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3-D Seismic Exploration and Drilling Results for the Rose Run Sandstone: Marlboro Township, Stark County, Ohio

Hina, Brad T.
Great Lakes Energy Partners, LLC, Hartville, OH

The Marlboro Field in Marlboro Township, Stark County, Ohio was discovered in 1994 and lies south of the Akron-Suffield Fault. Production from this 39 well field is primarily from the Cambrian Rose Run Sandstone. To date the field has produced approximately 4.1 BCFEQ with the single largest well’s cumulative production of 1.316 BCFEQ. Initial wells in this field were drilled using 2-D seismic or no seismic at all. Of the wells using 2-D seismic Great Lakes Energy Partners, fka MB Operating Co., Inc., completed their first four wells drilled as commercially successful producers averaging 734 MMCFEQ EUR.

In an effort to speed the recovery of reserves and expand the field Great Lakes Energy Partners, L.L.C. shot a 5.5 sq. mi. 3-D seismic survey in 2000 that encompassed four (4) producing and one (1) plugged Rose Run wells. Nine (9) wells were drilled using this 3-D survey finding two (2) wells that average approximately 500 MMCFEQ EUR and the remaining wells below 100 MMCFEQ EUR.

In 2002 an additional 7.48 sq. mi. 3-D seismic survey was shot to add onto the previous survey for a total of 12.1 sq. miles of 3-D coverage and six (6) marginal wells have been drilled using the 12.1 sq. miles of data. In addition to normal 3-D processing E-Seis processed the 12.1 sq. miles of data in a further attempt to resolve critical seismic data attributes for future site selections.

Analysis of log, production, core, geophysical and geologic data provided some interesting interpretations used in the selection of twenty-three (23) sites.

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