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High Resolution Lithostratigraphy of the Rose Run Formation of Eastern Ohio Using Diffused Spectral Reflectance (DSR)

Akindele Balogun

Kent State University, Department of Geology, Kent, OH, 44240

The diffuse spectral reflectance technique and other core logging methods have been used extensively on ocean cores since the mid 1980’s, proving effective in both paleo-climatological and paleoenvironmental reconstruction. Although DSR has been applied in the study of terrigenous sediments e.g. Galavao and Vitorello (1994), its use in terrestrial settings has remained very limited. I anticipate the reflectance measurements will be able to pick up fine scale changes in lithology based on variability within individual lithofacies at resolution of ~0.5 to 1.0 cm. The objectives of this study are therefore aimed at:

1. Establishing the DSR technique as a proxy for resolving bedding details in lithostratigraphic sequences mm to cm.

2. Using DSR to identify homogeneity in depositional events in order to reconstruct paleodepositional history from data obtained through core measurements.

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