--> 2006 AAPG Eastern Section, Abstracts, October 8-11, 2006, Buffalo, New York, AAPG, #90059 (2006).

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Eastern Section, AAPG Meeting

Buffalo, New York, October 8-11, 2006


Search and Discovery #90059 (2006)

Posted September 12, 2006


*Special appreciation is expressed to Rose Schulze, Exhibits Chair, for providing the abstracts for posting on Search and Discovery.





Mohawk Valley Exposures as Outcrop Analogs for the T/Br Finger Lakes Play, New York State

by Paul A. Agle, Robert D. Jacobi, and Charles E. Mitchell


Direct Detection of Mobile Hydrocarbons – Converted Shear Waves

by Kandiah Balachandran


High Resolution Lithostratigraphy of the Rose Run Formation of Eastern Ohio Using Diffused Spectral Reflectance (DSR)

by Akindele Balogun


Tectono-Stratigraphic Architecture of Eastern North America, and Geometry of the Central Appalachian Basin, During Middle Paleozoic Time

by Mark T. Baranoski and Ronald A. Riley


Geological Carbon Sequestration Potential in Devonian Saline Aquifers of the Michigan Basin, USA

by David A. Barnes, Amanda Wahr, William B. Harrison III, G.Michael Grammer, and Neeraj Gupta


Hydrothermal Dolomite: Occurrence and Mechanisms, Michigan Basin, USA

by David A. Barnes, G. Michael Grammer, William Harrison, III, and Robb Gillespie


Northern Vermont and the Noyan, Quebec Natural Gas Prospect: Stratigraphic and Structural Relations

by Laurence R. Becker, Marjorie H. Gale, and Jonathan Kim


Early Burial History of the Upper Devonian Rhinestreet Shale, Western New York State - From Early Diagenesis to Fluid Retention

by David R. Blood and Gary G. Lash


Location of Dolomitized Grainstone Reservoirs in the Upper Ordovician Black River and Trenton Limestone Groups in Ontario: a Persian Gulf/West Florida and Northern Afghanistan Comparison.

by Michael E. Brookfield and M. El Gadi,  Land Resource Science, Guelph University, Guelph, Ontario


Molecular and Isotopic Differences Between Abiogenic Hydrocarbons and Thermogenic Natural Gases in the Northern Appalachian Basin, USA

by Robert C. Burruss and Christopher D. Laughrey




Oil and Gas Resources Underlying the U.S. Portions of the Great Lakes

James L. Coleman, Jr., C. S. Swezey, R. T. Ryder, R. R. Charpentier, R. C. Milici, J. R. Hatch, J. A. East, C. J. Schenk, T. A. Cook, T. R. Klett, R. M. Pollastro, and J. W. Schmoker


The New Albany Shale Gas Play in Southern Indiana

by John B. Comer, Nancy R. Hasenmueller, Maria D. Mastalerz, John A. Rupp, et al.


Preliminary Subsurface Correlations of the Theresa (Galway) Sandstone Formation in New York State: Implications for Exploration

by David L. Copley, L. Robert Heim


Use of Pre-existing Coal Mine Maps and Drill Holes for Coal Bed Methane Exploration

by Paul R. Coyle and Brianne M. Cassidy


Fluid Flow within Fractured Porous Media

by Dustin Crandall, Goodarz Ahmadi, Duane Smith,  and Grant Brohmal


Two-Phase Flow within Geological Flow Analogies – A Computational Study

by Dustin Crandall, Goodarz Ahmadi, Duane Smith, Marty Ferer, et al.


Advances in Understanding Devonian and Silurian Subcrop Plays in Illinois

by Joan E. Crockett and Randolph D. Lipking


Structurally-Controlled Carbonate Diagenesis: Creation of Hydrothermal Dolomite and Leached Limestone Reservoirs

by Graham R. Davies


The Knox Group: A Potential Saline Reservoir for Carbon Sequestration in the Eastern Midcontinent

by James A. Drahovzal, Stephen F. Greb, David C. Harris, Michael P.Solis, et al.




An Organized Approach:  Challenges Faced by Today’s New Engineers in the Petroleum Industry

by James T. Edwards


Black-Shale Source Rocks as Indicators of Paleozoic Tectonic History in the Appalachian Foreland Basin

by Frank R. Ettensohn


Albion/Scipio Field, Michigan:  What Does a Detailed Look at Cores Tell us About the Reservoir?

by Robb Gillespie, David A. Barnes, G. Michael Grammer, and William B. Harrison


Characteristics of Carbonate Reservoirs in Kentucky through the Examination of Cores

by Patrick J. Gooding


Combining CO2 Sequestration With EOR Activities – A Synergistic Approach for the Future: An Example From the Michigan Basin

by G. Michael Grammer, David A. Barnes, William B. Harrison III, and Robert G. Mannes


New Insight into the Reservoir Architecture of Silurian (Niagaran) Pinnacle Reefs in the Michigan Basin

by G. Michael Grammer, A.E. Sandomierski, W.B. Harrison III, D.A. Barnes, and R. Gillespie


Selected Illinois Basin Lower Paleozoic Cores

by John P Grube, Beverly Seyler, Bryan G. Huff, Joan E. Crockett, et al.




