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AAPG and AAPG European Region Conference

November 18-21, 2007, Athens, Greece

Search and Discovery Article #90072 (2007)
Posted December 18, 2007

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Reservoir Characterization, Role and Contribution in Improving Hydrocarbon Productivity from Miocene and Pre-Miocene Rocks, Zeit Bay Field, Gulf of Suez
by M. Khaled Abd alla, Saber M.Selim, and Bassem Badawy

Basin Analysis of the Late Cretaceous Sediments in UAE
by Esam Ahmed Abd El-Gawad, Osman Abdelghany Osman, Mostafa Amin Lotfy, Wahid Hashim, and Mahmoud Mostafa Abu Saima

Geochemical Characterization of Source Rocks and Crude Oils in the Southern Gulf of Suez, Egypt
by Esam Ahmed Abd El-Gawad, Abdulrahman Sultan Alsharhan, and Osama Ahmed Mahrous

Passive Seismic (IPDS) Case Studies in Exploration & Monitoring Areas
by Karim Akrawi and Ahmed A. Khouri

Silk Road of the 21st Century
by M. Zihni Aksoy

Yemen Red Sea Subsalt Tectonics/Petroleum System Analysis from Seismic Stratigrahy-Basin Modeling
by Omer Aksu, John D. Pigott, and Ahmed Alahdal

Assessment of Hydrocarbon Generation Potential in Silurian Akkas and Ordovician Khabour Formations, Akkas Oil and Gas Field, Western Iraq
by Thamer K. Al Ameri and Mohamed Zine

Sub-Regional High-Resolution Sequence-Stratigraphic Correlation of Upper Thamama (Lower Cretaceous) Reservoir and Non-Reservoir Zones, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
by Abdulla Al-Mansoori, John C. Mitchell, and Christian J. Strohmenger

Optimizing the Remaining Potential of Carbonate Reservoirs through an Integrated Rock Physics Study: An Example from the Miocene Carbonate
by Mohammad Yamin Ali, M. Razali Che Kob, Sigit Sukmono, and Bagus Endar

Mesozoic Clastic Source-Rocks and Carbonate Reservoirs of the Middle Caspian Petroleum System
by Elmira Aliyeva, Dadash Huseynov, Haji-Murad Aliyev, Akper Feyzullayev, Ibrahim Guliyev, and Ali Suleymanov

Hydrocarbon Habitats in the Mesopotamian Basin and Zagros Fold Belt of Iraq
by A.S. Alsharhan

The Relationship between Eustasy and the Geometry of the Stratigraphic Sequences that form the Mesozoic Carbonate Facies of the Reservoirs, Seals and Associated Source Rocks of the Middle East
by A.S. Alsharhan and C.G.St.C. Kendall

Constraining the Origin and Evolution of Confined Turbidite Systems: Southern Cretan Margin, Eastern Mediterranean Sea (34°30-36°N)
by Tiago M. Alves, Vasilis Lykousis, Dimitris Sakellariou, Stamatina Alexandri, and Paraskevi Nomikou

Oil Possibilities in the Upper Cretaceous and Paleogene Foreland Basins of the Western Zagros Belt, Kurdiatan Region (N-Iraq)
by Fadhil Ahmad Amin and Dlear H. Baban

Long-term Evolution of the Congo Deep-sea Fan and Investigation on Potential Source Rocks in the Ultra-deep Offshore of the Gulf of Guinea
by Zahie Anka, Michel Séranne, Rolando Di Primio, and Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth

Stratigraphic & Structural Interpretation of Seismic Profile in the North –Eastern Part of Sulaiman Fold Belt in the Viccinity of Chaudwan, Domanda and Takht-E-Sulaiman Fault (Pakistan)
by Shazia Asim

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The Role of Calcium and Magnesium in the Mechanism of the Scale Inhibitor Retention in Carbonate Systems
by Salima Baraka-Lokmane and Ken.S Sorbie

3D Basin Simulation and Hydrocarbon Systems Analysis of the West Siberia Basin
by Scott A. Barboza, L. Burshtein, Erik Fjellanger, A. E. Kontorovich, and V. R. Livshits

Thermal Maturity History and Source-Rock Characterization of a Palaeozoic Section in the Awbari Trough, Northern Part of the Murzuq Basin, SW Libya
by Abdulmonem Belaid, Ralf Littke, and Bernhard M. Krooss

Hydrocarbons Potential of the Tindouf Basin (Algeria)
by F. Belhameche and N. Saadallah

Seal Characterization by Integrated 3D Seismic and Well Data: CO2 Storage-Casablanca Field (Offshore Spain)
by Claudia Bertoni, Tomas Vallaure, Adela Herra, and Koldo Gorocica

Variations in Fracture Characteristics Across the Stratigraphy of Outcropping Reservoirs: New Acquisition and Processing Techniques and Results
by G. Bertotti, N. Hardebol, J. Taal-van Koppen, S.M. Luthi, J. Bruining, and W.R. Rossen

Integrated History Matching Process As Applied to the Tengiz Field
by Travis C. Billiter, Steve Jenkins, Wayne Narr, and Mark Skalinski

Variation in Oil Composition in the West Siberian Basin
by Malvin Bjorøy, Peter Barry Hall, Ian Ferriday, and Alla Nemchenko-Rovenskaya

First Steps in Deep Offshore Exploration: The Angola Case History
by Marc René Blaizot

Petroleum Resource Management in Norway - National Objectives and a Possible Model for National and Global Studies
by Per Blystad and Erling Kvadsheim

Some Aspects of the Geology Offshore Syria
by Fredrik Bockelie

The Geological History of the Istria ‘Depression’, Offshore Romania: Tectonic Controls on Second Order Sequence Architecture
by David Boote

Extensional Faults in Sandstone – Analogue Input Data to Volumetric Fault Reservoir Grids
by Alvar Braathen, Jan Tveranger, Haakon Fossen, and Magne Espedal

Solving the Inter-Well Problem: Pore Shape and Connectivity from Seismic Inversion in a Carbonate Reservoir
by Guido Bracco Gartner, Ralf Weger, Jeremy Hendrson, Jarrod Dunne, and Wenche Asyee

Compartmentalization of Carbonate Reservoirs by Cenozoic Reverse Faulting in the Northern Oman Mountains (UAE)
by Liesbeth Breesch, Rudy Swennen, and Benoit Vincent

Jurassic and Cretaceous Source Rocks of the Arabian Plate: Links to Sequence Stratigraphy, Geodynamics and Palaeoclimate
by A. Brown, R. B. Davies, A. Godet, S. Holmes, D. Macgregor, M. Oxford, F. Schulze, P.R. Sharland, M.D. Simmons, O.E. Sutcliffe, A. Thomas, and J. Wyton

Geodynamics of the South Caspian Basin from New Field Studies in North-Central Iran and Azerbaijan
by M.-F. Brunet and MEBE South Caspian Working Group

Tectonic Setting and Basin Evolution of West Wadi El-Rayan Concession (WWER) Western Desert, Egypt
by Raffaele Buonaguro, Khamis Farhoud, Luca Feltre, Tesfaye Lakew, and Tamer El-Daker

