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AAPG 2015 European Regional Conference & Exhibition in partnership with the University of Lisbon and the University of Coimbra

Tethys-Atlantic Interaction Along the European-Iberian-African Plate Boundaries

May 18-19, 2015, Lisbon, Portugal

Hosted by Coast Geological Society

Appreciation is expressed to Nuno Pimentel, University of Lisbon and Rui Pena dos Reis, University of Coimbra, Co-Conference Chairs for their assistance in development of the mobile app and approving the abstracts.

Posted May 31, 2015
Search and Discovery Article #90226 (2015)

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ABSTRACTS (by Author)



Using CSEM in frontier exploration settings: a unique tool for stratigraphic trap detection and evaluation

Airborne Radiometric Survey data processing and interpretation to find Hydrocarbon anomalies in the Carboniferous units of the South Portuguese Zone

Organic geochemical results from the shales of the South Portuguese Zone, southern Portugal

Remote sensing (Landsat-8) applied to shale gas potential evaluation. The case of South Portuguese Zone

Regional thickness appraisal of Upper Jurassic siliciclastic reservoir units in the Lusitanian Basin (Western Portugal)

The relationship between the onshore and offshore structure of São Marcos-Quarteira Fault System, Algarve Basin, Portugal.

Regional uplift and basement deformation recorded by the Quaternary submarine terraces offshore Safi (Morocco margin).

Wavy morphologies on continental slope of Santos Basin (Brazilian Margin)

Seabed Morphology of the offshore Dakhla (off Western Sahara) some implications for geohazard potential.

Moroccan Atlantic Margin: Petroleum systems and Play types

Seismic stratigraphy evolution and crustal structure of the Atlantic margin offshore Safi (Morocco)

Geodynamic assessment of heat flow evolution in the Porcupine basin, Irish Offshore

Contribution of 3D seismic delineation of the transition zone Ketatna-lower Salammbô in the Ashtatr oil field (Gulf of Gabes- South East Tunisia)

3D reconstitution of the Lower Jurassic Lusitanian Basin (western Portugal) and associated organic rich deposits

Revised Structural Evolution of the North Celtic Sea Basin, Offshore Ireland, Based on Modern 2D and 3D Seismic Data.


Paleoenvironmental significance of the foraminiferal assemblages from the Bajocian GSSP (Cape Mondego, Portugal)

High resolution biostratigraphy (Ammonoidea, Foraminiferida) of the Toarcian-Aalenian (Lower-Middle Jurassic) in Iberia: preliminary results

A new provenance tool for the exploration of unconventional plays: the provenance and mineralogy of silt.

Diapiric structures in the Peniche Basin (Portugal) - location, deformation timings and importance to petroleum exploration

Review of the Cretaceous-Paleogene tectonic evolution of the Black Sea. A new kinematic model in a transtensional Back-arc context

3D modelling of Paraíso Formation (Iberian Pyrite Belt), based on well logs data and surface geological mapping

Tectonostratigraphic modelling of sedimentary units overlying the Volcano-sedimentary Complex based in Landsat Imagery and altimetry data (Iberian Pyrite Belt, Portugal)

The Porto Basin (NW Portugal) – a preliminary re-assessment of its evolution and petroleum potential

Tethyan Permian-Mesozoic evolution in the Sicily Pelagian continental margin (Central Mediterranean).

Insights into post-rift vertical movements of a mountain range in a passive margin setting: the thermal history of the Anti-Atlas across a WSW/ENE transect (Morocco)

Hydrocarbon prospectivity offshore Angola: Integrating regional gravity and magnetic data with seismic interpretation

Challenges in Characterisation of Jurassic Carbonates in an Underexplored Area


Petroleum system modeling in the Baltic Basin

Shale gas potential of the north-central onshore area of the Baltic Basin

Geology and Petroleum Exploration Play Concepts of the Central Atlantic Conjugate Margins (Nova Scotia – Essaouira-Agadir Morocco): Similarities and Differences

Probable Tethyan control of Atlantic rifting with implications for Mediterranean tectonics

How a Puzzling Set of Geological Features Challenge Hydrocarbon Exploration in the Black Sea Basin

Crustal structure variations along the NW-African continental margin: a comparison of new and existing models from wide angle and reflection seismic data

Syn-extensional basin inversion over detachment faults: An example from the Raft River Basin, U.S.A.

