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Stratigraphic and Structural Study of Paleogene Wilcox Strata in East-Central Louisiana: Implications for Coalbed Natural Gas Exploration

Scott G. Comegys1, Gary L. Kinsland2, and F. Clayton Breland, Jr.3
1 Nexen Petroleum USA, Inc., 12790 Merit Dr., Ste. 800, Dallas, Texas 75251
2 Energy Institute, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, P.O. Box 44530, Lafayette, Louisiana 70504
3 Coastal Engineering Division, Department of Natural Resources, P.O. Box 44027, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804

A recent subsurface study targeting Lower Wilcox Group stratigraphy in east-central Louisiana has implications for coalbed natural gas (CBNG) exploration currently underway there. The study area covers approximately 5800 square miles with its southern boundary being approximately the 6000 ft depth below which the Wilcox strata are deemed to be unsuitable for CBNG production. This study is one portion of a collective effort to identify areas best suited for further analysis of coal-bearing strata in the state of Louisiana. Approximately one hundred well logs were digitized and correlated to generate a regional picture of Lower Wilcox Group stratigraphy and structure. Maps produced include gross interval isochore, net sand isochore, and estimated net coal footage (based on resistivity curve values). The results of this study directly compare with existing literature and areas labeled for further study are coincident with existing exploration centers. The digital data from this study have been incorporated into a growing 3D geographic information system (GIS) of well logs from North Louisiana which is being created at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette primarily for the purpose of studies of the Wilcox strata for CBNG potential.


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