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Ideas and Innovation: Fuel for the Energy Capital

April 6-9, 2014, Houston, Texas, USA

Hosted by the Houston Geological Society

Posted March 31, 2014
Search and Discovery Article #90189 (2014)

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ABSTRACTS (by Author)



Fault Controlled Extension Regime — A Case of the Albertine Graben, East African Rift System, Uganda

Gravity and Geodynamic Modeling of the Gulf of California

Petroleum Systems Modeling of the Kwanza Salt Basin, Offshore Angola

Geological Controls on the Distribution and Preservation of Shallow and Deep Marine Sandstones in the Upper Jurassic of the Salt-Influenced Central North Sea Rift Basin, UK

Using Time-Lapse Seismics to Reveal Heterogeneities That Matter for Understanding the Dynamic Behavior of a Giant Carbonate Gas Field, Offshore Sarawak, Malaysia

The Lower Miocene ‘Malaysian Great Barrier Reef’ of Sarawak: The Influence of Tectonic Setting on Along Strike Variability in Platform Growth Styles and Reservoir Characteristics

Organic Matter Variations within the Bakken Shales of Saskatchewan: With Implications Upon Origin and Timing of Hydrocarbon Generation

Tectono-Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation of Late Miocene to Early Pliocene Deposits of Shallow Offshore, Niger Delta

The Curious Case of Hydrocarbon-Expulsion Fractures: Genesis and Impact on the Bakken Shales

Automated Cyclostratigraphic Analysis in Carbonate Mudrocks Using Borehole Images

2-D Petroleum System Modeling of the Impact of the Messinian Salinity Crisis on the Petroleum System in the Eastern Mediterranean

Approaches to Modeling Stratigraphic Heterogeneity in Mixed Fluvial and Eolian Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

Cyclic Steps and Hydraulic-Jump Unit Bar Sedimentation in Deep-Marine Sandstones of the Neoproterozoic Windermere Supergroup, Cariboo Mountains, British Columbia, Canada

Estimation of the Sealing Capacity of the Zubair Formation in Selected Oil Fields in Southern Iraq

Assessing Microporosity in Carbonate Reservior Using Digital Rock Physics (DRP) and Other Established Techniques, i.e. MICP, NMR, TS and BSEM

Geologically Constrained Electrofacies Classification of Fluvial Deposits: An Example From the Cretaceous Mesaverde Group, Uinta and Piceance Basins

Six Degrees of Separation Across the Low-to-High-Accommodation Continuum in Fluvial Systems

New Insights on the Deeper Crustal Structure of the Western Greenland Margin and Implication for Hydrocarbon Prospectivity

Multi Component Seismic Technology in Exploration and Characterization of Unconventional Reservoirs

Tectonics, Basin Evolution and Sediment Distribution Within the Collision to Subduction Transition of the Southeastern Caribbean Plate Boundary Zone in Offshore Trinidad

Along-Strike Sediment Transport is an Underappreciated Control on the Pleistocene Sedimentary Record Offshore East Coast Trinidad

Plate Reconstructions for the Arctic and Northeast Atlantic Constrained by Crustal Thickness and Lithosphere Thinning from OCTek Gravity Inversion

OCTek Arctic: A New Ventures Exploration Tool for Mapping Ocean-Continent Transition Structure and Location

Fracture Growth Processes in Sandstone Inferred by Textural and Fluid Inclusion Investigations of Crack-Seal Fracture Cements

Water and Hydrogen Resources on the Moon, Mercury, and Mars

Fluvial Lateral Accretion Deposits, Scroll Bars and Stacking. How Much Do We Know?

Influence of Kerogen and Oil Cracking Processes on Gas in Place in Unconventional Shale Reservoirs

Stratigraphic Traps as Exploration Targets Examples From Petrotrin's Soldado Acreage, Gulf of Paria, Trinidad

Turbidity Current Flows Over Rough Substrates

Revisiting the Utility of Hummocky Cross-Stratification in Paleohydraulic Study of Ancient Shelves and Sand Distribution Processes

Slope Evolution Revealed by Analysis of Sandstone Body Architecture, Tres Pasos Formation at Cerro Mirador, Chile

Giant Microbialites from the Eocene Green River Formation (Laney Member, Sand Wash Basin), Colorado


Seismic Facies and Geomorphology at Korolev Oil Field, Pricaspian Basin, Kazakhstan: Integration of Seismic, Image Log, and Core Leads to Improved Static Models

Stratigraphic Architecture of a Large-Scale Deep-Water Slope Conduit Margin, Nanaimo Group, Hornby Island, Canada

Characteristics and Main Controlling Factors of Karst Caves in Tarim Basin

Source, Accumulation and Exploration Potential of Gases in the Central Submarine Canyon in the Qiongdongnan Basin, South China Sea

Seismic Stratigraphy of the Onshore Portion of Pernambuco Basin, Evidence of Break-up During Middle Albian for the South Atlantic Rift in Northeast Brazil

How an Integrated Reservoir Study has Totally Changed the Understanding and Development Plan of a Mature Alluvial Reservoir, the Case of the Papagayos Formation in the Vizcacheras Field, Cuyo Basin, Argentina

Paleogeographic Constraints on Middle to Late Jurassic Tectonic Reconstruction of the Maya Block of Southern Mexico and Equivalent Strata of Northwestern South America

An Ultimate Unconventional Play: Diagenesis Controls on Porosity in the Proterozoic Barney Creek Formation, Northern Territory, Australia

Process-Based Modeling of Sediments Deposition and Compaction in the Peïra Cava Sub Basin; Detailed Analysis and Sediments Distribution at Reservoir-Scale

Tectonic Interpretation of Changing Paleostress in the Circum-Caribbean Region

The Progradation of a Delta on a Mobile Substrate: Experiment

Seismic Attributes and Probability Property Modeling of Turbidites and Channel Sands

Point Pattern Analysis of Channel Organization from the Cretaceous John Henry Member of the Straight Cliffs Formation, Kaiparowits Plateau, Southern Utah

Translating Between the Surface and Subsurface: Inversion of Stratigraphy for Paleo-Topographic Statistics

Appalachia to Athabasca: Reconstructing the Early Cretaceous Continental Paleodrainage System Associated with the Oil Sands of the McMurray Formation, Alberta, Canada

Controls on Carbonate Deposition in Rift Basins: Great Salt Lake, Western USA

Combining Sequence Stratigraphy and Growth Stratigraphy to Assess the Tectonic Evolution of the Los Angeles Basin

Assessing the Primary Nature of the Neoproterozoic d13C Record Using Clumped Isotope Thermometry

Alternating Carbonate and Siliciclastic Beds in a Fault-Controlled Continental Basins (Early Permian, Northern Italy): Sedimentological Control on Facies Organization and Diagenetic Overprint

Core and Log Based Stratigraphic Framework of Mississippian Limestone in Portions of North-Central Oklahoma: Implications for Reservoir Evolution and Seal Genesis

Re-Evaluation of Sedimentation Patterns at Bahamian Carbonate Slopes

Estimating the Size of Ancient River Systems and Linked Depositional Systems

Petrofacies Characterization of Bakken Shale in the Williston Basin, North Dakota

3-D Facies Architecture, Grain Size Variability and Paleohydrology Study of Point Bar Deposits by Integrating Field Data With Airborne LiDAR and GPR in Ferron Sandstone, Hanksville, Utah

A Terrestrial Laser Scanner, Digital Photogrammetry, Hyperspectral Mapping and GPR Assisted Reservoir Analog Study

Inherent Organisational Time Scales of Sedimentary Systems

Earth System Controls on the Temporal Occurrence of Petroleum Source Rocks

The Less Conventional Side of Carbonates

An Unconventional Platform-Top Carbonate Reservoir: The Bend Formation in Bryant-G Field, Midland Basin, West Texas

Structural Inheritance in the Barmer Basin, India: Its Influence on Early-Stage Rift Evolution and Structural Geometries

Mineralogical Constraints on Diagenesis of the Sheepbed Mudstone, Gale Crater, Mars, as Determined by the CheMin XRD Instrument and Examples of the Use of NASA Spinoff Technology in the Oil and Gas Industry

Stratigraphic Architecture and Reservoir Distribution in the Tensleep and Amsden Formation Influenced by Gondwanan Glaciations (Mississippian-Pennsylvanian, Northern Wyoming)

Continental-Scale Paleodrainage for the Mannville Group, Alberta Oil Sands, from Detrital Zircons

The Reservoir Characteristics Under Control of Evaporative Fractionation and Biodegradation: A Case of QHD29-2 Oilfield, Bohai Bay Basin, China

Changes In Mudstone Properties and ‘Shale’ Reservoir Potential through Geological Time — The Impact of Biological and Oceanic Evolution

Inversion of Bedding and Parasequence Types Preserved in Shelfal Mudstone Strata to Significant Marine Processes and their Controls of Rock-Property Variations

Understanding Atypical Background Trends in AVO Analysis: A Case Study on a Shaly Sand Gas Reservoir in the Magdalena Valley, Colombia

Shaly Sand Gas Reservoir Characterization: A Successful Case Study in the Lower Magdalena Basin, Colombia

The Forelimb Problem: Testing Models for Fold-Thrust Structures and Their Implication for Trap Geometry and Reservoir Damage

De-Constructing the Gravity Field Through Time: Implications for the Angola-Brazil Conjugate Margin

Filling in Gaps in the Sedimentary Record: An Integrated Study of Discontinuity Surfaces in Devonian Epeiric Sea Carbonates, Iowa

Tidal-Fluvial Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the McMurray Formation in the Surmont Area of the Athabasca Oil Sands

Investigating Slope-Parallel Processes in Mud-Dominated Depositional Systems Through Seismic Stratigraphic Mapping of Contourite Drifts: Newfoundland Ridge, Offshore Canada

Clastic Facies and Reservoir Characterization Through a Sequence Stratigraphic Production Decline Curve Analysis: Example Frio Formation, Jim Wells and Nueces Counties, South Texas

Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Cretaceous Mowry Shale in the Northern Bighorn Basin of Wyoming: Implications for Unconventional Resource Exploration and Development

Benthic Habitat Characterization of the West Florida Shelf Using High Resolution Multibeam Sonar and Towed Underwater Video

Upscaling Fault Flow Properties for Evaluation of Cross-Fault Flow

Compositional Changes to Gas Migrating through Water-Saturated Rock

Effects of Porosity Models on Thermal History Estimated by Geohistory Models

Late Miocene to Recent Evolution of Growth Faults in Greater Breton Sound, Louisiana, USA

PSDM for Unconventional Reservoirs? A Niobrara Shale Case Study

Linking Deepwater Fan Morphometrics to Slope Valley Feeder Geometry

Stratigraphic and Petrophysical Analysis of the Three Forks Formation-Charlson Field, North Dakota

3-D Outcrop Modelling Using UAV-Based Photogrammetry: Comparison to Terrestrial Lidar Methods

Formation of Sharp Dolomite Reaction Fronts and Sucrosic Dolomite: Insights from Bed-Scale Reaction Transport Modeling

Characterization of Transgressive Marginal Marine Reservoir Architecture and Heterogeneity and its Application in Enhanced Oil Recovery Optimization: An Example From the Tyler Formation, Dickinson Field, North Dakota

Regional Modeling of Geopressure Gradient Surfaces and Seismic Interpretation Reveal the Mechanisms of Overpressure Development in Southern Louisiana and Adjacent Areas of the Gulf of Mexico Basin, USA

3-D Geologic and Reservoir Modelling of a Distributive Fluvial System Derived From Lidar: A Case Study of the Huesca Fluvial Fan

Linking Basin Tectonics, Evaporite Facies Variations and Their Impact on Subsequent Deformation: Insights from the Messinian


Mesozoic-Cenozoic Sedimentation, Provenance, and Basin Evolution Along the Eastern Margin of the Central Andes (19-22°S)

Global Distribution of Original Petroleum Reserves in Deep Reservoirs

The Discovery of 25-Norhopanes in Non-Degraded Oils of Permian Reservoir in Junggar Basin, China

Origin of the Different Chlorite Occurrences and Their Effects on Clastic Reservoir Porosity