An Overview of Heavy and Extra Heavy Oil Carbonate Reservoirs in the Middle East
by John W. Buza

Facies Detection through the Use of Calibrated Classification of Seismic Attributes - Siderite Detection at Negage Field, Block 14, Angola
by Jay Byers

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Salt Tectonics and Central Persian Gulf Petroleum Plays
by Stefano Carruba, Cesare Perotti, Giuseppe Bertozzi, Giorgio Bolis, Tesfaye Lakew, and Mostafa Naini

The Cataliytic Importance of the Vertical Component in Earthquake Engineering
by Panayotis Carydis

The Makran Accretionary Prism: Tectonics and Sedimentation Interplay on an Active Margin
by Raymi Castilla and Nadine Ellouz

The Austrian Deformation Event in Algeria
by Alan F. Chambers, Maria Baena, Jose Maria Jauregui, Eduardo Figari, and Candido Gomez

Optimizing our Methodologies for Assessing Probabilistic OOIP and Recovery Analysis for a New Discovery: Lianzi Field, Angola/Republic of Congo
by Masroor Chaudhri and Kathleen Mabe

Minimizing Exploration Risks through Integrated Reservoir Characterizations of Miocene Carbonate Buildups of Central Luconia Province, Offshore Sarawak, Malaysia
by Kob Che, Mohd Razali, Mohamad Yamin Ali, Asiah Mohd Salih, Mohd Fauzi Abdul Kadir, and Rosmah Rahman

Meandering River Channel Sand Identification and Description
by Guangjun Chen, Jianxiang Yuan, and Helin Wang

A Resource-based Data Set for Global Resource Studies
by Kenneth J. Chew

Impact of Sedimentologic Heterogeneity on Gas-oil and Water-oil Displacements in the Fluvial-Deltaic Pereriv Suite Reservoir of the ACG Oilfield, South Caspian Basin
by Kevin Choi, Matthew Jackson, Gary Hampson, Alistair Jones, and Anthony Reynolds

Hydrocarbons in Deep Oceans: From a New Global Tectonic Perspective
by Dong R.Choi

New Insights into the Regional Structure of the Offshore Niger Delta
by Christopher D. Connors, Barbara J. Radovich, Al Danforth, and Sujata Venkatraman

Wider Application of Elemental Chemostratigraphy in Carbonates: A Case Study from the Lower Cretaceous Minagish Formation, Kuwait
by Florian A. Conradi, Taher El-Gezeeri, Kenneth Wells, Timothy J. Pearce, and Michael C. Dix

Hydrocarbon Accumulation in the Permo-Triassic Reservoirs of the Moesian Platform
by Pene Constantin, Niculescu Bogdan, and Mitru Daniela

Tectonic Style and Oil and Gas Accumulation in the Moldavian Platform
by Pene Constantin, Negulescu Rodica, and Coltoi Octavian

The Babbage Gas Field - UK Southern North Sea - There is a Future for Low Permeability Leman Sandstone Reservoirs
by Steve Corbin

Classification of Sedimentary Basins According to Their Structural Genesis, Evolutionary History and Calculated Hydrocarbon Maturation Zones: Study Area Pannonian Basin System
by Maarten Corver

A New Hypothesis for Earth Lithosphere Evolution
by James G. A.Croll

Major Gas Field in Pakistan from Fractured Carbonates and Sandstones
by Izabella Csiki, László Csontos, Katalin Lõrincz, József Tóth, and Athar Ali

Old Idea with New Application in Oman
by László Csontos, Ágoston Sasvári, Tamás Pocsai, Gizella Árgyelán, István Dunkl, and László Fodor

Magnetic Resonance Data Identification of Production in Difficult Carbonate Reservoirs
by Elizabeth Bartlett Culp, Charles H. Smith, Jim Bray, and Sandeep Ramakrishna

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Timing and Quantification of Significant Uplift and Erosion Resulting from 1D Basin Modelling Optimizations. Possible or Impossible?
by Birger Dahl, George Butenko, and Ivar Meisingset

Frontier Sub-basalt Exploration in the North Atlantic
by Gregers Dam, Michael Larsen, Thomas Ottesen, and Niels Westphal

Sedimentology and Timing of Hydrocarbon-seepage (Lower Eocene, Varna, Bulgaria)
by Eva De Boever, Rudy Swennen, and Lyubomir Dimitrov

The Tertiary Kamtchia Fluvio-Estuary-Fan System of Eastern Bulgaria
by Rudolf Dellmour and Gian Gabriele Ori

Mud Volcanoes from de Nile Delta (Deep Offshore Egypt): Nature and Origin of the Fluids
by Eric Deville, Alain Prinzhofer, Jean-Paul Foucher, Jean Mascle, and Jean-Claude Caprais

Fluid Rlow Reconstruction in Cretaceous Panormide Platform Limestones: Implications for Timing of Oil Migration in the Sicilian Fold and Thrust Belt
by Ben Dewever, Rudy Swennen, François Roure, Pietro Di Stefano, Isaac Berwouts, and Philippe Muchez

Reservoir Characterisation of the Lower Devonian in the Ahnet – Timimoun Basin (Algeria)
by Aldjia Djezzar and Maarouf Brahim

Resources Management on Mature Basin in Sumatera Island, Indonesia: Building Partnership Between Government and Industrial
by D. Djumlati, Johnson Paju, and Sunjaya Saputra

Lithostratigraphy of the Upper Jurassic – Cretaceous Deposits and Hydrocarbon Perspective in the Romanian Shelf of the Black Sea
by Ovidiu Nicolae Dragastan

The Myth of the Flat and Monotonous Mesozoic Epeiric Carbonate Platforms in the Middle East
by Henk J. Droste

Back to Basics: Paleozoic Carbonate Exploration in the Pricaspian Basin
by Donna Drysdale, Menno De Ruig, and Florence Heath

Korolev Field, Kazakhstan - Reservoir Modeling and the Evaluation of Key Static and Dynamic Uncertainties
by Dennis Dull, Akmaral Zhumagulova, Mark Skalinski, and Djuro Novakovic

Did the Mjølnir Asteroid Impact Ignite Barents Sea Yydrocarbon Source Rocks?
by Henning Dypvik, Wendy S. Wolbach, Valery Shuvalov, and Susanna L. Widicus Weaver

An Automated Approach to Determining Regional Scale Hydrocarbon Loss/Preservation Due To Fault Reactivation. An Example from the Timor Sea
by Christopher Peter Dyt, Julian Strand, Anthony Gartrell, and Laurent Langhi

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Use of Electrical Borehole Imaging Aids in Evaluating Lower Miocene Submarine Channel Complex in Offshore Angola, West Africa
by Paul Elliott, Antonio Mpanzu, Stephen Van Dalen, and Janardhan Kurri

Systematic Joints within the Adriatic Carbonate Platform, Istria, Croatia: A Reflection of Strike-slip Kinematics Near the Apulian Plate Boundary
by Terry Engelder and Vlastimila Dvorakova

