louisiana Aquifers from Grain-Size Data
Douglas A. Carlson

Fracture Patterns within Mudstones on the Flanks of a Salt Dome: Syneresis or Slumping?
Morenike O. Coker, Janok P. Bhattacharya, and Kurt J. Marfurt

Stratigraphic and Structural Study of Paleogene Wilcox Strata in East-Central Louisiana: Implications for Coalbed Natural Gas Exploration
Scott G. Comegys, Gary L. Kinsland, and F. Clayton Breland, Jr.

When Dunes Walk Over Dune Walkovers
Rob Conti

Southwest Speaks Lower Wilcox Structural Complex, Lavaca County, Texas
Frank G. Cornish and Robert W. Parker

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A New Future for Deep Depleted Wells—Geothermal Energy from Sedimentary Basins
Richard J. Erdlac, Jr.

Resource Assessment Status Report on Geothermal Energy within Deep Sedimentary Basins in Texas
Richard J. Erdlac, Jr., Linda Armour, Robert Lee, Susan Snyder, et al.

Citronelle Dome: A Giant Opportunity for Multi-Zone Carbon Storage and Enhanced Oil Recovery in the Mississippi Interior Salt Basin of Alabama
Richard A. Esposito, Jack C. Pashin, and Peter M. Walsh

Fairways in the Downdip and Middip Yegua Trend—A Review of 25 Years of Exploration
Thomas E. Ewing

Hurricane Impact Analysis of a Louisiana Shallow Coastal Bay Bottom and Its Shallow Subsurface Geology
Angelina M. Freeman, Harry H. Roberts, and Patrick D. Banks

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Evidence of a Large Paleo-Seismic Event in Southeast Texas – Southwest Louisiana Circa 20,000 Years Ago
Sherwood M. Gagliano and Ethan Allen

Gravity-Induced Transfer Faults on the Lower Congo Basin Slope, Offshore Angola (West Africa): Implications for Deep-Marine Hydrocarbon Exploration on Passive Continental Margins
Dengliang Gao and Jeff Milliken

The Nueces Incised Valley Revisited: A Reinterpretation of the Sedimentology and Depositional Sequence Stratigraphy of Preserved Pleistocene and Holocene Valley-Fill Sediments
James R. Garrison, Jr., and Bobby McCoy

Recovery of Infaunal Crustacean Colonies Following a Period of Rapid Sedimentation and Defaunation: A Neoichnological Examination Following Beach Rejuvenation on the South Side of Packery Channel, North Padre Island, Texas
James R. Garrison, Jr., and Sara Smelley

Neoichnology of the Micro-Tidal Gulf Coast of Texas: Implications for Paleoecological and Paleoenvironmental Interpretations of Ancient Micro-Tidal Clastic Shoreline Systems
James R. Garrison, Jr., Bo Henk, and Rachael Creel

History of the Oil and Gas Industry on the Gulf Coast
Ray Govett

A Regional Subsurface Geological Investigation of Lower Wilcox Group Coalbed Natural Gas Potential in Northeastern Louisiana
Christopher A. Guidry, Gary L. Kinsland, and F. Clayton Breland3

All Fill—No Spill: Slope-Fan Sand Bodies in Growth-Faulted Subbasins: Oligocene Frio Formation, South Texas Gulf Coast
Ursula Hammes, Hongliu Zeng, Robert Loucks, and Frank Brown, Jr.

The Eco-Rig Concept: Converting Decommissioned Offshore Platforms for Energy Production
Brian J. Harder, Chacko J. John, and Reed J. Bourgeois

The Geologic History of Quartz Grains, as Revealed by Color SEM-CL
John N. Hooker and Stephen E. Laubach

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Geologic Review
John E. Johnston, III

Geochemical and Hydrologic Characterization to Identify the Source of Low Level Benzene in the Chicot Aquifer Groundwater
Henry B. Kerfoot, Warren Brady, Bill Schramm, and Mark A. Allendorf

Impact Structures and Craters of the U.S. Gulf Coastal States
David T. King, Jr., and Lucille W. Petruny

Geomorphology and Holocene Fluvial Depositional History in the Mississippi River Valley near Lafayette, Louisiana: Interpretations of LIDAR Data Performed in 3D Virtual Reality
Gary L. Kinsland, Christoph W. Borst, Christopher M. Best, and Vijay Baiyya

Creating the Framework for a New Aquifer: The Yegua-Jackson of the Texas Gulf Coastal Plain
Paul R. Knox, Van C. Kelley, and H. Scott Hamlin

Integration of Wireline Borehole Image and Seismic Data: Structural and Stratigraphic Study of the N-Sand in the Helis East Black Bay Field Extension
Anish Kumar, Brian Briscoe, George R. Kear, Terry D. Keegan, et al.

The Cenomanian Sequence Stratigraphy of Central to West Texas
Brian E. Lock, Fleur S. Bases, and Robert A. Glaser

Re-assessment of the Mississippi River “Delta Model” Curve
J.A. Lopez

Site-Specific Sequence Stratigraphic Sections (S5 Benchmark Charts); Practical Tool for Correlating Chronostratigraphic Units in the Texas Gulf Coast Tertiary Section
Robert G. Loucks, Ramón H. Treviño, L. Frank Brown, Jr., and Ursula Hammes

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Groundwater Supplies and Availability in Texas: Results from the 2006 Regional Water Plans and the 2007 State Water Plan
Robert E. Mace and Sarah C. Davidson

Gas Potential of Deeply Buried Mesozoic Facies and Reservoirs in the Onshore Interior Salt Basins, North Central and Northeastern Gulf of Mexico
Ernest A. Mancini, Donald A. Goddard, Peng Li, and Victor Ramirez

Potential Extent and Thickness of Gas Hydrates in the Deep Water of the Northern Gulf of Mexico
Ettore Marcucci and Joseph Forrest

Geostatistical Modeling of Lower Cotton Valley Sands in the Carthage Field, Panola County, Texas, Optimizes Placement of Horizontal Wells
Ronald B. Martin, Zhong He, Keith W. Owen, Li Fan, et al.