Fluvial Deltaic Evolution Through Event Sedimentation: Understanding the Interplay of Sediment Supply and Remobilization in Shaping the Growth of a Muddy Subaqueous Delta

Geological Evaluation of the Cane Creek Shale, Pennsylvanian Paradox Formation, Paradox Basin, Southeastern Utah

Experimental Studies of Supercritical Bedforms Applied to Coarse-Grained Turbidite Deposits of the Tabernas intermontane Basin (SE Spain, Late Miocene)

Stratigraphic Compartmentalization and Connectivity in Deepwater Slope Valley Reservoirs: Lessons from Block 14 Angola

Fracture Modeling From Virtual Outcrops

Trace Elements in Devonian Carbonates of the Canning Basin, Western Australia

An Integrated Approach to Characterizing Brecciated Carbonate Reservoir Facies Using Borehole Image and Core Data in the Grosmont Platform: A Giant Heavy-Oil Resource in Alberta, Canada

The Effects of Relative Base Level Fall on River Deltas: A Quantitative Assessment

Structural Evolution of Triangle Zones and Duplex Structures Along the Frontal Ouachitas-Arkoma Basin Transition Zone in Oklahoma and Western Arkansas

The Dual Role of Heavy Compounds in Conventional and Unconventional Petroleum Systems

3-D and 4-D Visualization of Geochemistry and Production Data to Refine a Structural Model

Compaction State of Aggregate Grains in Carbonaceous Mudstones: Evidence from Microfabric Studies of the Upper Cretaceous Colorado Group, Western Canada Foreland Basin

Multi-Attributes Applied in Mapping of Fracture Zones and Reservoir Evaluation of a Granite Buried Hill, Bohai Bay, China

Shelf Deltaic to Deepwater-Slope Architecture of the Miocene-Pliocene Orinoco Shelf-Margin, South Trinidad

Petrologic and Geochemical Constrains on the Origin of Authigenic Euhedral Quartz Crystals in Edwards Formation, Central Texas

Valleys to Estuaries: Stratigraphy and Paleoenvironments of the John Henry Member, Cretaceous Straight Cliffs Formation, Southern Utah

Integrated Marcellus Shale Characterization Using Multicomponent Seismic Data in Northern West Virginia

Pressure and Geomechanical Response to CO2 Injection at Snøhvit, Norway

Factors Controlling the Morphodynamics of Macrotidal Channels in Korea: Implications on the Facies and Stratigraphic Architecture of Inclined Heterolithic Stratification (IHS) formed in the Tidal-Fluvial Transition

Superior Definition of Geologic Features by Running Geometric Attributes on Preconditioned Seismic Data

Aiding Seismic Stratigraphic Interpretation With Spectral Decomposition

Seismic Attribute Workflow for Mapping Middle Triassic Doig Sandstone Reservoirs in Northeast British Columbia, Canada

Reduction in Bin Size of Seismic Data for Sharper Definition of Geologic Features

Upper Cretaceous to Cenozoic Reactivation of Pre-existing Salt Bodies and its Impact on Slope Depositional Systems in the Southwest Sable Subbasin, Offshore Nova Scotia

Observations of Core UV Fluorescence of Middle Bakken and Three Forks Reservoirs, Williston Basin, North Dakota, Part 2. Integrating with Fluid Geochemistry to Identify Producible Oil Distribution and Estimate Reserves

An Integrated Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Mud Gas Mass Spectrometry Technology Implementation in Bakken/Three Forks Unconventional Tight Light Oil Play, Williston Basin, North Dakota

Faulting of an Alternating Sandstones and Shales Turbidite Sequence: Fault Mechanism and Architecture and Their Roles in Fault Seal

Economic Evaluation of Unconventional Plays – New Perspectives on Familiar Questions

Ceiba Field, Equatorial Guinea: Breathing New Life Into an Old Field

Sediment Loading and Lower Crustal Flow on the Rifted Margins of the South China Sea

Clastic Injection at Deep-Water Stratigraphic Traps

Influence of Basin Physiography on Coastal-Shelf Sedimentary Processes: Integrating Ocean Modelling and Sedimentary Facies Analysis in the Mio-Pliocene, NW Borneo, South China Sea

The Potential Role of the Evolving South China Sea Tidal System on the Size of Mangrove Biome and Associated Hydrocarbon Source Material During the Tertiary

Digital Reproduction of Clastic Sedimentary Architecture by Means of Relational Databases: Characterization and Prediction of Fluvial and Deep-Marine Reservoirs

The Relationship Between Detachment Folding and Duplexing: Constraints From the Niger Delta

Reservoir Facies and their Distribution in Upper Leonardian Carbonate Rocks from Veterans Oil Field, Glasscock County (Eastern Midland Basin), Texas

Transitional Terraced Mound to Sloping Mound Facies Relationships of a Quaternary Travertine Quarry in Belen, New Mexico

Ascending Freshwater-Mesohaline Mixing Dolomitization: Insights from Geochemical and Reactive Transport Models

Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of a Late Neoproterozoic Shelf-Slope-Basin System, Flinders Ranges, South Australia: An Excellent Outcrop Analogue for Marginal Marine to Deepwater Transitions in the Subsurface

Submarine Channel Initiation, Filling, and Maintenance from Seafloor Geomorphology and Morphodynamic Modeling of Cyclic Steps

Reservoir Architecture and Stratigraphic Evolution of Channelized Deep-Water Depositional Systems, Offshore West Africa: Implications for Predictive Stratigraphic Modeling

Regional Diagenesis of the Mississippian Leadville Limestone: Southwestern Colorado

OCT Structure, COB Location and Magmatic Type of the SE Brazilian and S. Angolan Margins From Integrated Quantitative Analysis of Deep Seismic Reflection and Gravity Anomaly Data

Integrated Quantitative Analysis of Deep Reflection Seismic and Gravity Anomaly Data: Application to Eastern Gulf of Mexico OCT Structure and Location

A Practical Recommendation for Permeability Measurement in Tight-Sand and Shale Reservoirs

Economic Benefits of In Situ Resource Utilization in Near Term Space Exploration


Locating Tight Shale Sweet Spots Using Diamondoid and Biomarker Analyses

How Can We Use Tectonic Reactivation to Control Stress Distribution at Reservoir and Basin Scale? Learning from Paleopiezometry and Analogues

Longitudinal Channel Architecture and Facies Variability Along an Eight Kilometer Long Down-Slope Transect of a High-Relief Clinoform, Tres Pasos Formation, Chile

Does Tempestite Proximality Explain Mudstone-Limestone Cycles? A Case Study in the Upper Ordovician of the Cincinnati Arch

Spatial Variations in Pore Water Salinity: Implications for Fluid Flow Pathways and Reservoir Compartmentalization in a Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Field

Fault Zone Complexity: Impact on Seal Analysis and Prediction

Volcanic Continental Margins and the Formation of Super Volcanoes: Examples from Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil

Jurassic and Cretaceous Sedimentary Fill of Intrashelf Basins of the Eastern Margin the Arabian Plate

Influence of Seawater Chemistry and Syndepositional Faulting on the Drowning of the Yangtze Platform, Nanpanjiang Basin, Guizhou Province, South China

Geomechanic Characteristics of the Eagle Ford Shale – A Comparative Study for Outcrop and Subsurface Formation Properties

Chemical EOR Potential for Heavy Oil in the United States

Confirming the Presence of a Working Petroleum System in the Eastern Black Sea Basin, Offshore Georgia Using SAR Imaging, Sea Surface Slick Sampling, and Geophysical Seafloor Characterization

Supercritical Morphodynamic Successions in the Deposits of Steep, Sandy Submarine Fans: Ainsa and Tabernas Basins, Spain

Permeability Characterization of Natural Compaction Bands Using Core Flooding Experiments and 3-D Image-Based Analysis: Comparing and Contrasting the Results From Two Different Methods

Combined Wave and Gravity-Driven Sediment Transport: Controls on Lateral Facies Heterogeneity on Subaqueous Muddy Shelf Clinothems

Predicting Fracture Orientations with Volumetric Curvature Gradient Analysis: Case Study from Teapot Dome in Wyoming

Fluid Flow of Plio-Pleistocene Reefal Carbonates: Assessing Large-Scale Porosity and Permeability Distributions

Noise Into Signal Around the South Atlantic Margins: Reverse Geochemical Analysis Using Spatial Inputs

Challenge and Response: Identification of Petroleum Systems Across the South Atlantic Equatorial Margins

Towards Process-Based Understanding of Diagenesis in a Holocene Coastal Sabkha System, Qatar

The Application of Microbial Geochemical Exploration Method in Lithologic Trap Exploration in Junggar Basin, China

Character and Regional Correlation of Reservoir Units in the Mississippian Madison Formation (Wyoming and Utah)

Giant Incised Valley Fill and Shore-Face Ravinement Traps, Urna, Ust-Teguss and Tyamskaya Field Areas, Southern West Siberian Basin, Russia

Fluid Inclusion Study of Prominent Mineralized Fractures in the New Albany Shale, Kentucky, USA – Dissecting a Mississippian Seal Breach

A Sequence Stratigraphic Framework for Establishing the Chronostratigraphic Relationships Between the Woodbine and Eagle Ford Groups Across Texas

Squeezing a Large Canopy on a Slope: Suturing Patterns, Subsalt Thrusting and Suprasalt Extension and Salt Expulsion

Geometrical Constraints on Submarine Channel-Levee System Evolution

Surge Propagation Within Turbidity Currents

Absolute Ages and Paleogeography of the Jurassic Entrada Sandstone, Utah: Implications for Heterolithic, Tidally-Influenced Systems

Musings on the History of Petroleum Geochemistry – From My Perch

Considering Lithological Variability in Top Seal Analysis

Chemical Stratigraphy of the Yellowknife Bay Formation and use of LIBS and APXS in Characterizing Martian Strata

Growth Phases in the Upper Cambrian Wilberns Microbial Reef Evolution (Mason County, Texas)

Comparative Analysis of Microbial Carbonate Fabrics at Various Scales Within the Architecture of a Large Microbial Reef Mound; Cambrian, Wilberns Formation, Mason County, TX

The Stratigraphic Architecture of Laterally-Accreting and Laterally-Offset Ancient Sinuous Channel Fills, Lower Isaac Formation (Windermere Supergroup), British Columbia, Canada

Architectural Modeling of an Outcropping Tidally Influenced Point Bar Deposit: Sedimentologic and Stratigraphic Impacts on Connectivity

Characteristics of the Highest Permeability Wilcox Sandstones within Temperature Slices, Gulf of Mexico, USA

Tying Rock Properties from Core to Seismic Reflectivity in the Kaiparowits Plateau, Utah


Tectonic Influence on Slope Deposition Along Great Bahama and Cay Sal Bank, Bahamas

Thick vs. Thin-Skinned Formation and Inversion of Salt Walls in SE Iberian Peninsula: Constraints From Paleomagnetic an Inner Diapiric Structural Data

Distribution and Development of Encased Secondary Minibasins in the Central Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Microbial Mats as Indicators of Condensation in Black Shales – Examples From the Pennsylvanian Cyclothems of the Mid-Continent U.S.

