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2004 Eastern Section AAPG Meeting
October 3-5, 2004, Columbus, Ohio

Search and Discovery Article #90031 (2004)

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Petrogenesis and Petrography of Pisoliths and their Connection to Terra Rosa “Red Earth”
by Christopher Adair

Recent Coal Bed Methane Activity in West Virginia
by Katharine Lee Avary

Going Beyond Br/Cl Ratios to Distinguish Mid-Continent Oil Field Brines
by Konrad J. Banaszak

Current Activities of the Abandoned-Underground-Mines GIS for Ohio
by Charles E. Banks, James Mcdonald, Douglas L. Crowell, and Lawrence H. Wickstrom

Revised Sub-Knox Lithostratigraphy for Ohio Indicates Complex Precambrian Paleotopography
by Mark T. Baranoski

Updated Lithostratigraphy and Nomenclature for Ohio’s Sub-Knox Cambrian Strata
by Mark T. Baranoski, David C. Harris, and John B. Hickman

Incised Valley Fill Stratigraphic Model for Coarse-Grained, Upper(?) Pennsylvanian, Bedrock Aquifers in Central Lower Michigan
by  David A. Barnes and Niah Venable

Does the Nealmont Formation Belong in the Trenton Group of Central Pennsylvania?
by Nathanael C. Barta

Geochemistry of Petroleum Source Rocks and Natural Gases at Council Run Field, Centre and Clinton Counties, Pennsylvania
by Dan A. Billman and Christopher D. Laughrey

Coalbed Methane Production Analysis – The Integration of Conventional and Unconventional Techniques for this Non-Conventional Reservoir
by Charles M. Boyer II, S. Dana Weida, and Lawrence J. Pekot

Regional Assessment of Carbonate Formations in the Appalachian Basin Using GIS: Application to Creating Gas Storage Caverns by Dissolution of Carbonate Rock
by Scott E. Brame, James W. Castle, David A. Bruce, Ronald W. Falta, Lawrence C. Murdoch, and Donald A. Brooks

New Map of the Surficial Geology of Southwestern Ohio
by C. Scott Brockman, Richard R. Pavey, Gregory A. Schumacher, Douglas L. Shrake, E. Mac Swinford, and Kim E. Vorbau

Reexamination of the Sevier-Blountian Basin Through Detailed Geologic Mapping, Structural and Stratigraphic Analysis: Bays Mountain Synclinorium, Northeastern Tennessee
by John G. Bultman, Robert D. Hatcher, Jr., and Neil E. Whitmer

Geochemistry of Natural Gases Along a Down-Dip Cross-Section Through the Lower Silurian Regional Gas Accumulation, Central Appalachian Basin, United States
by  Robert C. Burruss and Robert T. Ryder

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Improved Interpretation of Deep Structures in Southern West Virginia through 2-D Variance and Blended Attribute Analysis
by B. J. Carney, Brian Toelle, and Richard Campbell

A New Method for Creating Gas Storage Caverns: Design and Feasibility of Using Acid to Dissolve Carbonate Rock
by James W. Castle, David A. Bruce, Scott E. Brame, Ronald W. Falta, Lawrence C. Murdoch, and Donald A. Brooks

Distribution, Composition, and Paleoecology of Middle Triassic Carbonate Reefs of the Nanpanjiang Basin, Guizhou, Guangxi, and Yunnan, South China
by Shannon Christensen and Daniel Lehrmann

The Theresa Sandstone in New York State; the Next Big Play?
by David L. Copley

Comparative Sequence Stratigraphy of the Black River to Lower Trenton Group Interval (Upper Ordovician): Implications for Climatic and Associated Faunal Changes
by Sean R. Cornell and Carlton E. Brett

The Effect of Clays and Soil Properties on the Bioremediation of Soils Contaminated with Pentachlorophenols
by Esther Don-Pedro and Annabelle Foos

Potential Reservoirs for Geologic Sequestration in the East Continent Rift Basin
by James A. Drahovzal and David C. Harris

Coalbed Methane Development: Will the Success Continue?
by John R. Duda and Charles W. Byrer

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Evaluating the Western Kentucky Coal Field for Economic Coal Bed Methane: An Update
by Cortland F. Eble and James A. Drahovzal

Natural Gas Exploration Associated with Alleghenian Thrust Faults in the Greenbrier Formation, Southern West Virginia
by Craig Edmonds and Jaime Toro

Syn-Orogenic Hydrostratigraphy and Fluid Flow in the Central Appalachian Orogen: No Evidence for Regional Flushing
by Mark A. Evans

Identifying Possible Pre-Chattanooga Structures in the Cumberland Plateau of Kentucky and Tennessee Using Trend-Surface Residual Anomaly Maps
by Jonathan C. Evenick and Robert D. Hatcher, Jr.