The 2007 SPE/AAPG/WPC/SPEE Reserves and Resources Classification, Definitions and Guidelines. Defining the Standard!
by John Robert Etherington, John E. Ritter, and Luca Zuccolo

Liquid Natural Gas Supply from The East Nile Delta, Arab Republic of Egypt: A Series of Innovations Secure Export Gas For 17 Years
by Peter J. Evans, Eric J. Phinney, and Simon A. Anderson

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Angola Stratigraphic Initiative: Stratigraphic Integration of Oligocene/Miocene Reservoirs (Malembo Formation) in the Lower Congo Basin
by Timothy R. Fahrer, Rick Beaubouef, Michael L. Porter, and Donald Kim Sickafoose

Geomagnetic Modeling for Zaafarana and Morgan Accommodation Zones in the Gulf of Suez Rift Basin, Egypt
by Khamis Farhoud and Salah Eldin Mousa

Abandoned but not Forgotten – Dumbarton, a Brownfield Re-Development
by Emily Ferguson, Simon Rooksby, and Richard Todd

Evaluation of Source Rocks in the Mid-Norway Area
by Ian L. Ferriday, Malvin Bjorøy, and Peter B. Hall

3D Visualisation of Structure at a Plate-Scale: Significance for Understanding the Palaeozoic Petroleum Systems of North Africa and Arabia
by Adam Finn, Duncan Macgregor, and Sarah Williams

The Guebiba Field - Reservoir Characterization and Modeling
by Rudolf Finsterwalder and Lamia Rouis

South Akcakoca Gas: A Black Sea Discovery 30 Years in the Making
by Michael J. Fitzgerald, Ed Ramirez, William Moulton, and Al Garcia

Numerical Simulation of Temperature History in the Vøring Area, Offshore Mid Norway: The Effects of Palaeo Water Depth and Lower Crustal Body
by Willy Fjeldskaar, Ivar Grunnaleite, and Janine Zweigel

A Newly Recognized Eastern Extension of the Nile Deep Sea Fan
by Yehoshua Folkman and Yossi Mart

Geometry and Kinematics of a Normal Fault Network, Corinth Rift: Construction of a 3D Model Using Limited Data
by Mary Ford, Christian Le Carlier de Veslud, Sylvain Bourlange, David Jousselin, Nicolas Backert, Sebastien Rohais, and Aurelie Girard

The Structural Habitat of Hydrocarbon Accumulations of Iraq
by Thomas J. Frantes, Ayad F. Abbas, R.P. George, and Tayfoor Rushdi

Africa's Expanded Role as a Resource Base for Tomorrow
by Bob Fryklund, Andrew Hayman, and Pete Stark

Dipmeter Application in Canadian Oil Sands Development – Evolution from Predicting Potential Block Slides to 3D Geological Interpretation and Modelling
by Milovan Fustic, Ron Spencer, Steve Hubbard, Barry Bennett, and Steve Larter

Effects of Reservoir Compartmentalization on Hydrocarbon Composition and Bitumen Quality in the Athabasca Oil Sands Deposits, Canada
by Milovan Fustic, Barry Bennett, Ron Spencer, Steve Hubbard, and Steve Larter

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Strategy of Exploration of the Nonconventional Resources- Study Case: Reggane Basin (Algeria)
by S. Gaci

Evidence of Hydrocarbon Migration in Volcanic Piles of Rift Systems
by Yuriy Galant, Alfred Geptner, and Yuriy Pikovskiy

Three Myths
by Yuri Borisovich Galant

Active Faulting in South Viotia Region, Central Greece: Segmentation, Stress Analysis and Extensional Strain Patterns
by Athanassios Ganas, Vincenzo Spina, Nikolitsa Alexandropoulou, Athanassia Oikonomou, and George Drakatos

The Oligo-Miocene Submarine Channel System, a New Hydrocarbon Play in the Levant Basin, Offshore Israel
by Michael A. Gardosh, Yehezkeel Druckman, and Benjamin Buchbinder

Changes in Trap Integrity during the Evolution of Reactivated Faults in the Timor Sea, North West Shelf, Australia
by Anthony Gartrell, Ben Clennell, and Yanhua Zhang

Recent Exploration Activities in Sudan
by Piotr W.Gawenda and Dimitri Massaras

Recent Exploration Activities in the Northern Mediterranean Sector
by Piotr W. Gawenda and Helena Dobrova

Structural Genesis of Hydrocarbon Traps of Iraq
by Richard P. George, Ayad F. Abbas, K. W. Schafer, Thomas J. Frantes, and Tayfoor Rushdi

Structural Model Approach of the Chelif Basin, North Algeria
by Rachida Ghazli

Changing Our Own Thinking: The “Structural Styles” of Conventional and Unconventional Fold-Thrust Belts
by Ed Gilbert

Evidence for a Late Cretaceous or Palaeocene Arctic Seagrass Lagoon?
by Lawrence M. Gill

Hydrocarbon Potential of an Under-Explored Frontier Basin. The Zag Basin of Morocco
by Lewis Gillhespy and John Exton

Exhumation Histories in the Barents Sea: Challenging the Post-Glacial Myth!
by Paul Green and Ian Duddy

Mesozoic–Cenozoic Exhumation Events in the Eastern North Sea Basin:
by Paul Green, Peter Japsen, Erik Rasmussen, Lars Nielsen, and Torbjen Bidstrup

Regional Intraplate Exhumation Related to Plate Boundary Deformation:
by Paul Green, Ian Duddy, and Simon Holford

Subsidence and Sedimentation in the South Caspian Basin
by Tim Green, Nazim Abdullayev, Greg Riley, and Alan Roberts

The Cretaceous Ratawi Reservoir at South Fuwaris Field, Partitioned Neutral Zone of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait: Acquisition and Interpretation of New High-Resolution 3D Seismic Data and Geological Modeling
by Stewart D. Griest, W. Scott Meddaugh, John Garrity, William F. Stewart, and Rhys Schneider

Can Uplift Of Structural Highs Explain Distribution Of Inversion And Compression in The Southwestern Barents Sea?
by Ivar Grunnaleite and Ziping Huang

Cretaceous to Recent Inversion Structures in the Southwestern Barents Sea
by Ivar Grunnaleite

The Development of Inverted Faults: Results from Analogue Plaster Models
by Ivar Grunnaleite

Mid-Palaeozoic Sedimentary Facies and Hydrocarbon Occurrences, North Novaya Zemlya, Arctic Russia
by Li Guo, Roman Schekoldin, Robert A. Scott, James P. Howard, and Jenny E. Omma

Upper Jurassic Reefs of the Western Caucasus-Crimea; Hydrocarbon Implications for the Eastern Black Sea
by Li Guo, Stephen J. Vincent, Samuel P. Rice, and Vladimir Lavrishchev