An Analytical Model for the Structure of Turbidity Currents

Preferential Calcite Cementation of Macropores in Microporous Limestones

Deepwater Angolan Toe-Thrust Kinematics and Structural Styles

Facies Model for an Ancient Tide-Dominated Delta: The Early Jurassic Gule Horn Formation, Jameson Land, Eastern Greenland

An Integrated Stratigraphy of the Cenomanian-Turonian Eagle Ford Formation, Texas, USA – Part 1

An Integrated Stratigraphy of the Cenomanian-Turonian Eagle Ford Formation, Texas, USA – Part 2

Conventional Core as a Rosetta Stone for Presalt RQ: Insights and Observations Within Upper Sag Presalt Microbialites From Conventional Core of the 3-ESSO-4A-SPS (Guarani-1ST) Well, BM-S-22, Santos Basin, Offshore Brazil

Advances in Borehole Micro-Image Processing

Experimental Study of Methane Adsorption on Organic Matter in Mudstones: Implications for Natural Gas Storage in Unconventional Reservoirs

Understanding the Effects of Base-Level Rise on the Stratigraphic Distribution of Shale Plays

Geological Controls on Formation Water Salinity Distribution, Southeastern Greater Natural Buttes Field, Uinta Basin, Utah


The Character and Origin of Lacustrine Source Rocks in the Paleogene Synrift Section, Bohai Bay Basin, Northwest, China

Supercritical Bedforms Created by Density Flows

Dolomitization of the Middle Bakken Member at Elm Coulee Field, Williston Basin

Distribution Characteristics and Origin of Oilfields in Shijiutuo Uplift, Bohai Bay Basin, China

Refined Lacustrine Petroleum Systems Modeling and New Play Assessment: A Case Study of Baxian Sag, Bohai Bay Basin

Controls and Distribution Features of Petroliferous Belts of Subtle Traps in Paleogene Strata of Bohai Bay Basin, Eastern China

Outcrop to Subsurface Reservoir Characterization of the Lower Mesaverde Group, Red Wash Field, Uinta Basin and Douglas Creek Arch, Utah and Colorado

Insights Into the Linked Dynamics of Channel Networks on Shelf-Edge Deltas and Submarine Slopes From Physical Experiments and High-Resolution Seismic Data

3-D Seismic Attributes Expression of Differential Compaction Related to Karst Collapses in the Barnett Shale, Fort Worth Basin, Texas

How to Know if That Circular Feature is a Karst Collapse or a Buried Static? An Example of Ray Tracing, High Density Velocity Analysis, and Offset Stacks in Fort Worth Basin, Texas

Effect of Diapir Growth on Synkinematic Deepwater Sedimentation: The Bakio Diapir (Basque-Cantabrian Basin, Northern Spain)

Mesozoic Carbonate Rafts in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Distribution of Salt Keels in the Deepwater Northern Gulf of Mexico

Anatomy of Falling-Stage Deltas in the Turonian Ferron Sandstone of the Western Henry Mountains Syncline, Utah: Growth Faults, Slope Failures, and Mass Transport Complexes

Three-Dimensional Evolution of Normal Faults in Two Phase Rifting

The Impact of Stratigraphic and Facies Architecture on Flow in Carbonate Reservoirs; An Integrated Approach Using Comparative Modeling Techniques

Identifying the Nature and Extent of the Loyd Sandstone Member of the Buck Tongue of the Mancos Shale in Outcrop and Subsurface Data in the Rangley Area of Colorado

Capturing Geological Heterogeneity in Reservoir Architecture Through Quantitative Characterization and Modeling of an Analogous Outcrop, Fan 3 of the Skoorsteenberg Formation, Tanqua Karoo, Sub-Basin, South Africa

Interpretation of the Data Collected as Part of U.S. EPA's Investigation at Pavillion, WY

Quantitative Analysis of the Dimensions and Distribution of Channelized Fluvial Sandbodies within a Large-Scale Outcrop Dataset: Upper Cretaceous Blackhawk Formation, Wasatch Plateau, Central Utah, USA

Submarine Slope Stability: Advances in Modelling the Anatomy of Carbonate Slope Systems

Influence of In-Situ Stresses on Hydraulic Fracture Stimulations in Coals of the Surat Basin, Southeast Queensland – Australia

Lateral Facies Heterogenity in Hybrid Event Beds and its Applied Significance: Examples From the Miocene Cilento Flysh and the Cretaceous-Paleocene Gottero Sandstone (Italy)

Diagenesis in Polar Shelf Sediments: Insights From the Cenozoic Succession of McMurdo Sound, Antarctica

Understanding the Development of an Early, Diagenetically-Controlled Template for Reservoir Quality Distribution Using Forward Sediment/Diagenetic Models of the Tengiz Platform, Kazakhstan

Sedimentary Processes and Depositional Dynamics of the Atokan (Lower Pennsylvanian) 13 Fingers Formation in Eastern Texas Panhandle, Anadarko Basin, Texas, USA

Dark-Brown Laminated Deposits in Shallow-Water Carbonates During the OAE2: Shallow Water “Black-Shales”?

Variations in Syndepositional Fault Properties as a Function of Stratigraphic Position in High-Relief Carbonate Platforms

New Carbonate Plays in the Mississippian Lime of the Bend Arch Area, Texas

Chemical Speciation and Carbon Isotope Systematics During Kerogen Maturation: An Experimental Study

A Multidisciplinary and Multi-Scale Approach to Identify Hydrogeochemical Processes Altering Porosity-Permeability Properties of Reservoir Rocks

Miocene Depositional Architecture in the Mixed Clastic-Carbonate Rankin Platform: Implications for Clinoform Development and Morphodynamic Diversity

Microporosity: Characterization, Distribution, and Influence on Oil Recovery

Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretations from Benthic Foraminifera: Analyses of an Onshore Borehole site on the New Jersey Continental Shelf, ODP Leg 174AX


Controls on the Distribution of Reflux Dolomitisation: Insights From Modelling the Marvellous Madison

Relationships Between Induced Seismicity and Fluid Injection: Development of Strategies to Manage Injection

Low Stand Shelf-Edge Deltas and Linked Slope Depositional Systems, on a Steep, High-Relief Rifted Margin (Northeast Sicilly, Southeastern Thrrhenian Sea)

Comparison of Suprasalt and Subsalt Depositional and Halokinetic History of Patawarta Diapir, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Management of Water for Hydraulic Fracturing Enhanced with the Expanded USGS Produced Water Geochemical Database

Essential Elements for Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Lucaogou Formation of Jimusaer Sag, Junggar Basin

Modeling Oil Composition in Reservoirs Submitted to Biodegradation in Offshore Oilfields in the Brazilian Southeastern Margin

Diagenetic Flow and Transport Modeling to Predict Reservoir Quality in Carbonate Formations

Limitations of Clay Speciation via Bulk Chemical Analysis

Salt Tectonic Controls on the Location and Evolution of Submarine Lobe-Channel-Levee Complexes: Miocene, Offshore Angola

Multi-Length Scale Investigations of Carbonate Heterogeneity

Relative Permeability Curve Calculation From Core-Plug Scale to Reservoir Scale Constrained by Facies Pattern

A High-Resolution Investigation of the Relationship Between the Steptoean Positive Carbon Isotope Excursion and the End-Marjuman Trilobite Extinction Within an Intrashelf Basin in the Southern Appalachians

In-Situ Polyacrylamide Gels to Ex-Situ Microelectrodes and Centrifugation Colorimetric Measures: A Comparison of Porewater Analysis Methodologies

Cenozoic Subsidence and Lithospheric Stretching Deformation of the Ajdabiya Trough Area, NE Sirt Basin, Libya

Depth-Averaged Modeling of Supercritical Submarine Fans

Tectono-Stratigraphic Evolution and Hydrocarbon Presence Prediction of a Deep Water Prospect Based on the Integrated Interpretation of 3D Seismic and 3DCSEM

Deepening the Frontier-Porosity Preservation in Deeply Buried (28,000 Feet) Mudstones of the Vienna Basin, Austria

Attributes of Carbonate Platforms Associated With Passive Salt Diapirism

Regional Frasnian Stratigraphic Framework, Alberta Outcrop and Subsurface

Tectonic Control on the Deposition of the Tihonian-Berriasian Sequences (Vaca Muerta-Quintuco Fm), Eastern Neuquen Basin, Argentina

Characterizing Compartmentalization in Structurally Heterogeneous Reservoirs Using Fluid Mixing Time-Scales

Preliminary Results from the Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic, Lower Permian Halgaito Formation, Southeastern Utah: Application of Ichnopedofacies for Interpreting Environments of Deposition

Pre-Salt Microbial Aptian-Albian Carbonates of the Araripe Basin, Northeastern Brazil

Resedimented Deposits in the Rift Section of the Campos Basin

Flow Processes, Sedimentation, and Stratigraphic Evolution of the Submarine Channel-Lobe Transition Zone: an Outcrop-Based Study

Alluvial Fan Interaction with Adjacent and Contemporaneous Arid Continental Environments: Implications for Basin-Scale Fluid Migration and Charge

Stratigraphy and Geochemistry of the Organic-Rich Toolebuc Formation, Upper Albian, Eromanga and Carpenteria Basins, Australia

Late Devonian Depositional Evolution of Western Montana and East-Central Idaho – Jefferson, Three Forks, and Sappington Formations

An Interpretation of the Basement Structure of the Black Sea Based on SPAN Seismic Data and Gravity Modelling

The Importance of Recognising Hydrodynamics for Understanding Tilted Fluid Contacts

Tectonic Evolution of the South Florida Basin, Eastern Gulf of Mexico

Late Devonian Extinctions: A Novel Conceptional Model for the Paleoenvironment of the Canning Basin, Gogo Formation, WA and Associated Oils: Exceptional Preservational Conditons of Biomarkers and Organic Matter in Carbonate Concretions and Basinal Muds

A Habitable Fluvio-Lacustrine Environment at Gale Crater, Mars

Diapiric Control on Jurassic Carbonate Systems, High-Atlas Basin, Morocco

Interaction of Tidal and Fluvial Processes From Delta Front to Coastal Plain: Subsurface Implications

Constraining the Timing of Tectonic Compression of the Tianshan Mountain From Reservoir Pressure Evolution in the Kuqa Foreland Basin, NW China


Mapping Shale Composition: A Breakthrough in Quantitative Mineral Analysis Using Mixed Phase X-Ray Spectra

Accuracy of Automated SEM-EDS, FTIR, and XRD Mineral Identification and Quantification: A Discussion based on Measurements of Shale and Synthetic Mudrocks

Standardization of Vitrinite Reflectance Measurements in Shale Petroleum Systems: How Accurate Are My Ro Data?

A WASP in Geology: Elizabeth A. Watson (1915-2000)

Seismic and Core Based Reservoir Characterization, the Giant Priobskoye Field, West Siberia, Russia

Regional View of Onshore Plays for the Gulf of Mexico Margin

Submarine Fan Stratigraphy Described as a Function of Hydraulic Variables

Additional Methods for the Analysis of Seismic Data and Risk Reduction Through the Interpretation and Reservoir Modelling of Scaled Analogue Models

Northern German Unconventional Reservoirs in Upper Permian (Ca2) Microbial Slope and Basin Dolomitized Mudstones: Assessment of Oil to Source-Rock Correlations Within a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework

Application of Seismic Inversion in the Prediction of Coal Bed Methane Reservoir: A Case Study

Source Rock Properties and Hydrocarbon Generating Kinetics of Lacustrine Shales in Ordos Basin, China

Migration and Retention of Hydrocarbons in Barnett Shale

High Frequency Cyclicity, Facies and Deposition of Condensed Zones in the Fayetteville Shale (Mississippian) – An Outcrop to Subsurface Perspective

What Happens When Plate Motions Change? Re-Thinking Hydrocarbon Expulsion and Migration

Distinguishing Channel Related Thin-Bedded Turbidite Facies – Outcrop Example From the Rosario Formation, Mexico

Coupling Petrophysics and Petroleum Systems Modeling: A Shale Oil Application from Saudi Arabia

Wave and Gravity-Controlled Dispersal of Mud in the Lower Ordovician Beach Formation, Newfoundland, Canada: Multi-Scale Facies Heterogeneity and Diagenetic Framework

Millimeter-Sized Bioturbating Animals Control the Mobility of Redox-Sensitive Trace Elements in Organic-Rich Mudstone

Salt Tectonics in the Upper Silurian Salina Group, Appalachian Basin, NE Pennsylvania: Results From 3-D Seismic Analysis and Analogue Modelling

Quantifying the Effect of Microporosity on Fluid Flow in Carbonate Reservoirs

Drowning of the Great Barrier Reef During Marine Isotope Stage 5e and Subsequent Re-Establishment

The Geochemical and Mineralogical Expression of Sea Level Cycles, Upper Devonian Woodford Shale, Permian Basin

Great Bahama Bank – Part I: Evaluating Water-Depth Variation on a “Flat-Topped” Isolated Carbonate Platform

Great Bahama Bank – Part II: Mapping Depositional Facies on a “Flat-Topped” Isolated Carbonate Platform

Constraints on Opening of the Gulf of Mexico from Seafloor Spreading Magnetic Anomalies

3-D Seismic Attribute-Assisted Analysis of Microseismic Events Within the Marcellus Shale

Prediction of Alluvial Sandstone Body Dimensions, Connectivity and Heterogeneity in the Subsurface

Stages of Jurassic Rifting, Magmatism, and Salt Deposition in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico Inferred from a Grid of Deep-Penetration Seismic Reflection Data Tied to Wells

Ichnofacies and Ichnoporosity-Ichnopermeability in Carbonate Strata: Comparison of Recent, Holocene, and Pleistocene Successions of Crooked-Acklins Platform, Bahamas

Ichnocoenoses and Ichnofacies of Marine and Continental Deposits in Permian–Triassic Strata of the Beacon Supergroup, Beardmore Glacier Area, Central Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica

Geochemical Constraints on Microporosity Formation

Biotic vs. Abiotic Origin of Brazilian Presalt “Microbialites”: A Test for Geochemistry?

