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Stratigraphic Reservoir Exploration in Liaozhong Strike-Slip Depression, Bohai Bay, China

Jiang, Shu
University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, CO

     Great success of stratigraphic reservoirs exploration has been achieved through using lacustrine sequence stratigraphy in Chinese onshore basins in recent years, which mainly focuses on large scale extensional faulted basins, the stratigraphic reservoir exploration is just on its initial stage in offshore basins in China. Liaozhong Depression is one typical oil and gas rich offshore basins, the famous Tan-Lu stike-slip fault influences its structure and sedimentation, the stratigraphic exploration has not made progress since ESSO failed drilling one stratigraphic traps in 1999, but almost all the structures have been drilled in this depression at present, which stimulates the stratigraphic traps exploration in Liaozhong depression, this paper introduces how the Tan-Lu strike-slip fault and the extensional faults control the sequence stratigraphic framework , then predicts the subtle stratigraphic traps distribution within the sequence stratigraphic framework, the result shows the distribution of these stratigraphic traps are related to system tracts and slope break, they are mainly located on the third and forth order sequence boundaries, and have good reservoir forming conditions based on the analysis of sedimentary environment, migration pathways and reservoir forming simulation, recent drilling of one stratigraphic traps proved the the prediction, it not only indicates stratigraphic reservoirs are the new exploration frontier in this depression but also demonstrates the other similar depressions or basins influenced by Tan-Lu strike-slip fault in east China have great potential in stratigraphic traps exploration.


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