Architecture and Evolution of the Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous Carbonate Platform Developed upon the SW Margin of the East-European Craton (SE Poland, W Ukraine)
by Jacek Gutowski, Ihor V. Popadyuk, Piotr Gliniak, Piotr Krzywiec, Andrzej Maksym, Andrzej Urbaniec, and Zbigniew Zlonkiewicz

Uralian Suture Under the Kara Sea?
by Irene Gómez-Pérez, James Howard, and Robert Scott

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How Far Can We Push the Seismic Inversion Concept in an Exploration Setting? Some Examples from the Barents Sea
by Tore N. Hansen and Philip Hughes

CO2 Injection and Storage into the Utsira Formation, North Sea - Risk Evaluation
by Helga Hansen, Ola Eiken, and Rolf Håkon Holmboe

The Structural and Sedimentological Evolution of the Prinos Basin, Greece
by Stuart David Harker and Adrian J. Burrows

Jurassic Carbonate Reservoirs, Northern Saudi Arabia: Distribution, Architecture and Characterization
by Tom Harland, David Tang, Paul Lawrence, and Greg Gregory

Imaging Below an Extremely Complex Sea-Floor – Data Examples From the Erotosthenes Structure, Offshore Cyprus
by Dave Harrison-Fox

Added Value of Seismic Engineering: A Collaborative Way between Geoscientists and Engineers
by Endro Hartanto, Asep Samsul Arifin, Jonly Sinulingga, and Bambang Widjanarko

CO2 Flow in the Utsira Formation: Inferences Made from 4D Seismic Analyses of the Sleipner Area
by Christian Hermanrud, Peter Zweigel, Ola Eiken, Jon Lippard, and Terje Andresen

The Kahraman Area Fields - an Old Dog Learning New Tricks
by Jay H. Hightower

Building a Better Framework - The Fused Fault Block Approach
by Karen S. Hoffman, John W. Neave, and Erik H. Nilsen

A Novel Hydrothermal Salt Theory and its Application to Understanding Deep-Water Salt Accumulations and Piercement Structures
by Martin Hovland, Håkon Rueslåtten, Christine Fichler, and Hans Konrad Johnsen

New Palaeogeographic Reconstructions Documenting the Evolution of Paleozoic Hydrocarbon Basins along the Uralian Margin of Baltica
by James P. Howard, Melise Harland, Alexander Gubanov, Olga Bogolepova, Sam Rice, and Robert Scott

Primary Depositional Controls on Source Rock Development in the Western Former Soviet Union: a Sequence Stratigraphic Perspective
by Carola Hulka, David Kemp, Ben Kilner, Domenico Lodola, Ailsa Messer, and Mike Simmons

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Some Results and Ideas of the Probable Present-Day Deep Oil Inflow Analyses
by Ravil Ibatullin, Rais Khisamov, and Ivan Glumov

Pereriv Formation Heterogeneity and Connectivity: Insights from the Azeri Field during Production
by Hamlet Ibrahimov, Richard Jolly, and Ivan Pinzon

Sedimentological Characterization of the Surakhany Suite (Lower Pliocene Productive Series): Integration of Outcrop - Subsurface Data
by Bagir Ibrahimov

Petroleum Characterisation of Salambo Formation by Organic Petrography and Organic Geochemistry (Gulf of Gabes-Tunisia)
by Halima Inoubli

The Cretaceous Source Rock in the Vøring Basin off Mid-Norway: Just a Myth or High Potential?
by Maik Inthorn, Ute Mann, and Janine Zweigel

Inorganic Geochemistry of Oil: First Results of the Study Using the ICP-MS Method of the East-European and West-Siberian Oil Deposits
by Kirill S. Ivanov, Yuriy N. Fyodorov, Yuriy L. Ronkin, Yuriy V. Yerokhin, Olga E. Pogromskaya, and Irina N. Plotnikova

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On the Origin of Large Horizontal Stress Variations in the Earth's Crust
by Peter James

How is Oblique Extension (Transtension) Accommodated from Regional to Local Scales?
by Richard R. Jones, Sotiris Kokkalas, Dave Healy, and Ken McCaffrey

Seismic Expression of Carbonate Platforms, East Gulf of Sirt Basin, Libya
by Gunawan Juniarto, Carlos Diaz Merino, Andrew Wight, Diego Rivas, and Mateu Esteban

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Hydrocarbon Exploration in Western Greece
by Minas Kapnistos, Evangelos Kamperis, Fedon Marnelis, and Konstantinos Nicolaou

The Porosity Evolution of Eocene Limestones in the Preapulian Zone, Zakynthos Island, Western Greece
by Marianna Kati and Peter A. Scholle

Facies and Reservoir Quality of the Tengiz Isolated Platform, Pricaspian Basin, Kazakhstan
by Jeroen Kenter, Paul (Mitch) Harris, and Joel Collins

Oil and Gas Prospects of the Ukrainian Part of the Western Black Sea
by Oxana Khriachtchevskaia and Sergiy Stovba

Deepwater Turbidite Reservoir Characterization and Geological Modeling of the Shwe and Shwe Phyu Gas Discoveries Offshore Northwestern Myanmar
by Dongil (David) Kim, Su-Yeong Yang, and Heungbum Yi

How Abiotic Petroleum Systems Work: Tectonically Driven Deep Fluid Sources
by Alexander A. Kitchka

Juvenile Petroleum Comes from Deep Fluid Inclusions
by Alexander Kitchka

Proterozoic to Cambrian Plate-Tectonics and its Control on the Structural Evolution of the Ara Salt-Basin in Oman
by Anton Koopman, Martine Van den Berg, Karen Romine, and Jon Teasdale

Carbonate Reservoirs of the 6042 Deleni Well (Târnava Basin, Romania): Questions Arising for Future Exploration
by J. Szilamér Kovács, Marcel A. Piteiu, Ioan I. Bucur, Emanoil Sãsãran, Ovidiu Gh. Pinca, and István Nagy

Mud Volcanoes and Fluid Migration in the Sorokin Trough
by Sebastian Krastel, Michelle Wagner-Friedrichs, Volkhard Spiess, Leonid Meisner, Gerhard Borhmann, and Michael Ivanov

Exploring the Norwegian Channel - The Peon Discovery
by Trude Kristing and Espen S. Andersen

Rethinking Controls on the Mechanics of Deep-Water Thrusting – Interaction of Structure and Sedimentation
by Ana Krueger and Ed Gilbert

Future Prospects of Petroleum Discoveries in Libya
by Sugaier Mohamed Kumati

Exploration Potential in Toe Thrust Area of Block F Sarawak Deep Water - Malaysia
by Theresia Kuswardhany, Robert Wong, M. Irwani Sadi, and Barry James Boyce

Modern Theory of Abiotic Deep Genesis of Hydrocarbons: Challenge for Petroleum Industry
by Vladimir G. Kutcherov

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New Insight into Microporous Carbonates and Impact on Recovery Factor: Example From Mishrif Reservoir in Irak
by Laurent Lambert, Benjamin Sallier, Bruno Caline, Gerald Hamon, Eric Davaud, and Christophe Durlet