Glacial Depositional Patterns: Potential Clues to Basement Faulting in Northwestern Pennsylvania and Adjacent Areas

by John A. Harper


High Matrix Porosity in a Dolomitized Black River Reservoir, Clinton County, Kentucky

by David C. Harris, John B. Hickman, and Jesse Kincheloe


Potential for Geological Carbon Sequestration in the Michigan Basin

by William B. Harrison III, D.A. Barnes , G.M. Grammer, and A. Wahr


Crustal Framework of the Eastern U.S., and Its Influence on Hydrocarbon Development

by Robert D. Hatcher, Jr.


Modeling on the Cheap: Creating a 3D Seismic Velocity Model with Common Software and Free Data

by John B. Hickman


Paleozoic Tectonic Effects on Trenton-Black River Hydrothermal Reservoirs

by John B. Hickman


Generation of Lower Paleozoic Carbonate Reservoirs in the Appalachian Basin of NYS: the Plate Tectonic Connection

by Robert D. Jacobi, Jon Kim, Paul A. Agle, Marjorie Gale, et al.


Separating the Spiderweb of Faults in the Northern Appalachian Basin of NYS and PA:  Grenvillian to Present Fault Activity That Influenced Reservoir Development

by Robert D. Jacobi, Stuart Loewenstein, Gerald Smith, John Martin, and Tom Mroz


Geochemical Assessment of Unconventional Shale and Tight Gas Sands Plays

by Daniel M. Jarvie, Tim E. Ruble, Richard Drozd, Wayne Knowles, et al.


Examining the Relationship Between Time Stratigraphic Surfaces and Reservoir Development for the Bradford Group Sandstones

by Anthony G. Johnson and Roy W. Lynch, Jr.


Pitfalls in Seismic Exploration for Trenton/Black River Reservoirs in the Michigan Basin

by Matthew A. Johnston




Surface Geochemical Expression of Hydrocarbon Seepage Over a Utica-Trenton Play Area, New York

by S. Duff Kerr, David M.Seneshen, and Jay Leaver


Subsurface Stratigraphy of the Devonian Dundee Formation, Michigan Basin, USA – A Log Based Approach

by Joshua P. Kirschner and David A. Barnes


Types and Origin of Dolomites in the Beekmantown Group (Cambro-Ordovician) of New York

by Mossbah M. Kolkas and Gerald M. Friedman


Origin of Peloidal Textures in Black River and Trenton Carbonate Petroleum Reservoirs in the Appalachian Basin

 by Jaime Kostelnik and Christopher D. Laughrey


Upper Devonian Sandstone Sequence Stratigraphy Using Well Logs

by Cary P. Kuminecz


A Switch in Joint Driving Mechanism as Evidence for Passage of a Morrowan Peripheral Bulge at the Onset of the Alleghanian Orogeny

by Gary G. Lash and Terry Engelder


Vitrinite Suppression in Devonian Black Shale, Western New York State: Preliminary Results

by Gary G. Lash


Dolomite Textures and Porosity Development in Trenton and Black River Formation (Middle Ordovician) HTD Carbonate Reservoirs, Appalachian Basin, USA

by Christopher D. Laughrey and Jaime Kostelnik


Geochemistry of Natural Gases from Trenton and Black River Carbonate Reservoirs, Eastern USA – Implications for Deep Basin Hydrocarbon Resources in the Appalachians

by Christopher D. Laughrey and Jaime Kostelnik


Lower and Middle Ordovician Hydrothermal Dolomites on Anticosti platform: Contrasting Patterns and Fluid History

by Denis Lavoie and Guoxiang Chi


Evaluation of Deep Saline Reservoirs and Entrapment for Carbon Sequestration Using Seismic Reflection Data

by Hannes E. Leetaru, J. Freiburg, J. Rupp, and J. McBride




The Middle Devonian Hamilton Group Shales in the Northern Appalachian Basin: Production and Potential

by John P. Martin


The Utica Shale: Evolution and the Potential for Natural Gas Production

by John P. Martin


Integration of Fracture Patterns and Lineaments for Fault Mapping in Southwestern Chenango County, New York

