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AAPG Rocky Mountain Section

October 7-9, 2007, Snowbird, Utah

Search and Discovery Article #90071 (2007)
Posted October 5, 2007


*Appreciation is expressed to Steven Schamel, President, Rocky Mountain Section, and Richard Newhart, Technical Program Co-Chair, for providing these abstracts to post on Search and Discovery.


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Distinguishing Impacts of Natural Gas Production on Water Quality, Piceance Basin, Colorado
by Tamee R. Albrecht and Geoffrey D. Thyne

3-D Architecture of Crevasse Splay and Point-bar Bodies: From Outcrop to Geologic Model
by Donna S. Anderson and Mary M. Carr

Anatomy of an Extensive, Low-accommodation Clastic Wedge: Insights from Isopach Maps and Regional Correlation in the Uinta-Piceance Basins
by J.L. Aschoff and R.J. Steel


An Improved Understanding of the Utah Hinge Line with the Application of BlueQube  Technology
by Duncan Bate and Mark Davies

The Application of BlueQube  Technology to Exploration in the Rocky Mountains Foothills
by Duncan Bate and Mark Davies

Correlation of Mississippian and Pennsylvanian Strata in the Southern Beaverhead Mountain Range, Idaho
by Gary S. Billman and William W. Little

Understanding the Complex Geometry of Extensional Faulting in a Compressional Laramide Structure: Teapot Dome, Wyoming
by Brian J. Black and Mark Milliken

The Rio Grande Rift - A New Oil and Gas Province in New Mexico
by Bruce A. Black and Bill Dirks

Altamont Field, Northern Uinta Basin: Development Operations and Regional Correlation of the Wasatch and Green River Formations
by Jim M. Borer

Increasing the Odds: Data Analysis of the Barnett Shale in the Fort Worth Basin
by Thomas Bowman, Donald Burch, Eric J. Nelson, and Dwight E. Roberts

Anisotropic Earth Models Improve Completion Design
by Tom Bratton

Regional Petrophysical Properties of Mesaverde Low-permeability Sandstones
by Alan P. Byrnes, John C. Webb, and Robert M. Cluff


Structural Analysis of Aneth Field, Paradox Basin, Southeastern Utah: A Carbon Storage Study Site of the Southwest Regional Partnership for Carbon Sequestration
by Stephanie Carney, Craig Morgan, Michael Vanden Berg

Hunting Great Basin Elephants with Serial Transect Mapping
by Alan Chamberlain

Why Modelers Need to Look at the Rocks!   Examples from Greater Aneth Field, Paradox Basin, Utah
by Thomas C. Chidsey, David E. Eby, Michael D. Laine, and J. Thomas Dempster

Thrust Belt Structures and Paleozoic Stratigraphy of the Scott Butte and Snaky Canyon Quadrangles, Southern Beaverhead Mountains, Idaho
by Robert W. Clayton and William W. Little

Gas Resource Potential of the Woodford Shale, Arkoma Basin, Oklahoma
by Bill Coffey

Extensional Inversion of the Central Utah Thrust Belt: More than Just the Sevier Desert Detachment
by James C. Coogan

Lessons Learned in Vintage Bakken Vertical-Well Completions Provide Answers to Pay Location and Quality and Stimulation Optimization
by David Cramer

Stratigraphic Trapping in the Rollins Sandstone of the Mesaverde Group, Mamm Creek Field, Piceance Basin, Northwest Colorado
by Stephen P. Cumella

Stratigraphy and Petrophysics of Gas-Producing Parasequences in the Rollins Sandstone of the Mesaverde Group, Mamm Creek Field, Piceance Basin, Northwest Colorado
by Stephen P. Cumella


Shale Gas Potential of the DJ Basin, Wattenberg Gas Field, Denver Basin, Colorado
by Marshall Deacon, Robert E. Locklair, David Hill, Emily Miller, and Edmund R. "Gus" Gustason

Calibrating Stable Carbon Isotopes of Reservoir Fluids as a Thermal Maturity Indicator
by Michael Dolan, Anne Grau, Kevin Ferworn, and Stephen W. Brown

Detailed Analysis of the Nesson Antiform Williston Basin, ND
by Michael Dropkin, Krisitin Campbell, and Robert Ehrlich

Stratigraphic and Depositional Controls on Fluid Migration through Eolian Sandstones - Comparing Outcrop with Reservoir
by Katy Duncan and Richard Langford


Devonian Shale Gas Potential of the Southern Tier of New York
by Basim Faraj and James Duggan

