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Geologic Map of Snaky Canyon Quadrangle, Clark County, Idaho

Hokanson, William H. and Dr. Robert W. Clayton
Brigham Young University - Idaho, Rexburg, ID

     The Snaky Canyon Quadrangle is located at the southern end of the Beaverhead Mountains in eastern Idaho between the Idaho- Montana border and the Snake River Plain. Detailed geologic mapping by BYU-Idaho faculty and Field Camp students reveals a clear exposure of an unnamed Sevier thrust fault that places Lower Pennsylvanian to Upper Mississippian Bluebird Mountain formation over the steeply-dipping Upper Mississippian to Lower Permian Snaky Canyon formation. The thrust is cut by a subvertical fault with down-to-the-west displacement, with the largest thrust exposure on the upthrown side. Two distinct exposures of the thrust are also present on the down-thrown side. Mapping also reveals previously unmapped exposures of the Mississippian Big Snowy formation along the subvertical fault.


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