Description of Intragranular Micropores in Ooid Grainstones with Bimodal Porosity Network from Lower Cretaceous Lekhwair Formation in United Arab Emirates

Integrated Assessment of Water Resources for Unconventional Oil and Gas Plays, West-Central Alberta, Canada

Toward Predicting the Influence of Facies on Well Performance in the Marcellus Formation: Development and Integration of a Core-Derived Lithofacies Model

Resolving Mudrock Evolution with Silt Microtextures

Shallow Subsurface Detection of Buried, Weathered Hydrocarbons Using Integrated Geophysical Techniques

Digital Outcrop Modelling of a Fractured Crystalline Basement: A Potential Unconventional Reservoir Outcrop Analogue

Allochthonous Salt Initiation and Advance in the Northern Flinders and Eastern Willouran Ranges, South Australia: Using Outcrops to Test Subsurface-Based Models from the Northern Gulf Of Mexico

Analysing Geobody Geometries and Architectural Elements Within Fluvio-Deltaic Depositional Systems: A Case Study from the Mungaroo Formation, NW Australia

Relationship Between Reservoir Quality and the Deformation Associated With Anticlinal Folding in the Tensleep Sandstone at Alcova Reservoir, Central Wyoming, USA

Fluid-Rock Interaction in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming: An Investigation of Reactions Between Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid and Unconventional Reservoirs

Shelf Model for ‘Deep-Sea’ Flysch Turbidites and Implications for Outcrop Analogs

Stable Carbon Isotopes in Carbonates of the Devonian Lennard Shelf, Canning Basin: Use as a Chronostratigraphic Constraint, Oceanic Indicator, and Limitations

Integrated Hydrocarbon Exploration of the Owambo Basin, Onshore Northern Namibia: Implications for a Modern Frontier Basin

The Devonian Reef Complexes of the Canning Basin in Context: Subsurface and Adjacent Basins

Quantitative Geology From Digital Outcrop Data for the Characterization of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

Observations of UV Fluorescence in Middle Bakken, Sanish and Three Forks Reservoirs, Williston Basin, North Dakota, Part 1. Leveraging Core Fluorescence to Visualize and Estimate Oil-In-Place

A Fulcrum Approach for Assessing Sediment Source-to-Sink Mass Balance Using Fluvial Paleohydrologic Data Extractable from Cores: An Assessment of Potential and Limitations Using the Cenomanian Bahariya Formation, Egypt

Applications of Whole Rock Bulk Geochemistry for Evaluating a CO2 Injection Well in Late Triassic Sandstones

High–Resolution Correlation and Palynofacies of Inner Platform Carbonate–Mudrock Cycles of the Lower Permian Lueders Limestone, TX: Implications for High–Frequency Climate Change on the Eastern Shelf, Midland Basin

Lacustrine / Palustrine Carbonate – Mudrock Cycles of the Upper Pennsylvanian Monongahela Group of the Northern Appalachian Basin: Lithofacies, Architecture and Geochemistry

A Reinterpretation of the Lower Ferron Sandstone in the Drunkards Wash CBM Field, Central Utah

Steady Autogenic Model for Multiscale Growth Patterns, Avulsion, and Evolution of Submarine Fans up to the Basin-Scale

Evolution, Architecture and Stratigraphy of Froude Supercritical Submarine Fans

TSR-Related Calcite Cements in Triassic Dolomite, NE Sichuan Basin, China

Resistivity Characterization of Permeability in Microbial Carbonates Onshore Alabama

Characteristics and Cutoff of Porosity and Permeability of the Effective Volcanic Gas Reservoirs of the Lower Cretaceous Yingcheng Formation in Songliao Basin, NE China

Complex Cretaceous Shorelines Existed During Deposition of the McMurray Formation of Alberta, Canada as Evidenced by Bedrock-Controlled Estuaries and Associated Flood Tidal Deltas in the Upper McMurray

Evidence for Clustering of Delta-Lobe Reservoirs within Fluvio-Lacustrine Systems, the Jurassic Kayenta Formation, Utah

Sedimentological and Geochemical Record of Oceanic Anoxic Events (OAE's) in the Aptian-Albian Pearsall Formation of South Texas

Sedimentary Responses to Syndepositional Faulting in a Prograding Platform: Permian, Guadalupe Mountains, USA

Origin and Development of the Apalachicola Basin

Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of a Carbonate Slope System Along a Drowned Margin; Cutoff Formation, Guadalupe Mountains, West Texas

Records of Early Cretaceous Late Hauterivian-Early Albian Oceanic Anoxic Episodes Within Shallow-Marine Carbonates, Adriatic Platform, Croatia

Lower Najmah Shale: An Emerging Shale Resource Exploration Target in Kuwait

Exploring the Origin of Carbonate Lenses Within Distal Delta Front Sediments of the Turonian Frontier Formation, Northern Uinta Basin, Utah


Characterizing Static and Dynamic Reservoir Connectivity of Deep Water Slope Deposits Using Detailed Outcrop-Based Facies Models, Tres Pasos Formation, Magallanes Basin, Chile

Stratigraphic and Geomorphologic Heterogeneity of a Windward Carbonate Platform Margin, Exumas, Great Bahama Bank

Distribution and Geometry of Dolomite Bodies in Association With Igneous Activity (Latemar, Northern Italy)

Analogue Modelling of Inverted Domino-Style Basement Fault Systems

The Geodynamic Evolution of the Sinu Offshore Basin and its Importance in Determining the Prospectivity of the Magdalena Fan, Offshore Colombia

Dolomite Distribution in Modern and Ancient Microbial Stromatolites: Is the Present a Key to the Past?

Characterization of Deepwater Channel Systems in the Wilcox Formation, Offshore GoM

The Importance of Petrophysical Stratification on Fluid-Flow Behavior in Carbonate Reservoirs

Depositional Analysis of the Jurassic Norphlet Formation within the Mississippi Interior Salt Basin: Impact on Petroleum Potential Offshore

Tectonics-Palaeogeomorphology in Rift Basins: Controlling Effect on the Sequence Architecture

High Resolution, Millennial-Scale Patterns of Bed Compensation on a Sand-Rich Submarine Lobe, Western Niger Delta Slope

Provenance and Architectural Analysis of Linked Fluvial and Marginal Marine Depositional Systems, Cretaceous Kaiparowits Basin, Southern Utah, USA: Insights From Detrital Zircon U/Pb Geochronology and Paleomorphodynamics

Impacts of Magmatic-Hydrothermal Alteration in the Leadville Limestone, Southwest Colorado

The Morphology of Transgressive Ravinement Surfaces and Syn-Ravinement Deposition: Modern Analogues for Reservoirs: Examples from the Modern Texas Coast

Evaluation of the Potential for Shale Gas Exploration in the Fika Shales of the Gongola Basin, Upper Benue Trough, Nigeria

Flexural Modeling of Linxia Basin, NE Tibetan Plateau: Insights into Subsidence and Deformation Mechanisms

Solitary Waves in Low Permeability Sediments: A Possible Mechanism for Rapid Methane Transport in the Eugene Island Field, Gulf of Mexico Basin

Factors Controlling the Preservation of Porphyrins and Formation of Metalloporphyrins with Perspectives From Ancient Source Rocks and Modern Analogs

The Biogeochemistry of Black Shales Following the Neoproterozoic, Mid-Cryogenian (Sturtian) Snowball Earth Event of Australia


An SEM-Based Descriptive Classification Scheme for Limestone Microporosity

Diagenetic Features in Yellowknife Bay, Gale Crater, Mars: Implications for Substrate Rheology and Potential Gas Release

Modelling Wettability Alteration in Microporous Carbonate Rocks

Facies Distribution in Mud-Prone Sandy Deep-Water Lobes: Outcrop Validation of Physical Models

The Influence of Mass Transport Complexes on Sediment Dispersal Patterns in the Southern Magdalena Fan, Offshore Colombia

Anatomy of a Source Rock

Application of Stable Carbon Isotope Stratigraphy as a Chronostratigraphic Tool for Devonian Marine Carbonates

Density Current Evolution Within an Experimental Submarine Channel

Controls on the Temporal and Spatial Variability of Carbonate Platform Architectures: A Case Study from the Nanpanjiang Basin, South China

Analysis of Sequence Stratigraphic Models for the Jurassic Cretaceous Sedimentary Fill of the Intrashelf Basins of the Eastern Margin the Arabian Plate

Organic Matter Preservation as Clay-Organic Nanocomposites in the Woodford Shale and its First Order Control on an Unconventional Play

Oceanic anoxic events (OAE's), Biotic Crises, and Demise of the Cretaceous Passive Margin Platforms, Western Gulf of Mexico (GOM)

Devonian Carbonate Platforms – Challenges and Potential for Integrated Chronostratigraphic Analysis

Diagenetic Polygonal Faults in the Niobrara: An Integrated Look from Outcrops to Subsurface

Enhancing Oil Production from a Matured Reservoir by Drilling NCWs with Intelligent Well Completions in the Lower Burgan Reservoir of North Kuwait- A Case Study

Uppermost Pleistocene Banks Along the South Texas Shelf Edge: A Clear Case of Drowning Based Upon Their Morphologies

Chemical and Stable Isotope Compositions for Micro-Crystal Carbonates Suggest Low-Mg/Ca-Pore Water Formation Conditions

Regional Sequence Stratigraphy and Thickness Patterns of the Mississippian Leadville Limestone, Southwestern San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Characterization of Duvernay Formation Mudrocks Using Detailed Sedimentological Analysis

When the Levee Breaks: Collapse of Submarine Channel Levees

Carbon Isotope Chemostratigraphy as a Regional Correlation Tool in Subsurface Mississippian Strata of the Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma-Kansas, USA

Monitoring the Active Migration and Biodegradation of Natural Gas in the Trinity Group Aquifer at the Silverado Development in Southern Parker County, Texas

Sedimentology and Ichnology of a Lobe-Deflected Delta, Ferron Sandstone (Turonian), Utah, USA

The Brazilian Equatorial Margin: A Snapshot in Time of an Oblique Rifted Margin

Hydrocarbon Microseepage and Geobotanical Anomalies

New Model of the Caledonian Foreland Basin in North Poland Revealed by Recent Regional Seismic Data

Reservoir Scale Facies Variation of the Mississippian Leadville Limestone, Southwestern San Juan Mountains, Colorado

New High-Resolution Oil-Base Mud Borehole Imaging for Enhanced Interpretation of Deepwater Sediments

Understanding Pressure Compartmentalization in Ultra Deep-Water Drilling Off Mexican Gulf Coast: A Case Study

The Prediction of Basement Composition and Radiogenic Heat-Flow Contribution for Petroleum System Modelling in Deep-Water Frontier Exploration


Hydrodynamic Controls on Channel Bar Sedimentation Across the Tidal-Fluvial Transition, Lower Fraser River, BC, Canada

Geological Interpretation of Seismic Data in Color – A New Approach

Constraining Thermal Histories in Marine Carbonates and Black Shales: A Pilot Conodont (U-Th)/He Thermochronometry Study in the Illinois Basin

The Evolution of the Mitchell River Megafan and its Control on the Distribution of Delta Facies