Unconformity, Karst, Hydrocarbons, Minerals, Environments, and Structures Present in the Cambrian-Ordovician Knox Group in Kentucky
by Patrick J. Gooding

Trenton Oil Fields and Potential Production in Illinois 
by John P. Grube,  Beverly Seyler, Bryan G. Huff, and Joan E. Crockett

Large Versus Small Reservoirs
by Frederick R. Haeberle

Deposystem Analysis and Reservoir Geometry of the Pennsylvanian Pottsville Group Near Ironton, Ohio
by Terry Hamrick and  Ronald Martino

Plant-Assisted Bioremediation of Trimethylbenzene Isomers in Soil at a Former Petroleum Oil Refinery, South-Central Michigan
by Barry J. Harding and Jeffrey D. Spruit

The Rome Trough in Pennsylvania: Speculation in the Absence of Non-Proprietary Seismic Data
by John A. Harper

Geochemistry of Hydrocarbons in Cambrian- and Ordovician-Age Reservoirs, Homer Field, Rome Trough, Eastern Kentucky
by  David C. Harris, Robert C. Burruss, Robert T. Ryder, D. Jarvie, and Cortland F. Eble

Rome Trough Consortium: Refined Cambrian Lithostratigraphy, Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia
by David C. Harris, John B. Hickman, Mark T. Baranoski, and Katharine Lee Avary

Trenton/Black River Oil and Gas Reservoirs in Michigan
by William B. Harrison III

Exploring for Hydrothermal Dolomite-Hosted Fields in the Illinois Basin
by Robert G. Hickman, W. Norman Kent, and Jeff R. Martin

Rome Trough Consortium: Structural/Tectonic Evolution of the Rome Trough Intraplate Extensional Graben System
by  John B. Hickman, David C. Harris, and Mark T. Baranoski

Rome Trough Consortium: Analysis of 13 Regional Cross Sections Across Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia
by John B. Hickman, David C. Harris, and Mark T. Baranoski

3-D Seismic Exploration and Drilling Results for the Rose Run Sandstone: Marlboro Township, Stark County, Ohio
by Brad T. Hina

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Impacts of Acquisition Footprint Analysis on Thin Bed Edge Detection Attributes
by Burcin Inanli, Kurt Marfurt, and Bob Wiley

Iapetan Opening/Rome Trough-Related Faults and Their Reactivation History in New York State 
by Robert D. Jacobi, Stuart Loewenstein, Gerald Smith, John Fountain, Courtney Lugert, and  John Martin

Fault Systems and the Trenton/Black River Play in New York State 
by Robert D. Jacobi,  Stuart Loewenstein, Gerald Smith, John Fountain, Courtney Lugert, Tom Mroz, and John Martin

Geologic Characterization for Potential CO2 Injection in Deep Geologic Reservoirs, Ohio River Valley
by Philip Jagucki, Neeraj Gupta, Joel Sminchak, and William M. Rike

Dolomitization in the Trenton Limestone (Ordovician) of Indiana: A Tale of Two Trends
by Brian D. Keith

Revised Conodont Biostratigraphy for Lower Silurian Surface and Subsurface Strata of the Cincinnati Platform and Appalachian Basin and Implications for Ohio’s Lower Silurian “Layer-Cake” Stratigraphy
by Mark A. Kleffner

Practical Reservoir Analysis and Drainage Area Considerations
by Timothy S. Knobloch, Jerry James, and Eugene Huck

Correlating Petrographic, Core, and Outcrop Data to Define Depositional Facies Successions of Middle Ordovician Trenton-Black River Carbonates in Central and Western Pennsylvania 
by Jaime Kostelnik, Christopher D. Laughrey, and John A. Harper

