--> Abstract: Building a 3D Model for Vaca Muerta Shale Exploration and Development, by Sergio Lopez; #90165 (2013)

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Building a 3D Model for Vaca Muerta Shale Exploration and Development

Sergio Lopez
Geoscientist Team Leader, Pluspetrol

Pluspetrol operates in Loma Jarillosa Este Block in the Neuquén Basin since...in order to evaluate the shale potential in the area, the company is drilling several wells and performing specific studies to get a complete characterization of Vaca Muerta Fm.

Several elements affect shale productivity. Among others TOC, brittleness, maturity, porosity, pressure, thickness are the key factors that will influence in the shale richness and productivity.

The workflow that is being carried out in order to complete a 3-D model for Vaca Muerta will be presented. Information obtained from wells (cutting, cores, e-logs), completion and seismic is being gathered and analyzed together. The aim is to involve all the parameters in one integrated geological model, which can also be used to calibrate a a 3-D Geomechanical model.

Both models will help define where the “sweet spots” are (places with the best potential), understand the meaning of the different elements for future exploration in nearby blocks and optimize horizontal well drilling and completion.


AAPG Search and Discovery Article #90165©AAPG 2012 GEOSCIENCE TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOP, 2-4 December 2012, Buenos Aires, Argentina