Caney Shale, Arkoma Basin, Oklahoma
by James M.Forgotson


Natural Fractures in the Barnett Shale: Why They Are Important
by Julia F.W. Gale, Jon Holder, and Robert M. Reed

Basement Fault Control of Offshore Cretaceous Sandbars in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming
by S. Parker Gay

Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) Improves Fundamental Understanding of Microseismicity Data and Provides Capabilities for Predicting Events
by Ivan Gil, Marisela Sanchez, Matt Pierce, Paul Young, and Sean Kleiner

An Operation Geologist s Venture into the Land of Geochemistry: Using Mud Gas Isotopes and Standard Geochemical Analyses to Identify Seals, Source Rocks, Gas Families, and Prospect Fairways in the Uinta Basin
by Anne Grau, Janell D. Edman, and Michael Dolan

Update on the Cane Creek Fractured Shale Play, Northern Paradox Basin, Grand County, Utah
by Mark L. Grummon

The Impact of New Technology and Deep Drilling on Oil and Gas Development in the Uinta Basin
by Edmund R. Gustason

River Gas of Utah No. 1 Core: Window Into the Mancos Shale Gas Reservoir
by Edmund R. "Gus" Gustason and Steven Schamel


Application of n-dimensional Log Analysis in Predicting Reservoir Properties from Core Data in both Cored and Un-cored Wells in Tight Gas Reservoirs
by David Handwerger, Roberto Suarez-Rivera, Tim Sodergren, Mary Milner, and Keith Greaves

Origin of the Deformed Basal Uinta Formation in Eastern Utah (Uinta Basin): Progradational Delta Clinoforms of a Lake Highstand or Ephemeral Fluvial Sheetfloods of a Lake Lowstand?
by Nicola Harcourt and David Keighley

Structural Analysis of Pressure Solution Cleavage in the McCartney Mountain Fold-Thrust Salient, Southwest Montana
by Elizabeth A. Helmke and David R. Lageson

Development of Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs: West Tavaputs Plateau, Uinta Basin, Utah
by Gregory Hinds

Geologic Map of  Snaky Canyon Quadrangle, Clark County, Idaho
by William H. Hokanson and Robert W. Clayton

A Method to Quantify Gas Saturation in Gas/Water Systems, Using Density and Neutron Logs   Interpretation of Reservoir Properties When Compared With Gas Saturations from Resistivity Analysis
by Michael Holmes, Antony Holmes, and Dominic Holmes

Comparison of Total and Effective Water Saturations as a Way to Verify the Validity of Effective Porosity Calculations
by Michael Holmes, Antony Holmes, and Dominic Holmes

Detrital Zircon Geochronology of Lower Cretaceous Conglomerates, San Rafael Swell Wasatch Plateau, Central Utah
by Gary J. Hunt, Timothy F. Lawton, and George E. Gehrels


Stratigraphic Reservoir Exploration in Liaozhong Strike-Slip Depression, Bohai Bay, China
by Shu Jiang

The Outflow of Eocene Lake Gosiute Into Lake Uinta and its Affects on Sedimentation in Lake Uinta in the Piceance Basin of Western Colorado
by Ronald C. Johnson


Characteristics of the Upper Cretaceous Baxter Shale in the Vermillion Basin, Northwestern Colorado
by Kimberley Kaiser, Erika Davis, Richard Newhart, Mark Longman, and Randy Koepsell

Gathering and Analyzing Vertical Permeability Data to Evaluate Horizontal Wells in North San Juan CBM
by Alexander Karpov, Charles Morris, Celine Segondy, Reza Naimi-Tajdar, et al.

The Marriage of Eolian Rock Properties and Deformation of the Nugget Formation; Anschutz Ranch East Field: Northeast Utah and Southwest Wyoming
by Dustin Keele, James P. Evans, and W. David Liddel

Neoproterozoic Uinta Mountain Group of Kings Peak Quadrangle, Utah: A Marine-Fluvial Interface?
by Esther M. Kingsbury, Paul K. Link, Carol M. Dehler, and C. Mark Fanning

A Review of the U.S. Geological Survey 2002 Geologic Assessment of Resources in the Uinta Basin
by Mark A. Kirschbaum, Troy Cook, Russell F. Dubiel, Thomas M. Finn, et al.