The Role of Depositional and Early Compaction History in Primary Migration: Example from the Upper Devonian Catskill Delta Complex, New York State
by Gary G. Lash and Terry Engelder

Petroleum Geochemistry of Postmature Source Rocks in the Trenton and Black River Groups of Central Pennsylvania – An Unusual Potential Gas Source?
by Christopher D. Laughrey

Application of Well Log Tomography to the Dundee and Rogers City Limestones, Michigan Basin, U. S. 
by Mellisa Le, James R. Wood, Albert S. Wylie, Jr., and William. B. Harrison III

Strategies for Trenton Exploration in the Illinois Basin
by H. E. Leetaru and A. L. Luther

Hydrogeological Characterization of a Rural Watershed: Silver River, Baraga County, MI
by Megan L. Lefevre, Gina M. France, and John S. Gierke,

Controls on Differential Carbonate Platform Evolution: Triassic, Nanpanjiang Basin, South China
by Daniel J. Lehrmann

The Homer Field, Cambrian Oil and Gas Production Within the Rome Trough of Kentucky
by Roy Lynch, Monte Hay, and Doug Mumpower

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Excuse Me Sir, Will That Be One Millisecond … Or Two??
by Peter Mackenzie and Norm Cooper

Pennsylvania Coalbed Methane Update
by Antonette K. Markowski

The Ohio Dillon Falls Subsurface Structure; Impact Crater or Tectonic Feature?
by Greg Mason, Doyle R. Watts, David Bean, Mark T. Baranoski, and Max Brown

Changing Views of Lower Mississippian Stratigraphy of the Central Appalachians – Identification and Stratigraphic Expression of a Previously Unrecognized Early Mississippian Lowstand
by David L. Matchen

Facies Analysis and New Exploration Target in the Devonian Gordon Stray Sandstone of West Virginia
by Patrick S. Mcbride and Richard Smosna

Trenton-Black River Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoirs in Ontario: An Assessment of Remaining Potential After 100 Years of Production
by Sean Mcfarland, Terry Carter, Robert Trevail, Joseph Gorman, Philip Walsh, and Ed Welychka

High-Resolution Sequence and Event Stratigraphy of the Trenton-Utica Succession in Ohio: New Insights into the Late Ordovician Paleogeography of Eastern Laurentia
by Patrick I. Mclaughlin, Carlton E. Brett, and Sean R. Cornell

Belden & Blake Corporation Coalbed Methane Operations in the Northern Latrobe Syncline, Indiana and Westmoreland County, Southwestern Pennsylvania, Blacklick and Derry Fields; Structural and Stratigraphic Factors Influencing Production
by John F. Miller

Geological Risk Assessment of Coalbed Methane Prospects
by Thomas R. Moore

Anticosti – The Next Albion-Scipio?
by Claude Morin

Seismic Detection of Onondaga Patch Reefs
by James R. Morris

Illinois Coal Gas Update- Cradle to Production
by David G. Morse, Ilham Demir, and Thomas R. Moore

Carbon Sequestration Opportunities in Kentucky
by Brandon C. Nuttall, John B. Hickman, Cortland F. Eble, Jerry Weisenfluh, Bethany Overfield, and James A. Drahovzal

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Geochemistry of Oils and Source Rocks in the Ontario Portion of the Appalachian Basin
by Mark Obermajer, Martin G. Fowler, and Lloyd R. Snowdon

Sequestration of CO2 in Various Geological Media: An Assessment of Potential Volumes in Indiana Using GIS Tools
by Premkrishnan Radhakrishnan, Wilfrido Solano-Acosta, and John A. Rupp

High Resolution Geophysical Imaging of Middle Ordovician Fault-Controlled Dolostone, Central Kentucky
by William F. Reid, James A. Drahovzal, David C. Harris, and E. W. Woolery

Conodont Color Alteration Index (CAI) Isograd Maps for Ordovician Rocks of the Michigan Basin
by John E. Repetski,  Stig M. Bergström, Daniel O. Hayba, Christopher S. Swezey, and Joseph A. East

Thermal Maturity Patterns for Ordovician, Devonian, and Pennsylvanian Rocks of the Central Appalachian Basin, Based on CAI and Vitrinite Reflectance (%Ro)
by John E. Repetski, Leslie F. Ruppert, Robert T. Ryder, David J. Weary, Elisabeth L. Rowan, and Michael H. Trippi

