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Vaca Muerta – The Leading Shale Play in Latin America
2-4 December 2012, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Search and Discovery Article #90165 (2013)
Posted May 6, 2013


Optimizing Vaca Muerta Completion Strategy using a Geomechanics/Petrophysics Centric Stimulation Workflow, Neuquén Basin, Argentina,
      Oscar Alvarado

Structural Sweet Spots Prediction for Vaca Muerta Formation Base on Differential Subsidence Process,
      Ernesto Cristallini

Data Integration for the Optimization of Evaluation in the Development of Shale Projects,
      Héctor Domínguez

Seismic Reservoir Characterization in Resource Shale Plays: Stress Analysis and Sweet Spot Discrimination,
      Alexis Ferrer

Microseismicity as a Surveillance Tool for Hydraulic Fracturing in Vaca Muerta Formation—Loma Jarillosa and Puesto Silva Blocks,
      Jose Gildardo Osorio Gallego

Microseismic Monitoring Of Hydraulic Fracturation Using Surface Recording Network: A Vaca Muerta Fm Case Study, Neuquén, Argentina,
      Marc Grausem

Vaca Muerta Formation: From World Class Source Rock to World Class Shale Play,
      Iván Lanusse Noguera

The Vaca Muerta Formation (Late Jurassic — Early Cretaceous): History, Stratigraphic Context and Events of this Emblematic Unit of the Neuquén Basin, Argentina,
      Héctor A. Leanza

Building a 3D Model for Vaca Muerta Shale Exploration and Development,
      Sergio Lopez

The Importance of Geomechanics in Stimulation of Shale Plays,
      Daniel Moos

Identifying Shale Reservoir Sweet Spots,
      Jeffry D. Ottmann

Orthotropic Horizontal Stress Characterization from Logging and Core-Derived Acoustic Anisotropies,
      Martin Paris

Oil & Gas Shale Potential of the Middle to Upper Ordovician in the Precordillera Basin, Argentina: Analogies from the Utica Formation (Appalachian Basin from U.S.A. and Canada), to the Gualcamayo, Las Vacas and Las Plantas Formations (Precordillera Basin, Argentina),
      Miguel Ángel Pérez

The Emerging Neuquén Vaca Muerta Shale Resource Plays: Highlights and Challenges,
      Fernando Sanchez-Ferrer

Assessment of Vaca Muerta Formation Shale Oil: Production Decline-Curve Analysis,
      Nicolás Gutierrez Schmidt

A Walk through our Understanding and Experiences of the Vaca Muerta Shale Play,
      Hernán I. Stockman

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