The Barnett Shale Play of North Texas - Points to Ponder in 2007
by Randal F. LaFollette

Covenant Oil Field, Central Utah Thrust Belt: Possible Harbinger of Future Discoveries
by Michael D. Laine, Thomas C. Chidsey, Douglas A. Sprinkel, John P. Vrona, and Douglas K. Strickland

Multivariate Modeling of 3D9C Data for Constructing a Static Reservoir Model of Algal Mounds in the Paradox Basin, CO
by Paul La Pointe, Robert D. Benson, and Claudia Rebne

Exploration Frontiers in the Bakken Formation, Montana and North Dakota
by Julie A. LeFever

Using Alluvial Architecture to Define Stratigraphic Sequences in Foreland Basins, Upper Cretaceous Strata of the Kaiparowits Basin, Utah
by William W. Little

Enrichment of Organic Carbon and Carbonate in the Upper Cretaceous Niobrara Formation, Western Interior Basin: The Role of Siliciclastic Flux
by Robert E. Locklair and Bradley B. Sageman

Use of Cores and Image Logs to Interpret Depositional Environments of Sandstones in the Dakota Group at South Baxter Field, Sweetwater County, Wyoming
by Mark W. Longman, Randy Koepsell, and Stephen Sturm

Lithology and Characteristics of the Upper Cretaceous Baxter Shale, Vermillion Basin, Northwest Colorado
by Mark W. Longman, Richard Newhart, and Scott Goodwin

Fracture Distributions in the Tensleep-Equivalent Casper Sandstone at Flat Top Anticline, Wyoming: Implications for Reservoirs
by John C. Lorenz and Peigui Yin


Preventing Proppant Flowback from Stimulated Zones
by Douglas Magill, Muthukumarappan  Kumar  Ramurthy, and Philip Duke Nguyen

Geo-Steering Horizontal Wells: Case Studies Demonstrate the Value of Fuzzy Logic Directional Steering Guidance
by Sandra Mark and Michael S. Stoner

Anatomy of a Tight Gas Sand: Upper Lance Core from Pinedale Field, Green River Basin, Sublette County, Wyoming
by Laura A. Mauro and Mark W. Longman

Outcrop-to-Subsurface Correlation of the Blackhawk Formation, Uinta Basin: Sequence Framework, Shoreline Trends, and Gas Production
by Jeffrey A. May, Roger W. Falk, Donna S. Anderson, and Anne Grau

Using Core Data to Develop and Calibrate Petrophysical Models in Tight Gas Sands
by Dick Merkel

Design and Execution of Horizontal Wells in Gas Shales Using Borehole Images and Geochemically-Enhanced Formation Evaluation
by Camron Miller, Rick Lewis, and Keith Bartenhagen

Core Analysis Issues in Tight Gas Reservoirs
by Michael Miller, Robert Lieber, Eugene Piekenbrock, and Thalbert McGinness

Core Interpretation Allows a New Perspective on Tensleep Sandstone Correlations at Teapot Dome Field, Natrona Co., Wyoming
by Mark D. Milliken and Brian Black

Characterizing Unconventional Reservoirs: an Informal Mudstone and Shale Classification Based on Core
by Mary Milner, Barbara Marin, and David Handwerger

Enhanced Oil Recovery Potential in the Uinta Basin, Utah
by Craig Morgan and Milind Deo

The Jurassic Navajo Sandstone as a Partitioned (?) Subsurface Reservoir:
Comparing Reservoir Characteristics and Facies Between San Rafael Swell Outcrop
and Covenant Field Core, Utah

by Thomas H. Morris, Ashley Hansen, Stephanie Carney, Craig D. Morgan, and Thomas C. Chidsey

Central Utah Thrust Belt-Hingeline: This New Oil and Gas Province Has Enormous Potential
by Floyd C. Moulton and Michael L. Pinnell

Paleogeography, Climate and the Carbon Cycle of the Mid-Neoproterozoic Red Pine
Shale, Uinta Mountains, Northeastern Utah

by Caroline A. Myer and Carol M. Dehler


Lost Circulation and Fractures in Wamsutter, WY
by Papia Nandi

Pore Throats and Pore Pressure: Pushing Gas into Small Spaces
by Philip H. Nelson

Gas and Water Production in the Wind River Basin, Wyoming
by Philip H. Nelson, Patrick K. Trainor, and Thomas M. Finn

Diagenetic Coloration Patterns in the Jurassic Navajo Sandstone of Zion National Park, Utah
by Gregory B. Nielsen and Marjorie Chan


Natural Fracture Quantification for Optimized Completion Decisions
by Thomas Olsen, Tom Bratton, Randy Koepsell, and Adam Donald