The petroleum generation processes in the Jurassic strata in the Polish Lowlands

Genetic correlation between source rocks and natural gas in the western part the Polish Outer Carpathians and Paleozoic-Mesozoic basement

Oil – gas – source rock correlation of Paleozoic-Mesozoic strata in the south-eastern Iran (Foreland of the Zagros Mountains) as an attempt of resolving a local petroleum system

Laboratory measurements and well logging for digital rocks models of Palaeozoic tight sedimentary rocks from Poland

Lower Paleozoic shales of the SW edge of the East European Craton in SE Poland and W Ukraine, their structure and tectonic evolution – regional comparison

Mesozoic salt tectonics of the Mid-Polish Trough and its control on potential unconventional hydrocarbon system

Central Atlantic Ocean-Continent Transition Structure, Continent Ocean Boundary Location and Crustal Type from OCTek Gravity Inversion

Black Sea Crustal Structure and Crustal Type from Integrated Quantitative Analysis of Deep Seismic and Gravity Anomaly Data



The use of multi-scale 3D models for exploration and evaluation of the shale gas resources in central part of the Baltic Basin, Poland - preliminary results

Trans-Atlantic correlation of basinal organic-rich sequences around Devonian-Carboniferous boundary

PLACA4D free software: a new interactive tool for palinspastic reconstruction in 3D

Transcurrent segmentation within rifted continental margins: examples from the West Iberian Margin

Organic-rich sediments in the Late Tortonian to Early Messinian Betic Basins of SE Spain: potential source analogs for the Western Mediterranean pre-salt play

The Silurian of Dornes and Mação (Central Iberian Zone, Portugal) and its shale gas potential: preliminary results

The use of finite element analysis on the characterization of the geometrical and temporal evolution of salt structures: the Matacães diapir case-study (Lusitanian basin, Portugal)

Lower Paleozoic Oil and Gas Shales in the Baltic-Podlasie-Lublin Basin (Poland)

Upper Devonian–Carboniferous Unconventional Gas Plays in Poland

Multivariate statistical methods for characterizing Palaeozoic shale formations based on well logs and lab data

Mixing of primary microbial gas and thermogenic hydrocarbons; the Austrian Molasse Basin case study


Probing connections between deep earth and surface processes in a land-locked ocean basin transformed into a giant saline basin: the Mediterranean DREAM-GOLD project

Influence of salt on structural style in extension and inversion of the Algarve Basin, Portugal

Integrated geomechanical analysis for wellbore stability of silici-clastic and carbonate rocks using advanced logs, cores and drilling data.

Application of remote sensing to oil seep detection in the Lusitanian Basin – Portugal

Determination of rupture structures, and location of possible oil seepage in the Peniche Basin, Portugal

Offshore Algarve (SW Iberia): Nature of the lithosphere and its impact on the exploration potential of the area.

Provenance of the Upper Triassic Silves Sandstones of the Algarve Basin (Portugal) based on U-Pb detrital zircon and apatite data

Vitrinite reflectance and thermal modelling of the Late Cretaceous magmatic intrusion at Ponta das Ferrarias (Praia da Luz): implications for the regional maturation of the Algarve Basin

An Evaluation of Source Rocks of the Kwanza Basin: A review

The Mesozoic rifting of Alamein Basin (Western Desert, Egypt): 3D evidence of transtension in the Southern Tethyan margin.

New Rock-Eval method for characterization of unconventional resources

Study of an anomalous Evaporitic Unit in the Eastern Algarve Basin (Portugal), and implications of this unit for hydrocarbon exploration.

Multiphase inversions and their impact on petroleum systems of the Western Mediterranean basins and margins (with focus on North Algeria and France)

Biomarker composition of the Lower Jurassic sub-bituminous coal from the Blanowice Formation (Silesian-Cracow Monocline, southern Poland) – preliminary studies



The ups and downs in the life of a rift basin, Western Sirt Basin, Libya

APTIAN FORMATION Lithostratigraphic characterization of on the (NE. Algeria) north side of DJ. BOU ARIF

Gamma-ray spectrometry across the Aalenian-Bajocian boundary in the Cape Mondego section (Bajocian GSSP, Portugal): preliminary results

The Development of The Geological Structure of The Bengkulu Fore Arc Basin, Western Edge of Sundaland, Sumatra, and Its Relationship to Hydrocarbon Trapping Mechanism

New constraints on thermal maturity by means of reflectance and micro-Raman Spectroscopy on organoclasts from Holy Cross Mountains (Central Poland)

Strontium isotope stratigraphy – a major step towards a solid stratigraphic framework for the Late Jurassic of the Lusitanian Basin (central Portugal)

Seismic Imaging of the Eastern Algerian Margin off Jijel from Wide-angle and Seismic Reflection Data

DryFrac: An Econimical and Eco-Friendly approach to Fracturing

The Cretaceous in the Alentejo Basin (Portugal): From the Delta Wedge to the Basin Floor Fan

Benthic foraminiferal assemblages across the Aalenian–Bajocian (Middle Jurassic) in the Barranco de Agua Larga section (Betic Cordillera, Spain) - biostratigraphic considerations

Halokinesis in the Tunisian salt province and the influence of the kinematics of the inherited Tethyan faults systems on the evolution of the Jebel Ech Cheid salt body (Northern Tunisia)

Ordovician Jeleniów Claystone Formation of the Holy Cross Mountains, Poland - redox condition reconstruction using pyrite framboid study

Looking for a New Player in Old Terranes – is there any shale gas potential in Southern Portugal?

Liassic organic-rich shales in the peri-Tethys area. Valid targets for unconventional oil & gas exploration

Tethyan oceans