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Selected Illinois Basin Lower Paleozoic Cores

John P Grube¹, Beverly Seyler¹, Bryan G. Huff¹, Joan E. Crockett¹, Steve R. Gustison¹, Rex A. Knepp¹, Randy D. Lipking¹, Philip M. Johanek¹

¹ Illinois State Geological Survey, Champaign, IL 61820

Devonian, Silurian and Ordovician reservoirs account for 7.5% of the petroleum produced in Illinois and while these units represent 50% of the rock volume of the Illinois Basin, only 2% of all exploratory wells drilled have penetrated deep enough to test these rocks. These reservoirs represent a guideline to the potential for Lower Paleozoic production and the opportunity for new exploration targets in the Basin.

An Illinois Basin Consortium project funded in part by the U.S. DOE is focusing on existing petroleum reservoirs and the potential for new discoveries in Lower Paleozoic units. This project is designed to compile and present a broad base of information and knowledge needed by independent oil companies to pursue the development of exploration prospects in overlooked, deeper play horizons in the Illinois Basin.

One source of information and data that can benefit the knowledge base of the Basin is drill core. The Illinois State Geological Survey is the repository of rock core that represents over 2 million feet of cored section. Selected carbonate and siliciclastic core including a New Albany Shale core from the Devonian, carbonate core from Silurian reef and non-reef reservoirs, and Ordovician Trenton core will be displayed at the Core Poster Session of the Buffalo Eastern Section AAPG Meeting. Available core analysis and field related information will also be displayed.





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