Tectonic and Geomorphic Controls on Cyclic Lacustrine and Fluvial Deposition

High Resolution Non-Destructive Chemostratigraphy of Vaca Muerta Fm: New Evidences of Black Shale Sedimentology Features

Early History of the Natural Gas Industry, Fredonia, New York

Facies Trends and Large-Scale Architecture of the Pennsylvanian Ross Formation, Western Ireland – New Insight from Cores South of the Shannon

Geochemical Characterization of Post Mature Gases from Middle Devonian Marcellus Formation, Northern Appalachian Basin, USA – Insights into Deep Basin Hydrocarbon Generation, Alteration, and Productivity

Reservoir Modeling of Deepwater Lobes: Impact on Connectivity and Production

Shelf-Edge Recognition Criteria and the Impact of Process Regime Variation on Deepwater Sediment Delivery

Stratigraphic and Antecedent Geological Controls on Modern Analogues of Potential Hydrocarbon Reservoirs within a Back Barrier Island Lagoon System: West Galveston Bay

Integration of 3-D Surface Seismic and Jointly Inverted Downhole-Shallow Well Microseismic Datasets on a Multi-Lateral Stimulation Campaign: A Marcellus Formation Example

High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Characterization of the Mississippian Lime in Northeastern Oklahoma

Using Measurement Uncertainty to Calculate Reservoir Volumes and Reduce Risk in Prospects

Fractal Dimension and Borehole Images, a New Approach to Enhance the Characterization of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs and its Application in the Catatumbo Basin-Colombia

Reservoir Characterisation of the Paradise and Hickory Discoveries, Offshore Ghana: Integration of Depositional and Diagenetic Concepts

Analysis of the Petroleum Generation Potential of the Neal (Floyd) Shale in the Black Warrior Basin Using Kinetic and Basin Modeling

The New Oil World of the 21st Century

Utilizing Chemostratigraphic Techniques to Improve Lacustrine Carbonate Reservoir Characterization

Determining Oil-Expulsion Efficiencies of Source Rocks by Hydrous Pyrolysis

Reservoir Forming Mechanism and Main Controlling Factors of Different Types of Large Tight Sandstone Gas Fields in China

Effect of Thermal Maturation on the Composition of Polar Organic Compounds in the Eocene Lacustrine Shales of the Bohai Bay Basin in Eastern China as Revealed by FT-ICR-MS Analysis of Hydrous Pyrolysates

Depositional Evolution and Microfacies Characteristic of the Carboniferous Donghe Sandstone in Hudson Oilfield

Sedimentologic and Diagenetic Analysis of Microbialite-Bearing Lacustrine Rift Sequence in Lower Cretaceous Yucca Formation, Indio Mountains, West Texas – An Outcrop Analog to Pre-Salt Microbialite Reservoirs Along the South Atlantic Margins

Geochemical Features of Organic Matter and Trace Elements in Shales and Indication to Depositional Environments of Wufeng—Longmaxi Formations, Sichuan Basin, China

Facies Architecture of a Bayhead Delta in the Cretaceous Ferron Notom Delta, Southern Utah

Climate, Duration and Mineralogy Controls on Meteoric Diagenesis

Evaluating Along-Strike Variation Using Thin-Bedded Facies Analysis, Upper Cretaceous Ferron Notom Delta, Utah

Rediscovering the Arab-D Reservoir: The Search for Stratigraphic Traps

Modelling of Non-Hydrocarbon Gases at a Basin Scale

Detrital Zircon Geochronology and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Eureka Quartzite Formation Around the Tooele Arch, Western Utah and Eastern Nevada

Application of Gas Isotope Signatures to Estimate Source Rock Thermal Maturity in Unconventional Gas Plays

Diversity of Sequence Stratigraphic Patterns and its Formation Mechanism in the Southern Slope Area: Eocene, Fushan Depression, South China Sea

Molecular Simulation of Hydrocarbon Occurrence and Phase Behavior in Nano Pores

The Source and Fate of Oils in the Lawton Oilfield, Southwestern Oklahoma

Paleoporosity and Critical Property in the Accumulation Period and Their Impacts on Hydrocarbon Accumulation—A Case Study of the Middle Es3 Member of the Paleogene Formation in Niuzhuang Sag, Dongying Depression, Southeastern Bohai Bay Basin, East China

Genetic Types of Natural Gases and Conditions for Formation of Giant Gas Reservoirs in the Daniudi Gas Field of Ordos Basin, China

Hydrocarbon Potential in Herodotus Basin, Eastern Mediterranean

Immature to Low Mature Source Rocks and Tight Reservoirs of Shale Oil Play in Section Two of the Kongdian Formation, Bohai Bay Basin, China

The Influence of Pre-Existing Structures on the Initiation of an Oblique Rift: the Cañones Fault Zone in North-Central New Mexico

Maturity and Overpressure Evolution of the Lower Cambrian in the Central Paleo-Uplift, Sichuan Basin

Basement Architecture in the Southern Caribbean Basin, Guajira Offshore, Colombia

Timing and Evolution of a Deep-Water Carbonate Sand Drift: Inner Sea of the Maldives Archipelago, Equatorial Indian Ocean

High-Energy Facies off San Salvador Patch Reefs: Mineralogy, Microfacies, and Stable-Isotope Record

Fractured Reservoirs of the Shaikan Anticline, Northern Iraq

Preliminary Unconventional Reservoir Characterization of the Lower Cretaceous Skull Creek Shale, Wyoming

Origin and Analysis of the Nano/Micropore Network in the Upper Cretaceous Ozan and Annona Chalks in the Caddo/Pine Island Field in Northwest Louisiana

Evidence of Below Storm-Wave Base, Deeper Water Depositional Setting for the Upper Cretaceous, Boquillas (Eagle Ford) Carbonate Dominated A-Member

Coeval Tectonism and Epeiric Transgression on the Early Paleozoic Laurentian Platform Recorded by Strata of the Potsdam Group in the Northwestern Ottawa Embayment

Variations in Braided Fluvial Styles Related to Topography and Climate in the Cambrian-Ordovician Potsdam Group, Ottawa Embayment and Quebec Basin

Controls on Sedimentology and Organic Matter of a Coquina Beach Ridge: Fine-Grained Carbonate Lagoon System on a Holocene Carbonate Ramp: Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Reactive Transport Modeling of Reflux Dolomitization on an Upper Jurassic Homoclinic Carbonate Ramp

Transformation of Depositional Lime Mud to Microrhombic Calcite

Microtextural Properties of the Silt Fraction in Mudrocks

Shale and Siltstone Hosted Hydrocarbon Resources of Alberta: Methods and Assessments


Stratiform Breccias in the Mississippian Mission Canyon Formation (Montana) as an Analogue for Understanding Bitumen-Saturated Breccias in the Grosmont-Upper Ireton Formations, Canada

Petroleum Geochemistry and Paleontology Establish Age Relation of Tyler Formation in Central Montana and North Dakota

University of Houston Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences: Its Origin and Highlights of its First 80 Years of Education and Service to the Oil Industry

Understanding the Impact of Depositional Processes and Environments on Reservoir Quality in Deepwater Reservoirs: A Case History from the U.S. Gulf of Mexico

Visualizing Fluid Flow in Structurally Deformed Carbonates Using 4-D GPR and Dynamic Modeling

Assessing Undiscovered, Technically Recoverable Oil and Gas Resources of the Mississippian Barnett Shale

Latitudinal Controls on Stratigraphic Models and Sedimentary Concepts

Spatial Variability in the Character and Extent of Early Marine Cementation

Application of Geosteering and Log Property Modeling in Unconventional Shale Reservoirs

Architecture, Lithofacies, and Depositional Model for the Ballarat Sequence: A Mid-Pleistocene Fan-Delta Complex, Panamint Valley, Inyo County, California

Geologic Variability Within the Marcellus Shale and its Relationship With Natural Fractures

Geometric and Lithic Variability within the Syndepositional Cave Graben Fault System, Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico

Energized Fracturing Fluids for Liquids-Rich Organic Shale Reservoirs

Integrating Outcrop and Subsurface Data for Reservoir Prediction in Fluvial Tight-Gas Sands, Upper Williams Fork Formation, Grand Hogback, CO

Unconventional Reservoir Potential of Rift-Lake Mudrocks: Preliminary Results from the Newark, Deep River, and Central Lake Malawi Basins

Rare Earth Elements (REEs) in Crude Oils in the Lansing-Kansas City Formations in Central Kansas: Potential Indication About Sources of the Oils, Locally Derived or Long-Distance Derived

The Nature of Cyclic Bedding in Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Clinothems, Neogene of the Dominican Republic

Mandarin East, Norwegian Southern North Sea: Is Source Effectiveness the Reason for Failure of 1/3-12 S?

Characterization of the Lias of the Lusitanian Basin, Portugal, as an Unconventional Resource Play

Influence of Effective Pressure on Shale Matrix Permeability: Implications for Shale Gas Production

Integrating Fluid Migration Interpretation with High-Resolution 3-D Seismic: Application for Miocene CO2 Storage Prospects, Inner Texas Shelf

The Relationship Between Depth and Temperature of Tertiary Gas Fields in the Veracruz Basin, Mexico

Re-Evaluating A Mid-Cretaceous ‘Delta’ as Depositional Remnants Driven by Crustal Anisotrophy: Frontier Formation, Powder River Basin, Eastern Wyoming

CO2 Storage Potential in Devonian Deep Saline Aquifers and Hydrocarbon Reservoirs in North-Central Alberta, Canada

The Value of Having Detailed Geologic Models in Unconventional Plays

Structural Slope Fans Resulting from Paleogene Compression in the Veracruz Basin, Mexico

Constraints on the Depositional Environments of Cyclic, Microbialite Bearing Carbonate-Siliciclastic Strata; Cambrian, Wilberns Formation, Mason County, TX

A Hierarchy of Current-Produced Bedforms in a Source Rock from the Eastern Carpathians Points to Predominant Bedload Deposition of an Organic-Rich Mudstone

Lookup Tables for Estimation of the Probability of Geological Success (PoS) for Segments with Conventional Oil and Gas

The Three Forks and Pronghorn in McKenzie Co., ND: More Than a Simple ‘Basin Centered Oil Accumulation’

Spatial Distribution of Large-Scale Carbonate Buildups in a Closed Lake System, Lago Strobel, Santa Cruz, Argentina

Testing Sequence Stratigraphic Models by Drilling Miocene Foresets on the New Jersey Shallow Shelf

Mediterranean Sapropels: Analogues for Petrographic Assessment of Organic Matter in Oil and Gas Shales

Linkages Between Fluvial Scaling, Sediment Flux, and Sediment Deposition to Predict Reservoir Potential Within a Basin

Mineral Mapping of Gale Crater Using Orbital Data: Results From Visible-Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy

Identification of Volcanics and its Application for Reservoir Prediction of Bioclastic Dolostone: An Example From Bohai Bay Basin

Lab Experiments Recreating Typical Laminations of Black Shales, Unconventional Thoughts About the Unconventional Eagle Ford Play

The Middle Devonian Marcellus Formation as a Depositional System, a Stratigraphic Unit and a Reservoir System: Perspectives From Northern Pennsylvania

Interaction Between Deepwater Current Drifts (Contourites) and Canyon Fill-Slope Valley Turbidites, Cretaceous and Tertiary Sediments of Offshore West Africa

Advances in Analytical Technologies for Correlation of All Hydrocarbon Fluids, Oil Mixtures and Extracts

Determining Multiple Sources, Facies and Oil-Mixtures of the South Atlantic Margins: Africa and Brazil

Ceiba Field, Equatorial Guinea: Leveraging 4-D Seismic for Brownfield Redevelopment

Development of a Regional Stratigraphic Framework for Devonian Reef Complexes Using Integrated Chronostratigraphy: Lennard Shelf, Canning Basin, Western Australia

Relating Changes in Stratigraphic Architecture of Fluvial Deposits to Changes in Accommodation and Sediment Supply, Sobrarbe and Escanilla Formations, Spain

Subsidence Modeling of the Central High Atlas Jurassic Rift Basin (Morocco): Implications for Carbonate Platform Development

