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Correlations and Computer Generated Structure and Isopachous Maps of the Late Devonian Oil Sand Section in Western New York and Northern Pennsylvania

Arthur M. Van Tyne, Van Tyne Consulting, Wellsville, NY 14895

Detailed subsurface correlations of Gamma Ray logs from over 850 wells in western New York and northern Pennsylvania have been made. Six major sand sedimentation zones were identified. More than 25 additional names have been applied to these six zones. Three structure maps, drawn on the base Cube, base Bradford Second and base Dunkirk black shale were constructed. Some of the Alleghenian fold axes are clearly shown by these maps. Seven Isopachous maps of various sandstone sections, based on 50% or greater sand content, were also prepared. There show the areas of greatest sandstone thickness for each zone studied. Four Cross-Sections showing East-West and North-South correlations will also be shown.

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