by Kelly M. McGuire, Robert D. Jacobi, Nicholas Terech, and Paul Agle


Carbonate Margin Depositional Dynamics of the Lower Silurian Taconic and Salinic Foreland Basins: a High Frequency Eustatic Signal Superimposed on Long-Term Basin Evolution

by Patrick I. McLaughlin and Carlton E. Brett


The Influence of Geologic Structures on the Distribution and Production of Oil and Gas from Continuous (Unconventional) Hydrocarbon Accumulations in the Appalachian Basin

by Robert C. Milici, Robert T. Ryder, and Christopher S. Swezey


Natural Irradiation – The New Approach to Hydrocarbon Source Rock Evaluation

by George Mirkin


Regional Age and Facies Relations in the Black River, Trenton, and Utica Groups of the Central and Northern Appalachian Basin: Potential for Testing Models of Tectonic Control on Fractured Reservoir Genesis.

by Charles E. Mitchell, Robert D. Jacobi, Adam C. Carey, Scott D. Samson, Bryan K. Sell, Stephen A. Leslie and G. Robert Ganis


Trenton Limestone Reservoirs in Northern New York: Where Does the Gas Come from?

by Richard Nyahay, Rick Bray, Rose Schulze and Langhorne Smith




Shale Fabric and Sedimentary Processes – A Review

by Neal R. O’Brien


Optimizing Hydraulic Fracturing Performance in Northeastern Region Fractured Shale Formations

by Javad Paktinat, Joseph A. Pinkhouse, Nicholas J. Johnson, and Curtis D. Williams


Trenton-Black River Play Overview, Research Summary and Resource Assessment

by Douglas G. Patchen


A Review of the Petroleum Systems of the Northern Appalachian Basin

by Jackie Reed, Stephen Brown, and John Zumberge


Regional Cross Sections Illustrating the Middle and Upper Ordovician Stratigraphic Framework in the Appalachian Basin

by Ronald A. Riley and Mark T. Baranoski


Regional Stratigraphic and Facies Relationships of the Ordovician Trenton-Black River Interval in the Appalachian Basin

by Ronald A. Riley and Mark T. Baranoski


The South-Central New York–Northeastern Pennsylvania Thermal Maturity High: Distribution, Origin, and Control on Natural Gas Composition

by Robert T. Ryder, John E. Repetski, Elisabeth L. Rowan, David J. Weary, et al.




Reservoir Characterization of Northern Michigan Niagaran Pinnacle Reefs

by Stephen O. Sears and F. J. Lucia


Hydrothermal Alteration of Proterozoic ‘Grenville’ Marble and Cambrian Potsdam Sandstone by Seismically-Pumped Fluids, Adirondack Lowlands of Northwestern New York State

by Bruce W. Selleck


Under-Explored Lower Paleozoic Strata in Illinois

by Beverly Seyler, John P. Grube, Joan E. Crockett, Philip M. Johanek, et al.


Interpretation of Coal-Seam Sequestration Data Using a New Swelling and Shrinkage Model

by Hema J. Siriwardane and  Duane H. Smith


Outcrop Analog for Lower Paleozoic Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoirs, Mohawk Valley, New York

by Brian Slater, Langhorne Smith, and Richard Nyahay


FRACGENTM Stochastically Generates Fracture Networks Consistent with Data

by Duane H. Smith, Mark L. McKoy, and Edward J. Boyle


Widespread Hydrothermal Dolomitization of Trenton and Black River Groups, Eastern North America

by Langhorne Smith and Richard Nyahay


Fracture Intensification Domains, Lineaments and Faults in the Skaneateles Lake Region of the Alleghanian Plateau of New York State

by Joshua T. Stroup, Robert D. Jacobi, and Travis Nelson


Soil Gas Hydrocarbons: A Dual Purpose Tool Towards Perfecting the Search in Petroleum Exploration

by Dale A. Sutherland and Eric L. Hoffman


Time-Structure Maps of the St. Lawrence Lowlands Platform, Southern Québec – Tool for the Identification of Structural Sags and Potential Hydrothermal Dolomite (HTD) Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

by Robert Thériault and Jean-Yves Laliberté




Correlations and Computer Generated Structure and Isopachous Maps of the Late Devonian Oil Sand Section in Western New York and Northern Pennsylvania

by Arthur M. Van Tyne


What WAS Going on in the Late Devonian?

by Donald L. Woodrow and John B. Richardson


Greenbrier Limestone Reservoir Controls and Exploration Strategies – Central WV

by Gregory R. Wrightstone


Ordovician K-bentonite Illitization and Tectonic Compression in Eastern New York: Applying K/Ar Dating to Examine a Potential Link between Development of Within-Ash Slickensides and Alleghanian Far-Field Tectonics

by James J. Zambito IV and Gordon C. Baird