Spilling Into Confinement: Processes in Internal Levees to Submarine Channels

Lobe Types and Facies Associations from Fan 3 of the Permian Tanqua Karoo Turbidite System

Controls on Facies Distributions in Dryland Rivers; A Tale of Two Catchments, a Fault and Transitions from Single Channel to Anabranching Planforms

Relevance of Oil and Gas Exploration Activities for Planetary Science: The Martian Ocean Hypothesis Case Study

Mechanisms for the Accumulation and Preservation of Eolian Dune Successions

Reservoir Potential of Fluvial Successions Accumulated in Salt-Walled Mini-Basins

Integrated Facies-Based Stratigraphic Architecture, Chemostratigraphy and Diagenesis of the Middle-Late (Ladinian – Carnian) Triassic Al Aziziyah Formation, Jifarah Basin, NW Libya

Origin and Size Distribution of Porosity in the Mount Simon Sandstone: Implications for Multiphase Fluid Flow

Depositional Environments and (Bio-)stratigraphy of the Upper Triassic Kapp Toscana Group on Svalbard and the Barents Sea Shelf

Heavy Mineral Stratigraphy of the Upper Clair Group in the Clair Field, West of Shetland

Heavy Oil Recovery From Sandstone Reservoirs in the Mid-Continent Region Using Preformed Particle Gel Enhanced Surfactant

Core-Log Integrated Approach: A Solution to the Petrophysical Characterisation of the Eagle Ford Shale

The Implication of Maturation and Heat Flow Analysis for Conventional (Deepwater) and Unconventional (Shale Oil & Shale Gas) Petroleum Systems: Evolution Through the Last 50 Years

Planet Mars: Prospects of Biogenic or Thermogenic Oil and Gas from Deeper Sources

Implications of an expanded section and delta deposits in the Cretaceous Straight Cliffs Formation in the northern Kaiparowits Plateau, southern Utah, USA

Carbonate and Siliciclastic Clinothem Cycles and Their Relation With Evaporite Deposition, El Qaa Fault Block, Suez Rift, Egypt

High-Resolution Elemental Chemostratigraphy of the Three Forks Formation Using Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence

Preservation of Primary Lake Signatures in Carbonates of the Eocene Green River Wilkins Peak-Laney Member Transitional Zone

Subsurface Fluid Injection in Oil and Gas Reservoirs and Wastewater Disposal Zones of the Midcontinent

Dolomitization in the Bahamas as Constrained Using the Clumped Isotope Method

Contourites and Turbidites of the Brazilian Marginal Basins

Diapir Growth by Longitudinal Extension During the Development of a Thrust Salient in a Deepwater Fold and Thrust Belt: The Ainsa Oblique Zone in the Central Pyrenees


High-Resolution Carbon Isotope and Elemental Chemostratigraphy of the Greenhorn, Carlile, and Niobrara Formations, Denver Basin, Colorado

Nested Cyclicity in Mudrock Successions: Bone Spring Formation, Delaware Basin, West Texas

The Geometry and Heterolithic Fill of Tide Influenced Channels in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia

Generation Potential of the Pamplona Formation – Central Western Peruvian Basin

Stratigraphic Development from Slope Channels to Slope Gullies During Deposition of Deepwater Mixed Siliciclastic-Carbonates and Carbonates, Isaac Formation, Windermere Turbidite System, Canada

Grosmont Prolific Carbonate Reservoir: Unravel Subtle Facies Variability Through Integrated Evaluation of High Resolution Seismic and Well Data

Telluric and Earth Currents, Lightning Strike Locations, and Natural Resource Exploration

Using Seismic, Core and Numerical Modelling for Natural Fracture Network Prediction Around the Bray Fault, Paris Basin, France

Water Sources and Disposal Related to Hydraulic Fracturing in Texas

Impact of Lateral Placement on Well Performance in the Bakken Play

Sandy Mixed Terrigeous/Calcareous Drift Deposits Off New Zealand as a Model for Petroleum Exploration

Assessing Control of Pore Network Geometry on Electrical Resistivity Using Integrated Multiscale Digital Image Analysis and Mercury Injection Capillary Pressure


Are Co-Varying dC Records Really the Result of Changes in Global Carbon Cycling?

Petroleum Systems of the Northern Williston Basin: A Quantitative Basin Modelling Assessment

The Quantitative Modelling of the Williston Basin: The McKenzie Lithospheric Stretching Model Approach

Micro- and Nanometer Porosity in Dolomites of Tremadocian Boat Harbour Formation Carbonates, Western Newfoundland, Canada

Lower Ordovician St. George Group Dolomite: Zoning Investigated by Using Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer

Ubiquity of Wave-Dominated Deltas in Growth-Fault Compartments

Depositional Trends in the Paleogene Lower Wilcox Guadalupe Delta, South Texas Gulf Coast

Geometry and Origin of a Giant Asymmetrically Shaped Mound Complex, West of the Troll Field, Northern North Sea

Modeling the Burial History and Maturity of the Haynesville Formation in East Texas and Northwest Louisiana

Island Arcs, Misplaced Continents, and a Large Igneous Province: Challenges for Petroleum Prospecting in the Western Caribbean

Structural and Gravity Transects of the Colon Mountains-Nicaraguan Rise Orogenic Belt of Honduras and Offshore Nicaragua/Jamaica

Sedimentation Patterns in the Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta System

A Quantified Distributive Fluvial System: The Salt Wash Member of the Morrison Formation, SW USA

Evolution of Pore Systems in Eagle Ford Mudstones: Influence of Texture, Diagenesis, and Thermal Maturity

How Tight Was The Williams Fork Tight Gas Reservoir at the Time of Gas Generation and Fracturing, Piceance Basin, Colorado?


Tectonics of Eastern Mexico – Gulf of Mexico and its Hydrocarbon Potential

Evaluating Links Between Sequence Stratigraphy and Reflux Dolomitisation of the Permian San Andres Formation

Crustal Architecture and Passive-Margin Evolution of the Northern Gulf of Mexico Basin – Applications to Exploration Work-Flows

New Insights Into Southern Atlantic Margin Evolution and Petroleum Prospectivity; Integrating Reconstructions and Restorations

Variations in Geochemistry and Crystallography of Fossil Bioapatite vs. Aragonite in Carbonate Paleoenvironments

Channel Belt Rugosity in Reservoir Characterization

Formation of the Volcanic Margins of West Greenland and North-Eastern Canada

Integrating Burial and Thermal Models for Source Rocks With Regional Seismic Interpretations and Structural Models of East Texas

Reservoir Architecture and Characterization of the Cenomanian Barons Light Tight Oil Sandstone Play, SW Alberta, Canada

Modeling the Stratigraphic and Facies Architecture of a Flow-Expansion Zone Constrained with Outcrop Data

Upscaling of Pore Network and Permeability from Micron to Millimeter Scale in Organic-Pore Dominated Mudstones

CH4 Adsorption on Moisturized Oil-Bearing and Oil-Free Shales and Its Implication to Oil and Gas Storage in Organic-rich Shales

Seismic Brittleness Index Volume Estimation From Well Logs in Unconventional Reservoirs

Syndepositional and Early-Post-Depositional Changes in Hybrid Flow Deposits

Structural Control on Deposition of Late Permian Reefs in Western Poland

Petroleum Systems in the World's Richest Petroliferous Basin, Los Angeles, California

Constructing a Geologic Model to Simulate and Optimize the Commercial Scale Injection and Storage of CO2 at Citronelle Field, Mobile County, Alabama

Mineralogy and Petrology Controls on Hydrocarbon Saturation in the Three Forks Reservoir, North Dakota

Factors that Control Early Diagenetic Clay Formation: Implications for Pre-Compactional Porosity Preservation in Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs

Ojito Amphitheater: Combining Terrestrial Lidar and Photogrammetric Techniques Into Physically Plausible Training Images for Multiple-Point Geostatistical Representations of Subsurface Reservoirs

Back to Bed Types – New Constraints on the Distribution of Hybrid Event Beds in the Pennsylvanian Ross Formation, Western Ireland

U-Pb Geochronology and Chemostratigraphy of Bentonite Beds Within the Eagle Ford Shale

Investigating Layer Parallel Diagenetic Shortening Using Field Data, Thin Section Analysis, and Analog Models

Integration of Deep Image Seismic Reflection Surveys and A New Reflection Refraction Profile To Clarify Basin-Wide Gulf of Mexico Interpretation: Part 1, Crustal Framework

Aeromagnetic Map of the Gulf of Mexico Constrains Late Jurassic Anticlockwise Rotational Seafloor Spreading

Architecture and Channel-Belt Clustering in the Fluvial lower Wasatch Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah

Unraveling Upper Devonian Reefal Carbonate Platform Heterogeneity and Architecture Using Integrated Chronostratigraphy: Lennard Shelf, Canning Basin, Western Australia

Integrated Characterization of a Steep-Sided Isolated Carbonate Platform Reservoir, Tengiz Field, Kazakhstan

Fluvial Megafans, Terminal Fans, Distributive Fluvial Systems – A Stratigrapher's Nightmare?

Depositional Environment and Permeability Distributions in a Heterogeneous Reservoir: A Case Study from the Upper Eocene to Oligocene C7 Member, Carbonera Formation, Dorotea Field, Llanos Basin, Colombia

Reservoir Architecture, Ichnology and Sedimentology of the Upper Cretaceous Gacheta Formation, Las Maracas Field, Llanos Basin, Colombia

Pore Types Across Thermal Maturity within the Eagle Ford Formation, South Texas

Spatial Distribution of Reservoir Quality in Deep-Water Wilcox Formation

Depositional Continuum of Sand to Mud-Rich Basin-Floor Sandstones Associated with a Submerged Hydraulic Jump Downflow of an Avulsion Node, Upper Kaza Group, Neoproterozoic Windermere Supergroup, B.C. Canada

Unveiling the Fluid History of Unconventional Reservoirs Via Diagenetic Fracture-Fill Studies: An Example From the Avalon and Wolfcamp Formations, Delaware Basin

Volcanic Deposits in the Black Sea – Seismic Recognition Criteria for Differentiating Volcanics from Carbonates

Seismic Stratigraphic and Seismic Geomorphologic Analysis of Deep-Water Deposits of the Turkish Black Sea

Fluvial systems in the Gulf of Thailand – Stratigraphic Implications for Exploration and Development

Neocomian-Cenomanian Fluvial, Estuarine, and Shoreface Siliciclastic and Carbonate Facies of Western Kazakhstan – Insights from Integrated Seismic Stratigraphic and Geomorphologic Analyses

Turbidite Stratigraphic Architecture – Hierarchy Development Associated with Allocyclic Factors

High Resolution Reservoir Characterisation of Marginal-Marine Heavy Oil Deposits: Example of the Cretaceous Upper Mannville Formation of East-Central Alberta, Canada

Bypass-Dominated Mud-Rich Channel-Fill Deposits of the Paleogene Scripps Formation at Tourmaline Beach, San Diego, CA: An Analog for Low Net-to-Gross Slope Canyon and Channel Systems

Facies Analysis and Stratigraphic Relationships of Avulsion Splay Successions in the Paleogene Wilcox Formation, Deep Water Gulf of Mexico

Methodology to Integrate Multiscale Fracture Analyses in Fractured Systems Modeling: Application to Reservoirs of Southeastern Mexico

Impact of Non-Uniqueness for Sequence Stratigraphy

Pennsylvanian and Wolfcampian Sequence Stratigraphy Using FMI and Log Analysis on the Western Edge of the Midland Basin: A Tool for Guiding Well Completions

Characterization and Modeling of Tidal Influence in a Fluvial to Marine Transition Zone: Cretaceous John Henry Member (Straight Cliffs Formation), Southern Utah

Can Morphometric Patterns in Modern Carbonate Platforms be Applied to the Ancient Rock Record? Insights from Modern Alacranes Reef and Upper Palaeozoic Carbonate Platforms

Structure-Stratigraphy Interactions and landscape evolution of a structurally confined basin, Ainsa Basin, Spain


Integration of Deep Image Seismic Reflection Surveys and A New Reflection Refraction Profile To Clarify Basin-Wide Gulf of Mexico Interpretation: Part 2, Mesozoic and Tertiary Framework

Thin Bedded Reservoirs in the Plio-Pleistocene of the Columbus Basin, Offshore Trinidad: Challenges of Reservoir Architecture, Quantification and Characteristics

Textures of Carbonate Sediment and Cement Associated with Ubiquitous Microbial Mats: Nearshore and Lacustrine Systems, Holocene of Kiribati

Thermal Evolution Patterns of the Sinian-Lower Paleozoic Petroleum System in Sichuan Basin, Southwest China

A Hierarchical Marginal Marine Architectural Classification System Enables Nested Approach to Geocellular Modeling of Mixed-Process Reservoirs: An Example from the Horseshoe Canyon Formation, Alberta, Canada

Variability in Organic-Matter Pore Development Over Depth: A Case Study From the Devonian-Mississippian Woodford Formation, Delaware Basin, West Texas

Porosity, Permeability, and Pore Characterization of the Triassic Cumnock Formation: A Continuous Gas Assessment Unit, Sanford Sub-Basin, Deep River Basin, Lee County, North Carolina, USA

Exploiting the High Frontier: A Framework for Stateless Space

The Record of Sediment Transfer on Deep-Water Slopes: Characterization of an Aggradational Channel Complex 25 km from the Shelf Edge, Tres Pasos Formation, Chile

Syndepositional Deformation of High-Relief Prograding Carbonate Platforms: Insights From the Yates/Tansill Capitan Platform, Guadalupe Mountains, NM, USA

Are Along-Strike Alternations of Symmetrical and Non-Symmetrical South Atlantic Conjugate Margins Controlled by Volcanic vs. Non-Volcanic Rifting Process?

