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The Theresa Sandstone in New York State; the Next Big Play?

Copley, David L.
Ardent Resources, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA

The Theresa is Cambrian Age Sandstone that lies at or near the Knox Unconformity. It has broad areal extent across New York State and over much of that area has all the characteristics of a suitable hydrocarbon reservoir. More importantly, it is, and has been, productive of pipeline quality natural gas in the state, albeit most of the discoveries have been little more than shows or marginally economic gas producers. Recent wells however show promise for multi-BCF reserves.

The trapping mechanism appears to be structural and/or stratigraphic. Seismic templates for the structural mechanism exhibit a common morphology that is easily imaged and contoured. Likewise, the stratigraphic mechanism (a pinchout against the Knox unconformity) can be mapped regionally. The net result is that many more undrilled anomalies are present in New York State and warrant drilling. Depth to the target ranges from less than 4000’ to over 10,000’.

Given the increase in the number of wells drilled targeting the Ordovician Trenton-Black River in New York State and the attendant increase is seismic necessary to identify those targets, there is now ample information available to explore the underlying Theresa Sandstone and fully exploit its potential.

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