Voxel-Based Interpretation of a 3-D Seismic Data Volume from Jackson County, Ohio
by Justin Reuter and Doyle R. Watts

Utilities of the New GIS-Based Ohio Oil and Gas Fields Map
by  Ronald A. Riley, Mark T. Baranoski, Joseph G. Wells, Donovan M. Powers, Lawrence H. Wickstrom, and Erik R. Venteris

Genesis and Evolution of Paleozoic Algal Mounds – Application to Reservoir Distribution
by Audrey L. Ritter and G. Michael Grammer

Detecting Porosity in Cambrian-Ordovician Beekmantown Dolomite: Examples of Three Producing Fields in East-Central Ohio
by Bryan L. Roth

Geologic Cross Section Through the Appalachian Basin from the Findlay Arch, Northwestern Ohio, to the Allegheny Structural Front, Eastern West Virginia
by Robert T. Ryder, Christopher S. Swezey, Robert D. Crangle, Jr., and Michael H. Trippi

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Cambrian Mt. Simon Sandstone (MSS)- Basal Sauk Sequence in Western Ohio
by Aram Saeed and James E. Evans

Investigation of De-Watering at Byesville No. 1 Well Field
by Clark Scheerens

An Interactive ArcIMS Based Approach to Access, Display and Manipulate Geologic Data and Maps
Beverly Seyler, Steven R. Gustison, Bryan G. Huff, James S. Cokinos, Christopher P. Korose, Joan E. Crockett, Phillip M. Johanek, and John P. Grube

Coalbed Methane Development in Ohio
by Ernie R. Slucher and James Mcdonald

Outcrop Analogues for Lower Paleozoic Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoirs, Mohawk Valley, New York
by Langhorne Smith and Richard Nyahay

Experimental CO2 Adsorption in Coal Versus Particle Size: Implications for CO2 Sequestration
by Wilfrido Solano-Acosta, Maria Mastalerz, and Arndt Schimmelmann

Development of the Classic Indiana Trenton Field: Exploration and Development Patterns Depicted in Historic and Recent Maps
by Kevin Strunk

Characterization of the Overton Pool: Upper Cambrian Copper Ridge Sandstone Play, Wayne County, Ohio 
by John B. Thomas

Aggregate Mining in Ohio – The Effects of a Quarry Dewatering Operation in Northwest Ohio
by Thomas E. Tomastik, Martin D. Van Oort, DR. E. Scott Bair, and David A. Hodges

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Salt Movement Role in the Evolution of the Ionian Zone of the Albanides
by Telo K. Velaj

Using Modern Analogs to Understand the Genesis of Ancient Carbonates: Trenton/Black River Formations, Michigan Basin
by  Peter J. Voice, Anthony E. Sandomierski, William B. Harrison III, and G. M. Grammer

The Knox Exploration Play in Ohio: An Overview
by John L. Wicks

The Trenton Limestone of Northwestern Ohio: An Analogue for Deeper Exploration 
by Lawrence H. Wickstrom and T. Joshua Stark

Assessment of Soil Temperature with Depth Methodology Used for Global Climate Change Studies
by Jason D. Witter and Alison Spongberg

Outcrop Characterization of the Starved Rock Member, Saint Peter Sandstone (Ordovician) at Starved Rock, Illinois
by Anton F. J. Wroblewski and Frank E. Stroik

Depositional Patterns in the Trenton and Black River Formations Revealed by Well Log Tomography and K-Bentonite Time Planes, Michigan Basin and Beyond
by Albert S. Wylie, Jr. and James R. Wood

Map Views of the Producing Formations in Michigan, the Michigan Basin, U. S.
by  Albert S. Wylie, Jr. and James R. Wood

A Regional View of the Early Chatfieldian (Upper Middle Ordovician) Guttenberg 13C Excursion (GICE) in the Trenton Limestone and Equivalent Strata from the Upper Mississippi Valley to the Appalachian Basin
by Seth A. Young, Stig M. Bergström, and Matthew R. Saltzman

Knox Unconformity Production from Morrow County, Ohio, with Emphasis on the South Woodbury Pool, Peru Township
by  Steven P. Zody

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