Crustal and Depositional Architecture of the Demerara Rise, Suriname, as Related to the Opening of the Atlantic Ocean

Suitability of Brackish Water for Use in Hydraulic Fracturing: Hydrogeochemistry of Dockum Group Groundwater, Midland Basin, Texas

The Depositional and Diagenetic Effects on Microbial Carbonates Pore System Expressed on Well Logs

Revisiting Dolomitization in the Isla de Mona Reef Complex: Marine, Mixing, Reflux, or Biogenic?

Diagenetic and Burial History of a Portion of the Late Triassic South Georgia Rift Basin Based on Petrologic and Isotopic (d18O) Analyses of Sandstones from Test Borehole Rizer #1, Colleton County, SC

Using Deep-Seismic Data to Model Crustal Structure, Geodynamic Evolution and Thermal History in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico

Comparison of Carbonate Reservoirs Within the United States for CO2 Sequestration

Lateral Facies and Thickness Change of the Devonian-Mississippian Sappington Formation Along Inverted Margins of the Central Montana Trough, Three Forks, Montana

Seismic Interpretation of the Laramide Submarine Fan, a Lower Tertiary Wilcox Trend in the Deepwater Mexican Gulf of Mexico, and Implications for Hydrocarbon Potential

Using Microseismic Monitoring to Enhance Field Development Strategy and Production in a Colombian Mature Field

Utilisation of Microvertebrates in Biostratigraphy and Chemostratigraphy for the Late Devonian and Early Carboniferous in the Canning Basin, Western Australia

Subsurface Characterization of the Bakken/Three Forks Unconventional Tight Oil Reservoirs, Williston Basin, North Dakota Through the Use of High Resolution Mud Gas Mass Spectrometry

Exploring Multiple-Point Realization Quality Through Connected Geobodies

Structural Architecture and Evolution of Eastern Mississippi Canyon, Northern Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic Conjugate-Margin Salt Basins: How Similar Are They?

Physical Sedimentology in Gale Crater, Mars

Object-Based Approach for Sedimentary Structure Interpretations


Utilizing Clinoform Architecture and Stratigraphic Forward Modeling to Understand the Drivers of Basin Margin Evolution

Regional Transect Across the Western Caribbean: Structural Styles and Restoration of Late Cretaceous to Cenozoic Deformation

Tectonic, Sea-Level and Oceanographic Controls on the Distribution and Growth of Isolated Carbonate Build-Ups at the Margin of a Very Wide Platform (NW Australia)

Continuous Deep-Seated Slope Failure Recycles Sediments and Limits Levee Height in Submarine Channels

A Seal Breach on Mars – How We Closed in on a Mudstone and Teased Information from Images and Comparison with Experimental and Earth Analogs

Synthesis of Current Data on Helium and Hydrogen Concentrations in Lunar Regolith

Using Tentaculitid Fossils for Environmental and Diagenetic Interpretations (Horn River Formation, Northeastern British Columbia, Canada): Many Questions and a Few Preliminary Answers

Gas-Source Correlation in Petroleum Systems

The Impact of Dedolomitization on Reservoir Quality of the Upper Permian Zechstein 2 Carbonate, NW Germany

Influence of Extension and Climate Variability on Facies Architecture: Case Studies of Lacustrine Carbonates in East Africa and the Basin and Range

Combining Surface Geochemical Surveys and Downhole Geochemical Logging for Mapping Hydrocarbons in the Utica Shale

Retracing Organic-Inorganic Interactions in the Alum Shale (Middle Cambrian-Lower Ordovician) in Southern Sweden: From Shale Oil to Biogenic Shale Gas?

High-Frequency Carbonate-Siliciclastic Interactions in Siliciclastic-Dominated Systems: Distinguishing Between Coeval and Reciprocal Sedimentation in a Lower Cretaceous Epeiric Sea

Representing Fluvial Channel Belt Heterogeneity in Reservoir Models

The Three Dimensional Structure of Deformation Bands Within High Porosity Sandstones From Pore to Outcrop Scale Observations

Analogue Modelling of Gravity-Driven Deformation in the Western Otway Basin, South Australia

Integrated Analysis of Shallow Fluid Flow Phenomena and Hydrocarbon Migration in the Southern Kwanza Basin, Offshore Angola

Reservoir vs. Seal Pressure Gradients: Calculations and Pitfalls

Sandbodies-Conduit Architecture and Oil Migration of JX1-1 Oilfield in Liaodong Bay Sub-Basin, Bohai Bay Basin

Unconventional Reservoir Characterization Using Conventional Tools

An Industry Oversight: Economics Pull Unconventional Technology Back Into Conventional Oil Fields

The Sedimentological and Ichnological Characteristics of the Mud-Dominated Fluvio-Tidal Deposits, The Petitcodiac River Estuary, NB, Canada

Geologic and Paleobiological Controls on the Devonian Reefs and Microbial Carbonates of South Chin

Enrichment Regularity of Hydrocarbon in Plateau Saline Lacustrine Basin

Controls on the Three-Dimensional Depositional Architecture of Tidally Influenced Fluvial Successions

The False Positive Problem and The Prevalence of Methane and Solutes in Shallow Ground Water Consumed in Pennsylvania West Virginia, and Ohio

Establishing Sand Dispersion and Conceptual Geology Using High-Resolution Borehole Imaging and Core Data: An Integrated, Multiwell Approach for Field Development

Step-Wise Coastal Retreat of Bayhead Deltas Related to Flooded River Valley Tributary Junctions

Photic Zone Euxinia, Organic Matter Preservation and Source Rock Type in the Late Permian Z2 Carbonate Sea (Southern and Northern Permian Basins of Europe)

Integrated Physical Analog and Numerical Modeling of Hydraulic Fracturing

Fault and Fracture Systems Related to Reactivation of Pre-Existing Structural Elements, Devil's River Uplift and Maverick Basin, Texas

Developing a Paleosol Geochronometer: Examples From Cenozoic Strata of the High Plains of the Western United States

Shallow Seasonally-Anoxic Model for Organic-Rich Mudrocks and Interbedded Carbonates – An Alternative Hypothesis

Fault Rock Prediction for Inverted Extensional Faults in Siliciclastic Sequences – Challenges, Methods and Risking for Hydrocarbon Exploration

Cenomanian (Cretaceous) Deepwater Reservoirs of the Deep Gulf of Mexico Basin: Source to Sink Conundrums

Remote Sensing of Thin-Bedded Reservoir Analogs in an Ancient Delta Using High-Resolution, Ground-Based, Hyperspectral and LiDAR Technologies, Cretaceous Notom Delta, Utah

The Early History of Formation Evaluation

The Role of Confining Bathymetry Upon Hybrid Flow Development and Emplacement – Insights From the Confined Deepwater Castagnola System, Tertiary Piedmont Basin, NW Italy

Sediment Transport Pathways Across a Holocene Reef Sand Apron: Distribution Patterns of Foraminifera, Aranuka Atoll, Kiribati

Mudstone Lithofacies Evaluation for Play Fairway Analysis: Characterization of the Paleozoic Shales of Poland

Computed Tomography (CT) Scans for Mudstone Characterization

Mesozoic Salt Diapirism in Southeastern Bahamas as Evidenced by Geophysics

Early Texas Oilfield Photographers

Fractionation of Mineral Grains in Submarine Lobes: Evidence from Three Experimental Tank Studies

Re-Os and the Utility of Sulfides in Hydrocarbon Systems

Niobrara Horizontal Drilling: Increasing Well Production through Intelligent Planning

From Monterey to Mowry, With Many Stops in Between

Rare Earth Elements (REE) as a Proxy for Oil Migration: Tyler Formation, North Dakota

Interplay Between Extension, Salt and Pre-Existing Structure, Offshore Angola

Flow Processes and Bed Type Distributions Documented from a Cored Submarine Slope Channel System – Implications for Reservoir Quality and Prediction

Are Static 2-D Measures of Connectivity a Good Proxy for 3-D Dynamic Connectivity in Deepwater Slope Channels?

Microbial-Mediated Dolomite from Coastal Sabkha Environments of Abu Dhabi and Qatar: Analogues to Subsurface Arid Climate Dolomitized Reservoir Rocks

Approaches to the recognition of Fluvial Sub-Environments in Subsurface Successions: Case Study From the Fluvio-Deltaic Triassic Mungaroo Formation, Exmouth Plateau, Australia

Bitumen Anomaly Mapping (BAM) With an Integrated Basin Analysis Sequence Stratigraphic Approach for Delineating Hydrocarbon Migration Sweet Spots in Shales: Eagle Ford, South Texas Example

Overcoming Complex Geosteering Challenges in the Cardium Reservoir of the Foothills of Canada to Increase Production Using an Instrumented Motor with Near Bit Azimuthal Gamma Ray and Inclination

Relationship Between Reservoir Quality, Facies and Depositional Environment: Working Towards a Predictive Model for the Deepwater Wilcox

Hydrocarbons on Mars – Subtle Signals at Yellowknife Bay

A Geochemical Approach to Defining the Active Petroleum Systems of Iraq

Using Fan Facies Models to Predict the Location of a Mudstone in Gale Crater, Mars

Fractured Volcanic Reservoir Characterization: A Case Study in the Deep Songliao Basin

Law of Carboniferous Hydrocarbon Accumulation of Tazhong Area in Tarim Basin

Upstream and Downstream Controls on Sediment Routing and Deposition in a Complete “Source-to-Sink” System from a Simple Computer Model

Linking Heterogeneities of Point Bar Deposits to Large Scale Channel Belt Geometry with Computational Stratigraphy

Geochemical Characterization of Organic Matter from the Eagle Ford Formation and Indications of Thermal Maturity and Depositional Redox Conditions

A New Paradigm for the Formation of Carbonates: Fertilization by Atmospheric Dust

Iterative Stochastic Calibration of Basin Scale Migration Models

Modeling the Marcellus: An Integrative Approach to Creating a Facies Model

Modeling the Marcellus: An Integrative Approach to Creating a Facies Model


Basin-Scale Analysis, Management Tools, and Options for Produced Water from Tight-Gas Sand Reservoirs, Uinta Basin, Utah

3-D Tomography of Marcellus Shale Using Microseismic Data

Using Markov Chain Analysis to Determine Relative Avulsion Rate and its Impact on Reservoir Architecture in Basin-Floor Lobe Deposits in the Neoproterozoic Upper Kaza Group, Windermere Supergroup, Canada

Assessment of the Geographic Extent of the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event: Implications for Early Jurassic Hydrocarbon Source Rock Deposition