Papán Field Reservoir Rock in the Veracruz Tertiary Basin: Stacked Channel and Dike Complexes
Martín Martínez Medrano, Sergio Rivera Cruz, Noe Loyo Hernández, and Maria de los Angeles Rodriguez Hernández

Incised-Valley Fill of the Sabine and Calcasieu Fluvial Systems (Texas and Louisiana): A Comparison of Sediment Flux During Sea-Level Rise
K.T. Milliken, J.B. Anderson, and A.B. Rodriguez

New Folio by the Louisiana Geological Survey of Maps and Cross Sections of the Chicot Aquifer, Southwest Louisiana
Riley Milner and Chad Fisher

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Biogeochemistry of Hydrocarbon Seeps on the Campeche Escarpment, Southern Gulf of Mexico
Thomas H. Naehr, Ian R. MacDonald, Gerhard Bohrmann, and Elva Escobar Briones

Thermal Gradients in the Texas Continental Shelf
Seiichi Nagihara and Michael A. Smith

Graphic Correlation and Sequence Stratigraphy in the Neogene of Macuspana Basin, Southern Gulf of Mexico
Yanina Narváez-Rodríguez, Javier Helenes, Carlos Jaramillo, José M. Del Moral, et al.

Modern In Situ Uranium Recovery Technology Assures No Adverse Impact on Adjacent Aquifer Uses
Mark S. Pelizza

Tertiary Deep Water Systems in the Southern Gulf of Mexico
Elia Pliego-Vidal, Roberto Rojas-Rosas, Arturo Escamilla-Herrera, José Robles-Nolasco, et al

Insights into Structure and Stratigraphy of the Northern Gulf of Mexico from 2D Pre-Stack Depth Migration Imaging of Mega-Regional Onshore to Deep Water, Long-Offset Seismic Data
Barbara J. Radovich, Jerry Moon, Chris D. Connors, and Dale Bird

Corpus Christi Bay—Another 3D Success
Robert M. Rice

Exploration of the Deep Gulf of Mexico Slope using DSV Alvin: Site Selection and Geologic Character
Harry H. Roberts, Chuck R. Fisher, Jim M. Brooks, Bernie Bernard, et al.

Petrophysical Characterization of the Upper Jurassic Kimmeridgian for a High Permeability Well at Dos Bocas Area
Silvestre Carlos Rodríguez Díaz, Chamaly Revelez Ramirez, and María del Carmen Hernández Hernández

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Characterization of Ground Water Flow to a Bacteria Impaired Surface Water Body Using Heat as a Tracer
Katrina B. Simons, Richard Hay, and Egon Weber

A Method for Calculating Pseudo Sonics from E-Logs in a Clastic Geologic Setting
Joe H. Smith

Exploration History of the Northern Mustang Island, Gulf of Mexico, Texas State Waters
Jeff A. Spencer and Elliot Barrett

The Effect of Provenance on Clay Mineral Diagenesis in Gulf of Mexico Shales
Matthew W. Totten, Sr., Joniell Borges, and Iris M. Totten1

The Occurrence and Distribution of Sedimentary Zeolites in the Main Pass Area, Gulf of Mexico Basin
Matthew W. Totten, Sr., Sheri Simpson, Elizabeth Powers, and Iris M. Totten

Extending Facies Interpretations by Integrating Core, Image-Log, and Wireline-Log Data in the Upper Cretaceous Olmos Formation of South Texas
Ramon H. Trevino, Robert G. Loucks, Julia F. W. Gale, and Abdelmoniem K. Abdelmoniem

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Development of Empirical Formation Factors to Estimate Water Quality from Electrical Logs for the Southern Hills Aquifer System of Southeastern Louisiana
Thomas P. Van Biersel

Ostracode Biomarkers in the Paleogene of the Gulf of Mexico
Donald S. Van Nieuwenhuise

The Isla del Carmen Barrier Island Complex: An Analog of a Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Depositional System, Campeche, Mexico
Miguel Varela-Santamaría and Santosh K. Ghosh

Middle Albian Age of the “Regional Dense” Marker Bed of the Edwards Group, Pawnee Field, South-Central Texas
Lowell E. Waite, Robert W. Scott, and Charles Kerans

Magnetotelluric Investigation of a Pleistocene Nueces River Valley, Mustang Island, Texas
Egon T. Weber, Richard Hay, and James R. Garrison, Jr.

“Gotcha Deep” Project: PVT Quality Fluid Samples Using New MDT Sampling Probes Lead to More Accurate Reservoir Answers in Less Time
Peter Weinheber, John Johns, and Paul Babasick

Evaluating the Mobilization of Cations from Aquifer Rocks Exposed to High CO2 Levels
Corinne Wong, Sue Hovorka, and Tip Meckel

Fire on the Water: Impacts of Firefighting Activities for the Helotes Mulch Fire on the Edwards Aquifer
Rosemary M. Wyman and Kelly Cook

A Groundwater Flow Model of the Texas Central Coast Constructed from a Detailed Site Conceptual Model
Steven C. Young, Trevor Budge, Neil Deeds, Van Kelley, et al.

Seismic Sedimentological Expression of Higher-Order Lowstand Slope Fans and Prograding Deltas in the Frio Formation, Corpus Christi Bay, Texas
Hongliu Zeng and Robert G. Loucks

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