The Messinian Salinity Crisis in the Nile Delta: Chasing Shallow Marine Reservoirs in a Deep-water Basin
by Piet Lambregts, Willem Ottes, and Ahmed El Barkooky

Faults Kinematic Analysis and 3D Characterisation of Re-migration Seismic Features: Two Key Elements to Assess and Predict Fault Seal Integrity within Reactivated Areas
by Laurent Langhi, Anthony Gartrell, and Julian Strand

Active Regional Magmatism and Hydrocarbon Reservoirs: Linking Foreland Basin Processes and Hydrothermal Dolomitization
by Denis Lavoie

Understanding Flow Behavior in Carbonate Reservoirs From Facies-Based Earth Models
by Marjorie Levy, William Milliken, Paul M. Harris, and Sebastien Strebelle

The Metamorphosis of West of Shetland Exploration from Myth to Reality
by Nicholas Loizou

Unconventional Oil Resources in the Mature Source Rocks Formation
by Nikolai Lopatin, N.A. Malyshev, N.N. Kosenkova, and Tamara Emets

Roles of Geologic Processes along Passive Continental Margins Suggest Dynamic Interrelationships of Cause and Effect
by Allen Lowrie and David King

Regional Motions along the Northern Gulf of Mexico Passive Continental Margin Indicate Lateral Basinward Tectonics
by Allen Lowrie, Juan Lorenzo, and Nancye Dawers

The Carboniferous Sedimentary Succession, Lithofacies and Hydrocarbon Potential in Central Palmyrides (Syria)
by Dubravko Lucic, Hasan Ayed, Zeljko Ivkovic, Damir Takac, Goran Forsek, and Josip Bubnic

Petroleum Geology and Prospectivity of the Upper Jurassic of Iraq and Comparison to Adjacent Areas
by Grenville Lunn, John Scott, and Augustus O. Wilson

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Understanding the Effect of Faulting on Production Forecasting & Reserves, Negage Field, Block 14 Deepwater Angola
by Kathleen Mabe, Luis Fernandes, Masroor Chaudhri, and Zhanat Sarsembayeva

Heavy Oil Challenges for Development of Gabela Field, Deepwater Block 14 Angola
by Kathleen Mabe, Rosaria Ambriz, and Masroor Chaudhri

Modeling Methods to Simplify Layering and Faulting while Accurately Forecasting Production & Reserves, Negage Field, Block 14 Deepwater Angola
by Kathleen Mabe, Masroor Chaudhri, and Zhanat Sarsembayeva

Difficutleis in Estimating Resources and Reserves in a Probablistic Framework
by David MacDonald

Basin, Swells, Volcanoes and Turbidites: Continental Scale Controls on Deep Water Sand Input to African Margins
by Duncan S. Macgregor and Kevin Burke

The Upper Devonian Nisku Formation in Alberta, Canada: From Sour Gas Production to Acid Gas Sequestration
by Hans G. Machel

Opportunities to Add Value in the Berkine Basin?
by Javier Machin, José María Jauregui, Miguel González, Eduardo Figari, and Cheriff Hellal

Petroleum System of the Central Western Desert, Egypt: Field Discovery and Development of the Cretaceous Reservoirs
by Tom M. Maher, Daniel E. Helgeson, Ron E. Roberts, Alan P. Clare, Peter Munday, and Martin J. Oldani

Hybrid Reservoir Model - a New Approach for more Geological Production History Match in Mature Fields
by Vincent Marlot, Louise Den-Boer, Celine Menon-Chassan, and Pascal Lendres

Depositional Models for South-East Iraq Mishrif Carbonate Platform
by Pierre Masse, Olivier Ridet, and Alain Roumagnac

Facies Characterization of South-East Iraq Asmari Carbonate Platform
by Pierre Masse, Alexandra Cournot, Catherine Javaux, and Husnein Ahmed

Analysis of the Petroleum System in the Western Gulf of Cadiz: Offshore Algarve Basin
by Hugo Matias, Frode Sandnes, Cabrita Da Silva, Luis Matias, and Fernando Santos

Causes of High Formation Pressures in Deep Drilling in Western Greece
by Angelos Mavromatidis, Vassilios C. Kelessidis, and Dionisis Monopolis

Challenging Our Global Tectonic Myths
by James Maxlow

Basement Inheritance Controls on Fold Evolution in the South Caspian Sea
by Ken McCaffrey and Richard Jolly

Late Ordovician Palaeovalleys in the Sahara: An Outcrop-based Model for a Complex Reservoir
by Neil David McDougall and Hussein Abdallah

Maastrichtian Heavy Oil Reservoirs in the Partitioned Neutral Zone (PNZ), Saudi Arabia and Kuwait
by W. Scott Meddaugh, Raymond A. Garber, Stewart Griest, Dennis W. Dull, and David Barge

Geology and Petroleum Potential of the Shatsky Ridge (Black Sea)
by Alexey L. Meisner and Leonid B. Meisner

Tectonic Inversion of Kattaniya Basin, North Western Desert, Egypt
by Farouk Metawalli, John Pigott, and Ali M. Bakr

Early Cretaceous Zubair Sandstone Formation: Oil and Gas Existence and Production from Ibn Umr Field Mesopotamian Basin
by Jamal J. Mhuder and Riadh Abdulsadh

Radioactive Irradiation Factor of Hydrocarbon Source Rock Evaluation
by George Mirkin

Compressing the Processing Time-Line An Example from Block 14, Angola
by Peter Mitchell and Helmut Hsiao

Geological Evolution of the Coal-Bearing Basins in the North-West of Greece
by Daniela Mitrou and Constantin Pene

The Geological Structure of the Eratosthenes Continental Block and its Margins with the Levantine and Herodotus Basins (Eastern Mediterranean) from New Seismic Reflection Data
by Lucien Montadert and Stellios Nicolaides

Re-Interpretation of the North Flank of Qarun "A" Field (Western Desert, Egypt), Based on SCAT Analysis and Reprocessing of the A-17 Dipmeter
by James D. Morse

Influence of Structural Deformation on Temperature Distribution through Time
by Fausto Mosca, Ana Krueger, and Ed Gilbert

Genetic Models and Analogues to Unravel the Potential of Glaciogenic Hydrocarbon Reservoirs of North Africa and Middle East
by Andrea Moscariello, Mads Huuse, and Philip Gibbard

Paleozoic Reservoir Geology of the Zerafa and Djebel Hirane Blocks (Western Desert, Algeria): Advances in Understanding a Challenging Play
by Andrea Moscariello, Willhelm Kolkman, Aziz Oudjida, Andrea James, Stephanie Murfitt, Mario Mussini, Thomas Krayenbuhl, Fiammetta Mondino, and Ronald Besems

Structural Evolution and Basin Classification Test of the Tindouf Basin
by Medaouri Mourad

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From Regional to Detailed Tectonic and Structural Pattern in Bilciuresti Field Area with Landmark’s Interpretation Software
by Stoica Negulescu, Elena Rodica, Beatrice Ionescu, Laurentiu Ionescu, and Octavian Suciu