CT Imaging of Rock Salt: 3-D Multi-Scale Analyses of the Structural Inventory

Visualization and Quantification of Deeply Buried Paleokarst Reservoirs in Tahe Oilfield, Tarim Basin, China

Turbidites and Their Internal Make-Up – A Reflection of Flow Speed but Grain Size too

Grain Size Controls on the Internal Structure of Sediment Gravity Currents and Their Implications for Depositional Properties; a Novel Application of CT imagery

Microbial Origin of Bioherm-Associated Leopard Rock, Holder Formation (Pennsylvanian, Virgilian), Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico

Magnetostratigraphy of Frasnian-Fammenian (Devonian) Carbonates of the Canning Basin, Western Australia: Evaluating the Potential for Regional and Global Correlations

Acquiring and Accounting for Stress and Fractures in Shale Oil and Gas Wells

Pore Type Characterization and Classification in Carbonate Reservoirs

Neogene Sandstone Composition and Provenance, Southern Gulf of Mexico

The Formation and Diagenesis of Mg-Clay Minerals in Lacustrine Carbonate Reservoirs

Rare Earth Elements as an Indicator of Organic Maturation: A Case Study From the Woodford Shale, Oklahoma

New Insight Into the Seismic Architecture of the Pre-Salt Upper Sag Carbonate Depositional System, Brazil

Exploration of Subtle Reservoir on the Wing of Central Structure Ridge in Huanghekou Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, Eastern China

Evaluating Methods to Differentiate Natural and Induced Seismicity

Indicators of Paleoseismicity in the Lacustrine Sediments of the Eocene Green River Formation, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah (USA)


Diagenesis, Petrophysics and Reservoir Quality Modeling in the Montney Formation – A Major Siltstone Reservoir in Western Canada

Management of Depositional Environment Uncertainty Based on Facies Observations in Marginal Marine Systems: Allowing for Multiple Plausible Interpretation Scenarios

Unconventional Carbonate Reservoir Characterization Using Sonic Velocity and Characterization of Pore Architecture: An Example From the Mid-Continent Mississippian Limestone

Slope to Basin-Floor Evolution of Channels to Lobes, Jurassic Los Molles Formation, Neuquén Basin, Argentina

Chicontepec Basin, Mexico: Main Basin Stages and Importance for Hydrocarbons

Syn to Post Rift Diapirism and Minibasins of the Central High Atlas (Morocco): The Changing Face of a Mountain Belt

Pre-Salt Carbonates of the South Atlantic

Integration of Geophysical Data to Define a Structural Model in the North-Central Coast of the Venezuelan Platform

New Insights into the Stratigraphic Framework and Depositional History of the Paleocene and Eocene Chicontepec Formation, Onshore Eastern Mexico


Morphometric Methodology for Characterizing Submarine Drainage Networks: East Scotian Canyon Systems, Offshore Nova Scotia

Comparison of Reservoir Quality from La Luna, Gacheta and Eagle Ford Shale Formations

Cyclostratigraphic Evaluation of Repetitive Sedimentary Microfacies From the Green River Formation, Utah: Evidence for Annual, El Niño, and Sunspot Cycles?

Quick 3-D Formation Model for Unconventional Carbonate Reservoirs by Resistivity Imaging-While-Drilling in Horizontal Wells

Prediction of Oil and Gas Distribution and Favorable Hydrocarbon Accumulation Zones in the Shallow Layer of Sag Zones in Offshore Bohai Bay Basin, Eastern China

Porosity Evolution of Overmature Marine Shale and Free Gas Volumes in the South China

The Control Effect of Bohai Sea Area (East China) Cenozoic Fault System to Its Internal Basin Structure

The Genesis and Controlling Factors of Large Mesozoic Granite Weathering Crust Reservoir in Penglai 9-1 Oil Field, Bohai Bay Basin

Auto Recognition of Carbonate Sedimentary Facies Based on an Improved BP Neural Network

The Identification and Forming Mechanism of Paleogene Oblique Extension System in Middle Bohai Bay Basin

New Methods and Applications of Source-Rock Kinetics

Subsurface Controls on Hydrocarbon Flow During Production and Their Impact on Recovery: Lessons Learned From the Central Luconia Gas Fields, Sarawak, Malaysia

Using Basement Exposures to Better Understand Influence of Deep Structure on the Structural Evolution of Intracontinental Basins with Unconventional Reservoir Potential

Quantitative Prediction Methods of the Thin Interbedded Beach-Bar Sandstone in Lacustrine Basin

Stratigraphic Architecture of the Jasper Basin, North-Central Alberta Front Ranges

Basin Geomechanics for Exploration – Examples and Modeling Approaches

Geochemistry and Depositional History of the Union Springs Member, Marcellus Formation in Pennsylvania

Deformation Bands in Chalk From the Oseberg Field, Northern North Sea, Norway

Calibration of a Sequence Stratigraphic Model Using Astronomically Tuned Magnetic Susceptibility Data: Upper Devonian, Western Canada

Microbial Mats in the Shublik and Otuk Formations, Arctic Alaska: Implications for Improving Our Understanding of Continuous Resource Plays

Subsurface Fracture Characteristics of the Marcellus Shale in the Appalachian Plateau, North-Central Pennsylvania

Delaware Basin Evolution: Preliminary 3-D Basin Model for Petroleum System Analysis

Fluvial Architecture the Morrison Formation, Bullfrog Area, Utah, USA

The Influence of Oil-Based Drilling Muds on S2 and Tmax Pyrolysis

Geometry, Trap Configuration and Production Characteristics of Mississippian Porous Chert Reservoirs in Ice Cream Cone Structures of Foraker Field, Osage County, Oklahoma

Sedimentologic and Stratigraphic Evolution of the Middle Devonian Geneseo Formation of New York, USA: Implications for Mud Transport in a Shallow Epeiric Sea

3-D Seismic Workflows Developed to Evaluate Out-of-Zone and Stealth Zone Microseismic Behaviors: Marcellus Shale, Central Appalachians, USA

Use of Minimum Effective Stress Mapping to De-Risk Waterflood Design and Field Development

Stratigraphic Architecture of the Frasnian Cline Channel, Central Alberta Front Ranges

Healing-Phase, Top-Fill Traps Associated With Mass Transport Complexes and Components: An Under Explored Opportunity in Deepwater Systems

Dynamics of Calcite Cementation in Response to Oil Charge: Carbonate Reservoirs Retain Longest Cementation History

Modelling the Permeability Evolution of Carbonate Rocks: Diagenetic ‘Back-Stripping’

Geochemistry of the Haynesville Formation Using the Carthage Core in Panola County, Texas

Recognition and Semi-Quantitative Evaluation of Biogenic Silica Contents in Shale Using Whole-Rock Elemental Data

Cyclicity and Carbonate-Silicate Gel Interactions in Cretaceous Alkaline Lakes

Controls on Architecture and Stacking Patterns of Fluvial Channel Belts in a Rapidly Subsiding Basin: Ferris and Hanna Formations, Hanna Basin, Wyoming, USA

Heterolithic Macroforms in Amalgamated Fluvial Channel Belts: What Are They and How do We Predict Them?

Paleohydrology and 3-D Facies Architecture of Ancient Point Bars Formed by a Low Sinuosity River, Ferron Sandstone, South-Central Utah: Implications for Evolution of Channel Bend

Investigation of the Bitumen Impact on the Petrophysical Properties in the Carbonates

Salt Diapir Reactivation and Normal Faulting in an Oblique Extensional System: 3-D Seismic Insights From Vulcan Sub-Basin, Bonaparte Basin, NW Australia

Assessment of Controlling Factors in Mixed Biogenic and Thermogenic Petroleum Systems – A Case Study from the Levantine Basin

The Role of Petroleum Systems Modeling in Petroleum Resource Assessments


New Perspective of Hydrocarbon Accumulation Pattern in the Middle South of Lixian Slope, Central Hebei Depression

The Largest Continuous Tight Gas Field in China: Characteristics and Evidences

Modeling Unconventional Resources With Geostatistics and Basin Modeling Techniques; Characterizing Sweet-Spots Using Petrophysical, Mechanical, and Static Fluid Properties

Campanian Estuarine Reservoirs in the Oriente Basin, Ecuador

Structure of the Choctaw-Ross Creek Accommodation Zone of the Frontal Ouachita-Arkoma Basin Transition Zone in Western Arkansas

Structural Trapping of Buoyant Fluids

Sequence Stratigraphic Controls on Carbonate Reservoir Heterogeneity, Mishrif Formation, West Qurna I Field, Iraq

Naturally Fractured Liquid Rich Shales: The Importance of Fracture Connectivity at Borehole and Matrix Levels

Simulation Study of Geomechanics Effect for Hydraulically Fractured Reservoirs

Evaluation of Reservoir Modeling in Shale Gas Reservoirs

Determining Seismic Stratigraphic Features Using Dip-Guided Symmetry Attribute

Rift Structures in the Angola Margin: Block 0


Advancements in the Integrated Stratigraphic and Structural Model of the Guadalupian Mixed Clastic-Carbonate Model, Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Digital Outcrop Models of Carbonate Reservoir Analogs

Geomorphology and Controls on Carbonate Slope Sedimentation Along the Florida Escarpment

Albian Sunniland Formation in Southwest Florida and Lower Glen Rose Formation in Central Texas: Spectrum of Depositional Facies

Characterization of Complex Facies and Stratal Architecture of Organic Rich Mudstones of the Upper Cretaceous Second White Specks Petroleum System, West-central Alberta, Canada

Orienting the Unoriented: Paleocurrent Determination from Unoriented Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Wilcox Conventional Cores Using Helical Computed Tomography (CT) Scans

Prediction of Sweet Spots in Complex Paleokarst Reservoirs in Ordovician, Lunnan Area, Tarim Basin, China

Seismic Sedimentology of Incised Valley, Lowstand Delta, and Slope Fan Systems in the Eocene Wilcox Group, Central South Texas Coast

Seismic Prediction of Dolomized Reef and Shoal Reservoirs in Permian-Triassic Changxing and Feixianguan Formations, Eastern Sichuan Basins, China

Tectonic-Controlled Stratal Architecture and Decameter-Scale Cycle Variability of Shelf-Edge, Growth Faulted Deltaic Systems: A Case Study From the Frio Formation in Corpus Christi Bay, South Texas

Sedimentary Facies, Depositional Environment and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Upper Devonian-Lower Carboniferous Bakken Formation in the Southeastern Corner of Saskatchewan

Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional Systems Analysis of Paleocene in Lishui Sag, East China Sea Shelf Basin

Fracture Systems in the Mowry Shale, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming: Implications for Unconventional Energy Resources

Pore Characterization of Eagle Ford Shales by N2 Adsorption and Desorption Isotherms and Pore Evolution in Organic Matter During Thermal Maturation

Application of Seismic Sedimentology in the Predication of Sand-Body Distribution in Deep Sag Zone of Rifted Lacustrine Basin: A Case Study of the Palaeogene Dainan Formation in Gaoyou Depression, Subei Basin, China

Origin and Prediction of Dolostone Reservoirs in Tarim, Sichuan, and Ordos Basins, China

Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Distribution of the Mid-Cretaceous Mishrif Formation, United Arab Emirates

The Orgin of the Algal Dolomite in the Dengying Formation (Neoproterozoic, Southwestern Sichuan Basin, China)

Key Factors for Oil Accumulation of Mesozoic Granite Buried Hill in Penglai 9-1 Oil Field, Bohai Bay Basin

Petroleum Geochemistry of Ordovician-Sourced Oils From the Williston Basin, USA


Reconstructing Turbidity Current Processes During Submarine Slope Channel Evolution; An Integrated Experimental and Field Approach


Oil Degradation in the Gullfaks Field (Norway): How Hydrogeochemical Modeling can Help to Decipher Organic-Inorganic Interactions Controlling CO2 Fate and Behavior

Tidal to Fluvial Transition of the Sego Sandstone, Book Cliffs, Utah, USA

Enhance Reservoir Knowledge through “Big-Loop” Sensitivity Screening

Basin Modeling Study of the Uinta Basin, UT