Collaboration Across all Domains for Optimized Unconventional Resource Development Programs
by K.C. Oren

Another Look at Hartzog Draw Stratigraphy, Powder River Basin, WY
by Clayton S. Painter and Randi S. Martinsen

Effectiveness of Horizontal Wells in Coalbed Methane Plays
by Ian Palmer

Sweet Spot Localization of Production from Fractured Shales
by Willaim Pearson and Richard Inden

Petrographic Analysis of Campanian Sandstones, Kaiparowits Formation, South-central Utah
by Tyson L. Perkes and William W. Little

Central Utah, A Photographic Essay and Update on Geology and Drilling in
America's Most Exciting New Oil and Gas Exploration Province

by Michael L. Pinnell and Floyd Moulton


Controlling Factors on Productivity in the Love Area, Natural Buttes Field, Uinta Basin, Utah
by Aisha Ragas, Logan MacMillan, Steve Stancel, and Jerry Cuzella

Western U.S. Basin Shale Trends
by David D. Reimers

The Vermillion Basin of SW Wyoming/NW Colorado: Structural Styles and Seismic Pore Pressure Prediction through Over-Pressure
by Vincent G. Rigatti, Tony LeFevre, Richard Newhart, Kimberly Kaiser, et al.

Complex Deformation of Paleozoic Strata due to Folding and Faulting in the Southern Beaverhead Mountains, Clark County, Idaho
by Stefanie Roemer, William W. Little, and Robert W. Clayton

Evaluating the Shale Gas Resource Potential in Western Canada
by Daniel J.K. Ross and R. Marc Bustin

West Tavaputs, Uinta Basin - A Story of Persistence
by Wilfred R. Roux

Subdividing the Undifferentiated Eastern Uinta Mountain Group, Northeastern Utah
by Dan Rybczynski, Carol Dehler, and Andy Brehm


Rangely Turbidites and Their Linkage to Coeval Shallow-Water Succession, Rangely, Colorado
by Raffaello Sacerdoti and Piret Plink-Bjorklund

Utah Shale Gas: an Emerging Resource Play
by Steven Schamel

The Steele/Niobrara of Central Wyoming: Insights into Hydrocarbon Generation-Induced Regional Over-Pressure
by David Schmude and Mark Tobey

New Techniques for New Discoveries   Results from the Lisbon Field Area, Paradox Basin, Utah
by David M. Seneshen, Thomas C. Chidsey, Craig D. Morgan, and Michael D. Vanden Berg

What's The Matter With The Ericson? Gas Shows, Calculated Pay, and Water!
by Keith W. Shanley, Robert M. Cluff, and John W. Robinson

Wave- and River Influenced Deltaic Clinoforms of the Chimney Rock Sandstone, Flaming Gorge Reservoir, Utah
by Jay P. Skinner and Piret Plink-Bjorklund

Study of Almond Reservoir Connectivity in Wamsutter Field
by Luis E. Soto

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Green River FM Fluvio-Lacustrine Clastic Tongues, Uinta Basin, USA
by Ron Steel

Eocene to Oligocene Paleodrainage of Southwest Montana: Evidence from Detrital Zircon Populations
by Caleb N. Stroup, Paul K. Link, Susanne U. Janecke, and C. Mark Fanning

Laboratory Experiments of Hydraulic Fracturing Help Investigating Conditions for Fracture Branching and Fracture Containment
by Roberto Suarez-Rivera, Chaitanya Deenadayalu, David Handwerger, and Sid Green


Elements of Successful Thermogenic Shale Gas Pays
by Mark H. Tobey, Thomas M. Smagala, and David E. Schmude

Petrophysical Evaluation of the Hiawatha Deep Unit #5 well in the Vermillion Basin, Northwestern Colorado
by George Tracy, Kimberley Kaiser, and Richard Newhart

New Structural Interpretation of the Elk Range Thrust System, Southwest Colorado
by Justin E. Tully, David R. Lageson, and James C. Coogan

Utah s Oil Shale Deposits: Stratigraphy and Resource Evaluation
by Michael D. Vanden Berg and David E. Tabet

Understanding Waterfracs
by Michael C. Vincent


Paleozoic Source Rocks in the Central Utah Thrust Belt: Organic Facies Response to Tectonic and Paleoclimatic Variables
by D.A. Wavrek, J. Ali-Adeeb, J.C. Chao, L.E. Santon, et al.

Stratigraphy of Tide-Influenced River Deltas in the Sego Sandstone
by Brian J. Willis