Oil in Granites on Example of White Tiger Field, Vietnam
by Tatyana Nickolaevna Nemchenko, Alla Semenovna Nemchenko-Rovenskaya, and Eugeniy Georgievich Areshev

Prerequisites for Formation of Large and Unique Oil and Gas Fields at the Arctic Shelf of Russia (European Part)
by Alla Nemchenko-Rovenskaya and Erik Galimov

Effects of Tectonics on Deposition in the Balkans of Eastern Bulgaria
by Michal Nemcok, Charles J. Stuart, Dian Vangelov, Eric R. Higgins, Chelsea Welker, and David Meaux

Synthetic Time-Lapse Seismic Study of CO2 Injected into a Marine Aquifer - The North Sea Sleipner Field
by Khanh Duc Nguyen

Evolution of Carbonate Reservoir in South Makassar Basin, Indonesia, and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity Assessment within the Area
by Dardji Noeradi, Eddy A. Subroto, Awali Priyono, Handoyo E. Wahono, and Eddy Hermanto

Normal Fault Inversion by Orthogonal Compression
by C.R. Nogueira and F.O. Marques

Kinematics of the Eastern Nordvarg Dome, the Barents Sea, Norway: A Hinge Migration Detachment Fold
by Enrique F. Novoa, Torbjørn Dahlgren, and Geir Elvebakk

Structuring Fault Outcrop Data for Numerical Modeling Purposes
by Henning Nøttveit, Jan Tveranger, Magne Espedal, Eivind Bastesen, and Alvar Braathen

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Was the Minoan Cvilization Declined Due to the Attack of the Large Tsunami Caused by the Late Bronge Age Eruption of Thera Volcano?
by Gerassimos Papadopoulos

Exploring the Diffrence between Myth and Paramyth and Between Myth and Historical Fact
by Stavros P. Papamarinopoulos

Map-Based Volumetric Calculations of Probabilistic OOIP for Stacked Reservoirs with Multiple Oil Water Contacts: Examples from the N'Sano Pinda & Takula Lower Pinda Reservoirs, Block 0, Angola
by Petro Papazis, Jerome Glass, and Antonio Ingles

Reservoir Types and Characterization of the Pre-Apulian Zone in Ionian Islands
by Marios Patsoules

High Resolution Chemostratigraphic Correlation of Devonian-Carboniferous Sequences from Berkine Basin, Eastern Algeria
by Tim J. Pearce, Teresa Batrina, and Antonio Alaminos Martinez

The Predictive Modeling of Authigenic Mineralogy and Reservoir Quality Using Geochemical Data from Core and Cuttings: A Case Study on Devonian to Carboniferous Sequences from the RKF Field (Berkine Basin, Eastern Algeria)
by Tim J. Pearce, Teresa Batrina, and Antonio Alaminos Martinez

The Predictive Modelling of Lithotypes and Lithofacies Using Geochemical Data from Core and Cuttings: A Case Study on the Devonian to Carboniferous Sequences of the RKF Field (Berkine Basin, Eastern Algeria)
by Tim J. Pearce, Teresa Batrina, and Antonio Alaminos Martinez

Geochemical Evaluation, Thermal Maturation and Petroleum Potential of the Upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous Formations in the Southern Iraq Basin
by R. Paul Philip and Abdullah Ali

Structural Framework, Reservoir and Source Rock Distribution of Southern Libya: Insights from Recent Field Observations in Eastern Murzuq and Kufra
by Richard J. Phillips, James Howard, Sebastian Luning, and Andrew Whitham

Late Orogenic Faulting - an Important Component of Hydrocarbon Systems of Orogenic Belts and Their Forelands
by Frank J. Picha

Dealing with Geological Uncertainties in Economic-Environmental Predictions on CCS: Approach of the Policy Support System for Carbon Capture and Storage
by Kris Piessens

High Resolution Chemical Sequence Stratigraphy in Carbonates: Oxfordian Smackover USA Ramp Proxy
by Kulwadee L. Pigott, John D. Pigott, Michael H. Engel, and Richard P. Philp

Geochemical Preconditions of Oil-gas-bearing Capacity of the Alboran Basin
by Elena Poludetkina, and E. Kozlova

The Signigicance of Temperate-Type (Foramol) Carbonate Systems as Indices of Depositional Dynamics
by Fotini Pomoni-Papaioannou

Debunking the Myths of Crimean Geology
by Igor V. Popadyuk

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Stochastic Inversion as a Tool for the Construction of Carbonate Reservoir Models
by A.S. Rabey, D.V. Klyazhnikov, E.O. Malysheva, N.N. Chernoglazova, and A.L. Korzun

Geology of the Gotnia Basin Shelf
by Martin Rademakers and Khalid Shokair

Sarawak Malaysia Deepwater New Turbidite Play
by Fauzil Radilas, Mohd Akmal Adnan, Kamal Ghaffar, Barry James Boyce, Robert Wong, Hin Fatt, and Marzuki Bin Asmuri

Lower Devonian Combined Traps Ahnet Basin Western Sahara- Algeria
by Athmane R. Ragmani, Boukhallat Saad. B, and Azni Lynda. A

Innovation Technology Using Acoustic Impedance Modeling For Reservoir Characterization at Tanjung Oil Field, Barito Basin, South Kalimantan, Indonesia
by Rusalida Raguwanti and Darwin Tangkalalo

Exploring Silisiclastic Tight Gas Reservoir
by Jonih Rahmat, Chepy Irawan, and Sunjaya Saputra

Biomarker Classification of Seepage Oils from Western Greece
by Nickos Rigakis, Konstantinos A. Nicolaou, Peter H. Nytoft, Jørgen A. Bojesen-Koefoed, and Ioannis Abatzis

The Petroleum Generation Potential of Greece
by Nickos Rigakis, Konstantinos A. Nicolaou, Nikolaos Roussos, and Fedon Marnelis

Hydrocarbon Plays and Prospectivity of the Levantine Basin Offshore Lebanon and Syria from Modern Seismic Data
by Glyn F. Roberts and Dave Peace

The Nature and Prospectivity of the Levantine Basin, East Mediterranean: New Insights from Depth Imaged Seismic Data
by Glyn F. Roberts, David Rowlands, and Dave Peace

Alluvial Fan to Gilbert-type Fan Delta Dynamics of the Corinth Rift (Greece): Field Studies and Numerical Modeling
by Sébastien Rohais, François Guillocheau, Rémi Eschard, and Mary Ford

Modeling the Stratigraphic Architecture of the Southern Margin of the Corinth Rift (Greece)
by Sebastien Rohais, Mary Ford, Rémi Eschard, François Guillocheau, and I. Moretti

Morvin Hydrocarbon Discovery Offshore Mid-Norway: Exploration and Field Development in A High Pressure - High Temperature Realm
by Alf Ryseth, Kjell Martin Edin, Bjarte Moltu, Sigurd Hansen, Jan Ove Hansen, Lone D. Christensen, Per Ulvedal, and Sture Rogde

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Hydrocarbon Potential of North Eastern Part of Taoudenni Basin Algeria
by B. Boukhallat Saad, Athmane R. Rahmani, Abdellah G. Goucem, and Saadallah Nabil

Facies Model of Clastic Reservoir in Pre-Talang Akar Formation, Melandong Area, North West Java Basin, Indonesia
by Ory Sadjati, Asep Samsul Arifin, and Vickry Rowi

Evaluating the Petroleum Potential of the Norwegian Southern Barents Shelf by Combining Geological Knowledge and New Technology
by Tommy Samuelsberg, Erik Mårten Blixt, and Torgeir Bjelvin

Tectonic and Depositional History of Salawati Basin, Papua - Indonesia : Implications to the Occurrences of Miocene Kais Carbonate Play Types
by Awang Harun Satyana

Natural Gas Production from Unconventional Low-Permeability Sandstone, Fractured-Shale, and Coalbed Reservoirs--Analogs from the U.S.A
by Christopher J. Schenk, Richard M. Pollastro, and Troy Cook

Depositional and Diagenetic Patterns and Petroleum Potential of Cretaceous Carbonate Platforms, Ionian Islands, Greece
by Peter A. Scholle and Marios Patsoules

Geometrical Characterization of Normal Fault Damage Zones in Siliciclastic Reservoirs
by Sylvie Schueller, Alvar Braathen, and Haakon Fossen

Opening of the Amerasia Basin and its Significance for Understanding Late Palaeozoic and Mesozoic Sediment Dispersal Patterns in the Arctic
by Robert A. Scott, Jenny E. Omma, Lester M. Anderson, Vicky Pease, and Stewart Sinclair

The Barents Sea Goliath Discovery
by Jan Seldal and J. Leutscher

The Tectonic Ecology of the Black Sea
by Celal Sengor and Boris NatalIn

Deep Water Gulf of Mexico High Gamma Ray Shales and their Implications for Flooding Surfaces Source Rocks and Extinctions
by William J. Sercombe and Thomas W. Radford

Intra-cratonic Volcanism in the Colorado Plateau and Association with Basin and Range Rifting
by William J. Sercombe and Thomas W. Radford

Discovery, Appraisal, and Early Production at Landana North, Block 14, Angola
by Roger Severson, Oscar Yepes, Rafael Cobenas, Frank Descant, and Jennifer Gilroy

Solving the Pinda Puzzle: Core is the Key! Pinda Formation, Block 0, Offshore Cabinda, Angola
by Sunday K. Shepherd and Bryan Bracken

Integration of Borehole Images and Core for Enhancement of Cretaceous Reservoir Facies Model: A Case Study from Eastern Offshore, India
by Chandramani Shrivastva, Nigel Patrick Machin, and Anil Tyagi

Jurassic Fractured Carbonate Reservoir Characterization Overview - Northern Kuwait
by Sunil K. Singh, William J. Clark, Mishari Al-Awadi, Meshal Al-Wadi, Gary S. Forrest, Yuan Z. Ma, Ernest Gomez, Michael F. Doe, Paul R. LaPointe, Oki T. Musakti, and Salah El Shazly

Uncertainty Evaluation of the In-place Oil/Gas in the North Kuwait Jurassic Sequences
by Sunil Singh, Yuan Z. Ma, Waleed Ahmad, Abdel Hameed, Rafi Aziz, Mishari Al-Awadi, Meshal Al-Wadi, Oki T. Musakti, Williams Clark, Ernest Gomez, Omer Gurpinar, and Jaime Moreno

Petrophysical Rock Types - a Building Block For the Tengiz Field
by Mark Skalinski, Steve Jenkins, Bruce Caplan, Travis Billiter, and Jeroen Kente

Structure and Evolution of Western Corinth Rift: An Interpretation Based on New Field Data from Northern Peloponnesus
by Emmanuel N. Skourtsos and Haralambos D. Kranis

Multiscale 3D Static Modelling in Norwegian Deepwater for Exploration and on Down the Lifecycle Stream
by Ru Smith and Martin William Ecclestone

Review of the Geological Security of Carbon Dioxide Storage in the Deep Saline Aquifers of Norway
by Semere Solomon

Towards a Better Understanding of Hydrocarbon Potential at the Cross-Road of Europe, Middle-East and Asia (The Eastern Greater Caucasus)
by Silvia Spezzaferri, Alessandra Negri, Shatilova Irina, Talat Kangarli, Jon Mosar, and Kakhaber Koiava

Evidences of Igneous Diapirism in Northern Part of Narmada Block, Cambay Basin, India
by Rangarajan Sreenivasan

Opportunity Maturation: Forecasting Resource and Reserve Additions
by Charles Stabell and Per Audun Hole

Critical Role of Heavy Oil Resources in Energy Supplies:
by Philip Stark, Kenneth Chew, Robert Fryklund, and Andrew Hayman

The Structure of the Central Part of Transeuropean Suture Zone and the Basement of Neighbouring Platforms Based On Regional Magnetotelluric Survey
by Michal Stefaniuk, Jedrzej Pokorski, Tomasz Czerwinski, and Marek Wojdyla

The Eocene Rus Anhydrite: Important Arabian Seismic Reflector and Recorder of Cenozoic History
by D. Mark Steinhauff, Christian J. Heine, and Arthur E. Gregory

Global Wrench Tectonics - Earth History in New Perspective
by K.M. Storetvedt

Hydrocarbon Bearing Area in the Eastern Part of the Ukrainian Black Sea
by Sergiy Stovba and Oxana Khriachtchevskaia

Basin Evolution and Source Rock Potential in the Mid Jurassic-Early Cretaceous of East Greenland: Implications for Exploration in Mid Norway and the Northeast Greenland Shelf
by Dominic P. Strogen and Andrew G. Whitham

Hydrocarbon System Framework of Russia: Pre-Cambrian to Present-Day
by Michael A. Sullivan, Steve Creaney, Bob J. Ferderer, Niall McAllister, Erik Fjellanger, Han Van Gorsel, and Bernard C. South

Permeability From Production Logs - Method and Application To Tengiz Field
by Michael Sullivan, Dave Belanger, Mark Skalinski, Steve Jenkins, and Peter Dunn

Transition Zone Dolostones (TZD) and Reservoir “Sweet Spots” in the Kangan-/Dalan (Khuff) Formation, Iran
by Tore Amund Svånå, Arnstein Waldum, Arild Eliassen, Joanna Garland, Stephen Neville Ehrenberg, and Arild Eldøy

Fluid Flow Evolution in Foreland Fold And Thrust Belts and Its Effect On Carbonate Reservoirs
by Rudy Swennen, Alin Jozef, Liesbeth Breesch, Ben Dewever, Helga Ferket, Francois Roure, Benoit Vincent, Veerle Vendeginste, and Nadège Vilasi

Cambrian Hydrocarbon Reservoirs in the Sirt Basin, Libya
by Paul Swire and Rida M. Khalil

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Progress Toward Achieving a Common Global Framework for Classifying Fossil Energy & Mineral Resources through the Development of the UN Framework Classification on Fossil Energy & Mineral Resources
by Clark C. Tallkington and Kenneth Mallon

Optimization of PreSDM Seismic Velocity Field in the Light of Gravity Modeling
by Pawel Targosz, Tomasz Czerwinski, Miroslaw Musiatewicz, Cezary Ostrowski, and Jaromir Probulski

Salt Tectonics and Play Types, Offshore Atlantic Morocco
by Gabor Tari, Marek Kaminski, Charlton Miller, David Valasek, and Gary Walters

The Moesian Platform: a Critical Piece in the Tectonic Puzzle of the Black Sea Region
by Gabor Tari

Five Myths and One Comprehensive Proposition in Geology
by Stavros T. Tassos

Hydrocarbons in the Context of a Solid, Quantified, Growing and Radiating Earth
by Stavros T. Tassos

The Solid, Quantified, Growing and Radiating Earth
by Stavros T. Tassos

ISBA : A Methodological Project for Petroleum Systems Evaluation in Complex Areas
by M. Thibaut, A. Jardin, and M. Bêche

Bridging the Information Gap: Qualitative Fracture Prediction from Seismic Data
by Peter O. Thierer, H. Trappe, H. Endres, T. Lohr, C.M. Krawczyk, O. Oncken, D.C. Tanner, and P.A. Kukla

Exploration in the Norwegian Sea Deepwater – Future Challenges
by Viggo M. Tjensvoll, Jon B. Kristensen, Maren K.M. Skaten, Linda Beate Aasum, and Morgane Pichard

Distortion of the Salt-cored Fold System and its Effects Upon Abyssal Plain Sedimentary Processes in the Cilicia-Adana Evaporitic Basin, The NE- Mediterranean
by Mustafa Toker, Vedat Ediger, and Graham Evans

Deep CMP Seismic Testify to the Deep Origin of Oil
by Vladimir A. Trofimov

Deep Tectonic Features of the Volgo-Ural Petroleum Province
by Vladimir A. Trofimov, Yury A. Romanov, and Alexander P. Petrov

Permo-Triassic Evaporates of Southeastern Europe - The Search for Their Basin Setting
by Darko D. Tufekcic

Fault Facies Modelling - a Practical Approach to Incorporating 3D Fault Architecture in Standard Reservoir Models
by Jan Tveranger, Alvar Braathen, Nestor Cardozo, Magne Espedal, Niclas Fredman, Haakon Fossen, Henning Nøttveit, Per Røe, Arne Skorstad, Harald Soleng, and Anne-Randi Syversveen

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Myth or Fact? Just What Role did Strike-Slip Play in Controlling Trap Formation and Gas Prospectivity in the UK Southern North Sea?
by John R. Underhill

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Localized Hydrocarbon Fluid Flows: Origin and Regularities of Oil and Gas Accumulation Distribution
by Boris M. Valyaev

Predicting Carbonate Cementation Patterns in Shallow Marine Sandstones
by Koen Van den Bril and Rudy Swennen

Permo-Triassic Subducted Slabs Return from the Grave
by Douwe G. Van der Meer and Douwe J.J. Van Hinsbergen

Regional Geology and Prospectivity of the Central Barents Sea
by D. Van der Wel, Torbjørn Throndsen, and David Worsley

Carbonate Reservoir Characterization: Examples from the Upper Cretaceous to Eocene Strata of the Ionian Zone (Albania)
by Nadège Vilasi, Rudy Swennen, and Francois Roure

Sediment Transport Pathways and Provenance; Identification of Reservoir-Quality Sandstones in the Caspian-Black Sea Region
by Stephen J. Vincent, Andrew C. Morton, Fiona Hyden, Clare E. Davies, Irene Gómez-Pérez, and Mark B. Allen

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Geometric Controls on Fault Reactivation: Implications for Leakage of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs
by J.J. Walsh, C. Childs, A. Van Herk, and R. Worthington

New Perspective for Malaysian Carbonate Exploration - With a Focus on Central Luconia, Sarawak, East Malaysia
by Wan Mohd Zaizuri Wan Embong, Hamdan Mohamad, Nor Kartini Suriati Mansor, and Barry James Boyce

A New Look at Large-scale Evaporite Deposits: A Worldscale Exploration Paradigm
by John K. Warren

Geosteering Horizontal Wells to Maximize Oil Recovery in the Mid Cretaceous Shuaiba Fm. Oman
by John P. Watkins and Abdullah Hamdi

Reservoir Geology and Hydrocarbon Occurrence in the Alam El Buieb Formation, Western Desert, Egypt
by Fred Wehr, Warren Barnes, Brian Bullock, Hesham Ghaffar, Stephen Grant, Jay Hightower, Patrick Jennings, Ken Pfau, Tarek Saad, and David Jennette

Open Fractures in Jurassic Sandstone Reservoirs in the SW-Barents Sea, Some Implications for Fluid Flow and Reservoir Performance
by Ole Petter Wennberg, Lars Rennan, Frode Karlsen, and Remy Basquet

The Impact of Recent Data on the Interpretation of the Geologic Evolution and Petroleum System of the Eastern Black Sea Basin, Offshore Georgia
by Ryan J. Wilson, Neil Mountford, Paul Maguire, and Richard Hedley

Great Circles, an Expanding Earth, and Previously Unseen Crustal Shifting
by Keith P. Wilson

Application of Integrated Magnetotelluric and Gravity Survey for Recognizing of the Structure of Overthurst Area; Example from Polish Outer Carpathians
by Marek Wojdyla, Radoslaw Florek, Cezary Ostrowski, Janusz Siupik, Michal Stefaniuk, and Pawel Targosz

Slaughtering Sacred Cows - Perspectives from the SPE Symposium on Changing Paradigms in Carbonates
by Paul Wright

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Status of Existing and Possible New Production in Greece
by Stefanos Xenopoulos and Nicolas Roussos

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Electrofacies Modeling in Volcanic-Naturally Fractured Reservoir : The Jatibarang Field Case Study
by Syamsu Yudha, Arief P. Handoyo, Bambang Widjanarko, Emmy Suparka, and Dardji Noeradi

Comparative Analysis of the Thermal History and Perspective of Oil-Gas Generation in Sedimentary Sections of the South Barents Depression and the Admiralteyskoe Rise
by Georgy Evgenjevich Yakovlev and Yurii Ivanovich Galushkin

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Carbonate Reservoir Characterization and Simulation: from Facies to Flow Units, Case Study from Tarim Basin, China
by Ran Zhang

Exploration in the Rhone-Maritime License (French Mediterranean): Part I - Seismic Interpretation and Salt Reconstruction
by Janine Zweigel, Roman S. Ianev, Are Tømmerås, Maik Inthorn, and Nathalie Bordas-Le Floch

Drainage Pattern and Fault Growth within the Easternmost End of the Gulf of Corinth; Greece
by Vasiliki Zygouri, Ioannis Koukouvelas, and Gerassimos Papadopoulos

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